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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 6, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 6, 2014

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  1. Happy Hump Day Scranters!

    After a hiatus away from the site (Although I still read articles) I just want to dive into the GotG movie. I know on Monday you guys already discussed it but I wanted to add my 2 cents in.

    I liked it alot! Its completely different than any of their other films. It didn’t have the same feel what so ever and that’s what did it for me. It was a fun sci fi movie. Now, if I were to compare it to the Marvel universe, I would say it still doesn’t beat Cap 2 but is held in my ranks with the Thor and IM movies. Way better than Avengers, because I still don’t like that movie. And after reading about the opening sequences of the movies, where there is more childish fighting between the heroes, I am probably not going to like Avengers 2. It seems like a re hash of why I disliked the first film.

    Anyways, hope all is well with all of you. Things are good here. JUst much busier at work and home so unfortunately, I don’t have time to participate in our discussions.

  2. Just wanted to say on here – that as a Marvel fan all of my 40-odd years – I wanted to say a big thanks to them for finally getting the Universe off the ground & brought to life on the big screen.
    For decades it was DC – Superman & Batman – who were the only comic superheroes to see in the movies – Marvel could only come-up with cheap tv shows – Now it’s all changed & I get to see all these characters as close to their comic book roots as possible.
    The Marvel Movie Universe is the greatest – Guardians of the Galaxy is superb – and now THANOS ,my all-time fave villian – is central to the stories.
    This is the age of Marvels !

  3. Went to see DBZ: Battle of the Gods last night in theaters. Hadn’t seen it yet, (I grew up watching DBZ in fan subbed format, and never liked the FUNimation voice actors) and I was highly impressed. It was good fun. Theater was PACKED, I couldn’t believe there were so many people, then again it was a special 4 day showing in select theaters across the country.

    I felt like this was Akira Toriyama’s way of saying “F GT”, and pulling a DoFP on everyone…

    Did anyone else happen to go see it, or plan to go see it over the course of this week?

    • I was wondering how they were going backwards from the GT series. Thanks for clarifying that. Ill wait for DVD though.

      • I enjoyed bits of GT, but I never saw it as canon, and now I never will. Toriyama seems set on erasing GT from our minds, and with the next film coming next year, Dragon Ball could be on their way to a whole new full length series, based on the implications of the Xenoverse.

    • I’ll probably see it tonight or tomorrow. I’m glad it’s good. I’ve seen parts online like Goku and Bills’ final fight.

      Toriyama is so awesome for doing these films. I skipped GT all together tbh. Was there a trailer for next year’s movie?

      • No trailer for next years movie. I don’t even think it’s been started yet. A director was just announced a couple weeks ago. Toriyama is still working on bits of dialogue for the script, but it’s said to be “uniquely funny”, just as I found Battle of the Gods pretty humorous. It had a lot of classic DB/Z humor to it. One scene involving Vegeta is particularly hilarious. Beerus was not what I expected from a Dragon Ball villain. He was very entertaining.

        I’m surprised in myself for not taking the time to watch the film subbed months ago, as I had the chance to plenty of times. It was so fun and different to be able to watch it on the big screen, in a theater packed with all DB fans at that. When the title screen came up, everyone cheered, and then clapped as the credits began to roll at the end. I would not be surprised if it makes the top 10 this week for box office earnings in the US. I’m tempted to go see it again tonight.

  4. Still have not seen GotG yet :(

    • :( Me, too! :(
      Hopefully sometime next week!

      • You’ll love it. I saw it a third time last night. If I could lend my repeat viewings to you (by some sort of matrix brain download or a vulcan mind meld) I totally would.

    • I think a lot of the negativity was around that they created this whole new timeline so they could do practically anything and then they did Khan.

      That’s like The Rolling Stones, reforming as something else then doing a cover of Jumping Jack Flash or something….. why bother to be “different” if you plotting by Xerox.

      I personally like it apart from a couple of things.

      1. Too many villains.

      Should of been Khan all the way as an antagonist or remove Khan and have Robocop on his own as head baddie.

      2. References to Wrath of Khan, again if your different then why blatantly rip-off arguably the original casts finest hour. Those new to Trek won’t get it, those deep in Trek will get riled.
      Quinto’s KHAN!!!! err no, wrong character and we’ve not earned that yet….. would of been better as JIM!!!!! cause he’s mourning his friend.
      In Wrath Kirk and Khan we’re having a conversation when that happened so it fits.

