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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 7, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 7, 2013

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  1. Happy Hump Day, Scranters! How has everyone’s week gone so far?!

    • Busy, very busy. How’s yours LC?

      • @Tony — Its always busy during the day shift at my work. It’s much more of a relief because I was quite bored working 3rd for the last 2 yrs.

        • @ LC

          Personally, I prefer a slower pace at work, but we’re so busy the pace is a bit hectic.
          What do you do LC?

          • Billing for an online firm.

    • @LC
      This week has been good so far.

      • @Darth — Ill be honest, I don’t have any complaints about this week either.

      • Still got another 4 years before I start the school shopping. By that time, all kids will be required to have tablets instead of notebooks, I am sure of it!

        • Yep, Auggie gone tablet, but we ordered one from Dell yesterday.

          Today, we have to go get him fitted for his uniforms.

          And then, I am taking him to the PA State Police Firing Range. NRA Has an event today telling kids about guns.

          • That’s the stuff Im looking forward to doing with my son. On the wife’s side of the family, they are all hunters and award winning shooters. Google “Gebben Miles”. Hes my cousin. Amazing shooter.

            • @LC

              Auggie is not at that age where he wants to go to the range with me and watch me shoot. I cannot say no to him, but I want him to get a basic understanding of what a gun is.

              I have a couple of Training Glocks, I will teach him on as he gets older.

    • I’ve seen better days.

      • @Wally

        What’s wrong?

        • @ King

          Long story.

          • Women Trouble.

            Here is a Joke for you.

            An Irish Guy walks out of a bar.

            • Lol. I always like to in Batman’s voice. They’re the most mysterious creatures on the planet, Women. Or Women, can’t live with them & they can’t pee standing up.

          • @ Wally West

            I’m sorry to hear that you’ve seen better days. You never know though, better days might be just around the corner. :)

            • Thanks Stark.

    • My week is going well. Thank you. I hope everybody else is enjoying a productive week so far.

      • @D-Man

        I am not productive this week, since I work for the PA State Police Air Unit, this is my ground week.

        So, I am bored out of my mind.

        • PA State Police Air Unit? That’s cool. You have one of those careers that seems so exciting like adrenaline pumping exciting. Plus you get to help people. That’s tight.

          • US Coast Guard was more exciting.

            This, is a bit boring.

            • @Jeff W
              Not sure if I ever said this to you, but thanks for your service.

        • ACAB

  2. Will we ever get an explanation of the reviews for True Blood and Dexter have stopped but ScreenRant is still doing Magic City (which has been cancelled)?

    True Blood: Warlow still has something going on, why didn’t he tell Sookie about her great grandpa?

    Dexter: Mini-Dex is bad news.

    • I am only assuming that maybe Screenrant doesn’t have an writer that likes the show enough to watch them?

      • So weird though because there were all these posts about Dexter’s last season, speculation over the storyline, a review for the first episode etc etc.

        I should go back and see who wrote those and hunt that person down. :)

        • Seriously! They all have twitter accounts. Just start bugging them on there!

    • @ Bignerd

      Id like to see Screenrant review True Blood aswell. I don’t think Warlow plans to tell Sookie anytime soon after what he did to him. Plus there’s still Season 7 to get more into that hopfully. Season 6 imo has been much better than season 5 despite only 10 episodes. I felt bad for Eric & can’t imagine what he’ll do to anyone who crosses him now after seeing the previews of next Sunday’s episode. Loved how he talked back to Bill,lol.

      • The evolution of Eric Northman is probably one of the best parts. The de-evolution of Tara is the worst.

        It’s funny because it’s seems now like Eric is actually more noble/heroic than Bill and so emotional compared to his first season.

        Tara was so awesome in the first season, now… well… I hate to say it but I wouldn’t mind if she met the “true death”.

        Oh… and Snookie went from girl next door to emo sleep around fairy.

        • I think Eric & Bill switched personalities on they were from Season 1 to now Eric was more the badboy up to season 4,still is but Bill has the role reversal of what Eric was.

          As for Tara. I like her more as a vampire than I did when she was human. I been waiting for to kill her abusive mother since her mother said Tara was dead to her in season 5. Loved how her & Pam hated each other but care about each other in their own ways.

          I agree about Sookie nothing really changes about her till what she learned this season & what decision she might make that leads us to skeptism. Alcide was more of badboy type for a short while.

          Sarah Newlin sure has taken herself up a few notches since season 2.

