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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 4, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 4, 2014

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  1. GotG’s opening box office was surprising.

    I haven’t seen it yet but the buzz makes me want to.

    #WhoIsStarlord :)

  2. ****** Light Guardians Spoiler *******

    So just to try and keep things straight with all the Infinity Gems.

    -The Tesseract (and gauntlet?) are in Asgard where Loki is pretending to be Odin.

    -The Ether is missing as the Collectors collection got destroyed.

    -And the Purple Gem is in the Nova vault.

    So some pretty crazy stuff is going to need to happen for all the gems and gauntlet to make it to one place.

    I’m already thinking way to much about Avengers 3.

    • I am hoping Thanos will collect these gems a-la Thanos’ Quest. They may not be all held by Elders this time around, but it would still be awesome to show him using his Brute force on some and his brain on others and his powers on others. Thanos’ Quest gave the full spectrum of Thanos’ abilities and let you understand just who the heroes were dealing with.

      • @Doom3524 – So do you think they’ll make a Thanos-based film in phase 3? That would be one way to flesh out the villain…by devoting an entire film to him and thus creating a trilogy within the third phase.

        Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 on July 28 2017
        Thanos and Louise – November 3 2017
        Avengers 3: Age of Infinity – May 4 2018

        These are all working titles.

    • Here’s a possible scenario for Gem acquisition:

      Loki will hand the tesseract over to Thanos in Thor 3, Thanos will spare Loki’s life.

      The aether will awaken adam warlock’s cocoon, he will find the orb/purple stone. Fight Thanos alongside Guardians in GotG 2, Thanos will take the aether and purple from Warlock.

      Thanos has three.

      Another will be in Dr. Strange, perhaps a treasure of Mephisto’s or Dormammu’s, or the ancient one. I don’t see a gem in Cap 3, or Antman.

      the final gems will be attained in Avengers 3 and the final battle with Infinity Gauntlet Thanos. IMO

    • And the Stone from Loki’s staff that will be with Baron von Strucker in Avengers 2!

    • Assuming these are all the stones so far:

      Loki’s Scepter

      We still need 2 more movies with stones. If Loki’s Scepter is not one, I’m assuming Thanos already has one if that is the case. Ant Man could have the mind stone, explaining how Ant Nan communicates with ants. Captain America had an infinity stone and it went right under our noses.

      Doctor Strange will have one for sure. And lets hope Adam Warlock steals the aether in Thor 3 to challenge Thanos. Man oh man.

      • Isn’t the scepter powered by the Tesseract? I could swear I remember that part being mentioned in the Avengers.

        • I got confused with that too. Is the stone in the Scepter it’s own stone or is just powered by the Tesseract?

  3. I was shopping in the mall today and just happened to find myself browsing in ‘Gamestop’. I came across Lego Lord of the Rings and though ‘what the hell’.

    In conclusion, I played it all night last night and could not stop. The Lego games are a ton of fun and I found my self laughing numerous times!

    Anyone else ever play this game or any of the other Lego games?

    • Hell yeah, whenever I play a LEGO game I am having fun. Does not matter the franchise, they always make it fun and entertaining. Although I do miss the grunting as apposed to the actual dialogue they use now in the recent LEGO games.

    • Play Marvel SuperHeroes LEGO and the first Batman one. Those 2 are by far the best Lego games. Imho.

  4. I found GOTG to be fantastic.

    I got the chills from the RR and Groot scene when RR got his gun. Similar to the first atomic breath in Godzilla. So it had been a while.

    GOTG is my favorite movie of the summer, and maybe of the year. Between CA:TWS and it. It’s almost a toss up but I’ll decide when I go see it again this week.

    I said it before, they nailed it with Pratt.

  5. For those whose top 5 comic-book movies changed over the weekend, here’s my new one:

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Man of Steel
    3. The Dark Knight
    4. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    5. Watchmen

    If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve done yourself a disservice that you should rectify quickly.

    • For my part, I saw it yesterday and loved it. It was a very fun movie-going experience. It easily DID overtake both “Thor” films, IM2, IM3, and “The Avengers” in terms of Marvel Studio movie rankings. I found it as good as CA1. It was, however, still leagues behind CA2 for me and not in my top five films for summer OR CBMs (…maybe is in the top 10 or top 15 for one or both categories). I gave a few more thoughts on the film in the comments section of the current “Weekend Wrap-up” thread.

