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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 28, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 28, 2013

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  1. Guess what day it is?!

    • LOL. Hump Day-EE!!!

      • Woop woop!

        • Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike

    • Katee Files for divorced because I have not put Madden down except to feed, change and play with Gracie and pretty much ignore Katee when she wants her feet massaged?

      I am just guessing?

      • @ Jeff

        What team do you play the most on Madden, the Eagles, Steelers?

        • Neither, as such my Father was born and raised in San Francisco, so by default, I am a Niners fan.

          So that is who I play with.

          • Gross. GO CARDS lol

            • @LC

              How did the Cards fare against the Niners last season.
              Season before last.

              You can field a better team with the COLLEGE OF CARDINALS! Than what they put on in Arizona.


              • I don’t even follow the fooseball buddy. Just an excuse for beer and bbq on Sundays.

              • i live in louisville, so thanks :) looks to be another good year football, and b-ball-wise again!

              • Classic.

                Go 49ers!

              • Wow. Never saw that meltdown.

          • You have a great team in the 49ers there my friend. I play almost always as the Patriots, as they are my favorite team. Gotta love Tom Brady!!

            It would be great if those two teams met up in the Super Bowl!

            • i sit next to a guy from boston, so i gotta hear “go pats” all the live long day. and he sounds like a typical bostonian,[he sounds EXACTLY like "Ted" when he's describing boston women going "oh moi gawd!"] living in KY, it’s funny.

    • Yay, half way to a long weekend!!

      • What do you have planned this weekend, Tony?

        • Friday night, taking my girl to a nice quiet dinner on the beach. I haven’t seen her in over a week. :(

          Saturday, watching Michigan football in the afternoon followed by a BBQ at my place with family & friends in the evening.

          Sunday & Monday, just relaxing.

          What do you have going on LC?

          • Saturday, we want to go hiking. But it depends on the weather. Its still unpredictable here in AZ. Its usually cool enough until noon. Saturday evening bbq as usual. And on Sunday, we are going to a friends house for a bbq there. Monday… well I just found out I have it off so we will see. Maybe go to an aquarium?

            • Sounds fun LC. It’s fun sometimes to just hang out at home and relax. I love going away on vacation/long weekends, but staying home is just as nice sometimes.

              I’m SO happy that football is back!!!

              • Yeah we stayed him this last weekend since my son was sick. Oh, we will also be car shopping this weekend. We might postpone that for Monday since all the good sales will be going on then.

                As stated above, I love football season for the beer and bbq. It was a passion of mine when we played in jr high and high school, but after that, it just went away.

    • Today is the I-dont-like-and-I-like-Ben-Affleck-as-BATMAN effing day!!

  2. The show Heroes of Cosplay is more like the winy winers of cosplay, theyre so annoying.

  3. What are the must see movies of September?

    • Only think I can think of is Riddick.

    • The only September release that I really want to see is Riddick. which is nice, because I’m broke from this summer. And now I have to save my money to buy them all on DVD now!

      • I guess some others ones i might watch out for are: Rush, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and Runner, Runner.

        But i dont expect to see any in theaters. not even Riddick. I’ll definitely be seeing it, but I’ll probably wait until its out on DVD. and the other ones ill just see what people say about them and see what kind of reviews it gets.

        • so basically you’re not watching anything for this month.. DVD release date man..! more than 3 months blu ray.

          • Yeah i usually dont go to the theater much during the fall. I usually go several times during the summer and a couple times during winter break ( mid December to the end of January).

            But i do buy a lot of movies on dvd during the fall. this fall im probably gonna buy: Now You See Me, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, Arrow: Season 1, Iron Man 3, Fast & Furious 6 and we’ll see how much money I have after all those purchases because there are still several more movies I would like to get before winter.

    • I’m looking forward to Prisoners and Don Jon!

  4. I just watched Shutter Island finally last night. Thought it was pretty good. normally I don’t like when movies have “twists” like that but in this case it was good. 7/10

    • When I saw the trailer, I guessed the twist. I declined to go see it with my friends at the time. They hated me for it. To this day, still havent seen it.

      • Shutter Island may have an (obvious) twist, but that doesn’t detract from the experience. It has great acting, interesting dialogue, at ton of creepy atmosphere and is simply a good movie all around. Don’t forget: it’s about the journey, not the destination. You should watch it.

    • I was hesitant about that movie as well but when I finally watched it I thought the movie turned out better than I thought it would be.

    • Shutter Island spoiler ahead:

      Favorite line from the film:
      “Which would be worse: to live as a monster or to die as a good man?”

