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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 18, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 18, 2014

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  1. @ SR

    So how credible are those internet rumours on the post credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron being leaked? Will you guys comment on it?

  2. So now that the Emmys are approaching, my favourite shows this year:

    #1 True Detective
    #2 Game of Thrones
    #3 Hannibal

    Honourable mention to Penny Dreadful because Eva Green was amazing

  3. Soo last week I started watching Game of Thrones and I am officially addicted. I have 3 episodes left of season 2 and I can not stop watching!

    With this being said, what is everyone else’s feelings on GoT? Also, who would you say are your 2 favorites?

    I am really loving Tyrian and Arya…if I had to pick a third I would have to say Jon Snow.

    • I absolutely love GoT, IMO its easily the best show on television and is one that I find myself rewatching over and over again because its so good and also due to the fact that its so detailed and layered with seemingly small moments that payoff down the road. The way characters develop is great as well.
      I have read the books as well and have been so pleased with the changes the show has made because it keeps the show fresh and surprising but also the changes IMO often make it things better and help focus the narrative compared to the books that do arguably lose something in trying to expand things and add to many side characters that have little or no purpose for the overall story

      Tyrian and Arya are probably my favourite characters as well,
      although I do have a soft spot for the older characters like Tywin, Balon Greyjoy (Theons dad) and Olenna Tyrell

    • I envy you. You still have the pleasure of watching seasons 3 and 4 ahead of you.

      GoT rocks! The Lannisters are the best. I love Cersei and Tyrion.

    • Prince Oberyn and Tyrion. And Tyrion’s dad (blanking on his name for some reason) is a total bada** as well.

      You’ll meet Oberyn in Season 4.

      • Tywin! He is growing on me…kind of like him!

    • Guess you’re talking strictly about the show. Also guessing I’ll probably be the only individual on this site who’s watched it that doesn’t care for it. I won’t say what I think of the 3 or 4 books I’ve read before dropping it so just sticking with the show…

      To me, it’s written in this format:

      shock value moment, fallout, aftermath, lather rinse repeat, etc.

      Eventually I’ve become desensitized to all the ‘shock value moments’ and just don’t care for the fallout and aftermath. The ‘good’ characters made mistakes now and then. However, when the time comes for a decision where you cannot make mistakes, they always falter and make crappy decisions that either end up getting them killed or puts the world into more chaos. I don’t get the praise it gets for killing off main characters. I feel that’s more of a result of not knowing who really are the main characters.

      He won’t kill off Dany; if he does, I’ll take it all back. I don’t think he’ll kill off Bran nor Arya. He can kill off Tyrion but it’ll likely be towards the end of the series or something because if he kills him off before that, there would be very few viewers coming back. I have little empathy for most of these dumb characters except maybe Tyrion. I really dislike Dany’s, Arya’s, and Bran’s special plot armour.

      I personally don’t think he has much of a story so he’s filled it with all these meandering little plots that give the illusion of progress. It’s mostly filler to me. Just my opinion.

  4. Its time for Star Trek and Star Wars to fall into the background. While they are very entertaining franchises, the problem is that Star Wars and Star Trek have put a major choke-hold on science-fiction. Movies similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, Prometheus, and Chrysalis (2007) should represent 21st century science-fiction.

    I am so sick of Star Trek and Star Wars.

    • …continued…

      Even though “Man of Steel” had a cartoony ending, ninety percent of the film was raw science-fiction. Alien visitation type of science-fiction.

      While I do appreciate what Lucas and Roddenberry have accomplish, I think its time for a whole new set of science-fiction visionaries to surface.

      We need something entirely new.

    • @ Marcus

      I find your lack of faith disturbing… Generally though I (can) agree but I’m too big of a Star Wars fan to completely see it your way. To me I should get a better Star Wars than the one my childhood gave me (which was the prequels) and as for the Star Trek movies, well I liked both of them. I would honestly, like to see a third Sci Fi franchise to rival both of these but I think I’d pick Battlestar Galactica as opposed to anything else.

      • @Writer, I can respect your perspective. Since I have been a long-long time fan of both franchises, I can understand your point of view. On the other hand, I also see that as a problem. As a result of the deserved success of Star Wars and Star Trek, the whole science-fiction genre is stuck in a box. I truly respect and understand your perspective.

