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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 5, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 5, 2013

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  1. Batman.

    There, that will guarantee at least 100 comments.

    Weak box office this last weekend, but Planes, Elysium and Percy Jackson should make up for it.

    • I’m betting on Planes to make a good run. At least in the Summer Movie League.

      • Stupid Summer Movie League.

        f’n Star Trek.
        damn Minions.

        That game is dumb.

        • The Smurfs 2 just screwed me over. I hope it picks up because 27 million is weak.

          • bahahahaha…Smurfs? You fool! ;) I feel much better about my league now.

            • The Smurfs did decent and out of the rest of the films coming out, I figured it would do better. Given that it’s a sequel/kids movie right before school started. My reasons are warranted LOL. $142,614,158DOMESTIC to $563,749,323Worldwide. Sequels usually out perform the original. And I am pretty sure Elysium won’t do as well as Planes. But again I could be wrong. Which makes my league better than yours.

        • Stupid Stephenie Meyer fans did come out for her new movie. Set me back permanently for the whole season.

    • Planes will do well, percy jackson and elysium im unsure of.

      • Elysium will do well, a lot of people want to see it. Percy Jackson might bomb (I’m hoping, it looks terrible!) I personally have no desire to see Planes, but it’s a Disney movie, so it’ll fly past its budget. Pun intended.

    • @Big Nerd.

      You really do know how to start off a Monday! Sheesh :)

      • You meant MOOOOnday, right? :-D

  2. Saw on another site where they were taking a vote on the most disappointing movie of 2013,and Iron man 3 ran away the votes. Despite taking over a billion at the box office there sure is a lot of hate towards that movie. ” Tsk Tsk,not good at all. But can you blame some folks with the disappointment in the whole mandarin plot? I mean I liked Iron man3 ,but come on it would have been nice to see the magical rings used by the mandarin.

    • Believe me. It was more than the twist. Something that small would not make me dislike a whole movie. It all felt childish and sloppy, like the main plot should’ve been the subplot and the subplot should’ve been the main plot.

      • +1. Sloppy.

    • I was only dissapointed with how it contradicted ironman 1 and 2 and felt like a forced wrap up, only to set up a probable comeback

      • @Trey

        I still haven’t seen it yet but that is what would annoy me the most.

    • For me Iron Man 3 was one of the best movies of this year. That’s probably because I only heard about the Mandarin in the movies and couldn’t care less if it was faithful to the comics. ;)

    • If we are going by box office disappointment:

      RED 2

      And the biggest: Lone Ranger

      I don’t mind the Mandarin twist, doesn’t mean the “real” Mandarin can’t show up in future Iron Man movies.

      • I would put oz on that list as well. I saw that recently and well –meh.I’m gonna check out G.I. Joe2 later on.

        • G I Joe 2 was a disappointment still.

        • @rome:

          About Oz and GIJoe2, they had much better box office than the three I listed (you can combine all 3 and they would still be below the box office total of Oz or GIJ2).

        • NO!!! It was godawful.

    • No need to assume the only reason people dislike it was because the twist, it had a slew of problems like every film this year

      • None of which bothered me. It was good fun, the score was awesome and the finale was epic. That’s all I need in a movie like this.

        • @ The Lost Wincester

          I agree. While Iron Man certainly had it’s problems, it was the most enjoyable and best CBM so far this year IMO.

          My favorite overall movie this year so far however is World War Z hands down. It was fantastic IMO.

          • Same here! World War Z was way better than I would have expected.

    • Hmmm, which site was that?

      I’m not disagreeing with the poll results (I hated the film), but I’d like to see things for myself.

    • @ Rome

      I saw that too. But we have to remember, that poll, and the Screen Rant poll are voted on by comicbook geeks like us, but we are the very small minority. The overwelming vast majority of people that are now watching cbm’s now aren’t like us, so movies like Iron Man 3 will always be box office winners. Another poll was done on Yahoo about 6 weeks ago, and Iron Man 3 had something like 83% of the vote for favorite summer movie thus far, because it wasn’t done on a site geared toward CBM. The general public, not fans like us, will dictate the kind of CBM we get.

      • @stark
        I agree with you on everything you said and that might be a little bit scary because I would hate to continue to see certain elements of comic book characters changed just so to please the general movie audience. But unfortunately this will continue. I’m pretty sure there will be other items that get changed in the near future that we Comic book geeks won’t like but will have to deal with.

    • @ Rome

      Having the rings have no powers in one thing, but how revealing what the Mandarin was really like was what was disappointing. Overall the film was great imo & wouldn’t call it most disappointing by far.

    • The twist didn’t bother me (and a troll ruined it for me), I understand that these movies are going to be different…just like how movies based on books are never as good. With that said, I actually thought IM3 was a decent action flick, just not a superhero one. But my one complaint is that whenever you team up your hero with a child…that’s a script writing disaster waiting to happen.

      For me, the most disappointing film (that I’ve seen so far) this year would be Gangster Squad. I expected so much more from that cast in that movie.

  3. If I could turn back time (If I could find a w- ah, never mind), this would be my casting for Justice League. And these actors and actresses would all be of appropriate age so even though the ACTUAL ages are all over the place, here they are:

    Superman – Henry Cavill
    Batman – Thomas Gibson
    Wonder Woman – Emily Blunt
    The Flash – Josh Keaton
    Green Lantern – Nathan Fillion
    Aquaman – Daniel Craig


    • I still want Daniel Feuerriegel for Aquaman. As for Keaton and Fillion, I only know them by voice. Good choices though.