      All in all it’s a decent film, if your only familiar with JJ’s Trek a lot of the niggles that got the faithful in a tizwaz will over your head (unless your Drax and your reflexes are too fast lol)

    • I loved both Star Trek movies! They are great!

      Benedict is amazing! Love him, and always will.

    • For me Into Darkness felt like half a movie.
      Nothing felt resolved at the end of it all IMO and that’s a huge no-no for me.

      I really liked the first 3/4 of the movie but the non-ending ending ruined it for me.

    • I thought it was bad. Had a few moments, but overall bad.

      Number one complaint: curing death with a easily accessible, renewable source. Now no one can die in any further Trek films.

      • I do not think it is that simple when it comes to bringing them back…

        But that is your opinion! :)

      • HISHE (how it should have ended) was all over the super blood = phoenix down thing. The super blood bringing everybody back to life lead to an overpopulation crisis and a bunch of awesome jokes. You should watch the video, it was hilarious.

        Bear in mind I really enjoyed ST:ID but I loved the HISHE vid as well.

    • I can’t exactly describe what was wrong with it in just a few words. One word that comes to mind though is how superficial it is. The presented ‘pseudoscience’ stuff were almost all convenient deus ex machinas:

      1. magic freezing thing for the volcano – super volcanoes are not cinder cone-ish, they’re giant almost flat things. Icing things only would delay a larger explosion due to more building up.

      2. magic blood – cures death!

      3. transwarp – absolutely ridiculous, renders the Enterprise moot in terms of space travel, convenient escape item that fits in a bag

      All of the ‘pseudoscience’ (I refuse to call this crap science) are all flash and very little substance. They’re all functionary without actually being explored. Secret ship? Oh it’s just a bigger darker Enterprise. Oooooh. Aaaaah.

      Star Trek actually explored the science a bit more or somewhat used/developed new science-y concepts/things they utilized.

      The scenes are too jumpy when going from one scene to the next, and there’s a lot of unnecessary frantic camera work. For example, they have a conversation, the camera zooms past one person at some angle. Then another person replies, camera again zooms past that person at some angle. They try to convey a sense of urgency and heightened alarm through that. However, to me, that just seems like using superficial techniques to try and elevate bad writing.

      There’s also some condescending fan-service (especially underwear scene and reverse Khaaaaaaaan). I say condescending and insulting because it’s obvious pandering and self-aggrandizing, especially the Nimoy cameo trying to go for ‘approval of the previous beloved franchise’ again.

      The Klignons are just terrible. That whole scene was terrible. Kirk just shouldn’t have command in the way he has been. He never really earns the spot on his own merits; he just takes it when a crisis demands he take the spot. Spock is more defined by his bursts of emotions and relationship with Uhura rather than what some fans of Spock have come to appreciate and value about him.

      The spacesuit cannon shoot from ship to ship was a cool scene. But I’d gladly substitute all the ‘cool scenes’ for meaningful scenes, all the cool looking sci-fi for meaningful sci-fi content. Cgi for cgi’s sake ages, but CGI with meaning behind it and substance lives forever (Babylon 5). Having a brightly white coloured bridge and lens flare and other bright colours doesn’t convey the optimistic, idealistic future that Star Trek conveys. Those are just bad superficial dressing trying to substitute for the real thing.

      Overall ok action/sci-fi generic flick but forgettable, but a bad Star Trek flick. It should just come back to tv with a rebooted TNG crew that’s hopefully not a cast made up of a bunch of frat boys/sorority girls, would prefer actual adults. No Wesley though. Or Lwaxana.

      For the new movie, I’d suggest exploring meaningful science or sci-fi concepts/things and less of a frantic tone/scene jumping. I’ll probably get zero replies to this…

      • Yesterday, I watched “Mission to Mars” again. The film stars Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Tim Robbins, and Jerry McConnell (and an actress whose name, for the life of me, I cannot ever seem to remember). It has NO weapons (one pick-axe almost used as one), no combat except one short, half-hearted fight out of mistaken desperation, and no negativity other than the very real pain of loss. The film is science fiction and does feature some plot contrivances, but they, for the most part, serve the progression of the story quite well. It is one of the most optimistic, well-played exploration films I have ever seen.

        It does not have action overload and develops as a slow burn. It tells a beautiful, simple story about humanity and Earth and their origins, as well as curiousity, wonder, and hope.

        It is the “Star Trek” that much of “Star Trek has striven to be over the years. Unfortunately, it also is a film that did not seem to capture the public consciousness (almost infuriating in the implication of how ignorant and simple-minded people can be and often are).

