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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 17, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 17, 2012

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  1. Ever since TDKR, I have a wanted to see more comicbook trilogies (or series) set the final with an aged hero. With that said, would any body be intrested in seeingan aged Superman in Man of Steel 3 (or 4) based off the Kingdom Come storyline?

    • Absolutely, I love seeing the old heros pull out the tights for one last lick at the can.

      How about a 65+ year old Wonder Woman, ha! Helen Mirren! lol

      • That’s “Kick”. sheesh.

        • Out of 6 comments, 2 of them are corrections. We need an edit button. :)

          • Yed. I mean yes.

    • Well SLJ was over 60 in Avengers………. That’s aged… You seem him too that flip out of the helicopter in the beginning!?!??! :)

      • *See not seem

      • And Captain America was quite old. ;-)

        • Yeah, and he´s still a virgin.

          • LOL

    • @ Ignur Rant

      Id only be interested in that kind of idea if they did Batman Beyond films &/or a future Justice League film simliar to the 2-parter episode ” The Call from Batman Beyond.

      • Batman Beyond with an aged Bruce Wayne would be awesome.

        • i wouldn´t have nothing against aged superheroes, but i like them if they stay adult age between 25-35 years old.

      • It would be set if Snyder’s Superman universe. Have you read Kingdom Come ? becasue it beats the pants off that Batman Beyond episode lol. Written by the great Alex Ross himself. Google the synopsis.

        • It’s been awhile but ive read Kingdom Come. Wasn’t always thrilled of it, wasn’t bad neither. I think it would be awesome to see a futuristic Justice League in live-action as seen in Batman Beyond. Superman in black costume with a “S” and gray hair, aged Bruce Wayne/new Batman, Barda, a Green Lantern,maybe Warhawk.

    • actually thats one of the reasons I hated the rises(batman I know would never just quit being batman), I think it would work for superman since hes like the dad of super heroes in older incarnations.
      Being tired of being so good and questioning his purpose but I dont think we need a film like that for awhile.
      Just go watch watchmen and observe dr manhatten, is that really the movie you want?

      • Bruce has quit Batman in mainstream continuity and outside continuity stories before.

        In Kingdom Come Superman retires because of the loss of Lois, his rock, and because a new generation of Superheroes emerged. Seeing an aged Superman would be worth it alone.

  2. In honor of Shark Week, did you know that sharks only bite when you touch their private parts????

    Name the movie… :)

    • I tried to forget that movie….like 50 times

      • But that line is hilarious

  3. I hate how superhero movies get more love on this site.

    The Master>>>>>>TDKR

    I agree with everything David Cronenberg said about TDKR.

    “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape.”
    HAH, that was great.

    • What did he say? I must’ve missed that.

      • Cronenberg said they were boring and only good from s technical stand point. and not just dkr… he said the while trilogy is boring

    • The link to your name Is really a picture of Ryan Gosling. Wow. Im laughing at you now.

      • At least Gosling wasn’t mentioned in the post…that has to be progress of some sort.

        • lmao!! ^^^

    • If you think about it though, the running franchises right now are comic book movies. Harry Potter, Pirates, Transformers (quality wise) are all done and Avatar is years away. Right now, the movies people are excited for that have sequel potential are comic book movies.

      • Dam, I quoted the wrong person… My bad.

      • So…it’s not the SUPERHERO concentration you hate. It’s the BATMAN focus…Hmmm, how very fair-minded; how egalitarian of you. So…you haven’t noticed how many articles lately have had to do with phase 2 of the Marvel films? Hmmm, maybe you have and are just being hypocritical?


      • Dear Goslingite,

        You ARE, of course, welcome to your opinions…as are we ALL. At the moment, MANY people are enjoying discussions about Marvel: Phase 2 and BATMAN, “The Avengers” and JUSTICE LEAGUE. Deal with it.

        Oh, and for my part, I found “The Amazing Spider-Man” actually to be a much better film, overall, than “The Avengers” (the villains in both films were the weakest parts of the films; both had fun humor, but more of it seemed forced in TA than in TASM; the spider bite scene was more contrived than in the Raimi film, but it still made about as much sense as A NUMBER of things occurring in TA; the Peter/Gwen relationship blew ANY of the team dynamic relationships in TA out of the water and was almost worth the price of the ticket, just on its own, in TASM).

