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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 8, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 8, 2014

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  1. Firs comment! WOO! But unfortunately I do not know what to talk about…

    OH! Has anyone ever played any of the LEGO video games? I got the LEGO Lord of the Rings last week and I am not going to lie it is addicting and quite entertaining!

    Hope you are all doing well and had a good week :) Weekend is finally here!!!

    • Played Marvel LEGO Super Heroes demo…wasn’t impressed.

    • I disliked all the Lego games after the first Lego Star Wars back in 2005.

      I’ve heard they’re a lot better now though. I want to try Lego Marvel Super Heroes and their big DC game.

      • Too much “move character to this spot, rapidly press button” stuff. Loaded with cut scenes too. Wasn’t enjoyable, and typically a demo should be selling you on the good aspects of a game. Just seems like more of the same thing over and over for each board.

      • You guys are poops. lol jk

        The lord of the Rings one is seriously fun! But then again, I do not know what fun is to you guys :P

        • hahaha sry to disagree with you. They just became so tedious for me. I loved the first Lego Star Wars! I bought Lego Star Wars II and was unimpressed. For some reason I also bought Lego Indiana Jones and like That Guy says there are SO MANY cutscenes and annoying “press this button” or “do this massive puzzle” things in the game. And then they just rereleased the same game for a few years with a Harry Potter skin or whatever other license they acquired.

          Like I said though, I want to try out the big Marvel and DC games they’ve recently released with free roam cities and awesome comic-booky plots. Those sound fun. And it sounds like they bring enough new mechanics to the table that the games aren’t annoyingly formulaic.

          • I understand :) This was the only LEGO movie I ever played so I do not know how the others are. I should try another. Maybe the new Marvel one you are talking about?

          • I definitely enjoyed the fact that you are able to really move throughout Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Lego games. Much more so than any of the other versions. They both also offer little side quests to complete outside of the levels. That said, they do still get tedious, but that’s true of many different types of games

  2. I have a coupon for a free popcorn that expires on the first of next month, but dont see any movies I really want to watch. If anyone has seen Exp3, how did that one turn out? I figure they’ll need all the support they can get due to the leak.

  3. (Finally) started Breaking Bad this week, finished season 1 last night. I must say, I’m very impressed. I had obviously heard many good things, but didn’t expect it to be THAT good as it has been through the first season. Glad I waited til it was all over before I started watching because I cannot STAND commercial breaks. Wish I’da done the same for The Walking Dead. Those commercials are mood killers.

    • season 1 was very good…. still a very highly over rated show!!

      middle seasons are painfully slow and many episodes are just boring as heck.

      final season is ok the but last half of final season is pretty decent. Overall when I finished the series, my thought was that I just didn’t think it was worth all the hype.

      • Well, I heard it doesn’t measure up to The Wire, or Sopranos level, but so far I’m digging it. Hopefully those middle seasons aren’t as slow as you make it out to be. I honestly feel like commercials ruin the speed of some shows. Did you watch during its original run on TV, or DVD/on demand?

        • To be perfectly honest Breaking Bad is the best show I’ve ever watched start to finish. I loved it.

          Each season the story gets deeper and more nuanced. And it never gets too corny or unbelievable. At least it didn’t for me.

          I binge watched the show last year leading up to the finale. I didn’t think I could possibly finish in time. I kept doing the math “Man I’ll have to watch three episodes a day to finish in time!” Then I’d watch so many that it’d be 2 a day to catch up, then I got caught up with like 5 days left until the finale. The show just takes you in. And each episode ends on the worst cliffhanger!! So you have to keep watching.

    • If you enjoyed season one just wait until you get to seasons 3-5. They were fantastic and the tension just builds and builds.
      It gets pretty insane but the writers always find creative ways to back themselves out of corners and the show never feels mechanical. Just when you think that the only way Walt can continue will be some silly tv writing cliche Vince Gilligan and staff always deliver.

      • The only problem I’ve had with it so far is that a lot of it is predictable, at least to me it is. The situations I’ve seen he and Jesse in so far, I’ve called their way out before it’s happened. Still very entertaining over all.

  4. Deadpool Movie needs to be made

    fan support on Twitter is exploding

    Fox is the dumbest company in the world for not making it yet.

    That is all.

    • I think it’s a no-brainer this film will be green-lit in the near future. They need to do something to compete with Marvel Studios, WB, and Sony. An X-Men trilogy that hasn’t aged well, and a terrible 3rd film…a dud of a Wolverine film, and a decent Wolverine film…then the First Class/DoFP which are pretty good, but still not up to par with the others. Apocalypse will hopefully be done justice, hopefully another improvement on Wolverine, and Deadpool should come soon after.

