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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 30, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 30, 2013

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  1. I really liked the fight scene between Superman and Foira..
    …Ben affeck will kick all you guys’ butts once they start filming. trust me.
    ….The Avengers 2 will not be a blast if Capt. America will not die…I don’t like eliz. olsen to be scarlet has to be saoirse ronan..
    ..The Purge is a movie of cliche..
    …..Never did know Changeling movie is spectacular that I gave a perfect 10..
    My 10 raters movies:
    1. Toy story 3
    2. Cracks
    3. Tangled
    4. The confession of a shopaholic
    5. Changeling
    ….What if superman is a back guy?., can’t imagine..
    ..Jessica chastain vs. Anne hathaway in Interstellar.. .that’s crap..
    Hottest director is Chris Nolan.
    These are my random thoughts…

    • Wow… yes. Those are random thoughts. I believe that we will all at least agree on that. πŸ˜‰

      • Fun, random thoughts!

        I’m not sure what would happen if Superman is a “back guy”

        • a “black guy” i mean mate…lol

          • @John Aeiou.He’s Will Smith,i mean Hancock.

    • i agree the battle between superman and foira was really great! actually, that whole smallville sequence is probably my favorite throughout the entire thing.

      • I second that

      • im wondering why did they call it the “smallville fight”?…

        • The fight occurred in Smallville, KS; Superman’s hometown.

          • How did you know that the fight happened in smallville?.

            • I’m not sure I understand your question.

              Your asking me how I know the Smallville fight happened in Smallville?

              Because it was in Smallville, according to the water-tower, store front signs, and the Kent residence.

              • does it include the IHOP?

                • Yes, the IHOP was in the middle of Smallville.

  2. What about the rumour that Timothy Dalton (aka one of the incarnations of James Bond) might be Aflred in the new version of Batman? Sounds like there being inspired by Batman: Earth One. Think its a good take on the character personality. Bodyguard thrust into the role of guardian/bulter for a young bruce wayne… And in present day, basically a father figure and mentor of sorts thats guided Bruce to be who he is today. Always found that to be a missed opportunity in past movie.

    • Hard to see Dalton as calm and collected Alfred.

      That was my problem with him as Bond, too emotional and yelling at his Bond girls.

      Just saw him recently in Hot Fuzz, can’t picture an Alfred.

      • Agreed, not sure about Dalton, but do like what I says about the direction of the character. Though to be fair, in the Batman: Earth One comic.. Aflred isnt a calm and collected Alfred.. He gets into a fist fight with bruce and they beat the shiz out of each other.. Elbows to the face and all until bruce kicks his prosthetic leg off.

    • Stallone as Alfred… WIN!

      • I only agree to this because too many Brits have been taking American roles. :)

        “Maaaasssteerr Bruuuuce!” (spoken in the form of “Adrieeennnne!”)


      • Hey Yo, Master Bruce.

        Wanna a sno cone?

        Yo, youze need to works on beating the beef to strengthening your punches.

        Yo, Master Bruce, you know, calling you Master makes me sound like a slave, and I ain’t no slave.

        Yo, Master Wayne…Joker is da disease and youze the cure!

        • HISHE needs to Super Cafe this… it would be hilarious.

      • Hahaha yussss! That would be hilarious. The internet would explode for real where that to be announced. Now I’m picturing Van damme as Alfred lolol

    • I’m down with Dalton as Alfred.
      Tim is up to it and the right age.

      On that note, imagine the reaction
      if DC cast James Spader as Alfred.
      The criticism would be unending.

    • i think that would work. never read/saw batman:earth one, but i think he could bring a “quiet cool” to the role. hope that plays out.

  3. Man… that DB that went off on Kofi yesterday… wow lol.

    • yeah what was that all about

      • He ended up inadvertently hyping Kofi by telling people to Google him.

        No press is bad press.

        • lol. It just seemed like he wanted to find something to complain about so he chose Kofi. It was kinda outta the blue.

          • Whoa, what happened? Is there a link?

            • Just read the comment section in the Summer Awards thread.

    • Lot’s of fly in trolls these days.

    • whoa… just read the comment feed.. what an ignorant toolbag.

  4. Happy Friday, Scranters!!! Hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

    • same, happy friday!

      I’ve got a brand spanking new 60′ LED Flatscreen that I got a bad-ass deal on getting installed today!
      (it helps to have friends in high places. in this case ‘Best Buy’)

      The real winner of this deal is my little bro, as he gets my old 50′ big-screen to bring to his pad at UCF.

