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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 21, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 21, 2013

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  1. You have 1 Wish for a special ability.

    you have three choices for the rest of your life and it is now part of your DNA. So, it will be passed to your child.

    Here are the Choices.

    1 Invisiblity

    2 Super Speed (Catch is, you can travel as fast as you can, you can go forward and back in time. But if you go to far into the future you risk aging accordingly, if you go back in time to far you cease to exist or get to the point where you are the fastest 2 year old on the planet.

    3 You have the ability to alter your molecular structure, you can become as light as air or you can become as dense as a dwarf star. Your strength will be adjust accordingly.

    4 You have the ability to duplicate yourself as many times as you want, but the only way to get rid of the duplicates, you have to kill them.

    Pick your reward or your curse.

    Remember, it will effect every generation from now on.

    • #4 has the most drawback ala The Prestige. While the world would be a better place with more BigNerds, I’ll pass on that because I couldn’t bring myself to MDK another BigNerd.

      The most useful seems like superspeed. Is there the “drawback” of having to eat all the time? That would actually be a secondary power to me (heh).

      Altering your molecular structure would be like a combination of powers. Strength, flight, intangibility, density… you could be an awesome football player.

      I’ll take the superspeed, although I’m wary of the time travel aspect. Do you mean whenever you use superspeed, you time travel or just that you’re capable of doing so? I would probably never use time travel because of the Looper ramifications.

      • @Big Nerd.

        You can use superspeed, but your speed constant, but you still age.

        (Had to put the limit on it because some of you ::cough Kahless and LC::cough WOULD BE RUNNING THROUGH TIME AND SPACE COLLECTING POWERBALL WINNING NUMBERS OR THE OUTCOME OF SPORTING EVENTS! So, if you travel 60 years into the future, you are 60 years older, if you travel 60 years in the past, you reverse your aging till you are nothing more than an embryo and the little swimmer. Now you will not lose the ability to run faster if you are younger, but you will have a harder time trying to reverse time when you are older.

        • LOL, so my son right now could crawl in superspeed? That’s just nuts! And no sir, I make an honest living. I am not a lottery person.

          • @LC

            I know you make an honest living, but I know you are one of the few would not take offense to it.

            Yes, your son the Super Crawler…Your wife would be pissed! :)

            • Speaking of wives, would the kids inherit both traits?

              If I went invisible and Katie went super speed, would our kids be invisible speedsters? In generations to come…everyone would have all four powers.

        • So if I use my superspeed to clean the yard in 5 minutes when it would take an hour… that’s not travelling through time right? I won’t age an hour instead of 5 minutes.

          I’ve never felt superspeed and time travel as connected (unless of course you go faster than the speed of light which would have other repercussions).

          There are issues with superspeed like running so fast that if you get hit by a small stone it will feel like a bullet. Or stuff that can’t be done faster no matter how fast you are going.

          • correct.

            See, now ya got it.

    • I’d pick number 3, good luck trying to defeat someone with those powers. Although, invisibility would be interesting…

    • I would choose super speed, mainly because running has been a problem for me in the past few years.

    • Option #3. Sounds like fun.

    • I’ve always wanted the power to travel through, and control time (speed it up, slow it down, etc.), so I’ll pick #2 Super Speed.

    • Invisibility would be my choice. This way I could skip out on family pictures.

      • @Writer:

        You can do that with superspeed too. :)

        • @BigNerd

          True but I know I would trip faster than I was going and either wind up as an old man or a baby. As a baby I’d forget what I was doing and get stuck that way and as an old man I’d have back pains and such. Turning invisible is just a little easier and less dangerous for me personally.

        • Invisibility has so much to offer a person. But of all of them, it is the most corruptible. You have the power to disappear go wherever you want, do what you want,help or frame whomever you want.

          Some people would use it for evil ways, because they now have the power to walk into a bank and rob it blind.

          Or Worse.

          But, you would also have the power to prevent crime, no purse snatcher or thief would see you in the middle of their path as you trip them, clothes line them or Punch them.
          Some people would walk into a sporting event or concert totally without warrant and enjoy the show.