    • I didn’t get the appeal of that leaked over the top Deadpool scene. It was just too much and too silly. Besides… I’ve seen that already in Hancock. ;)

  5. My question is one regarding the marvel netflix series that will be coming out. Most Netflix series lean toward adult themes, ideas, concepts and situations. I want to know how street level these heroes and shows will really be? I personally would love the opportunities for satire a character who is essentially a walking lie detector might offer. I personally would love a show about the ultimate home schooled kung fury character and how he might react to a tech and celebrity obsessed society like ours. Or a burnt out lady superhero turned gumshoe might send up the idea of spandex clad over sexualized superheroines. Or better yet the story possibilities a character like Luke Cage might have to say about urban development and the US criminal penal system. These are things I want with these shows but with marvel owned by Disney I’m afraid they might over look these intriguing possibilities for more kid friendly or meat and potatoes super hero fare. What are the chances we might get a slightly more thinking persons entertainment with the marvel netflix offerings? What are the chances they might have an edge to them like great shows like The Killing or House of Cards? I hope this question gets discussed on the pod cast I would like to hear the screenrant crews thoughts on this subject. Thanks

    • Dunno. AoS is pretty bleh. They’ve proven they’re good at making movies, just not shows yet.

    • +100 at Dodger A

      All these fascinating looks into the characters persona should be explored. I would also enjoy hearing a podcast about how the guys (Rob, Kofi, Anthony, and Ben) think what things each Marvel Netflix show should touch on, or what Marvel needs to do in these shows.

      Yes “Agents of Shield” was not a grand success as the studio wish i could had been, but I have hope that the execs, directors, and writters over at Marvel are taking notes on their mistakes as well as accomplishments over this show. In fairness this was Marvel’s first TV show that connects with a cinematice universe, something good or bad you have to say is very ambitious in attmepting to do.

    • Those ideas would be amazing if they did them on superhero movies, I think to some extent the upcoming “Birdman” movie will be dealing with real-life implications of superheroes. Watchmen had done that, but then Snyder’s rendition of it being part of a super-stylized world did manage to harm the realism that the source material sought out to establish.

      I wonder if shows like DD really will address some of the themes you discussed. I like how it isn’t going to be part of the mainstream marvel films, and can exist, despite continuity, on a world of their own.

  6. SHAZAM!

    • Don’t go throwing that word about willy nilly! That word’s got some POWER!!!! ;)

  7. Been loving these top 5 lists you guys have been doing, how about top 5 revenge films.
    1- Oldboy
    2- Memento
    3- Kill Bill
    4- Lucky Number Slevin
    5- Dead Mans Shoes

    • How out Top 10?
      Gangs of New York
      The Prestige
      The Patriot
      Four Brothers
      Kill Bill
      Inglorious Basterds

      and honorable mention:
      I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

      • Good call on Gladiator, The Prestige is an interesting choice never thought of it as a revenge film but It definitely has elements of it I love that movie.

      • Does Taken count?

        The ones you guys mentioned are awesome.

        Django Unchained
        Mad Max
        The Godfather

        And also… Princess Bride?? Come on guys.

        “You killed my father.. Prepare to die!!”

        Also that one episode of game of thrones. I’ll keep it vague so people don’t accuse me of spoiling it.

        “You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!!”

        very reminiscent of Inigo Montoya…

        • I was thinking of Django, but it didn’t make my top 10…and although the Godfather is definitely a revenge film in nature and plot, I exclude it just because it’s too good for any list…unless that list is greatest films of all time…then it sits at No. 1.

          When you think about it, so many Marvel films are technically revenge films, and honestly, there are so many good revenge films. I could make a top 50, and probably still have some I feel bad about leaving off.

      • I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!
        Kung Fu Joe!

        • Ha! I was just thinking the other day about a reboot for “I’m gonna Git You Sucka!” Sadly, all Hollywood would do is cast every guy named Wayans for it and throw in Kevin Hart for no reason at all. Add in rapper of the month, eh, nevermind.

          Hopefully, that is one movie that will be left alone. I’m going to add it to my list of movies that should not be remade/reboot/reimagined…

  8. I started watching Arrow yesterday. Watched 5 episodes. Some of the dialogue is a bit corny. And although some of the actors in the show aren’t the best at acting, they’re all incredibly attractive (in the usual CW fashion). I really dig the show though! The stuntwork and choreography is awesome. Oliver Queen is a bada**. When do I get to meet Manu Bennett’s character (Slade Wilson)?? Don’t tell me!! But I want his character to be introduced soon…

    Anyways.. The point is, thanks for recommending it. Perhaps no one on SR recommended it to me explicitly, but all the talk about the show here on SR built up my interest level. Another thing is that Stephen Amell and Manu Bennett are coming to Salt Lake Comic Con next month, and I’m totally going to that. So I gotta binge watch the show before they get here haha..