        Hopefully, such films about expanding who and where we are will make an effort to be more MtM and less STiD…

        • Oops…”McConnell” should be “O’Connell.

          The above is a response to moz.

        • Nice! I watched it and very much enjoyed it. It was nice to have a sci-fi flick that did not end up derivative horror/slasher towards the end. I especially loved the characters because they weren’t the stereotypical ‘America **** yeah’ marine types. I liked that the characters were emotionally centered and didn’t have soap opera issues. They squeezed almost everything in under two hours, a journey, exploration, mystery, humanity, just a whole lot packed into a short film. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. And you’re right, this movie did Star Trek better than the two recent Star Trek movies. I liked that the aliens were not hostile sans that giant dust storm snake thing.

          • Glad you enjoyed it 😀

            As for the “sand snake”, I didn’t find that particularly problematic, since it was simply a programmed defensive measure and nothing actually malicious, but yes, in THIS film, it was a bit of a shock.

  5. Cinema Blend gave TMNT 1 star…can’t say I’m surprised, and after going to RT I see it’s dipped down from 40 to 36% overnight. They should have waited until Friday to let critics post reviews. In fact I wouldn’t have even had a world premier, just let the suckers file in on opening day to see for themselves.

    Then again if I’m ever a movie exec, I promise not to put out anything like TMNT (haven’t seen it but I think most of us knew it’d be bad).

    I had a dream that SR published an article on Universal’s monster team, calling them heroes. There was (all classic black & white versions) Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera & the Wolfman. The comments section was lit up with angry fans asking where was the black lagoon creature…

    • RT ratings mean so much to people that Transformers: Age of Extinction BOMBED worldwide at the box office.

      Oh wait…

  6. Is anybody watching The Strain and if so is it worth checking out?

    I planned on watching because I’m a huge del Toro fan and I read two of the books but because it’s on Sunday night and I’m already watching a few shows that are on then I haven’t had the chance yet.

    • The Strain is definitely worth checking out. I feel like the story is really starting to pick up, and it isn’t anything like other “vampire” shows you see on television. I thought episodes 1 and 4 were absolutely superb. Corey Stoll and David Bradley are killing it on this show.
      On a different topic, I can’t wait to see how Stoll is in Ant Man now. I hope Marvel gives him that wig he wears in the Strain

    • I like it.

      Don’t expect twinkling vampires or main-streamers.

  7. —======SPOILER======—

    Anyone have a pic of Adam Warlock’s broken cocoon from the GOTG end credits scene? I totally missed that part in theaters, I was too focused on the beaten up Howard the Duck and his delicious looking martini.

  8. Look, I know some of you guys and gals like the Transformers and similar type movies, and that’s fine. I get it. But can we please make a pact to not see TMNT? We can’t avoid movies like Transformers being made but maybe can avoid garbage like TMNT. What do you say?!?

    • Here, here!

      Although, I gotta admit, at first, I was completely against this new TMNT film, and as production went on and it grows closer to release, it’s kinda grown on me a little. I still will NOT be seeing it in theaters, but when it ends up on HBO, I’ll watch one night OnDemand.

      Turtle Power!

    • I don’t know…

      I kind of want to see it because I love Will Arnett and I am a fan of most the guys who play the turtles! But I will think about it 😀

      Since I still have not even seen the Guardians, I doubt I will have time for this anyway!

    • Y’know it’s the darndest thing. It looks like it could be pretty bad, and it’s prbly gonna be pretty bad, but I still want to see it.

      And I agree with you!! If I see it I’m becoming part of the problem, supporting another generic action flick, another hasty reboot, another movie that cares more about demographics and merchandising than making a quality film, but I still want to see it…

      I sicken myself.

      haha It’s alright. I went to see Grand Budapest Hotel, The Raid 2, and Snowpiercer as soon as they came to my area and I’m seeing Boyhood this Friday, so you can hardly say I’m a one-dimensional movie-goer.. (even if I’ve seen GotG 3 times already 😀 haha) I search out the quality stuff too.

      • addendum: GotG was fantastic.. I realize my little thing at the end may have put it in a negative light.. that was unintentional.

    • You haven’t even seen TMNT yet, troll.

  9. Guardian’s 5-day total has bested CATWS by over $9.5 million.

  10. So @ScreenRant is reporting that WB moved BvS to March 25, 2015.

    I actually like the earlier date… more time to make more money.