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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 29, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 29, 2012

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  1. I just got my copy of The Avengers on Blu-Ray/DVD.

    A short summary:
    -Awesome picture and sound quality.
    -Full-screen aspect ratio (no annoying black strips at the top and bottom of the screen – like all the other Marvel movies)
    - The deleted scenes that I got are all amazing. Sadly, there’s only 14 minutes of deleted scenes, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because of the crappy South African version – you guys in the US will probably get the promised, 30 minutes of deleted scenes.
    - The Item 47 short is pretty fun – if that’s the type of effects we can expect from the SHIELD tv show, we’ll be in for a real treat.
    - The gag-reel was hilarious… even after watching it a second time (it’s already been released online)
    - Only got one, 6 minute featurette (‘A Visual Journey’) and it was good. Apparently the US version will have one or two more featurettes (and then there’s that 90 minute “Target Exclusive” documentary of course).

    What really pisses me off though (other than not getting all the deleted scenes and featurettes) is that there is no director’s commentary included in my version – and apparently, the UK version won’t have it either after doing some internet research.

    So, Marvel Studios, if you’re reading this, you guys kinda disappointed this fan today. I’m happy enough to be able to own THE AVENGERS in Full HD, but looking at all the extras that aren’t included… that should’ve been, I can’t help but feel a little neglected as a long-time, loyal fan (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll feel this way when the movie’s released in other countries).

    Luckily I got it for cheap/on sale (after standing in a queue for almost 4 hours ;)), so if they release another, better version at some point, I think I’ll have to cough up some more cash…

    • “Full-screen aspect ratio (no annoying black strips at the top and bottom of the screen”

      As a fan of Scope (2,35:1) and the beautiful picture compositions that can be achieved with that format reading something like that always pains me. :(

      • In a theater the 2.39:1 ratio isn’t a problem at all, and as you say, can look absolutely beautiful, but when it comes to home-video, I prefer the full-screen ratio – 1.78:1 (16:9).

    • you know how it is at first they release d.v.d´s with some extras and after 2 or 3 months they release the extended/directors/special edition cuts etc. and if -the avengers- d.v.d in the u.s.a has 30 minutes of deleted scenes then it will be released later in south-africa or europe. i hope they do it so.

      • This is down to it being a Disney release. Disney have done this many times. The excuse is they have to include other language tracks on international dvd/blu ray so there is not room for a commentary.

        Also the 90 min doc is available in most regions but its locked as an exclusive, so only one outlet is able to sell that version ( in the uk you can buy it from Sainsburys only ).

        The 10 disk phase 1 boxset is not available outside the US/Canada.

        Unless you really really want Avengers on bluray straight away its not worth buying, you’re better off buying a download and waiting for the eventual double dip.

        Very poor show from Disney who have nothing but lame excuses for shortchanging the rest of the world.

    • I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Marvel’s Phase one collectors edition Blu-ray, I’m looking forward to all the extras. I’ll also be picking up a copy of the dark knight returns pt.1 on Blu-ray since it releases on the same day. :)

  2. Speaking of good commentaries, which movies do you recommend that have great commentaries?
    Sometimes a movie could be ruined for me by a boring, uninteresting, or lots of ‘dead air’ commentary.

    • i dont know about “good” commentaries but i can tell you about a wonderfuly horrible one. I was a huge fan of the first Resident Evil movie *give me a break, we all have our dark sides*. And i, like most men had a huge crush on Milla. Good Lord help me if she doesnt come across as one of the dumbest women ever. It’s as if some annoying fratboy had taken over her body and used her to make horrible jokes and talk about farting.

      • Cast of Scott pilgrim had good commentary

        • Tropic Thunder had a pretty awesome cast commentary as well.

  3. hey ranters which one of those movies is your most anticipated for 2013. and on the list are: 1. man of steel 2. iron man 3 3. pacific rim 4. robocop 5. thor-dark of the world. mine is -man of steel-.

    • iron man 3,Thor (the dark world) and man of steel are my picks as well as star trek 2.

      • yes, i thought now if the title of thor was -dark of the world- or -the dark world-. i´ve chosen the wrong title,me stupid :)

  4. Picked up the limited editon Blu-ray of season 2 of The Walking Dead yesterday. The special features are amazing, I really enjoyed the webisodes taking a look into how bicycle girl came to be, she’s the first walker Rick encounters. Also the featurettes are really great from behind the scenes to scoring and more. All in all a great addition to my Blu-ray library great price for $59.96 at Best Buy. I can’t wait for Oct.14 for the premier of season 3. :)

    • im pickibg by copy up today after work! Glad to hear te features are cool can’t wait to re watch it and can’t wait till season 3. Gonna be a great season been hearing some cool stuff about it!

