Open Discussion – August 8, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 8, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 8, 2012

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  1. Wow! This news about Marvel attempting to regain the rights to Silver Surfer and Galactus has gotten me very excited! If Marvel decides to make a silver surfer movie, then that is probably my most anticipated out of the Avenger movies!

    • A Silver Surfur film is in my top three movies i wanna see right behind Masters of the Universe,and a Justice League film featuring Darkseid as the main villain.

    • It would be incredibly exciting but I don’t believe Fox will go through with it. In the end, Marvel will get Daredevil back.

      How about this after credits scene? Fury talking to a table of people. You don’t see them, just the shadows. Saying we need more help, help from people like you. I need to talk to you about the Avengers. The camera pans and at the table is Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Blade and the Punisher.

      • Why would they need help… they easily handled Loki and his “army” adding more heroes to a situation that hasn’t threatened anyone life seems silly. put the avengers in done danger before they give backup. hell I’d be shocked and love if ironman got killed off. he is an older actor plus he can easily be replaced by the many smart was heroes lol he Will be missed bit that shows danger and a need for help.

        • Well why would the recruit the Avengers in the first place? Because they knew of a large threat that was coming. AKA THANOS!

          • I have yet to see a marvel movie were I fear for the heroes life. ironman villains have been lame. the destroyer was easy pickin once he got his power back. and caps worst enemy was the crashing plane. ironman and cap are the only heroes who can be severely damaged besides the shield agents. marvel should use their human aspect to their advantage. and I’m not trolling I love ironman 1.

            • Ummmm What about Thor fighting the Destroyer?

              • That was when he was powerless and my favorite part of the movie

            • I kinda agree somewhat, so far the climactic battles (TIH and Avengers excluded of course) have been underwhelming – there should be a bit more tension in future installments. I think it would also help if the battles were longer than… like 5 minutes (ala Thor vs. destroyer) – the longer the battle, the more tired out the hero becomes the more the audience starts to doubt he/she will win and the greater the stakes become.

              Still, you’re not going to see a Marvel movie where you fear for the hero’s life.
              They’re building a franchise with these flicks/characters. They would never kill off the big money makers so soon in that process.

              • But you could tell how much Joss wanted to kill off Tony at the end of The Avengers.

              • The avenger knows what he is talking about. adding tension Will be a vital part of making phase 2 succeed. I hope whedon sticks to his word and goes smaller with an avengers sequel. since he Will have the same expectations that Nolan had after the dark knight. smaller is the way to go in my opinion.

    • Ok, not trolling here, but I have never understood the excitement for a Silver Surfer movie. The character just isn’t interesting to me.

      • I disagree that he’s an uninteresting character BUT I also don’t think a SS movie wouldn’t work because his origin is a bit too cerebral for the masses. He also really needs the Fantastic Four and Watcher story to free him properly and not the crap we were given in FF:RotSS.

    • I agree Marvel trying to regain the rights to silver surfer and galactus is great news. I would like to see galactus done right instead of what they turned him into in rise of the silver surfer.

  2. Now that everyone has seen the most anticipated CBM this year Avengers,ASM,and TDKR what is the next film everyone is looking forward to seeing? Mine is Dredd.

    • Mine is Bourne. After that, there is no real “excitement” for any movies. I haven’t seen enough of the Hobbit to get stoked for it yet. I’m sure as new TV spots and trailers come out that’ll change.

      • Lawless and django

    • I’ll be honest, there’s not much that I’m dying to see now that most of the summer blockbusters are done, but I’m looking forward to seeing “Wreck-It Ralph”. I think it’ll be fun to see all the old video game characters I grew up with and the talent behind it is pretty good too.

    • Expendables 2 is the last summer movie for me

      i’m still excited for Django, Les Mis, and The Hobbit. there are a few other movies i wanna see, but those 3 are definate theater movies

      • I can’t seem to get excited about The Hobbit, it still seems totally ridiculous that they’re trying to squeeze 3 films out of it, there’s only so much juice in a lemon, then you get the pits.

    • I love time-travel movies, so I’m looking forward to Looper. And having JGL and BW in it is a plus for me. Anybody have a favorite time-travel film? One I’ve always enjoyed is 1979’s Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell.

      • I’m with you on Looper. Favorite time travel movie…Back to the Future (followed closely by Bill & Ted) but I’m a comedy loving guy.

