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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 13, 2013

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  1. Arrow is awesome….. that is all
    Have a good weekend

    • YES!!! Arrow is, for me, the hottest topic right now. But while I wanted to talk about Arrow, things just keep popping up one after another. A Venom and Sinister Six spinoff has just been announced!!!!! Is that awesome or what??? Although I wanted Spidey to be in the fourth movie we may not see that. The fourth will be one spinoff for sure since Marc Webb said in an interview that “TAS” is more like a trilogy, also, Andrew said that he has a three picture deal and that the fourth has nothing to do with him. Either way, as I said in the open discussion before this one, I am a BIG superhero fan and yet another week proves to be exciting for us fans. Two more movies to add up to the superhero cinematic takeover. :D As for Arrow, man that last episode gave me goosebumps and I almost cried at the last 10 min. It was amazing! I never thought Barry would be hit by lightning on Arrow, I thought they would save that for The Flash Pilot. Really liking Grant Gustin. But for me the highlight of the episode was Slade Wilson. Although most of us knew he would return on this episode, me included, I never imagined to see him behind a desk, giving orders with white hair and an eye patch. As soon as I heard that voice I was jumping of excitement until I saw his face. It was really great. The only issue I had was Roy getting powers. Most probably he will lose them in the future, if not that would be kind of a set back. But I trust the writers since they are doing a hell of a good job. Thank you comic book writers, creators, artists, etc… for giving us superheroes!!

    • i was not sold on the arrow until i started renting it because of what i read here, and of course dont care for the soap opera chic stuff nor some of the actors who can’t
      act but the main characters are excellent actors and the fact they showed deathstroke in
      a mask and all the other costumed villians makes this a excellent show. iam still waiting
      for agents of shield to show something signifigant.

  2. Happy Friday. I went to the early showing for Hobbit 2 last night and it was just awesome. The added elements to this film I thought would be cheesy but it actually was nice. There are still some issues with the film but with them constantly on the go it made the little details seem, well, little. A 4/5 stars for me

  3. Prometheus Paradise/ Island of Dr Moreau remake any news?

  4. Slow open discussion day?

    As long as I’m here – anyone want to give me any feedback on the site? The design, features, what you think works well, what doesn’t?



    • we need an edit option please.

        • See… there are some punctuation and missing words that I want to fix on the above post.

        • Or you could do an edit feature with an edit history so you can’t “change the narrative” so to speak. You could click in to see the previous comment kinda like FB or something.

    • The site is really well organized. I really have no issues with it at all. Or maybe I can’t think of any right now. Either way, I love the site, I visit it like ten times a day to keep up with the news. Can’t pass a day without it.

    • Why doesn’t the “Post a Comment” keep my information any more?

      I noticed this earlier this week… even for comment threads I’m subscribed to.

      • Yeah, I noticed that too. Having to put the information every time we comment is getting on my nerves xD And Cody is right, an “edit” option would be nice. Other than that, spot on.

      • This also annoys me now.

      • Yeah I hate that. I’ve been less inclined to comment on stuff due to that.

        Is there a reason it doesn’t keep your info anymore?

        • Oh I thought that was just me! I’m at least glad I’m not alone. Game Rant still keeps my login information though.

          • Ah! I didn’t know the comment form wasn’t saving your info any more – thank you for letting me know.

          • Can you guys clarify? Before, did it show all the form fields when you came back to comment again, but filled in with your info, or did it not show any form fields and it just showed you a comment box?


            • Showed the fields filled in. Now, they are blank when you return to a thread.

              • Testing comment form

                • Testing comment form too.

                  • Nope… didn’t keep Name, Mail, Website info… had to re-enter it.

    • The mobile version of the site leaves a lot to be desired…but I think you already knew that ;)

      • Very little I would change about the actual site (accessible, fluid and interactive between writers and viewers). I do sometimes feel other subject matter sometimes gets ignored though, primarily the TV sections. I know it would be impossible to do a weekly review of every TV programme currently out there and I am also aware the comments sections of each are never exactly bubbling over (save for my regular nonsense), but, and perhaps this is just my own selfish desires based on the medium I am getting the most out of right now, I do feel TV sometimes gets neglected on this site.