    • What’s with all these Brits cast as North Americans? Hehe.

      • Haha I don’t know, I’m just throwing around all these actors from different time periods.

    • Superman-Henry Cavill
      Batman- Armitage or gyllenhaal
      Wonder women- gemma arterton
      The flash- Patrick wilson
      green lantern- idris elba
      Aquaman- armie hammer

    • @ ACW

      If I could change things, id choose the cast below & design the costumes myself from old costume from older comics to make them more modern for example Superman’s.

      Superman – Henry Cavill

      Batman – Armie Hammer

      Wonder Woman – Kelly Overton

      Flash – Michael Rosenbaum

      Aquaman – Michael Fassenbender

      Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds

      Lois Lane – Erica Durance

      Lex Luthor – Billy Zane or Christopher Meloni

      Joker – Tom Hiddleston

      HarleyQuinn – Marley Shelton

    • If Icould turn back time so the actors would fit the age, I’d pick:

      Superman – Henry Cavill (present age: 33)
      Batman – Karl Urban (present age or younger (#1) or a slightly younger Misha Collins (#2)

      • I thought Cavill was 30?

        • In the movie I recall him saying he was 33 (the character).
          Anyways, I posted that comment by mistake.

          The one below is slightly better formatted.
          The ages in brackets refer to the age frame of the characters, not the actors. if the actor is older/younger than that, but still looks the part, then it’s okay.

    • In a perfect world, these would be my picks:
      Superman – Henry Cavill (30-35)
      Batman (1st choice) – Karl Urban (30-40)
      Batman (2nd choice) – Misha Collins (30-40)
      Wonder Woman (1st choice) – Jamie Alexander (25-30 and a little less skinny)
      Wonder Woman (2nd choice) – Morena Baccarin (25-30)
      Wonder Woman (3rd choice) – Lynn Collins (25-30)
      Green Lantern (1st choice) – Jensen Ackles (20-25)
      Green Lantern (2nd choice) – Idris Elba (30-42)
      Flash (1st choice) – Bradley Cooper (22-30)
      Flash (2nd choice) – Chris Pine (22-30)
      Aquaman (1st choice) – Liam Hemsworth (20-24)

      The present day ages of these actors are actually still good enough for what I’d like to see.

      • is 41 just saying lol

  4. Anyone watched The Killing on AMC?

  5. How about these as the titles for the next superman movie(plus batman)?

    Man of Steel: Crusader(s)
    Man of Steel: Night & Day
    Man of Steel: Worlds Collide
    Man of Steel: Dawn of Tomorrow
    Man of Steel: Dawn & Night

    • I like worlds collide. Id also like Men of Tomorrow

    • “Man of Steel: Shadow of Vengeance”

    • Or:

      “The Dark Knight Rises… Again… and Beats Superman Up”

    • Man of Steel: World’s Finest

    • It’s going to be: Batman of Steel ;)

    • What if they grow a set and title it:

      Batman and Superman: Much cooler than Ultron.

      • Ballsy…I like it.

    • Man of Steel: Batsh*t Crazy

  6. Also whos going to go see Elysium this weekend?

    • I am very much looking forward to this film. District 9 was a great movie and I am hoping Blomkamp can reproduce that level of critical success.

    • I will not. I want to. I will be camping though.

    • I will be for sure! It looks great.

  7. Does one’s opinion determine whether or not a film is good or not? That’s what interests me about these debates on which is the biggest blockbuster of the summer. What people fail to understand is that filmmaking is an art & in any work of art the audience’s response determines it’s worth. The fact that fans & ‘haters’ alike have the urge to voice their opinion in such a strong & sometimes provocative manner means that the film fulfilled it’s motive as an art-form. WB & Disney just do it for the money.
    I never pay much attention to critics because they have to go through a synchronised system of rules & regulations, therefore this dictates a unanimous decision as to the film’s rating. What they fail to understand is that the purpose of the art is to trigger a strong positive & negative response among audiences. I found The Avengers disappointing because even though I liked it, the overall excitement died out after only a short period of time due to the lack of controversy to surprise audiences.
    With that in mind I think MoS & IM3 were two of the greatest achievements in CBMs.

    • I understand that some film can be considered an art form, but I don’t see Blockbuster movies as that. Art is supposed to give a message, and blockbusters sent the message “give us your money.” It’s like comparing the McDonald’s Golden Arches to the Statue of David.

      • That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Good cinematography is art, good set design is art, good sound design is art, good music scoring is art and so on and so forth. Just because the writing isn’t very artful in these movies, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t artful.

        Also, I’m pretty sure that we give Michelangelo and Company more credit than they deserve. Many of their works are just commissions for other parties (including the Statue of David), and the only message they had was also “give me your money”.

        • I’m sure plenty of people put their best effort into their craft to make a blockbuster, but I still don’t see it as art. When I install a water heater, I don’t consider my soldering of the copper pipes to be an art form even if some artists make sculptures by welding. It’s different. I consider independent film as art, but not so much the big commercial blockbusters…that’s just commercial entertainment…seriously, did you see the advertisements in Man of Steel and Skyfall? It may be harsh, but that is how I view it.

          • Your analogy is flawed. A water heater is a practical thing, it has an actual purpose, which is one of the defining things that art shouldn’t be.