      Great way to end a weekend…

    • Good list. Here’s mine.

      1. CA: TWS
      2. Iron man 3
      3. The avengers and iron man 1
      4. The dark knight
      5. TASM 2

      Well, I’ll be there for Guardians on opening night……. IN INDIA!!!! Seriously though, I CANNOT wait to see it! :'(

      • Have fun buddy.

    • 1. CA:TWS
      3. TASM2/X-Men:DOFP
      4. IronMan/Thor2
      5. MoS

      Tough call for me. Very good movies out there. Very very good.

      • Nice list. I kinda want to amend my list and put Captain America: TWS a little bit higher, after a bit more thought, I think it’s better than The Dark Knight and maybe better than Man of Steel.

  6. After seeing guardians of the Galaxy (which was fantastic by the way)there is no question that Chris Pratt definitely should take the hat, and the whip and assume the mantle of Dr Indiana Jones. Yes I’m saying whenever Disney decides to resurrect the Indiana Jones franchise, Pratt should take over that role.

    He reminds me of a young Harrison Ford and I can see him playing a young Indiana Jones especially if they decide to go the prequel route with the franchise. Jones had a lot of adventures before Raiders of the lost ark and I think they should stories of indy’s earlier adventures leading up to raiders of the lost ark.

    I’m not saying Pratt is in Harrison’s category as far as acting, at least not yet, but I do believe he has the pedigree to pull off playing Indiana Jones and I’ve been thinking that for awhile. So let’s see it happen Disney. Chris Pratt as the new Indiana Jones with James Gunn directing.

  7. Am I the only one who really enjoys Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man more than Andrew Garfield?

    Hear me out: I was 7 years old when the 1st movie came out, and I saw it opening day. I walked out with his performance really fresh in my mind, I was kind of amazed (because when you’re young, you don’t really analyze things in depth). And just the way he was on screen sold me that he could be a hero, his motives were clear.

    The crying never bothered me because:

    1.) If you’re going to have anyone cry, let it be Tobey Maguire. He doesn’t look like he’s faking it.
    2.) Stretching back to the earliest days of Spider-Man, Peter Parker cracked so much under minimal pressure to the point where he always broke down and cried. Why? Because he’s human, he deals with the same things we do outside of the suit. Spider-Man is his fantasy, but Peter Parker is his reality.

    And I think the way they approached Tobey’s Spider-Man made up for a lot of things people would go digging for, things I felt were fan service in TASM. It also goes without saying that Tobey’s voice is so unique that it does fit to the character of Spider-Man: it’s somewhat adult-like, but there is a gentle childishness in the way he carries his words. And whenever I think of Spider-Man, two voices pop into my head: Christopher Daniel Barnes and Tobey Maguire.

    What do you guys think?

    • Actually, although I enjoyed Garfield’s more recent take on Peter, I too much preferred Maguire’s portrayal. I think he captured the character of Peter more accurately AND more effectively.

      So, in that particular regard, you are not alone…


      • Oh, believe me, I too enjoy Andrew Garfield. And if he’s inspiring young children like Tobey Maguire did with me, he deserves to keep the role :)

    • No.

      I actually do not like Garfield at all as PP. Sans the “emo pete” in SM3, I liked Tobey much more.

    • Only saw ASM1 so don’t know how Andy did with ASM2, saw all three of Toby’s.

      Where they take Peter/Spiderman in S3 is awful, can see what they’re trying but it didn’t work for me…. it’s just irritating. So we’ll ignore S3, it’s not what Sam wanted to do so it’s not wholly a true reflection.

      So Andy in ASM1 vs Toby’s S1/S2

      Toby is a better Peter Parker
      Andy is a better Spiderman

      But this is all down to the script…… Andy’s Spidey is properly wisecracking and fun but that’s how it was written for him, Toby’s Spidey was TOO focused on the whole Power = Reasonability stick.

      Ironically that focus is why his Peter is better than Andy’s.

      To me Peter is torn up by his mistake – ALWAYS. It’s what gives him the drive to be Spiderman, BUT when he is Spiderman it’s what he uses to forget about those things, like someone who does extreme sports to feel alive and forget about the humdrum, it’s cathartic for him.

