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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 19, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 19, 2013

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  1. Damn… ‘Kick Ass 2′ got its ass kicked at the box office (pun very much intended).

    • Yeah… I can’t believe the butler beat out KA2. I didn’t even know that movie was coming out until like a week ago.

    • Yeah it did. Went to see it Saturday with a buddy. We were 2 of maybe 30 people in theatre and people who sat next to us brought their 2 kids who couldn’t have been more than 7 years old. Kinda pissed me off. But the movie was pretty good. A little darker in tone imo.

      • Haha thats how I felt when I went to Dark Knight in 2008. There were all these 6 yr olds there and I was like “Isn’t this a bit… dark? for you guys?” anywho.. If thats how their parents wanna run things I guess thats their deal.

        But in terms of attendance thats how it was when I went to see Pacific Rim opening weekend. There was like NOBODY there. Great movie though.

        • Someone brought a preschooler to the Expendables 2. And there was a toddler at a midnight showing of Pacific Rim. I’m not a perfect father, but I think I’m better than at least two of them out there.

          • +1

          • But would Dana think so? :-D

            • Venkman would side with me.

        • If my son was 6, I would watch TDK with him in the supervision of my home so we can discuss and explain what is going on. The movie isn’t as bad as KA2, which even I think is pretty bad that I won’t watch it. Expendables is another one I wouldn’t let him watch.

          • I don’t mean to sound judgemental. The first movie my cousin remembers seeing in the movie theatre with his dad was Con Air and he turned out fine.

            You see parents with very young children at movies like KA2, TDK, and Django even (yeah I saw young kids at that) and you make assumptions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad parents. That’s just the gut reaction.

            • That’s my thing as well. I watched violet cartoons, action movies all at a young age and I am perfectly fine as well. I also cursed as a kid (not in front of my parents) because I picked up the lingo from the things I watched on the TV.

              I don’t want to be that parent who has a kid cursing like a sailor at a teacher because he learned it from the media we subject him to.

              I don’t know how smart my son will be since he is only 15 mths old. He might be dumber than I was LOL. So depending on his maturity, we will watch certain things on TV/movies.

              You can’t defend the bad parents who drag their kids to midnight showings. Ages 8 and younger shouldn’t be up passed midnight because you couldn’t get a babysitter.

            • @ movieDude

              First PG-13 movie my mother let me go to in the theater was Batman Returns & that was because one of my brothers was old enough & the two of us didn’t wanna see the movie my sister & her went to. But years later she wouldn’t let me rent Robocop 3 which was also PG-13. How messed up was that? The only movie I remember not seeing kids at was Machate which was good on their part. Only one of my nephews seen all the Superman films. His parents don’t want him to watch the Batman films yet.

              • “Robocop” was my first introduction to super violent movies at the age of 11.

                • I remember seeing all of the hardcore action flicks from the Expendables cast well before I was 10 years old. Again, I turned out fine. I was also a very active child, involved in sports and martial arts.

                  • @ LC

                    Same here. Arnold, Stallone, & Bruce Willis were my top 3 of all time. Special mention of Chuck Norris because I liked his cartoon which I forget the name of. Even had a figure of him.

                    • Sidekicks? I grew up watching Walker lol.

                    • “Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos”

                • @ motoko

                  I think The Terminator was my R-rated film at home that is. Can’t remember. I know one of my brothers broke the vhs movie because I watched it too many times,lol.

                  • It was all going well……and then Alex Murphy gets his hand blown off with a shot gun. After that my jaw was on the floor. It was 1988, nowadays kids don’t bat an eyelid at anything.

                    I used to be scared of the library scene at the beginning of ghostbusters. When I showed that to my nieces when they were small it didn’t faze them in thre least.

                    Man, I must have been a p***y when I was a kid. (^-^)

                    • I was when it came to watching Nightmare on Elm street films, I hid behind a chair while watching the movie & one of my brothers grabbed me, to get a scare outta me.

            • I saw plenty of movies that were inappropriate for my age. But it was a different time back then, Gremlins was rated PG and my mom took me too it at the age of six. I was frightened. I saw other violent action movies at home and saw horror movies at friends and family houses as a kid.

