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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 12, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 12, 2012

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  1. I know Man of Steel is the hot topic right now, so I’m just gonna say that I’m stoked! It looks amazing, and we’re finally going to see Superman fight someone on the big scene – actually throw down with someone equal or near his strength.

    • sorry,I meant big screen

      • hope for a successful sequel with powerful enemies likes Luther adn Brainiacs, Doomsday….

    • I saw the trailer yesterday, and the more I watched it, the more apparent it became that it was going to be EPIC!

      One of the reasons (imo) is that it is actually exploring the extraterrestrial life of Superman rather than an earthbound movie like Superman Returns. If they do a movie with Superman vs. Luther, you end up with an earthbound villain and all the makings of a boring Superman movie.

      I was also glad to see some directorial similarities between MOS and Watchmen.

      • Well, just give Luther his power suit and it wouldn’t be as boring.

        • Hmm. Yeh but wouldn’t that be a revisit of the Iron-Man, “Take away your Suit, What are you”, “Genius, billionaire, evil mastermind” ;)

          • Giving Lex his “Suit” would mean there giving us something different for a change which is the whole purpose of this movie. I for one am in favor of that.

            • Give Luthor time to flesh himself out as a character/villain. I have a feeling he’ll want to deal with Superman all in due time.

              I would love to see Metallo

              • He could be the second villian(next to Lex)if they put him in the series. Those two together= twice the amount of kryptonite(Lex’s suit & Metallo’s chest)perfect combination.

                • i think they should introduce Intergang and Parasite down the line

                  • Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Wait & see where they go with this film first. It’ll be fun to make suggestions, predictions, rumors, etc. much later.

        • Although Luther with his power suit would present a “challenge” to Superman, I have to say that I am tired of Lex. I would be ecstatic it if the next villian was someone other than Lex, personally I prefer Doomsday or Brainiac or Superboy Prime (wishful thinking).

          With the trailer released and the “serious” tone (which I appreciate, why can’t comic book movies have a serious tone? just wondering) present imagine the Doomsday arc and the emotion that could be alotted.

          • What is “Your” definition of “Serious”. Just out of curiousity?

            • In this very loose context what “Batman Begins”, etc., “The Watchman”, and “A History of Violence” portrayed on the on big screen, how should I say this, the lack of witty comments every 5 minutes and or side jokes. Some say use the word gritty, some say dark, others say dark and gritty.

              • I think that is pointless if you’re going to have that type of vibe for every single movie. There’s a reason why these people do these films differently….because they’re dealing with different characters. Having a hero with the same emotions & “realistic” situations as the next wouldn’t last long in the long run, & again would be pointless if you’re trying to separate them from eachother. I think there’s room to present all of them in different forms of light, & if people disagree then don’t support it that’s all

                • Umm yeah kind of obvious what you stated. I simply stated what I admire about the trailer and my hopes for future installments.

                  • Umm…O.K….So explain what you meant by writing this comment,”the lack of witty comments every 5 minutes and or side jokes”. What I drew as a conclusion from that was you having a problem with the way MARVEL portrays their characters on screen which they have every write to do so whether you agree with the portrayal or not. I’m I write or wrong with my assumption?

                    • Excuse my spelling of the last sentence.Am I write or wrong with my assumption?

                    • Well if you drew that assumption I am done here. No where did I mention Marvel.

                      So go ahead and continue with your overly aggressive replies that seem to have begun with your opinion of the TDKR.

                      Good day.

      • i cant wait for the movie. but im also annoyed with WB/DC cause it seems like they made an effort on MOS but they did not made a effort with Green Lantern. to me it seems like Legandary Pictures should co-produce all of the DC films cause WB/DC cant do it on their own without them. also Wonder Woman should be the next movie they should do next then after that Justice League.

        • I thought they did make an effort just not very good choices in some parts of the story. They thought it was the best way to “Introduce” a character that wasn’t as popular as their “Big 2″(Supes & Bats). You can’t really blame them for trying. Plus the sequal will be much better since “You know who” has his “Yellow” ring now officially.

