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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   Aug 6, 2012

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  1. Nolan is overrated. People hype him up. Dude makes the same movies. LOOK A TWIST IS COMING. Dark Knight Rises was the worst from the 3 Batman flicks. So much plot holes.

    PTA, Aronofsky, QT & Fincher>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Not sure about overrated. Memento and The Prestige are marvellous and whilst I wasn’t a big fan of Inception there is no denying the skill in structure, editing and construction of the piece. His movies are puzzles I find, and he respects his audience to solve the puzzle. The box office for Inception suggested audiences quite enjoy this.

      I agree in a way about TDKR. Nolan’s worst by far as a storyteller and the construction was all over the place. The ending also felt like studio compromise 101. There were hints and lines all over the place about how Nolan wanted to end this trilogy, only for the ending itself to completely contradict the arc it was going down.

      Finally, I agree about PTA being ahead of Nolan, but PTA is pretty much the only true autuer in film right now. QT is a thief and has pretty much ran his schtick into the ground. Fincher is this generation’s Kubrick. Nolan, because of the influence TDK brought to the entire notion of Hollywood blockbusters, deserves his place on at least the second tier.

    • I’m sure once Nolan casts Ryan Gosling as the lead in one of his movies you’ll feel differently ;)

      • Did you notice none of the directors I’ve named have cast Ryan ;)

        Would be cool to see him in their films one.

        • I was just jokin’ around with you ;)
          On a more serious note though, while I can agree that Nolan is somewhat over-hyped by his following (the Nolanites) I do think he’s a terrific director, writer and filmmaker – one of the best in the biz at the moment…but that’s just my opinion…

    • Nolan isn’t perfect, but he’s earned his stripes as a Batman director. Whether you like him or not, he’s left his mark on the franchise. Only Burton and Nolan (not Schumacher) comprise a list of the best Batman directors so far.

      In the future, I would love to see any of the directors you mentioned do Batman next!

      • His track record is unmatched by any directors comparing his first 7 movies. not by fans but by critics. he hasn’t had a rotten movie on rottentomatoes and has 4 top 20 movies on imdb he is a top tier filmmaker.

      • The three you named are in my top 5 Darren o is not

        • Anderson is one movie away from matching nolans first 7 movies. surely the masters Will do so.

  2. Why is everyone saying WB is gonna do a Batman 4? Just because Dark Knight Rises ended on a happy note with the universe still moving, doesnt mean that it is open for a 4th film.

    They have to reboot

    1. Nolans Batman doesnt fit into a Justice League Universe that DC is (supposedly) building
    2. A Sequel to these movies, set in this universe, without Nolan or Bale would be a train wreck
    3. How would a 4th movie even work, Blake as Batman? Batman in Italy? It would stray way to far from the comic books that fans wouldnt like it and regular movie goers would feel lost.

    a reboot is the best chance, it very different but just as good as the Nolan or Burton movies. Get the right guys to do it and leave in some supernatural elements to blend with the source material and Justice League cross-over and a fresh Batman could work.

    Nolans movies took Batman into the real world. Now i think its time to put him back in the comic book world and expand into some really awesome territory that Nolan couldnt do.

    • ……Spoiler response…….

      Actually the can still do a “Batman 4″ and still have a Batman in the JL movie. It just wouldn’t be Batman but it would be Nightwing picking up the torch. All that has to happen is Wayne would have secretly left enough money to fund Blake. Not to the extreme that batman had so it would be a bit more grounded (if that phrase is even possible now). He would still have Comm. Gordon in his pocket and maybe even Fox could help him get started? Lots of possibilities but it would be interesting to see how he would get the experience to become Nightwing without the League of Shadows and years of pre-training.

      So Batman is now free to become a part of the Justice League (and even Robin if things progressed that far)

  3. Curiosity Rover is on mars!!!!!! Gale crater is an interesting place, can’t wait ’til we get moving around, see what’s there.

