Open Discussion – December 12, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   December 12, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 12, 2011

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  1. Finally got around to watching Sucker Punch. Well, the first half hour of it anyway – at which point I turned it off. I sure hope Snyder doesnt use those slo-mo “perfect action posing” visuals in Superman.

    • Only a half hour? Well, you’re smarter than me. But I got to see the Jon Hamm scene at the end. Now I’m sad again…I’ll never get that 110 minutes of my life back. Curse you Zack Snyder!

      • Horrible movie, the story made me want to slam my head into my wall

  2. I am about 3/4 of the way through Bag of Bones (the book).

    In watching only 1 hour of the mini series (two episodes is now a mini series? I remember a mini series used to be 4 or better?) I can honestly say Kings books need to be left in book format.

    Given that it is about 4 hours total I cant see WHY they cant still follow the story in the book instead of making silly little changes for no apparent reason.

    The first 30 mins could have been done without or condensed a lot better then it was.

    Possible spoilers….

    The mention that Lance (Matties) husband was attempting to drown little K and Mattie killed him is a lot different then what transpired in the book and took me by surprise. (unless of course the last 1/4 of the book changes the story) Enough so I had to turn it off.

    End spoilers……

    It recorded so I will finish it before tonight’s second parter. So I will finish watching the TV version before the book version. Somehow I still think the book will be better.

    Again how freaking hard is it to read a book/story/comic and translate it into a cohesive intelligent story that stays true to the source material…???

    • I haven´t seen the movie, but it doesn´t surprise me that the it sucked. I mean, pretty much all of the TV adaptions of his movies sucked. I really hope they don´t mess up Under The Dome.

      • Ive missed out on a lot of reading due to my job. The last King stuff I remember is The Regulators (double book?) and Cell.

        I read up a little on Under The Dome and will probably pick that up next. Is it already slated for the movies or TV?

        • They´re going to make a series out of Under The Dome. It´s a fantastic book. It´s been the first of his books I´ve read since Desperation/Regulators (Desperation is actually one of the better TV adaptions) which came out in the late 90s. It´s a bit strange to read words like ‘iPad’, ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Internet’ in a S. King book (at least for me).

  3. The MIB 3 trailer was actually pretty entertaining. Too bad nothing of the plot is even mentioned, and that’s where the film had most of its problems….with the script.

    • You seriously didn’t get the plot from that trailer? I think I got most of the movie from it.

  4. anyone hear of a possible RAW HEAD REX RE-MAKE?

    • No, but I love 80′s practical effects lol. Forgot all about that movie, but am a big fan of Re-animator, PumpkinHead, etc…

    • There’s been talks/rumors of it taking place for a few years now. It’s been a while but it Probably won’t happen but if it were to happen the effects/make up will definitely be better than it was then. Saw it a few years back on the (Then R.I.P)Sci-Fi channel, wouldn’t mind seeing it again for its 80′s cheese…

      Love them films from the 80′s, Don’t care what anybody says about the era…

      • After looking up Rawhead Rex on google images to remind myself what it looked like exactly, I have some questions to pose.

        1) Is it just my subconscious nostalgia that I find those kind of effects more “real and creepy” than today’s slick fx?

        2) What do younger people think of the effects in movies like Carpenter’s The Thing, Re-Animator, Pumpkinhead, Puppet Master, etc? Do you think they’re silly looking effects?

        • I love those kind of effects as well and don’t think they’re silly. Then again, nostalgia does play a huge factor for me. I saw the films you mentioned at the local drive-in in the 80s, except for Puppet Master on video. Fun times. Also, you reminded me that I have some Puppet Master action figures packed away somewhere!

          I saw Pumpkinhead because of Lance Henriksen and thought it was a great film. Did you ever watch his TV show Millennium? I heard a movie was trying to be made years ago but haven’t heard anything since.

        • 1) Probably? Personally i prefer the old practical ‘Movie Magic’(Anybody remember the great show?) as opposed to most FX used today in movies. Those kinds of effects definitely have the feelings you describe. Which is why older films like ‘Hellraiser’ or ‘The Thing’ kick most films produced today to the curve..

          2) Hmm…youngest people i know are my nephews who are in their early to mid teens and well….As expected they don’t appreciate FX from that era much…

          • FYI, the expression is “kick to the curb,” not curve.

            • Good looking out. I forgot to proof read prior to posting…

  5. Is anyone else really excited for underworld awakening? I can’t wait. I loved the first two and the prequel was pretty good just lacking Kate who is super hot by the way. Jeez. But the movie looks good.
    Not a big fan of 3d at all but transformers 3 was amazing in 3d IMAX. I may check this one out in 3d.

