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sr open discussion Open Discussion   December 03, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   December 03, 2012

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  1. Going to Italy soon, Rome area. Is there anything in that area that is a must see when it comes to Comics, movie theaters, etc?

    I know all the ‘historical’ stuff is there and my wife and I have a day or two planned for that.

    But is there anything more….. fun? :D

    • What are you talking about?! The “historical stuff” is fun!
      My cousin recently went to Italy and she absolutely loved it (she works for a famous vineyard over here so her favorite part of the trip was going to all the different wine-lands/vineyards in Italy). I don’t know if you’re a wine connoisseur (or if you like drinking in general ;)), but that could be a fun thing to do I guess.

      I hope you and your wife enjoy the trip… Italy is probably at the top my list of places I still want to visit.

    • Well, you could go to Switzerland, steal some anti-matter from CERN and then pay the Vatican a visit. :D

      • Whats Wrong with you LostWinchester?

        That was totally immature and foolish.

        Everyone knows you cant just steal Anti-Matter and transport it…Not on this highways..One pothole and half the planet is gone! You need a careful and thought out process to transport it…and no FED EX will just blow us all up!


        • I’m sorry! Didn’t think of that. But forget about potholes! Wait until one of those puppies drives over a plothole. Now that’s a sight to behold!

          • Ah, The Cursed Plothole.

            Has doomed many an evildoer

    • When in Rome, do as the Romans do…Ok so don’t do what they do, they live there.
      But there is so much there to see, The Ruins, Coliseum, parthenon, come on. It is Rome Italy, not Rome New York.

      Check out the locale, see the sights, say to yourself ” Damn, why didnt I do this sooner.”

      Whatever you do, bring an extra SD Card, me the family went through 3 SD Cards in the 10 days we were there.

    • I appreciate all the feedback. Ive been overseas I passed through once and saw all I needed/wanted to see.

      I just dont feel like doing what others do, seeing the same sites etc.

      So I was hoping there was something over there staying along the lines of my hobbies/likes.

      • Which are?

        • Movie theaters/Movies and Comics.

          • Well, if you speak italian, you could go watch a movie you´ve probably seen before, but in the italian language. If you want to go to a comic book store, you could buy some comic books, also in the italian language, or (if those stores have them) buy some american comic books which you can buy at home for way less money. So, all you get is the historical stuff. Everything else will be just the same like at home.

      • Then look at Rome as not a vacation tourist trap, view as the natives view it. Examine the buildings, look at the homes, take pictures of the people, capture the moments as they happen, do not go out for the perfect shot, but notice things there.

        Take Pictures in Black and White, see the detail from a different perspective.

        I prefer B+W Photos, even with a digital SLR Camera, because I see things in color everyday. Me and my Wife are somewhat amatuer photographers and as such, we capture different things ad the strangest and most unnatural positions.

        Cheese and Wine Tasting.

  2. Good morning ranters. Well I’m pretty positive that we’ll be reading the news right here on screen rant in a few, but early last night Latino review broke the news that darkseid will be the villian for the justice league movie.

    I was hoping for starro the conqueror and it should have been starro. Its just to soon IMO to introduce darkseid.this will be interesting though.

    • Make that early this morning that Latino review broke that news. Depends on where u were at.

    • That’s going to be interesting if it’s true. Both Avengers and Justice League are going to have villains who look awfully similar. I’m not sure how similar they are in terms of superpowers however.

      • They’re both big, bulky, ultimate evils. Both are immensely powerful (“godlike”, one might say ;) ) and nigh invulnerable.

        Thanos, however, loves (practically worships?) Death and does whatever he can to attract its/her attention. Darkseid, on the other hand, is beholden to no one and to nothing, except absolute power, and searches for the “Anti-Life Equation” that will allow him to thoroughly enslave all living beings in existence.

        They are different enough that both cinematic universes can feature epic stories using their respective big-bads.

        On a personal note, I really look forward to seeing Darkseid’s omega beams on screen…

        • Actually, it can be said that the Anti Life Equation is Darkseid’s Rosebud.

          • Fair enough…However, whereas Thanos actually has an emotional attachment to Death, Darkseid’s desire for the A-LE is strictly pragmatic.

            …but I DO see the validity of your comparison.

            • Actually your was spot on accurate. I was basing somewhat on the final episode of Justice League Unlimited, when Luthor bought the Anti-Life Equation to Darkseid,and he seems pretty enchanted by it.

    • There goes the premise.

      If you set out to defeat the most powerful villian, who compares afterwards?

      • A team of villains. A Legion of Doom ;)

        • Wonder Twin’s power activate!

  3. This weekend, TNT showed “Inception” multiple times, as is their wont with the various films they acquire. I watched it two of those times…I must say, it was just as brilliant and wonderfully entertaining as the times I watched it in the theater two years ago.

