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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 26, 2013

Apologies for the late post today – server glitch!

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 26, 2013

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  1. First. Because I’m late too.

    • Better late then never.

      • Q: Why do people call me an slow ass?
        A: because I’m always a “little behind”!

      • Even when it gets late early.

  2. Some may think that the plethora of scranters complaining about Ben Affleck as the new Batman almost killed the Open Discussion thread…but my guess is that it is delayed because the Screenrant editors were still in awe about Alexander Skarsgård’s full on nakedness in the True Blood season finale.

    Full disclosure: I honestly have no opinion on Affleck’s casting…ask me after I’ve seen the performance. AND…I haven’t seen True Blood since season 3…Kevin Smith went into detail about that scene on Hollywood Babble On.

    • I suppose that adds new dimension to the
      complaint there is only junk on television.
      I tried one episode once and bailed out.

      • Zing!

    • Tweeted them about the OD outage early this morning.

      They didn’t notice until later… I do think it was too much Batfleck (or Skarnude).

      • @ B. Nerd

        I think you are correct.

      • Hahaha…Skarnude. That needs to be trending right now.

    • There was an issue with the scheduler. I’m usually asleep when these are supposed to go live but if it happens again, please feel free to email me – – and I’ll look into it immediately.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • so…it wasn’t Skarnude?

    • Wow, I’ve not watched this season of True Blood yet but I heard a few crazy things happen in the finale.


  3. I like the community here. Even when people disagree with me, it’s usually through civil and thoughtful discussion. I just got back from an ill-advised trip to the rottentomatoes comment section (only ever as an observer). If you ever want to cure yourself of optimism for humankind, that’s the place to go.

    • Last Thursday night I awoke from an early evening nap.

      When I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone. Didn’t have any texts so I went straight to my Screen Rant App and to my absolute shock I read this: Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Release Date Revealed

      Talk about out of the blue. That was enough to get me out of my couch and onto my desktop. Internet UP and Television ON.

      I spent the whole night fascinated by the news. Twitter was exploding. So was Face Book. I literally turned my phone OFF so I wouldn’t be bothered. It was “phenomenal” in the truest sense of the word. So many reactions. So many strong feelings. I was soaking it up.

      As I was surveying the whole storm, I went from one site to another, like a detective following one lead to another. ( There was a lot of coverage on television as well. )

      Here’s the bottom line: Screen Rant had the BEST coverage. No contest.

      There are many other sites out there that cover the same subject matter; Comic book and Science Fiction and Fanstasy/Futuristic Films and other media that relates to these subjects, genres and art forms. Some have been around longer than Screen Rant. But NONE of them possess the fine quality that SR does.

      No need to name these other sites. Most of us die hards know them. And I don’t think they are worth naming on THIS site. They aren’t worthy.

      I did a little research and discovered that out of all these various other sites, Screen Rant scored the most comments regarding The Affleck/Batman shockwave. That says A LOT, in my opinion.

      Only a few hours later, early Friday morning, Ben Kendrick posted an extremely thoughtful, detailed, intelligent and knowledgeable analysis on the Affleck/Batman eruption ; “Ben Affleck as Batman: Why It Could Work.”

      Highly impressive. Believe me, no other site has the competency to pull that off. Hats off to Ben Kendrick.

      Screen Rant has the best graphic template, the best writers, the best analysis, the best format and the best coverage than any other of these other sites, bar none.

      Which means that SR also has the BEST comment thread format. I have said in the past that SR should upgrade up to a comment/feedback format that has an “edit option.” But after a lot of discoveries from last Thursday, I LIKE Gravatar.

      Most all of these other sites have adopted Disqus. And all that does is make all these sites seem generic and run of the mill. Boring.

      Screen Rant, please don’t change. And even if you do, it can only get better.

      Vic Holtreman, you are the man. And…thank you.

      • Andrew Dyce wrote the article you are referring too, not Ben Kendrick.

        Just sayin.

        • Right you are. I stand corrected.

          Andrew Dyce!

          But Kendrick is among this group of fine writers , never the less…

      • +1

      • +1

      • Kryptonic,

        A big thank you to you, sir – from all of us here on the site! :-D

      • Epic comment is epic!

        Thanks Kryptonic! Pretty much made my day.

  4. I guess I could say, people aren’t respecting the message that ‘TDK’ Trilogy carried. “Batman is a symbol, he could be anybody. That is the point”.

    • Touche in that post sir

  5. I have never seen anything like the fallout from the announcement that Affleck is cast as the next Batman. Warner Brothers did a bad job of rolling this out. First with the announcement of the Superman Batman team up which made it look like they had no faith in their Superman franchise. Then there was the bad logo, then the suggestion that it might have the gaudy title Superman vs Batman then the out of nowhere announcement about Affleck. The optics are looking bad for Warner Brothers if this online petition reaches a huge number. It is already impressive and it will make Warner Brothers look as though they are in open defiance of their fans. If the petition reaches 150,000 people it won’t be realistic to write it off as limited to just crazy fans. At that point Affleck may need to just fall on the sword to avoid any more harm to the DC franchise.

    • You must of missed the comic con video. Because the reveal was extremely well recieved and people went ballistic. It stole comic con single handedly

      • +1

        That was INSANE. I’ve never seen a group of people THAT excited.

      • I saw it but that was fleeting. Everything since has been questionable.

        • Because you question something doesn’t make it questionable.
          And it is clear you question everything about this decision and DC.
          Because you are relentless in your questioning your views are questionable.

          • +1

          • I really don’t know of anything that isn’t questionable, but if there is such a thing, Ben Afflect playing Batman is definately not one of them.

            • There are tens of thousands of people who might question that statement.

              • Myself included.

          • Gee…I am SO SORRY! I forget this is an echo chamber sometimes and nobody should question anything! My bad!

            • You are the one making the same echo.
              It is ringing in everyone’s ears in every OD.
              Give up the campaigning. You lost the election.

              • You must not know what the term “echo chamber” means. If you are confirming that my “echo” is ringing in “everyone’s ears in every OD” then you are pretty much confirming that they are all saying the SAME thing and I am the one who is offering the differing viewpoint therefore I am in am in an echo chamber.

                I am not sure what you think I am campaigning for…I am simply expressing my views and your response lets me know I have not “lost the election”…you have lost the debate.

                • You are the one screaming your point repeatedly
                  in open discussion to the point that no one is
                  listening but you are deaf to the reaction.

                  The echo chamber is you talking to yourself.
                  I don’t expect you to understand the nuance.

                  • you are right, I don’t understand the nuance. But here is a solution. I understand that you only want to read views that support your own. So when you see my name just skip it.

                    There are plenty of intelligent, mature people on this site that I am happy to engage with and share different ideas.

                    • Grow up. Really. I’ll stake my reputation against
                      yours here for respecting other peoples views.
                      You cannot tolerate views you disagree with.

                    • “I’ll stake my reputation against yours here for respecting other peoples views.”

                      I wouldn’t if I were you. I have never called a person a name, attacked anyone personally or more importantly suggest that anyone should not express their views which you just did…sir!

                    • I don’t call people names
                      I do not attack anyone personally.
                      I have never suggested anyone not express their views.

                      And since you just accused me of all you are guilty of all.
                      Yes, I’ll stake my reputation against the likes of you anytime.

