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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 14, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   December 14, 2012

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  1. Why is there so much hate for Nolan and the effect he is having in Hollywood? I’m one that think the shift is great as movie makers are actually making a better product. At least its not a Bay effect.

    • For me, I don’t think it is as much hate on Nolan then it is on “The Nolanites”. For me personally, those thinking he is God ticks me off.

        • I’ve loved all of his movies up until the dark knight rises, this was his weakest by far! due to his success at the box office I can understand why studios would want that imitated, comparisons with going ‘dark and Nolan’ being made to anything that is ‘gritty and grounded’ is annoying because there are plenty of film makers out their with that style that came along well before Nolan with Nolan himself taking his inspiration from numerous film makers before him, the dark knight was always described as the comic book ‘heat’, inception described as ‘this generations matrix’ even memento was described as the new ‘fight club’ so I guess it is just the current way to describe a movie and what to expect!

          How many people went to see any movie compared to the matrix or fight club? Why else would anyone have watched Romeo must Die?

      • @kyle, I couldn’t agree more with you!
        All Nolan’s “worshipers” seriously annoy me to the degree where I feel like punching a wall.

        As for Nolan himself, I think he’s a wonderful director… he did seem to have some trouble with female characters, but the way he did Catwoman was awesome and although he still can’t really pull off a great and memorable fight scene, I think he’s one of the best directors of this age and I couldn’t be happier that others take inspiration from his work.

        He ain’t no Spielberg or Scorsese, but I don’t think he deserves all the bashing he gets from some. (I still can’t believe I’ve actually seen people call him a “hack”).

        • The funniest thing is on this site people bashing nolan js far easier to come by then praising. Litterly as soon as a post is placed the first 20 post say “i hate nolan. He isnt even good” or “nolanites are the worse”.

          • When ever an article on SR mentions Nolan, or compares a film to TDK the comments go well past 100. I love this site but it seems to be used to stir the pot lately.

          • Well, Nolanites are the worst 😉

  2. Anyone else looking forward to Zero Hour? From the trailer it looks promising and i like these history-scifi related stuff :)

  3. I sure hope WB/DC don’t plan to have their shared CBM universe the Nolanverse. Otherwise im not interested very much with Justice League & future films if they go that route.

    • I doubt they’re going to merge the 2 franchises together considering that trilogy was made with no intentions on being connected to anything else.

      Me personally I prefer it if DC competed with MARVEL by doing the same set up as the Avengers with their group the JL. Something fresh & new. Doing Batman & Superman by themselves is getting a little bit tired now.

        • I completly agree about a Superman/Batman collaboration, but lets get that instead of seperate franchises for them. 2 humongous ICONS of that caliber don’t really need solo films at this stage of their existence. There should be a franchise with both of them working together as an official duo like they did in the comics. Think about how many great films they could make with both of them in it.

          • Exactly.

  4. Without spoiling anything from the movie, can anyone who went to the midnight showing tell me how the battle scenes are in The Hobbit? I’m trying to sell my brother on going to see this with me and he only wants to go if the battle scenes are cool.

    • The battle scenes are great.
      There’s aren’t that many in this one (compared to what we can expect from the next one), but it was a movie on an epic scale.

      It’s very difficult for me to try and describe the action scenes without spoilers, so I’ll just say it’s comparable (in terms of awesomeness ;)) to movies like The Avengers or TDKR IMO.

      For what it’s worth, I’d highly recommend your brother go watch this with you, even if he’s never watched a LotR movie in his life.

    • I thought the abundence of effects with 0 practical effects hurt the film, and they were super tedious with the same thing. Imo.

  5. Did anyone see the Star Trek preview and if so, what did you think?

  6. Who Is more Awesome?

    Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman?

    • By what standards? “Awesome”

      • Hmm. Well, It could be anything you think. Acts better, Plays a superhero more convincingly, has a better face, …anything. :)

    • Hugh Jackman easily… Jackman has a wider range of acting ability and talents.

        • It doesn’t help Bale at all that there has already been four or five people who already played Batman.