  4. So what do we all think of the Star Trek into darkness poster? Personally I think it’s pretty cool looking. Bathe emblem coming out of the wreckage like that is pretty sweet. I’m looking forward to it next year. I keep forgetting bout it though until news pops up then I’m like oh yeah I can’t wait for that! Haha

    • I think that it doesn’t embrace Star Trek enough. If you removed the title it could be for any random science-fiction or even just action movie. Too lame for my liking.

      • I agree

        • I’m not a huge Star Trek fan. I just enjoyed the reboot. ☺

      • I also agree…too generic. Doesn’t scream “Star Trek” at all.

  5. alot of cartoons have gotten new installments/reboots
    g i joe renegades(2010)
    scooby doo mystery incorporated(2010)

    Whats a cartoon you wish would get a reboot?

    • Speed buggy….. jk lol idk

    • A cgi “Masters of the Universe” incorporating the deeper mythology of the Classics toy would be grand…less cheese + more depth = all good. A cgi “Silverhawks” and/or a cgi “Skeleton Warriors” would also be great.

      • Ummm, that’s Classics toyLINE, not the classic toys…

    • the old Flash Gordon cartoon was cool. I’d like to see that rebooted.

    • StarCom too. That show and it’s toys we’re AWSOME!

    • Freakazoid. But done exactly like it was to begin with

      • Second that!

        • triple that.

    • ATOM ANT!

      And the chuckles begin.

      And Might Heroes.

    • I always enjoyed M.A.S.K. so I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated version of that.

    • MASK.

    • None.
      I just wish networks like Cartoon Network would show repeats of series’ like Batman:TAS, JLU, Batman Beyond, etc. I also miss the 2003 TMNT series… the new show on nickelodeon is okay, but it’s way too kiddy-friendly for my liking.

    • Thundarr the barbarian.

  6. I would personally love an up to date version of “12 Angry Men”, which is on my list of best movies of all time. It’s so basic, yet so brilliant. Not trying to take anything away from the original classic, but that is one movie I wouldn’t mind being resurfaced.

    • No.
      No way.
      No Way Jose
      Zip, Zilch, Nada!

      And here is why. 12 Angry Men is one of the all time greats, I rather not see someone attempt to do a remake, there could not do it justice. Not to mention, there are no where enough actors to compare.

      • Very true. It is better left untouched, espescially in this day in age. I only fear that the future generations will forget about a film as incredible as “12 Angry Men”, that’s why I sort of pushed the idea of resurfacing it. But if it is lost, the legacy lives in the past and that’s where it will be destined to stay

        • Our two oldest children, developed a taste for the classics, and every wednesday, they hit the local theaters in our area that shows classic movies, as the director intended. Only difference, they show the film restored, not Turnerized!.

          So when your children who grew up in a CGI World, tell you that they thought that 12 Angry Men was a powerful movie, it means something.

      • @ Jeff W

        Actually they did a remake of 12 Angry Men in 1997:

        Cable TV remake.

        But I agree the original film was just brilliant, I don’t think you can capture it the same way again, it’s like lightening in a bottle.

  7. Had a Classic Tv show mini marathon with my son. Ultraman and Space Giants.

    • Ooh! I spent Saturday on “The Twilight Zone” and the Bixby/Ferrigno “The Incredible Hulk”

    • I loved both shows, too. Ah, the good, ol’ days…

  8. Learned a lesson this morning on my first day at a new base.

    Did not know, I have to do a patrol of NYC Harbor area once a week.

    Pretty cool.

    Now I must get used to the 90 Minute drive to base from home.

  9. So “Skyfall”…

    What next? There are few films I never want to end and that was one of them. Plus, it’s been confirmed to be a two part story, very similar to the Casino/Quantum storyline. Maybe Bond dies and the person to take his place is…


    No, I’m kidding. God don’t let it be James Bond Jr.

    • That’s really weird. Right after seeing Skyfall my dad actually said he would have liked the movie more (he said he hated it) if the Skyfall manor didn’t burn down, so that it could serve as a home for Bond Jr. in a few years/movies time – that idea came from a man who didn’t like any of the Nolan Batman movies, or Inception, or The Godfather, or The Departed and actually likes the new season of Two and a Half Men… soooooo… take that as you will ;)

      I would have told him that Bond having a kid would go against everything the character’s been about since his creation, but I thought it just be nicer to keep quiet and nod politely…

      • Well in the cartoon “James Bond Jr.”, James Bond is actually the uncle to James Bond Jr. So for some odd reason in that universe, every man in that family has the name James Bond lol

        • I didn’t even know there were James Bond cartoons! :P

          • Be glad you never witnessed them. It’s worse than Robert Pattinson wanting to play James Bond…

    • Gee. Somewhere some writer is looking at this and has a brilliant idea.

      All your fault ACW 007…Its all your fault.

      • Blame the few crappy cartoons from back then! “James Bond Jr.” wasn’t my idea hahaha

  10. Watched The Magnificent Seven yesterday and I really liked it. A great classic western!

    • @ Helix.

      Then may I suggest. The Dirty Dozen, if you have not watched it yet.

  11. So who is picking up The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray tomorrow ? Also is there two versions of the dark knight trilogy ? The reason I ask is cause I remember they annouced the trilogy being released in 2013.

