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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 22, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 22, 2012

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  1. Morning ranters! I know the reboot is years away but thought we take the time to share each other’s thoughts about 5 Supporting characters from the Batman comics to been seen in the reboot aswell DC’s shared universe. Here’s mine in no order.

    1. Harvey Bullock
    2. Renee Montoya
    3. Dr. Leslie Thompkins
    4. Jack Ryder
    5. Vicky Vale

    • Barbara Gordon (Batgirl, Oracle)
      Harley Quinn (does villains count?)
      Dick Grayson (Robin, Nightwing)
      Jason Todd (Robin, Red Hood)
      Renee Montoya (The Question)

  2. @ Vic

    Feel free to express your opinion aswell.

  3. It was announced yesterday that Kat Dennings is coming back for Thor 2. My question, why all of the hate for this girl? I thought she was really good as comic relief.

    • She’s also super sexy. She’s not a great actress, but she could get better with time. For now she does what she does well and looks damn good doing it. I’d love to see her come back for the sequel. I also curious about Natalie Portman. I guess if Denning’s character is back, then so is Portman.

      • I thinks she´s a good actress. I love 2 Broke Girls and she was good it Defendor…

    • she was lovely, i did liked her more then portman.

  4. Portman will be back. I too liked Kat Dennings. She was pretty & imo looked like Lizzy Caplan alittle bit.

    • Natalie Portman is hott nuff said and yes she will return as Jane in Thor 2.

  5. Question, do theaters decide which movie to show when they come out? My father has been asking me about the movie about Pres. Obama, 2016 which is out now but the theater i go to hasn’t played it yet. We know the town the theater is at is a democratic one so i was just curious what the deal was.

    • Its all about profits. the corporate office of my theatre decided what movies to get. an Obama movie isn’t that profitable. from what I know not many theatres are playing it.

    • i´d rather think that it will be shown on t.v. or special screenings.

      • @ merdan

        Id have to say i agree with both you & trey. My father is interested about it. I could care less really about a film based on politics or politicians.

        • celebrate obama c´mon it´s obama-bama,it´s trick obama time obama time obama time it´s obama,-this was randy from south-park were he freaked out after the win of obama,that was so funny lol : )

          • @ merdan

            I hope Obama hasn’t watched season 5 of True Blood. Knowing vigilantes killing vamps, shifters with Obama masks saying Yes We Can,lol. Because im hoping Season 6 will be better.

            • wally,i have never watched – true blood-, but i will do it next time to have an opinion about it

              • @ merdan

                Imo, most of the seasons were great. It’s just the first half of season 2 that kinda dragged a bit & to date season 5 is the worst i think because they toned things down intentionally. But supposely they plan to really pick things up in season 6 again.

                • I´ve watched 2 episodes of True Blood. And the only thing/s that stuck with me was/were Rogue´s boobs. The rest was forgettable.

                  • @ scapegoat

                    In season 3, one episode shows her butt crack. All very nice of Rogue indeed,lol.

    • First, some movies are just automatically made for a limited release before they go right to DVD, and second, most movies about a sitting president don’t draw a big crowd, since because the movies are generally critical, they automatically tend to offend the supporters of that president, and for the non-supporters of that president, they don’t want to waste money watching a movie about the person, even if it is both revealing and telling.

      • Have you seen how much money that movie’s making?
        Its a sleeper hit, its coming nation wide this friday.

  6. I compiled a list of all the movies I haven’t seen in empires top 500 movies of all time. only did 1-100. there is 26 of them. watched this is spinal tap and thought it was ok. next is reservoir dogs and L.A Confidential

    • Reservoir Dogs is really good. standard Tarantino dialogue and pulpy violence.

      LA Confidential i watched just last week. It was ok, but i didnt think it was anything special

    • I preferred LA Confidential immensely to Reservoir Dogs, as the latter, in my opinion, is your typical Tarrantino film encompassing little but gratuitous violence. Probably the most overrated director there is today.

      • Hmm interesting in interested to see what I enjoy more.

      • the most passionated director of our time. i don´t think he is overrated,for me he is still an indipendent who makes great genre movies,and if someone would say he makes no original movies then they should think about the fact that he pays hommage for the movies that he loves and on the other side his movies are always more brilliant as the movies which inspired him.

        • Different strokes for different folks. I have never understood the clique of people who call Tarrantino “brilliant”. Far from it, in my opinion. Now a “sadomasochist”…sure. Alright, perhaps that is a little extreme, but not very. Anyway, he has not made a movie that I would own or watch multiple times, and I would not rank him anywhere near the likes of Scorsese, Spielberg, Eastood, and/or Jackson, among others. By comparison, these directors are truly worthy of the term “brilliant”.

