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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 27, 2012

For our faithful regular readers – we’ve made some behind the scenes changes (nothing visible on the site itself, technical stuff), so please let us know if you experience or see anything odd, broken, etc. on the site.

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 27, 2012

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  1. “One small step for a man…one giant leap for mankind.”

    Neil Armstrong, ye shall be missed.

    • Indeed he will.

      He did a series of interviews over here in Australia which are quite interesting if you haven’t seen them:

      Worth a look.

      • Cool, thank you. I will watch them first chance I get today. :)

    • Your comment is the first I’ve heard about this news.
      Geez, it’s really sad to hear about all these great people passing away lately.

      He lived an extraordinary life and was a true hero in the every sense of the word.

      RIP Neil Armstrong

      • Yeah, he died this weekend, apparently…he was 82, I believe.

        A true hero and a definite inspiration for people like all of us who visit sites like this…

      • i had made a comment yesterday on -the wolf of wallstreet-page,because there was no open discussion. but,nobody was interested or did a condolence. so,i was the first who made a comment about n.armstrong.

      • @ The Avenger:

        You might know that some of us have this little group on Facebook, and we´d like to add you to our community. If you´d like to join, let me know. And in other words:

        “You think you´re the only commenter in the world? Mr. Avenger, you´ve become part of a bigger universe. I´m here to talk to you about the Screenranters Initiative.”

        • Haha! Thanks a lot Scape.
          Yah, I know about your Facebook group (I’m pretty sure you’ve invited me before), but sadly I’m not on any social network (yet) – long story… I won’t bore you with the details.

          Thanks for the invite though. If I ever make a Facebook account, I’ll definitely look you guys up!

        • well i would be interested

    • He truely will be missed R.I.P. Neil. :(

  2. Hmmm, there’s nothing quite so sweet (and by sweet, I mean exceedingly annoying) as having to listen to a political ad on the movie/t.v. site I’m visiting…


    • Because I agree with the ad, I am not annoyed by it, but I can empathize, because if an ad were played promoting the current administration, I too would be annoyed by it. Of course, because this website is private, and not government owned (or “built”), those who run it can promote anyone or anything they want…

      • Ah, but that’s the thing: I don’t want to see any propogandist crap from EITHER side. We should be able to pleasantly discuss the subject matter of the site. The only times when this open exchange of ideas ever really suffers (other than the inevitable invasion by moronic trolls, of course) are those that put politics and/or religion ahead of the screen-based topics (or take over those self-same topics on a given thread.

        True, this is an ad, but will the site staffers (and Vic) then get upset if someone (and you KNOW this is bound to happen) starts up with, “Well, I was watching that @#*$%!| Romney speak, and…” (or put Obama in that space, if you prefer…the point is the same)? I think they will be quite upset…and rightly so. If that ad is viewed by some of our more…unrestrained posters (or a passing visitor caught off guard as he gloms onto a this-or-that movie thread), you KNOW that garbage will start again. I don’t want that; I enjoy the site very much BUT for what it is…

        Since I don’t want to be the very cause of what I ranted about, I’ll stop now and leave the subject (hopefully to simply fade away…).

        • Gang,

          Understand that at a certain level (very high up the chain, actually) where we haven’t much control over which ads specifically show up on the site. We have some control over categories, but keep in mind that sometimes the ads that show up are based on other sites you’ve been on or searches you’ve done in Google (yes, they know EVERYTHING).

          So if you’re seeing political ads on the site it could be related to other sites you’ve visited. Personal example: I’d been researching buying a new bed and now I see tons of ads for a particular brand I’d been looking into.

          Now Archaeon, my concern is you said “having to listen to” an ad – audio should not be enabled by default on ANY ads on the site… did you get an ad that started playing audio when it loaded without you clicking on it?