    • I was thinking the same thing. True Blood is actually enjoyable this season and how can anyone not cover the last season of Dexter. It’s funny that you used mini-Dex because I thought the same thing on Sunday. The kid is a mirror of the guy and now that Dex is showing the guy the ropes I have a bad feeling it will backfire. Also with True Blood, this Warlow is interesting now that he gave Sookie an ultimatum and it appears like she is about to cave in. Also throw in the events of what happened with Eric and it’s soo far been an okay season. A lot better than I expected LOL.
      I also remember they did reviews for The Killing at one point and Season 3 of that show was a huge improvement from Season 1 & 2 combined. I see much hope in Robocop now.

  3. Morning Ranters.

    How is everyone?

    • Doing pretty good, Jeff. How are you?

    • I’m good, how about yourself ?

    • Great, how you Jeff?

    • Well, thanks! I had a five-hour lunch with buddies I hadn’t seen in years. Lots of food and laughter.

      Makes me wish we could all have a Scranters lunch together. If so, what would you order? I’m buyin’!

      Me: Unlimited steamed shrimp (with Old Bay seasoning), oysters, scallops, and a baked potato with sour cream on the side.

      • @$2

        Thanks for the lunch! I agree that it would be cool to have a Scranter annual lunch or something of the sort. The only cheat meal that I want sssssooooooooo badly would be baby back ribs from Famous Daves. I am a pretty good cook and I still can’t make ribs as good as they do.

  4. Any one think there will be a big announcmrnt at d23, I assume there will be the first footage from malificent and something about tomorrow land

    • Big announcement? STAR WARS 7 (the cast).

    • I think there will be big news about Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe who’s voicing Rocket Racoon, or Groot.

      I’m looking for some Marvel news, but for sure some big Star Wars news.

      • @ Stark

        Who do think would be best pick between Jennifer Lawarence & Chloe Mortez for Han Solo’s daughter? Id pick Jennifer.

        • @ Wally West

          I think Jennifer Lawrence would be my choice, but she’s so busy with womanhood projects, I don’t know how she could fit it in.

          • Don’t ask me how “womanhood projects” got in there LOL.

            It should have said ” with so many projects”.

            • Lol.

            • I thought Womanhood Projects was her next big movie :)

  5. Who’s watching Elysium opening night ? I’m eager to check it out it looks awesome.

    • ME. Already bought tics for Thursday night.

    • I’m going with my brother next week cuz he’s out of town. If I hadn’t promised to wait to watch it with him I would be seeing it thurs night/friday sometime. So psyched!!

    • I am going to check it out opening night but I also have my fears based on early reviews. I hope it’s all wrong but considering the same thing is being said I am reducing my hopes for this movie. So far reviews are saying this movie suffers from the same issues of Pacific Rim in which the visuals are the best they’re seen this year but everything else falls short when it comes to storytelling and the overall plot

  6. Before ScreenRant posts theirs:

    1. Planes
    2. Elysium
    3. Percy Jackson
    4. 2 Guns
    5. The Wolverine

    • Percy is this weekend? I’m looking forward to that. I’m a fan of the first film. Corny but fun. More mature than Harry Potter.

      • Sea of Monsters actually opens today.

        I forgot the “We’re the Millers” opens this weekend too.

        Comedy counter programming is strong, so maybe #4 would be We’re the millers, Wolverine drops out of the top 5.

        • I should go after work and just tell the mother in law I am working OT haha.

    • I’m pulling for Elysium for the #1 spot, but I also think it will lose to Planes just like Pacific Rim lost to Despicable Me 2 and that other movie about washed up comedians in their mid-life crises.

  7. What kind of content do you watch most on TV?


    We have kids, so Netflix is number one, the new profiles they added was a great feature. And because of it, we rarely use BluRay (usually rented through RedBox).

    Thought about cutting the cord, but I watch too many cable shows.

    • Blu ray i own about 200 of them

      • I don’t remember the last time I bought a DVD/BluRay. For the last few years since we had kids, the only movies we bought were kid ones, Disney, animation etc. Then we lost almost 20 of them when we left them on a plane and that was the end of that.

        Now they just watch Netflix and sometimes I’m so lazy, we just rent the latest movie off of OnDemand on cable. Cost about $6, but I guess I save $4.50 of my time going to RedBox.

        • @ Bignerd

          That would tick me off losing that many movies. Heck id be ticked if I lost anything.