      DiCaprio’s acting skills during the drowning scene blew me away. I felt like I was punched hard in the gut.

      • @$2

        *** SPOILER ALERT AGAIN***

        Do you thin Leo pretended to regress on purpose? do you think it wasnt on purpose? or do you think the whole thing was a set up and Leo was actually Teddy?

  5. Happy Birthday, Jack “King” Kirby!!

    • Thanks for that.

  6. I watched the last episode of Ray Donovan last night and I like the addition of James Woods as Sully Sullivan. Jon Voight cracks me up in this series. “Do you twerk?”…LOL.

  7. You have been given 150 Million dollars.

    You have to reboot an old TV Series.

    You cannot use super heroes or outer space.

    Which TV Show are you turning into a movie?

    You can remake a Movie that was a remake of a TV Show.

    I am going for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

    I am going to with the Plot of a rogue country launches a super weapon against the capitals of the world and the world is being held ransom.

    The United States turns to Admiral Nelson and his plans to build a highly advance Submarine The Seaview. They have to build it to stem the threat before the entire world is destroyed.

    • Nitro vs RAW: The Movie

    • I know this doesn’t fit with what you are saying…

      But I would like to see a Grand Theft Auto TV show on HBO.

      • @LC.

        I can see the promo.

        Have you just been released or escaped from Prison?
        Do you think that getting into gunfights with cops and drug dealers is the way things go.

        Do you want the ability to run into your house after blowing up cars and buildings and stay there for a few moments and watch them forget.

        Do you want the ability to get a haircut and come out with a full afro?

        Do you think you need years of training to fly military aircraft which is to us as easy as just pressing the X Button?

        Welcome to the World of
        Grand Theft Auto—On HBO.

        • Uwe Boll directed

    • Quantum Leap! I am actually surprised that no one has already rebooted this. I would have the original guy (Scott Stewart Bakula) as the hologram and about six prisoners or volunteers who have to go back in time as someone else to basically make what has already happened to happen. Meanwhile have flashes of the normal time period where the people in charge of the “Leap” project have to keep the system from being shut down or stolen.

      • Hey, I was going to say Quantum Leap as well! I really miss that show. My favorite episode is “M.I.A.,” where Sam’s leap involves Al and his wife, Beth. I wish it would be revived!

    • Deadwood would be cool

    • @ King Moo Moo

      I would make a movie, a serious movie, not campy, based on the old tv show ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’. I would make it more “Indiana Jones like”, and call it “Jake Cutter and the Tales if the Gold Monkey”.

      Another one I would make into a movie would be the old tv show ‘Black Sheep Squadrdn’ based on Greg ‘Pappy’ Boyington. Excellent show with excellent writing. I loved when I was little, and now in reruns.

      This may not fit your question Jeff, but if somebody gave me $150 million and said “make something”, I’d base a movie off the adventures of the Starbird space ship toy. I would just create an entire movie based on the ship and crew. I loved that toy as a kid.

      • @Stark

        I love all of your IDEAS.

        I still have a MIB Stardbird Avenger, Intruder and Command Base.

        That along with the original Big Trak.

        • @ King Moo Moo

          I still have mine as well, (and it still works!), along with many parts from others. I still have my Intruder, no Command Base or Big Trak though.

          When I was little, my StarBird was my favorite toy, along with my Star Wars toys.

          Ahh, to be a kid again….:)

      • Wow! I only saw your post after posting mine. Another vote for Tales of the Gold Monkey! You are a man after my own heart. :D

    • The Lone Ranger.
      Yes, The Lone Ranger

      Timothy Olyphant as The Lone Ranger
      Lou Diamond Phillips as Tonto (impressive in Longmire)

      The Coen Brothers (directed True Grit 2010)

      Robert Palmar
      Yes, I can bring the daring and resourceful masked rider
      of the plains back to those thrilling days of yesteryear.
      However, I’ll take the Coen brothers again as
      long as I have final approval of the script :D

      One more thing, it can be made for 60 million.
      I’ll find a use for the other 110 million

      • Make that the other 90 million.
        As if that makes a difference.

        There is need to spend 150 million on
        a western is the point True Grit proved.
        Also 3:10 To Yuma had a modest budget.

      • I’ll have trouble greenlighting this one, I see.

    • 77 Sunset Strip…

    • Is 6 Million Dollar Man a superhero?

      I’ll reremake A-Team.

      Or Little House On The Prairie: HalfPintNado!

        • My eyes hurt.

          • @Robert Palmar

            That is how the 70s went out and the 80s came…BAD TELEVISION!