          • Voldemort stole Gollum’s precious? xD

        • @ Mace

          I agree. They rushed Green Lantern, releassed Jonah Hex with possibly most people except comic book people wouldn’t know him well. Kinda seems they’re rushing Justice League just so they have a big film to face off against The Avengers 2. Id prefer WB/DC build up to a Justice League film as there’s ways not copy Marvel’s after-credits scenes,etc. A example would be a Batman/Superman film crossover then move on to other solo films. If two heroes who have different views of justice can work together, why not make a film that two work together & by the end of that film both would be inspired to work with other heroes in the world. In Justice League animated series Superman gave a good speech by thinkin he thought he could protect the world by himself but if they worked together they would be a force for a greater good.

          Id like to see DC break away from WB & be their own studio & work with legendary pictures. Because some of DC flops were due to WB themselves imo.

          • As far as “Breaking away from Warner Bros.” that’s not happening anytime soon if ever.Financial & Legal reasons might prevent that. However, as far as everything else you wrote that’s a suggestion which should be highly considered by the suit & tie wearing fools who run the WB. Enough with keeping these characters apart. It frustrates me how DC & Co. still present these characters like they all live in “Different worlds” when they only live in “Different cities”. They should wake up & take a cue from what MARVEL is doing now.Obviously it works.

            • Rushing justice league? Its 3 years from now…

              • I agree but it’s been even longer since when they should have originally made it….Years Ago.The fact that it’s conveniently coming out now when Warner Bros. is obviously jealous of what Disney/Marvel are accomplishing with their films leaves many to speculate that it might not be as great as we’re hoping it will.

              • @ Trey. Star Wars Episode 1 had nearly 20 years of development.

                Your point?

                • Your point? U named one franchise. Most movies take 2 years to develop apart from avatar and star wars.

                • Wait WaitEpisode 1? The really crappy one? Your notlhelping your cause.pinf

                  • Yes, the real crappy one.

                    You the one who stated they have 3 years to do a good Justice League Movie.

                    George Lucas had 20 years and put out a crappy movie.

                    3 Years is plenty of time for WB/DC To screw up Justice League.

                    1 Who is really in charge.
                    2 Outside of Batman. No DC Comic has made any money.
                    3 WB/DC Previous President was smart enough to let Nolan do what he wanted.
                    4 Made really bad Choices.

                    So, you say 3 years is enough? Not even 20 years could do it if there is no one to do it right.

                    Everyone is assuming Man of Steel is going to be Epic, I along with them.

                    But what if the movie does not live up to the hype and tanks at the Box Office? I thought Superman Returns was going to be good, so did a lot of people based on the trailer, then the movie happened.

                    So, you said, ” Rushing Justice League? Its 3 years from now?”

                    Yeah, MY POINT.

                    • But 3 years is enough to make a good film. Just cause lucas cant doesnt mean nob

        • @ mace, I agree. Green Lantern had its’ moments imo, but overall I felt that it was rushed, I really would have liked to see more of Oa. Honestly, I had alot of faith in the Green Lantern especially with Geoff Johns overseeing or consulting on the movie. Hopefully lessons were learned because it seemed that DC was using Green Lantern to try to do what Marvel did with Iron Man, introduce a superhero to the masses with a fun and very, very good movie, but came up way short.

          Anywho, as for Legendary pictures they have warmed my heart with most of their movies and would love it if they, as you stated, “co-produced” the DC films. Wonder Woman seems like the logical choice, but I really would like to see the Flash.

  2. The Hobbit: an unexpected journey who will be attending the midnight premiere ? I’ll be watching in IMAX 3-D I can’t wait!!!!

  3. Who is More awesome?

    Fassbender or Karl Urban?

    • That’s a tough one but Fassbender might be slightly ahead at the moment. Depends on how Urban shines in Trek and Riddick. Love to see them play in something together. It would be like Eastwood and Van Cleef back in the 60′s…

    • Fassbender, one of the most up and coming actors. Urban has been around and is good just not as popular

    • I like them both…give both of them parts in the JL movie and new Star Wars. I believe they would make their roles great and we would receive a higher quality film because of their skills.

      Add in Idris Alba to movie with those two and I will be there.