  6. I recently got a Roku to stream my Amazon downloads and Amazon prime movies through (and netflix without the X-box running noise in the background). But then I realized that I can get Hulu plus on this device for cheaper than my current cable bill (DVR-digital). My question is how many of you have used Hulu Plus and do you have any complaints? My biggest problem would be the lack of sports, but I’d need to have basic cable (for internet purposes) so I’ll still be about to get my Vikings fix…next year of course, their season ended in week 2 this year. I’m ok with watching football without HD…baseball and hockey could get annoying. I like being able to see the ball and puck. I digress, does anybody have complaints about Hulu Plus? I’d like to know before I renew my cable package. Thanks.

    • Sorry, I know this is a tech question, but it directly involves my television viewing. And I know you guys seem a bit more savy about this stuff than myself.

      • My view would be does Hulu plus provide everything you want over the DVR/Digital format/method you are paying for now at a lower price?

        After that (again IMO) it would go to method in which you receive the Hulu, (connection etc) how it connects to the TV etc.

        My assumption is also that if cable/internet goes out I can still watch my DVRd programs. I wouldn’t be able to access Hulu though?

        I dont think I helped much did I? :D

        • Actually those were the same points I already considered. I’d lose out on some sports and WWE (which I can live without) and a few shows like Burn Notice and Being Human that Hulu doesn’t have the rights to. Hulu is much lower in price so it is worth losing out on some shows. The connection is HD and I already watch my digital downloaded movies through this device. It works really well.
          My issue with the DVR is that if I leave town on business or a family vacation, the thing fills up and then we either end up deleting shows to make room or have to spend an entire day to catch up. With Hulu, I could watch the shows whenever I want and never have to make the decision to delete my episode of Person of Interest or my daughters episode of Sesame Street (if you have kids, you know who wins that battle). I sound like I’ve already made my decision, but it’s a lot like going through a divorce with your high school sweetheart after being married 10 years…only harder because I might make the wrong decision this time. I’m weighing the pros and cons and trying to get as many opinions as possible. And my friends and family look at me as if I’m an idiot.
          I appreciate the feedback Aknot. Sorry about my long-winded, pointless rant.

    • I untethered myself from cable almost two years ago, and I can tell you that there are (*cough*) other sources (*cough*) of live streaming sports video.

      Yesterday, I watched Jets-Chiefs at 1:00, Broncos-Bears at 4:20, and finally, Giants-Cowboys at 8:20PM; the latter thanks to live streaming of Sunday Night Football.

  7. I’m hoping for some more regular updates on the filming of The Hobbit. This is likely to be the biggest movie in years, so how about at least a monthly, if not biweekly, update on it? Thanks.

    • Jeff,

      We provide updates whenever something new comes up.


  8. I miss outsourced. Dang, that was a funny show.

  9. Boardwalk Empire – a motherf***er no more

  10. Vic, I have a question for you. You had mentioned on Friday that you thought the Dark Knight Rises trailer may come out that day. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But have you heard anything new on when it may come out?

    • Agent Tom,

      Seems I was mistaken and the rumors were false. Since I was wrong then, no point in speculating further.


      • Fair Enough :)

  11. So anyone heard any good rumors about anything lately?

  12. I finally started watching the Harry Potter movies thanks to a TV marathon and DVR. I held out for a long time, but I must admit they are very good and have anjoyed watching them all almost back to back. Up next is the the Half Blood Prince.

  13. Anyone going to see the Dark Knight Rises prologue at specific IMAX theatres?

  14. Im curious when we’ll see Snyder’s take as Henry Cavill will be like as Clark Kent in the reboot.

  15. @ Vic do you think that Warnner Bros. would consider spliting the Dark Knight Rises in two parts, I think It whould blow everyones mind if they did.

    • Luis,

      Nope. It’s one movie (thank goodness).


    • Horrible horrible idea! Why would you…..? Horrible, just horrible

  16. So is everyone excited for Sherlock Holmes 2? Only three more days. I’ve been waiting for this movie all summer. And hopefully we’ll get the trailer for TDKR before it. Just icing on the cake if you ask me.

    What away to end the year.

    • Honestly, I couldn’t care less about TDKR trailer airing before/during SH2 (this coming from a big Batman fan FYI). I’m so exited for SH2, I won’t even be paying attention to the trailers… :P
      –Still, you’re right: TDKR trailer airing in front of SH2 would be icing on the already-delicious-chocolate-mouse-cake.

      • Chocolate mouse cake? I guess everyone has their own tastes.

        • I know I’ve always had a thing for chocolate mice.

          • It was a typo okay!
            You guys know I meant…

            • LOL :)

            • We’re just messin’ with ya :)

  17. Can someone confirm or deny, in The Amazing Spider-man are we seeing protogoblin? or just the lizard??

    • The Protogoblin speculation were confirmed as rumors.

  18. Bummerooski..oh well hopefully they’ll develop lizard enough to where it wont feel lacking without a secondary villain