      • George Pal’s original adaptation of H.G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’ was brilliant, considering the era in which it was made the time travel effects are awesome and really stand up well even today.

        They are still better than the effects in the remake IMO.

        The BTTF trilogy were all good fun, and The Terminator and Terminator 2 were great

    • Hobbit

  3. Just watched the trailer for Trouble with the Curve, starring Clint Eastwood. I was going to see it anyway, since I am looking forward to seeing Eastwood on film again, but it actually looks better than I thought it would. Relishing the chance to see him one more time!

  4. Is anyone else experiencing a lack of video game stories on the front page? Even when I click on the “Game News” link it drops down to nothing. I have to click the “More Gaming News” link to go to GameRant.

    • This is screenrant where they’ll discuss movies. You have to go to Gamerant if you want news about games…

      • They had Game Rant’s newest articles at the bottom of the page, so this is a legitimate question.

    • Yeah, I’ve been missing the gaming news at the bottom for a few days now aswell

      • Oh damn, THANKS GUYS for letting me know – we moved to a new server and it seems that dropped off the home page!


    • Same here.

    • I was actually about to ask the same thing…
      Ever since the new “Current Hot Topics” feature appeared on the top of the site (which, on a side note, is very nice addition to the site IMO), I couldn’t see the Gaming News tabs anymore…

      • OK, again, thanks for mentioning the Game News issue (although one of you could have dropped us a note via the contact form, eh?). :)

        And it’s not connected to the Hot Topics thing – that’s a coincidence. We’re on a new server now (which also means I hope you’ve noticed that the site runs faster than it did).

        Thanks again,


  5. I have two topics of discussion on my mind today:

    1. I’ve heard rumors saying that The Hobbit Pt.1 will only be screening the higher frame-rate in a select few theaters in the US (and not internationally) :( Does anybody know if these rumors are true?

    2. Why don’t we see 2D animation in theaters anymore? All the movies make use of 3D animation with the crazy out of proportion body parts (stuff like that is fun at times, but I think it’s being used too much). In movies like Toy Story the extra “dimension” does work well to convey extra emotion, but with movies like… off the top of my head, ‘Despicable Me’ it seems unnecessary.
    I’m jsut wondering i there’s a specific reason why the regular, good ‘ol animation isn’t good enough for theatrical release anymore…

    • 1. No idea.

      2. At theaters near me, I’ve had the option of which version to see, so I am unsure why you are not able to choose the 2d version…profit margin aside, of course.

          • I heard somewhere that 2D animators are working on something new where they lay the drawn 2D characters on top of computer generated 3D settings. I believe it is a Disney project. So the answer you seek is that some time soon 2D will attempt a comeback.

    • Considering how people reacted to the higher frame rate, I’ll be happy to avoid it.

      • Aka Winnie the pooh was the last hand drawn 2 dimensional figures and it looked great.

    • You are talking about “traditional” cel animation vs CGI.

      And I think the answer to that is…’s a sign of the times, an evolution of the media. I put traditional in “” because even cel animation today is all done on computers so it’s technically CGI. Even animated shows are getting their more complex elements done in 3D and then merged with the drawn images.

      • I just don’t understand the “why” though.
        Nostalg-O mentioned a good example: Samurai Jack. That would look lame in CGI/new animation. I’d rather watch the Green Lantern animated movies (done in “traditional animation”) than that CGI series on CN.
        One of my other comments mentioned Lion King – it wouldn’t have had the same impact if it was made with the modern animation style.

        It is an evolution of the medium (I get that part and like I said, sometimes it’s fun to see movies like that – Up and Toy story being examples), but I’m just really baffled as to why it’s evolving like that and basically cutting out traditional animation from cinema all-together… :(
        There’s a certain charm that traditional animation has that the new (clay model like) animation just can’t capture most of the times…

        • Well you aren’t going to like my answer but……it’s business.

          2D cel animation just doesn’t sell those tickets now a days. No 3D, no IMAX, no HFR. These gimmicks keep getting pushed onto us so Hollywood can find new ways to charge us more money.

          Another reason why CGI is being used even in animated TV shows like GL and the upcoming Batman is……it’s easier. No need to draw the same character over and over, no worrying about difficult perspective, no inking and coloring of 31k cels for every episode. You model the character once, color it once and then it’s up to the animator to do the rest. Reuse of assets really cuts down production times.