      • @ Trey

        How many are old & new Blu-ray?

        • Majority of them are old, i usually only buy a couple of first week release blu rays each year

    • Netflix for the kids. Hulu will start up again soon I am sure since Fall is almost here. Amazon Prime over redbox because I am terrible at taking those things back. In regards to DVD’s and Blu-Rays, well I own over 1000 titles combined.

    • B. Nerd

      For me it’s about 50/50 cable and DVD.

    • @Bignerd – We cut the cord a year and a half ago. It’s been so nice. I watch a lot of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Jerry Seinfeld on Crackle.

      Most cable shows are a season behind on Netflix or Amazon. And some Comedy Central programming is on Hulu Plus…Drunk History is hilarious! I’m currently watching Walter White’s 5th Season on Netflix.

      • son of a…I’m not a Super Scranter. My comment is awaiting moderation. I’m just a normie…just a normie!!!

        • My comment about DVD’s and streaming content went under moderation. Really weirded me out LOL.

          • Mine about cutting the cord is still under moderation.

  8. I have dish.

  9. Thor 2 trailer #2 looked awesome, can’t wait.

    • @ Wally W.

      I agree, it did look very good. I can’t wait!

  10. Just watched my 90′s X-Men animated series dvds. Enjoyed watching Days Of Future Past & The Lotus & The Steel episodes which feature Silver Samuri.

    • Ive been debating on buying them but while they are still on Netflix, I am still not wanting to do so.

      • That show is part of what drew me so deep into comic book land. It was on Saturday mornings on Fox. What led me to all the other comic book properties outside of the X-Men was me trying to find something to do to fill the time between issues and shows.

        Then ‘The Death of Superman’ was released in ’92, Batman the Animated Series followed the success of the Burton stuff, and Image comics showed up a couple of years later.

        I’ve been a fanboy of all of it ever since.

          • Accompanied

      • @ LC

        I been debating about buying Wolverine & The X-Men, do you if that show is good?

        • Its not bad. Its worth the $10 to $15 it costs for the series. Not as gritty as the 90′s X-Men series.

    • @WallyWest
      I have vol 1&2 need to pick up the others.

      • @ Vader

        Got any favorite episodes? I gotta say I love Wolverine’s attitude in that series the most. He also wasn’t bad in X-Men Evolution, being bada$$ & caring like he is in the movies to lesser extent. Only he doesn’t dwell on Jean Grey of-course. I got rid of my X-Men Evolution dvds because I doubt WB will release the 4th season.

        • @WallyWest

          I agree with you on wolverine’s attitude. As for fav episode just to name a few….

          Days of future past
          Repo man
          Out of the past
          The phoenix saga
          Come the apocalypse

          • I like the episode that Captain America appears in. Its always fun to see crossovers in the old animated series.

            • @ LC

              I agreed. His crossover in X-Men Evolution was good aswell.

          • @ Vader

            Good choices as I like the same ones. I also like…

            Night Of The Sentinels
            Deadly Reunions
            Slave Island
            The Unstoppable Jugglenaut
            The Final Descision
            The Dark Phoenix Saga
            Beyond Good & Evil

  11. I am going to put this out there.

    Dark Knight vs Agent 47. The ultimate detective vs the ultimate assassin?

    • In regards to the films… well Agent 47 loses hands down. No brainer.

    • Unless you take away the Dark Knight’s secret power (his writers) you can put him up against just about anyone and he’s going to win…

      … because he’s Batman.

      • Even if you take away his secret “writers” power… he still wins.

        “… because he’s Batman.”

        That is all you ever have to say.

    • I am going with Batman. I mean physically they are probably neck to neck but Batman and his resources are just too overwhelming. A great match but I am giving to the Dark Knight.

  12. I’m writing my own “growing” novel called “Batman: By Night” and it’s about a 32 year old ex-soldier named Bruce Wayne who comes home from WWII to discover that his parents have been tragically murdered in his absence.

    Would anyone like to read the first chapter? I would greatly appreciate it if someone did, criticism is always nice. I can e-mail you it.

    • Can I? Hover over my name for my email.

      • Doesn’t really help, I just get sent to a website called Useless Films lol

        • derek@

          • yahoo, g-mail, hot mail, what?

              • LOL

                Alright, I sent it

    • That is a great premise. It would be a privilege to read it. Thanks.

      • Great! All I need is your e-mail so I can send you the document

        • What’s your email address? I will email you mine directly.

