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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 14, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 14, 2011

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  1. Whoa I am FIRST! I used to be last join the open discussion until I took an arrow to the knee! LOLs *laughs while drooling*

    • Congratulations.

      • I have some cookies I can give him. :-P

  2. Hello to all. Not a bad looking G.I. JOE Retaliation trailer, could be a fun film.

    • it didn’t sell me. I actually really liked the first one and wished they picked up right where that one left off.

      • Especially with Baroness. yummy.

      • Really? You REALLY liked the first one? Wow…

        • You have a problem with that? (spoken in that Bruce Willis tone) :-D

          • Sweep the leg. Do you have a problem with that?
            (spoken in that Martin Kove tone)
            (I don’t know how to make a smiley face.)

            • You can make a smiley face by typing a semi-colon, followed by a minus sign, followed by a right parentheses (or a capital D, or a capital P); make sure all characters are together (no spaces).

              : – D without spaces = :-D

              • Sorry, that ones a colon, but you can do it with a semi-colon as well:

                ; – ) = ;-)

                • Thanks, Kahless!

              • You don’t even need the minus ;)

        • at cranium7

          Yeah I did REALLY like the first one. Wasn’t perfect but I think It was a solid film that did the toyline justice and reminded me of days where I spent playing with my gi joes.

          Do you have a problem with that?

          • Didn’t remind me of any of the GI Joes I used to play with back in the late 60′s, early 70′s.

            Hell they’ve changed so much they’re not even GI Joes to me anymore.

    • I thought it looked much better than the first

    • GI JOE 2 looks awesome !!! and as far as a GI JOE 3 is concerned I just have 3 words ….” THIS I COMMAND!!!!!!” bring on SERPENTOR!!!!!!!! . My early bid would go to Gerard Butlar to play him!

      YOOOOOOO JOEEEE!!!!!!!!

      • I don’t think serpentor would be cool for a live action movie,but if so please enlighten me.

  3. I was wondering if anybody saw the Cleveland Show’s parody of Die Hard? Then I wondered why I still watch the Cleveland Show and Family Guy. By the way, the parody was so pointless. It didn’t even attempt to be funny.

    • Yes…I watched it. The only humorous part was dead on rooftop shot of the dude walking slowly with his machine gun.

    • How could it be a parody and not be funny?

      • Because it´s Family Guy. They have tons of unfunny parodies.

      • What Scapegoat said. I think their parodies peaked with Blue Harvest and continue to fall short each time they do another.

    • Yeah, I watched it as well, and IMO it was terrible: there were one or two funny scenes, but for the most part it was bland and unmemorable.
      And to be honest, so far, the entire third season of The Cleveland Show has been terrible.

      Still, season 10 of Family Guy has been rolling out a few funny episodes lately (granted, there were a few bombs as well).

      So I’ve decided that I’m gonna stick with the shows a little while longer, but if McFarlane and his writers don’t do something AWESOMELY FUNNY quickly, they’re about to lose quite a few of their fans IMO.

      • Most of the Family Guy episodes have ranged from MEH to UGH to WHY?!? This season has had one good episode in my opinion (the time traveling episode with Stewie and Brian from a few weeks back). I agree with you about the Cleveland Show. I already gave up watching new episodes of House, and Terra Nova’s season finale (probably series finale) is next week…so pretty soon I won’t be watching any prime-time show on FOX except Fringe (which is due to get cancelled) and Raising Hope (a live-action comedy on FOX in its second season which means it is definitely going to get cancelled).

        • Family Guy entertains me in doses. Its been a long time since a whole show held my attention. Its like when Stewie stopped wanting to kill Lois & take over the world it started to go down hill with Gay Stewie 2.0. Improved Animation,
          Worsened Storylines.

      • I hate to see what he does with The Flintstones then!

  4. How do you think Breaking Bad will end?

    • BADly. :)

      But in a good way.

      • I think Jesse will become a kingpin. Mike will come back in a big way. I think it’ll be cool if the last scene of the series is Walt finally free of the Meth life, though none the richer, but happy….then the doctor says his cancer is back; end credits

    • I think Mike returns and isn’t a happy camper and Walt dealing with that will be the major arc of the season. But the end will be Jessie finding out the role that Walt played in Brock’s poisoning and his girlfriends death and he will kill Walt.