      • Just gave away my pre-flat screen relic, a 36″ TV that was one of the largest at the time (Mesozoic Era). It took two of us to carry that thing out of the house.

        Our 52″ weighs like 1/10th and nowadays, the 70″ ones weigh even less… technology is awesome.

        • @BigNerd.

          Ha, we had one of the old Projection TVs, the beast weighed a ton.

          • That’s what the bro is getting. He lives on the third floor… I don’t envy whoever has to lug that big b**** up there!

      • Man, lucky him. I wish I had inherited a 50′ big screen when I was in college.

      • Very nice. Ive been in a spendy mood this week as well lol. I just paid off my truck this week. (Over 10k). And I am looking to get a new TV as well. My mother in law watches my son and his cousins at our house during the day and the kids like to throw stuff. So I am taking out my LCD TV and moving it into another room and replacing it with a plasma. Something that can take a rubber ball in the dome LOL.

        • Is the plasma TV more durable?

          Just get an LCD shield… hehe:

          (hopefully the HTML img link works)

            • Haha, right?! That looks like something that belongs in a bar.

              Yeah, a plasma screen is/used to be made of glass. Just like our old tubes.

    • And same to you, LC.

  5. Are there usually no blockbusters released on Labor Day weekend?

    Now that the summer gets so filled up with competition, maybe this would be a good time to slot in bigger movies.

    • yeah I have nothing to see this weekend :( I could see The World’s End again πŸ˜€

    • It would’ve been the perfect time for me to catch Man of Steel again aha, or This is the End!

    • Studios traditionally think students going
      back to school means a bad time to release.

      I think with so many movies released close
      together the studios need to rethink that
      and this is a good weekend to release
      a blockbuster with no competition.

      • I don’t think having September as release date is too bad, students go to school but don’t really have any homework I don’t think. I agree, they should maybe start releasing something for Labor Day weekends.

        • I agree… and for many, school doesn’t start until after Labor Day so it would be their last hurrah of the summer.

          I will now accept those job offers from the studios, I live in SoCal so the commute wouldn’t be a problem. :)

  6. Happy Holiday weekend to all!!

    • Same to you Stark, and to the rest of the scranters.

      Ok, Yesterday me and Auggie to the Tesla S fully charged from Philadelphia to Baltimore Harbor and Back, while enjoying the A/C and doing a brisk 65 mph on I-95

      Car is roughly at 1/4 Charge.

      • Is it black? Because you know, that would make a great Batmobile. :)

        • It is red. It goes back today.

          • So a… uh… Daredevilmobile?


      • @ Jeff

        The tech in those cars is amazing and very cool. When do you turn it back in?

        • It is being picked up at noon today.

      • How would you rate acceleration which
        electrics usually are not very good?
        This has 400HP so maybe it’s OK.

        • Accleration was on par with any car, it would push you back in your seat if you stepped on the accelerator and gave it some, juice.

          • Interesting. Things have improved.

    • Happy Holiday to you as well, Antonio.

      • Thanks LC, only 5.5 hours to go!

  7. Is it just me, or is any article labeled either Batman, Warner Brothers, or Marvel Β just a lighting rod for jerks, goof balls, punks and foolish commenters lately?

    I peeked into some of the comments from some articles on those subjects the last few days and it was a bloodbath in there. I mean, geeeez. What do people’s mothers have to do with anything? It’s just getting stupid.

    This is exactly why I stopped commenting on really anything but the OD. I read the articles, but I can’t stand even going into the comments. People just cut others in half, and there’s no accountability.

    • Oh yeah? Stark’s mother is a wonderful person.

      Take that!

      • @ B. Nerd

        Oh yeah? Well Big Nerd’s mom is a pretty lady and is a great cook!! So take that!!

        (Actually, you’re right, my mom was wonderful! )

        • yo momma is so good at math…

    • I hate these over-fans for batman and Nolan. It is a Man of steel sequel,main plot is about Clark Kent/Superman man!

      • What?!?

        Any movie with Batman in it is a *Batman* movie!

        Because… it’s Batman. :)


        • @ Ned

          Just speaking for myself, it’s more of a Batman movie to me. I’m more excited to see a new Batman than I am Superman again. I know it’s a Superman sequel, but that’s just me.

      • mate, you tend to put too much pressure on yourself..