              I suppose I turned out fine to an extent… I did get into some trouble in my early teens acting out movie scenes from Juice or Boyz n the Hood…using a BB gun and acting like a gangster equals getting hauled home in the sheriff’s bronco.

              But taking a toddler (that’s 2 years old) to a midnight showing of a monster movie…scratch that…ANY movie is ridiculous. You can’t afford a sitter or find a sitter then it’s time for a little Video on Demand or Redbox.

              Every parent has different standards. Mine are that if my daughter watches something out of her age range…it’s going to be with me at home. We’ll see G and PG rated movies at the theater with her. And my 10 month old…we’ll he shouldn’t be watching TV at all.

              • @ Prof

                Same here. My mother was real strict about what movies I watched, especially at her house. I had to spend a night at a friends house & sneak myself in to get into Beavis & Butt-head Do America,lol. I put on clothes my friend owned so no-one spotted me as I sat low incase my mom called the theater,lol.

                When I was younger & watching T2, I asked my dad if the sun got too close to the earth, if that’s why people were burning up during Sarah’s dream sequence. Not knowing it was a hydrogen bomb. That movie got me thinkin if that is gonna happen one day,lol.

                • I remember watching Fright Night and Lethal Weapon repeatedly at a friend’s house. I still have no idea where his parents were. :)

      • I was a little distracted that there were so many young kids in the theater watching KA2 with me. I am not a mom so I shouldn’t judge, but I know I would never bring my 6 year old to these kind of movies. So I am judging even though I shouldn’t!!!

        • Well, most jury members probably didn’t kill anyone either, but they are still allowed to judge murderers. So please, judge away. ;)

        • If I find something tasteless, then I am not going to watch it. I find the KA movies tasteless, so I damn sure wouldn’t take my kid to see it LOL.

        • @ Abbie

          I was distracted by parents taking their kids out of the theater each time I saw TDK.

    • The good news is with a budget of only $30m, it should do alright.

      • Very true! Thats the beauty of making things on a smaller budget.

    • @ Anton

      Maybe they should change the title to “Kick My Ass”. j/k.

  2. Morning Ranters. I went to the drive in theater with the kids over the weekend. It was a triple feature. My question is: how would they determine the box office totals for a triple feature? That place was packed.

    Also, it’s Monday so that means a new Quick Draw on Hulu Plus! Woo hoo!

    • I don’t even know where the closest drive-in by me is.

      Living on the West Coast, real estate is costly and most drive-ins have been converted to housing, commercial or retail.

      • I’m in the Minneapolis area. Last year, we had two in driving distance. Then, Wal-Mart bought the closer one. So, now I have to drive an hour for it. It’s usually a once a summer event. It’s such a fun atmosphere for the kids and their friends.

        The negative about the drive in is that I saw Turbo and my wife wouldn’t let us stay for We’re the Millers because she thought the kids would learn curse words. And the final movie was the Conjuring…which would have started at 1:00 a.m. had we stayed.

    • Drive in are on a different revenue stream as some are not part of the chains, depending on what it is.

      • gotcha. I wondered because We’re the Millers is fairly new. I didn’t want my Box Office Battle numbers skewed because of the drive in.

    • The drive in about 30 miles from my house shut down. Its unfortunate. A lot of great memories there.

  3. EDIT **Morning scranters**

  4. I buckled under social pressure and went to see The Lone Ranger. Lo and behold: it was a lot of fun! I only really didn’t like the wrapper story with Tonto in 1933 talking to that kid. It pulled me out of the experience every single time and had absolutely not point or payoff.

    • I liked the wrapper story, it provided some comedic relief and reminded me of Princess Bride.

      • I also found plenty to like in it, knowing full well that I was only after Pirates-style fun.

        I also had some questions about the frame story (since the movie did run a little long). Aaaaaand I don’t care what people will say: I got a big grin on my face when the Lone Ranger/William Tell music started playing.

  5. I was just thinking this morning as I woke up why do we not et story driven horror/sci fi films like The Relic, Splice, Arachnophobia, Ghost and the darkness, Island of Dr Moreau, Creature from the Black Lagoon (ETC) except on occasion? Most times we get high speed chase films with constant explosion and mayhem we need better story tellers I think. what do you guys think?