    Also, I’ve been re-watching season 2 walking dead, the first half is much better when you watch it all at once. It doesn’t seem to drag as much, and Carl’s “accident” goes by fast, good. I love the character development, but the pace is so slow. It really seemed liked they stretched it out unnecessarily.

  4. Does anyone think a movie revolving around the Olympics would be interesting? Trying to think of new and fresh ideas. It would have to be overcoming adversity to make it compelling. Gymnastics maybe?

    • I hate gymnastics… I don’t know why, but I just do ;)

      What about a movie about Usain Bolt (fastest man alive)? It may still be a bit early, but he’s had a pretty interesting life so far and an Olympic/biopic about his life could be good… I dunno…

      • I was thinking about that… Picking out one athlete. I don’t know much about Bolt’s personal life though so not sure if it was a struggle or what not. Could be interesting.

        I saw a funny tweet this morning on wanting Bolt to be Black Panther in a movie, which I thought was quite comical.

        • From what I know he didn’t have much of a personal “struggle” getting to where he is today (not as muck as some other athletes like Oscar Pistorius for instance), but getting from a small town in Jamaica to the Olympics, and then winning gold and setting a new world record is definitely a tough journey I’d imagine…
          Bolt’s also a very funny guy as well (practical joker, kinda careless at times) so I think it would be very interesting to see a sports-biopic that has some humor instead of endless drama, drama, drama for a change.

      • @The Avenger

        I disagree with Bolt, if they would make a movie for one Olympian, I think it would obviously be the most awarded Olympian ever, Michael Phelps… Although personally I don’t care much about him either…

  5. Lol speaking of marvel do you think Guardians of the galaxy is a good idea? This may be too far for people to handle. I like the concept of it though but mabye break into it slowly rather than having a full outer space movie!

    • For me (and I’m in the minority), I’m not looking forward to it. I trust Marvel though and will see it because I love the MCU, but I think I’ll need to see the vision of the film to see if I’ll truly be excited for it.

      Hopefully this does open up the cosmic side of things and we’ll see more.

      I would love for new divisions of Marvel studios to open up so we could get additional movies. A Marvel Knights and Marvel Cosmic division would be cool to expand to maybe 4 films a year.

    • “too far for people to handle”
      You mean like a farmer kid who meets two weird looking droids an old man with a glow-ey stick, gets attacked by crazy desert monsters who kill his family, goes off to meet a super cool guy in a vest and a human-like-bear-thing and flies off to help save the galaxy (from an evil force ruled by a guy in a black cape who has asma) by shooting a lazer-beam into a small hole that makes a ship the size of a moon explode?!

      Yeah, GotG sounds WAAAYYY too far fetched ;)

      • Just to counter-point, Star Wars was done over 30 years ago and film making was much different. General audiences were more interested in story than flash or SFX. Just think if the OT wasn’t done first in that time and Lucas just started with Episode 1 back in ’99 or even Episode 4. Do you think that concept would have been as popular?

        I’m on the fence about the GotG. I’ve never read the comic so I don’t have any background in their story but on the surface it sounds like a campy sort of thing so if they go with that in the movie, I can see it working, but if they try to ground it and blend it in with what they’ve already established in their other films, I just don’t know how well that will mix. Take Thor for example, he’s the god of thunder but how many lightning strikes did he call down on his enemies? They just left him as a warrior which general audiences could relate to better. I trust Marvel though as they’ve got a solid track record.

        • “I’ve never read the comic so I don’t have any background in their story” — aaaannnd there’s your problem ;)
          Go check out the 2008 series of Guardians of the Galaxy… it’s pretty good.

  6. This is a film with a talking Raccoon, I think this beats star wars. There is a Marvel Knights by the way and it is the company which gave us Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, so not so good. I like the idea of what you are saying though although I dont know how many movies Marvel could physically make every year.

    • Plus in Star Wars we were introduced through Luke’s eyes rather than being thrown right in which will undoubtably happen in GOTG unless they do something similar with Nova.