        As for “The Hunger Games”, I quite enjoyed the film and thought it did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the novel. I am very much looking forward to “Catching Fire”.

        All of that said, I will happily be picking up all four films as they are released and looking forward to “Skyfall” and “The Hobbit”.

    • Do you also hate how those same movies get more love at the box office?

      2012 box office so far:

      1 Marvel’s The Avengers
      2 The Hunger Games
      3 The Dark Knight Rises
      4 The Amazing Spider-Man

      • BURN!!!!!!!!!

      • Epic victory to Rob

      • They all sucked.

        Didn’t mind The Avengers. Big Joss fan.

        Spider-Man was so bad. What was the point of the untold story?

        Hunger Games, yikes. Hate that movie.

    • You are on the wrong site then, my friend.


      • Ya know, Vic, I was going to say the same thing. The thing that attracted me to this site SOOO many years ago was the love of the CBM and sci-fi franchises here. There are enough sites out there covering every single movie (and those sites are borrring). If you don’t like super hero films then you’re on the wrong movie site.

      • I like the site, I just hate seeing comic book movies getting more love than films like ‘The Master’.

        • Then, you should rail against TASM and TA, as well…IF you expect to be taken seriously.

    • i like cronenberg, but if you write that he made that statement i think because of that he comes in my ex-fav-directors list . he is not that genius, i mean that nolan has proven that he´s one of the best director in movies which are intelligent,mysterious, good eye for well used action scenes(not just in batman),exciting,thrilling,mindtricking. he is the best director on my fav-directors list.

      • I think cronenberg was just looking for attention

    • Wasn’t his “A History of Violence” based on a graphic novel?

      • indeed. It seems en vogue to bash comicbook movies when promoting your upcoming movie.

      • yes,it was.

  4. What’s up fellow ranters.I agree with Kyle that comic book franchises are really hot right now and they’re here 2 stay for awhile. Now on saying that I would like 2 see someone else besides marvel and DC step up 2 the plate. This means you image. They have some worthy properties that could be potential blockbusters.

    We definitely could use a spawn reboot as some fellow ranters mentioned earlier this week. I’m not sure how savage dragon would translate 2 the big screen,but if they can do hellboy, then they can do dragon. (Maybe the “rock “as the dragon)

    Savage dragon…. see I don’t know how he would translate on the screen. I guess it depends on a good director and a good script. (Maybe the rock could play the dragon)

    • Mind’s Eye Entertainment is bringing Captain Canuck, a Canadian superhero, to the big screen. Personally I know nothing about his other than what it says in the article, but it is from a smaller studio. Here is Screen Rant’s article:

    • I’d love a Spawn reboot.

  5. Sorry folks. That was a mess up from earlier.I hate this stupid mobile phone! LOL !

  6. So is anyone still watching the Newsroom? I remember SR doing a review on the first episode, but haven’t really heard anyone discuss it since then.

    I’m pretty hooked on the show and IMO Jeff Daniels has been fantastic. I started to get really annoyed with Alison Pill’s character because she came off as very whinny, but in the past couple episodes her character has toned it down a bit and I’m starting to enjoy her again.

    • The newsroom as a whole is starting to sour to me…i do not like the maggie love triange thing…its only the first season and thats getting played out…however next year i believe jeff daniels has the emmy in the bag he is amazing in that show….and this is coming from a huge breaking bad and boardwalk empire fan…those shows are way better and their leading men are some of the best in the biz…but daniels alone is worth turning on newsroom, a very interesting character played almost perfectly imo

  7. Still watching True Blood & Games Of Thrones. Trying to not miss Boardwalk Empire.

    • @ Wally West

      How is True Blood this season? I’ve watched every episode up to this season, but last season got a little to ridiculous for me and I couldn’t even finish the first episode this season. A couple of friends have said it picked up recenetly, but i’m not sure if it’s worth investing all my time for two good episodes at the end of the season.

      • @ DT

        It’s hard for me to compare to past seasons rate wise. But your friends are right because i think the season really didn’t pick up till Episode 8. I think it was their intention to tone it down alittle before season’s finale & season 6. I might say it’s like season 2, that it drags a bit but still better than the first half of season 2. That’s just me. I guess you’d have to watch for yourself with your friends as HBO usually reruns all the episodes atleast once before the season DVD boxset hits store. Hope that was any help to ya.