    • @movieDude, I started Arrow last week and im on episode 9 of season 2, I was very skeptical of it due to the clips I watched but I love the show and the end of season 1 is really epic in my opinion.

      • Yeah it’s just fun to watch. I’ve heard it gets bigger and bigger and you learn more and more about his time on the island which is intriguing to me. I’ll let you know how far I am in the next OD!

        Sidenote: I think shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have given me unrealistically high expectations for television haha..

        • Yeah as the season goes along it gets less episodic and “villain of the week” kind of style, yeah I agree True Detective, Sherlock and Hannibal have spoiled me with its writing that most shows cant top it but thats ok its good when a new show comes out that meets that expectation.

    • I’m a huge Arrow fan but the first half of season 1 will probably feel too derivative and yeah, corny. But I watched it next to AoS and loved how the action and the very archetypal way they handled the characters. Some of the dialogue isn’t that different from what you expect from Batman: the Animated Series, which even though is a cartoon, is still considered more artistically “serious” than most of the animated shows later on.

      Give Arrow up till the second half of s1 and it really will start to grow on you. Those corny bits of dialogue become extremely enjoyable and quote-worthy self-references :) One thing you get by episode 3, when he meets with Felicity for the first time, is how self-aware the showruners are. The pilot was essentially Green Arrow reimagined as a modern-day Hamlet, complete with the character tropes, and it felt lazy. By episode three not only does Felicity address that, but the showrunners themselves try to move out of that. And also, don’t let the red-herrings put you off, I saw them more as a “good idea on paper” that didn’t function well on the screen so they decided to change it as soon as they could. In a way, this is a show that really learned from past superhero adaptations and also from past episodes.

      And oh yeah, the best bits are the flash-backs with Slade Wilson and obscure Arrow comic-characters! More so because they feel like it’s straight out of Metal Gear Solid 3.

    • I really liked Season 1 of Arrow. Season 2… not as much.

      I still give the edge to AoS but that may change when I see how The Flash works out.

    • @ movieDude

      I recommended Arrow to you a while back. If you get through the first half of season one, it’s all up hill from there. It’s a great show and everything gets better with each episode, the acting, stunts, dialog, everything. Season two was very good as well. I hope you enjoy it, I’m interested what you think of it. :)

  9. It’s Friday! The weekend’s here! Anyone checking out TMNT, or seeing Guardians again? (That’s what I’m doing. Not a turtles fan)

    I recently saw Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and it was just beautiful, an amazing, colorful and soothing film. My favorite Wes Anderson so far, (I’m slacking on Budapest.) “What kind of bird, are you?” Boy’s got game.

    Anyone keeping up with Leftovers? I’m still not sure how to feel about this series. Not sure what it’s leading up to. ..

    • I will be checking out Guardians again soon, this time in IMAX 3d, since I fouled up and bought tix to a GTX theater, expecting it to be 3d, as the previous two films I watched there were 3d, and, alas, it wasn’t…and I grumbled the whole time and kind of ruined my experience. Still loved the movie, just wish it had been 3D the first time.

      TMNT, I will wait for HBO.

      • Yea the 3D was good. Not groundbreaking or anything but it did add to the experience. Especially for the Knowhere scenes. And it made Rocket&Groot more life-like. I want to check it out in Imax too!
        Yea I’ll see Turtles on redbox or something.

        • @ ScottySummerS

          I’m going back to see Guardians of the Galaxy again, this time with my nieces. I love that movie. I think I’m going to wait on the Ninja Turtles. The reviews aren’t all that good, so maybe I’ll see it at the $2 show, or rent it.

  10. I think the internet owes the tmnt movie an apology, people got really mean and hateful towards it.

  11. @scottysummers, Grand Budapest Hotel was far more enjoyable and probably the best Wes Anderson flick I’ve watched of the ones I’ve watched. It’s one of my favourite films of this year.

    Thought this article was interesting:

    I agree with quite a bit of it. I don’t really like the flimsy connections in MCU. The whole “where was —insert Avenger— when this —another Avenger—’s stuff was happening” really annoys me. The first few excuses, ok fine, sure I’ll roll with it. But after that, it just becomes insulting and just annoying. The loose mentions of the other franchises and heroes feel more condescending and dismissive rather than legitimate rationalizations. I’m hoping DC does it differently.

    I could see how the Godzilla franchise will likely be better at that because that franchise has only one real character, Godzilla himself. I understand the difficulty of juggling multiple characters but by this point and especially after Avengers, I’m not really buying all the excuses anymore.