      • I think this is a very fair point as well. Well said, George.

      • I don’t see how a talking raccoon or a human-like tree is any less believable than Wookies, droids with emotions, Ewoks, Bothans, Gungans, Hutts, etc. (to name a few).
        GotG will be a sci-fi movie and sci-fi movies have strange characters. Star Wars an Star Trek being prime examples of this…

        I just think one shouldn’t judge a film if you know nothing about it. We haven’t read the script, we don’t know how the characters will be interpreted, we don’t know from who’s point of view the film will be, we don’t know what kind of tone the film will have, etc, etc.
        I can’t say for certain it’ll be a success, but looking at Marvel Studios’ track record, I’d say the chances are pretty good… ’cause let’s face it, at this moment all we have to go on is Marvel Studios’ track record and that one piece of concept art.

        • You left out the ultra lame green Muppet mentor. What an absolutely ridiculous character he was!

    • Yeah, Spider-Man

      • I enjoyed TASM more than “The Avengers” but not nearly as much as TDKR. The relationship aspects were excellent, but the villain as a villain was actually not particularly interesting to me…also, the cause of the spider bite seemed much less convincingly contrived than the Raimi origin story.

        • I fully accept that TDKR and The Avengers were better movies, but ask me which one I enjoyed the most, and I would instantly say TASM.

          • Oh, I know…I was just responding in a similar vein, but for MY particular favorite.

    • Ignur Rant…

      Heh-heh…THAT was a great poll…Thank you. I agree that “The Avengers” was the winner for action; that’s ALL it really had: fun action. I enjoyed it while watching it, but I enjoyed TDKR while watching it AND afterward…TDKR simply had MUCH more of what I love about films and presented those aspects in a MUCH more interesting way.

      I’ll get both on Blu-Ray, because both entertained me immensely…it’s just that one made me want to see it again…and again…and again. The other satisfied me as fun flick for an afternoon.

      There can be (and is) only one, indeed. :)

    • “Can” there only be one though?
      So far it seems like BOTH are doing well critically and commercially. And it seems like BOTH are being embraced by fans and non-fans alike.
      Hm, I thought most of us regulars here on ScreenRant kinda agree that these comparisons are stupid, childish and unnecessary…

      Oh well, for me there’s two lol, with TASM close on their heels…

    • Heh, funny. I agreed with the poll results, although the sex appeal category was laughable. C’mon, Scarjo vs Hathaway? How about both! ;)

      • yeah, i found the results to who is sexier surprising. ScarJo is sexier than Hathaway but i find the movie counterpart Selina Kyle far more sexier than Bllack Widow.

        • Yup, I concur.

  7. I was just wondering does anyone think that the 80′s cartoon mask would make a good movie franchise? It seems like it could have some potential 2 be a pretty good trilogy if it’s done right and that’s a huge if.

    • Loved the cartoon as a kid but I just don’t think it would carry over well to the big screen. I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated cartoon of it though.

  8. I have a small suggestion. When someone posts a link in the comments, you guys have the link automatically open in a new window/tab.

    • Have to figure out how to code that, but yeah, good suggestion.


  9. t.d.k.r is a genius movie and nolan is not overrated. he is a intelligent and great moviemaker. you can put him on a list with kubrick,cronenberg and paul verhoeven. people must except the fact that t.d.k.r was best entertainment.

    • Thank you for your OPINION. My OPINION is that TDKR was a good film, but not the greatest Batman nor comic book film ever.

  10. I have a question that’s been kind of bugging me a bit; we all know that Batman doesn’t kill, but in TDK, he knocks Two-Face out of the window and Two-Face falls to his death. My question: Did Batman kill him?

    • Uh-oh.

    • Window? I guess he did but he didn’t do it on purpose,he had no other choice if he wanted to save the boy.

      • So are you saying Batman did kill someone?

        • Yes. I doubt Nolan was going for comic book purity at this point, and it fit his story.

