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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 20, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 20, 2012

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  1. The Best Worst movies You Have never Seen

  2. I can only think of few Best Worst movies i ever seen,lol.

  3. Terrible news about Tony Scott.

    • I agree the news is tragic. He made some quality films and will for sure be missed and remembered. RIP Tony

    • Yes Dr. Sam I agree, awful news.

      I really enjoyed most of his films and I own a load of them. Last Boy Scout is one of my favourite buddy movies and, arguably, the greatest ever?

      RIP Tony, you will be missed.

      • Suicide because of an inoperable brain cancer. A terrible Tragedy. My condolences to the family.

    • Also dead: Scott McKenzie.

      • yes he might r.i.p too, but who was that exactly. i´ve just read the flash news about his death and then some hours later the news about scotts death has focused me more. schöne grüsse scape von merdan.

  4. I don’t care about Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m trying to care…but I just don’t.

    • @ Donato

      Im more concerned about WB/DC’s unified movie universe.

    • I truly feel de same way!
      I can’t imagine that that film will even be remotely as succesfull as any of the Fase1 films.

    • I had a friend try to explain to me why a movie about Guardians is even warranted and i’m not sold. I think there are a TON of Marvel heroes that would work better. I’m optimistic the film will be good (or, at least entertaining) but i’m still not eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Let’s see a trailer first.

      • Incredible Hulk 2, Black Panther, Agent Coulson movie, PowerMan&IronFist, Antman/Wasp >>>>>>>>> Guardians of the Galaxy

      • I think GoG is being done more as an intro for Thanos in Avengers 2

  5. Going to watch the expendables 2 today, RT gave it a fresh rating. I enjoyed the fist so I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy the sequel.

    • I saw the first one just recently and I thought it was a lot of fun. Can’t say there was much more, but I enjoyed it!

    • Meant to say first, I didn’t catch the mis-spelling till I got a chance to go over this OD.

  6. Anyone watched True Blood this season & thought it was it was pretty lame all way through? I hope theres a good reason or explanation within the finale if they’re filming season 6.

    And has anyone bought MMPR-PRLG seasons 1-7 dvd box sets? Just curious.

  7. Really sad he was working in top gun 2 and Prometheus 2 and I couldn’t agree more I want to look forward to guardians of the galaxy but I think it’s just a waste of a marvel film slot and what other films have dc got planned other than man of steel

    • i don´t think it´s a waste of time to make -g.o.t.g-. i think it´s not a unique but a fresh start to get some space adventures. everybody wants something new or something that is not rebooted,and if a movie like -g.o.t.g- will be one of the more interesting titles of marvel till 2015 the sad thing is that the reactions of also fans of marvel is negative. who knows,maybe it will be the most successfull franchise of marvel.

      • @ merdan

        I agree. I never read those comics but willing to give it a chance since it’s something that hasn’t happend before. It is good to have somthing new or something that isn’t rebooted for a change. Afterall Marvel/Disney stated the film will kinda be it’s own thing within Marvel’s universe as the “Cosmic Universe”. Who’s to say WB/DC might be expected to do the same since they got characters of their own that may be less known to the general audience. ” No Guts, No Glory”

        • I´ve never read any GOTG books either, but I enjoyed their appearance on the second season of the Avengers cartoon.

    • DC was talking about a Wonder Woman movie a while back, but there hasn’t been any news since. Also they want The Rock to play Lobo in a Lobo movie. They want to make a Medal Men movie with the director of MiB. Other than that there is no more live-action DC movies that I can think of.

      • I´d actually prefer Ron Perlman as Lobo.

    • that´s life my friend, if it´s trough suicide,drug-addict or trough bad illness like cancer it´s always a tragedy,in them and our lives. so everybody live healthy don´t smoke or drink too much alcohol or eat more vegetables and fruits instead of too much junk-food etc. make sports and you will get a better life i.m.o..

      • “… if it´s trough suicide,drug-addict or trough bad illness like cancer it´s always a tragedy …”

        I may get flogged for this but loss of a life from suicide is not a tragedy. Losing your life to cancer or bad illness or to some extent drugs is a tragedy. Someone taking their own life is a cowardice move that leaves friends and family left to mourn and deal with the loss. And yes, I had a close friend commit suicide many years ago. And I still don’t know why.
        Mr. SCott’s death is sad, yes, but not tragic, IMO.

        • Heard of a condition called depression?

          Drugs can make people do some unsavory things that truly are not in their nature as well.

          So yes, suicide is a tragedy in most cases.

          • Your opinion.

            • i understand what you mean if a person makes suicide, the people which are shocked and sad for the rest of their lives is the family or close friends. it opens a dark hole in the families life. some people said suicide is egoistic,because of those events that happen after the persons death. but it is tragic,because the person is dead,if it was his decision or not,amen.