        Please do not take this as a slight against Mr. Yeoman. He does a corking job. Just, he must get lonely over there in the corner from time to time.

    • Hey Vic, sorry for the slow day. I am spending the day planning for our company holiday party tomorrow.

      The web version of the site is awesome. No complaints. I will say though… clever trick in getting me to turn off my adblocker, haha!

      The mobile version is still hard to use. I like the look, its simple and great. But the links are super sensitive. Normally I would blame my phone for something like that, but it doesn’t happen on the old version or any other site for that matter. For example, if I try to scroll through it and I barely touch a link, it clicks the link. Maybe its because there are too many links? I don’t know.

      And the obvious lack of comments feature. Like replying to other peoples comments. Or knowing what is a reply to someone elses comment.

      Everything else is great, Vic!

    • One more thing.

      Why isn’t the OD on the mobile website, and can we get a quick link for it on the top of the page so we don’t have to scroll through the entire archive?

      • Also was not aware open discussion posts didn’t show up on mobile, thanks.

      • that post took me 3 refreshes to be able to see it…

        • “And I saw the seven angels which stood before God…

          “…and another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer…

          “…and that angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar…

          “…and the seven angels prepared themselves to sound…”

          • *ahem*

            Sorry…reading Kingdom Come…

            …what were we talking about?

            • you have bent my mind Dr i’m not a religious man so i don’t get it

          • this went over my head… are you refrencing Daredevil, my memory is cloudy due to excessive partying in my younger years :D

      • ::..:….:::::..,

        That’s odd, it might be because we serve up our ads in iframes which have the source in other domains. There is no malware or anything like that on the site.

        • it might be on my end then thanks…oh and i love it when videos and ads play automatically, scaring the shyt out of my co workers :D

          • no worries Vic i found the problem

    • @ Vic

      The mobile site crashes a lot, and the OD doesn’t show up on it. Any chance the new mobile site will be completed soon?

      Thanks! :)

    • @ Vic

      SR chatroom would be a nice feature to add.

      • I disagree. A chat room would fragment the community too much between comments and chats, and some interesting discussions would get lost in the fleeting chatstream. I wouldn’t like that at all.

    • Hi, Vic. After I deleted the site’s cookies in order to troubleshoot a sudden “New Comment On” spam wave (fixed now by properly unsubscribing) my Name and Email address don’t get remembered anymore. Now I have to enter my credentials every single time I want to write a comment, which is a bit inconvenient. Is there a fix for that? I’m using Chrome, btw.

  5. I like how it is set up personally, and would not change much. I love coming here and getting great movie new updates and getting other peoples opinions on films. like that there is not a lot of fighting among each other like other web sites.

    • Agreed!
      The only thing I’d like to have an edit button.

  6. What is your favorite pixar movie?
    I think mine is ratatouille with the incredibles as a close second.

    • Incredibles!

    • All of them.

      But my top ones are probably Finding Nemo, Cars, WALL-E, The Incredibles, Toy Story and Monsters Inc (but not necessarily in that order).

      • Absolutely ‘The Incredibles’. When people ask me what the best superhero movie I have ever seen is, this is always my answer. Then of course I get told it doesn’t count, which makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

        However, my favourite Pixar moment is the opening ten minutes of ‘Up’. It was the onions, I tell thee. Onions.

        • Incredibles absolutely counts. Anyone who says different is selling something. ;)

          I just love incredibles cuz it pulled off a fleshed out superhero universe with NO SETUP!! No prequels no nothing, 15 minutes in you’re introduced to this expansive cast of supers and its all done perfectly. Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, Gaserbeam, Stratogale, Dynaguy, Thunderhead…. I saw it in theaters 3+ times.

        • LOL the onions! the story told at the beginning without any words…….

    • “The Incredibles”!!! Still waiting for the sequel. :/

    • Definitely Incredibles.

      Incredibles proved that a superhero universe is do-able on the bigscreen. This was 2004, Marvel didn’t catch up till 2012, and now DC is doing it in 2015 or later.

    • @ Cody

      Toy story

  7. If you were able to use Doc Brown’s DeLorean for one roundtrip time jump, where would you go and why? Would it be to save/change someone’s life, to witness an event, or something else?