  5. I’ve been trying to find this movie lately, its about a serial killer..that’s all I know.I was young when my parents were watching it so before I was told to leave the room I saw a shot of someones hands as they put a safety pin through the webbing of their thumb. it was during an opening credits sequence showcasing the killer going about his day I thought it was red dragon or seven…it is not. has anyone seen this? and can you give me the name this scene has stuck with me for many years and id like to see if it was even worth it

    • Its not Henry? Sort of sounds like the beginning of Serpent and The Rainbow.
      Haven’t seen either in years, so forgive me if I’m wrong.

    • Can you tell how old it is? That would help a lot.

    • I watched the right stuff scene..that could be it but the scene im talking about the guy did it to himself.still after all this effort im just willing to say thats ‘it. And yes john. “Kahless” tell me, how depressing is it to have a movie collection only to have the format become extinct?im dreading the day my 300+ dvds become utterly useless. (Said with respect)

    • u sure it’s not se7en lol…that realllly sounds like that movie’s opening credits

  6. Id say anytime from 98-03…I know :( I feel like its that Morgan freeman movie along came a spider but I don’t even know what that’s about..#crazy

    • Honestly sounds like a scene from The Right Stuff, but that’s not a serial killer flick

    • You were too young to watch rated R films in 1993? Thank you for making me fell like an old foggie, young whipper-snapper! :-D

      • i know! I immediately assumed they were talking about an 80s or 70s films. They stopped making scary movies in the early 90s, so I’m stumped…

    • The movie that jumps out at me is Keanu Reeve’s “The Watcher” (2000). It’s been forever since I’ve seen it, so I dont remember the opening scenes, but its a shot.

  7. So… I saw the TDKR prologue. I wont spoil anything, but needless to say, it was pretty awesome! Also, I personally didnt have any trouble understanding Bane. Seemed fine to me. I cant wait for this movie!

    • Im insanely jealous!!!!

    • I so badly wanna see The Dark Knight Rises already its gonna be insanely AWESOME!!!

  8. Sooooo is it officially safe to say Ghostbusters 3 is dead?

    • It will happen eventually… when Bill Murray is put in a home and loses power of attourney.

      So RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is basically just 72′s Conquest of the planet of the apes, but better. So will the sequel be inspired/remade from the next of the old films? 73′s Battle of the planet of the apes?

      • Wasn’t conquest just naturally evolved apes being led by the son if future apes?
        Rise is genetically enhanced apes being led by a human raised genetically enhanced ape….and a human killing virus.

      • So they sorta created their own timeline with little pieces of the old universe involved a la Star Trek

    • I don’t think Ghostbusters 3 is dead, yet. Bill Murray could still sign off on a script and not be involved with it, but he’ll receive profits for being an intellectual copyright holder of the franchise. The key is getting him to sign off on a script.

      I think by casting Emma Stone (apparently Murray adores her acting ability – according to last week’s Entertainment Weekly) as a female role in the movie and having a script that could generate a new-found interest in the franchise by passing the torch to different actors and actresses (the baby Oscar would be like 23 to 25 years old now, you could have a protege of Egan who is in his 30s or 40s…the possibilities are endless, different ages, races, back-storys) and maybe even giving another director a shot (how about Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason). Therefore the buzz created by rebooting/continuing on with the franchise will boost Blu-Ray sales of the original two films, allow for more Ghostbuster merchandise to be sold, and make Bill Murray’s wallet fatter while he sits at home eating a Baby Ruth.

      Of course, I don’t have any clout in Hollywood or do I know personally that Bill Murray listens to his wallet or eats Baby Ruth candy bars. But, I’m a fan who won’t stop believing. This franchise has been a part of pop-culture for over a quarter of a century and with all the unnecessary Hollywood reboots and sequels, I refuse to think this one is done yet.

      • I´m a fan too. And I too think GB 3, just like a reunion of the original Guns N´ Roses, will happen. It´s just a matter of time and money.

        • I want to see Oscar grown up. And a relative of Winston Zedmore maybe Donald Glover. Emma Stone would be a good third. And a wild card for the fourth ghostbuster.

  9. Am I the only one watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY?

    After watching that show Ive realized something…. I REALLY could use a maid…..

    • You’re not the only one watching. I’m hooked on it. So maybe you could help me with a debate I’m having. Is it a great show? Or is it so utterly ridiculous and bad that it makes it great?

      • haaa it started out pretty good but has really gotten goofy lately. all these dead people who can be seen and touched is making it overdone. they literally have a small town growing in their basement. i am interested to see what pops out of the prego mom. it’s gone from creepy and twisted to comical. don’t see it being around real long.