          • Vic…First, thank you for your response. I want you to know I was not judging you or the site. You and your staff have ALWAYS been fair-minded about socio-political topics on the site (whether or not we’ve AGREED on a particular view is another, wholly irrelevant, issue…we all have our opinions :) ), and I very much appreciate that. I was simply mentioning it because (like my aforementioned “passing visitor”) I was caught off guard by it.

            Now, as to your concern, THAT is why I was surprised: When I came onto this thread, I clicked on nothing(other than the comment box, of course), but the ad DID start playing by itself, both audio and video. A fully-formed political ad has NEVER played for me before on this site, so I was taken aback…You’ll notice I made my REAL comment about Armstrong before following it up with my somewhat more snide commentary (apologies, btw). I do not recall if I saw the “X” to close the box…thankfully, the ad remained in that small box to the side and did not expand.

            • Oh, and Vic…I will tell you that this happened here at work, so I don’t know if it would be an issue on my home computer or my tablet. I did not originally set up THIS computer, so I don’t know what differences it might have that others (any OR all) might not. It might very well be a NON-issue…

            • “…but the ad DID start playing by itself”

              I haven´t seen the political ad, but from time to time, there´s ads about movies that include a teaser. And those play sound until I click the “mute” button.

              • I honestly don’t recall if I saw ANY controls for the box, but I obviously WAS able simply to refresh the page, so no harm, no foul…

              • Scape,

                Hmm… there should never be an auto-audio ad on the site. I have even less control over non-US ads than I do US.


                • That´s ok. It´s been a while since I saw one of those ads.

              • i’ve never had the audio be on for any ad on here unles i “click(ed) here for audio”, and have never seen any political ad. i know ads are a necessary evil to keep the site alive, so i don’t mind any of them, except for the one for apiration which turned into a full screen vid sometimes. that is all.

          • “…keep in mind that sometimes the ads that show up are based on other sites you’ve been on or searches you’ve done in Google.”

            I´m pretty sure I didn´t google for Weightwatchers…

  3. Something Screenrant keeps pointing out is that Dredd 3D is a remake. This is very unfair because it is clearly a re-boot. These days calling a movie a “remake” is the kiss of death, so screenrant perpetuating this when talking about Dredd is just crapping over everything the makers of Dredd have tried to to do. Dredds story has nothing to do with the Stallone movie whatsoever, which basically negates it being a remake. You wouldn’t dare calling Batman Begins a remake so why is it ok to do so with Dredd ?

    Please amend this in the future.

    • With the constant “rebooting/remaking,” I find all of the labeling outright silly, myself. Of course it is human nature to categorize and label EVERYTHING.

      • Agreed, but these labels where invented by the media, so they can at least try to get it right.

    • reboot remake i see there no big difference,dude.

      • Thats not true, the media makes a point of that it’s likely Batman will be rebooted, or Superman, or Spiderman. They wouldn’t include any of those movies in a dreaded “remake” list. It does matter because there is a huge backlash atm towards remakes, which is deserved due to most of them being crap. Dredd is different in tone in almost every way to the Stallone version of the character. The whole “remake” thing seems to be down to people only ever seeing Stallones movie, with that being their only exposure to Judge Dredd. Read any actual reviews of Dredd and remake is never mentioned due to it being clearly obvious that its not.

    • Deerang,

      A “remake” refers to “remaking” a specific, standalone film. A “reboot” refers to starting over a film franchise.

      So our use of the term is accurate.



      • Hmmm i’m pretty sure that a remake is defined as using the same source material as the original. So i guess The Incredible Hulk was a remake of Ang Lees Hulk then if we go by your equation ( as Hulk was a standalone film ).

        • TIH may be a stand alone film, but the main character is part of the Avengers franchise. So the term ‘reboot’ is correct on this one. Not so sure about Dredd though. I don´t know if it´s the same story as shown in the Stallone movie, but if it is, it´s a remake (like Total Recall). If it´s a different story, I´d go with reboot. Especially since I think there will be sequels if that movie is successful.

