Open Discussion – August 31, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 31, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 31, 2012

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  1. Vic or anyone at screenrant,

    How does one become employed by screenrant? And are your writers full time writers?

    • Some of our writers are full time, most are part time. We’re fully staffed up at the moment, not looking for anyone else right now.


  2. So who thinks “X-MEN: Days of Future Past” will be complete quality film, OR a wasted effort to get the fox/xmen continuity on the right track?

    maybe both? I’m crossing my fingers, but fassbender and McAvoy were great. They could certainly carry another film.

    With the context of “future past” I’m guessing it will involve either Bishop, Nimrod, Sentinels, Cable, Baby Phoenix/Rachel summers and maybe… APOCALYPSE!!

    • This isn’t on my radar for anticipated films. Mainly because Fox has destroyed my faith in this franchise. Most likely, I will see it but I’m going to reserve judgement until I see some casting and maybe a trailer.

    • I have high hopes for this film I’m looking forward to more details on this. Bishop and cable are what I’m hoping to see, Steven Lang would make an awesome cable.

      • yes,absolutelly steven lang looks the part.

    • Just going by the history of the series I don’t think they are going to do anything to change the uneven continuity that has been established by the previous films. First Class left nowhere near the proper pieces to tell a story that will be even near close to the comic book version, nor do I think the concept will fit in well with the tone they established in First Class.

    • I think, if done well, ‘Days Of Future Past’ could be the missing link between First Class and Singer´s first X-Men movie.

  3. Is anyone reading the Avengers vs Xmen comics going on right now? I know this would never happen, but I think it would be so cool to have a three movie (Lord of the Rings style) event on this. I think the battles could be pretty epic.

    Or at least if Marvel ever gets the X-Men back, you could have an Avengers movie, X-Men movie in one year leading to an AvX movie the following year.

    • I have issues 1 thru 11 ,but I haven’t even read any of them yet. I’m trying 2 wait and get the whole series first before I start reading.

  4. Good day ranters. Earlier today I was going through my old wizard magazines (damn ! Remember them?) And came across some articles when the very first spider man movie was in production. I came across one which at the time was throwing around the rumor that john malkovich was probably going 2 play the green goblin.

    That article was interesting because at that time malcovich stated that there wasn’t enough money, it was 2 much time, and that those type of movies were business propositions. Yet however he was all but ready 2 play the vulture in Spiderman 4 which we all know never happened.

    I don’t know how malkovich would have turned out as the vulture, but IMO he probably would have looked ridiculous in a flying contraction with wings on it.I guess it’s no different than willem dafoe’s power ranger goblin outfit. Speaking on That, no offense 2 Mr dafoe cause he played a good goblin, but I always believed that michael Douglas should have played the goblin back then. Just my opinion I wanted 2 share.

  5. Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie

    • LOL!

  6. what is everyone’s favorite movie speeches or monologues? I love Michael cane at the end of the prestige “maybe your not looking hard enough. you want to be fooled” then you got braveheart and gladiator. I also enjoyed Tom hardy lawless moment that was in the trailer. “We are survivors, we control the fear. without the fear we are all as good as dead.”

    • I always get chills when Bill Pullman gives his speech at the end of Independence Day before the last battle. I actually measure most speeches to this one since it was probably the first movie I saw with an epic speech.

      Of course Mel Gibson in Braveheart is on the list. I find the ones in Lord of the Rings to be very underwhelming.

      • Agreed about the Lord of the rings ones. but they aren’t as bad as Kristen Stewart in SWATH

      • The Bill Pullman speech? You have to be kidding? That was one of the most cheesy film speeches I have ever seen. I started laughing at it.

        Oh well, each to their own!

        Tried to think of a few good ones. For me I’d say the below (although not in any order of preference) are some of the best:

        Robert Shaw in Jaws – The whole ‘the thing about a shark’ and Indianapolis speech.

        Rutger Hauer – at the end of Blade Runner.

        Alec Baldwin stealing the entire movie in 5 minutes from Glengarry Glenn Ross -’what’s my name?’ ‘F**k you, that’s my name’.

        Michael Douglas in Wall Street – ‘Greed is Good’.

        • Michael Douglas – The American President, “You’d better come after me Bob because Sydney Ellen Wade is way out of your league.”

          Giovanni Rabisi – Saving Private Ryan, the scene in the church when he’s talking about his mother.

          Danny De Vito – Other People’s Money, scene where he’s addressing the shareholders.

          Paul Newman – The Verdict, his closing statement to the jury.

          George C. Scott – Patton, he makes several good speeches in that one.

          Marlon Brando – Julius Caeser, his speech to the crowd after Caeser’s death at the hands of Brutus and the senators.

          • *Sidney*

            “Edit button, edit button, where for art thou edit button?!”