            Art = a thing created by humans with no other purpose than being audio-visually pleasing or though-provoking. Please note that not both of these things need to be achieved to be art. There is audio-visually pleasing art that is mindless, and there is also buttugly art that is though provoking. Both have their place and both are valid art.

            Designing all the elements for a movie, just to be aesthetically pleasing is art. Framing a shot for a scene just right is art. Composing the notes for accompanying music is art. Editing the scenes just right so that they hit they right beats at the right time is art. Much more so than just writing a story and just filming it Dogma style like in many independent movies. I think you underestimate the creative energy that is being invested in a big blockbuster, despite it being a money making device.

            • *thought-provoking x2

            • What about handcrafted woodworking….an oak staircase or hand carved chair while practical, has beauty to it. A handmade quilt is a work of art, yet it serves a purpose. Perhaps my workmanship is so good that some consider it a thing of beauty.

              Based on your critera, hardcore pornography, a sermon from the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Nike symbol are all art.

              • We have to draw the line somewhere is all I’m saying. And what I consider art, may not be the same as another person. It’s one of those personal decisions that each of us must make. I’ll never except the plop plop fizz fizz jingle as a work of art or the can you hear me now Verizon commercials or Bud Wise Errr frogs. All of these would be categorized as art based on your criteria.

                • Whenever I paint I try to take an everyday subject and reimagine it in a way that will surprise the viewer. All artists aim to achieve that ‘something special’ in their art in order to spark a strong initial reaction from an audience. Any artist would agree that every film ever made is art-form including blockbusters & comedies. If you fail to understand that then you misunderstand the basic principle of artistic value in the craft. When I was in school my Art teacher told me that everything, from the correct perspective, is art. Our lack of creative vision blinds us.

                  • I agree with what your art teacher says. And that’s why I say you have to draw a line at some point. I’ve written poetry that can be considered art. I’ve also written blogs that may have my words carefully crafted to tell my tale…just like poetry…but I would never consider my blog a form of art.

                    • Why would you have to draw a line? Why dismiss a whole genre with a blanket statement?

                      And yes… the chair itself would be practical, so would the staircase and the quilt. But when you add design elements onto those things that don’t improve their functionality at all but that are merely there to make it look aesthetically pleasing, then it’s indeed art.

                      I don’t know about hardcore pornography, but some erotic photography is undoubtedly art. So can be a sermon. And the Nike logo is most definitely art, because someone went through the trouble of designing it and it has no other purpose than looking good and conveying the message of the company. It doesn’t make you run faster, nor does it make you jump higher.

                      Perhaps your mistake is that you consider anything that is called “art” to be good, worthwhile or of high value. Of course that isn’t so, there are tons of stuff out there that are most definitely art but that also are utter crap. Just visit a gallery for modern art at some point. You will see a lot of things there that would be better suited for a garbage can than a gallery wall.

  8. Does anybody else here feel that no matter what WB/DC does with this Batman vs Superman movie, they will lose?

    I took a peek over the weekend at some of the comment on the two articles from Screen Rant, and three articles posted at two other websites, and it seems nobody is happy with this movie or the plan WB/DC has laid out. Everybody’s either complaining, whining to get Bale back, mad about an “older” Batman, or just upset that’s is just not a direct MoS2 sequel.

    I have a feeling that WB/DC might be in a no win situation with this movie. While the idea of those two on screen together is exciting, it just seems that nothing will please the fans no matter which way they go.

    No matter who they end up casting as this “older” Batman (Karl Urban please!!), the guy is already coming in with two strikes against him. 1. He’s not Bale and 2. He going to be “older” and compared to Bale.

    While I think this approach of an older/wiser Batman is the way to go, it doesn’t seem to be very popular.

    Why doesn’t everybody just relax and wait and see what they actually do before they start bashing it?

    • @Stark:

      I take those views as the minority. The “masses” that will be watching BvS won’t be commenting about it 2 years before it releases.

      I am cemented in my opinion that no matter who they cast as Batman (short of George Lazenby), people will still flock to see it because:

      1. It’s Batman AND Superman
      2. They will want to see how it does compare to Bale (ie the Bond Effect)
      3. It’s Superman AND Batman

      WB/DC has a $1bil guaranteed box office for this. That’s win-win, not no-win.

      • @ Big Nerd

        That’s exactly my point. But the bashing over nothing more than speculation and rumors is really incredible. They haven’t even finished the script yet!

        The bashing I’m referring to isn’t just on CBM websites, but general sites as well stating opinions.

        All I’m saying is, let WB/DC figure it all out before it for it gets torn apart.

        • The “bashing” is the people’s fault not the movie’s.
          It’s not WB fault that everyone’s jumping to conclusions and seeing rumors as facts. I’ve seen so many comments on the web where people bash the movie’s title, or the premise, but the crazy thing is, THEY’RE STILL WRITING THE MOVIE!!!

          • [Geez, what is up? My comments keep posting before I finish typing them]

            Anyways, they’re still writing the movie. There is no title. There is no confirmed premise. The rumors of an older batman are just that: rumors. Yes, Mark Miller went for a meeting with Snyder. So what? Brian Bendis has had many meetings with Marvel and we haven’t seen an adaption of one of his stories yet. It means nothing. Only that they’re looking for inspiration and collaborating on ideas.

            The movie will be successful. That’s a guarantee. MOS made over $800 mil and sequels almost always make more than the original. Plus, with the inclusion of Batman? It’s a done deal.

            People should just relax and take a step back.