          • @ jeff

            How could you rob a bank? You might be invisible, but the bags of money you’re carrying aren’t; unless everything you touch turns invisible.

            • Point is.

              How do you explain floating bags of money?

            • @Stark. Wait in the bank invisible until it closes. Then, proceed to rob the place. Nobody said to Jesse James that place in broad daylight.

              • @ Professor

                Great point. I need to start thinking more criminal like! :)

    • I’d want invisibility, but I wouldn’t want my children to have that. The boy disappears after peeing on the floor, so I blame the dog. The girl eats all the snacks in the house and leaves the wrappers on the floor, so I blame the dog. I guess I’ll just have to get rid of the dog.

      The molecular structure one is interesting, but again, I wouldn’t want my children to have that. Baby floating above the crib…then gets so heavy that he smashes through the crib and floor and busts up the water heater.

      Duplicating…yeah right, I have enough trouble with the two kids I have.

      Super Speed…again, trying to keep up with them at normal speed is hard enough.

      I’ll pass on my special ability wish, thank you.

        • I didn’t think about super heavy poopy diapers. Dash drops a quite a load at 9 months…I couldn’t imagine him having a special ability to increase that.

      • With option 3, at least you can counter act your childs actions. Like if he weighs a ton, you can then make yourself stronger to pick him up. If he goes invisible, its not like you can see invisible people then LOL. You’re both just dooping each other!

        • Invisibility could be a blessing for my son’s teenage years…think about it……

          • No, the smell will be there!

            Trust me, a car full of girls coming back from Soccer and Field Hockey games/practice, they kick off their shoes and…DAMN!

            • I was thinking more on the lines of what Jim’s Dad walked in on during American Pie ;)
              If he was invisible, I’d never have to worry about walking in on that scene.

              • You’d still see the pie… and what he is doing to it…

                • LOL! :D

      • But as your kids get older, superspeed a good thing.

        “Do your homework!”

        1 minute later. “Done!”

        “Clean your room!” “Done!”
        “Take a bath!” “Done!”

        You don’t have to buy them a car, they can run wherever they need to go.

        And if you’re worried about catching them, you have superspeed too.

        • See, all I needed was to hear some positive uses for my children having this ability. I’ll go with super speed…for the children. :)

          • Thought about this more…if they can travel into the future, what’s to stop my 4 year old from saying “I want to grow up” and runs herself into 20 years down the road.

            I wouldn’t want that.

            I’m sticking with no powers for me.

    • Good morning all…

      I think I’ll have to go with option #3, it sounds the coolest.
      Although # 1 certainly has its advantages as well.

    • @ Bruce

      Regarding #3, could I be as strong as the Juggernaut? If so, id want strength as no-one could hurt me.

  2. One of the most disappointing reality of “Avengers II” is that Thanos is not the main villain.

    • Not again…… :(
      how many open discussion will you blurt that issue out?, grow old mate.

      • Its my first time.

        • I meant, how many times the kind/specie of you will blurt that issue out. be adaptable..

          • @ John Aieou

            English isn’t your strong suit is it?

      • @John Aieou – it’s an open discussion. If people want to discuss Michael Fassbender or Batman or Thanos or if Ghostbusters is the best movie in the history of 1984 …then so be it. Be nice and let us scranters discuss.

        • Ghostbusters was pretty good

          • I love Prince…but it’s not Purple Rain…but that would win for Soundtrack.

            I’ve re-watched alot of these multiple times. Gremlins is fun because I saw it in the theater and scared the bejesus out of me. Terminator is another good one that my friends and I watched while going unattended. The Karate Kid holds a special place in my heart, but I think Police Academy and Revenge of the Nerds would have been re-watched the most.

            I have to go with Revenge of the Nerds. Booger still cracks me up.

          • Red Dawn wins it for me.

            • WOLVERINES!

              • I am probably one of the few that enjoyed the remake.

                Yes, I wish it was a more harsh movie, in terms of reality. But it did a good job overall of capturing what the first one had.

                I’d still like to see another try.

          • @ $2

            Another ’84 film to replace Ghostbusters would be A Nightmare On Elm Street for me.