                    • You have never suggested anyone not express their views? Really? So what did you mean when you stated?

                      “Give up the campaigning. You lost the election.”

                      Never mind…I know the answer….

                    • Repeatedly hammering your same points
                      ad nauseam is the objection not the
                      rational expressing a viewpoint

                    • OK then…make your point once and ignore the other alleged times I supposedly make the same point!

                    • “alleged” Right. Keep telling yourself that.
                      Whatever you need to feel good about yourself.

                    • @Patrick – Don’t be rude. That last statement was a backhanded insult. Plenty of room for debate without insults.

                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • @ Paul Young

                      I appreciate the feedback however I am insulted NUMEROUS times on this site…called Baleyard…told i am narrow minded etc…very direct insults. It is a bit disconcerting that I am the one called out on a comment that is “back handed” which was not intended as such. Please let me know if the rules on this site only apply to me.

                    • @Patrick – I don’t consider Baleyard to be an insult, no more than I would consider SharkPauldo an insult (I’m a BiG fan of Sharknado). If you are taking that as an insult, then you’re either too thin skinned or stretching for a reason to make the issue mine or others, instead of yours.

                      You said in response to Robert “I have intelligent people to talk to” which infers that Robert is NOT intelligent. You took a swipe. I called you on it but left the comment as is.

                      Again, you’re welcome to share your opinion but don’t get upset when it’s unpopular and everyone doesn’t agree with you. I won’t allow people to call you names, but “Baleyard” and “narrow-minded” aren’t considered name caliing.


                    • @Patrick:

                      Do you consider “Baleyard” an insult? I thought you would like it because it’s a portmanteau of your all-time favorite Batman actor and your name.

                      I apologize since I did coin that nickname but if someone called me “BatNerd”, I would be okay with that. Or even “FigNerd” (I like fig newtons).

                      How about “Batyard”?

                    • No need to apologize, BigNerd.

                      Patrick says below in this thread:
                      “Baleyard” is one of my favorites
                      referring to being called the name.

                      Now he claims its an insult. Right.
                      I have never used it but thought
                      it was a good-natured pun which
                      is all it is and not name-calling.

                    • Okay, saying there are intelligent people on this site is implying that the person you are talking to isn’t intelligent and that’s an insult? That is a stretch. If Robert Palmar was insulted by that, took it that way (which I doubt he did), then I’d say he’s the thin skinned one (which I’m not saying).

                      But using a nickname that is obviously designed to dismiss someones opinions almost completely out of hand, by implying he’s (what?) a “Bale” fan, and therefore is solely motivated by bias? That isn’t considered an insult, or name calling?

                      I for one appreciate Patrick Bayard sharing his opinions and doing so in, yes, an “echo chamber,” where a majority believes that this will be a great movie, and that this is a great move. And I think he’s doing so with passion, evidence, and reason (whether you agree or not). And there is a lack of insult. His opinion is blunt and forceful, which could/will/does get under people’s skin, but he’s not crude and name calling. Disagree or offer counterpoints, he’s open to that. (I hope it’s not an insult to the rest of Earth’s population to single PB out).

                      Where I’ll disagree with both of them is that they both were going back and forth like a couple of ten year olds. If someone is unreasonable, have your say and step away. Like Mom always said, “I don’t care who started it….”

                    • I’m sorry if you don’t like it, Nostelg-O, but if attacked I will not ignore it.

                      “There are plenty of intelligent, mature people on this site that I am happy to engage with and share different ideas.”

                      That quote of Patrick is insulting as Paul correctly pointed out. That is an objective reading, not being thin-skinned either. And there was only one “10 year old” in that exchange and it was not me.

                      Additionally Patrick accused me of calling people names, attacking anyone personally, and suggesting someone not express their views.

                      As for Baleyard, Patrick expressed he liked it many times. I never used it. Sorry, not an insult.

                    • You can be like a pit bull in that regard RP. I know you don’t name-call and aren’t rude, but you were on the majority side of that exchange and PB was in the minority (I was giving him a shout-out partly for that reason, but of course he would appear to be “hammering his points” being one against several [who don't need to "hammer" as much since the workload is shared]). In that situation, all those different comments blend together, and the loose-group is basically supporting each other and not policing any name calling and careless bullying on their loose-”side.” He’s not keeping a strict list of who said what, and he’s basically punch-drunk. Try to understand that and forgive him maybe instead of trying to set the record straight on Robert Palmer. You know what you said and what you didn’t, so you should be able to let some things slide. Nobody really cares except of course the secret world government that is spying on our every move (but that’s them).

                      Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

                    • In my exchange with Patrick, I was referencing his long history on monopolizing discussion in the open discussion thread and not just any hammering and such between us in that exchange. We have all had quite enough and you are conspicuously Patrick’s sole defender.

                      As for Robert Palmar, I always set the record straight when attacked. Thank you, very much.

                    • @Nostelg-O:

                      “But using a nickname that is obviously designed to dismiss someones opinions almost completely out of hand, by implying he’s (what?) a “Bale” fan, and therefore is solely motivated by bias? That isn’t considered an insult, or name calling?”

                      Motivated by bias is not the same as an insult, name calling or dismissal of opinion. Everyone has a bias, assigning someone a nickname pointing out that bias is not insulting, it’s factual. I dislike Bale as Batman, if someone were to nickname me “AntiBaleNerd”, I would own it and not be offended at all.

                      Bayard admits that he is a fan of Bale (we even joked about having his picture in his locker). When I first announced it, he didn’t tell me it was offensive.

                      Now that he is saying it is, I’ve stopped using it… but you’re stretching a little if you think assigning a portmanteau of a self-declared bias to a poster’s name is insulting, especially if the “victim” didn’t complain about it until later.

                    • AntiBaleNerd has a point. King Moostafa and others have called me Professor Ghostbuster or Slimer or something along those lines. Sure I was sad that they forgot my name and had to reference my favorite movie, but I moved on and kept the discussion going on further.

                    • I’m conspicuously his sole protector? I’m so embarrassed.

                      “Children like to pretend.” “Grow up.” Those might be insulting, RP. Remove the beam from your own eye, methinks. Hmmm. Methinks. And what about turning the other cheek? hmmmm. Forgive those their tresspasses? hmmm. Where’s that fabled Christian humility I’m always always hearing about. hmmmm? Don’t let an immoral hedonistic atheist start lecturing you RP about exclusive christian virtues. Don’t do it.

                      Yes Professor, thicker skin. I’ll add, if you don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen. RP was having a good ‘ol time himself and isn’t completely blameless.

                      Anyway, you’re all right and I’m wrong. I give up.

                    • @Nostelg-O – Never had a problem with you or any of your comments until just now. Why are you suddenly leaning towards the beligerent line on this? Not sure why you’ve decided to bring religon into thie discussion, since it wasn’t previously a topic, but let’s go ahead and drop it altogether please. No good ever comes from attemping to insult someone using religon.

                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • First of all, Nostelg-O, I would expect you to defend Patrick. And be his conspicuously sole defender. And get a sense of humor. Learn to take a joke. Funny how you make religious references now.

                      You are the one who mocked anyone who believes in the Bible and Jesus Christ, like myself, as essentially believing a fairy tale claiming people who believed were blinded by institutional conditioning, were otherwise sensible people putting blinders on when it comes to religious belief and were merely suffering from a socially accepted delusion.