            • *Frank Miller. Doh.

            • @The Avenger:

              A minor correction here, but I don’t think Man of Steel has cleared $700m yet.

              Regardless, BvS can’t fail.

              Does anyone think Star Wars 7 will fail? Why isn’t anyone crying about who will be cast in what role and what the story is going to be about?

    • To quote a great man —

      “But we have to remember, that poll, and the Screen Rant poll are voted on by comicbook geeks like us, but we are the very small minority. The overwelming vast majority of people that are now watching cbm’s now aren’t like us, so movies like Iron Man 3 will always be box office winners. Another poll was done on Yahoo about 6 weeks ago, and Iron Man 3 had something like 83% of the vote for favorite summer movie thus far, because it wasn’t done on a site geared toward CBM. The general public, not fans like us, will dictate the kind of CBM we get.”


      • Was that Voltaire? Or Nietzsche?

        • Confucius.

          • Anthony

          • Wise man say: “Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza”

            • I love that movie. I love that line. Definitely, my favorite CBM of all time.

            • That’s crazy. I am watching that right now. Still a big fan of TMNT.

              • I wish I was watching it. I’m at work. Playing on the internet. I should probably do something productive…but it’s Monday and almost lunch.

              • @ d-man

                Same here. Who’s this guy? I dunno. I bet he never has to ask for a can opener. Hehe.

                • lol…Ah the greats…

          • More like Contradictus.

            • +1 lol

        • Kahless.


    • At this point, I care but I don’t care.

      I’ve always felt DC has had a bigger legacy than Marvel and that’s just the way it is. Outside of theatrical films, I feel like Marvel is running themselves into the ground.

      Lets just say neither Marvel or DC made any theatrical films. Well, sure, you’ve got a couple of neat animated movies that are decent enough to watch on Marvel’s side, but not really anything compared to DC IMO. And it’s not like these animated films were influenced by theatrical films so either way, they all turn out in the same way.

      The TV shows. You have Spider-Man TAS throughout the 90′s and that’s a huge success, but the DCAU also launches in the 90′s with BTAS and it’s bigger than that. That’s not an opinion, it’s fact. The X-Men and Hulk cartoons weren’t that big, they were somewhat memorable but not that big.

      Then Spectacular Spider-Man finds it’s way into the world in due time and that’s a GREAT cartoon, but Disney cancels it in favor of the terrible Ultimate Spider-Man. And now they’ve got an Avengers cartoon that wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for their movies, which replaced a pretty decent other Avengers show: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. DC had Teen Titans, The Batman, Static Shock, JLU, and The Batman all in that time frame from the late 90′s to the early 2000′s. Sure, Beware the Batman is getting a mixed response, but it’s still a decent show.

      Video games. Marvel used to dominate with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and other X-Men games similar to that, but now we have the Arkham games and it’s being called one of the best franchises of all time.

      Comics…I’m just not fond of Marvel’s stuff and can’t really see why a lot of people would like it, but that’s just opinion.

      • @ACW 007 – On the comics side, I don’t buy monthly issues. I prefer buying a series in a collection. DC seems way better at that. When I wanted to read Marvel’s Civil War, I had no idea which book to start with, and I still don’t know if I read everything. I got the gist of it though. However, I read Flashpoint with no problem. That’s my only complaint from the comics end.

        And on the video games side…I had Spider-man: Maximum Carnage for the Sega Genesis. I don’t really remember any DC games growing up. But, you’re right about now.

        • I also had more Marvel games growing up, but I did own a couple of really fun DC games: Batman Begins, Superman: Rise of the Apokolips, etc.

          For the most part, I owned mostly Spider-Man games and Ultimate Alliance. I remember renting a few X-Men games

          • @ACW

            Have you ever played DC Universe Online? Its like WoW but for DC. Pretty cool.

            • I’ve thought about it, but never really got around to starting the game. Looks fun though!

        • @The Teacher

          I agree about the comics. I was able to read The Blackest Nights with no problem. Im still trying to figure out Civil War.

          • Some call me a teacher, I consider myself a procrastinator.

            Lesson number one…Ghostbusters, great film or the greatest film?

            • Forrest Gump is the greatest film.

              • “12 Angry Men” and “The Nightmare Before Chirstmas”

                • I hate you guys ;)

                  • Like I said before: “Ghostbusters” ties with “Liar Liar” for Best Comedy of All Time

                    • Who framed Roger Rabbit is one of my personal faves. The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, Ghostbusters, Porky’s, alot of old ones I consider great.

                  • Ghostbusters was funny.
                    Ghostbusters 2 not so much.
                    Ghostbusters 3 we’ll never know. ;)

                    • I don’t get why “Ghostbusters II” gets so much hate. I must be one of the few who thought it was REALLY good.

                    • @Root Beer

                      I really liked Ghostbusters 2 as well. I liked them both. A lot. Some of my favorite childhood movies.

                    • I give them credit for trying to make Ghostbusters 2 a good film even though I thought it was just decent. To make a good sequel off the first film I understand now would be difficult. Not sure if many people would realize that back then or even now.

                    • @ ACW 007

                      For me it was the walking Statue of Liberty, that was just dumb. One of the worst sequels of all time, IMO. I was bummed out when I saw it as a kid.

            • Ghostbusters is one of the greatest. It has some of the timeless one liners of all times. “Dogs and cats, living together… Mass hysteria!!!”

          • I agree. Tracking down all the comics related to the “Civil War” arc was a huge headache. Geez.

