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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 20, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 20, 2014

BTW, did you know that we were chosen as best geek website at the Geekie Awards this past weekend? Here’s the video!

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  1. A very good teaser for the new star wars :

    • *jaw hits the floor.

    • Is this legit?

      • Ah, no.

        • Legit or not, I now REALLY want to see this.

          Was gonna give it a miss as I’ve still got a bit of prequalitis complicated by georgaphobia but I appear to be cured, I am one with the Force once again.

  2. The flash is the most powerful hero when its all said and done of the JL.

    • I love the Flash, but I would vote for Green Lantern.

      • I would agree but it depends on the “right” Green Lantern. I would vote Hal for the best GL but the Ryan Reynolds version is making everyone say John Stewart.

        • Hal is my choice as well. I want Green Lantern 2, but if they use Reynolds, which is fine, they need to make him much more serious. Stewart does not thrill me as much, but he would be my second choice for a Lantern if they did not use Hal. Maybe the Green Lantern & Flash movie will team Hal and Barry (hopefully). Villains should be Sinestro and Professor Zoom, and maybe to make it really intereting put someone like Time Commander in on the baddie side. That would make it an eleventh-hour slobberknocker indeed!

      • I disagree, Flash has been described as moving at the speed of thought, the fight should be over before GL could react.

        • How would The Flash hurt Superman without Kryptonite?

          • @ Manowar

            How did general Zod hurt him without it?

          • Good question, could he do the whole vibrate through him thing he does. Would that work against Superman?

            • @ Pman67

              Alright, I did my research and have concluded that the Green Lantern could withstand the Flash. The power ring that Hal owns is operated by wearer’s willpower and imagination. Thus meaning “thought.” We know that thought is operated by electrons and these electrons are just as fast as light.

              However physically reacting to it would be difficult, it wouldn’t be hard for Hal to imagine a bubble around himself which would take the Flash a while to get through. This would give the GL a moment to contemplate his next move. Remember, if the Flash is using his vibrations to get through it will take him time and he requires more energy.

              • Flash is ftl, plus his mind operates way faster than everyone. Electrons have mass; they don’t travel at the speed of light. There was some comic page involving a nuclear explosion where Flash saved everyone at some village by bringing them away from the fallout region of the explosion.

                Batman was able to unring GL. Flash is way faster than Batman, so yeah.

                Eh, doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, it just depends on who’s writing the characters. But Flash is seriously OP, no one can touch him unless he wants them to if you assume/extrapolate the full extent of his powers from various comics. So yeah, at the end of the day, it just depends on who’s writing the story.

              • Good point, much along the lines I was thinking myself. I like Flash, and he can be pretty tough if he had to be, but I would probably bet on GL for the long-term win. Luv ‘em both, though.

                • Here’s a thought: Superman might have trouble with Green Lantern, who could make Kryptonite for the win, unless Supes first flew at him at super speed and slammed him, splitting him in two, or zapped him first with the heat vision. Supes might also have trouble with Dr. Fate, since fate uses magic, which Supes is powerless against, if Fate got in the first licks.

  3. First.Congrats to Screenrant!

    Star wars teaser above is cool.

    Sin city 2 this weekend.Can’t wait, another soon please.Also Empire gave it 3 stars only while giving the Hobbit 2 five stars last year.

    On another note watchingBates motel on netflix, excellant show.

    We should have trailres soon for Daredevil( yes),Avengers 2,star wars, Supes vrs Bats( hopefully including Cc footage+ xtra footage), Taratinos new film Hard eight.Its going to be a good couple of weeks.

    • The hobbit was crap,5 star film no way man

  4. That teaser was faked, Harrison’s lines were from enders game, and the rest was obviously photoshopped or fan made. But it is a cool FANMADE teaser…

  5. Any one else wonder if Ant-Man will have his giant form in the movie? The poster makes it look like this could be possible, or my sense of perspective is just off.

    • I’ve always suspected that the sequel to ANTMAN, if it gets one, would be GIANTMAN in phase 4.

      And congrats Vic and screenrant on the Geeky!

      • I’d love that! I want Pym as Giant-Man or Goliath, with Wasp along as well.

        On another subject, anyone hear any new updates on if the Doc Savage movie is still happening?

      • I imagine that during a pivotal moment, probably sometime during the third act, we’ll see him grow into giant man to save himself or someone else. That aspect of the character’s ability is too important to ignore. I also suspect they stress the strain growing put on his body as reason he doesn’t or shouldn’t do it very often. I’m pretty sure they used to say in the comics that if Pym grew too large it would cause damage to his heart.

  6. Congrats Vic and the rest of the Screen Rant team! A well deserved award. I didn’t know you guys were such big time now.

  7. Congrats Screen Rant staff!

  8. Saw GotG last night for the 2nd time, this time in IMAX 3D…while I will say the visual effects were amazing, and much better when seen in 3D (the first time I saw it was on premiere night in the GTX theater, which I thought was going to be 3D as well, but wasn’t), the film itself didn’t have the same level of fun as the first time seeing it, a lot of the dialogue just doesn’t work, seems forced, a lot of the jokes fall flat.

    I always like to see a film twice before really judging it, usually once in theaters, and then at home on Blu-ray. While this second viewing wasn’t at home, it still allowed me to compare it to what I remembered from the first viewing. Groot was still the best character of the film. Quill and Rocket’s interaction was always enjoyable, even if the jokes were dull at times. Drax was underwhelming, and Gamora was overly serious. Nebula was a better villain than Ronan, and Thanos still gives me chills when I see him on screen and hear him talk. Korath was way underused.