  8. This is more book news than movie news but…

    Hunger Games trilogy just surpassed the Harry Potter Series in collective books sold on Amazon. So i’m seeing some people make the claim that this is proof Hunger Games is greater than Harry Potter.

    I just want to point out that the first 4 Harry Potter books came out before 2001, back when less than 50% of the population (usa) used the internet, compared to more than 80% now (more still than back in 2007) also take into account of people who didnt buy the book on Amazon, alot more people stood in line for the midnight release of HP7 than the release of Mockingjay.

    Overall, Hunger Games is an ok book series, but Harry Potter still has it beat on all accounts.

    Remember, The Avengers may be the highest grossing movie of the year, but the amount of tickets sold is still a small number compared to “Gone With the Wind” “Star Wars” and “101 Dalmatians”

  9. Hard to believe that James (Spike) Marsters turns 50 today. He’s certainly aged well. One of those rare actors who makes even the smallest, most thankless role interesting.

  10. I agree dont really care for guardians movie! more interested in how they are going to launch The DC universe with Justice league as I know superman will be the launching point like iron man was for Marvel, also are we ever going to see a Dead pool film?

    • I’m hoping, after they reboot Batman, a Batman/Superman movie will be made. To me that seems like a natural progression toward a Justice League film.

  11. I was watching Thor over the weekend and something caught my attention that I didn’t notice in previous viewings. When Thor is attacking the compound around his hammer, he makes easy work of everyone except the last guy who mostly holds his own against Thor as they start to wrestle and Hawkeye is watching from above. The guy Thor is fighting isn’t seen all that well beyond his silhouette and he looks to be rather large, could that have been a possible hidden cameo of someone like Luke Cage or something? I know it’s not likely, as if it were they would’ve probably made an appearance in The Avengers or something, but it just sort of stuck out to me.

    • Just because there’s a big African American guy in a Marvel movie doesn’t mean it’s a cameo of Luke Cage! ;)

      Anyway, I don’t see what he’d be doing working for SHIELD (it kinda goes against his whole personality IMO).

  12. Yeh they would have to reboot batman for sure with a possible superman cameo at the end, then have a separate Flash movie and maybe just throw in Wonder woman/Martian Man hunter in the JL movie? i dont think wonder woman would make a good stand alone movie imo! but i dont know jack about her story!

  13. Here is what I think DC should do if they are going to release a Justice League film:

    Man of Steel (2013) <–it looks good so far

    Wonder Woman (2014) <– not a big fan of WW but she is essential for a JL movie

    Green Lantern 2 (2014) <– make this one a reboot/sequel (like G.I. Joe 2) because everyone hated on the first one so much. Just have a subtitle instead of GL2

    The Flash (2015) <– as long as there is a cool villain and they can pull off the seep special effects well, this should be great!

    Aquaman (2015) <– gotta' make Aquaman after they have proved they can make good movies so that people won't just laugh it off

    Batman (2016) <– Make this Batman as far away from the Nolan  as possible so that more people will see it

    Batman/Superman (2016) <– introduce Darkside

    Justice League (2017) <– throw all the heroes together and have them fight Darkside somewhat following the news 52 introduction. They should bring the Green Arrow from the new TV show in too, useing the same actor and everything.

    Cyborg <– This film will overlap with the JL film, but he won't nessasaraly be in it. He will be created in the same way as he was in the recent comics.

    • That’s an aggressive effort, but it’s arguable the same could be done in two movies.

      Film 1: A Superman/Batman movie that introduces the new actor for Batman, since we don’t need another retelling. Feature a significant cameo by Wonder Woman.

      Film 2: A Justice League movie. Use the three already established heroes and bring in GL, who audiences are likely not to have forgotten. Introduce 2-3 more heroes, like Flash, Green Arrow or another female heroine.

      Then, from that point they could branch off into individual films if necessary. Two franchises would already be established. Also, a Bat-universe franchise could be a huge step forward.

      Just my two cents, of course.

      • My main problem with not having solo movies first is you don’t have as much character development. With the Avengers there was already several movies that showed you who these characters are. If you didn’t get that The Avengers wouldn’t have been as good IMO. That is why I’m hoping DC dosn’t just jump right into a JL film.

        However introducing Batman in a Bats/Supes movie might work. Then he could be in JL then have a solo movie sometime afterward.

        • Oh and an Aquaman movie would be just awesome!!

        • You should introduce the characters in a 2 (or 3) part Justice League movie. You would have plenty charscter development. By the end of LotR you were familiar with all the characters.

          In a 3 part JL movie you can have a moment where Batman/Superman team up for a bit. Leading with a Batman/Superman movie or individual movies is not the way to go. DC needs it own style.