          • Surely with the new technology the same applies to the traditional, 2D animation: “You model the character once, color it once and then it’s up to the animator to do the rest”

            I know for a fact that South Park does this. It used to take them months to do one episode but with new tech they can just use the rendered models already created and animate them using computer software (now they create an entire episode in under a week).

            Also, if I remember correctly, the character designs/models used in Justice League Doom are the exact same models used in Young Justice… they recycled the computer models to save money on having to re-design and re-render the characters.

            But I get what you’re saying… the new style is more marketable I suppose. Kids are drawn to this new style. It’s a pity… :(

            • It’s kind of the same story that stop-motion is not used much anymore, especially feature films.

              Some animated films have been made in recent years, Tim Burton has done a few, using stop-motion, but it’s another classic method that is very time consuming, taking hours just to do a few seconds worth of film.

              The classic ED209 sequence from Robocop is one of those memorable moments.

              So I would say the main factor is speed, I love all the old Looney Tune’s and Merry Melodies cartoon’s from WB, and the classic Tom & Jerry.

              • I should say that stop-motion isn’t really animation in the traditional sense (hand drawn image’s), but animation in that you take an object and give it the appearance of movement.

                But you knew that already.

                • There is 3 claymation stop motions this year

                  • Wow, 3 at once?

                    Any of them Wallace and Gromit films? I like me some W&G, I miss them.

                    “Would you like to come in for some cheese and crackers? It’s Wensleydale.”

    • I agree about the 2-D animation. I was always looking for news of a Samurai Jack movie. At one time it was going to be “Frederator” studios first movie. Their idea was to make traditional animation features for 20 million or less. Sounded like a good idea to me, and they said they thought there was a market for it. Since then I heard JJ Abrams wanted to produce it and add some kind of 3-D (no thanks IMO).

      I did see a screening of “A Cat in Paris.” It was full of kids and they were all howling with laughter. It was a real pleasure to see a new 2-D movie on the big screen.

      Also, studio Ghibli still makes movies. I saw the secret world of Arietty. It was great. But I wish there were other styles than Disney and Ghibli.

    • Another thing: I went to a talk given by a guy who works for Pixar. He said that Pixar is open to doing a 2-D movie if they feel it best fits the project. This was before the Princess and the Frog. He mentioned that as an example of this sort of decision. Also, they did that “night/day” cartoon before UP which used 2-D animation. Those shorts are often predictors of what they are trying to do. They often feature something they are working on like hair, clothes, skin, weather, etc. So there is the potential. Pixar could lead a revival if they chose to.

      Yes, Samurai Jack should stay the way it is. I wouldn’t mind seeing it utilize the big screen in a unique way. But mostly I want to see more Genndy Tartakovsky. I don’t need to see an “end” to the story so much. They called it “Stereoscopic 3-D.” Not sure what that is.

    • Out of some ilusion that 3D cgi animation is better in everything. l would also love to see the hand-drawn animations but l think Disney shut down they’re hand-drawn animation department a while back.

  6. i want to see more 3 d movies. they should make the tickets for 3d cheaper,but i have seen only 2d movies and not enough 3d movies. i also don´t go in every movie. just in summerblockbusters and to the end of the year. at the beginning in 2010 where there was a overhype of 3d in every genre, now that was too much but this year they stepped a little back in 3d for some great movies to show them in normal format or in imax. i wouldn´t be happy if they wouldn´t use 3d in the future.

  7. i don´t know if some seniours here see it like me. i ´ve been growing up in the v.h.s and d.v.d aera and i was so thankful that from time to time the multimedia has become better,with better c.g.i and animation. so, i´m very thankfull that there is this better technology today in all multimedia form. i find that the movies are getting better,o.k we have great classics from all genres but besides that the whole rest of the movies were crap.

  8. Howcome im not notified of followup comments by email? I marked the box but still doesnt happen, anyone could be of help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Does anybody remember the 80’s cartoon inhumanoids? Well, being that G.del toro loves monsters this could be a pretty good property for him 2 maybe consider bringing 2 the big screen sometime down the road. Of coarse he’s already done Pacific rim,so maybe these properties are a little 2 similar.

  10. anyone think we will be seeing teaser trailer for the last stand, die hard 5, or bullet to the head next week in front of the expendables 2? I think that would be a great time to showcase the action stars’ next films.