            • It would’ve been nice if it was under it’s own line, but I can’t imagine the confusion it caused when it was running all over the place.

              I believe “Fear Itself” also did that and it was frustrating. At least with DC, you can read the whole storyline from different perspectives in different lines of other titles.

    • I may not say it’s a no win scenario, maybe a difficult win, from what we can see anyways. Keep in mind, this is Screen Rant with more than half of the visitors being comic book fans, about a Superman and Batman movie lol. Whether it’s negative or positive, there’s always going to be a strong reaction to any piece of news or rumor about a movie like this on SR. Also no matter how strong someone’s reaction may be, what are they even reacting to? Rumors? The little information we know? The movie’s two years away so I may not get too worried just yet. But I get your concerns. The aftershock of the announcement is definitely a little rocky but it’s still just an announcement, we still know next to nothing.

      I think there will be a little commotion over Bale’s absence in theaters, but I also think that if done right with the right actor, the general audience can be very forgiving, and the general audience is where the money and word is at. Just my two cents!

    • @ Stark

      I read on a few websites how people talk WB/DC is little desperate to pick up it’s momentum to catch up Marvel’s success by getting Batman Vs. Superman film made because of the success of Nolan’s trilogy & MOS did well despite mixed reviews from critics & fans. Even I see it as they wanna step up their game & fear it’s rushing things.

    • @Stark – Why doesn’t everybody just relax? Why doesn’t everybody just relax? It’s my duty as a protector of the internet and an advocate for fanboy rights to inform you that we, the fans, have to complain. I don’t per se, but the fanboy generation deserves to have the right to jump down the throat of movie executives before any memo goes out regarding the script, plot, casting, etc.

      We must bash our favorite properties in order to protect them. And we must attack anyone who disagrees with our opinion. This is a slippery slope. Remember the dark times? Remember Superman IV: The Quest for Peace or Batman and Robin…franchises with potential that went downhill because the fans didn’t complain enough on the internet…sure Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet, but we had the postal system. We failed.

      Do I need to remind people of Catwoman or Elektra or Spider-Man 3…..if the studios are left unchecked by us fans. Who knows what will happen? Another Green Lantern? X-Men the Last Stand? Supergirl? The general public doesn’t know any better. That’s why American Idol killed in the ratings for past 12 years…and other shows spawned out from that (the Voice, X-Factor). And why shows like Project Runway or So You Think You Can Dance or the Apprentice are all still on the air. They’ve taken our TV. We must protect our movies. We must take to the internet and rant. Who is with me?

      Nobody? Fine, be that way. I thought we were friends.

      • Are there two types of “fanboys”?

        1. Those who love anything about their favorite “thing”, good, bad or indifferent.

        2. Those who only love anything ONLY if it agrees with how they think it should be.

        While I thought most of the films you listed weren’t great films, I’m still glad that they got made and have watched them more than once (I still watch Batman and Robin every once in a while).

        So shouldn’t it be “fanboys” and “fanhaters”?

        • I really think this whole Marvel/DC thing has created an entire sub-culture of people who feel like it is there duty to show up to every page that is associated with the rival side and proceed to s**t all over whatever that page happens to be about.

          This one gets me-

          “Let me start by saying what a big fan I am of (insert whoever here) but I really think this sucks because blah blah blah…..”

          Are these people really the fans they claim to be, or do they start with claiming to be a fan as a way to bring credence to their bash post?

          Either way… this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

          By the time 2015 rolls around, the internet is going to be a f(rick)ing blood-bath.

          • @ Dr. M

            I’ve seen posts like those. What people don’t realize is that these are just words on a screen, and they have no bearing or affect on the movie, and certainly not the companies that make them.

            WB/DC doesn’t care if people on SR don’t like MoS just the same as Disney/Marvel doesn’t care they don’t like IM3. They both made money just like the future installments will. The whole thing is rediculious.

            This bitterness reminds me of Democrats and Rebuplicans just pounding on each other.

            • @ Stark

              Makes all of this a lot less enjoyable. I’m not saying we should all be smiling, shaking hands and nodding along in agreement with each other… but for pete sake’s something a little less extreme than where we presently are regarding this would be refreshing.

              • @ Dr. M

                I agree with that and it would be refreshing.
                I don’t think we’re going to get to that point however, unfortunately.

        • Honestly, I’ve never seen Elektra, Catwoman, or Supergirl…maybe I’m sexist. I watched Superman IV as a kid, but would never revisit it. Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, and X-Men the Last Stand…I watched, I enjoyed parts of them, but I wouldn’t re-watch them…my time is too precious to waste.

          I can only get into a heated discussion about one of these that I mentioned…and that is Spider-Man 3. And it could be because I grew up reading Spidey comics or it could be because the film ruined it’s predecessors. The first two movies set up a narrative to have an epic conclusion in the trilogy between Harry and Peter…it doesn’t happen, instead we get amnesia and dancing.

          In your definition, I am a fanboy…but I hate that film.

          • @Professor:

            About Spidey 3… I thought it was okay. Let me preface this by saying “I am a big fan of Spiderman” :).

            No really, I always wondered how Peter would act under the influence of the Symbiote in real life and while it was comical, I could see how he could turn out like Emo Peter. I guess because I tend to focus on the good parts of movies, it makes the bad ones not seem so bad (hence the “fanboy” in me).