  8. Im also waiting for box sets power rangers to come. MMPR thru Lost Galaxy seasons. Memories. Hoping to get the rest of the seasons i enjoyed but i may watch seasons 1-3 multiple times before moving on to any of them. I still need to complete G.I.Joe, 80′s animated TMNT, among other shows.

  9. Screen Rant, I know you have a gaming site in addition to this site, so I was wondering if you also have a comic book news site? Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site!

    • Sorry, we don’t have a comic book site. We’re hanging on by our fingernails just running two sites – can’t imagine adding a third…


      • you have the best reviews and news and information about all genres on your site,vic. no need to change,it´s the most informativ moviesite i.m.o.,and i do read many sites but then skip back to screenrant,because it´s the best site.

        • I second that!!

          • Thanks, fellas, it’s ALWAYS nice to hear that! :-D


  10. Anyone who is planning on picking up a copy of Serenity, Target has the Blu-ray priced at $10.

    On to the topic of other comic properties is anyone familiar with Young Blood. I used to read this and thought it was pretty good. I think its time I gathered some of my issues from my collection to re-read.

    • hey! I just bought Serenity! but mine was DVD and only $5.

      • I got mine for $4.75! WOO HOO!

    • Love that movie!!!

      • Serenity is an odd duck.
        All the fans (including myself) loved it and the movie got pretty good reviews all round (IMDB average of 7.9 and an 82% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes), but for some reason the movie was overlooked by most people – it bombed financially which means very few people actually saw it.

        Very strange that something like that could happen… I keep asking myself “What if” you know? “What if” everyone saw it like they did Batman Begins, or the Goblet of Fire, or Revenge of the Sith, or The Chronicles of Narnia (all films that came out that year)… maybe we’d have had a Serenity trilogy by now.

        …Now I’m sad :(

        • I’m to blame. I’m a late arrival for the Firefly bandwagon. But even though I’m a recent addition to the fan club, I’m sad too.

        • I didnt like it.
          I havent seen Firefly & IMO I think the movie relied on people knowing the back story to the characters too much. They were good characters but I didnt really understand the relationships between them… its was sorta like when two people have a private joke in front of you, hope that makes sence lol.

        • The biggest problem with the movie was, it suffered from the same small following the TV show had. So if you didn’t know about the TV show, chances were you weren’t going to risk your time and money to see it.

        • Firefly was alot better then Serenity. Just a bunch of needless shock value deaths.

    • Best Buy had the entire series (Firefly) on BluRay for $20 last time I looked.

  11. Saw paranorman last night really good movie. the two claymations were extremely impressive this year. I give the slight advantage to pirates! As for paranorman it wasnt a little kid friendly movie lol

    • Cool, I’m looking forward to watching it over the weekend as well as Expendables 2.

  12. Did anyone catch the “Bullet in the Face” premiere on IFC last night? I only caught the first episode and it is EXTREMELY violent and VERY adult. But it also seems like it might be a lot of fun. Always good seeing Eric Roberts as a villain! I’m going to watch the next 2 episodes tonight after work. I hope this keeps up, because there is NOTHING like this on TV any where else (at least that I know of). The acting is pretty bad, but the visuals are very good and there is LOTS of action.

    • Does that have anything to do with the upcoming Stallone movie?

      • Nope.

  13. Would anybody be interested in an aquaman movie or am I the only guy.
    Its a cliche to say hes a joke now and proves nobodys read anything about him and know him from the superfriends days.
    I think if executed well it could be a great film, if done poorly yes it could be just another green lantern but hopefully theyve learned their lesson now that you cant half-a## this s##t by throwing around facts, having a big boss villain with no character or hiring ryan reynolds(reynolds is movie cancer) and expect it to go well.
    Plus yknow black manta.

    +If you say no, you should go read some new 52 aquaman.

    • yes but only if they get a boss director and a good actor to do it or else it could be really really bad. I have been waiting for a flash movie and that might be happening since they are going to create a justice league movie

      • he better be jl and he better be wearing orange and green.

    • I would say yes.