    • Yeah I think you make a relevant comment about hollywood in general. Alfonso Cuaron talked a little bit about this during a panel at SDCC (not about horror/scifi specifically) He talked about smaller movies getting pushed out by bigger releases at the boxoffice. Indies and/or smaller more creative films are getting ignored in place of the bigger blockbusters.

    • It’s probably because those films don’t make big bucks quick, but Instead get a following and recoup on DVD etc…

  6. After seeing some new advertisements, I think ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ is going to be horrible.

    • I just can’t wait until the show debuts and bombs, so the repeated numerous ads will cease.

  7. I think “The Butler” did well because everyone thought it was a spinoff about Alfred.

    See how well recasts can do? :)

    • See, I thought it was a remake of the television classic Mr. Belvedere. That’s why I didn’t see it. Movie marketing, go figure. ;)

  8. Season finale of True Blood was rather interesting. I never saw the whole “6 months later” thing coming. Merlot is now mayor? Sooki is now with Batniello? Looks like Jason is whipped. Bill is trying to become old Bill again. Looks like a war is breaking out and what happened to Eric? They set it up pretty nicely for next season.

    I’ve watched Hell on Wheels also this weekend and it’s alright. Did I miss something or did the Swede get hung? Maybe he survived. I don’t remember. So far it looks interesting but not something I can’t miss and wait a week or so to watch.

    Breaking Bad is just insane. I like the whole foward flash and then comes back to the present. It’s starting to all come together and it’s great.

    So next up on HBO is Boardwalk Empire and I can’t wait. So far the previews are looking great.

    • @ JaredDac

      I thought Season 6 of True Blood was certainly a improvement over the 5th Season. Some things did happen I did not see happen,lol. Especially how Warlow treated Sookie at the end & what happed next, oh no back to the nightlife for the vamps. Andy looked like he was so tempted to shoot Jessica dead just as Jason should’ve shot Sarah Newlin. Alcide & Sookie finally I think. I wonder what becomes of Eric & Pam next season.

      Waiting sucks for the next season.

      • @Jared & Wally:

        I also thought the 6-month fast forward was interesting. Setting up for next season, the BonTemp humans and vampires are going to have a symbiotic relationship.

        I don’t think Eric is gone, I think Pam flies in to rescue him at the last minute probably burying themselves in some ice cave. And seeing Pam fly was a big surprise. Eric should have been smarter than that, not knowing how permanent the light blood effect would be, he should have a contingency plan instead of just being in the sun in the middle of nowhere.

        Seeing Alcide in civies and with shorter hair really convinces me that #Batmanganiello would be a good choice.

        I don’t really like the Jason/Violet relationship, poor guy goes from being a gigolo to the werepanthers to abstinence with a vamp.

        I did like the Jessica scene and the Tara/Mom scene, shows the humanity in the characters.

        • @ Bignerd

          I can’t believe Eric would be gone aswell. Like you said, I too hopeful Pam gets to him & buries the both of them in the snow in time. Id say Eric & Bill overestimated themselves a great deal. Now I think they’re like all their friends are back to the way they were. That was cool how Pam flew. I feel sorry for Tara & Willa though. Tara’s mom has a lot of nerve. Amazes me how Tara puts up with her mom’s bs. I know I wouldn’t.

          Im still holding out on what becomes of Jason/Violet. When does Jason ever settle down with someone whether human or supernatural? Violet sure does get jealous of him lookin at other girls & other girls lookin at him & obviously would protect him & Sookie. Lol he sure is her boy toy though,lol.

          I hope to see more bonding of Andy’s daughter & Sookie next season.

          • Andy’s daughter & Sookie is interesting to see. I wonder if she will be the same actress next season or someone older since she ages rapidly. Also if that’s the case, wouldn’t Sooki age rapidly as well since she is half fairy, half human like Andy’s daughter? I don’t remember if she is or not. I wonder if the vamps will form an alliance with the wolves now to keep the humans safe. There are soo many directions this could go for next season. I often wonder if Jason will become something more than the “attraction powers”.

            • @ JaredDac

              I hope to see Andy’s daughter & Sookie bond next season since they’re both faeries. I too hope it will be the same actress because she’s two weeks old & she along with her sisters grew up within a day or two from infants to teenagers. I wonder if the V blood Andy gave to her stopped her from aging more. Wasn’t Jason & Sookie born at the sametime with Jason being born first? Can’t remember.