                      For the record:


                      Stooping to such a level attacking views so close to the heart of other people proves you yourself have no respect for the opinions of others.

                    • Comment for the supercilious Nostelg-O awaiting moderation.

                    • I see it’s arrived.

                    • Sorry Paul, and to all (RP). Shouldn’t have submitted that. I wasn’t trying to be mean. I think I was saying similar things previously (don’t judge, try understanding, and let some things pass), but I shouldn’t have resorted to adding a dollop of religion to it. It’s something I might do face to face, but that is different, more controllable, and not public. I wasn’t insulting religion so much as pointing out possible non-adherence, and more in an annoying teasing way that was bound to fall flat. I feel bad about it and I will sincerely try not to do that in the future.

                    • @Nostelg-O – It’s all good. I respect your opinion. Now…back to movies and how much we hate/love Affleck as Batman! :D

                      Paul Young

                    • Robert Palmar, I wasn’t mocking your religion. I was stating my own view and pointing out that Dazz was merely stating his. It’s not as if I deep-down believe the same as you, or agree that your view is “Truth,” but then I’m stating the opposite for the sake of a fight. There is a difference.

                      Now, I am blunt and careless about religious beliefs, and I apologize if that might offend, and I was particularly careless yesterday. I would ask for a bit of understanding and appreciation that I have my own point of view, and that I’m human and say stupid things at times without thinking. But if you want to think differently I’m not going to defend myself any further.

                      As to what you said the other day: You said that I dismiss the Bible as myth but believe in conventional myths. I thought (and still think) that is such an enormous, vague statement that makes huge assumptions that simultaneously caricatures my viewpoint (with very little information to base it on), and saddles me with a response that would require me to also make all kinds of huge assumptions about your beliefs, and to mount a defense of my own (after I had defined “conventional myths”). Now you either realize that and are being a provocateur, or you don’t realize that, which is even worse. Either way, I didn’t like the bait, and so I will choose, for now, not to partake in a philosophical back-and-forth with you.

                      Anyway, let’s leave it for now. I’ll try not to be combative in the future.

                    • The first requirement of God to enter your life — as an active force, a transformative Holy Spirit, the knock on the door He promises to answer — is to admit you are a sinner. The falling short of the ideal, of perfection, is a reminder in every prayer. Working to fall shorter, to move closer to the ideal, to repent which is to change, is the essence of trying to be religious.

                      One who confesses one’s sins to God needs no reminder from man of his shortcomings. Nor do such admonitions have any meaning. It is the place of God not Man to judge.

                      Apology accepted, Nostelg-O.

                    • I see I responded to Nostelg-O’s apology
                      and he actually had other things to say
                      that were awaiting moderation.

                      I started to read that and it
                      was migraine educing so
                      I do not have the energy
                      or inclination to respond.


      • +1

        • It was pretty awesome listening to people’s reactions. Wish I coulda been there, just for those 5 minutes.

    • @ Patrick Baleyard

      You are so off the mark in every sense I’m not sure where to begin or even to bother…

      …the petition? really? You know WB wants to kiss whoever started that right?

      • The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

        — Oscar Wilde

        • Words of wisdom.

          Ben Affleck has their attention.

      • I predicted that a significant number of people would Not accept a new Batman and that those that wanted one would not agree on who it should be. Please doubt me….

        • Yeah, you predicted it… WB didn’t. They expected everyone to be happy and in agreement, and for everyone to move on and not talk about it at all. Boy, were they wrong! They should have listened to you!


          • Oh so this is part of WB’ master plan. Gee I wonder why Marvel didn’t think of this given that DC is really showing them how to make successful super hero films.


            • Why can’t you just enjoy ALL comic book based movies for what they’re worth? And be entitled to an opinion on each film but not generalize them into company films…or studios. Marvel, DC, Image, Sony, Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney……who cares. Give me a movie that I can enjoy, and I’ll give you my hard earned money for a ticket. Give me a movie that I love…and you’ll get more money on the home video side. That’s all that matters. You don’t need to go around bashing every studio for making movies. Just don’t go to them if they don’t interest you and leave it at that.

              • +10

        • @Baleyard:

          You’re jumping the gun here. No one has even seen Batfleck, whether or not people accept him can’t be measured until the movie is actually out.

          Even if it was a Bale return, you would get a contingent (and maybe even a petition) against BatLisp.

          • Wrong! He has already been Batman and audiences have already accepted that. Sure maybe there are people who want a change but they are few and far between.

            • @Baleyard:

              How do you know it’s “few and far between”? I think that’s the issue people have with you, you tend to present your opinion as fact… or you’ll cite someone’s article or poll (which is still opinion) as fact. You are your own echo chamber.

              And my point still stands, you can’t know if people have accepted Affleck, he has yet to show us his Batman.

              RIP BatLisp… viva la Batfleck!

              • PETITION: Warner Bros. Studio Warner Brothers: Remove Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Superman/Batman movie.
                81,919 and counting….

                VARIETY MAGAZINE: Do You Think Ben Affleck Is the Right Choice to Play Batman? – Total Votes: 107,443
                No 76.64% (82,342 votes)
                Yes 23.36% (25,101 votes)

                I think I have a good idea…but that is just my opinion

                • Fans are really reacting, I’ll give you that. But again, what are they really basing it on? Movies ten years ago, Gigli, Daredevil? I can’t deny there’s some good arguments out there, people will see Affleck as Batman instead of just Batman since he’s so popular. I can understand that. Or people think he can’t play the intensity of the character, I can understand that too, though I look to The Town for his intense performance.

                  In the end it doesn’t matter how many people are against it if they have no real case to make, how can they even be taken seriously? No trailers, no screenshots, no nothing. Petitions, being signed by thousands of people who simply say as little as ‘Daredevil’ in the comments section or throw a tantrum.

                  Affleck fits the bill of what they were looking for as well as being a great business asset. He’s one of the best new directors out there, maybe on par with Nolan. I can totally see him directing himself in a Batman film and Affleck is one badass successor to Nolan’s directing. I say the developers are focusing on the bigger picture.

                  • Thank you for acknowledging that fans are reacting to this. I wish more people would look at the reality of the situation instead of just trying to dismiss it as some small fringe group. Anyhow…

                    I am not so sure that it is even about Ben Affleck specifically. This keeps going back to a central question that I have asked for what seems like months which is also what is reflected in what I am reading in the comments from these petitioner. They already have a Batman that is accepted and loved by the public…why RISK people not accepting a new Batman?

                    That to me is the fundamental question that nobody has answered. People want what has worked for them …what they liked.

                    The response that the Dark Knight movies were only planned as a trilogy is nonsense. The sequels to Alien were not planned but they still made those movies…or that Bale does not want to do it…but that did not stop WB from pursuing Affleck who likewise said he did not want to do superhero movies after Daredevil. This is what underlies the “rage” (although I don’t think people express it clearly). The problem for WB is that there is no “good” answer which is why ultimately it will implode. The people who have invested in the Bale Batman want that to come back and unless WB comes up with a suitable reason why they need to again reboot there is always going to be a backlash…a big one.

                    • @Baleyard:

                      You opinion is not fact. You have no proof that the backlash will be “big”.

                      I should not be surprised that even though it’s been decided to be Affleck, you are still stuck on Bale.