          • I don’t believe it’s the quantity in how many played him, but the quality of all their performances. Most people still feel that Michael Keaton has done that character justice the best…so far.

            • Hugh jackman has a wider skillset but bale is a far supperior actor and is in better movies. So ill go bale

  7. Anyone hear in the news about the Abner Ravenwood journal that was mailed to Indiana Jones at the University of Chicago this week? Very cool! 😀

    Also, the family and I were enjoying the meteor shower late last night. My daughter asked if a falling star could be a spaceship. My wife replied, “If Daddy starts sculpting his mashed potatoes at dinner, then maybe so.”

    • Hehe, nice!

    • Well, whats for dinner?

  8. Who thinks movies based on comics,games,& animated series(live action films based on animated series)are the best that the “Action” genre has to offer right now? Or do you prefer regular action films?

    • well seeing as the action genre beforehand was (guy with gun takes on large group of guys with guns) and now that movie tech has advanced well enough to delve and showcase more elaborate spectacles of the games/comics/shows,

      The only problem is when they are mishandled by people who dont know enough or dont care about whichever series theyre adapting.

      • Like Green Lantern. :[

        • I’m surprised his film was the “only” one you could think of. There’s a at least a few years worth of films just like it.

          • lol, There are so many… i just saw GL about a month ago so it is fresh in my mind. :)

              • Heh yep pretty much. i had heard it was bad, but that bad?… thankfully i saw it for free!

      • I agree Cody. I saw Expendables 2 recently and though it was better than the first, I was still just “meh” when it ended. However when I was movies such at Captain America The First Avenger and Dredd. I am like “When does the blu-ray come out!”

  9. So the Golden Globe nominations were announced and…

    I don’t think I fully agree with a lot of them.

    • I agree with your disagreement.
      To be honest, I don’t think I’m even gonna bother watching next year.
      At least the Oscars will have an actual funny person hosting…

    • They base how popular a movie is, before the movie comes out. Which to me, Critics and Hollywood Insiders are more and more going the path of the Oscars.

      Prefer People Choice Awards.

      Zero Dark Thirty annoys me to no end. To many members of “ST6″ were killed,and that movie golorifies, To me, its fiction based on facts.

  10. You know, after watching the Pacific Rim trailer, I kept thinking that MechaGodzilla would be right at home in that world. Not the alien version from the 70s, but the manmade version from the 2002-03 films.

    • is the person who does glados the voice in the trailer or is it not?
      if not then will there be a lawsuit?

      also the monster look really cool, but the bots designs just seems okay and hope the people inside controlling them dont come off as hokey.

        • MAN YOU ARE SLOW!

          I said that two days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Not really that slow. I recognized that voice immediately and said so in the Pacific Rim trailer comments.

            I soar majestically through the air. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp.

            • So, you are a Jayhawk Pilot??????


              • Hehehe, only in my nightm… dreams.

  11. So on man of steel,

    isnt weird hes a fisherman, that seems like aquamans/arthur currys thing or would be if they do his origin, also there are lots of water shots and the schoolbus going into the water. Hopefully when they do aquaman it wont seem to similar.

    Do you think lex will be introduced/cameo?

    what will be lois lanes role/intro?

    what do you think of pa kent saying that maybe people should die?

    When and why is superman arrested, middle of film, end of film?

    How much of supes power will be explored, strength and flight obviously but what else?

    • I don’t think it’s too weird he’s a fisherman. That part is a different take. Speaking of aquaman I doubt he’ll ever get his film to be honest. As much as I would like one and think one could work I just don’t see him as a bankable character financially.

      The most I want out of lex is a cameo or a mention maybe see te company building or something. I want this movie to focus on superman and zod.

      I’m not too sure on Lois yet. We haven’t seen any real footage to go off of and Adams is tight lipped in interviews.

      I’m excited for Costner as pa kent. Perfect casting! By far. I think he means that keeping his secret is doing the right thing because he believes te world isn’t ready for someone like Clark.

      And I think te arrest is after the first appearance of superman.

      I don’t think a lot of his powers will be showcased. It seems like tey want to humanize him. Which ik fine with.