          • I would have to go with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

            I got to take a half day off from school to go see it the day it came out. :)

        • @ Professor:

          Curses! My first comment to you concerning Ghostbusters is awaiting moderation because of a link! Until then, enjoy this joke:

          How is a teacher like a train?

          A teacher tells you, “Spit out your gum!” while a train says, “Choo choo.” :)

          • LOL :)


          • I’VE BEEN HACKED!

    • It’s not disappointing if you realize that Marvel is making three Avengers movies (the third will have Thanos as the main villain) and that some of these movies will feature Thanos before A3 comes out (GotG for one).

    • Think about it this way, if they had Thanos in Avengers 2, what villain would they have used for Avengers 3?

      The way they’re doing it now is fantastic because there’s a build up. It’s all culminating into an epic conclusion where a larger, more experienced team will be facing off against THE ultimate cosmic villain (Galactus excluded).

      Ultron is my favorite Avengers villain, but really, Thanos > Ultron in every way.

      • I agree about Thanos >>>>>> Ultron, however to answer your question if Thanos is the villain in Avenger 2, who would be in Avengers 3? Simply, the answer is: Thanos w/the gauntlet. Get an actress to play mistress death, introduce her character at some point in Avengers 2 or one of the phase three movies(perhaps even introduce Dorhammu, Eternity, Living Tribunal?). I think making the Avengers 3 basically the infinity war would be monumental, shaming any other movies even thinking about releasing within a month of it’s release. I think doing that with the third installment could possibly bring in over 2 billion.

        • But with such a rich rogues gallery, why would they use the same villain twice?
          Yeah, they did it with Loki, but that’s because he was a Thor villain and an Avengers villain. If Thanos is the main villain in two movies, things get stale…

          Avengers 3 will probably include the Infinity Gauntlet anyways. With Thanos being involved in the GotG movie, I get the feeling that other solo Phase 2 and 3 movies will reference/show him collecting the various objects/gems, in his preparation for his attack on the Avengers.

          • I can see and appreciate the theory that Thanos may become stale after more than one movie dedicated to him as the main baddie. My bias toward the titan thanos aside, if Loki can carry two flicks, Thanos DEFINITELY could. If the infinity gems/gauntlet are involved at all, they are guaranteed a few movie ticket purchases from me.

    • What if? Thanos is pulling the strings once again. This time, he’s pissed at Tony Stark for dropping that nuke on his army’s mother ship. So, he uses another villain (Red Skull…be Red Skull) as a pawn to steal Stark tech and Ultron is eventually created. Then, HYDRA returns.

      Hail Hydra.

        • That’s why his little avatar has his one arm raised!!

          • By Jove, it’s all starting to make sense! :o

          • Hahaha! Egads…I’ve been discovered! Just mention Ghostbusters and they’ll all forget ;)

            • Somebody blows their nose and you want to keep it?

        • I like this..

    • @ Marcus

      I disagree, IMO having Ultron be the villian makes perfect sense, and he is a great villian. The Thanos tease at the end of The Avengers wasn’t for nothing, he’s around, they’re just building up to him for Avengers 3.

      I really hope they continue to make Avengers films be the cap at the end of every phase well after phase three.

    • @ Marcus

      Im sure theres a reason why they chose Ultron instead & save Thanos for Avengers 3 possibly.

  3. I don’t want to give justification so I’ll choose Invisibility.

    *I’ll go in Angelina Jolie’s house and yoo know what i’ll do.
    *I’ll go inside a bank and you’re not so stupid to not know what I’ll do.
    *I’ll keek ma kax in a public place.

    • You are one creepy individual.


  4. I will choose to alter my molecular structure.

    Can see me changing as a car is about to run me over and all of a sudden I am as dense a dwarf star.

    • it’s too tiring, just change yourself into nothing.

    • Problem is, if you’re as dense as a dwarf star on earth, we are all toast. Maybe change yourself into a 2-ton bull. :-D

      • I see someone did not pay attention in Quantum Physics.

        I change my molecular structure to that of a dwarf star, realative to my size.

        Like the key to the fortress of solitude, well the new key. Which was carved out of a dead dwarf, sure its the size of a key, but it nigh impossible for anyone to pick it up.