  5. Havent commented on here in a long while, hopefully that will change.

    Cant wait for December, I am ready for part 1 of the Hobbit.

    Saw the Hunger Games this past weekend, was a good movie – glad it wasnt anything like Twilight. But there were parts I didnt get, but the volume was down real low so I probably just got to watch it again for it to make sense.

  6. I know it´s not movie related but it´s driving me insane. Is anyone eles´s Facebook messed up? I can´t read my messages, the notifications won´t go away, no matter how often I check them and I can´t post stuff on groups, I can´t even update my status…

    • @Scape.
      Don’t know if you saw my comment on the previous OD, but just in case you missed it, I’d like to thank you for the invite to your facebook group, but I’m currently not on any social network (and I’m probably the only person my age who isn’t ;)).
      Anyway, the day I do decide to get facebook, I’ll definitely look the group up.

      • Believe me, if there´s only one reason to join FB, it´s that group. Think about it, it´s totally worth it. INK is there, so DrSamBeckett, Magnus, Sully311 and a bunch of others.

        • and the great Epsilon_IV too don’t forget lol, but yes The Avenger you should get one and join us, you won’t regret it.

        • hahahah….sorry : )

        • Scapegoat what is this Facebook group your talking about I would love to have great tv and film buffs like myself to talk to Id you wouldn’t Mind could you invite me to the group

          • Well, if you´d like to join I´ll have to ask some of the other members. We had some bad experiences in the past. And we´re a democracy, so we have have votes. But you still can add me on FB (Dirk Antosch), I´ll talk to the (girl and) guys, and I´m pretty sure we can work things out.

      • A lot of cool people in there for sure. And we are 3-4 guys under 20! Keeping the group fresh and all ;) You know how these oldies can get! :D Nah but it’s a nice group. We created it what? 2 years ago? So we know each other pretty well. Though there can be some intense disagreements from time to time, but you know how it is with movie geeks! (=

        • Haha soon itll be 2-3 guys under 20 Magnus ;)

          The group is great, there is always something interesting thats posted and we have alot fun (:

  7. ok people. the shows i watch no are: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Falling Skies, All the Star Trek Series, Terra Nova, Firefly, Torchwood. And I just now started watching Lost. I plan on watching Fringe once I finish Lost, do you guys have any reconmendations for me to check out after I finish Lost and Fringe? Thanks!

    • Jericho…I think it has some elements of both Lost and Fringe.

    • All great show my personal favorites are Firefly,Falling Skies,and Terra Nova

    • As a once avid fan of Lost, I want to caution you about it. After the finale, I felt cheated and regret for the time I invested in the show. I know some others liked it, but everyone I know hated the last couple years, and those who stuck around rolled their eyes at the finale. In the end, we felt it was a sham, as little to no questions were truly answered. Now as for Fringe…a much better show. The ending of Season 4 could have been a great series finale, but they are doing one last year now, so we will see how that unfolds… Absent from your list is Eureka, which I am watching now and finding enjoyable.

      • Thanks guys for the reconmendations. i might have to check them out later. and Jeff, thanks for the warning about lost. Ive also heard that from several other people but still thought i would check it out.

  8. upcoming films i`m looking forward to: ironman3, man of steel, star trek, avengers 2.

    the new spidey cast is a buncha hotties and do not fit the serious and mature world of spiderman. i like maguire better than andrew garfield.
    Lol you spoiled how`d you already get avengers on dvd it was supposd to come next month

  9. oh yeah did i mention that no movies were great and suck. i remember star trek and transformers were ok to watch twice but now i`d rather wait for sequels to come out. actually, i saw avengers on an airplane for the 2nd time and it was nice to watch twice but now i`m waiting for the sequel.

    when will i ever see something come out to be “fantastic”

  10. I know it’s a comic, but I have to get this out. The AvX series is getting good. I think there might be an Onslaught thing, since Magneto is calling to Prof X. That was the last semi-reboot. Also, I think Hope will either die or become on amazing super hero. Either way, I didn’t like it in the beginning, but it’s gotten great. It is also the only crossover event that has actual crossovers worth reading. Maybe Marvel Now! will be alright after all. Just keep the damn Raccoon out of it.

  11. The Avengers return to theaters for labor day weekend gonna enjoy it one last time on the big screen.

    • my university is have a special outdoor showing of the avengers tonight. might also check it out again before dvd.

  12. Scapegoat what is this facebook group you are in I’d love great movie and tv buffs like myself to talk to