          • You just posted exactly what I wanted to post. Couldn’t agree more.
            DC needs to create their own way of doing things. IMO they need to start off with a huge, two- or three part epic JL story and after that, branch off into solo character movies.

            • The only thing is it would NEED to be a two/three parter for it to work IMO. if they attempt to start out with a single JL film I think it will fall flat.

          • Hhmmmm…now that is an interesting approach. Perhaps solo movies could come out along side the huge JL movie(s). If they can do two a year, then you could have a Bats/Supes or Aquaman or Wonder Woman movie where they do something crucial to the JL story.

            If there could be a “trilogy” of movies following that formula (and they are all good), that would be EPIC!!

        • @ Helix

          I agree.

  14. finally watched hellboy for the first time yesterday. it was ok, nothing great, but not bad either, i plan on watching Hellboy II today.

  15. If you could live in a fictional universe (TV show, movie or book; no comics though because of the “shared universes”), which one would you choose?

    • Scapes gotz interwebz againz. :)

    • Archer, Hogwarts or Mass Effect.
      Either way im traveling in style.

    • Does the Star Wars universe count?
      ‘Cause I’d pick that.

      • It counts.

      • but you have to live on Hoth…with Jar Jar Binks.

    • The Grid from the Tron movies would be cool, though dangerous.

      • Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG time (TNG, DS9, Voyager), or Harry Potter.

        • Does pokemon count? 11 Year old me hopes lol

    • I’d live in Barsoom or Eternia or Narnia or Oz. Screw it. I’d live in Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe and hang out at the mall with Jay and Silent Bob.

    • Tthey always cut out the quieter moments that make the bigger moments better. Scenes like these are what make films more than just action movies.

      Still cant believe Marvel Studios cut all the character decelopment moments Thor/Loki had together and seperate in Thor. shame.

    • I wish they kept that in; it is a great character moment for Bruce, and it showed his struggle of whether to fight or not instead of just riding up on a scooter (though that was funny.) Also I think Stan Lee should have played that security guard. It would have been better than the cameo he did have.

  16. Who would you cast?
    New Batman-
    Wonder Woman-
    Green Lantern kyle rayner/john stewart-
    Martian Manhunter
    I think Chris Pine would be a good flash.

    • given time to do research I pick
      New Batman-adam scott
      Wonder Woman-gina carano
      Aquaman-jensen ackles
      Flash-chris pine
      Green Lantern-Nick Jones Jr
      Martian Manhunter-doug jones(just look at him and imagine green makeup-perfect)

      • Jon Hamm for batman, I mispasted
        and your picks for wonderwoman are good too.

        • @ Cody

          Thanks. I could see Doug Jones a good pick for Martian Manhunter aswell. As for Batman, if he was taller i would suggest Stephen Moyer because he has a good Batman voice he could use after watching him throughout the seasons of True Blood. Might even be a good Bruce Wayne.

      • @ Cody

        Another choice for Aquaman of mine would be Alexander Skarsgard.

        • @ Cody

          Batman- Patrick Wilson

    • Superman – Henry Cavill
      Batman – Josh Hartnett
      Wonder Woman – Bridget Regan
      Aquaman – Garrett Hedlund
      Flash – Matt Lauria
      Green Lantern (JS) – Anthony Mackie
      Cyborg – Lee Thompson Young (played Cyborg in Smallville) or Donald Glover
      and I’ll go with Doug Jones as well for Martian Manhunter

      • Supes – Henry cavill
        batman- idk
        flash- Patrick Wilson
        stewart – idris Elba
        aquaman a unkown

        John Carter girl for WW

  17. Rumors of Vision showing up in Avengers 2 are picking up. Of course they are all unfounded without Ant Man coming out first, but Clark Gregg is being rumored and now speculators are saying Vin Diesel may want the role based on the actor changing his Facebook profile picture to the super hero.

  18. New Batman-Michael Fassbender

    Wonder Woman-Olivia Wilde(Girl from Tron)/Jessica Beil or Kate Beckinsale

    Aquaman-Chris Hemsworth (if he wasnt Thor)

    Flash-1st choice Ryan Renolds or Chris Pine

    Green Lantern kyle rayner/john stewart-Idris Elba (from Thor)
    Martian Manhunter- Peter Mensah (from currently True Blood) or Laurence Fishburn


    • @ BigAsh

      Peter Mensah, is he the black vampire of the athority ive mentioned about above?

      • Yeh, he was also the Persian messenger in 300 and was in Spartacus.

  19. Been watching Quantum Leap on netflix. I didn’t realize how emotional some of those episodes were. Just finished watching Freedom, where Sam had to take an old Native American to his reservation to die. Very powerful episode; I actually got misty.