        • If by “relative to my size”, you mean the amount of volume you take up, then let’s low end the whole thing in the calculations:

          typical density of the human body – 1000 kg/(m^3)
          typical density of a white dwarf on the low end – 10^9 kg/(m^3)
          typical mass of a person – 50 kg

          volume = mass/density

          50 kg / [1000 kg/(m^3)] = volume a typical person takes up = 0.05 m^3

          mass w/density of a white dwarf = volume x (density of white dwarf)
          = 0.05 (m^3) x [10^9 kg/(m^3)] = 500,000,000 kg

          You’d start generating a very noticeable gravitational field close to you and things around you would start undergoing nuclear fusion due to the heat you would have due to such density. Additionally, the normal force keeping you on the ground would no longer be relevant, and you’d sink into the Earth’s center.

          And all of this is crude general relativity and particle physics, not quantum physics. Also comic book physics =/= real world physics.

          • wow, almost too googly to function..!

          • Oy’freaking vey


            Eg, you have the gravitational capablity of a white dwarf without all of the doom and gloom.

            Good lord man, take it as a comic book fantasy.

          • Psst.

            Like the key to the fortress of solitude should have been the first clue.

        • @ Moostafa

          Actually, if you became that dense you would have your own gravitational field, sir.

          Kahless is correct. Go dwarf star on this planet’s surface and we are all DOOMED.


    • If you could change molecular structure you could spread your particles and become invisible. XD and numerous things you cood be

  5. Anyone know anything about Dr Horrible 2?
    People hardly seem to ask Whedon about it in interviews anymore (the ones I’ve read/watched, at least) and those of you who’ve seen it will know exactly why there NEEDS to be a sequel!!!! ;)

    • I don’t know what is a worse film, Dr Horrible or Kill Bill… ;)

    • I have not heard anything. But I wish it would happen. Stupid Whedon got all famous on us and left us hanging…

  6. Well, I am back from a long and uneventful summer with no internet. It is good to get back on Screen Rant and discuss movies again. Of course over the summer I got to watch some good movies. Did I miss anything interesting or was there just more Star Trek/Star Wars and DC/MARVEL debates.

    P.S I am just kidding those are some of my most favorite discussions.

    • Welcome back, Writer! Any new “Nolanizing” ideas?

      • Too many… I think now I have added a pinch of Damon Lindelof to those “Nolanizing” ideas though because now I keep wanting weird flashbacks in my ideas.

        • Lets hear about them!

    • @ Writer

      I was wondering where you have been, welcome back.

    • Welcome back Writer. You haven’t missed much. Dan Aykroyd is about two weeks away from releasing another press release to give people like me hope for a third Ghostbusters movie.

      And we discussed how coconut milk is vastly superior to Jeff’s cow’s milk.

      • @ Professor

        I thought it was goat milk that was better.

  7. How is everybody else holding up in the Summer Movie League fantasy game. I believe I am in 5th overall in our group. I really thought Pacific Rim would make it into the top 10 box office, and my hopes were obviously a little too high for Star Trek.

    • Sitting at $2,107,008,418. Smurfs and Planes failed me.

    • That’s just a dumb game and I hate it….. I’m in 12th.

      • It was your game. :)

        • Well rub a little more salt in that wound…sheesh :D

    • Im in 4th!

    • 18th with $1,880,833,074. The Twilighter let me down and didn’t show for “The Host”. As well I left “The Croods” off all together, and Pacific Rim and Kick Ass 2 underperformed.

  8. Anyone got a theory for a brain surgeon? Dexter :)

      • The belief in my house is that it’s Dexter’s living impaired neighbor’s (former) boyfriend.

        • I’ll be disappointed if that’s the case, since that’s the first theory I came up with as well. It’s too simple imo. Too convenient.
          For the series finale of such a popular show, there needs to be some sort of “MindBlown!” moment.

          • I have a feeling it’s going to be Oliver Saxon, Cassie’s boyfriend. Maybe he was after Dexter all this time and used Cassie to get closer to him, then finished off Zach. I also get the feeling he is going to somehow be related to Dr Vogel. He just fits the whole scenerio for some reason

            • We think that he’s just another student of Vogel’s twisted manson-esque serial killer-academy and that Vogel is getting him/going to get him to try and sever (pun intended) ties with Dexter.