      • @Thimmy. Nice way to end a debate….run away and say good day. As far as my “overly aggressive replies”. Why do you consider my comments “overly aggressive” when I’m merely trying to have a debate with you on what you said. I was trying to get to the bottom of the assumption I made on what your previous comments stated that’s all. I didn’t want to call you out without getting a full explanation from your side of the view, but instead you made unfactual statements about me & walked away. That’s not how you’re supposed to carry yourself in a spirited conversation. It doesn’t make you look good in the end of it all.

        As far as you not mentioning MARVEL in your comments earlier….again you don’t have to say something to “Imply” it which I “ASSUMED” you did. That’s why you should have explained yourself instead of walking away.Plus if you go back & read “My” comment earlier you will see that nowhere did “I Say” The Dark Kight” when I was writing, but I guess you just “ASSUMED” that I did right…..rrriiiggghhhhttt.

        • As I said before I am done and have a good day.

          • Thank you & I will Mr.Uptight One

            • Aggressive much… anyway you’ll just complain about your passion and throw more insults around, o well.

              • Until you learn the difference between “Aggression” & “Passion” I guess you’ll keep leaving arrogant comments…O well….I guess there’s very little hope for you after all.

                • in your opinion.

                  • Yes it is “My” opinion. “I’m” the one who said it.

  4. So who do you think should play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie? I couldn’t really come up with anyone except maybe Olivia Wilde. Any other suggestions?

    • Girl from john carter

    • I can’t think of anybody, but if the tv show Amazon gets picked up, what will that mean for Justice League? Will the same actress portray an older version in the movie or will the tv show and movie have two different actresses?

      • Yes to the 2nd question. Movie studios like to keep their T.V. properties separate from eachother.

    • Lynn Collins
      Megan fox has te look but not the acting
      Lyndsy fonseca
      Olivia Wilde

      Those are my picks for Wonder Woman.

      • You can totally dismiss Fox(Megan)because she completely dissed the character years ago when someone asked her about doing it.

        • Yes lynn collins aka john carter girl

          • I’m not going to speculate because it could be someone who isn’t very known or popular at all. I’ll just wait for 2014 because then we should have a definitive answer.

        • Yeah I forgot bout her public dis of the awesome character. Well my other three picks still stand.

          • I wouldn’t want her as Wonder Woman anyway. (unless she was hiding away some unknown talent inthe Transformer movies…)

            • Are you saying those movies were bad or just her performance?

              • The Special Effects were amazing, the best I’ve seen when I first watched number one, and I enjoyed it on pretty much that merit alone. I thought the acting wasnt great in general, but Fox’s was the weakest IMO. She just seemed to be there for guys to ogle. I haven’t seen her in anything else, so maybe she is better with a different director/script.

                • shes no different at all her acting skills are the same

                • No….She’s better off with a different AGENT.The one she has keeps recommended her to do these awful films she stars in minus the Tranformer series.Those are the only ones she can brag about.

                • I watched all the transformers movies in the theater, and my opinion is that after a good idea (1), they just went nowhere. The first sign was Fox’s acting. It was bad in 1 and so much worse in 2. She was basically there for “eye candy” (if you can even call her that). The third just increased the lameness and got an even worse lead girl.

                  • “She was basically there for “eye candy” (if you can even call her that). ” Yes I do believe “Plenty” of guys would call her that, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that her movie choices haven’t been shall I say….”Oscar Worthy”.That’s why I think she should be given a fare shot to prove herself. Again it’s the agents who recommend these movies to their clients not the other way around.She needs a better AGENT.

                    • She needs acting lessons Broadway.

                    • Dude, who rained on @Broadway’s Parade… he is being practically homicidal.

                    • @ mich, he is not in comparison to the MOS trailer thread.

                    • @Mich It’s not that I’m “being practically homicidal” as you judgementaly put it, & no one “rained on my Parade”. I’m tired of people using my passion to have a lively debate on subjects that I love as an excuse to paint me as this uptight angry person that just wants to argue all the time. None of you know what type of person I really am so don’t judge or the same thing might happen to you.

                    • Tsk! Tsk! @Broadway, What did your mother tell you about threats.

                      @Thimmy Wow! after reading the MOS stuff, i retract what i said. He was positively friendly to me!

                    • @mich. What my mother tought me? Really? Let’s see…maybe that it’s not called “Threatening” if no one is saying that they’ll bring physical harm to another which I clearly didn’t at all. Please comprehend what you’re reading before throwing out stupid accusations.That’s very irresponsible in case you were wondering.