            • I know. Brings back bad memories.
              And how about that cast? Dreadful.

        • I now question your morality…

        • The Love Boat on rails?

          • My impression too about what show that must have been about.

      • 6 Million dollar man.

        Not a hero in the normal sense.

        • He’d have to be the Six Billion Dollar man now.
          Six million seems so trivial now in comparison.

    • Easy: Tales of the Gold Monkey.

      Just get a real Grumman Goose, film on location in Hawaii, get a nice scoundrel kind of a guy as Jake Cutter and Kevin James as Corky and you’re set. No friggin’ CGI! Off to Bora Gora!

    • I’d make a live action Samurai Jack reboot/remake.
      It might be a little tough to do that with just $150 mil, but it can be done.

    • I’ll make Supernatural into a film…and introduce proton packs. :D

      See what I did there?!? Notice it. Love it. Ghostbusters 3! ;)

    • For real, I’d make the Good Guys into a movie. Bradley Whitford’s mustache must return…on the big screen.

  8. Hmmmm, Sons of Anarchy would make a good big screen movie. Another one would be Cowboy Bishop, LOL. I think it could be a great movie if done right.
    I though would like it the other way around. What movies would you like to bring as a TV series, given with the same characters/actors and writers/directors?

    • For me, with the same cast/writers/directors/producers, Zombieland could be done really nicely. Only with the same people as the movie though. Dredd is another one that could be really good with the same people as the movies as well. Both movies could have enough material potential that could be used for a TV series. I am Number 4 could also be a great TV show. The way it ended had me wondering what could happen next so since it didn’t really do good at the box office, why not have it be a TV series with the same people

  9. Can we make Christopher Walken for Alfred happen now, please?




      • I have a fever! And the only cure is more cowbell!

        • Oddly.

          I have a LOT OF COW BELLS

          I buy them in bulk.

    • Just the idea of that makes me physically ill ;)

      There’s a rumor floating around that Timothy Dalton will be playing the Dark Knight’s right hand man. I’d be down with that.

      • Whoa, Timothy Dalton. I’m down with that.

  10. #Batfleck: “I knew fanboys wouldn’t go down with-out a fight but this is different, they have crossed the line…”

    #WalkenisAlfred: “You crossed the line first, Ben. You starred in Gigli and dated J-Lo. You spat in the faces of ticket buyers with mailed in performances in movies like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. At first, they will only remember the worst about you before things get better.”

    :D :D :D

  11. I’m kind of disappointed that Matt Damon won’t be playing Robin.

    • I know its lousy.

    • After Liberace maybe Damon could play Robin as a woman.

      • An alternative look at the Batman story.

  12. “Manimal”.

    The special FX would be fantastic at this point, and I’d enjoy the humor. The plot could revolve around a smaller country having secret developed an explosive device that does not require massive amounts of hard-to-get elements (or isotopes of such)and can relatively easily be mass-produced. This rogue nation (sigh…isn’t it ALWAYS a “rogue nation”?) has been quietly (read: under the radar, both literally and figuratively, of the major powers) beginning to deliver the devices to various, seemingly strategically insignificant points around the world. Once done, they will reveal their play for political dominance under the threat of weapons that instead of realeasing massive amounts of radiation would cause the spread of a heretofore unseen plague. The rogue nation would have the antidote/cure.

    Simon would learn of this threat while attending a charity function and jump into full-on animal-morphing superheroic mode…


    • @Archaeon


      You win.

      Game Complete.

      • :)

    • This, of course, is for the discussion about possible cinematic TV show reboots…Curse my insanely slow typing!

  13. Matthew McConaughey as Lex Luthor.

    • Cranston already cast.

      • Show me the press release.

          • That’s a rumor. Not fact. No press release. Its not true.

            • +1
              Newspapers and sites always state things as facts, simply to get more hits.

            • you’re cool… standing for what you believe..!!

          • until WB confirm it it’s still a rumor

      • It’s still a rumor!

    • Reign of Fire McConaughey… I can believe it.

      • I was just tossing that out there to see reaction. Just thought of it, but then I googled it and it has been suggested.

        I wasn’t thinking of Reign of Fire or the bald head. I just picture a LL who can be super smooth and charming, and range from there.

        Hate the Bryan Cranston idea.

        • Not a fan of Cranston. I didn’t like Breaking Bad. Terrible show IMO. Watched the first season and it never caught my attention. And that is my rule. If the first season isn’t good enough, then why continue watching?

          • So I don’t like the idea of him as LL either, but I do like the show, and I do like him as an actor.