              I believe the next season will have more than twist & turns,especially involving the vampires.

              I wonder if there’s a hidden agenda between the humans/Vampires. For Vampire protection, a human in return should give their blood to the same vampire in a exchange. Possibly protection from the Hep-V vampires? But I wonder if there’s more to it than that. After the previous two seasons events, it would be interesting to see how things pan out.

  9. I reckon yous should compare the superheroes from dc and marvel and decide who would win in a fight like
    Who would win hulk or superman ?
    Ironman or batman?
    Hawkeye or greenarrow?

    • The Tick would crush them all. SPOON!!!!

    • Shouldn’t it be Thor v. Supes. God v. Jesus?

    • There are a few sites out there that make youtube videos of these battles.

    • That depends, if we’re taking about the characters from the CB pages then I’d say Hulk, Batman, Hawkeye
      But if we’re talking live-action adaptions (the latest movies/tv) then I’d say Superman, Iron Man, Hawkeye.

    • Yeah good point
      Flash v quick silver ?

  10. Batman.

    • nana nana nana nana BAT MAN!!!!

      • I think you are missing one “nana” and one last “na” there (I used “dada”). :)

    • FAIL. Dang it Tyler, by getting your post in just before mine you it now looks like I’m responding to your question, as opposed to my intention of just saying “Batman” and then leaving… -_-

      • Lol soznotzoz

    • Yeah of course batman would smash ironman but there the two most alike I guess cross company both mega rich and tech giant

      • @ Tyler

        Do really think so? I’m not so sure. Iron Man did go toe to toe with Thor in The Avengers, even though that wasn’t “comicbook Thor” IMO, I think Iron Man’s tech might beat Batman’s tactical skills. Who knows? Batman has great tech too. Man, that would be a fight I would love to see.

      • @ Tyler

        Id pit Batman vs. Daredevil. Daredevil could sense whatever Batman throws at him, is agile as Batman is. Darkness is useless for Batman if he were to try to get the jump on Daredevil.

  11. Question.

    This question was asked of me by Auggie.

    We were watching How I met your mother. So he asked.

    I met Katee…1975 In Kindergarten…She punched me and stole my cupcake. From that day till now, if I have a cupcake, she punches me and takes the cupcake.

    So Ranters, how did you meet your better half.

    For Stark Only.

    What was the woman that punched you for a cupcake that you liked the most?

    • At work. I stalked her, kinda sorta. I just knew I had to have it. So I pursued and succeeded. I’m a winner LOL.

      • Stalking.

        When Two people take a romantic moonlight stroll and only one of them is aware of it.

        • Haha.

    • I was in my twenties, at a new job getting trained, when my future wife walked by the room. I cut the trainer off and said, “Whoa, hey, who’s that?” He said, “Oh, she has a boyfriend” and continued with the training.

      A week later, she was standing by the front office door, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. I was determined to speak to her, so with my heart racing, I walked by to say, “Have a nice weekend,” only to have it squeak like I was still in puberty. Luckily, she didn’t see me get in my car and continually bash my head against the steering wheel.

      Then a few months later, they had broken up, so I asked her out to the movies. Our first film together was Rumble in the Bronx. You can’t go wrong with Jackie Chan!

    • @ Mr. Bruce J. Waine

      Thanks for the special consideration Jeff, that was nice. :)

      I would have to say the girl I’m with now, Becky. She’s my Pepper Potts. There have been a lot of girls, but I have never been the type to settle down, get married and have kids. It’s because of her that I’m taking a serious look at marriage and the whole family thing. I’m still not there yet though.

      As for how we met, we met while we were both volunteering at a homeless shelter in the area. That was three and a half years ago, and we’ve been together every since. I like to tell people I met her at a homeless shelter, the looks on their faces is priceless. :)

    • College fraternity party. I was the old guy people see in the movies that shouldn’t be hanging out at a fraternity party. To understand this completely, we must go back further. After I found out my ex-wife was cheating on me, I got a divorce and decided to go back to college to finish my degree. While at school, I realized some of my friends (outside of campus) were part of a fraternity. I joined this fraternity and became the oldest pledge in campus history…I was 28. Not that old, but to them, I was ancient. I moved in with a couple alumni and we would hold parties. One of our parties was for a brother’s girlfiend’s birthday. She brought one of her lovely friends with her…who happened to be wearing a low cut shirt that drew in my attention. I was anti-relationship after the ex-wife incident, but she was persistent. And I’m so lucky that she was patient. Six years later, we’ve been married 3 years and have two wonderful kids.