                      And while I understand your point about an “accepted” Batman (“loved” maybe only by you), you keep missing the point that the general public will accept almost any Batman because… it’s Batman.

                      Your argument would be stronger if it was just a Batman reboot, but it’s not, so when you throw Superman into the mix, you have box office gold. I’m sticking to my $1bil box office prediction, even with Batfleck.

                    • Always gonna be backlashes, always. That’s all I have to say. The best they can do is make a good movie that people like. People may seem closed minded to accepting a new Batman for a while, that’s a given. But it’s the movie itself that will sell tickets. It’s the characters themselves that will end up selling tickets. The trailers will be selling tickets. And whether you like it or not, whether it’s negative or not, Affleck turned millions of heads (a GIANT part of the general audience and all the fans), so now people are looking for the trailer. People are upset now and I’m not surprised. It’s the reaction to the trailers that ultimately counts.

                      Plus Bale simply doesn’t want to do it anymore. He nailed that coffin shut one whole year ago.

                    • @ BigNerd

                      Your arguments seem to revolve around me making staements I never made. I have never claimed that I am stating a fact….

                      What I do is look at data, something you might want to try. It all seems to point to an outcome and that is what I SPECULATE will happen.

                      A lot of people seemed dissapointed in Man of Steel but the audience that saw and liked it overlap those who would go see a movie if it were just Batman.

                      Your point about it will make money just because it is Batman is EASILY proven wrong. Batman and Robin should have been a huge hit …because its a Batman movie…heck even Batman Begins was not a huge hit it had to build its audience for the next two films which were huge hits.

                    • @ ColdSc

                      Of course not everyone will like a whoever they were to pick but this is unprecedented. I have never seen anything quite like this. I also don’t think a good movie is going to be enough. It is be great or bust. People will go into this movie with notions of what they think Batman should be like. This is exactly what plagued Man of Steel…the comparisons to a movie 30 years old. This movie MUST exceed the Dark Knight movies and definitely Man of Steel.

                      Again…Man of Steel had excellent trailers (in my opinion) that did not push it to the expectations of Warner Brothers and it could backfire. In fact if it is a very adversarial movie I think it would only appeal to fan boys and girls and the majority of the movie going public would be turned off by it. THEN there are the many people who would not buy Batman “winning” a fight. But if he does not “win” what then is the point of the film?

                      As far as Bale goes a lot of actors state they don’t want to do a role then wind up doing it. Like Ben Affleck…

                    • @Bayard:

                      Please go back and tell me where I am attributing statements to you that you are not making.

                      Maybe you misunderstand me, if you look at the way your phrase your “opinion”, you make it look like it’s a “fact”. You use a sentence like “a significant number of people would Not accept a new Batman” but there is no context. What is a “significant number”? I already showed you even if it’s 100,000 or 200,000, that is small compared to the number of movie goers.

                      Here is another:

                      “The people who have invested in the Bale Batman want that to come back and unless WB comes up with a suitable reason why they need to again reboot there is always going to be a backlash…a big one.”

                      How do you know this? Do you know every single Bale fan? It sounds like your projecting your opinion on everyone else. I think there are even a few Bale fans on ScreenRant that are okay with Affleck.

                      I think it would serve you better if you were more careful in how you express YOUR opinion, and not express it as what everyone else thinks.

                      But, carry on. As you can tell, you have more detractors than supporters so there has to be something amiss (or is that just my opinion?).

                    • @PB – What if…..Cavill’s Superman snaps the neck of Affleck’s Batman? New universe, new rules…right? Say this did happen, I can picture it now…all that internet nerd rage culminating into the ultimate explosion of fanboy ecstasy.

                      That probably won’t happen, but you and your anti-Affleck community could dream.

                    • @ BigNerd

                      You must be the only one on this site that cannot understand that I am stating an opinion. I suppose I should start every sentence with …”in my opinion.”

                      Here I will make it easy for you…everything I state on this site is an opinion…now it should not be confusing to you. As far as me having more “detractors”…well the petition with now 80,000 + supporter (think football stadium) suggests otherwise. The 80,000+ people who voted in the Variety poll (think another football stadium) would also suggest otherwise when compared to the 5-10 people on this site who disagree with me.

                    • @ Professor Procrastination

                      If that were to happen WB would top itself. It took 4 films to screw up both the Batman and Superman franchises the first time…this time they would accomplish this with only one film.

                    • @Bayard:

                      “in your opinion” would help if you were actually talking just about *your* opinion.

                      Go back and look at my post and tell me how that is *your* opinion because you are continually framing it in a “people”, “we”, “they” context. You can really only be sure of what *you* think and you are guessing based on limited information what others are thinking. I would never say a poll that has 100k responses or a petition that has 90k signatures is definitive proof of what the movie watching public wants.

                      As for detractors, I’m referring to the “5-10″ people who disagree with you. That has nothing to do with who signed a petition or answered a poll. Are the 80k signatures unique? Do you really think that number is large enough (even if you add another 80k to it) for WB to react?

                      Again, change the question, change the audience and the numbers change too. It’s not relevant enough and you can’t seem to understand that. And let’s put it another way, since you think those numbers are “significant”. All that does is demonstrate to me that there are people who care about Batman and regardless of how they disagree with the casting, they will see the movie, because they want to know, like you, if they were right or wrong.

                      That’s like $1.6m guaranteed tickets (which is still really nothing even if the film only does your “bomb” number of $700m).

                      Like I said before, it’s the Daniel Craig effect. Curiosity is hard to avoid.

                    • @BigNerd

                      I have now clarified for you and only you that what I state is my opinion. If I refer to a poll or then the results of said poll are facts.

                      So let’s see …WB is not going to listen to upwards of 160, 000 people more or less which they are VERY well within their rights to do (and we will see how that goes for them on opening night), but I should accept the opinions of 5-10 detractors…uhh…No! I don’t know if you understand polling but if you have a large enough sample size then it is almost always accurate within 3% points – the larger the sample size the more accurate it will be. When they are polling people for presidential elections, about 100 million voters for example, they use a sample size of only a couple of thousand. The Variety Poll is admittedly not a scientific poll nor does it give you an option for “I am not sure” or “I don’t have an opinion” so it is not representative…fair enough… but the sheer number of respondents makes it fairly accurate on how people are leaning in terms of the views of people who care enough about the situation to respond. So it is significant. i also want to point out that Variety is an entertainment magazine not specific to comic book or super hero so it is not a stretch to assume that it is more representative of the movie going audience in general. As far as me wanting to go see the film. With Affleck in the film I have little interest in it. If it came out the day Pirates of the Caribbean 5 came out, I would see that instead. If the trailers and reviews are bad, I can almost promise you that I will not see it in the theaters and unless it is one of the great films of the modern age I will not see it multiple times.

                    • @Bayard:

                      The results of the poll may be fact. But its relevance as a whole is not and is subjective. Your are applying your opinion of what the poll means to be representative of the majority of the movie viewing audience which cannot be accurately done.

                      I’ve done the numbers analysis twice for you now, even Paul Young has. The sample size and audience is irrelevant and its affect on how many people will actually see the movie is even more irrelevant. This gets magnified when you consider that of those 200k “people” (if they are all unique), most will still probably watch the movie.

