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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 16, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 16, 2013

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  1. Morning ranters and Happy Friday. So I was listening to the podcast this week and their “favorite” superhero movie of the year was being discussed. Now I am not starting a DC vs Marvel vs Fox war. But it made me realize, there is something awesome to look forward to in all aspects.

    Fox: starting their universe and correcting their ways with DOFP

    Marvel: Phase 2 looks promising. Even if you didn’t like the twist in IM3, Marvel has a very fun format going right now.

    DC: The Supes vs Bats movie in 2015 leading to more of the DC universe.

    Regardless, this guy is excited for all of this comic book movies. GOOD DAY!

    • it sure is an awesome time to be a comic book geek :)

      • I agree… a very good time to be a fan.

      • Not just comic book geek… just an awesome time time to be a geek in general! Proof: Multi-media revival of Star Wars soon to come, Star Trek going strong, sci-fi as a whole making a comeback, the Hobbit, etc, etc

        • +1

    • Replace DC with Warner Bros.

      • and don’t leave out Sony!

        • Lil ol Spider-Man all alone LOL

          • Hey, that ‘lil Spider has some of Marvel’s better villains and characters.

      • I prefer DC run things over WB.

    • Up until I was 13 or 14 years old… I didn’t know the difference between Marvel and DC. Oh what it was to be young and naive.

      • Same here. I started to dislike Marvel for some reason after I discovered that.

        • I don’t dislike any of the companies. I like characters from both sides. But story wise, I have always favored DC. All of the companies are great in their own way.

          • It was the other way around for me. The X-Men got me into everything else, mostly because I needed something to else to do in between new X-Men cartoons and comics.

            • X-Men should be its own company/comic book line. They have probably just as many characters alone then Marvel has.

              • Well, Marvel does have to over-compensate for not having Superman or Batman…

                …kidding… kidding… calm down everyone….


            • @ Dr. Mindbender

              Same here. Marvel had better stories but DC had more likable characters to me.

      • SAme here. I was a Superman, Batman, Captain America comic reader.
        Never thought of DC or Marvel and to this day have no dog in that fight.

    • @ Kyle

      It is a great time to be a CBM fan!!!

  2. So which younger actor should play Emperor Palpatine?


    Batman. There I said it.

    • I’m back…after my self imposed banishment on the last open discussion. I did enjoy how the scranters came up with interesting ways to mention the Caped Crusader.

      And to answer your question: Michael Fassbender, of course ;)

    • Christian Bale. No one else for at least 10 years.

    • Funny thing is we are all going to dig whoever they pick eventually. Bale was not a popular choice at first but now he would be first pick for most of us

    • I’m going to laugh hysterically if it turns out something happened Robot Chicken style and Palpatine is alive. Don’t do it JJ. Keep him dead. Bring back the same dude for flashbacks and what not, sure.

      How does the idea of “the Empire LIVES” resonate amongst the Star Wars fanatics?

      I mean, the rebels won because the Emperor was in the ship when it blew, right? Those were the rules?

    • Palpatine is coming back as a Force Ghost ala Obi Wan
      and will likely be played by the original actor Ian McDiarmid.

      • I thought Force Ghosting was exclusively for the Jedi?

        • Right. Looks like that will be changing.

    • Im getting more and more fond of the underdog choice casting rumors like Orlando Bloom and still my favorite, Zach Quinto. They have the acting chops… but can they physically turn into the caped crusader?

      • I doubt Bloom will be the new Bat. I jokingly said on Rob’s page that he met with WB to be Oliver Queen and that actually got a good response.

        • Dr. M

          This might sound crazy, but I would rather have the existing Oliver Queen be Oliver Queen, Stephan Amell. I think he would do a good job in a movie.

          If they do introduce Mr. Queen into the DCCU, how many of you would rather have Amell vs a new actor?

          • I’d be cool with Amell if they go that route. He makes a great Green Arrow and I think he’d be able to hold up in a movie like Justice League just fine.

          • Hey Stark

            In all honesty, I suppose I should give Arrow another try.

            I only gave the show about 15 minutes and decided no thanks.

            • Exactly what happened to me when I started watching it. I watched the first 5 or so episodes and thought it was just way too melodramatic, specifically the romance (I blame the CW). I gave it another shot because of the positive comments coming from ScreenRant regulars and the show definitely picks up by the middle of the season. I’d give the second half of the season an 8/10, the first few episodes would have to be 5/10 for me. You still have to push through some melodrama (not much in the second half), but I’d say it’s worth it.

            • @Dr Mindbender:

              What turned you off in that 15 minutes?

              Some episodes are bad and pointless… others are really good.

              I prefer the episodes with the island flashbacks because it helps flesh out the characters.

              • @ Big Nerd

                The tone just wasn’t doing it for me is all. A little too “herpa derpa” for my preference.

                Let me phrase it this way: for my hospital show, I was looking for something more along the lines of House, not Scrubs.