      • Lucky guy you are Prof.

        • Thanks. I am truly blessed. I honestly never thought I’d be this happy after my first stint at marriage…which on that note: Don’t get married before you’re 21. Just don’t.

  12. Random Question: Which movie do you guys love that got panned by critics?

    My pick is Speed Racer (2008). I realize that the writing is very campy and the tone is a bit dark for whatever audience the film was being made for. (kids?) But I find it infinitely rewatchable. The races are a blast to watch every time and the movie is sooo colorful its ridiculous. It’s hard not to enjoy it.

    • Transformers trilogy or any Roland Emmerich movie ha!

    • Where to begin? I love tons of movies that got panned by critics.

      Battle Los Angeles
      A Good Day to Die Hard
      I Am Number Four
      The Happening
      Godzilla (1997)

      I like Speed Racer as well, although I probably would like it even more without the kid and his monkey. ;)

    • Speed Racer for me as well.

      Battle LA


      Transformers Trilogy.

    • The 13th Warrior

    • A knights tale

    • Bad Boys 2
      Green Lantern

    • For me, off the top of my head, it would be:

      Battle Los Angeles
      Speed Racer

      I’m sure I’ll think of others.

    • @ movieDude

      Where should I start? Lol

    • Hm, there are so many…
      Most recently, Man Of Steel. Not trying to start anything, but it was kind of panned by the critics. Personally, it’s one of my favorite CBMs of all time and a great movie, period.

      For some reason I’m struggling to really think of more, although I know there definitely is more lol.
      I guess Jumper is one of those apparent “bad” movies that I really, really like… I’ll have to think this over a bit….

      • Oh, John Carter and Cowboys & Aliens! Didn’t “love them”, but they were entertaining and imo the critics were quite harsh on those flicks.

      • I can understand where Jumper was given a bad review. I think it was the actors more than the story. The book is great.

    • Oh for sure. Speed Racer is one of my guilty pleasures.

    • This summer?

      Lone Ranger


      Man of Steel


    • John Carter and pretty much any comedy like Dude, Where’s my Car? or Grandma’s Boy

  13. Ok People.

    Here is your Question part 2.

    You have been exposed to a dose of radiation/Bolt of Lightening/ Chemical Mishap.

    Your new power is from whatever you consumed last this morning. So you have the uncanny ability to inflict your food derived power on anyone.

    So, since I had Scrambled eggs and bacon.

    I can make anyone scramble their words or thoughts into whatever I want them to say or do.

    • So since I didn’t eat breakfast, Ill go with dinner last night. I grilled pollo asada and hatch peppers. What does that make me? LOL.

    • Since I only had water today, I’ll be Shower Man and make everyone get a shower. That includes cows. :-D

    • @ Bruce

      I had a Oats and Whey protein shake and a banana. I’m afraid to ask what my super power would be. :(

    • I ate blueberry oatmeal, so I guess I have the power of Violet Beauregarde and can make people swell up like a blueberry. And the only way to save yourself is to be juiced by the Oompa-Loompas.

      “I got a blueberry for a daughter!”

    • What if one was busy cramming for exams and woke up at 12 noon today, thus having skipped breakfast?
      Does this mean that “one” will not have any powers? :’(

      • Go for Lunch.

        I really need to define my questions more.

        • I had lucky charms, therefore i can control the luck of anyone i touch!

          • @ Trey

            We need to meet up ASAP! :)


    • Toast. So, I have the ability to give people the perfect tan.

  14. The new mobile app for the site kinda blows. I understand the whole “we have to monetize the site” so the adds are there etc but maybe shrink the pics, smaller fonts idk, otherwise it’s just endless scrolling. Kinda cut my coming to the site quite a bit.

    • Its easier on my phone for replying. That’s all I care about on mobile.