                      You can claim all you want that you will not watch it yourself, but considering how obsessed you are with Bale as Batman, I am confident you will still watch just so that you can say “Affleck is not as good as Bale”. :)

                • Let’s do some math.

                  Man of Steel is at about $650m worldwide. Let’s say average ticket price is $10 for simplicity, So 65m views. Let’s say 30% of that is repeats, so about 45m people. How many in that Variety poll? 100k? 100k divided by 45m = .002%.

                  Now you can argue that the 100k is representative of the opinions of the general population and extrapolate it but it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Was there a follow up question in that poll such as “Would you still see ‘Batman vs. Superman’ now that Affleck is cast a Batman?”. Or, I can take that poll and apply it to 100k 4th graders and probably 90% wouldn’t care (or even know) if it’s Ben Affleck. How would that affect your opinion?

                  This is why you can’t really rely on polls and the Internet to form a solid argument because there will always be flaws in the sample size, the audience etc etc.

                  Or did you not learn from Rotten Tomatoes?

                  • You talk as if speaking sense will make a difference to him.

                    • Bale-itis can be cured!

                  • @bignerd….come on, don’t make me side with Baleyard by throwing math into the discussion ;)

                    All that needs to be said, WB stole Comic Con with a Frank Miller quote and a logo. And then the WB broke the internet with this Ben Affleck announcement. People will see this movie.

                    • @Prof:

                      BRING THE MATH!

                      I actually hate math, but I use it ironically when other people like to bring up numbers.

                      Someone was trying to use box office math to prove his point of recast failures but ended up not doing too well on that one.

                    • I’m ‘merican. I won’t be not doin’ no math. And I debate absurdity with even more absurdity. :)

                  • I don’t know if the poll is a scientific poll in fact I think you can vote multiple times. It is one of a number of indicators. I don’t just go by that poll. There is also the petition and the oddsmakers who have determined it is now unlikely to be the highest grossing movie. Three different sources. Then there is common sense. I cannot think of any film franchise that demonstrably did better when the main character was changed. It did not happen in the 80/90′s Batman, the Jack Ryan movies, Robocop, the Silence of the Lamb movies (technically), the Interview with a Vampire series etc etc. So even trends tell us it is not going to work. THEN even if the movie is ok\good it is still a failure because it will be compared to the VERY highly regarded Dark Knight films. I don’t think WB can overcome all that.

                    So no…I don’t just rely on polls.

                    • I think it’s been pointed out more than once that you seem to be more concerned about the money it makes then the movie we get.

                      I don’t care if Bale/Cavil would have sold 2 billion, if Affleck/Cavil means under 1 billion and a better story that’s the one I want.

                      Too many things would have had to get stretched this way and that to make Nolanverse the DC verse.

                      It is the right decision to move on.

                      Come Winter/Spring 2015 and the SECOND trailer, you’ll realize it.

                      Until then… carry on! WB are morons and Bale and ….and… and….and….

                    • @Baleyard
                      I think it’s been pointed out more than once that you seem to be more concerned about the money it makes then the movie we get.

                      I don’t care if Bale/Cavil would have sold 2 billion, if Affleck/Cavil means under 1 billion and a better story that’s the one I want.

                      Too many things would have had to get stretched this way and that to make Nolanverse work in DCverse.

                      It is the right decision to move on.

                      Come Winter/Spring 2015 and the SECOND trailer, you’ll realize it.

                      Until then… carry on! WB are fools and Bale and ….and… and….and….

                    • @ Dr Mindbender

                      I openly admit I am concerned about how much money movies make. I would like to see sequels and for this particular movie for it to expand its universe. That does not happen if it does not make money. Whether it is good or not is opinion. I liked Man of Steel and thought it was a fine film but the whole reason that it is now being combined with Batman is because it did not make enough money.

                    • @Patrick Bayard
                      But the idea for Batman being included in the film and Affleck being cast was started long before the film was even released. Talks I think started in the beginning of the year.

                    • @Baleyard

                      Big picture bro. This started before MoS hit theatres.

                      Affleck has Batman. You smart geeks should be doing back-flips.

                    • LOL. sorry ColdSC… what you said!!!

                    • @ ColdSc

                      I do not believe that. They stated during the opening days of Man of Steel that they were taking the movies one at a time and did not consider a sequel until they saw how Man of Steel did. They also have NO script ready to go so this likely came together late.

                    • @ Dr Mindbender

                      Read above…Snyder stated he was not thinking about a sequel until after Man of Steel’s box office run.

                    • @Patrick Bayard
                      Really? They have no script? February starts filming, hate Warner Bros all you want but they’re not id*ots, of course they have the script in final stages of development.

                      They announced the sequel a month after release, so they simply got up with a story idea and casting within one month? Let alone cast Ben Affleck within one month? That’s a pretty big decision to make and announce in such a small length of time, especially for a movie like this.

                      They said they’re not going ahead with a sequel before they see how Man of Steel does. True, but do you really think the team is that empty minded that they wouldn’t start making plans well before just in case the film does well?

                      With all your opinions of stating the film will fail, it all goes in the crapper because of your reluctance to see the view from the other side. It’s ridiculous. People should really start ignoring your posts because of it.

                    • @ ColdSc

                      “According to Warner Bros’. official press release, production on their Batman-Superman film will start next year. The story is by Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer, with Goyer soon moving on to write the script.” (Bleeding Cool News – June 20, 2013)


                    • @Pat
                      What do you they need to make a script? An outline and a story, meaning they already had a clear idea of what they wanted for the sequel, something that doesn’t come within just a month.


                      According to Kofi, they may have started the sequel’s script over a year ago! And I trust Kofi more than Wikipedia.

                      Honestly @PB, the WB has had a sequel in mind and started the process long ago. They aren’t winging this entire movie’s roll-out. I promise you that. This is all very deliberately calculated announcements that are keeping the talk of the Man of Steel sequel at the top of geek gossip.

                • @Patrick – So around 200k people won’t go see the movie? That’s about 2.4MM dollars in lost revenue. Seeing as how the film will most likely make $600MM+, I’m guessing WB/DC isn’t very concerned about it.


                  • The point is that the 200K or so people are representative of people who don’t like the idea. It is not ALL of them but might be indicative that it may represent the feelings of most potential audience members. So WB needs to determine if they want to chance that and if they do in fact represent the prevailing viewpoint.

      • @DrM:

        Hehe… I see my new nickname for Patrick has caught on.

        • …if the shoe fits…

      • @ Mindbender

        Do you even understand what you’re saying or supporting? You’re saying that WB is loving the fact that almost 100,000 people are signing that petition. You’re saying that WB is loving the fact that people by the thousand are mad and disappointed in them? You’re saying that WB is loving the fact that that they are the punch line of jokes across all media, and are being laughed at and mocked openly because of this choice?

        You’re saying the WB is LOVING the fact that they are getting death threats? Really, you’re saying that?

        Even WB said they didn’t expect such a negative reaction and are sadden and stunned by it. Are the WB executives lying too Mindbender?

        You either work for WB and are getting paid to say such foolish things, or you’re just a very foolish man. In either case, you are in need of a very serious reality check.

        • They are programmed to accept whatever WB says as gospel. The fact that a hundred thousand people took the time to sign a petition should make one think. A well run company would try to understand the issues and proactively try to address them, instead they just ridicule, and call people names (“Baleyard” is one of my favorites) and try to convince everyone that somehow they are the majority opinion when clearly they are not. I too have wondered how much they are getting paid.