            • I honestly have never seen anything else he has been in. Any movie suggestions? He didn’t impress me in what I saw in BB. I would love to accept him as a choice if I knew more about him, but I’m running with nothing here.

              • He plays a secondary character in both Drive and Argo, both are awesome movies.

                • Hello? He was Hal on Malcom in the Middle! Hilarious! Pretty much the only reason to watch that show

                  • Hated that show… sorry.

                  • Yeah I was thinking of Malcolm in the Middle (Really love that show) but I was trying to think of some dramatic roles.

              • I like him in Breaking bad, otherwise I only see him in supporting roles. I don’t see him as LL at all, and feel that if he hadn’t shaved his head and occasionally acted mean and threatening we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

                BTW I’m fine with you having your own tastes, I was just offering that I do actually like the actor, but despite that, I still don’t like him for that role. That’s all.

          • I could not get into the show either.
            I bailed after the first few episodes.

            It probably improved but not I am
            not that interested in catching up.

            • Agreed. Same with Walking Dead. The last 2 episodes of the first season killed it for me.

          • HOLY F*** get caught up you won’t regret it

            • They probably would regret it. If the first season didn’t entice them enough, then it’s not for them.

    • After watching ‘Confessions’ I’m convinced that Bryan Cranston would be a really good Lex Luthor. Hopefully the writing/dialogue from Bats vs Supes is up to par.

      • I agree,he will be great.A worthy bad guy.

    • Nice pick he has been great lately “mud” “killer joe”

    • McConaughey is a good choice…better than Cranston imho. However, him and Affleck…it’s a Dazed and Confused reunion! :)

      I’ve been watching a lot of Burn Notice lately, and even though he’s just a TV actor, I think Coby Bell might make a decent Luthor.

      • Honestly, I think WB is a bit “Dazed and Confused,” and casting Cranston would just be more proof of that for me. Again, I think he’s a good actor and maybe he could pull it off, but I’m looking for something other than a bald head a gravelly voice.

    • And that’s why I think Affleck’s casting was fine. He obv likes the character (not sure if Bale even cared about Batman prior to his casting).

      Plus he has Kevin Smith to bust his you-know-whats if he starts BatLisping.

      • Bale was confronted by WB 5 years earlier for another Batman movie that WB dropped the ball on before Nolan sold him on it. I think it was going to be done by Aronofsky?

      • I don’t think it matters if the actor is into comic books, as long as they understand the character in the script, I’m all good. Affleck being a fan is just a nice bonus for me!

  14. Anyone here collect NECA figures or Side Show collectibles???

  15. Hey Screenrant team, how about a screenrant app for mobile phones etc? Easy refreshable news source for film fans on the go!

    • They have an android app.

      • Must have iPhone app too, I imagine.
        I seem to recall Vic referring to it.

      • Our apps are, shall we say, less than great. But we are VERY close to releasing updates that totally revamp them for both Android and iPhone.

        • It’s a moving target, isn’t it,
          with every phone OS update.

  16. I wouldnt mind a Voltron live action

      • Yeah I read it. What Collider posted was an article telling people to STFU about it. LOL.

        • Yeah, I know :D And they should STFU :D

          Collider kind of trashed Cranston though.
          As much as I would not want him cast
          I thought he was went after unfairly.

          And is this the worst case of a rumor that had endless legs or what?
          Plus all originating from an utterly disreputable site for such rumors.

          • I seriously dislike rumors. I like fact and truth. I like to talk about fact and truth. I like to myself dream-cast movies. But never are my opinions to be taken as fact.

            My best friend was mind warped that this casting rumor was true. I tried to meld it in his head that its not true. Not until its official.

        • We never covered that “news” because it originated at a source that is known to be extremely unreliable. Rolling Stone actually picked up the story and wrote an article about it – but they’ve since removed the article from their website. 8-)

          • Ha! I didn’t know that about RS. Only reason I bring it up is because that rumor is out of control. And I know SR is all about casting rumors and stuff, but what about disproving casting rumors? Since it isn’t official news and its complete bogus but EXTREMELY popular, I thought one of you might write up saying to disregard the rumor?

          • What really surprised me, Vic, was just how many so-called “legitimate” news sources relayed this rumor without doing the due diligence to check it out.

            I think it speaks well of Screen Rant’s integrity that you and the team ignored
            this and it reinforces the site’s reputation as being the reliable source to go to.

            • +1

              I like Collider because they post Amazon’s blu ray specials HAHA!

              I am addicted to shopping.

              • I’m with you, LC. I can’t resist Blu-ray deals either.

                I end up getting movies I shouldn’t sometimes
                just because the deal was too hot to miss :D