    • Bridget Regan

  5. The Pacific Rim trailer is less than 8 hours away! Yay!

    • Can’t wait!!

    • thats too long for me lol

    • What, did I miss something? Will this be online? Sorry for all the questions.

  6. Here’s a good question bout Wonder Woman’s appearance in justice league

    Pants or no pants? How do you’d want her outfit to look?

    • I don’t see how anybody could screw up the “Bikini Bottoms” especially since that look is more iconic. However, as far as the 2nd one goes do you remember the cancel T.V. show/pilot episode last year.I hope that answers your question.

      • I say pants, but I doubt that will happen.

        • Wonder Woman costume should look like a warrior costume not that silly comic design and the awful tv series. have u seen the fan made concept art done by people on the net i.e.

          go to this link to see what i mean

          • I think you’re the only one who thinks the comic design was or is silly considering that it’s been her definitive look for….I don’t know….Eveeer!

            • yes the design is a classic on the pages in the comics and cartoon. but making a live action movie with that costume looks silly it looks like a Stripper costume. costume should have a greek armor type not a stripper looking costume lol. if they go with that comic version costume it might aswell call it Wonder Woman XXX lol

              • I’m sorry to tell you, but you might be in the minority where this is concerned. I’ll give you a few examples why messing with tradition(when it comes to costumes/uniforms)isn’t always a good thing.

                1)X-Men: All black leather….Huh!?

                2)Hawkeye(Avengers): No purple outfit….Are you kidding me?

                3)Hawkeye again: No mask….Nuff Said

                4)Batman: Enough with the “All Black” already….so last century

                Your idea would be good to start the movie with, but not the entire film.People would be pissed trust me on that.

                • Hawkeye costume in the Avengers was great plus its based on the Ultimate costume. if they went with the 616 costume it would look silly on film.

                  Wonder Woman costume is retarded on film. WW is based on greek myth so the costume needs to look like a warrior costume. also tradition has to be broken if you follow the same things from comics it will look silly on film.

                  the X-Men costume i agree look rubbish but X-Men First Class costum was solid.

                  • Traditions can be broken yes, but you still have to consider what the majority might want to see which might not be something completely different. That’s why almost everybody hated the X-Men look, & I do agree about first class when you make the comparisons. However, they too got it wrong in some ways. The X-Men I think would look better with their own “Individual” costume look. Not neccessarily from the comics, but they don’t have to all look the same. They’re not the Fantastic 4.

                    As far as costumes looking “Silly” on film. You’re basing that on no facts to back it up. Let’s see them first, & then you can make all the comments you want, but at least you’ll have facts to back up your claim.

                    • im base it on the costume will look silly on film. the costume should be amazon warrior costume with a hint of the comic counterpart.

    • No Pants WonderWoman imo

      • Kelly Overton for WonderWoman would be my 1st choice right now.

        • I would say no pant but a skirt and more warrior like. She needs to be a warrior.

          • Agreed she need to be a warrior. In the current Justice League comics she is a warrior and yet she still feels innocent somehow. It is a nice blend that I hope they go for in the movies. As for the skirt, that could work. I would rather her not just be wearing (basically) a swimsuit.

            • Only if people subject her to being basically “A Sex Symbol” will they look at it as a “Swimsuit” which it clearly is not. There’s alot of pride/thought process that goes into what these characters wear, & I respect that regardless. Don’t be so quick to judge until you see the final product is what I’m trying to get across.

              • I am not dissing the creativity of the suit, it is cool, I’m just saying that the amount of clothing she is normally portrayed as wearing is basicly the same as a swimsuit and I would rather a little bit more while still being faithful to the original. Just my opinion, I understand where you are coming from. And I’m definatly waiting to see it, it is just fun to speculate.

                • I agree. Too many other people though are so quick to jump on the “Costumes Are Silly” bandwagon without any concrete proof to back their claim up. That’s basically slapping all these creative costume designers in the face before they even get a chance to display their work. I think there are ways to bring these characters to life without making them look like complete laughing stocks while at the same time staying faithful to original designs.

                  2 examples why change isn’t always neccessarily good….