          • Jeff, I feel as if I would type those very exact words. I am NOT a fan of Tarrantino AT ALL. I’m probably one of the few people that couldn’t even finish watching Pulp Fiction. Plus he ALWAYS has that smarmy expression on his face that makes me wish I could punch him in the nose.

          • jeff,it would be boring if everybody would like his movies. i had those discussions about tarantino with very good friends of mine. some of them also think that he is overrated,but not me. i also like some 70s b-movies and those 70s kung-fu movies,maybe that´s the reason why i like his movies,because he makes the best b-movies.

  7. Did anybody watch Face Off season 3 premiere that followed the season 2 marathon?
    it was star wars cantina themed and they made aliens. I felt bad for tommy.
    Did anybody watch Americas Got Talent?
    Personally Im rooting for jacob the comedian and andrew the goth opera singer.
    And has anybody watched the new cartoon Scooby Doo mystery Incorporated, its so awesome, scooby doo finally has a plot, its actually funny and the characters have well more character. Theres also references to other hanna barbera shows and horror icons such as cthulu.
    Theres also adventure time thats new but I missed it this week, great cartoon.
    let me know if you did or you wanna talk other cartoon such as young justice or legend of korra which Ive also watched.

    • I watched the face off premier, and I agree I also felt sorry for Tommy. The star wars Cantina theme was awesome.

      • I caught the Face Off premier by chance, and I had no idea it was back on so I got lucky. The Star Wars Cantina theme was really good.

        IMO as much as I liked Rod’s and Roy’s half Alien half robot creature I though Sarah’s and Laura’s creation should have won hands down. The makeup was fantastic and their use of props such as the robe and mask were very smart. I thought Glenn Hetrick said it best when he said the extra costume pieces let the viewer see a little bit of the characters background.

        Thank God Joe quit…we weren’t half way through the show and you could tell he was a huge jerk who thought he was great and new exactly what art is. With that said Tommy should never have called Joe before the judges even said anything about their character. Then again the show could have been edited to look that way.

  8. Both Resevoir dogs and L.A. Confidential are amazing films in my opinion.

    • Glad to know.

  9. Also decided my justice league cast
    Bruce Wayne/Batman- John Hamm, from madmen and other things

    WonderWoman- Kelly Overton, from several thing and tru blood

    Aquaman- Jensen Ackles, dean from supernatural

    Barry Allen/Flash- Chris Pine, kirk from new star trek

    John Stewart/Green Lantern- Nick Jones Jr., has had a few small roles

    Martian Manhunter- Doug Jones from hellboy, so he used to blue makeup

    • I still haven’t decided on a replacement for Bale. The thought that he’s done with his portrayal of the dark knight is sad he did a fantastic job, I hope the next actor continues to impress.

    • -Batman: undecided
      -Superman: Henry Cavill if he does a good job in MoS
      -Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): Ryan Reynolds
      -Flash (Barry Allen): Bradley Cooper (or a younger, up-and-coming actor)
      -Aquaman: Justin Hartley… maybe (it depends on who they get to play the Flash – either Flash or Aquaman should be played by a younger guy – but not both)
      -Wonder Woman: Lynn Collins… again, maybe (there are other choices)
      -Martian Manhunter: for some reason the only actors who come to mind right at this moment is Taye Diggs and Phil Morris (the latter played MM on Smallville), but I’m sure there’s better choices – all I know is, John Jones/MM should be played by an African American.

      • Like your list. Cooper is my 2nd choice behind Patrick Wilson…. but I’d love to see Neal Patrick Harris as the flash.

        • He should be Professor Zoom or bart allen/impulse.

      • I think Aquaman should be played by someone older. About the age he is in the current series.

        I agree that Ryan Renolds should reprise his role as GL.

        Bradly Cooper might be able to pull off a good Flash.

        • I disagree about Reynolds. He was terribly miscast as Hal Jordan. He’d be a better Flash. Nathan Fillion should have been Hal and DC should reboot GL with Nathan.

          • reynolds shouldnt be anyone…hes had his chance, way more than anyone and fails to impress.

    • @ Cody

      Did you see my picks for Aquaman 7 Batman in past Open Discussion?

      Batman- Patrick Wilson

      Aquaman- Alexander Skarsgard

      • not a fan of either really…sorry.
        and looking at’em they dont have that superhero look or at least not to me.

    • Jared Padalecki would make a great Batman. He just needs a haircut. :-)

      • It’s good to have you back Scape

        • Thanks, it´s good to be back..!

    • o_O No offense everyone is entitled to their own opinion but really tatum if that’s how its spelled smh. If anyone disagrees on tatum as batman reply to my comment. There are better choices out there than him, don’t have anything against him as an actor he just isn’t the batman/Bruce Wayne type to me.

  10. If not tatum then tobin bell!!he would be a great batman

    • Hed be a good hugo strange maybe.