      Give Toby Peter Andy’s Spiderman to play and that’ll just about nail it.

  8. My Screen Rant Homework. 😉

    My 5 Favorite Movies Per Decade…

    1- Psycho
    2- Rosemary’s Baby
    3- Dr. Strangelove
    4- 2001: A Space Odyssey
    5- Strait-Jacket *

    1- Jaws
    2- Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
    3- Carrie
    4- Halloween
    5- Alien

    1- Raiders of the Lost Ark
    2- Poltergeist
    3- A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
    4- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    5- The Goonies

    1- Se7en
    2- The Usual Suspects
    3- The Shawshank Redemption
    4- JFK
    5- The Silence of the Lambs

    1- Pan’s Labyrinth
    2- The Dark Knight
    3- Mulholland Drive
    4- No Country For Old Men
    5- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    1- The Cabin in the Woods
    2- The Social Network
    3- Insidious
    4- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy **
    5- Looper

    * I have to admit, Strait-Jacket is a pretty awful movie. I have it as a favorite because it was the first horror movie I ever saw (late one night on cable when I was way too young to be watching a horror movie) and as you can see horror is featured heavily on my list.

    ** The other day I had TTSP as my #1 for for the 10’s but as I thought about it over the weekend I had to put the other movies above it.

    I hope I’m not the only one who did this. Because I put more thought into it than I care to admit (I was even taking notes) and I’d feel like a bigger nerd than usual if I’m the only one. :) :) :)

    • Haha have no fear Kev, I have completed the task as well.

      5) A Fistful of Dollars
      4) The Parent Trap
      3) You Only Live Twice
      2) El Dorado
      1) Lawrence of Arabia

      5) Dog Day Afternoon
      4) The Wiz
      3) Grease
      2) Taxi Driver
      1) The Godfather Part 1 & 2

      5) Rocky IV
      4) The Outsiders
      3) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
      2) Stand By Me
      1) Back to the Future

      5) Hook
      4) Pulp Fiction
      3) The Sandlot
      2) T2: Judgment Day
      1) Goodfellas

      5) American Gangster
      4) Blood Diamond
      3) The Departed
      2) Collateral
      1) The Dark Knight

      5) The Great Gatsby
      4) Drive
      3) The Place Beyond the Pines
      2) Black Swan
      1) The Wolf of Wallstreet

      This was actually pretty tough!

      • You’ve a few throughout your list the I was close to putting on mine like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Stand by Me and Back to the Future but in the end I really tried to keep it to absolute favorites.
        If I were doing top 10’s they would all show up and if we were making the distinction between favorites and what we thought were the best technically my list would be a lot different.

        The hardest decade for me was the 00’s. I could have easily done a top 20 and cutting it down to 5 took a while.

  9. So watched Guardians yesterday – thought it was fab, doesn’t topple Godzilla as my favourite of the year mainly because I’m half kaiju and that’s my “thing” more than Marvel’s latest and greatest offering.

    Surprisingly touching in MANY places, there was just as many sniffles as laughs in my showing.

    Chris Pratt is awesome, proper goof ball, no fear of looking an idiot.

    Zoe gives a standard Zoe performance – it aint gonna win any prizes but at least she’s present, not phoning it in with a couple of standout moments….. I think she picks the scenes that she wants to get her teeth into and only then gives it both barrels.

    Bautista – his dead pan delivery, whether natural or choice is perfect for his dialogue, some of it is pretty awkward but he manages to spit it out without mangling it.

    Rocket and Groot – brilliant, Rocket is always fun, you can’t help but be moved by Groot.

    Solid 4 out of 5, tied with CA:WS as Marvel’s best offering.

    These two with their altered tones are welcome changes of pace from the almost by the numbers standardised light touch of the MCU so far….. different is GREAT in the MCU.

  10. After seeing guardians of the Galaxy (which was fantastic by the way) I have no doubt that Chris Pratt can be the new Indiana Jones.

    • Not sure about that. Pratt seems to be missing the “man’s man” aura that Harrison Ford had. Pratt comes across as too boyish to be a good Indiana Jones. My vote for a new Indiana Jones still goes to Jensen Ackles. He’d be perfect.

  11. Who else here was dissapointed with the GOTG after credits scene?

    • I was a little, but I think in the long run it’ll pay off.