            I liked that it has Sandman, Venom, Black Spider-man, Harry as the Goblin etc. Was the retcon of Sandman being the one who shot Ben horrible? Sure, for purists… for non-”fanboys”, it just closed the circle. Since I wasn’t really on fansites back then, was there a Mandarin-type outcry at that?

            I didn’t hate it, and I think the trilogy was more faithful to its source material than Baleman’s.

            • LOL.

              I like Spiderman 3 too. Definitely not as good as it’s predecessor, but I don’t think it’s as bad as it’s made out to be.

              Same can be said about Iron Man 2.

            • I’m sorry but AMNESIA…come on…that’s soap opera writing.

              • Oh yeah, far from perfect. Cringe worthy if you will at parts. I give it a pass for a picture perfect Sandman, and at least an attempt on Venom that was true to his origin.

                It was a very “comic-booky” comic book movie. For that reason it gets a boost from me.

                … but yeah not exactly Shakespearean.

                • Sandman was cool….but they rewrote the first film with the Sandman story arc. And they threw away all the tension of the second film between Harry and Peter with AMNESIA!

          • I agree. Spider-Man 3 just had too much going on. No character growth or development. Too many coincidences constantly overlapping each other. I did like how the trilogy built up and fleshed out the big fight between Spider-Man and Harry Osborne.

            It was ok. Just not one of my top comic book films. It is pretty low. Which is unfortunate, being that it had such a strong launch and sequel films.

          • @ Prof.

            I could never finish Elektra, never seen Catwoman, Supergirl was down right awful. Despite it’s poor effects,etc. I enjoyed Superman 4 more than I did Superman 3. Batman & Robin & X3 I could watch occasionally as I seen worse CBM than them. Spidey 3 was decent I thought. But imo, like WB did to the Batman franchise, Sony screwed with the Spidey franchise.

      • Here, here!!!!

  9. I am starting to wonder if team up movies like X-Men and the Avengers are unwittingly undermining stand alone superhero films. Consider this, after MOS people were screaming for some kind of team up film to follow – either World’s Finest or Justice League. We are now getting both before a stand alone Man of Steel which many people, even those that greatly enjoyed the film like myself, think would better explore Superman as an individual. In addition, Iron Man 2 was technically a team up film since it featured Nick Fury and Black Widow and now the next Captain America will also feature Black Widow and Nick Fury, all presumably as very expensive commercials for the next Avengers. Same with Wolverine where the people who I have spoken to about it seemed more interested in the after credit scenes as the lead up to the next X-Men team up film. This may be the beginning of the end of solo movies which are beginning to seem less “epic” compared to the team-up movies.

    • I don’t think you can categorize X-Men as such considering it wasn’t really a “team-up” movie. It actually spawned 2 solo movies.

      Iron Man’s micro-universe has always included other heroes, so it’s not surprising to see at least SHIELD characters in his movies. What gets me is Spiderman was always the “Team-Up” guy (hence Marvel Team-Up) yet we see no other heroes, just villains.

      And yes, while there are some of us who would rather have true “solo” films. There are many others who love having more than one hero on the screen at a time, like uh… Batman and Superman.

      • But I think the solo films were not AS readily received as the X-Men team up. And to be frank the first Wolverine featured MANY other mutants so it was a solo film in name only. I don’t think Spiderman has anyone to really team up with given he is licensed by Sony.

    • Completely agree. After the success of The Avengers, people are starting to look at the future plans of team up films more than the solo films they’re watching. I find people are fast tracking through all the comic book movies just to get to the prize without breathing in and fully enjoying each step getting there. Really sucks if you ask me.

      • @ ColdSc

        I look forward to solo films as much as I do to the team-up film. Can’t explain it except that it builds anticipation for me to look forward to. Kinda like from one chapter to the next in a book.

        • That’s one thing I sort of dislike. The fact that the movies are treated more like chapters instead of books. Movies are around 2 to maybe 3 hours along, I feel like they can fit a whole lot more material in each one instead of it feeling like it’s there just to build up to something and boost up anticipation for the eventual pay off. Obviously everyone has their preferences but I’d love to watch a movie and end up at a different state of mind at the end than I had in the beginning of the film.

          • @ ColdSc

            Id much rather prefer get the heroes origins explained in their solo films instead of them being covered over again in the team-up films & their sequels. Superman & Batman’s origins are so well known by now that they shouldn’t have to be told on film for years. It’s other core members of the league & beyond of DC comics that people wouldn’t know very little or squat. It’s like JLU, for a animated show, that had a good number of heroes & villains alot of people wouldn’t be familiar with unless they were die-hard geeks. I have my doubts many of them won’t be seen in animation again or in live-action no matter how realistic they could appear.

      • @ ColdSc

        Agreed! It seemed like Avengers became the standard by which every superhero film had to meet. Even obscure characters like the ones in Justice League Dark seems like they are just going to fast track to a superhero team-up film before even one solo outing. I love the team up films as much as anyone, but I also appreciate the films that explore heroes individually and in depth.

  10. Since its shark week anyone watch megalodon last night, what are your thoughts ?

    • Nah, I am waiting for Sharknado 2…After Bite.

      • Haha, sharknado was hilarious!!

        • @Vader

          How are you and your family doing?

          • @ King MOOstafa

            We’re good thanks, how about you and yours ?

            • They are fine.

              Gracie is a poop factory and she laughs or giggles when she poops.

              But we are good :)

              • Haha glad to hear your family is doing good.