          • Dredd 3D is a different storyline and it discard the previous Sly Judge Dredd movie. so yeah Dredd 3D is a reboot.

            whats next saying Batman Begins is a remake of Tim Burton Batman LOL

            • Ha!

        • Technically, wouldn’t the Incredible Hulk be a sequel to Ang Lee’s version? The events of Lee’s film weren’t ever discredited and they used that montage in the credits to reiterate Hulk’s origin and place new actors as the already established main characters.

          • That montage at the start of TIH actually retold the origin of the Hulk.
            Those short clips/pics/files in the montage basically showed that Ang Lee’s Hulk story doesn’t have anything to do with TIH.

            It took me three viewings to notice that what’s included in the montage at the start if TIH goes against the origin story told in Hulk (2003)

            • I only saw Ang Lee’s version the one time in the theater, so I’ll believe you and Scapegoat are correct.

            • The montage sequence reminded me of the TV series, where he sat in the chair and deliberately overdosed on gamma rays, targeted directly into his brain.

              And from what I’ve seen and read both the director and Norton were inspired by the original TV show, and the title of the film is exactly the same as the TV show.

              For me it was a reboot as the montage was establishing what happened, and none of that appeared to take anything on board from Ang Lee’s Hulk.

              • They even used the sad theme from the TV show in one scene.

                • Now that I hadn’t noticed, if that’s the case all that was missing was a voice-over in a very ‘DEEP’ voice:

                  “Dr. David Banner, Physician/Scientist, searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma radiation interacts with his unique body chemistry. And now, when David Banner grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs.”


          • The montage in the credits of TIH showed a different accident than in Lee´s Hulk. It´s actually more similar to the Bixby TV show from the 80s.

            • Agreed.

        • Actually, a movie can make significant plot, character and theme changes and STILL be a remake of a previous work. I haven’t seen either of the Dredd movies so I can’t say for sure if it’s a reboot or a remake. But I had the impression reboots were mostly used when it came to film or television series. not stand alone films. Of course I could be wrong :)

      • Dredd is a Reboot not a Remake

        reboot means to discard all previous film in this case Judge Dredd.

        Remake applies to films which use a previous film as its main source material, often reusing the same storyline while updating times and places to match contemporary settings.

        Dredd is not using the same storyline to the Sly Judge Dredd movie. so yeah Dredd 3D is a reboot.

      • my last post did not appear. anyway Vic the use of the term is not accurate. Dredd 3D is a complete reboot nothing about it is a remake. Total Recall is a remake but not Dredd 3D. Dredd 3D uses a different storyline and it discard the previous movie.

    • Reboot, remake, re-quel….can’t we all just agree that Hollywood needs more originality? I’d like to see more original screenplays (like Looper) than another remake, reboot, sequel, or adaptation of a successful property in another medium (like World War Z). Can we end this debate and focus on the real problem? The lack of originality in screenplays.

      (please try to forget all my posts in previous discussions about how much I want a Ghostbusters rebooting sequel while reading the above statement)

      • Professor,

        I’m with you. I don’t know why people get so hung up on the difference between reboot and remake, or how one can be “fair” and the other not. It’s all semantics.


        • If its all semantics then how about just using the word “adaption” for both remakes and reboots. Problem solved.

          • Or we can just keep doing what we’re doing and 99.9% of readers will be fine with it. :-P


            • Of Course you can Mr Holtreman, if you are going to be inaccurate then its a good thing that screenrant continues to do so. After all nobody really cares right ?



              • We’re not being inaccurate. I’ve stated my definitions. You just disagree with them, which doesn’t make you right and us wrong.

                Have a nice day.


            • Wow, I’m part of the 99%…again. :-D

  4. Morning ranters! Or I should say goodnight as I’m bout 2 hit the sack after working the 3rd shift all night. Just wondering though ,does anyone here think that the old hana barbera cartoon the herculiods would make a good film? Seems like That would be a pretty nice property 2 make into a film franchise. Same thing for Johnny quest.