        • I partly agree with you about all those ghosts “living” in the basement. But the show has some really great actors and as goofy and stereotypical the storyline is, it works. I mean, it makes me wanna watch the next episode. And that´s what it´s all about, isn´t it?

          • I’m not saying I’m going to stop watching it. Just has the feel like it’s not going to go many seasons. Could/hope I’m wrong but I am definately a watcher. Yes, they do have a nice cast.

  10. so, I thought the latest episode of The Simpsons was the best one they did in years, it made me realize that I would love to see The Simpsons have a Christmas episode as their series finale.

  11. Just watched the dark knight rises trailer at my work. I work at a movie theatre so a manager let it run early. It was very awsome! Loved every minute of it. Anne hathaway was a very seductive catwomen

  12. I miss WIZARD magazine!

    • Wizard used to be really good until they fired McCallum. Then it went downhill pretty fast. Stupid articles that could have been written by 12 year olds.

      • Yea,but i miss the interviews they had with the celebrities in it’s last few year’s portraying the superhero’s that came out in recent years & im still shakey about some of the choice’s for top 50 superhero movie’s of all time.

        • I haven´t read Wizard since 2007. When they changed the format. And it was actually hard to find in Germany.

      • Exactly! You nailed it.

        • I was responding to Scapegoat’s first Wizard post. Sorry for the confusion.

  13. Oh yea j didn’t catch the fright night remake this summer should i rent it soon,or just skip it altogether?

    • I really enjoyed it collin ferrel was great as was anton yelchin. Id rent it

      • Thankyou Sir

    • I agree with trey; rent it.

  14. Can anyone identify this SF film, haven’t seen it for years.

    Ok, scientists have developed a kind of ‘time travel’ device, it basically looks like a room with workstations, a bit like NASA control, on the wall is what looks like a cinema screen which they ‘view’ the future or past, they dial in the time period and it starts fuzzy before it comes into focus. However they can then step through this window and enter the time period.

    They end up in some future where there is a battle being waged, there are androids in this future . . .

    The outcome of the film is rather vague, and even the rest of the story but I think you get the gist of the film.

    Anyone remember it, and better still what it’s called?

    • I don´t know what it is, but it sounds interesting.

    • All I can do is help narrow down the field. That is not the plot of Hot Tub Time Machine or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Sorry I’m no help, I hope someone comes through for you on this one. It sounds like a movie I’d watch.

    • if it came out before austin can look at the references in austin powers on the IMDB page..because i’m pretty sure austin powers makes fun of that..the “cinema screen” time travel device

      • is it “the time tunnel”???????????

        • Almost!

    • Sounds like The Time Travelers, Pedro.

      • Thanks for that (but why you had to be a dentist, one of those professions I hate to go to unless absolutely necessary!!) I think you nailed it on the head.

        That sounds like the film to me.

        Much appreciated.

        I liked the Time Tunnel as well, some good shows from that era, liked Land of The Giants as well.

        • No worries, I’m not actually a dentist. ;-) It’s all there in one hit at

          Just watched it again for the first time in years myself, so thanks to you for reminding me of it. I love how so many of these movies from the ’50s/’60s have this archetypal naive blockhead character who under normal circumstances wouldn’t be allowed within five miles of the proceedings; they’re there just to give the audience an anchor point amongst the white-coated scientist types. Never mind him being the one who inevitably leaps into the portal in this case, he even breaks the “fourth wall” at one point. A fun forgotten B-movie with some decent production values considering its age.

          • Another good film from that era was Cyborg 2087, there are spoilers coming so if you don’t want to know, look away now.

            A cyborg, played by Michael Rennie, comes back in time, he’s looking for a scientist who has developed a device which allows him to read people’s minds, in the future it is used to control people and their thoughts.

            He is, however, followed by two future thought(?) police to stop and kill him. They can track his movements because he has a homing device implanted in his body (which he later removes with a little help from some nice people he meets).

            He then, finally meets the scientist and takes him to the future to see the use his device is put to.

            He is then brought back, the film ends exactly where the film started, the only change is he doesn’t announce his device and the future is changed.

            Fairly low budget film but interesting, when The Terminator came out it reminded me of it a lot and felt that it must have been one of the influence’s for it.

            • Heard of it but haven’t seen it. Looks like that’s on YouTube as well – I’ll definitely check that out!

