Open Discussion – August 24, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 24, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 24, 2012

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  1. Hi Ranters.

    Person of Interest started here in the UK recently. Only 2 episodes in, 3rd one tomorrow, but I am so far enjoying the series and looks like I will keep watching it.

    The direction and editing I think is good and sharp and the leads both work well. I usually enjoy watching Jim Caviezil. The fight scenes have also been pretty good. All in all, a good show so far I’d say.

    • Best show on television, better action than most films these days. It starts a little show but just explodes in the later episodes.

      • Agree, Sam. Great writing, great stories, great action and great acting. Along with Blue Bloods, POI is the best drama on TV.

        • I remember watching the pilot and thinking, meh, this is ok. But from the second episode onwards, it was just fantastic. I was so impressed, the show is just brilliant, I hope it picks up some new viewers next season, figures need to stay high. This show must stay on!

      • Sorry but Breaking Bad holds that spot, imho.

  2. Saw ‘The Master’ a couple days ago…. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t even know what to say, so beautifully shot.

    PTA is the best right now.

    The performance from the cast is just amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday to River Phoenix.

    He passed away so young :(

    He would of been where Leo is right now. If River didn’t pass away, Leo wouldn’t be where he is.

  4. So I finally got a a chance to pick up the hunger games on BluRay and I absolutely love that movie I’ve watched it at least three times since Monday I think but the special features are actually pretty cool as well. Good buy if u liked the movie and enjoy Watchibg making of’s.

    Also started to watch how I met your mother last week. 4 seasons in and I love it great show!! Super funny! And just a good time while watching it. Can’t wait to he finally caught up and hopefully find out who the mother is one of these days though I expect it won’t be till the end of the series.

    • apparently I thought blue balls meant something entirely different ;)

    • Sounds like you need a girlfriend.

      • Can you write me a prescription?

      • Walk around a lake. I can’t stop laughing at that. :)

      • I live in the boondocks, so girls are miles away.
        Ive watched all the movies I love to the point of not wanting to and there arent any new ones that I want to watch really.
        And taking walks is my hobby(its what I do when I listen to the podcast too) but it gets boring too after youve walked every path around you and have nothing new to listen to.

        Now had you said get a job, Im trying to. Thats how bored I am, I want to go to work.
        Cant wait until I go back to college next week…

    • Your post had me rolling around on the floor laughing, no offense, you can do as Andy S suggested or as kahless mentioned you can always pick up a book or some Dvds. :)

      I just picked up a hardcover copy of the dark knight manuel: tools,weapons,vehicles and documents from the Batcave, its really great and informative.

      • nearest bookstores an hour away.

  5. The Robocop remake is going to change everything.
    Just as the universally beloved Prometheus made science a question of faith
    and the logically flawless The Dark Knight Rises revealed the truth

    about malcontents; honestly and without outside interference;
    the new Robocop, yes devoid of any mockery or even awareness of itself,
    will map out a bold new direction for American society

    With robot men and drones packing heavy hardware on our streets
    and our borders and our wives finally secure from Danger
    We see our future in the crystal of film with grateful acceptance

    • Cant tell if youre being sarcastic….

      • “logically flawless The Dark Knight Rises”

        I´ll go with sarcasm.

        • yeah, i was thinkin the same thing there

    • I like when someones screen name matches there posts. Takes a lot of the guess work out of reading the posts.
      This post reminded me of my college art classes critiques. People stringing words together that when combined make just enough sense to not sound totally crazy, but down deep nothing none the less.

      • thats the pic I was thinking of but this is the first time Ive actually felt that way.

        • My sarcasm radar is quite good and it is not detecting any in that post. My crazy meter on the other hand, is making sounds like I’ve never heard.

  6. Do you think tony scotts death will affect prometheus 2?

  7. I’ve just started watching the newest season of The Mentalist (which is one of my favorite shows), but so far it’s been pretty boring – I’m considering dropping the rest of the season unless things pick up soon…

    To anyone who’s seen the whole season, does it get better, or am I just imagining things?

  8. I haven`t seen expendables 2 or premium rush because i have a feeling it sucks.

    Movies i`ve seen this year:Avengers-What`s going to happen to loki? At the end it appears they still had him alive. He ain`t gonna return and rule again after all that havoc in the film is he? i hope he doesn`t return as if the success of beating him meant nothing. Unless they get more guys such as guardians of the galaxy to join them.
    Amazing spidey- i hate how people say peter is supposed to be a big strong sexy and funny guy. Not all people can be of those talented characteristics, life ain`t supposed to be that simple and can`t always be fun. My version is just an average, not great but just ok looking, serious, average sized, like a little under 5 ft. 10, not extremely talented and science whizzy guy. There`s nothing wrong with being average looking and sized or of any characteristic of an average person, and saving your fun for after you do something significant. You need to grow up if you think there`s something wrong with that, andrew garfield is just some ordinary of hotties, Tobey maguire being just under 5`10 would`ve been the best spiderman. People say that he`s supposed to be a “loser” and no, just a typical guy with problems like everyone else, such as money,house, job, and time. oh and protection. that`s what he`s spidey for, and i think that averageness perfectly suits a guy that`s going to become of that much power and responsibility.
    There were things i was confused about in Tas, such as on the train how he couldn`t unstick himself from things without breaking them apart? Also how he ost his webbing but concludingly was webslinging again. There were definitely several things i would`ve changed in TAS.