      • It is a MOS sequel but no one not even superman can overshadow bats

      • I’m just excited to see them both going at in on screen. Finally!

    • Great point some guys are real tough in front of a computer screen

    • I was actually wondering why there weren’t any posts by you recently. And you’re right, it is getting a bit crazy, hopefully it dies down soon.

      • @ ColdSc

        To be honest, I just can’t, it just infuriates me too much, and it’s exhausting trying it even make a simple point or give an opinion any more. If I do comment, I just don’t go back to look at replies.

      • Your right i can overreact with the best of them. So if i offended anyone go f*** yourself……… JK i sincerely apologize

    • Agreed. Ive left one or two comments recently. Just too much crap going on in there. Love the OD though.

  8. This Question is from Auggie (The Kid needs therapy)

    Here is your Superhero Name.


    1 It has to star with “The”
    2 It has to be a combination of
    The color shirt you are wearing, The Breed of your first pet.
    3 Your Secret Identity is , The First name in your public school and the street you lived on when you were born.

    So, I am The Grey Dachshund and my secret identity is George Washington.

    • #TheBlackSharPei (hmm… he was black too)

      By day I am mild-mannered Wilmington Sandison.

      • @Big Nerd

        The Black Sharpei and The Grey Dachshund team up?

        • that dog looks like a folded carpet…

          • They sure do.

            Mine wasn’t very wrinkly, just his face. Sadly, he had to get entropian eyelid surgery because they kept folding in on his eyes.

    • The Rainbow Cocker Spaniel and my secret identity is Logan Brigham…

      • That name has Panache.

        I like it! :)

    • Here is Auggies Name.

      The Blue Siberian Husky secret identity is Franklin Bridgehouse Lane.

    • I’m The Gray Persian.
      My secret ID is John Forest.

    • So is Auggie a living breathing on-line security question?

      • Do not think so, but you make a good point.

        He however he is not permitted to websites like that. :)

        • πŸ˜‰

          • @Dr Mindbender

            I asked Auggie where he got the idea from.

            “Mom was cursing that she forgot her Amazon Password and had to put in the stupid security questions.”

            So, my son is impressionable.

            And Katee did not know he was behind her, she does not curse in front of the kids.

    • The Blue Australian Sheppard. O’Connor Halifax.

      That’s a weird one LOL

    • Here comes The Green Tabby to save the day!
      By day I’m known as Montrose Montpelier. *snicker*

    • Thats awful… mines

      The Red Cockerspaniel
      Mahomet Dorchester

    • The Blue Dachshund

      Pine Valley

      Not so good.

    • The Magenta Lab. Secret Identity – Edgar South Pine

      • Edgar South Pine. Now that’s cool, mackattack.

    • The Blue Retriever…aka Montgomery Autumn

      Sigh…my secret identity sounds vaguely like a stripper’s name.

    • i am the red retriever, aka eastwood woodcleft.

    • The Black Shetland Sheep Dog


      William Henry Harrison Main

    • just another great, among the many great performances of the king.
      i wonder how his voice would have held up were he still alive [or hadn’t died early]
      great link

      • The head of the Sweet Inspirations who toured
        with Elvis said his voice was getting better every year.

        Greg Sandow, Music professor at Juillard, said Elvis’s voice was unique.
        A lyric baritone, although with exceptional high notes and unexpectedly
        rich low ones, being at once a tenor, a baritone and a bass, and the most
        unusual voice he had ever heard where its center of gravity was in all three.

        We will never know how his voice would have held up and the fact that
        we never saw the decline if there would have been may be the only
        benefit of his early death but regardless, even if it would have
        declined Elvis would have found new ways of expression
        with new interpretations fitting his vocal changes.

        For me, I simply say Elvis simply had the most
        beautiful voice of anyone and I mean anyone.

        Elvis never gets old and this song breaks my
        heart every time I listen to it and it is one
        of many I cherish and always listen to.