      • I just hope they don’t make a movie for the one character that they teased! That would really suck!

        • They already did, and it is 80’s B-movie awesome! (^-^)

    • I thought it was funny and really kept GOTG separate from the other films at this point. It would have been strange to see Tony Stark or another Avenger shoehorned into a cameo. How would they have done that since Earth was only shown in the year 1988? So, we could have seen Kid Stark or a Cap-sicle or Fury getting his eye poked out. This was the best way to go about it. They showcased a quasi-known character that referenced 1980s pop culture. It was the perfect capstone to that film, and that is why I had no issue with the after credits scene.

      • Actually, would not have been that hard. There will be an infinity stone in Doc Strange. They might not have cast DS per se, but they could have teased someone (who will be doc’s mentor) in the 80s with some different kind of powers -mystical arts. The movie was so out there that it was the one where it would have worked.


  12. Hello Everyone,

    Ororo and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy this past Friday and it was amazing. We both laughed multiple times in the movie and were very invested in all the characters. I think my favorite character was Rocket Racoon and hers was Groot, but we enjoyed all 5 guardians. Definately a movie you want to experience in the theatres. Please don’t wait to rent it on DVD, see it now.

    I keep coming to Screen Rant everyday in hopes that the MCU will announce a new film lol. I just know that one of these days they will announce a film for one of the 2017 or 2018 dates, especially that we have no more after credit movie sceens to look forward to until The Avengers Age: of Ultron next year.

    I think my top favorite super hero movies for 2014 is *for only this year*
    1.) Captain America 2
    2.) X-Men: Days of Future Past
    3.) Guardains of the Galaxy (very close to my #2)
    4.) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (very distant fourth)

    I’m glad to hear that the Fantasic Four reboot has finished with production. I can’t wait to see footage, hopefully a real interesting and gripping 1st trailer from this movie will turn the harsh critics around. I feel that at the end of the day Fox wont resort the rights back to the MCU anytime soon (which can a good thing in some respect), with that in mind all I want is the film to succed and be a great thoughtful, character driven, action movie.

    • Right there with ya BP. I’m expecting a new announcement any day now as well.

      Guardians was beautiful. A truly amazing film and quite possibly Marvel’s best so far. It was very well put together.

      Rocket & Groot are awesome. Like Han and Chewbacca for the new millennium.

  13. Good Morning all…

    Happy Monday!!!  :)

    Guardians of the Galaxy was straight up SPECTACULAR! Marvel absolutely nailed it and hit it out of the park with this one. Rocket was perfect, Groot was hilarious and endearing and David Bautista really surprised me with his acting skills. Chris Pratt was excellent as Star Lord. Perfect casting all around. The whole thing is just excellent and is very well done. At the end of the film you really care for the characters as much as they care for each other. People in the theater actually stood, clapped and cheered at the end. What a fun movie. Marvel knew what they had in these character, didn’t take them too seriously, had fun with them and made an excellent film.

    Ronan is one of my favorite villains, and I enjoyed seeing him in this very much. He just looked and sounded very cool, IMO. I cannot wait for a sequel or spinn-offs.  Somebody in the theater mentioned that the Milano is this generations Millenum Falcon and Peter Quill is Han Solo; an interesting comparison I thought.

    5/5 Stars easily.

    The Avengers is still my all time favorite CBM, followed by Iron Man, but this is right there at number 3 for me.

    • Happy Monday, Stark!

      I agree with the casting; it was incredible. Bautista surprised me as well. This version of Drax was a perfect version for him. I enjoyed Ronan as well, and agreed with Rob (I think?) *MILD SPOILER* that when he told Thanos he was coming for him, he seemed much more bad ass than Thanos! I got chills when he said that. The voice was perfect.

      Very much looking forward to the sequel where I have a feeling we’ll get a fully functional Cosmo, Warlock and Nova :)

    • Hey Stark,

      Yea, I agree with you David Bautista absolutley suprised me with his acting chops. My theatre was really invested into the movie as well.

      I have a question for you: Who is your favorite villian so far in the MCU? I think mines so far is the Winter Soldier hands down. I really looking forward to seeing the Avengers take on Ultron. I have a feeling that Ultron will be the greatest foe in the MCU ever until we get someone like Kang the Conqueror, Thanos, etc. I would love to see a really good movie with Galactus. I know thats F4 and Fox has already done a moview with him, but Galactus could had been such a grad and awesome opponent on the big screen.