    • I’ll check it out. I can help with feedback and constructive criticism. We did that in my creative writing classes in college.

      • Sent it a while ago

  13. I thought writing a comic book hero, one who stands up not only against common criminals but the government aswell. I just figured no company would published it though,lol.

    • I think it will. Especially these days. Citizens are so mistrustful of the government and local authorities and their abuse of powers. With that recent whole spying on American citizens things and such. People know what’s going and know it’s wrong and just accepts it. I feel the abuse of power from those we trust is the worst. It tackles a very real problem,that could make for compelling and dramatic storytelling.

      • If written well of course.

        • Thanks d-man.

  14. So myself and many fellow Scranters have been adamant about Karl Urban for the new Batman.

    He’s actually no longer my first choice. If the inspiration is coming from the Dark Knight Returns, and the mature established Batman is the route they go, I really like idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan getting the part.

    To take a line from Watchmen -” The guy is built like a line-backer”

    He can do bad-ass. He can do suave. He has a dark demeanor. He has a history with Zack Snyder. He fits the Dark Knight Returns Batman look.

    I think he is a strong possibility.

    • I want/dream casted him as Guy Gardner. Good choice though!

    • He reminds me, appearance wise, of Javier Bardem.

      • I’ve always thought that too.. Actually thought they were the same guy till I got more familiar with their work.

    • See… I was trying to keep “Who should be Batman?” out of OD… but there will always be someone who brings it up anyways.


      Because he’s Batman.

      Morgan is okay as an older Batman but his physique needs work. For Bats, even in his 40s-50s, he would still be ripped (IMO).

      I’m still sticking to #Batmanganiello.

      • All I see is Flash Thompson.


        • Yeah… but I think Patrick would be irritated if I pushed for #Batlazenby.

    • Dr. M.

      Jeffery Dean Morgan is a fine choice, but I’m going to have to stick with my original choice, Karl Urban.

      Watching Dredd, I just keep thinking, “that guy would make a great Batman”. Then watching RED, I thought, That guy would make a great Bruce Wayne”.

      I don’t think we can go wrong with either choice though, both could pull it off.

      Here’s an off the wall choice I read recently, Adrian Brody. He’s actually my choice for Snake in the Escape from New York re-make.

      • Adrian Brody The Pianist guy? I love his stuff but he would be a terrible batman imo. I can’t imagine him bulking up very much like Karl Urban could.

        • Go watch Predators

          • ooh I forgot he’s in that! I’ll have to check it out.

  15. I have comic book inquiry(my favorite kind):

    Anyone familiar with the Marvel villain Taskmaster?

    Who possesses super human photographic reflexes and memory, which enables him to watch another person’s physical movements and duplicate them without practice, no matter how complex. This ability is only limited by the fact that he does not possess superhuman strength or other superhuman attributes.

    Now his abilities come naturally, as in, born with them. Is he a mutant?

    • He sounds like a rip-off of DC’s Amazo

    • Here’s some small screen trivia.

      Which TV show characters had an ability similar to Taskmaster’s?

      I can think of two.

      • I remember a girl in Heroes. Copycat?

        • That’s one… Monica Dawson from Heroes.

          The other I can think of is from a more recent but also cancelled show.

          • You got me. Who is the other?

            And would you consider Taskmaster a mutant?

            • @d-man:

              Kat from Alphas.

              She had both procedural memory and photographic reflexes but at the cost of her long term memory (and new memories would replace current ones).

          • Alphas…?

            • Heroes I heard of…Alphas, I am not familiar with. My interest is intrigued.

              You see. I have seen Taskmaster through the many years of the pages between different Marvel titles. I never really paid attention to him. Until recently, on Marvel Vs Capcom(which he is a strong character on).

              Then on Ultimate Spider Man, he was on there beating up everybody. So I read up on him and it never denied nor confirmed in fact he was a mutant. Just that he was born with this uncanny gift.