    • I think the death of the neighbor might be unrelated to the brain surgeon… seems like that was Quinn trying to set Mini-Dex up.

      As for the brain surgeon, it could be Dr. Vogel herself.

      Is it just me or does Dexter seem different than he used to be? Seems like he craved killing people before, now he just seems interested in helping others. His desire to kill has been replaced by his caring for others (Deb, Harrison, Hannah).

      Not sure where they are going with the Masuka/daughter side story but I’m scared she might end up dead.

    • @ Trane:

      You had me first thinking of Steve Martin in The Man with Two Brains with his cranial screw-top brain surgery. :)

      One of my favorite quotes:
      “By the powers vested in me, I hereby declare our marriage null and void! E pluribus unum!”

  9. Anyone watching the worlds end on opening night ? I’ll be watching KA 2 tomorrow.

    • Yeah I wanna check out The Worlds End on saturday. Maybe do a cornetto trilogy marathon before ;) Also very interested in KA2 but I dont wanna go alone and my friends would rather see other stuff.

  10. Okay, due to the request of LC I am presenting an idea that I think has a decent potential to being a good Comic Book Movie.

    Hourman! However most of you probably haven’t heard of Hourman he is a Super Hero who has invented a pill that increases his normal human abilities and makes him more powerful but only for one hour. In addition to the one hour limitations upon the pill he can only take one every 24 hours or it has the potential to kill him. Multiple scenarios could be presented such as: “Is he a hero or a druggie?” “Should he approve of mass production of this drug?” and have your additional Super Hero problems and struggles.

    Now I know an “unknown” DC Comic Book character will never get approved by WB but imagine if it did. This would allow other characters to be introduced and since some people hate the idea of a Justice League, how about a Justice Society movie.

    After seeing the “Captain America” movie (You know I am desperate when I say look at MARVEL) I think that a 1930s-1940s movie could work and still have that dark and gritty feel to it like the Nolan movies. Of course I do think Nolan should be in charge of this movie if it was going to be made.

    • Sounds like the movie, Limitless. I really liked that movie. I could definitely get into what you are saying.

      • @LC – I was really surprised how much I enjoyed Limitless. It’s one of those films that really wasn’t marketed well. The only reason I watched it was because of Netflix and boredom one night.

        And yes, I’d take the pill…repeatedly.

    • @ Writer

      Sound similar to Limitless to me.

      • There’s an interesting question:

        If you had the pills from Limitless, would you take them?

        • Yes. I also have self control. Something others do not.

          • @ LC

            I also have self control, however would we have it under those conditions? Those pills basically turn you into a super genius. Just being honest here, I don’t know that I could stop taking them.

            I could just take them long enough to amass a huge fortune, and quit, I guess, maybe. I don’t know, that’s tough.

            • @Tony

              Being aware of the repercussions that the pills create, I as well would make a huge enough fortune for my family and I to live off of and then quit.

              Kind of like how I worked 3rd shift for so many years. It took a toll on my body, mind, and health. I did it for the money. It was good (at the time lol) but now things have changed and I am no longer doing that.

              • You’re a good man Learher, to sacrifice like that form the betterment of your family, nice job. :)

                • Something I hope you will learn one day, Tony. When is the wedding date, btw?

        • Okay, I did a little research on the movie Limitless and based upon what I have seen the main guy (played by Bradley Cooper) doesn’t appear as much of a hero. In answer to your question though I think I would have to say no. Because I know how the Bradley Cooper dude winds up and his former and new girlfriend are or were addicted to the drug.

          My philosophy is that if it is an addiction it is a disease and sometimes there just isn’t a cure.

          • I don’t believe in addiction. I believe in weak willed and weak minded people.

            • Wow brother you are getting deep. Not sure i totally agree with you but respect your honesty

              • LOL this is the OD. It gets deep sometimes with personal beliefs and philosophies. The best part about it is that really none of us that frequent here are sensitive.

            • I believe in addiction. As a former smoker, those little cancer sticks had a hold on me. And I wouldn’t call myself weak willed. A weakling, yes…but weak willed, no way!