    • I quite enjoyed the Megalodon “documentary”…I’m hoping it and the previously shown Mermaids “documentary” get released on DVD, so I can add them to my copy of the “documentary” of “real” Dragons.

  11. Batman of course we’ll blow this out.

  12. Here is a kicker.

    Making French Toast for Auggie and Me. So I asked him the age old question.

    “Auggie, which do you think came first? The Chicken or the Egg?”

    Auggie response had me with my mouth wide open in shock.

    “Dad, Neither came first. They both came at the same time. Then the Chicken sat on the egg, the egg hatched and it was a Rooster and then the rooster mated with the chicken.”

    So, my mind is blown for the rest of the day.

    • So, the chicken xD

      • …Laid the eggs to make the french toast.

        Did I really have to explain it? :)

        • so, the chicken makes french toast?

          • Yes, yes the chicken makes the french toast.

            I may be known for my Cows, but my Chickens are Covert.

    • Okay, even my mind is bent.

    • Speaking of breakfast foods, what are your favorites?

      I can’t seem to resist country fried (or chicken fried) steak/cow.

      Other favorites:

      - Corn beef hash
      - Hash browns
      - Waffles

      And of course, BACON! (Jim Gaffigan reference)

      But… I don’t eat eggs (“He’s weird”). I even get my breakfast burritos without eggs.

      Obviously… I don’t plan to live very long.

      • Growing up and spending summers and weekends on a farm.

        I got accoustmed to Grits with eggs and bacon.

        Pancakes, or as my mom would make breakfast for my dad and sistes, and Grandmom would make breakfast for me.

        They just thought it would be easier if one person cooked my breakfast, which was, well..6 Pancakes, 5 eggs and 1 pound of bacon..every saturday.

        During the week, mostly grits and eggs and bacon.

      • Steak and eggs for me.

  13. After 3 years, my wife and I finally finished streaming Weeds on Netflix! It is quite an accomplishment. I know. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Used to be one of my favorites, however I think the show started spiraling once they burned down Agrestic.

      • I have to agree. We kept watching. I think Shane’s transformation is what kept my interest.

        • Absolutely. After a few seasons, it became harder and harder to care about Nancy’s character since all she did was make the exact same decisions over and over.

          Shane on the other hand, became the most intriguing character on the show as it went on, simply because you wanted to see what he would do next.

          And for me personally, I would love to see the actor who plays Andy in more stuff. I think he’s hilarious.

          • I enjoyed him on the monkey doctor show on NBC….just writing that description makes me realize why it was canceled.

  14. What If? Superman vs Hancock.

    • Id watch it!

      • Who you think would win?

        Another note: Ultimate Spiderman the new( well,not that new) animation series I kind of enjoy it.

        Also there is a new Pac man CGI animation coming out. Talk about retro. I mean I will check it out, because I am retro(77 baby!!).

        • Hancock would, because as BigNerd pointed out, he is immortal. Batman would figure it out. Bringing him and the girl together. But Superman… might not?

          • Batman would figure it out. But bringing them together would be tough. I mean now you’re dealing with two powerful immortals who definitely know not to get near each other. But, it’s Batman, he would figure out a way.

            • Batman is great and all.

              But lets face it…Superman would probably just not fight.

              Hancock would grab Batman by the arms and make a wish.

              Batman is good, he is the best when thinking. But, I do not think a Pissed off Hancock would care if he grabbed Batman and tear him apart.

              Lets face it, Batman has been hit by low level henchmen and he jut clean their clocks, Hancock get a punch on him…well

              • I bet Hancock would shove Batman’s head up Superman’s ass. He’s not afraid to do it.

    • This begs the question, is Superman immortal?

      Hancock is, so he can just wait it out… hehe.

      In a single fight, probably Superman. While Hancock may lack the morals of Supes (and not care about collateral damage), he’s not supposed to be that smart compared to Superman.

      But Batman can beat them both. :)

      Peace! I’m out! I’m BigNerd!

      • @Big Nerd.

        No, Superman is not Immortal as he can be wounded and as evident by Doomsday can die.

        Hancock on the other hand…He gets close to Charlize Theron he gets weak…Which would be any normal man! Just saying.

        • @ King Moostafa

          *comic book guy voice*

          Actually, Doomsday didn’t literally “kill” Superman. The reason Kal-El fell into his “coma” was the result of him believing in his own humanity.

          You see, Kal-El had spent so much time on Earth and around humans he developed his own false sense of humanity, and the only reason Doomsday was able to accomplish what he did was because Kal thought that it was possible.

          • **Ahem**

            To quote Dutch from Predator “If it bleeds. We can kill it.”

            Superman is not immortal as such.

            He does require a space suit for extended periods in space away from Earths Yellow Sun.

            He does bleed.

            Should he be in a place without the Earth’s yellow sun, he would be normal human and thus..he can be killed and he can die.

            So, he is not immortal, he ages slowly, but he does age. His mortality is not like a normal humans…Unless the sun goes red, then he is screwed!

            • And that answers that. Makes sense to me. I guess it could go anyway. That fight would go on and on….Closely matched in strength and powers. Both have weaknesses that are not easy to come by.

              I mean you don’t walk into a local convenience store and purchase kryptonite.

              Nor do you call an electric company and say I want to stop payment on my yellow sun bill.

              Nor would you just walk up to another powerful immortal and explain I would like to kill your ageless husband by having you all spend considerable together.

              Like heavy weight title match it is whoever lands that just right punch.