        We need more than three major franchises.

        We need a mountain of new science-fiction theories.

        • @ Marcus

          I guess it depends on your perspective of what Sci Fi is or should be. I noticed that your choice of movies all kind of happen to take place in space. Although I’m not familiar with Chrysalis so I don’t know. I agree that new artist should rise up and it’s kind of the same with an acting career. An actor can’t get hired if he hasn’t had any experience in acting but then how is he supposed to get experience if nobody will let him in their movie?

          I think that the rise of these two franchises will actually enhance the other more smaller Sci Fi movies because audiences will want something different but still Sci Fi. I could be wrong, I mean after all it is Disney and if anybody can choke anything it’s Disney but I think that this “power” exposes a weakness that other directors and studios will exploit.

          • Star Wars is really science fantasy. I’d say the same for trek, but the trekkers would disagree. Science fiction is really films like “moon”, “district 9″, “Splice” etc.. (IMO)

            I get what you mean though. Trek and SW both have a stranglehold on pop culture, that filters down to peoples opinions and expectations of the genres of science fiction and fantasy films.

    • @Marcus:

      Not sure why you think the existence and resurgence of Star Wars and Star Trek puts any type of restriction on new sci-fi movies.

      There is ton of sci-fi that still comes out (you named some although I really didn’t like Prometheus).

      And it’s not like everyone is saying “But it’s not Star Wars/Trek”.

      • “Not sure why you think the existence and resurgence of Star Wars and Star Trek puts any type of restriction on new sci-fi movies.”

        Because theaters are constantly flooded with sequels and reboots, making it difficult for original big budget sci-fi movies to even turn a profit, let alone compete with the major franchises.

        • Competition with major franchises is a problem for any smaller film.

          But there has been quite a bit of successful non-franchise sci-fi (that even converted into its own franchise) that was not held back by Star Wars or Star Trek.

          The Matrix films

          Or even more recently, The Edge of Tomorrow (at least in my opinion).

          If you are solely talking alien-type films, then you could count Aliens to Prometheus. What about those Mars movies (Red Planet and Mission To Mars), although I think I’m the only one who liked them. Or how about the top grossing sci-fi film…. Avatar?

          Wall-E and the Planet of the Apes prequels have also done well.

          Non-Star Wars/Trek sci-fi is alive and kicking.

    • I think it’s more a problem of originality and arrogance about their (writers, producers, etc.) knowledge of modern science. There are so many cool new scientific knowledge and concepts being discovered but most sci-fi movies as of late tend to retread old grounds. People are pretty ignorant of modern science.

      Also there’s the whole fixation on ‘psychology’, ‘biology’, ‘computer science’ concepts being translated to sci-fi films. Psych and com sci aren’t even sciences really, and biology is near the bottom of the totem pole of the sciences. I don’t think any sci-fi flick attempts to actually understand and use the science buzzwords they pick up on here and there, one of the biggest one being ‘quantum’. I don’t understand why they can’t just contact some professor and ask for some explanation or base level intuition. Or they use the analogical conceptual idea of some science concept instead of learning what the actual science concept is.

      There’s also the recent surge of mixing soap/melodrama with sci-fi backdrops. The sci-fi stuff is just wallpaper (BSG, SGU, etc.). I attribute some of that again to the lack of scientific knowledge. There’s a difference between soap/melodrama and actual drama. I don’t think most of them know where the line is.

      Eh, just a few of my opinions. Holding back more but that’s enough fodder up there.

  5. You’ve been selected to change 5 things in the star wars prequels, what would they be?

    My changes:
    1. Better (more aged) actor for the role of Anakin.
    2. Yoda doesn’t fight (At ALL)
    3. The villain stays the same which means no Duku
    4. The emporer’s identity is really Qui Gon Jin and he lives throughout the prequels.
    5. Jar Jar should have been Jango Fett and the gungans are replace by the Mandalorians.