          • I really should send my resume to WB and inform them that I’ve gotten entire servers blocked and banned as a direct result of myself supporting them.

        • @ “Martin”

          Grow up. Yes WB is LOVING the fact that there is an incredible amount of attention being put on a movie two years away. Make that a RIDICULOUS amount of attention.

          WB is LOVING the fact that there property triggers THAT kind of reaction out of people.

          WB is LOVING the fact that they are getting tons and tons of FREE publicity because people can be complete fools.

          Absolutely. I have no need for reality checks. I see the big picture and can see that everything that is transpiring right now is all according to plan.

          Announcing this casting over 2 years before the movie drops is completely by design. They knew the world would explode over the news, and would need quite some time before cooling off and considering that perhaps the sky is not falling.

          It only took me a few hours to realize what they accomplished, but I understand that people the likes of you probably need more time to think it through…

          • To be honest, I was expecting the casting announcement to come much later. Since they just announced it recently, I can see your point about them maybe leaving such a huge gap between filming and the announcement to let people cool off. Warner Bros ain’t the best and brightest company out there but they’re by no means dumb.

            • @ColdSC:

              Considering that the filming needs to start soon, announcing the casting at this time isn’t really that early.

              I think Cavill was announced 2 years before the proposed release date of MoS (which ended up delayed another 6+ months) so WB is at about the same lead time for this one.

              We should expect announcements for villains and other characters within the next few months.


              • early 2014 isn’t necessarily soon, as MOST movie casting happens a little over a year prior to release.

                good point with Cavil though, methinks the distance between his casting and the movie was also by design. Superman is a big deal after-all.

                “who’s henry cavil? It should have been blah blah blah…”

    • There’s no such thing as bad publicity

      — P. T. Barnum

      • Didn’t Man of Steel suffer from the focus on the bad reviews, cotrovesial ending, and the overdone fight scene following a record June opening. And I think Man of Steel had 10 times the goodwill behind it that Batman/Superman has right now. Man of Steel recently fell to number 5 on this years worldwide box office chart passed by Monsters University. I think that MOS producers would have preferred more positive word of mouth.

        • No to all. That is all.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. The company I work for knows this 1st hand on multiple occasions.

      • If there isn’t such a thing as bad publicity, we wouldn’t always be hearing that quote and PR men would go out of business.

        I imagine that what Oscar Wilde and P.T. Barnum intended was a kind of defiance in the face of critics. But ultimately it depends on how talk and “publicity” is handled by the target that will determine if it’s good or not.

        I agree with PB. MOS and everything around it seems to me like DC is floundering somewhat for the reasons he stated. I’m not wishing them bad, I just see it that way.

        • This to me is central to WHY these things happen. Have you ever wondered why Joss Whedon and Bryan Singer are always tweeting behind the scenes footage and hinting at things to come. They engage the public and make sure they have a pulse on what the public is thinking. It would not surprise me if Whedon purposely leaked that Elizabeth Olsen might be Scarlet Witch to gauge the reaction then once it was clear it was acceptable made the deal. That is what I would do. That is being PR savvy. But not Warner Brothers! It seems like it is always some insider decision and regardless of if the public is supportive they continue to defy them and then wonder why Man of Steel lost steam after a record opening.

          • Never thought of it that way. Generally I think they should avoid public opinions, but maybe you are right.

            Short of casting Miley Cyrus, I think they had a lot more flexibility with Scarlet Witch. Most of the public don’t know her and it’s in a team movie. Batman is another matter.

            Affleck is a Hollywood personality. I have to think this is a move to bring more attention to the MOS sequel. The question will be if the movie can overcome the baggage and circus this is generating. Or will it be another slightly below average movie.

            • But it is funny, Jon Favreau, the guy who co starred with Ben Affleck and went on to helm the VERY well done first Iron Man movies said this in 2006 when he cast Robert Downey Jr. in the starring role.

              “Stars bring too much baggage with them. I don’t think Daredevil benefited by casting Ben Affleck at the height of his popularity, even if he did desperately want to play the character.”


              • I agree that they seem to be kind of rudderless. MOS looked nothing like a Synder movie, but looked like the studio trying to force him to make it like Nolan’s Batman (and falling short).
                I’ll go see it, and he could surprise me. But a mediocre to poor movie won’t quell the legion of doubters (add a lot of casual audience members who simply think Affleck is a recovering joke). Even the supporters are saying “Batfleck” so the baggage is undeniable. Superman has to leap over more than a tall building to overcome this.

                But we could be wrong. However if there is an announcement of any Robin-like character, I’d say it’s all over. Stick a fork in it.

    • If it is like most burgeoning petitions, most of the names are fake.

      • Children like to pretend.

    • I said this in another thread, but read a couple of comments one of the petitions. Just take two minutes and you can then see people’s mentality on the situation.

      Plus, in this day and age, if I was CEO of Warner Bros, I wouldn’t be listening to fans about these kinds of decisions. Maybe about little bits here and there they can put in a movie but with an actual film’s casting, plot and premise, the filmmakers know best. Andrew Dyce I think it was said this in another thread too, fans don’t make the film, filmmakers do.

    • @ Patrick Bayard

      I see a lot of the same things and you layed them out well. I don’t see them reversing course on Bafleck though. Honestly, he’s not a bad choice. There are worse, but he is without doubt a huge lighting rod. There was no avoiding the reaction, but do they have a plan to deal with it? Do they have a script for a 2015 movie? A final title even?

      • They start filming in February so I don’t doubt the script is done or close to being done and going through revisions now.

      • Well here is an article that suggests that the odds are turning against the Superman/Batman film. If they cannot change the sentiment of the public before they shoot i really have a hard time seeing them pressing forward. If they did and I were a Warner brothers share holder, I would be telling my broker to sell.

        • There is something much more important going on here. Bookies giving odds on movies? People actually place bets on this? What happened to just cards, dogs, or horses? What has the world come to!

          • Good point…next they will be making stock and derivative trades…

            • :::FACEPALM:::

              it would be a good point if the movie came out next month, not in two years… which is more than enough time for people to change their stance…

              • No…it is harder to change someones mind from a negative to a positive perception than it is from indifference. WB needs to create an anticipation for the movie. The opening weekend can make or break films. Let’s say that 50% of the movie going audience has a negative perception even if WB managed to change half their minds having 25% of the audience already having a negative perception means it will not be among the top box office films.

                • I take this back…

                  … if you are talking solely about BO dollars, then yeah Bale/Cavil would have destroyed Affleck/Cavil.

                  If we are talking about story?

                  Best to not include Captain SoreThroat I mean Baleman I mean Batman.

                  • I agree with your first point…

                    The second is going to be VERY hard to do. The Dark Knight movies are among the highest rated EVER rivaled only really by Iron Man,the Avengers, Spider Man 1&2 and three of four X-men films so 7 total…consider ALL of the super hero films that came before it…all of those attempts…over 50 since 1978.

                • Well, people doubted clean-cut Disney Kurt Russel could play a character like Snake Plisken.

                  • uhh…I don’t know if that is such a great example…Escape from LA was poorly rated (53% Rotten Tomatoes) and bombed hard making $25,477,365 on a $50 million budget. I think it became a cult classic but that means it appealed to a small fan base. However, it did recoup some of its budget on DVD sales I believe.