              • I smoked as well. Smoked when I drank. And i use to drink life a fish. So both happened on an everyday basis. But like mind over matter, I quit. Quit both, for the most part. (Still have a drink now and then.) But it was easy. I didn’t want to anymore and I just stopped.

                I don’t feel like I am an exception either. I just know from personal experience.

                • I deal with addicts everyday and your right for some it is a case of will. But not every person is weak. Smoking/drinking aside i’ve dealt with some of the same people over and over again because of harder drugs. I have no sympathy for them but thinking they are weak is narrow minded

                  • Now im getting deep. Sorry fellas, i like thanos in A3 as long as it continues to be set up in A2

                  • Okay then, to rephrase my statement I guess I could say that a person isn’t strong enough to kick an addiction? But then again, someone who isn’t strong enough is then considered weak?

                    All I am saying is that everyone has a choice. Even if the choice involves death, you still have a choice. So, you either have the choice to do drugs, or you have the choice not to do drugs.

                    • Oh Bob

                    • Well said my friend

                • @ LC

                  I think you’re the exception to the rule Leather. I have worked with many addicts, and do believe in the power of addiction. For you to quit things with just a mind over matter mentality, is quite a feat.

                  • Really, I am not. I am just strong willed and persistent.

        • I would definitely take them… like,

          • Dang it, I didn’t even hit the Return key!
            *sigh* anyways…

            I would definitely take them… like, RIGHT NOW!

        • The issue with the Limitless pills is that once you make your money and then get off the pills, you feel like you’re wasting your life because you knew how much more potential you had when on them. It’s not really being addicted to being smart, but hating being dumb.

          Working a 3rd shift to help your family requires effort and sacrifice, taking a pill to increase your potential does not. Why would anyone stop doing something like that? Realistically, in the movie, any of those “side effects” could have easily been avoided. That’s what being super genius is about.

          ** Spoilers for Limitless **

          That’s why in the end, Cooper’s character did what most would do, if you’re the smartest man in the world, become the most powerful man in the world and you can create change to improve the world.

          It’s also why he figured out how to not depend on the pill.

          The question is do you use that “power” for good… or evil.

  11. Are there key words to avoid in posts to keep your comments from being moderated?

    I have one today and one a few days ago.

    • Did you mention a movie that is currently out that might be a spoiler discussion?

      Or put in a lot of words that combined could be part of a movie?

      • Do they flag stuff like that too? I thought it was just certain naughty words.

      • It was a response to the Dexter question.

        I have words like “death” and “kill” in there… I dunno.

    • I got flagged for using Asgardian terms.

    • I was flagged when I tried to mention the cartoon Josie and the P-cats.

      • I was flagged last OD for calling myself an !diot.

        • What an idi…

    • I know for a fact if you type this word :

      I _ D _ 1 _0 _ T

      ^^ best i could to disguise ^^

      you get flagged.

      • :::Facepalm:::

        or maybe i should scroll down a sec to discover it’s already been pointed out by the professor.

        • LOL

      • What if you are referring to the movie My !diot Brother? What do you do then?

  12. So here I am still trying to figure out this old sci fi show from child hood. I’ve gone to imb website to post the question with no luck… from what I remember it was a futuristic earth or colonized planet which were under attack by these aliens who wore armor that looked alot like either black manta from dc comics or the protheans from mass effect and they had green blood like the predator. Now here’s the thing that everyone says its xfiles because the story revolved around a young man who had his sister/or girlfriend taken by these aliens so he joins the fight to find her… any ideas anyone???

    • What year was it?

      • Not sure the year it was late 80s early 90s im sure it was no where before 86 and no where past 95 so somewhere in between???

      • Oh man thank you so much MOZ this is exactly the show I’ve been looking for since like 2009 when I use to work at a music store. I looked up the second half of the pilot episode on youtube and I totally remember the scene where they tried to give the captive alien water and it died! Man thank you so much this is great!!!

      • Finally… the mystery is solved.

      • Oh that was a great show for the time.

      • Well that’s a relief!