        • i, and all of my close family, were born in memphis, and my uncle david, born in 1942, was friends with one of the DJ’s when he was growing up, and he went into the airforce when he was 18, may day was 3 years younger.
          this dj friend came to the house one day, around 1962, he thought david was in town on a leave, but he got his dates mixed up, and david wasnt there, but my dad, almost 17, was there, and told the dj david wasnt there, so the dj said he had an invite to hang out with elvis, since david wasnt home, he asked dad, who of course said yes. he said they went to a theater that elvis had rented, and as my dad tells the story…
          ” we get there late, it’s a tony curtis movie playing, and elvis is in the middle of the middle row with 10 girls on either side of him, and all his other buddies scattered around, and elvis is cracking jokes and everyone is being kiss @$$ with him, then after the movie we all get in our cars and actually go to graceland. [DJ] told me to be cool and not speak to elvis unless he talks to you 1st. we get there, and i’m sort of dreading it, because i like his music and all that, but i don’t want to listen to it all day long, but we get there and we go to the billiards room, and he’s playing johnny mathis, and [i cant remember what other artists he said] others, and never once heard any of his recordings, which i thought was great. i never got to meet or tqalk to him, but i did play a game of pool on one of his tables while he was in the room, and thats as close as i got to him. he never had a moment to himself, there was always someone in his face”
          he said they were only there for an hour at most. i have no proof any of this happened, only my dads word, and they were from the same town. my dad grew up on a farm, not in the city, but he got around memphis a lot. he said that is his closest to meeting anyone famous, other than meeting the real “col” harland sanders, of KFC fame when he was in the jaycees in the late 70’s.

          • not my day, my dad…jeez we need an edit in here

          • What a great story, jeffro, and I think we can
            assume it is probably close to how it played out.

            I have read about Elvis renting theaters because
            he could never go anywhere in public basically
            and he always brought along a lot of fans to
            fill the seats which those girls likely were.
            And they would want to sit next to him.

            I have read too he never played his own records
            for guests in his house, he thought that was vain,
            and he was a fan of several vocalists himself anyway.

            Memphis sounds like a great place to hail
            from and I was born in New York City.
            Thanks for that great story, jeffro.

        • I grew up with Elvis’ voice too and love it but there was definitely a decline.

  9. I saw the Gareth Edwards film Monsters (2010) this week. I wanted to see it because its the guy thats directing the Godzilla reboot that will release next year. I really enjoyed it. The movie was very character driven, not a lot of action, but I really loved it. If Monsters is of any indication the Godzilla reboot next year should be great πŸ˜€

    I saw this korean western The Good, the Bad, the Weird last weekend. It was pretty awesome. I’ve only seen 2 korean movies in my life, that one and The Host. I have to say I’m pretty impressed from those 2, I’d love to see more.

    Finally I saw the first 3 episodes of Breaking Bad last night. I’m hooked. I’ve been meaning to watch it but finally got around to starting it last night, I’m glad I did.

    If anyone has comments for my truly random media-log I would love to hear them.

    • Monsters really is a good movie, and for the budget the movie had, the monsters look awesome. Can’t wait to see what he does with Godzilla. With all the announcements for the 2015 films, I completely forget all the great films that are coming out in 2014.

      I watched the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad a while ago, really enjoyed them but I didn’t go back since I was too busy. I do now but I’m hooked on Game of Thrones until further notice aha, maybe after that I’ll go back to Breaking Bad.

      • $500,000?!?! Just looked up the budget on boxofficemojo Is that number for real?! I thought the budget was at least $20 or $30 mill those monsters didn’t look bad at all. Wow.. Yeah 2014 is gonna rock mi amigo. I’m especially excited for the Godzilla reboot now after seeing monsters, and TASM2, DOFP, Interstellar, Tommorowland, etc.

        Yeah thats my problem too. I get on binges with shows but then I dont have time so I’ve started a bunch of shows and finished none haha. I started Dr Who awhile ago and blew through all of season 1 in like 2 days. Then I started season 2 and just burned out. I don’t know why I just haven’t wanted to go back to it. We’ll see if Breaking Bad holds my interest, I think it will. Once school ramps up though I’m gonna have a lot less movie/tvshow time :/

        • It’s crazy, I know aha, one can only wonder what he’ll do with the budget for a big blockbuster like Godzilla. I’m excited for exactly everything you’re excited for, as well as How to Train Your Dragon 2. The first one is by far my favourite animated movie.

          Same happens to me with TV shows. When watching Smallville, I watched 2 or 3 seasons within a week or two and just got burnt out, it was an overload. Reason why I like movies so much more!

          One thing I like about shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones is that there only really 10 episodes each season lol instead of 24 or something. Each episode is more focused and pushes the plot further than any other episode of another TV show so you rarely have those filler episodes.