                  1)X-Men: All Black Leather=Crap

                  2)Avengers: “Actual” outfits from the comics=Genious

            • Anybody rember why she was wearing Red,White and Blue. Tha Amazons got it from A flag patch on Steve Trevors uniform. If he were British she would be wearing the Union Jack. If French she would be wearing the Tri-Colur and red and white with A maple leaf if Canidain. It was suposed to be A sign of peace and respect. Also the outfit was desinged so as not to restrict movement.

              • So exactly what is your stance on the whole outfit looking “Silly” on film? Do you agree or disagree?

  7. I’ve heard recently that “The Cat in the Hat” is getting a CGI remake.


  8. Here is a new trailer for G.I.Joe 2:Retaliation with more Channing Tatum
    I am Probably one of the few people that actually enjoyed the first one and me personally I cant wait for this one

    • Depending on how G.I. Joe turns out in the long run(franchise wise)expect a future “CrossOver series” with a certain group of “Robots that are more than meets the eye”.

      • I would be down for that!

        • Me too & if you didn’t notice it before they kind of flerted with that premise already in the Transformers series. The soldiers in those films kind of reminded people of G.I. Joe.

  9. The Wife asks me what I wanted for Christmas, since I got the Camaro, really dont need anything, she said you got to get one gift.

    I said “Ok, Fine, I want a Bat’leth.” Now, I said this thinking she does not know what one is.

    Her response, “Do you want Michael Dorn to autograph it for you?”


    • Hang on to that one, Jeff, she’s a bit special! ;-)

      • @ Big Dentist

        After 27 years, I am pretty smitten with her.

        • Bless ya both, mate!

          • Thank you Big Dentist.

  10. I want a ghostbusters reboot with patton oswalt, louis ck, bo burnham and kevin hart as the ghostbusters and lewis black as a ghost.
    Whatcha think of that?

    • I believe GB is getting a sequel. Well they keep saying yes we are…no we aren’t…yes we are…so who knows?…

      • The more they wait…The more people won’t care to have the “Original” cast back which is what they want to do. They might just have to reboot.

    • Eh…I like Bo Burnham a lot, but I don’t think Ghostbusters is for him. Same for Kevin Hart, who I just don’t really like to begin with.

      My dream cast is:

      Jack Black
      Chris Pine
      Matthew Gray Gubler
      Kenan Thompson

      • 1/4 of those are good and his name is pine but comedians should be in ghostbusters,
        (jack black)….funny comedians…

        • Matthew Gray Gubler can be awkwardly funny, he’d be in an Egon role.

          Pine would be the new Ray, a loyal but somewhat humorus leader. I believe Pine can be funny if he wants to be funny, but who knows?

          I really can’t put my finger on who would be the Peter role, but I’ve always enjoyed Jack Black in nearly everything he’s been in.

          Kenan Thompson has a built reputation on SNL, that’s why I could see him as the new Winston.

          But like, Bo Burnham? He’s incredibly smart and funny, but there’s nothing about him in my eyes that fits the style of Ghostbusters. And I’m not going to say anything about Kevin Hart because I just don’t like him as a comedian. We all have different likes and dislikes in Comedy

          • Chris pine needs to be captain kirk and Dcs flash.

            • OOH! I like the idea of him as Flash :D

    • I’d but that for a dollar.

  11. Paul, just got this month’s Marvel Previews and spotted the advertised cover for the Iron Man: Extremis Prose Novel with the following endorsement: “‘Generally considered to be among the best (Iron Man) stories ever written’ – Screenrant”

    Is that a quote from Vic? Also a first for your good selves? Nice one.

  12. I don’t like Extremis…

  13. Uh -oh! Another justice league scoop is coming out later from @elmayimbe of Latino review. Can’t wait for that one.

  14. The Hobbit was absolutely amazing. After seeing a movie i generally try to find faults and things i didn’t like, but i’m at a loss with this one. I guess my only complaint would be that some of the characters looked a little too CGI and there was a pretty corny line near the end, but even that isn’t major.

    Even if you aren’t a LOTR fan, this is still a great, great film for movie lovers or just the average joe looking for some quality entertainment.

    Oh, and pay extra for the 3D… It’s the best use of the technology I’ve ever seen – and that includes Avatar.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Hopefully I see it this weekend, hope it doesn’t snow too hard.