      PS: Sorry if this message appears twice.. having computer issues

    • Hey Stark – Interesting you say that Star Wars comparison because I felt the end of the movie harkened the end of the original Star Wars.

      Thanos (the Emperor) was off in the distance far away from the action. Nebula (Darth Vader) escaped certain doom in her version of a TIE Fighter. And Ronin was blown up like the Death Star (because that’s what the Infinity Stone turned him into, right?). And this small group of rebels lead the way to protect the galaxy.

      Great movie. I hope I get to the theater to see it a second time.

      • Shoot…should have put SPOILER warning.

        SPOILERS UP THERE! Sorry for being a d!ck.

        • What about all your Ghostbusters shilling? Still haven’t apologized for that dickery… nah I kid.


          I do see the Star Wars comparisons. Rocket and Groot are a bit like C3PO and R2D2; the friendship and banter. R2D2 has heart and often has to push Rocket into helping out or doing stuff, Groot is like that. One thing that was lacking though was the fleshing out of space, the cosmos, alien worlds, and aliens in GotG. The movie felt like it took place in like 4 or 5 very generic and uninteresting places, that’s it.

          • *often has to push C3PO, not Rocket*

            getting things mixed up.

          • I will never apologize for championing the supreme film about the apprehension of ethereal beings. 😉

            I see what you mean about the fleshing out of the cosmos, but I thought this was a great introduction. Star Wars only had three places…a desert planet, a beater ship, an enormous space station. But each of those places were fleshed out with multiple scenes. GOTG actually showed more of their universe, but didn’t take the time to focus on one area to give the viewer a better sense of that place.

      • @ Professor P.

        It did have a very ‘Star Wars’ feel to it. The Milano very much reminded me of the Falcon. Groot reminded me of Chewbacca, and Peter Quill certainly reminded me of Han Solo. Some of the prison even had a ‘Death Star’ feel to it. They were all enough to remind me of Star Wars things without duplicating Star Wars things, which is tough to do. That’s a fine line to walk and Marvel did it very well, IMO.

        Pepper, who is not a Star Wars fan, or really a CBM or sci-fi fan at all (I know I can’t believe I’m still with her either! 😉 ), even said it reminded her of some Star Wars things and she absolutly loved it.

        Something else that I found interesting was the age range of the crowd in the theater. It wasn’t just all kids or big kids or nerds. There were older folks, (without grand kids in tow), younger couples and families. This movie really seems to appeal to a very wide audience, much like Star Wars did. Pretty amazing for a CBM. :)

        • Yep, it appealed to my wife who usually does not like these movies. She avoids most sci-fi and usually accompanies me to the CBMs, but she isn’t nearly as into them as me. But, she really enjoyed this.

    • These are my thoughts about GotG, as expressed in yesterday’s “Weekend Wrap-up”.

      I just came from watching GotG…I was highly entertained. It was a fun film, definitely worth spending a couple of hours in a theater.

      It didn’t come close to displacing my favorite films of the year or even the summer, but it was certainly enjoyable as a comedy in space, and I found it much better than both “Thor” movies, IM2, IM3, and “The Avengers”. It was as good as the first CA but not nearly as good as the second, nor as good as “The Incredible Hulk”. My favorite Marvel film, to date, remains X:DoFP (though it was, of course, a Fox film, not a Marvel Studios production).

      The “Guardians” actors did a great job, and I loved the design asthetic of the film, as well. Groot and Rocket, indeed, stole the show, but I say that Peter and Gamora stole it right back. Drax actually turned out to be the most likeable guy I would never want to gift sharpened knives. Yondu was annoying every time he was on screen (except for one “chirpy” aspect)…I could have gone through the entire film quite happily without him. Ronan…meh. Oh, and I was more impressed by the end credit of Thanos in “The Avengers” than either of _____’s (NOT Ronan) scenes in GotG. The character did not impress me at all. Also, I empathized with Peter in the film’s opening…

      All in all, easily, a 3.5/5…maybe as high as a 4/5.