    • My changes

      1) No Jar Jar – I like your suggestion for this
      2) No Hayden Christensen – I actually would have preferred it if they waited a few years and had cast Dane DeHaan for Anakin instead
      3) The Yoda and Dooku fight would never had happened
      4) I wouldn’t have had C-3PO or Chewbacca show up
      5) Darth Maul wouldn’t have been chopped in half in Episode 1 and would have replaced General Grievous

      Bonus one – I would have preferred it if instead of the Droid army the enemy that resulted in the Republic needing troops were the Mandalorians

    • @ Writer,

      1) Not to do them in the first place. Hear me out… Sometimes an untold story triggers the imagination, and it drives people to be philosophically creative. Instead of explaining stuff within prequels, George could have philosophically examined the Old Jedi Order in the sequels.

      Adding the back-story to Darth Vader and Boba Fett killed the philosophical and abstract nature of their characters. Keeping Darth Vader and Boba Fett as dark and mysterious characters would have been the better bet.

      “Episode VII, VIII, & IX” could have been about a galaxy wide archeology mission, which shed light on the flaws of the Jedi Code. All the stuff we discovered about Bane, Revan, and Exar Kun could have been led to a dark power source.

      George Lucas should have gone forward, so he can use character development to talk about the past.

      • @ Marcus

        I wholeheartedly agree. The prequels never should have been made and if they were than they should have gone further back before any of the actual character’s lifetimes. My question was really based on “If you had to change” not if you could stop them from being made.

        If you look at the concept for the Dark Knight’s Joker, what makes him so terrifying isn’t his make up, knives or bombs. It’s his lack of personal history that makes him unpredictable to the audience. Nobody knew if he’d blow a guys head off or just start laughing, and that thrill audiences.

        I am a fan of the LOST series so I know (six seasons worth) of abstraction, which is why I like the Prometheus movie. It doesn’t answer the questions you had about the Alien, and it doesn’t give you pre-existing characters that you know can’t die. All of these added up to a somewhat unpredictable movie. It wasn’t a prequel.

  6. Just started watching Game of thrones about a month ago and just finished season four last night. I really wish more Movie/show had the heart and creative minds behind them as this does. The outfits, casting, even willing to let the hero die a tragic death if the story moves better is spot on, just everything is so well done. I also love they way they use DND Monsters but do not have to go overboard with explosions and things mainstream movies seem to do on regular basis. Makes me want DND to make films like this is done.

    • You know it’s all sourced from the books, right?

  7. Well with Batman vs Superman out on March 25th 2016, it could be in the top five highest grossing movies of all time. Does anybody think it could even outgross The Avengers at the box office?

    • @Balackknight16:

      If Patrick Bayard was still here, he would say that if BvS doesn’t gross more than $700m, it’s a failure.

      I have 100 ScreenRant dollars saying it will surpass that easily.

      • If Batman V Superman doesn’t gross more than Man of Steel it will be a failure indeed, but that’s not gonna happen. I don’t think anyone would be silly enough to take the other side of the bet and bet against BvS being above $700mm.

      • I think given 700 ww gross for MOS and teaming up w/ dark knight himself(regardless of who plays it), bar is 1 billion WW.

        Meaning if they don’t go through that 1 billion, it’s a disappointment.

        Is it a mega success if it does 1.05 billion? No, but certainly won’t be disappointment.
        Having said all this, I clearly expect this movie to get to 1.3 billion WW.(I think tone of the movie will prevent it from hitting 1.5 billion).

    • I wanna see first where the bar is after Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. That will give us an idea for movies above $1bn testing the limits at the box office. 2016 will be easier to predict after that.

      Then the other two key points will be the marketing campaign, especially in foreign markets, and of course the word of mouth, which will depend on the final product. To get to those numbers you need more than a strong opening, you need several weeks of sustained success and that can only happen if people keep telling each other: “you gotta go check this movie”.

      Batman V Superman has the potential to break box office records, but 2016 is very far away. Too early to tell. Betting now would be a wild guess.

  8. Here’s a possible INHUMANS movie cast, think they’ll include all the main members?

    Black Bolt/Vin Diesel
    Medusa/Jessica Chastain
    Crystal/Cate blanchett
    Luna/elle fanning
    Karnak/Liam Neesan
    Gorgon/wrestler roman reigns or GofT’s The Hound.
    Triton/CG voiced by clancy brown

    Vilains: Maximus the Mad, or Randac?