        • Actually, I don’t know that I would even say he killed Two-Face. Batman was trying to keep him from shooting the boy. Unfortunately, because Dent’s shot knocked him off the deck, Batman had to grab as he was able, both to stop Dent AND to catch the boy.

          If anything, Dent caused himself to fall, since Batman would not have pulled or pushed him off if he had been in ANY sort of better position.

        • Not only did he kill Harvey, he let Ra’s die. And Batman would never do that, never, not under any circumstances.
          And how many people did he kill during that first run with the Tumbler, crushed a lot of cars…

          • Batman has killed in the comics. Multiple times. The reason he doesnt kill off his recurring villains is becuase they are recurring villains in an unending story.

            In the cogs of trying to save James Jr, Batman did kill Harvey. And he felt so guilty about it, he took blame for Harvey’s crimes.
            Ra’s Killed himself. Batman turned the speed up and Ra’s destroyed the controls.
            And nobody died in the Tumbler chase. Alfred said that.

  11. I’d go see NIGHTWING with JGL.

    Blake “Robin” finds the batcave and continues to fight the different crimelords vyying for position after the fallout of Bane’s attack. He discovers one is Scarecrow, he’s arrests the “justice” of crime and learns he was following orders, that leads Nightwing to the true master… Joker’s Shrink, Harley Quinn. The end re-introduces the Joker for a possible follow-up team-up with Batman out-of-retirement.

    But again, I’d see a NIGHTWING movie/continuation.

    • OK, comic book purists, this bothered me while watching TDKR. Was there a John Blake in the comic books?

      I recall Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, but not John Blake. Did Nolan make up a character to fit his story?

      • I always assumed that John Blake would be the movie version of Jean-Paul Valley (a comicbook character that takes on the persona of Batman after Bane breaks the Bat. When Wayne recovered and dawned the cowl once more Valley became Azrael), but obviously things didn’t exactly work out like that…

        But to answer your question, no. To my knowledge John Blake isn’t a character from the books – Nolan made him up by (kinda) incorporating characteristics from all the Robins into one person.

        • Yea I figured John Blake was an amalgamation of the different Robins that are out there.

          Didn’t know about the Azrael/Valley character. Good stuff!

  12. Well I just saw TDKR yesterday (yes, finally…..I don’t like crowds :P ) and thought it was very good but not the masterpiece some have claimed it to be. I did like it better than TDK however. 3.5 out of 5 from me.

    I also disliked Hathaway as “Catwoman” and thought her portrayal was one of the weaker elements of the movie. She barely qualified for the iconic role and had little to nothing of her comic book counterpart’s personality or look. Yes, I know this may be an unpopular opinion but that’s how I feel about her.

    I was torn about Bane and Talia’s origins…..I liked the surprise reveal but at the same time hated that they were so different from the originals.

    And while I could pick apart many things, the one that bothered me most was Batman’s unwillingness to kill Bane (and how difficult his mask was to damage but also how easy it was to repair) not to mention how easily Bane hurt Batman with his armored suit on that should have stopped most of those blows to the chest.

    All Batman would have had to do was get behind Bane and then rip that mask off his face but instead he chooses to just hit it repeatedly? Silly. And with those sharp pointy forearm barbs, he could have just raked them across Banes jugular. He could also have simply drugged Bane with the same bat darts he used to take out all the guards at the ice exile ceremony.

    • “Batman’s unwillingness to kill Bane”
      Huh, I actually thought Batman was pretty open to killing Bane. He didn’t seem reluctant to do it, and every time he was fighting bane I just got the feeling that Batman wanted him dead (he even re-used Bane’s “you have my permission to die” line at the end)…

      Anyway, guess this brings the count to 2 movies we disagree on ;).

        • “There were so many ways he could have defeated him with just a LITTLE preparation but yet all he could think of was to brawl him down”

          Ummm.? All hehad was a little preparation. Alfred gave him all the available info. There nothing on Bane except for unconfirmed rumors. Most importantly Batman wanted to die. He had no fear of death. He secretly wanted to die fighting. Bane recognized this in their discussion in The Pit.