                    • LA? I was referring to Escape from NY. I remember the doubts back then. At that time actors were seriously type-casted once they did a few roles.

                    • Granted, there is no legitimate precedence. No prior example can encompass that which is Bafleck.

          • All those out of work fighting-chickens. What’s this world coming to.

  6. Seems like every day, I find more reasons to like Ben Affleck as Batman.

    Just feels right IMO

    • No you’re wrong DC is stupid and Marvel is awesome and the DC Universe is dead ;)

      • -1



        • I understand this reference now. I started the underground podcast this morning :)

      • Seriously, what the heck were they thinking? I mean Daredevil? Really? Affleck ruined that whole movie.

        • Yeah totally was Affleck’s fault. Nothing to do with Mark Steven Johnson, the director/writer of Ghost Rider and writer of Elektra. Absolutely nothing.

          • Lmao after Daredevil wasn’t received well, I’m surprised they let the same team work on Elektra and Ghost Rider.

  7. Left field choices for DC characters that might work:

    Lex – Jude Law
    Aquaman – Brad Pitt
    Catwoman – Eva Green
    Brainiac – Giancarlo Esposito
    Joker – James Marsters
    Darkseid – Keith David

    • James Marsters as Joker, huh never thought about that. He has a distinctive laugh, I’ll give you that. I can see him more as Brainiac, not because he was Brainiac in Smallville but because he has that sinister look in his eyes. I can see him pulling off the intelligent side of Brainiac while being shamelessly brutal on his opponent.

      • Not Gus Fring as Brainiac? His menacing silent stares were chilling in Breaking Bad, cool and calculated. Even his voice was sorta mechanical, matter of fact-ish, like he’s gonna do whatever he wants.

  8. I look forward to continuing todays late OD tomorrow everyone. I shall go into work early to comment as much as possible. Even though I like this mobile version better, its still just not the same. And I’m not giving in on buying a computer ;-)

    • Cheerios Leather.

      Have to bolt myself, fellow Scranters.
      Yime for a late New York dinner.

  9. Soooo.

    How was everyone’s weekend and extended monday?

    • That will be really next weekend.
      I am not ready for that just yet.

    • @ Jeff

      Great, very relaxing. Yours?

      • Got a Tesla Model S for a week. I like it. So it was a driving around in an electric car weekend.

        But, true Holiday is..TODAY.

        Its a Madden Holiday.

    • Weekend was uneventful. Wife and son were sick so we couldn’t do anything. So just stayed home mostly. How about yours, Jeff?

  10. Anyone hear an RECENT news on what is going on with the Doc Savage movie?

  11. I prefer not to discuss who playing you know who.

    • I’d leave.

    • I’ll join you Bruce.

      • Guys I recommend not using the internet at all for the next two years ;)

  12. I guess before I comment on BA at Bats I guess I have to watch Argo and The Town. Never had much interest in seeing them before, and the only reason I would watch them now is to give a non-biased review of his possibilities as Bats.

    But in general, they wanted an older Bats and they cast BA who seems no older than Cavill. What gives?

    • Regardless of his WB casting, you should watch those films. They are excellent.

    • Henry Cavill: 30
      Ben Affleck: 41

      • They wrote “seems”….meaning Affleck is immature OR a Brit at 30 is as mature as an American at 40.

        • Meh, it’s hard finding a guy who looks more mature than Cavill in his Superman form.

          With stubble, Affleck does look quite mature in comparison to Cavill. The guy is only Batman, after all. Perfection is what Superman is supposed to be, whereas Batman just pushes himself so far to his perfection limit and the end result makes him look very beaten and tired.

          It’s also going to come down to this whole “I’ve done this longer than you” dialogue where Batman might just impress the people of Metropolis by doing things his way. Wisdom also plays a factor.

    • Watch the town and argo, in the latter you will see a very good performance. Tho many times in his career he has phoned it in, during big budget productions or any film that isnt his own. When he is passionate about a project which is usually his own he can give great performances. Thats why i believe if he was directing his performances would be better

    • Affleck may not seem to look eleven years older than Cavill
      to you but he is and more importantly regardless of appearances
      his Batman will be written as older and played as older than Superman.

  13. so i just started my junior year at college. first year as a media arts major. been a pretty busy day. now i wont have as much time to visit this site because i SHOULD be doing homework or whatever.

    And when i do have free time, it will probably be spent watching Breaking Bad, Sleepy Hollow (maybe), Agents of SHIELD, Elementary: Season 2, Revolution: Season 2, Arrow: Season 2, The Tomorrow People, Almost Human. Man, this is gonna be a busy Fall.

    • Media arts….just use those shows and points of reference in your studies.

      I wrote a lot of papers in college about adaption of material and what is lost in the transference of mediums. That way I could read comics or books and watch films, re-watch with commentary, and research things that I enjoy.

      • Two professors in college allowed me to write essays on films. For an English realism/naturalism class, I wrote about naturalism in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I earned an A! Then for a southern history class, I wrote about how the South is portrayed in film through Mississippi Burning, The Trip to Bountiful, The Birth of a Nation, and To Kill a Mockingbird. I earned an A! :D

        • I had to write an essay that is a compare and contrast so i wrote it on Burtons Batman movie and The Dark Knight easy A. Then i wrote an essay for my business class about Warner Brothers and which properties could be huge money makers and what steps they should take to continue to improve their profit. It was an extremely fun paper to write

        • I did plenty. I used violence in film as sociology study. I compared all 3 versions of Mel Brooks The Producers. I did one on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I compared LOST with Utopia. And I wrote a major paper on Jane Austen’s Clueless.

          If I didn’t seek out subjects that wete enjoyable, college would have only been a horrible experience.

  14. I finally watched Dredd and the Spy Kids movie with Joel McHale over the weekend. They’re both streaming on Netflix. One of them I watched with the kids, the other I really enjoyed.

    Oh, and it’s Monday…that means new Quick Draw on Hulu Plus!!

    • I watched “Daredevil” for the first time in 8 years.

      I will say this: I do think it has some great moments within the good amount of nonsense. That bar fight is just beautiful.

      • The cheorography is better than the majority of superhero films to this date

        • I dont understand why people HATE daredevil so much. though ive only seen the Director’s Cut, I really enjoyed it. is it just me, or is the Directors Cut THAT much better than the theatrical version?

          • Its signifigantly better, but its average imo

          • While it is not perfect, the Director’s Cut of DD actually makes more sense compared to the Theatrical Version.

            I would say it’s a good film, but not a great one. Gets too much flack.

            • I never saw the Director’s Cut of Daredevil. I like the theatrical version well enough already. ;)

  15. I won a raffle.

    I get to drive a Tesla S For a week.

    What a wonderfully powerful electric car.

    • I witnessed a man in a banana costume driving a lawn mower downtown.


      • Atleast it was a guy in a banana costume and not a guy in a banana hammock ;)…

    • Do you need an insurance ride? That’s a $70k+ car ($150k without subsidies).

      The upcoming Tesla X looks awesome… Back To The Future!!!

      • Err.. “insurance rider”. Curse this non-editable comment system!

      • @Big Nerd.

        My Insurance covers it. So far, I like the car. The range on it is on par with a gas powered car. It just so damn quiet.