  9. What would I change about the Prequels?
    I would go back in time and tell my past self not to see episode 2.

    • I take it that means you’ve never seen episode 1!

  10. can someone explain to me how neo can see blind and control the robots in zion at the end of the matrix?

    • I am afraid the explanation is never going to be fully satisfactory… simply put, he is a messiah and his powers go beyond the matrix. There are of course other more complex theories on this, but none of them are properly fleshed out in the trilogy so your take on this is as good as anyone’s.

      Btw, I assume you refer to how he manages to explode stuff at the machine city. He does not control the centinels in Zion, those stop because of the truce negotiated between Neo and Deus Ex Machina.

    • There isn’t any scientific explanation provided for how he’s able to do that, if that’s what you mean. It’s a completely allegorical idea. Neo’s connection to “The Source” allows him some ability to perceive and control anything connected to the Source. That’s how he’s able to destroy the sentinels, “see” the machine city after he was blinded, and even see Agent Smith’s soul inside Bane’s body. The most common interpretation of this among fans is that The Source represents the realm of spirit, as opposed to the physical realm represented by Zion and the “real world”.

  11. Hey ScreenRant!! Party time!! Excellent!!

    Real quick I wanted to say that I finished season 1 of Arrow. It was a lot of fun. I haven’t jumped into season 2 yet but I will sometime this week.

    Also, I watched 2 Robin Williams movies this weekend and they both dealt with suicide… I had no idea. Bad luck I guess. They were great movies though!! It was just kinda bizarre that the 2 movies of his that I wanted to watch happened to contain those themes and story lines.

    I want to talk about about some similarities I found the show had with other superhero films.

    ARROW SEASON 1 SPOILERS!!!! ————————————

    The ending was just like Batman Begins! There’s this maguffin that’s has the potential to destroy the city. It goes missing from WayneTech/Unadec industries, and the hero has to shut it down before time runs out!! There’s also all this mystery surrounding the glades. This area kinda reminded me of the Narrows in Batman Begins. Gothams/Starlight City’s seedy underground where much of the city’s criminal activity takes place. Also, the special effects for the earthquake in the finale were pretty awesome. Everything in the finale looked believable and real. That was pretty cool.

    Another thing, the whole Oliver/Laurel/Tommy dynamic is a whole lot like the PeterParker/HarryOsborne/MaryJane dynamic in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman films. They both fight for the affection of Laurel/MaryJane but the hero is conflicted because he doesn’t want to put her in harms way. HarryOsborne/Tommy is even the son of an evil bad guy that is the head of a big company!! Sure Oliver is rich and Peter Parker isn’t but the similarity is still there. I found that interesting.


    • @ movieDude

      I honestly didn’t get into Arrow until I sat down and watched it out of boredom. I ended up liking it but it doesn’t have the high intensity like “24” or the unpredictability of “LOST” so I have a hard time watching it. I watched the second season online and thought that it was way better than the first but they loose the “Nolan” type feeling that it had in the first season.

      I took notice of the kind of mix and match super stories, they were using a while back but I didn’t really care since they’re rebooting both the Nolan Batman and the Spiderman trilogy. It’s always interesting to see ideas that people have already used being combined with something else. It’s like when an actor tries to portray two characters they like as one. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t in Arrows case it does.

  12. Finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night. Not perfect but very fun and entertaining.

    Looking forward to seeing how it holds up to a second viewing on dvd.

  13. Anyone stuck with True Blood? This season started off terribly but it’s picked up and I think the series finale is this Sunday.

    • I’m still watching.

      I don’t like how abrupt they are wrapping up some characters but in such a short time frame it seems like the only way.

      Not sure how true it is to the books anymore.

    • @ Fury

      I stuck with True Blood this season & imo i think it’s hasn’t picked up till episode 8. It’s been the worst season of the series, worse than season 2. I wonder if Sookie will become a vampire in the last episode.

      • Yeah, I agree. Episode 8 and 9 were pretty much the only 2 I was vaguely interested in.

        And yes, BigNerd, they are wrapping things up quickly. And they’re basically shuffling all the romances so that everyone gets a nice happy true love ending. Kinda lame.

        Just hope something big happens in the finale.