          As for the mask. It seemed to be pretty sturdy throughout the film. Bane wouldn’t let Batman grip his mask (achilles heel) and at best, all Batman could do is continue to throw blows against his mask. Bane was incredibly strong and even during their second bout, Batman was still struggling.

          • Well he had that whole secret base (the empty concrete bunker) at his disposal with a plethora of gadgets to choose from and enough time to come up with something better than a punch to the face. He also managed to prepare to take out the exile squad with the never before seen “bat darts”. He could have easily used them on Bane.

            I also disagree he wanted to die. He wanted to save Gotham and if he died at Bane’s hand that would never have happened now would it? So he should have found a more intelligent way to dispatch Bane than to simply smash him in the face.

            And if Batman was able to repeatedly land blows to the face, he could have easily turned those hits into a much more effective grab maneuver instead.

            There is also the question of why Batman’s high tech armor was unable to stop all those body blows that crippled him the first time and did apparently little the final fight.

            It all felt way too contrived just so they could “duke it out” mono e mono and then to let Hathaway save him in the end.

            • Your upset that Bane had a anti-climatic ending yet want batman to use the “bat-darts” on Bane. Hypocrite much?

              It was clearly stated he wanted to die. Three times. Once by Alfred, Bane and the prison doctor.

              Bane let Batman hit him with the majority of his punches. Bane was in control of fight for the most part.

              Armor is only meant to stop penatration and softens the pressure of a concussive force. You will have bruises if you take a shot to the chest while wearing kelvar. Bane was strong enough to ounch through concrete pillars.

              • Not upset, it simply bothered me from a believability stand point. So it could have been done better imho.

                And the bat darts were just an example I tossed out there as a possible alternative, not THE alternative and to show he did have time to prepare. I agree though it wouldn’t have made for a very heroic ending which is why it was conveniently not used.

                Yes, he HAD a death wish but that was before he resolved himself to get out of the pit and go save his city from Bane.

                I have only seen it once but feel you are not giving Batman enough credit. BOTH were highly trained by the same group and equally capable. And letting Batman just hit the one thing that could bring him down (and eventually did) is counter-intuitive. You just don’t “let” your opponent kick you in the nuts.

                And unless Bane can hit with the concussive force of say a 45 caliber round in a 1/2″ radius, most of that force would not have gotten through both the hard shell (that Bane never broke) and soft/textile core of that 300k+ bodysuit.

  13. I’m sure the article will be up shortly on screen rant but Variety is reporting a potential deal for Marvel to get Galactus and Silver Surfer! Exciting news I think!

    • Please dont tease me!

    • Whoa! That would be super cool! Silver Surfer is one of my favorite superheros and if you are going to make a Silver Surfer movie you need Galactus in it for sure! It would be awesome if they get the rights back and then tease him in Gardians of the Galaxy, then start a trilogy after Avengers 2! I can hope can’t I?

    • Yea saw it on aintitcool.

      While I’m happy to see Galactus and Silver Surfer potentially back with Marvel studios, I’m happy that Fox is considering a Daredevil that is a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller”. If Fox doesn’t take that route, and does nothing with with the license, then the Daredevil rights revert back to Marvel.

      As much as I like what Marvel is doing, I feel that they’re more interested in general audience pictures, and not adult oriented takes on comic book characters (for which Daredevil would be a likely candidate).

      Is it obvious that I’m a Daredevil fan? ;)

  14. Wasn’t there talk of an Inhumans movie or am I just imagining it? Did that idea get debunked in favor of GotG or is it more of a possibility now? Am I going crazy?

    • It was one of the many IPs Marvel was supposedly exploring but I think they ultimately chose GotG because of how well it would tie into the rest of the larger, overarching story, they are developing.

      • Ah, I see. I guess that makes sense. Thanks!