    I’m sure I’ll get some heat for this post from you guys, and maybe I’m being overly critical, but I had much bigger expectations for this movie. Don’t take this as me being cynical toward the film. I still love it, it just wasn’t AS GOOD as I’d hoped. I don’t think it will age that well over time, but what it does do best is set itself up for a sequel that I think will really knock it out of the park.

    • Let’s not mince words: Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t a good movie. It was crap. But the success of GotG means Marvel will take more chances on less well-known characters, which is always a good thing. And who knows? Maybe the sequel will fix the problems with the first one.

    • GOTG is a very mediocre movie, but the general public didn’t have high expectations since they didn’t know these characters, so they were surprised by it. The movie is full of flaws: dumb juvenile humor, weak plot, secondary characters, lame villains, etc. If they repeat the same crap in the sequel, more people are going to be disappointed because of higher expectations… as always, time will tell.

  9. Congratulations, ScreenRant on your Geekie award!! Now maybe you’ll be more on the “inside track” in Hollywood so that you can keep the juicy news flowing.

    So the problem with Marvel movies so far is this: You can’t just keep killing off the villains. Sometimes the villains do win in the end. Villains can also be captured, and kept in the Cube, so that they can escape later. How else will villains team up, just like the Avengers? Think BIGGER Marvel !!!

  10. i still hope that one day marvel will make an avengers vs xmen movie.

    • I still hope one day we’ll get an Alien vs Green Lantern movie.

      And I hope Damon Lindelof writes it.

  11. Anyone think sookie will be a vampire in the series finale this Sunday or Bill just dies or something else ends the series?

    • Who?…cares? That show is, was, and always has been god awful. So happy it’s finally ending.

      • Geez man… I don’t watch the show but you could be a little nicer about it.

    • What happens to Sookie in the books?

      What if Sookies HVFay blood doesn’t actually kill Bill but makes him mortal?

      That would be a good way to end it, they get married and have kids.

  12. Congratulations Vic and the entire Screen Rant staff!!!

    For the past 4 years this has been my go to site for all things movie and tv.
    The content is top-notch and I love how the staff actually takes part in the discussions and as I’ve said many times before this is the best community of fans on the net and it’s all because of the hard work of those running the site.

    So once again congratulations to the guys and gals that make the site so great.
    Especially Vic who we don’t see as much these days but we always know he’s out there just waiting to swing the BanHammer again. ;)

  13. Hey guys, congrats on the award Screenrant. I have a couple of debate questions for you guys.

    1. If you had to pick 5 marvel Heros to be in your avengers team (don’t worry about movie studio disputes), who would they be

    2. Who would in a fight to the death. Green lantern, the flash, Shazam, and Wonder Woman vs. Superman…. And batman (cuz why not). Only rule is no kryptonite.

    • GL, Flash, Shazam and Wonder Woman win that fight. In reality, Batman should be dead within moments of the fight starting. So then you have the other four ganging up on Superman and two of them (Shazam & WW) can hold their own against him already. You’d think they’d eventually wear him down.

    • With no Kryptonite … hmm… I’m assuming Bats is at his strategic best so he’d have some way to get around GL and the Flash — the problem would be Shazam and WW vs. Superman. I think while Shazam and Supes would equal off it’ll be a bad call for Bats and WW — they’d “castle” and it’d be Bats vs Shazam where Bruce frustrates him by using the environment. Between WW and Supes, I’d give WW a bigger advantage because of her use of Magic and her Lasso of Truth, which could be used to tie him up bondage-style. In the end it’s Bats and WW again, but this time without WW’s lasso — I think Diana can win with strength and skill, so Bats won’t engage her one on one — he’d use the Bat to drone around and attack her. At this point, Di has either her superioer amazonian strength or her invisible jet to fly back to — once she does, however, she’d find a trap courtesy of Batman where he tricks Billy into saying SHAZAM in the right coordination to both cripple the Invisible Jet (which isn’t indestructable) and knock DI unconscious.

      Batman wins.

    • 1. Spidey, Deadpool, Hulk, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic

      2. Batman… because he’s Batman.

  14. Congratulations on the Geekie award Screenrant you deserve that award!

    looking forward to when the Avengers 2 trailer releases later this year.

  15. Congrats to Vic and the gang on your win! SR is the best!

  16. Thanks, everyone! :-D

    • Well deserved, Vic. The content and ease in commenting is what keeps me, and likely countless others, coming back. Keep up the exceptional work!

  17. Hey guys, I was just wondering what do you think happens to the marvel CU after avengers 3. It seems that everyone is leading up to that.

    • Avengers… 4?

  18. The guy who played the Mountain in Game of Thrones Hafpor Bjornsson Is the Juggernaught. They need to get him cast for X-Men Apocalypse quick.

  19. Georgel I think new characters will come in and lead up to new Adventures as the roster changes. New Threats, and locations etc.

  20. I am looking forward to more Hulk solo films, Inhumans, Mrs Marvel, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Adam Warlock would be an amazing character as well as Beta Ray Bill. I would even like to see Howard The Duck as a side character along the way. Just so much they can do now that they have expanded the Marvel Universe for the films.

  21. I forgot Antman AND Namor??

  22. I hope Bad Boys 3 moves into production sometime toward the end of this year.Even if Michael Bay doesn’t direct,just find another director.Jerry said that the movie script is almost complete,I hope Will signs on with Martin to do one more Bad Boys movie.Just make one more,Mel Gibson and Danny Glover did 4 Lethal Weapon movies,so one more Bad Boys surely can’t hurt.Hope it comes out next year.

  23. I heard another Bad Boys movie might be made.Sounds great.Bad Boys 3 would love to see this movie.