          • Dude that is so cool to me when a movie can be made for so cheap and not LOOK cheap. I was similarly amazed when I watched Moon (2009) and 28 Days Later (2003) I was like “how did they do that on that kind of budget?” Granted those movies were made for $5 and $8 million but still, they looked amazing.

            I too watched smallville! I actually watched it when it originally aired on TV tho. I fell off the wagon somewhere around season 3 or 4. It just got so angsty and I got sick of waiting for him to be superman. I guess I forgot that was the point of the show haha.

            A show like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones is a lot more focused in its storytelling. You’re definitely right there. Not as many (if any) throw-away episodes.

            • Just watched 28 Days Later a couple of weeks and thought it was great, Cillian Murphy was amazing in it!

              It did have a lot of teen angst as it progressed, though it had a lot of things to offer so I didn’t mind sitting through it. I also liked Lana in the first 2 seasons but after that, she kinda started getting annoying aha.

              Exactly! The only type of show I can sit through for 24 episodes each season are comedies and Arrow, simply because it’s Green Arrow aha. Scrubs, Community and Friends are the only shows where I would’ve been fine with having 50 episodes each season aha. Reason being, I love the characters and just wanna seem them doing anything, even if they just sit in the same room all day aha.

    • Breaking bad is brilliant you wont be disappointed

      • thats what I’m hoping πŸ˜€

    • Yeah Old Boy has been on my radar for a long time. I really need to check it out.

      Perfect Number? The plot synopsis on imdb sounds intriguing but I have never heard of it before. huh.

      Thanks for the recommendations! I almost missed them if you hadn’t tagged my screenname in there.

    • Haha! They can make Tom Cruise look 8 feet tall in some movies!

  10. Still hoping for a Dredd sequel.

    • I’m with you.

      • This time with more Mega city if it happens.I’m still upset it did bad box office,so probably no sequel,when rubbish films make a fortune.What a waste.

    • If the studio didn’t mishandle the initial release we’d have one.
      It was playing in one theater on the entire West Side of
      Manhattan and only in 3D with limited show times.
      And gone the next week. Worst release ever.

      • @robert palmer You would think a big comic book character with Karl Urban would get a better release,?,I don’t get it.Suprisingly the 3d was the best I’ve seen,normally I avoid it if I can,worked with the story.
        One of my top three from last year.

        • The way that film was distributed makes me angry, frankly.
          I have no idea who at the studio is responsible for such
          a bone-headed decision but they all should be fired.

          Properly released this film would have found a
          large audience making made plenty of money.

  11. Right now I’m reading Batman graphic novels and so far from what I’ve read these are my top pics:

    1. Batman: Year One
    2. The Killing Joke
    3. Batman: The Long Halloween

    Hold on, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ and ‘Arkham Asylum’ are on my radar (I reserve the best for last).

    Want to know what are your favourite picks.

    P.S: My English sucks, pls go easy on me :)

    • Batman is pretty damn cool in Kingdom Come.

      It’s not a Batman story, it’s Superman… but there is plenty of Wayne/Batman in it.

      • Thank you Dr Mindbender, I’ll give it a try. How is ‘Batman: Prey’? this is also on my list.

        • That’s an excellent Hugo Strange story. One of the early arcs collected from Legends of the Dark Knight that works as a worthy successor to Year One.

          • Sure, thanks =)

    • 1. Batman: Year One
      2. Batman: The Long Halloween
      3. Batman: Hush
      4. Batman: Dark Victory
      5. The Killing Joke

      • Agreed. Hush was also great. I think Dark Victory is a sequel to The Long Halloween which I find awesome!.

    • @mr Elusive. I just finished Batman-death by design.Really liked it + great artwork.And Arkham Asylum is great.

      • Both “Death by Design” and Arkham Asylum are on my to-read list. Thanks!

    • Batman: Manbat by Jamie Delano and John Bolton is definitely worth a try.

    • “The long halloween” is really great.

      I like “Judgement on Gotham” because it’s short, sweet and a little different for a Batman story. The ultimate vigilante vs the ultimate lawman, plus masters of fear from different dimensions.

      I know it’s not really a Batman story, but I like throwing it out there any chance I get. (^-^)

      • Good call. The sequels didn’t really do it for me – I always wanted to see more of Batman swinging around unhindered in Mega-City One – but that page of Judge Death under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear toxin cracks me up every time.

        • You just made me think of another: Batman: Anarky. Classic modern villain from Alan Grant’s run on the comic.