              • @D-Man.

                Ok, say Superman and Hancock go at it. Blow for Blow tact for tact..Most powerful Superhero vs a God.

                What if the fight lasts into the night.

                Such as Superman is basically a solar cell that stores energy and recharges from the sun. Should he fight at night and expend his energy at a more rapid pace, one could say he could just fly towards the sun, but would Hancock allow that, and drag him underground and continue the fight there? Hancock would not lose strength, Superman would.

                Now if Mary Shows up, then the closer he gets to Mary, the weaker both of them come till they separate. Till which time, Superman would recover and proceed to beat the crap out of Hancock, till Mary decides to get away, Superman cannot focus on both at the same time.

                So, in all practicality. They would both have to surrender because they are both equal with a weakness that has to be either here or not for them to be at full strength.

                • Scientifically speaking (AKA the red head I am) it is still possible to get solar radiation at night. Just like a cloudy day, it is possible to get a sunburn. LOL. Just speaking from experience.

            • @ King

              There’s always Blue Kryptonite to make him powerless & Gold K to take away his powers forever.

      • Well Batman is the man.

        You make a good point. Hancock is immortal.

        Excellent question. Can Superman live forever or does he age? I mean he aged from a boy to a man but maybe his aging stop has his power matured.

    • I think Hancock would win.

  15. If anyone can help me out here??? There was an old sci fi show not sure if it was just a pilot show or if it made a full run back in mid 80s to early 90s time frame. I don’t remember much about the show being that I was just a kid but it was about a young man set in a futuristic setting, whether on earth or a colonized planet I do not know, but they were invaded by a race of aliens for reasons I do not know, maybe they were at war with them. These aliens had large face helmets and were all black in armor. They bled green almost like the predator, in the show the young man joins a resistance after they “TAKE/Capture” or kill his sister…
    That’s all I remember and ever movie and sci fi buff I know always thinks of x-files when I mention the brother sister aspect but it was definitely not. I’ve searched youtube and the internet for lists of scifi shows from those time periods whether American programs or british and came up empty with nothing… If anyone remembers can I get a name????

    • Would that be the original “V” series from 1983 by any chance? The alien soldiers wore black large black helmets in that show.

      • I checked out the aliens from that show V you mention and although the aliens wear black helmets they still appear human underneath. These aliens were full on body armored and looked similar to Black Manta from DC comics at least from how it looks in my head. Its a little hard to remember its been so long but these guys were definitely not human looking… I must continue my search.

        • Try posting your question in the “I Need to Know” forum on the imdb message boards. The guys over there are an amazing pool of movie knowledge and sometimes they can provide the right answer in mere minutes. Good Luck!

    • I don’t remember the show, but I’ve been searching online for it and have been unsuccessful. :( I looked through the list of episodes for The Twilight Zone series from the late eighties, thinking it could be one of them. The only episodes I found to include aliens are:

      1. “A Day in Beaumont”
      2. “A Small Talent for War”
      3. “Stranger in Possum Meadows”

      I don’t believe they are what you’re looking for, but I included them just in case. If I find anything else, I’ll pass it along.

      • I don’t think it was a twilight zone, and the aliens kind of looked like BLACK MANTA from DC comics But thanks for the suggestion.

    • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, maybe?

  16. Does anyone know why I am unable to see the spectacular now in Toronto?

    • Maybe you’re too pessimistic, or your expectations are too high. Does every moment have to be “spectacular?” Have you tried drugs?

      (Actually I think the opening was limited, but I expect it will open wider soon).

  17. is mel gibson confirmed in expendables 3??

    jude law wiill be a awesome batman don’t you agree?

    • no, not really. And Mel Gibson was indicated, though not confirmed, as the villan for the film by Stallone

  18. I suspect that Patrick Stewart as professor X doesn’t physically exist anymore, but that’s what he is projecting, either from a different body or his younger self.

    Also, Cyclops can soooooo easily be written to have never been killed by Jean. I am dumbfounded by the number of people, supposed comic readers, who keep insisting otherwise. It must be fun to never learn from repeated experience. Keeps everything “fresh” I suppose.

  19. Yeah. I guess you’re right. I did not see an actual body of Cyclops, his death was only slightly hinted at. Besides I have read enough comics in my day, and bringing a comic book character back from the dead is always reoccurring in between the pages of comic books. Countless times situations such as these have happen.

  20. Um any Johnny Depp fans around? If so what you think about him leaving his acting career behind, it was said that it’s not long until he retires? All cause of his downhills with the Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows.
    I’d hate to see him leave I’m a HUGE fan of him

    • Well, that’s crazy. I am big fan of Johnny Depp films. I mean I would not like it if he retired, especially because of a few current films that did not do well massively.

      Now if he’s retiring because he’s been acting for over 20 years and is done with the nature of Hollywood and all the stuff that comes with it, then I understand and respect it.

      Hate to see him go as well. Easily one of my favorite actors.

  21. Elysium friends, that is all.

  22. Watched Avengers again. Can’t believe all the hate towards MOS for all the destruction caused between Supes and Zod. I’m thinking Avengers caused as much or more.

  23. In MOS Superman dealt with Zod & smaller army than Loki’s tearing up Metroplis & Smallville. Unlike Superman, The Avengers were getting critized for some of the destruction in New York as much they were shown getting support from citizens. In MOS, one building collapsed I remember while a lot of buildings in New York suffered major damage & mostly collapsed in The Avengers.