    • Johnny Quest I agree with, Herculoids, while a cartoon I still enjoy today, not so much.

    • Weird, I was gonna ask if there was a hanna barbera cartoon people would want a movie of.

    • I’ve always felt Johnny quest would
      be tight. That should be a go. Hanna Barbara had some great cartoons….heck maybe a serious take on space ghost would be cool…

    • “Crystar: Crystal Warrior”, “Skeleton Warriors”, “Pirates of Dark Water”, and “Mask” would all make for interesting live-action films (franchise films…maybe?) or updated CGI animated series…if taken more seriously (more mature, NOT in an adult way but treated as more worthwhile material than in the ’80s). The first three could have elements of high fantasy with the given otherworldly technologies, while the fourth would feature stories (and an overall vibe) akin to the “Mission: Impossible” films…particularly “Ghost Protocol”.

      One can dream…and hey, there IS, after all the updated “ThunderCats” series (which I have enjoyed, thus far) and the persistent rumors of an eventually releasing “Masters of the Universe” film.

      • Oh, and for a “Mask” live-action movie, the acronyms would HAVE to be changed so as not to be so utterly goofy.

        • I´ve been waiting for a MASK movie since I saw a live action commercial on a VHS tape as a kid.

          • Sounds vaguely familiar…

            • It´s on YouTube. But due to my slow internet, I can´t post the link…

              • I’ll see if I can find it…thanks for the reminder/heads-up.

                • You´re welcome.

          • @Scapegoat – THIS!!!

            • This what, Paul?

              • I was wondering that, too.

    • JQ would be great! I’d pay to see Race kick butt. Two others I would love to see are Thundarr and Dungeons & Dragons.

    • The Herculoids might make a good Pixar movie.

      But, although a non-HB cartoon I’d love to see would be Battle of The Planets.

      • that would be cool. I recently just watched the entire series, in it’s original form called ” Science Ninja Team:Gatchaman”, vastly better than when they edited it down to BOTP here.

        • Although the title leaves a lot to be desired!


          • yeah, it is a bit of a mouthful. that must be the literal translation. the gatchaman seemed to be a nickname for the leader, who was called mark in BOTP, and ken in the original version

  5. Sorry for the misspelled. I meant The Herculoids.

    • “Apology accepted Captain Needa”.


  6. Any of you guys excited about Spielberg’s LINCOLN? When u think the trailers coming?

    • Not really, especially due to Speilberg directing it, i’m sure it will end up being preachy propaganda.

      • wow, you got your hate on today don’t ya?
        are you saying Schindler’s list was preach propaganda? are you one of those “the holocaust never happened, the nazi’s were just misunderstood” people?
        tell me what ulterior motive he had in directing jaws, or jurrasic park, or any of the indiana jones films. i guess war was really not as brutal as he depicted in saving private ryan? please be more specific when insulting one of the greatest directors ever.
        thank you.

    • yes, and spielberg makes i.m.o the best biopics or historical tragedys/events to respectful movies like schindlers list,amistad,munich and now lincoln. and i want to see the performance of d.d.lewis for his next -oscar-.

    • I am looking forward to it but am apprehensive about the historical accuracy. Hopefully it is true to history and not full of revisionist history.

      • My thoughts exactly.

  7. I am looking forward to it .
    Daniel Day Lewis looks GREAT as Lincoln.

  8. So i finally watched Firefly and Serenity. I HATED that it endedafter one season, It usually takes me a whole season before i really get invested in the characters and here it just ends right after. They had so many loose end that wouldve been nice to see unfold in future seasons. the Space western approach was a little jarring at first but then i got used to it and started to enjoy that aspect of it.

    Now on to Lost!

    • then prepare for even MORE frustration!