    • “Also how he ost his webbing but concludingly was webslinging again.” lol the word “ost” is supposed to be lost.

      • He invented the webshooters once. Why not build another pair?

  9. Also TDKR, um being the last movie in the franchise i think that`s the last time i want to see christian bale as batman. All it was about is darkness and extreme ruling throughout the 3 films. The stories were very poorly told, especially as bale`s voice.

    Bourne- the movie was short and was the weakest PG-13 action film i`ve seen. Not enough story being told with enough seriousness.

    • well batman is a dark character, he was just goofy in the 60s series and in the comics from the 60s and 70s, but i don´t know one comicbook from the 80s on where batman is not a dark character. the best batman/bruce wayne it will be hard to top his performance.

  10. Has anyone seen the movie House? I’ve read the book by Ted Dekker and I enjoyed it but I have yet to see the film. To my understanding, I believe it was a small budget (indie?) film.

  11. and the voice was a genius idea from the beginning of the trilogy to the end of it.

    • I agree! I don’t understand everyones problem with his Batman voice. When I saw the older movies and Batman talked I never thought that his voice was right, but when Batman Begins came out and Batman spoke I was like, ” Now that’s Batman!” I never had trouble understanding him either, not even the first time through.

  12. Anybody heading to the Baltimore Comic Con on September 8th? I was really hoping to meet Joe Kubert there, whose Sgt. Rock stories are what got me into comics as a kid, but I just found out he passed away. :(

  13. But i couldn`t feel much emotion from him or it sounded like he was choking or being choked”this city just shows you that it`s full of people ready to believe in good”. For some reason i feel like the person in the bat suit didn`t sound like christian bale. It sounded even more bold than bruce wayne without the bat suit. Hey by the way, i also noticed that at some points in the spidey trilogy and when Amazing spidey said”I just did 80 percent of your job and that`s how you pay me.” I hope to god i`m wrong, it`s very possible to cheat.

    • I think that, for Spiderman anyway, he is bolder when he’s in his suit. Nobody knows who he is so he can express his true self. Peter Paker, however, is shy and quiet so if he was in that situation instead of Spiderman, he would have probably handled that situation differently.
      As for Batman, I think Bruce Wayne is bold, but he just can’t do the things he can do as Batman for multiple reasons. (he is creating someone/thing for criminals to fear, to protect his loved ones, ext.)

      Just my opinion of course! :-)

  14. So I watched Cowboys and Aliens the other night on Cinemax. I was so heated after watching that movie that I wanted to “rant” about it but now I forgot my major points. Needless to say, I hated that movie.


    Really!?!? Aliens who want gold? That is the reason they are here? Who thinks of this stuff. The movie was great until Olivia Wilde died and reincarnated then the movie just got f’ed up!

    • I actually really enjoyed that movie, sure there was some corny parts, but I found it quite fun! :-)

    • Gold is a incredible conductor of electricity and an inert element. Meaning it doesn’t corrode or react with any other element. It has staying power.

    • The aliens wanting gold doesn’t sound so far fetched to me (I mean, if you’re willing to believe there were aliens in the wild-west, why would that be any more crazy)… humans want gold for stuff, why can’t aliens have some too?
      I can’t remember what they do with the gold, but I’m guessing it’s kinda like food or energy to them.

      As for Olivia Wilde, I thought she was petty annoying and useless for most of the movie. She was just THERE being all weird and creepy/stalker-y… it wasn’t until the reincarnation that she finally had a purpose/role in the movie.

      Cowboys Vs Aliens is definitely not a great film, and it does have it’s fair share of problems, but I think people are a little too hard on it…

      • Mmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm. Olivia Wilde.

      • The problem with this premise however is Earth is a relatively poor place to find it. There are asteroids just in our system alone that would put what trivial amounts we have found here on Earth to shame.

        An advanced race should be able to mine those rocks with greater reward than having to deal with a bunch of gun toting humans.

        • As I recall, the aliens on earth were only scouts (they were there to find out what the threats were and how much resources there would be for them to collect).

          Also, they were studying the humans they captured… maybe there was another reason for them choosing earth?

          … I can’t believe I’m defending a movie that I don’t even care about :P

  15. I don’t see how a Flash movie would be fun to watch from a special effects point of view. I feel like the tv shows have given us all they can with Flash. Have it be the blur of red and yellow, or the every thing in slow motion and the Flash moving at normal speed.

    Some one please dispute me on this.

    • I agree that that would certainly be an obstacle with making a flash movie. Maybe if they use a fast villain (like reverse-flash or someone) it would be easier. Anyhow, a well done flash movie would be a lot of fun!!

      • Remember how everyone complained about Iron Man fighting people in armors? What you suggest (Flash vs. a speedster guy) would be exactly the same. Who wants to see a super fast dude against another super fast dude? Not me.

        And BTW, I don´t even wanna watch a super fast dude against whoever.

        • I disagree. I love watching iron man fighting people in mechanical suits. I don’t think they should have every iron man villain have a supersuit but I enjoy it when they do!

          Oh and Com’on, a good Flash movie would be a load of fun!


    • I did. And there´s like 200 things (people, groups, etc.) on FB that go by that name. Maybe you should be a BIT more specific…

  17. Breaking News from Celebration VI folks! Episode II and Episode III will both be rereleased in 3-D in 2013. September 20, 2013 and October 11, 2013 respectively.

    • Via the Official Star wars Fan Page on Facebook