  14. Hey Stark,

    Yea, I agree with you David Bautista absolutley suprised me with his acting chops. My theatre was really invested into the movie as well.

    I have a question for you: Who is your favorite villian so far in the MCU? I think mines so far is the Winter Soldier hands down. I really looking forward to seeing the Avengers take on Ultron. I have a feeling that Ultron will be the greatest foe in the MCU ever until we get someone like Kang the Conqueror, Thanos, etc. I would love to see a really good movie with Galactus. I know thats F4 and Fox has already done a moview with him, but Galactus could had been such a grad and awesome opponent on the big screen.

    • @ T’Challa

      Great question BP. That’s a tough one. Ronan, IMO, was by far the most serious and intimidating, especially because of the Thanos scene; Ronan is not afraid of anybody or anything. If it’s possible, I would love to see more of Ronan in the future. I really liked Ronan’s character in GotG and his look, but that still fresh in my mind, where the others aren’t. Have to agree with you, I think I will end up liking Ultron best of all, especially from what I’ve seen and read thus far, his dialog seems very good. I really enjoyed Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2, but not Whiplash. Well of the top of my head and subject to change, here’s my short list.

      1. Ronan
      2. Red Skull
      3. Winter Soldier
      4. Loki
      5. Justin Hammer

      • @Stark – I actually preferred Nebula over Ronan in this film. She seemed mysterious and shady…I like that.

        I like this villain game, so here is my choices from the MCU:

        1) Emil Blonsky/Abomination – Blonsky evolved into the Abomination. We saw an origin story for a villain that was actually enjoyable. He wasn’t hell bent on destruction. He admired the Hulk’s power and wanted it for himself to become the perfect soldier.

        2) Loki – His speeches and antics are so fun to take in even though he’s just a guy with Daddy issues. Tom Hiddleston owns that role.

        3) The Winter Soldier – A warrior created to be the perfect soldier who says almost nothing. Always cool.

        4) Red Skull – Hail Hydra! Hail Hydra! Another perfect soldier with a failed serum…these psychopaths are my favorite types of villains.

        5) Nebula – She’s the Darth Vader of the MCU cosmic…at least I’m hoping so.

        No offense Stark, but your villains are just jealous of you and hell-bent on revenge (boring). The Iron Monger (jealous of Tony’s Dad handing the business to the boy), Whiplash (more Daddy issues…sins of the father), Extremis Mandarin (Tony left him alone on a rooftop on New Years), and Justin Hammer (2nd to Stark Industries).

        And Ronin and Malekith had no motivation other than wanting to watch the world/universe burn (as Alfred would say).

        I can’t wait for Ultron…and Thanos.

    • @ T’Challa

      My first reply to you didn’t show up for some reason, so here it is again. :)

      Great question BP, and a tough one. I know Ronan is fresh in my mind, but I think he might be my reigning favorite. I would love to see more of him in the future if possible. His look, his voice, his atitude and his fearlessness were all just great IMO. I agree with you, Ultron may very well end up being my favorite, especially based on what I’ve read about him. Off the top of my head and subject to change, here is my current list.

      1. Ronan
      2. The Red Skull
      3. The Winter Soldier
      4. Loki
      5. Justin Hammer

      Very honorable mentions: The Frost Giants and The Abomination

  15. So Adam warlock eh? Think that scene was for him no duck

  16. I’d like to talk about who the movers were in GotG, as far as who wanted the Orb.
    There seem to be 3 factions going for it.
    1- Thanos> made a deal with Ronan, who sent Korath to retrieve it, but (coincidentally) Starlord was already there.
    2- Collector is paying Gamora a ton of money to get it.
    3- An unknown is paying the Broker to hire the Ravagers to get it, and Starlord succeeded.
    In #2- does the Collector simply want it for himself? It’s possible.
    In #3- who was the unknown contractor who hired the Broker?
    Doesn’t make sense Thanos or Ronan did, since the Broker freaked out over the name of Ronan.
    Was it the Collector who hired the Broker? Again, that doesn’t make sense because the Collector doesn’t seem like a middle man guy, especially since he already made a deal with Gamora to get it.
    Any theories?

  17. I just watched GOTG and does anyone know what Starlord used or did when he pulled out this hologram controller thing when he first landed on the planet and approached the old temple building?? was it showing what was there in the past? that confused me