      The problem however is in the cost. They were actually planning on doing an Aquaman movie until the budget became prohibitively expensive with little way to cut costs. Filming everything underwater (for us airbreathers) turns even the simplest scene into a laborious task.

      As an example take a look at Waterworld. They were filming primarily just ON the water (with select shallow water shots) and costs spiraled out of control from a 100 mil budget to 175 mil. An expensive film even today but this was back in ’95!). It is more feasible today but to make it look good it would still be CGI heavy to replicate the underwater look.

      The one bright spot in all this is we know Cameron is filming Avatar2 as an Ocean story so they are filming a lot of underwater environments. Hopefully he will come up with the technical breakthroughs in filming and water related CGI FX to make Aquaman possible (and believable) without breaking the bank.

      • well the first film could easily have him come to the surface world and we could just get a glimpse of atlantis like we did asgard in thor and then explore it in later films.

        • The problem with that is, having him come to the land dwellers world initially would cast him in the role of antagonist (because it would inevitably be to stop us from our pollution of the oceans). This isn’t necessarily a bad idea but then you have to wonder how to turn him from anti-hero into hero. Who would be protagonists be, just a bunch of humans?

          Trying to center it on land instead of his native element for the first movie would not feel right. He’s Aquaman and you need to have the origin plot revolve around his home and origin.

          Honestly I think they should save him for JL2 and then introduce him in exactly the way I’ve outlined above. That way he can battle a couple of the JL members first and then be convinced to be a part of the group to fight the greater evils of the world.

          • No. You need the classic 7 in the JL movie. It needs to be like LotR. Everyone well have plenty character development. We fgo to know all the characters well in the LotR trilogy, even with out knowing the back history of all the characters.

    • @ Cody

      I would like to see a Aquaman movie. Of-course it would have to be excuted well with the right director, leading actor for title role. Im sure they can even design a great orange/green costume for the film of the character. Problem with Green Lantern is they rushed that film, it wasn’t a long enough film among other things. Imo reynolds would make a better Flash than Green Lantern. Id save Black Manta for a sequel. Id start of with Aquaman’s own brother Orm aka(Ocean Master). I find Aquaman can be done well in the right hands before the New 52 comics. Him going from orange/green costume to the Conan look with the harpoon, to him having his hand of enchanted water.

      • but if they make it about his brother trying to usurp the throne then Im afraid it be too much like thor and orm would just be a loki expy.
        maybe have orm be the one who sends aquaman to the surface and have sea monsters attack under his secret command(ocean master) which is then revealed at the end after his defeat or not reveal it all which would be all the more devious and he could set up more stuff.

        • @ Cody

          Point taken. I guess i don’t like Black Manta simply because of what he looked like in the comics. Now if they based what Black Manta’s costume somewhat like Devil Ray’s who was based off Black Manta in JLU animated series, then id settle on the villain more.

  14. I love that this site keeps up on the SuperHero franchises and Sci-fi. Those movies withstand the test of time: Star Wars, Batman, Alein, Etc… They are so epic and bold in scope that of course they will get major box office numbers. Its not like the same old Horror genre where its the same paranormal movie over and over….
    Speaking of Sci-fi I’m waiting to see a sequel to Robert Rodriguez Predators movie. Come on Predators needs another silver screen showing…

  15. I was thinking about something the other night, there are lots of films which base a story in a world where we see it ‘after’ society has gone to sh*t, The Hunger Games, Logan’s Run, The Book of Eli, to name just a few.

    Now Logan’s Run, for instance, I’ve heard it’s going to be remade, however I would actually love someone to show me how it got that way. How did that society start under that dome? How did they come to that conclusion, to only live to 30 (incidentally it appears from IMDb that they’ve lowered that age to 21 in the remake, a tad low IMO), did it originally come from a consensus by the population? And how did that society end up believing that they’d be renewed after death in the carousel?

    What happened in the world of The Book of Eli, how did it get that way? I would love to see the back story told.

    There’s so much potential with back stories, who would be interested in seeing a back story, and what film/novel would you like to see it from?

  16. Just saw The Expendables 2 today. It was a lot better than its predecessor in pretty much every way. I thought it was pretty funny how they made references to Terminator, Rambo, and Die Hard, and I’m glad they brought in a couple new guys and gave more major parts to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Anybody who likes action movies will like TE2.

  17. Rest In Peace Tony Scott.