              • Here’s another one you might like, has a couple of different titles, 6 Million Miles To Earth and Quatermass And The Pit.

                I was on YouTube watching The Time Travelers, started thinking about some other old films I used to love.

                This is one of my fav’s:

                • Classic Nigel Kneale stuff. That’s the sequel to The Quatermass Xperiment/The Creeping Unknown and Quatermass II/The Enemy From Space. There was a four-part conclusion just titled Quatermass done in the late ’70s with John Mills as well. The original TV serials the films were based on were broadcast live, and the BBC staged a similarly live remake of the original in 2005 with Jason Flemying – and David Tennant just before he was offered the lead in Doctor Who.

          • I forgot to say “Thanks for the link”, I’ll be watching that this evening, with a scotch and coke or two.

            Will be nice to see it again, last time it was on TV was back in the 70′s I think so it’s been a while.

  15. Anyone liking Hell On Wheels? Just caught up on the most recent episode. Not a bad series but a lot different than I was expecting. Thought it would be more of a gunslinger type show. More on the dramatic side than action but pretty good.

  16. I’ve been reluctant to say this because i know it’s absolutely not going to happen and it’s also kind of stupid but imagine if at the end of TDKR batman and Gordon are alive, its like some time after the events of the film and Gordon and batman meet on the roof one last time and batman says basically i’m not going to be batman anymore unless its people who are thematic you can do the mob and all that call me for important stuff and then he gives Gordon like a little red calling device type thing, like a throwback to the red phone from the Adam west version. then some more time later Gordon is on the roof where the signal was doing…whatever he would be doing on a roof..i dont know, but he’s looking down at the entrance of the police station and sees a hooded guy spray painting a green question mark on the wall with some sort of suitcase or something next to it. like i said, i’m aware that it’s not going to happen, and i’m stupid and ugly, etc but ya know…that’s what goes on. you may say i’m a dreamer but i’m not

  17. I have a question: I have been watching FarScape on Netflix. The last episodes have been confusing for me because they keep switching from the ship Moya and then the next episode they are on Talon, Moya’s offspring. There was an episode where the crew left Moya and became the crew of Talon but this constant switching between the ships is confusing.

    • Sounds like you might have missed one of the previous episodes, one episode had John, D’argo and Chiana stuck on another Leviathan. There’s a crazy guy on the ship who has a device that can instantly clone someone, in the course of the episode he clones all 3 at some point. The D’argo and Chiana clones are actually killed and eaten by the remaining inhabitants of the ship (who are themselves clones of clones of clones, with each cloning process the DNA gets degraded and they get dumber and more primative). The Crichton clone survives and goes back to Moya with the real John.

      This is where the crew split happens, Crichton (original or clone, never sure of this), Aeryn and Rygel all leave to be part of the crew of Talon, the rest stay behind on Moya.

      And this is where they then keep jumping back and forth between the two ships. As long as you can keep in mind there are two Crichton’s and this is the reason he’s on both ships then you shouldn’t have any problems.

      • I remember that episode but I thought the clones were all destroyed. Maybe I should go back and look at that episode again.

        • I loved the ending of that episode, both Crichton’s are trying to determine who is the real one, they’re sitting in his room on Moya playing rock, paper, scissors. Because they’re the same they keep making the same choice and always end in a stalemate.

          Interesting how the cloning idea is used a few times in FarScape, there was that other episode where Crichton is cloned into 2 additional versions of himself, the primitive and the super smart version.

          But a good show that was cancelled well before it’s time.

  18. I just read that ‘Captain America’ co-creator, Joe Simon has passed away at the age of 98…
    My condolences to his friends and family.

    Captain America can easily be seen as one of the biggest icons of modern society and I think we can all agree that Joe Simon’s memory will live on forever in the hearts of the fans.

    • Rest In Piece Mr. Joe Simon…

      • First I’d heard of that. Thanks, Avenger. Yes indeed – RIP Mr Simon.

        • There’s actually a short piece on him on the Captain AMerica Blu-Ray that was a nice short look at Mr. Simon.

          Rest In Peace

          • Do you know if that’s on the DVD, greenknight? I haven’t succumbed to Blu-Ray yet!

            • Oh the humanity!

              Come to the blu side, join us (trails off into a whisper), join us, join ussssssss . . . .

              • I very nearly did! Had to get a DVD rewriter recently and managed to do myself out of one that played Blu-Ray discs plus an extra £40 (it’s a long story…).