    • Dirty Harry’s “This is a .44 Magnum” speech…classic.

    • i love the -300- speech of leonidas-tonight we dine in hell-, also the same with michael cane in -the prestige- what you described, bravehearts torturing death where he shouts -freedom-(can we put that to speech),king theoden speech to rohan-warriors in -l.o.t.r 3- where he says at the end of the speech-today is a bloodday death death death-.

      • hey screencrant : ) why do my comments await moderation ? since 4 days or so, i´m little confused !

        • @merdan – I missed yours for some reason. Blame that one on me. I don’t see anymore sitting around though.

          Sorry about that.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • yes,thanks paul.

          • There´s no one to blame for that. I mean, you banned him for a reason, didn´t you?

    • Optimus Prime at the end of Transformers.

      • Colonel Nathan Jessup’s (played by Jack Nicholson) speech at the end of ‘A Few Good Men.’

    • I love Gordon’s speech at the end of The Dark Knight (where he is talking to his son) and Joker’s speech while hanging upside down.

      Peter Parker’s speech at the end of Spiderman.

      Maximus’ first speech to the king in Gladiator.

  7. Is the Avengers just being re-released in the US? or world wide?

    • Not sure if its worldwide, but I’m watching the avengers tonight as well as lawless. :) Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend.

  8. Iron Man 3 still waiting for Robert downey`s injury?

    • Good question.

    • It was a sprain… If you have ever done that, you know. I’ve messed up both and pending on the severity, a really bad one will put you on crouches for a couple of weeks. I’m thinking they are back filming already.

      • lol then they would`ve announced it i thought.
        TAS2 should have the “mystery villain” be a spirit who provokes the real villain.

  9. screenranters you need to check this Guardians of the Galaxy fan trailer look pretty good

      • pretty cool trailer nice work by some fan.

      • That’s pretty awesome!!

  10. Watched the inbetweeners on mtv…..
    THE F**K!!!
    Im an american guy who caught the first inbetweeners on bbc and this really grinds my gears.

  11. @The Avenger

    I was just remembering in one of your posts, it was the last OD if I remember, you mentioned that you’d bought The Avenger’s Blu-Ray and weren’t happy with the extras, or the lack of them anyway.

    I just had a bit of a search to find out the region code South Africa comes under, which is code B (Includes most European countries, African and Southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand) according to Wikipedia.

    You might want to check out the Amazon UK site to see if their extras are better or worse than your own, also Amazon AU.

    You never know, you might find a version which has more extras.


    • Thanks a lot for looking that up man! Much appreciated.
      I’ve also been doing some research on the interweb and it seems that almost all international releases of the film (UK and AU for example) have the same special features that we get here in SA:
      -Short Film
      -4 min gag reel
      -14 min of deleted scenes
      -6 min featurette

      The only difference is that “exclusive” 90 minute documentary that’s being released by one retailer in the UK, but I doubt that’ll be on Amazon. Other than that, it looks like most countries will be getting the same version.
      (US and Canada excluded – you guys get the director’s commentary and more deleted scenes for example).

      Hopefully they’ll release an “extended version” or something like that near Christmas… I got my copy for cheap, so I don’t mind buying the movie again.

      • A friend of mine recommended the UK Amazon site to me, especially for box sets.

        He told me that they are cheaper in the long run, although not so much for single movies. I bought the Alien Quadrilogy from there.

        It’s a bit annoying that they can’t give us the same extras they give themselves, I wouldn’t mind making my player region free as I was able to do with my old DVD player. Funny thing is my Samsung Blu-Ray player is now region free for DVD’s but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do the Blu-Ray part of it yet.

        Which is a bummer because I used to buy a lot of DVD’s from the US, mainly because the quality, at least I found, was superior to the Australian release. I’d buy my Blu-Ray’s from there as well if I could get a region crack for the player.

        Cest’ La Vie.


  12. Anyone here seen the movie Never Let Me Go?

    I’d only seen parts of it until the weekend so I wasn’t overly familiar with the story, well acted film but in the end I found it (subject matter) quite horrific when you thought about it.

    Certainly not a film you want to watch to cheer you up a bit, a bit of a downer when all said and done.

  13. @Screenrant

    Just one thing I was curious about, when Screenrant does a movie review it then gives a rating which says ‘Screenrant’s Rating’.

    I was just wondering do you take a concensus from all your employees as to whether or not they agree with a review and it’s rating, if the majority agree then you say ‘Screenrant Rating’. My reasoning is it makes it sound like you all agree with a particular review and rating, I’m sure that you all don’t agree with a review, like everyone else here you all would have your own opinion about a movie and it’s pros and cons.

    It’s like when you buy a DVD or Blu-Ray movie now, there is always a disclaimer from the studio to say that and comments or opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of (Universal, Paramount, Fox, etc..) the studio.

    I was wondering.