  13. I just looked this up on amazon and only 25 bucks for the complete series I’m totally getting this no matter how cheesy it may seem compared to todays story telling.. I wish they brought all these shows back with just modern look and writing. These were fantastic

  14. Hey does anybody know the name of the tv show where this guy is put back in his body from when he’s in high school and he has to live in the late 70s/early 80s again? I remember this one episode where they go to the premiere of Empire Strikes Back and this dude in a vader costume beats the crap out of the protagonist for spoiling the big vader/luke reveal. Theres another episode where he spends the whole episode saving a bunch of money to invest in Intel but then his dad invests it in beta machines haha.. Anybody know that show?

    • Life on Mars

      • Wow I just looked that up on imdb and it fits my description perfectly haha but its not the show I’m looking for. Is that a popular premise for tv shows? Sending the protagonist back in time to the 70s? hahaha

        Its not about a detective its about this kid in high school. It had like a retro(ish) malcolm in the middle vibe to it.

        • Hmm, I’m at a loss. Sounds funny though.

          • Thanks for trying dude.

  15. I have been teaching my 2.5 year old about The Avengers buy showing her EMH. The other night I decided she was ready for the movie (did a FF through the eyeball part). She didn’t quite understand what happening until Cap show us to fight Loki in Germany. The look on her face was priceless; I’m like “yeah, he’s real”. Another good moment was when Iron Man confronts Loki at Stark Tower and she realized the guy with the goatee was Iron Man.

    If Mom is ok with it I’m going to get her a Captain America Halloween costume.

    • I hate auto correct.

    • My girl is 4. We did Avengers training at 3. She loved EMH and wants more episodes. She also likes Ultimate Spider-Man…I’m not as into that one, but it’s better than her watching My Little Pony

  16. I love Batman!

    • And he loves you

  17. Sorry for the previous comment. You all would think I am crazy. But no, it was my crazy younger brother who wrote it. Anyways, this year’s Comic Con was again a blast. But this time, unlike last year, the DC/WB panel thoroughly dominated over the rest of the others, mainly Marvel/Disney, Fox etc. and so forth. I am really excited for the Batman vs Superman film and The Flash’s and Black Canary’s appearances in the second season of the CW hit tv series Arrow. I really like that show. And then there is going to be a Flash tv series! Wow! Also, I think The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well as The Avengers: The Age of Ultron are going to be awesome. I know its a bit too late to comment on these news, but still…

  18. So I read in article about how Soderberg and Spielberg are fed up with the industry. I must say, even though I’m one of the few people that enjoyed IM3, MOS, Olympus Has Fallen, (in the $2 cheap seats) and Into Darkness, I must say I understand their frustration. Hollywood is OBSESSED with blockbusters. That is all they want, money. I find it greedy, that is why one day I wanna make a ton of money, open a production studio that gives directors complete creative control of a film. I would only start out with surefire hit directors at first, but after a few of those I would have no problem getting indie directors a start, if it bombs, it bombs. I find the tactics employed by major studios to be rude and detached. I want to change that.

    • I hate how they say they are fed up, much like david lynch. They are like oh the industry is going to hell, nobody makes good movies and i sit and laugh at both of them. Spielberg lost his touch a while ago imo. Lincoln was so dull, war horse was melodramatic trash. I still atleast can watch shindlers list and saving private ryan. Soderberg imo hasnt made a good movie since oceans with haywire being terrible. He keeps shelling on these sub par movies and he blames the industry. Why dont they attempt to step up there game and rejuvinate the industry

    • @Prof:

      Wouldn’t the grammatically correct term be “Mandarining”? :)

      • I think I originally spelt it your way, but when I submitted it, I thought grammar schammar…this is Urban Dictionary!

  19. how I would have done it:
    “Avengers 2″ = Thanos (“Infinity Gauntlet”)
    “Avengers 3″ = Magus (“Infinity War”)
    “Avengers 4″ = Goddess (“Infinity Crusade”)

  20. Question. What horror icon would you consider yourself as if you were in that film/ film franchise? For me, id like to be Robert Englund’s Freddy Kreuger.

    • Id have to go with Pennywise the dancing clown.

    • jigsaw. the man was a diabolical genius.