    I wouldn’t mind heading one hundred years into the future to see my great-grandchildren (if I will have any). Also, I would plug a wire into my head and watch all the movies (of the future) I could, which is how I assume movie-watching will be then.

    • It would be pretty awesome to go to the future.

      If you’re Stewie Griffin then you would go back to colonial america and give all the native americans AK-47′s but that’s not my cup of tea…

      It is Christmas, so while its on my mind it would be pretty incredible to witness the birth of Christ, but that’s prbly not the type of answer you’re looking for haha..

      I would like to relive Ash’s story and take a sawed off shotgun to a medieval times before they had sawed off shotguns. It could be pretty sick ;)

    • I would do exactly what Marty did, which is grab an almanac and make money. Also stock trades.

      • Because I don’t believe traveling into the future is possible, I would take today’s almanac, travel back 50 years, and then build my empire and live happily ever after.

    • I would go back 15 years and tell my 20 year old self not to marry my ex-wife…and I’d kidnap our pug that she took with her after the divorce.

      I’d also warn him about Spider-man 3.

    • @ $2

      I sure would like to go back in time to change things in my life. But hard to do that if there’s two of me & people will get suspect something. Id go to the old west days with my own kind of guns,lol. Or be like Marty go to the future long enough to find almanac book. Im not like Biff so things wouldn’t go down hell valley,lol.

      • Id also go Terminator on Al-Quada leader OBL & other terror threats.

  8. Vic,

    I’m having a problem with the new site holding onto my name and e-mail address under Firefox. They used to keep their settings even if I closed FF but now, even if I move to another thread, I have to re-enter the information each and every time which is becoming quite tedious.

    • Me too!

    • Are you getting a halt on your posts too and having to resubmit the page ?

  9. Arrow is lame. Sorry guys. Just one mans opinion.

  10. Good day all……

    Does anybody else think that the Superman sequel, (Batman vs. Superman), is just a cover for a Justice League movie? I’m beginning to wonder. I read a story that now Martian Manhunter might be in it. All they’re missing is The Flash and Green Lantern. I’m thinking that there’s way more to this movie than we are being lead to believe.

    I am very excited about the Venom movie announcement. I’ve been waiting a long time for that one. :)

    Why do we have to type in our email address for every new comment now?

    • @Stark – Yes. I believe DC is slowly revealing more and more characters to be in the film and if it isn’t the Justice League. It’s building up for the Justice League to be the next installment the next year. Roll ‘em out LOTR style.

      I am a huge Spidey fan. So both of those announcements are huge in my book. I hope Venom is done right…and by right, I mean not use Topher Grace as Eddie Brock. I hope they go the Flash Thompson route…because that’s not a story that I’ve read but it sounds interesting. So, make it a movie first and then I’ll go back and read the comic.

      and isn’t that the question of the day ;) very annoying. Stark, you’re a tech guy…fix it.

    • @ Stark

      Hey Stark. Yes. I believe WB/DC are rushing things as always to get Batman Vs. Superman out to get Justice League out maybe by Avengers 3. It’s clear they want something to stand toe to toe with Avengers 2 in 2015 aswell other films out that year.

    • No, I don’t believe that “Batman vs. Superman” is a cover for Justice League everybody is saying these things only after hearing countless rumors about characters appearing. Now, we have to remember that nothing is official until Warner Bros. releases a press release about it. All the characters that are confirmed to be appearing are Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Ma Kent, Lois Lane, and Perry White. NO other characters have been confirmed… only rumors and if this was the line-up for Justice League it would be a very sad league and we’d be missing two important characters (three if you count MMH or Cyborg). I think it’s possible that all of the characters might appear in the movie as an easter egg or at least a reference to Barry Allen, or Superman is doing something for the government and Hal Jordan walks in and gives him some papers (hey you never know) or maybe they reference Victor Stone in that football scene they shot or you see his jersey. Superman could be getting headaches because MMH has been sending him mind-messages warning him about the white martians and it’s revealed at the end of the movie that Clark wasn’t the first Alien on Earth and that the super high up officials have kept J’onn on lock down and he’s found a way to get stuff through telepathically. Wonder Woman might even have a minimal role or only appear as WW at the end, we could see Diana throughout the whole movie and not realize who she is (haha i’m kidding fans would know). But there are tons of possibilities for this movie and I do not think it’s Justice League at all but this will definitely do some substantial world-building.