      I was on board before but after the trailer I can’t wait even more!

  12. Who Hates Amy Adams as Lois?

    • IDK, she doesnt really seem to be a good choice, but we’ll see.

    • It’s not really a matter of hating her, but what people do all the time with long historical franchises is they compare previous performers with the current ones & many of them feel that the previous one’s are sometimes better. I just don’t like it when people are so quick to judge a person on a film that hasn’t been released yet.

      • Not as in “I hate her as a person or as this character” more as in “she doesn’t match my idea of Lois, “Beautiful, and assertive”

        BTW, you dont happen to be @broadway from two days ago?

        • I have the same feelings about Sheila Woodley for Mary Jane. Except I do hate her as an actor as well.

    • I think shes beautiful yet approachable.

    • I think it’s a little too early to “hate” (we’ve seen what? three seconds of footage with her… at the very most).
      She’s certainly not the obvious pick for the character, but I guess we’ll see how things play out.

      Cody’s spot on though, beautiful, but approachable! 😉

      • IMO, Erica Durance from Smallville captured Lois the best out of all the actresses who’ve played her. It’s going to be hard for Adams to top that, especially she doesn’t have the “hot” factor that Erica has.

  13. broadway?? Never heard of him. As far as Amy’s physical looks go I always use this quote,”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or at least whomever makes you turned on. In regards to her portrayl of the character I would also say not to judge so quickly based on snipits of trailer footage. Just wait for the movie to drop & who knows she just might present a better version of Lois than anyone who came before her.

    • Heh sorry, Broadway and i talked at length before. :)

      Re: Adams– Have you seen her in smallville? that is the only thing i have seen her in and that kinda soured me to her. I probably should se her in other things.

      • May I recommend Sunshine Cleaning.

      • You hit it out of the park…anyway, we can all get along.

  14. Hey ‘super’!,it has been awhile since we last communicated. I was a little busy cought up doing my own thing.

    As far as that ‘other’ person you’ve been chatting with, I can see why you got us mixed up. That’s what happens when someone can’t come up with an ‘original’ nickname I guess,lol.

    When it comes to what you’ve been saying about Adams, I don’t remember her on that show & I watched all 10 seasons. I think she’s actually kind of cute. Especially when I compare her to Kirsten Dunst & Anna Paquin who also had very important roles in comicbook films.

    • She Was in season 1 where she absorbes people’s fat… probably not her best i will admit. :)

      • Oh yeah! I remember that episode, & your right, but in her defense it really wasn’t an ‘A+’ script to begin with.

        • Heh. Sure wasn’t!

          • What’s your feelings towards reboots/prequals? Do you think they help or hurt franchises in the long run?

            • Good Question. Reboots i usually en up loving, but prequals usually try to hard to “fit” with the main movie… and fail.

              • For the most part they do, but my problem with prequals is that when they use the same actors from the first movies it’s a little difficult for me to believe that their characters are supposed to be younger than before when the actors themselves clearly look, & are older than they were in the first films. Just go back & look at the original X-Men. There’s no way anybody is going to convince me that Hugh Jackman doesn’t look older in X-Men Origins even though the story technically takes place prior to the first film.

                The best example in this case would be the Star Wars series. Can you really use your imagination, & convince yourself that the prequal trilogy takes place before the original one. Knowing that half that cast wasn’t even born yet when the original made it’s debut to the big screen.

                • Prequals do serve their purpose story wise, but should only be done a few ‘years’ apart from their predecessors not a few ‘decades’. Especially if they use the same actors.

                  • Oddly enough, you just hit on one of my pet peeves.

                    There are a lot of these series in which older actors come bac and play younger characters…

                    i just hate it !

            • I think it could go ethier way whether it’s a prequel or reboot. It depends on the franchise. For example. how can you reboot the Jaws franchise noawdays? You surely can’t make a great prequel imo. And everyone i know in person didn’t care for Friday The 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street remakes. You can try rebooting the Terminator franchise without Arnold & James Cameron but don’t expect great results. Imo, it doesn’t really matter really.

  15. :) 😉 >:) :{ :[ :-) 😀 ,) <:)