          • Batman/Judge Dredd check
            Batman: Anarky check.

            Interesting recommendations, thank you all. Right now for me all things are Bat πŸ˜›

  12. Thoughts on this:

    Marvel saves the Hulk til 2015, and then we get a double dose of Hulk with A:AoU and….


    Just speculation with ANT-MAN, but I think attaching Bruce Banner/Hulk to that movie not only makes a lot of sense, I think Marvel almost HAS to do it.

    Imagine this as the final shot for the trailer:

    Hank Pym, towers over the Hulk as Giant Man… and he makes a fist and drives it down to squash the Hulk… and just before his fist hits Hulk it cuts…


    • That would be awesome, with all the characters Marvel has going right now, it’d be really cool to see some guest appearances that aren’t in the form of an after credit scene or cameo. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us!

    • Very cool planet hulk or some variation of it might be good to

    • @ Dr. M

      I have a feeling Hank Pym might be my replacement as the face of the Avengers after Avengers 3. They’re going to need a new central character, and I think it minght be Pym. I’m really looking forward to Ant-Man.

      A team up movie with the Hulk would be great, in fact I’d like them to do more of them. Maybe Thor and Cap, or Iron Man and Hulk, stuff like that. IMO, they just don’t always have to team up in the Avengers.

      • @ Iron Man

        Hey, we are all very thankful for everything you have done for the MCU. When it comes to you sir, you really don’t have a replacement. But alas, the show must go, and at the very least can always relax knowing:

        You built this city Tony.

        But in the dark, there is a light…

        And his name is Edgar Wright!


        • ^on, the show must go on. *ahem*

  13. Is anyone excited for the film, ‘Her’? My friend just sent me the trailer and it looks fantastic. I think Amy Adams is starring in it. The soundtrack is also coming from Arcade Fire, so I’m really excited for that.

    • Looks intriguing that’s for sure. Different too.

    • yeah I’m totally seeing that. I loved WTWTA and Being John Malkovich, big Spike Jonze fan.

      • sidenote: the soundtrack for WTWTA (where the wild things are) was also done by arcade fire πŸ˜€ its really good.

    • @Robert Palmar
      Exactly my thought, it’s weird and really interesting.

      Just checked it out on wikipedia, looks like they did a couple of songs on it plus the movie seems really cool. I’m going to check it out on netflix or rent it!

  14. On a technical note, there was a pop-up ad yesterday
    at Screen Rant for the 2013 Summer Movie Awards
    article that appeared every time I visited the site.

    Since I come to articles through a news reader
    every visit is considered a return visit and the
    ad did not remember I clicked it previously.
    Usually cookies can manage manage that.

    Anyway, I do not mind advertising at Screen Rant.
    I know how the Internet works and it is necessary
    but that ad yesterday was driving me a little batty.

    It’s gone today and I guess that was an experiment
    sorts and I think such an ad could return as long
    as it remembers a visitor clicked it recently.

  15. If you had to choose 1 actor, 1 actress and 1 director to make every film for the rest of
    Your life who would you choose?

    Christian Bale- can transform like nobody else
    Amy adams- beautiful and talented.
    Martin Scorcese- none of his films are the same. He is very diverse

    • Joseph Gordon Levitt – He’s acting is very diverse thought I’m not sure he can transform his body like Bale. My second choice would be Bale though.

      Emma Stone – She’s only mainly been doing comedies and romance I believe, but she has those films that put her out of her comfort zone, which were a bit of Spider-Man and The Help, can’t remember any others right now. I wish she didn’t get cut out from Del Toro’s Crimson Peak movie though. She’s also gorgeous and talented.

      Christopher Nolan – I don’t mind having thrillers and sci fi films for the rest of my life. Nolan knows how to differentiate each film from the rest to keep things fresh.

    • Actor: Jim Carrey – insanely talented actor in nearly all genres

      Actress: Eva Green – I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy anything Eva does in any movie. Would be interesting to see her play opposite to Jim differently every time.

      Director: Peter Weir – He gave us “Dead Poet’s Society” and “The Truman Show”. That is all.

  16. So I watched Gina Carano kick the s*** out of everyone in Haywire (3 years late) and I would not mind her as Wonder Woman. She needs to brush up on her acting, otherwise I’m sold.

    • And she’s good looking.

      • For a girl that can probably whup my ass before coffee, sure. She’s bangin.