      • This would be a benefit for me as well, except that in most cases the new mobile site always crashes my phone’s web browser before I can get to that point…So the change is pretty much a fail where I’m concerned.

  15. Just saw Olympus has Fallen. Really enjoyed it. Yeah i know a lot of people probably hate it for how unrealistic it is, but i dont care ITS A MOVIE. So i enjoyed it for what it was, and what it was was a lot of fun. 4/5

    I hope White House Down will be about as enjoyable, looks more comedic though.

    • I’m waiting for this coming weekend to watch Olympus Has Fallen. I am excited! Same for White House Down. It’s a RE movie so its not to be taken seriously. Just there to have a fun time!

    • Yeah, I really enjoyed Olympus. Sure, everyone knows there is no way someone could get that close to you know where, but this is a movie. Did anyone think that Sly couldn’t take on those Vietnamese or Arnold couldn’t take down that Latin army?

    • Olympus Has Fallen is a good unapologetic action movie. The only thing that I don’t like are the mediocre effects during the AC-130 attack.

      • We watched Olympus has Fallen.

        People question the validity of such an attack.

        To which I responded.

        If they constantly trained in how to stop it, the possibility for it is there.

  16. I got a question. If you knew you were gonna have one last meal, what would it be? For me, anything high-carb lol.

    • Sushi and hot wings. An unlimited supply.

    • Gyros with Tzatsiki and onions, and with french fries with Miracle Whip on the side. Unhealthy as hell but that taste is to die for…

      Great. Now I’m hungry, even though I just ate.

    • Man, that’s tough.

      I think I might go with unlimited lasagna, with an unlimited hot fudge brownie sundae for desert.

      Thanks Wally, now I’m hungry! :(

      • You’re welcome Stark,lol. Just think how much I eat,lol cause im The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive

    • Smoked salmon and asparagus

  17. Well, I’ve used the good student reputation to my advantage. Really gets the school on your side.

    Which is why there is a VERY good chance I will convince my high school to do a production of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” :)

    • That is amazing. You are now my hero.

  18. Does anyone here watch MMA/UFC?

    Fox Sports 1 premiered last Saturday and UFC Fight Night was pretty good.

    Overeem used to be a monster but ever since that PED suspension, he hasn’t been able to win.

  19. Am I the only one that doesn’t have very high hopes for Star Wars 7? I’ll admit, i’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, but I did enjoy them. I feel this whole thing by Disney is just a huge money grab from the fans. The movies are fine the way they were, leave the legacy alone. What really left a bad taste in my mouth was the casting of ALL the original main characters. Harrison Ford’s still got his acting chops, but I’m skeptical about Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Hamill is a great Joker (and I love him as Skips on Regular Show), but they were both asked to go on a diet, you know what that means. I’m not a JJ Abrams fan (save for Star Trek). I know we don’t know much yet, but I still don’t get some people’s blind excitement for this film. I’m just very, very skeptical.

  20. Yeah Big Nerd we got Fox1 here. They used it to replace the Speed Channel that I wanted on. By the way there’s A new channel around here. You can only get it if you have A satalite dish. It’s Memorable Entertainment or METV for short. All day you get Dective shows,Westerns,comides and a lot more. I think they even have Batman,Star Trek and Lost in Space on it’s 30.2 on the dial.

  21. Anyone just find out Lee Thompson Young, AKA Cyborg from Smallville was found dead in his home?

  22. I just watched Siberia and even though the way it’s presented is corny it reminds me of Lost(kind of). Mysterious events happening. One group stays, another goes to check out something strange. Strange occurrences happening that can’t be explained. One person might seem like the enemy but turns out it could be someone else. If they got rid of the reality TV show concept this could be a great series since the concept of the storyline is interesting.

    Anyone know of any other series on Showtime other than Dexter, Ray Donovan that is any good? I am thinking about keeping the channel but other than those two shows I don’t really know of any others. Any suggestions?

  23. Anthony, Ben, Kofi, or Rob – Where is this week’s SR Underground? I’m going through withdrawals!

  24. It’s up by now as you’ve probably seen. In the future you can check here if and why there is a delay in the podcast release:

    • I saw and downloaded it. Haven’t listened yet. I never thought of using Twitter for actual helpful information. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box.

    • Wes Bentley is too short IMO.