    • …I’m starting to think you’re just screwing with us ;)

      • Ug, it posted before I could finish typing:
        Tobin Bell is 70 years old man…

      • Chuck Noris should be Batman!!

        • Cameo Wild Cat as played by Chuck Norris!

  11. I just hope after the justice league movie they stay big and do a Arkham Asylum movie, perhaps based on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and have a menagerie of villains and batman trapped with them.

    • Hhmmm…I haven’t read that comic series, but just from your short description that sounds intriguing.

  12. I watched Speed for the first time recently and I don’t see why it was so popular. Sure there was fun parts and they established a good villain, but it didn’t get as intense as I was expecting it to and I think Keanu Reeves is not a good actor. Whenever somthing bad is happening he dosn’t show any emotion, so I don’t feel like I should be afraid either. That really annoyed me. Also some of the things that happened were just silly. (Jumping the bus on the bridge anyone?) In the end I thought it was fun but not great.

    • Think you have to bear in mind that Speed is nearly 20 years old too!

      Ok, it had some cheesey parts, but that was how action films were back then. It was good in it’s time and is still enjoyable in my opinion.

    • speed has revolutioned the actionmovie,i have watched it in cinema back in time in the wonderfull 90s. please,no blasphemic about speed : )

    • Captain Mal is right. During its time, there was nothing like this movie. Speed came out well before 9/11 and a year before the Oklahoma city tragedy, so domestic terrorism was a thrilling tale…and to use public transportation as the device was unheard of. Add in Keanu Reeves (who was hot at the time after Bill & Ted and Point Break) and Sandra Bullock (who was a rising actress) along with Dennis Hopper as the villain with a story about a former cop seeking revenge, and a masterpiece was created. At the time, Speed was a revolutionary action film because it stepped away from the common action-movie mistakes of it’s time like having one of those old guys in the Expendables cast as the hero in it. But viewing it for the first time after almost 20 years, it loses that aspect and ends up looking like a cheesy action flick.

      • Hn…for some reason I thought it was newer than that. I gotchya’. I didn’t dislike it mind you, I still found it fun. I can see how it changed action movies, it’s got some good stuff in it.

        • It was 1994…and it felt wrong for me to defend Keanu ;) and I may have overstated when I called it a masterpiece. It was good, but it’s no Godfather…or Ghostbusters for that matter. :D

          • Thank God it wasn’t the Godfather. I wouldn’t want to have fallen asleep during an action flick!

  13. Watched my third Star Trek film ever yesterday — Nemesis. 

    When Tom Hardy’s imperfect  Patrick Stewart clone told his background story of growing up in a dark prison, I yelled Bane!! The similarities humored me. 

    • The best Trek films are The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered County, First Contact and 2009′s Star Trek. While I enjoyed the other ones simply because they are Trek, they definitely had their flaws.

  14. Batman- Patrick Wilson

    Superman- Henry Cavill- if MOS does well.

    WonderWoman- Kelly Overton, Olivia Wilde,Lynn Collins, Jaime Alexander added btw.

    Green Lantern- Adam Baldwin, Ryan Reynolds, Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart.

    Flash- Neal Patrick Harris

    Aquaman- Alexander Skarsgard, or the guy from Smallville.

    Martian Manhunter- Doug Jones, or that black vampire guy from season 5 of True Blood.

    Cyborg- Will Smith perhaps?

    • Noo

  15. Anyone think Stephen Moyer would make a good Batman if he was taller? I think he has a good Batman voice to use.

    • possibly but john hamm just screams bruce wayne.

    • Totally agree!

    • 1: “Liam Hemsworth is datin Miley Cyrus.”
      2: “Who?”
      3: “The brother of Thor.”
      4: “Loki is dating Hanna Montana?!”

    • I love starro as he can be creepy and dangerous the way mini starros latch on to people.
      He could totally work.

      • It would be too much like Cloverfield.

        • starros much cooler than clover, clover was just a mindless monster with parasites.

    • I would like to see Darkside in a JL or Superman film sometime.

  16. Lex Luthor in the new Superman movie?

    anyone herd anything yet? I know he’s not the main villain, and thats a really good thing. But to not have him in the movie at all is a damn shame. His character is already so big and influential in the universe before Superman shows up. He needs to be a character in the movie to set him up as the villain in the sequel (or later down the line). And if you play him as not a villain yet, then all the better. I want to see a truly smart and almost tragic tale of watching Lex Luthor go from Business man, to supervillain. I think his character can be played up to be as complex at Batman

  17. Id rather see Morgan Edge over Lex Luthor.

  18. Btw, imo Christopher Meloni was miscast in MOS. Imo id cast him or Billy Zane as Lex Luthor if they plan to use the character.

  19. R.I.P Tony Scott