  9. Wreck-it Ralph is coming so..
    What are your top 5 favorite disney animated films and who are your top 5 favorite disney animated characters?
    Beauty and the Beast
    Treasure Planet
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    • My top 5 Disney animated films:

      2.”Beauty and the Beast”
      4.”Mickey and the Beanstalk”
      5.”The Lion King”

      (I included no Pixar films.)

      My top five Disney animated characters:

      3.Donald Duck
      4.Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey
      5.Mushu/Pumba (tie)

      • …oops, that should be Pumbaa, I think.

      • Of all those films I think I’ve only seen Fantasia.

        So now that I remember that I’ve seen The Jungle Book and Fantasia.

        The mind plays tricks.


    • To be honest I haven’t seen all that many Disney animated films over the years, however one that I did see, and loved when I was about 7 was The Jungle Book.

      And as Pixar is owned by Disney then I have seen most of their efforts, my favourite’s being:

      Toy Story (1, 2 and 3)
      The Incredibles
      Finding Nemo

      Haven’t seen:
      Cars 2

      • actually, pixar is not owned by disney. they only handle the distribution. pixar is it’s own studio, started by steve jobs i believe, yet disney retains the rights to the characters. not really sure how that works. i remember a couple years ago pixar & disney almost parted ways over some contract dispute, but eventually one gave the other a reach-around and all was well

        • Well, yes it is, according to Wikipedia Disney purchased Pixar on 24 January 2006 for $7.4 Billion.

          Although there was no ‘merger’ of the two companies they still own Pixar, they just had some contractual agreements in place so that they could continue as a separate entity, but they still own Pixar.

          • I stand corrected. but they were about to part ways a few years ago.

            • Yes Wikipedia mentions that as well, obviously they didn’t see eye to eye on the end product.

              Even so I wonder how much autonomy they actually have in spite of the agreements they have in place.

              It’s an interesting article too, didn’t read it in detail but it appears that Steve Jobs got share’s in Disney as part of the purchase deal.

      • Pedrosaurus…

        I generally have enjoyed ALL of the Pixar films, but I WILL mention that in terms of “Cars 2″, you’ll likely enjoy the beautiful and clever setup of the expanded world more than the film itself…NOT Pixar’s finest effort as movie OR as a sequel.

        • Oh, and as for “UP”, it’s a great film, but the montage love story at the very beginning is worth the price of admission just on its own…truly a beautiful piece of storytelling and MUCH better than 99% of the romantic crap out there in theaters…now OR in the past.

          Yes, I DID go there. ;)

          • Up told a better love story with barely any dialogue in 15 minutes than twilight did in 4 books and 5 movies

            • I saw someone say that before, wasn’t you was it?


        • Cars was Ok, didn’t enjoy it as much as their previous films so that was the main reason I gave Cars 2 a pass. It should appear on cable at some point so I’ll catch it then.

  10. Why isn’t ScreenRant doing any articles on The Newsroom? Just wondering, considering they did an article on the series premiere but not on any of the other episodes.

  11. These open discussion’s seem to come around quite frequently, just curious as to why it’s not simply lashed to the side of the main page and kept there for, say a week.

    This one for instance is only 2 days old and, unless you actually have it bookmarked, you have to go back through the ‘old news’ several times just to find it as it quickly gets pushed out of sight by new items.

    Discussions sometimes get cut off prematurely when a new open discussion suddenly comes along and it all starts again. Any discussions you may have been having about a particular subject just fall by the wayside.

    Just thought it might be an idea to have maybe 1 or 2 discussions a month and have them somewhere where they can be accessed any time you want to post something.

    • I actually asked Vic this a couple months back, because like you say, it can get a little annoying to have to go into the archive page and look for the latest OD.

      Vic said it might be a bit tricky to “pin” the latest OD thread to the homepage every week, but since he’s said that, SR has started “pinning” the latest podcast, which is released every week, to the homepage, so who knows? Hopefully Vic might look into my suggestion again at some point…

      • Yes, and as we speak we have another new open discussion.

        Haa :)

        So we say bye bye to OD August 27, 2012.

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