      • Yeah. It stinks when it snows on uptight

        • wow, I have my own troll.

          • They pass them out at the entrance. You didn’t know? :D

            • Gee all I got was rocks?

          • Wow…I’m surrounded by @$$CLOWNS. Who knew!? I guess they’re passing ya’ll out everywhere!

            • Just for protocol: I have no idea what this is about. I just made a joke, because you attacked him completely out of context on a comment of his which clearly has no relation to anything that is going on between you somewhere else. If you have a beef with him in another discussion I advise leaving it there to avoid other incidents like this one.

              • First of all. Since you didn’t know what the argument was originally about then why put your 2cents in it anyway.I don’t care if it was a joke or not you made it in the context of disrespecting me & I won’t let “You”,him or anybody else get away with that….EVER!

                And for future reference keep your nose & opinions/”jokes” to yourself if you don’t know or understand what’s going on.

                • Only if you keep insults like @$$CLOWNS to yourself, which is even more disrespectful. Deal?

                  Besides, I didn’t need to know what was going on. If you follow people around and call them names on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with your arguments in a different place then it actually IS trolling (or stalking). So, I’d say a little joke isn’t the worst reaction that you could get out of that kind of behavior. Just swallow your misguided pride and admit that I’m right. ;)

                  • I just love the way you keep coming up with the “Wrong” reasons why you should have involved yourself in the first place. Let me just write down a few points to make you understand why “I am” write & will always think that “You” are wrong.

                    1) Whether you want to believe that I was “stalking” someone or not is none of your concern.When a discussion/disagreement begins with “TWO” people that usally means “NO ONE” else is or should be involved.

                    2)As you keep pointing out in case you haven’t notice already you keep saying that you knew nothing about how this started between….once again….”Me & Him”. So why you automatically “ASSumed” I was in the wrong is beyond “Me” & very foolish & irresponsible of “You”.

                    3)Last time I checked “that person” I did have a problem with I’m pretty sure is old enough to defend himself in any kind of disagreement.Which is why I’m once again puzzled as to why you said anything in the first place, joking wise or not.

                    Finally…Thank GOD….Maybe)I find it comical that your calling what I have “misguided pride” when you keep responding to my comments as much as I’m responding to yours. I guess “misguided pride” is some sort of contagious virus or something.

            • @Broadway.

              I was responding to The Lost Winchester for the following reasons.

              1 His reponse on trolls at the door.

              2 Winchester and I, along with others get along quite nicely with each other,and enjoy the witty banter.

              3 I am not involving myself in your squabble.

  15. Well there’s always other websites for you to visit.

    • Then I suggest you take your own advice under consideration. No One left you in charge of who can & can’t leave comments here …last time I checked. Really!! Your arrogance is now starting to piss me off!!

      • Um… Sucurity? we have an issue.

        Seriously @Broadway they did say ‘just Remember to Play Nice”

        Check it… at the top… you can’t miss it.

        • @mich. Um…in case you didn’t read my earlier comments/discussions from 6-7 hours ago I cleary “Was” having “Friendly” debatable discussions with “EVERYBODY”. This all started with your friend over there not me.But of course you didn’t take the time to check that out.All “You” wanted to do is choose sides & throw cheap shots of your own.Again…unfare & irresponsible on the part of all of you.

          P.S. Don’t tell me to check anything. I “Can” read unlike everyone else who keep attacking me.

          • @Broadway, Dude i realy didnt mean to pick sides or dis anybody, it just seemed like the ongoing friendly debate w/ @Thimmy was just showing up wherever he posted with increasing heat. I hope you will accept an appology if my comments were seen as bullying.

            • No hard feelings @mich. It’s all good.

      • It’s alright. We don’t have to give in to our emotions and reply to everything one has to say. There are times where I have to really bite my tongue. But I live on

        • I agree with you completly ACW, but I won’t just backdown & let these people say whatever they feel like saying & not respond to it accordingly.I never put up with bullying before & I’m not going to start now.Disrespecting me & tearing down my character is something I won’t stand for….EVER!

        • To Quote Yoda.

          “Fear leads to Anger…Anger leads to the Darkside..The Darkside leads me to go medeival on your a**”