  16. I just started a rumor that clint eastwood is going to play batman

    • #Batgramps

      • @ B. Nerd



        • Or maybe how Clint plays his characters:


    • I just imagined Dirty Harry vs. Joker… hahaha

  17. If anyone can help me out here??? There was an old sci fi show not sure if it was just a pilot show or if it made a full run back in mid 80s to early 90s time frame. I don’t remember much about the show being that I was just a kid but it was about a young man set in a futuristic setting, whether on earth or a colonized planet I do not know, but they were invaded by a race of aliens for reasons I do not know, maybe they were at war with them. These aliens had large face helmets and were all black in armor. They bled green almost like the predator, in the show the young man joins a resistance after they “TAKE/Capture” or kill his sister…
    That’s all I remember and ever movie and sci fi buff I know always thinks of x-files when I mention the brother sister aspect but it was definitely not. I’ve searched youtube and the internet for lists of scifi shows from those time periods whether American programs or british and came up empty with nothing… If anyone remembers can I get a name????
    I checked out the aliens from that show V someone mentioned here on screenrant and although the aliens wear black helmets they still appear human underneath. These aliens were full on body armored and looked similar to Black Manta from DC comics at least from how it looks in my head. Its a little hard to remember its been so long but these guys were definitely not human looking…
    Also someone mentioned twilight zone, and Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, but neither of them checked out when I went on youtube…

    I tried setting up a profile on IMDB so I can post a need to know comment to get some help with this as was suggested but the website wouldn’t list my post… Can anyone take a stab at it???

      • writes should be *writers*

        Sheesh, edit button, edit button!!


  18. What the heck is going on at Rotten Tomatoes? Is it me or do I just not understand “Rotten Tomatoes”

    I am reading a review for Elysium by Jonathan R. Lack from “We Got This Covered” He wrote “The film is by no means bad…” and gave it 3 out of five stars which I read (perhaps incorrectly) as it is “good but not great” So why is it given a “rotten’ rating in his review on their website?…Meanwhile the “Total Film” review by Jane Crowther ALSO gave it 3 out of 5 stars and that is somehow listed as a “fresh” rating on the “rotten tomatoes” website! This makes no sense!

    • I’m going to take a guess and say when the reviewer submits their review, they also decide whether to label it as a fresh or rotten review. I’m really not sure how it works but I would guess that it’s up to the reviewer. So for certain critics maybe a 3/5 score isn’t favorable.

      • I thought about that but the reviewer who had a ‘rotten’ rating went out of his way to say it is not a bad movie at all. Someone who reads the review could get that impression because he spends too much of it complaining about the things he does not like and really says very little about what is good about it. But I did not get the sense that he was saying to not go see it. I don’t know…

        The first thing people look at is the aggregate number, so I think they should at least be somewhat uniform especially if two that just so happen to be using a similar rating scale “out of five stars” have the same score otherwise what is the point?

    • @Patrick:

      That’s why I don’t put much into the “scores” of RT. I read the reviews (both online and local paper) and then see the movie myself.

      • I now see your point! I try to get through the reviews but there are just too many so I would rely on the aggregate score…that was up until today. I think like you I will just focus on the written reviews and ignore the aggregate score.

  19. After seeing Wolverine I think that in DOFP future-Wolverine will die and past-Wolverine will live.

  20. Wow, these reviews/early screeners for Elysium have really been disappointing. One person said they were a huge fan of District 9 and of Blomkamp but that Elysium was downgrade from D9.
    “People expecting another District 9 or who expect a little more substance from their science fiction films will most likely be disappointed by Elysium, but those who like their videogame-style, sci-fi shoot-em-ups, Pacific Rim type will have no problem here. This movie, like Pacific Rim, has put in a lot of detail into the visual effects and has therefore allowed the overall story of the movie to have many plotholes with little to no character development.”

    • These reviews that compare one movie to something completely different are starting to annoy me. Why not just review the movie as a stand alone film? So if Blomkamp made a comedy, does he have to make THAT like District 9? I think movie critics are beginning to show WAY too much bias commenting on what unrelated films were like instead of what is there. Maybe I should pick a hand full of critics whose opinions I respect and ignore the others.

      • I think they are comparing the fact that both PR and Elysium have great CGI effects but they don’t have the storytelling/charcter development that was expected of them. Either way I don’t care because I am seeing it tonight thru advancing screening but I just hope I don’t come out the same way as I did with PR with a feeling like it’s good but it’s something that I could have waited for on DVD

  21. You know it’s time some director out there brings Thundarr the barbarian to the silver screen. I’ll always love and want my super hero flicks, but its time for something different.

    • Princess Ariel on the big screen?!!!!!

      Also, long ago, I asked Santa for a sun sword. Denied. :(

      Bring on the film!

  22. Uh oh! Planes is getting slammed by critics, and the word on Elysium is it’s very political; Elysium still looks good to me, so I plan on checking that out.