  11. Let’s talk about something really troubling in the entertainment world today. Jennifer Lawrences lack of being on my face right now.

    • BTW, of these listed (since they’re the ones I’ve watched)…I vote Arrow. Even though, I’m anxiously counting the days until all three of these series return.

      One of you Scranters, tally that vote.

    • @Prof:


      While “The Scranties” would be a good name, it sounds too much like “Don’t get your scranties in a bunch”… so how about:

      The Scrantars (like The Oscars)

      Or we can go full portmanteau style:

      The Scrantwards

      Hmm… I’m still liking The Scranties.

      • now my Scranties are in a bunch…and by that I mean my Screen Rant Underoos. Vic, there is a marketing venture to delve into Screen Rant apparel. :D

        • totally forgot some punctuation in there.

          Forget it. We want an edit feature first.

        • Dibs on Batman Scranties.

          I can feel heroic under my work clothes. :)

          • LOL! :D Spider-Scranties for me!

          • *wipes tear*

            Hail HYDRA!

            • HYDRA Scranties for everybody!!

              Hey, good doctor, we need more categories for the Scranties. Categories like…the entertainment news that blew up the internet.

              #Batfleck takes that award…no other nominees needed.

              • What if there were Scanties for the OD crowd?

                Best Discussions on Liking All CBMs and Not Just DC or Marvel.
                And the winner is…Stark!

                Best HAIL HYDRA duo.
                And the winners are…Professor Procrastination and Dr. Mindbender!

                Best Avatar.
                And the winner is…Archaeon!

                Best Scranter I’ve never responded to, but I like what he posts.
                And the winner is…Ajeno!

                Best Screen Name.
                And the winner is…The “::..:….:::::..” Scranter! How do you say it? :)

                Best Screen Name to Be Criticized by an English Teacher.
                And the winner is…cody! (C-o-d-y! Names are proper nouns!!!) :)

                Best Screen Name If We Only Used Initials:
                And the winner is…Professor Procrastination!

                Where Are They Now?
                And the winners are…Robert Palmar, Kahless (petaQ!), Scapegoat, Dr. Sam Beckett, and INK!

                Best Old-Timer.
                And the winner is…Ken J (and anybody else who’s been here longer than me)!

                SR Lifetime Achievement Award.
                And the winner is…Vic!

                Best Lover of Ghostbusters.
                And the winner is…do I really need to say it? :D

                Any acceptance speeches?

                • @ $2

                  Best debaters?

                  • …my thanks go out to the Professor of Procrastination…

                    …without you, I don’t think I would have been up for a nomination…

                    I’ll take this time to go Kanye on all of you though:

                    Best Avatar: Martin and his 3D glasses wearing/popcorn eating Gremlin.

                • @2$

                  you need to touch your screen to make out my name :D

    • Call em the Dundies.

  12. Dudes, you really need to fix your comment section. In Kofi’s most recent MOS article, there are 2 commenters that I’d like to reply to, but my comments are not showing up.

  13. Howcome theres mid-seasons of The Walking Dead? Why not show the whole season?

    • Because too few people watch TV during the holidays, because they are too busy with their families and parties. The networks don’t like to waste their expensive episodes during that time. Well, and of course they like to stretch the episodes over the whole winter season, because people also watch less TV during the sommer months. Hence the hiatus.

  14. So, anyone else notice, that every time they make a biopic for someone, that person dies??

  15. SR site question:

    Did anything get changed in the code or WordPress recently? Normally my browser remembers my Name and Email so I don’t have to re-type it for every comment, but the last several days it has been blanking it out each time. Just wondering if it was on your end or mine.

    Also, the last few comments I’ve written sends me to a blank web page with the SR banner at top, instead of back to the thread, and doesn’t post my comment to the thread. Looks like a broken code issue.

    • Also, (forgot to put this in there), The blank page thing was happening on Chrome, I had to post the comment in Firefox for it to go through. It worked fine in Firefox, where previously (a week or maybe less ago) everything worked fine in Chrome.

  16. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog
    loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or
    if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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