    • Winning a test drive would be the only
      way I would drive an electric car.

      • @Robert Palmar.

        You would change your mind with this car. It is the performance model. and it has over 400 HP.

        I have a quick charger, it would plug into the 220v outlet in the garage.

        • And when you experience the range of the car, especially when you drive a little more sportive, you change your mind right back. Cars like the Tesla are overprized toys, nothing more.

        • 220v outlet. Interesting.
          Beats a charging station.

          Have you tested the range of this car?
          Guess you have charge one every night.

          • I been driving it between work and home and that is 15 miles roundtrip, the car is at half charge with a range of 176 miles to go.

            I am off Friday, so Thursday me and Auggie are going to see how far it can go on a full charge before recharging.

            • I will be curious to hear how far you get.
              Auggie is probably excited about the car.

    • where will you be charging the Tesla S?

  16. @ ACW:

    Any chance you can replace Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon? :)

    Also, today was my first day back in the classroom. I had to set up my voice mail and found out it cannot be set up remotely. (I was seriously going to ask you to record the Joker for me.) So the next time you come to Virginia, swing by my school! :)

    • I actually thought about doing a new video just revolving around a lot of different voices I can do. It’s a great range:

      Peter Griffin
      Glen Quagmire
      The guy with the cool voice you always hear narrating movie trailers
      The Joker
      Ace Ventura
      Count Olaf
      Arkham City Bane
      RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes
      Nolan North’s Deadpool

      There’s more, but that’s a good 1st set :)

  17. There is a Martin Scorecese martial arts film. Is there a review out. The visuals in the trailer look amazing….

    • There’s a Martin Scorecese martial arts film? I gotta look this up.

    • Martin Scorcese is only putting his name on that film. It’s titled “The Grandmaster” and was released earlier this year in China.

      It’s another movie about Ip Man. While the visuals are good, it doesn’t compare to Ip Man or even Ip Man 2 in fight scenes and story. The story is actually disjointed in “The Grandmaster”.

  18. Does anyone else think the hype regarding both Superman vs Batman and the Avengers 2 is a bit much? At the rate the hype machine is going are people going to be sick of hearing about them and not go see them or will it only want to make people see it more? I’m on the fence.

    • There is plenty of talk, especially about MOS 2, but not real hype.
      One announcement generated an avalanche of opinion and
      that does not qualify as a hype machine working.

  19. Who else saw Eden Lake? It’s with Michael Fassbender. I’m watching it right now, it’s one twisted movie.

    • Yep. I hate chavs, so for me it was a scary movie.

      • I didn’t really find it scary, just really messed up and annoying. I wanted to kill those kids throughout the movie! Didn’t know about chavs until this movie to be honest. Right after watching it, I was wondering why those kids were so demented so I looked it up.

  20. Watching Lord of War….i forgot how much i liked this movie

  21. What do people think of a Grosse Point Blank sequal right about now? What ever happend to movies like that?

  22. This whole Affleck as Batman thing is so rediculious and out of control. I can see not liking the casting, I get that, but the overwhelming backlash is unreal. Talk show hosts all over tv and radio are making fun of it, everybody and there brother are ripping it to pieces, and laughing at it or mad about it and they haven’t even shot one minute of film yet.

    It’s a movie about a superhero not a world crisis, everybody just needs to chill, and see what happen. He may be awful, he may be great or he may be meh. Bottom line is we won’t know for two years.

    • It’s Ben Affleck. People defend him by saying Bale was in “Newsies” or something. But face it, this guy was really set up as an upcoming star, he’s very conventionally good looking, and then he has a slew of high-profile flops and laughable projects, along with J-Lo. To his credit, he’s managed to turn that around. Truly. Just not from the point of view of the majority of people. And, forgive me, but announcing that you are going to be dressing up as Batman, following the well-recieved Bale (so he’s kind of a “second-best” choice), isn’t in line with the rest of his “turn my career around” agenda.

    • I was driving home on Friday and on the radio was a guy bashing the casting. Very tasteless and uninformed. I changed stations immediately. Just like I don’t read reviews online, I don’t listen to crap on the radio.

  23. You know I haven’t really commented on the matter of the new Batman. I don’t know why but I could honestly care less. Partly because Bale is and always will be my favorite. To tell the truth though I really just want to know the villain or villains of the Batman/Superman movie. To me a good Super Hero movie revolves around the villain because you know the hero will always come back and win in the end or get rebooted.

    Oh… and the casting choice for Batman could have been worse. He could have been Ryan Reynolds!

  24. I’m a little surprised at the level of shock for the Bafleck announcement, and all the people saying they never expected it.

    Wasn’t there talk of him directing JL and playing Batman within that last year?

    My Opinion is that I like Ben Affleck much more than I used to, especially as a director. But he’s always been a little empty as a screen presence. He’s kind of too perfect, or symmetrical, but uninteresting.

    However, it could be far worse.

    • I never believed a word of that claim and I say it would never happen.
      It was a rumor from the beginning to generate web traffic and ad dollars.

      • My servers are banned from that site so I can’t access it unless I go down the street to a Starbucks or something… but I’m guessing that article is all about WB sucking and not being as smart as Marvel.

        • It is the Comic Book Movie site saying the
          claim Bryan Cranston is Lex Luthor is unofficial.

          All the sites claiming the casting refer back to the
          source which is Cosmic Booknews, a site that literally
          makes things up to generate traffic as in this Luther case.

          • Sounds good to me. They announce him as Gordon and Mark Strong as Luthor.

            I’d buy that for a dollar. ;)

            • Cranston as Gordon I am onboard for.
              Yes to Strong as Luthor too, of course.



    • Made me wish the Man Of Steel Blu-ray was coming out now.
      Neat fan trailer. A Cranston casting I would not be fond of though.

      • I think the blu ray is releasing in November, a long way away! One of the best fan trailers I’ve seen to be honest, it was really well done. I would love for Cranston to be cast as Lex, or even Commissioner Gordon. Though I understand some people’s skepticism, he’s pushing 60 and there’s a chance people will see him as Walter White instead of Lex. He’s a great actor so I can see him grabbing some experience from being White but not too much.

        • Cranston is a fine actor and up to the challenge.

          In Snyder’s Man Of Steel world though I do think he
          is somewhat too old and brings associations to other roles
          he has played and someone younger with a lower profile is better.

  26. Since it’s been confirmed that Batfleck will be an older Batman, then that must mean that Robin exists right?

    So will we also see a Robin/Nightwing in MoS?


    • I think they’re going to skip the whole Robin thing, I don’t have anything to really back it up but, I don’t know, Robin in this universe would be kind of weird. Since it’s a realistic world, wouldn’t having a 15 year old running around be sort of…wrong? aha Though they can maybe change the back story a bit and make him older or maybe they’d just skip Robin and go straight to Nightwing and change his whole back story (which I’m for!).

  27. So I have learned today that saying M 0 R 0 N will get you flagged.

    • ^^ and just so you know Vic, I wasn’t calling any Scranters the above phrase…

      … I was hypothetically speaking about a movie studio.

  28. ALL – Let’s move on from the current topic at hand before the thread gets too out of hand. Conversations are better when people aren’t constantly trying to one-up each other with snarky or snide comments. That goes for me as well.

    Paul Young – Moderator