    • *the ultimate trilogy set

      • Yup. I’m holding out for the ultimate trilogy box set next year.
        I’m really anxious to see what will be included in the collection.

    • I’m getting the TDKR Steelbook from Best Buy tomorrow and the Collector’s Edition (Ultimate…whatever it’s called) whenever it comes out.

      • Why buy the same thing twice when you can just wait a while?

        • I have the first two films in steelbooks, and I like the look, so I want to have the third in the same case. The Broken Cowl Edition(thank you, Trey, for the reminder of the name) will make a nice display piece. I don’t normally get the multiple versions of films (okay, okay, so I’m guilty of Star Wars saga multiplicity), but I REALLY loved Nolan’s trilogy and like a couple of the release formats.

          • Huh, I thought I was the only person who has a thing for steelbook editions ;)
            Okay, I can respect that.

            • :)

      • The Ultimate Whatever? Is that like the Super Whatchamacallit? Or the Heroic Thingamajob?

        • Im getting the broken cowl edition on christmas.

        • We’ll just call it “The Dark Knight Rises: Muscular Scottish Darth Vader Edition”

        • Well, it IS based on a character with an air of mystery, so…

          “That Box Set Which Must Remain in Shadows”? ;)

          • “When the DVD goes on sale…you have my permission to buy.”

          • The Insufficent light Die Fledermaus ascends. On VHS Boxed Set.

            • You win. :D

              • WOO HOO..Wait! What do I win?

                Did not even know there was a contest?? :)

  12. My absoulete favorite Movies. As per my taste. Some of you may have seen some,all or none of them. But hey.

    1 High Noon
    2 Dirty Dozen
    3 Guns of Navorone
    4 The Exorcist
    5 Dirty Harry
    6 Batman Begins
    7 The Amitiyville Horror Orginal
    8 Soylent Green
    9 The Longest Yard Original
    10 Rocky.

    And if anyone wants to see a stunning picture, generations before its time…Metropolis.

    • Thought I’d share my top 10 personal favorite movies as well:

      1.) “The Mask”
      2.) “Casino Royale”
      3.) “12 Angry Men”
      4.) “The Truman Show”
      5.) “The Cable Guy”
      6.) “Skyfall”
      7.) “The Wizard of Oz”
      8.) “Ghostbusters”
      9.) “Men in Black”
      10.) “Toy Story 2″

      • As will i
        1. The dark knight
        2. Inglorious baatards
        3. Shawshank redemption
        4. L.a confidential
        5. Memento
        6. Scott pilgrim v the world
        7. Rear windown
        8. North by northwest
        9. Inception
        10. Take shelte

        Didnt include animated films idk wgh only toy story 3 the lion king and the inceedibles may have made the cut.

    • My 10 favorite films would be (in no particular order):
      -Star Wars: A New Hope
      -Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
      -Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
      -Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
      -The Avengers
      -Iron Man
      -The Dark Knight
      -The Dark Knight Rises

      It’s impossible for me to actually list these movies from 1-10 because it always depends on my mood. Example: a few months ago when I watched TDK I got annoyed at all the little semi-plot-holes/plot-conveniences, but when I watched the movie the other day I got chills from pure awesomeness and all those little things didn’t matter anymore.
      I also had The Godfather Pt.1 & 2 on my list, but the last time I tried watching those movies I fell asleep from sheer boredom… so they’re gone now.

      • TDK really does make me bipolar sometimes: one day I’ll really like it, the next I’ll call it overrated lol

        • For me it´s: one day I don´t like it, the other day I still don´t like it…

          • It’s sort of a one time thing where you get caught up in the moment. There are some good parts in it, but overall? Meh

    • My top ten, in no specific order:

      The Lord of the Rings trilogy
      Dirty Harry
      The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
      The Outlaw Josey Wales
      Jesus of Nazareth
      Schindler’s List

      (If you ask me tomorrow, I may not have the exact same list.)

      • After thinking about it more, I would probably substitute “The Wizard of Oz” and “Mary Poppins” in there somewhere.

  13. Top 10 that come to mind are in no order.

    1. A Nigtmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
    2. Commando
    3. First Blood
    4. Titanic
    5. Unforgiven
    6. Die Hard
    7. The Terminator
    8. Aliens
    9. Batman Begins
    10.The Avengers

  14. My Mom calls the house, since I am home now. I get to mess with things..I changed the answering message on the phone.

    In my best Dark Knight Voice it goes

    “Its not a family that defines us as a family, but it is what we do as a Family that defines us. We are not home!…Please leave a message.!

    My Mom quickly told my Wife to divorce me. Wife heard the message and was like…”Yep, divorcing him.”

    Since my Wife will be working 12 hour shifts at the hospital next week, wonder what she is going to think of the 8 Reindeer and Santa crashed on our front lawn, presents thrown all about and santa head first into the treet and Police Elves with Police CRIME SCENE TAPE around the yard?

    • Sounds like a perfect christmas display to me. Make it so.