                I understand though with shows like this if you can stomach the cheese at first eventually you will get hooked, so I will give it a second try eventually.

            • I watched the first episode and dropped out myself.
              Reading all the positive impressions of Scranters
              I am leaning to catching up but 22 episodes
              sounds a bit daunting at this stage.

            • @ Dr. M.

              I agree, you should. As much as you love superheroes and comicbooks, I think you owe it to yourself to check it out.

              Now here is fair warning, (and anybody that has watched the show from the begining can verify this), don’t give up on it in the first half of the first season. As much as I love that show, I’ll be honest, it was still finding it’s sea legs at that point, but from mid-first season until the end of the first season, it was great. It’s still a CW show, but even with that, it was still great.

              Check it out, I’d be interested to hear what you think of it.

              • I’ll verify this. While I don’t think the first half was as horrible as people say it was definitely obvious that the show was still finding itself. I’m happy to say that it did and it had a very satisfying, surprising, and unique season finale.

                In general, it hits a very good stride when the Dark Archer is introduced at the halfway point. Personally, I think it hits its stride just before that with the Helena Bertinelli arc but I know many people didn’t really like that arc or her.

          • @Stark

            I for one would like Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the DCCU.

          • Amell FTW

          • @ Stark

            Only watched Arrow for a short while then lost interest. Besides Green Arrow was my least favorites of DC comics. I liked Hawkeye more.

          • @stark,
            i dont see why they cant be incorporated into the dccu. just a brief news clip while someone is wathcing the news about the destruction of metropolis. never have to mention anyone by name [supes,zod,] and leave it at that. if they ever do a JL then he could work in it, but all the other shows/films are their stand-alone thing. no need to force feed unecessarey cross-overs. maybe once have some guest appearance. could even have cavill show up just as clark, and maybe he helps ollie in someway, but never lets on that he’s superman. if they could do something like that by s3 or 4 of arrow, then it would tie in to any jl film down the road. same with the flash show.

        • I’m one of those people who actually liked the idea lol.

          • LOL. That idea makes more sense than him playing Wayne, right?

  3. I’m still waiting for Guillermo del Toro’s version of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, “At the Mountains of Madness.”

    Why? Because I want something different. And I think that things like H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos does just that–give us something different.

  4. Has anybody watched the improv-comedy western Quick Draw on Hulu? It’s one of their new original programs and it is hilarious. The actors improv their lines so they have a lot of clips with outtakes. Very funny stuff.

    • Just added it to my queue :)

      • Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do

  5. Give me a Mistborn movie!

  6. Hey guys

    A small shout-out to”The Loft” with Karl Urban, James Marsden (you know Cyclops), Wentworth Miller (Prison Beak), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Isabel Lucas (Transformers: RotF) and more!

    Here’s a film that’s been delayed for three years and finally has its wide release on 29th of August! It was the most successful movie in Belgium ever (small country in Europe) and having seen the original, it is pretty great!
    Story is awesome, twists are pretty good and it really keeps you guessing until the end which to me isn’t something very common these days!

    And fyi, here’s a Carl Urban showing a real Bruce Wayne-side of his acting abilities! Not that he’s my top choice, but it does show he could be a serious candidate.

    Folow the link below:

  7. Fruit for thought:

    Imagine the Superman Batman movie we would have if:

    The Dark Knight Rises never happened, and MoS came out in 2012 instead?

    • I’m okay with how things worked out…We had an excellent Batman trilogy, got a great new Superman (and Superman film), and are slowly moving forward deeper into the DC cinematic universe.

    • I’m imaging the world with one less comic book movie because Nolan didn’t want super human powers in his movies and Bale wouldn’t work without Nolon.

      • What’s a Nolon? Idiot.

        Edit button would be fantastic! :D

      • @ Prof

        Not to mention how WB/DC being to serious with the edgier & gritty realism of their universe. Make me wonder how heroes & villains will play out outside the Justice League core members & beyond their film. Some character imo seem too awkward to be on film in the tone Znyder,Nolan & Goyer set things up.

        • I dont get that statement at all. All you have to do is take s*** seriously and treat every character seriously that is easy to do. Every dc hero has demons and conflicts and that is what WB plans to ecplot

    • LOL. I’m guessing The Lord’s Blade Cirian wasn’t a big fan of TDKR.

      • Sounds like it. Personally, I like it a little less every time I watch it and I was already underwhelmed after the first time.

      • @ MINDBENDER
        You play Dark Souls?!? MIND BLOWN~

        System? Gamertag?

        • @ Gwynn’s Femme Fatal
          You shouldn’t be so shocked… I’m all about that cerebral stuff. I’ve got it for both PS3 and Live. Yeah, I enjoy it that much.

          • @ MINDBENDER
            Aha,of course! hahahaha Gamertag? WE NEED TO DUAL RIGHT NOW!

            I’m on PS3- Cr4ck14id

            • I’d much rather be getting down on some Dark Souls right now but that just ain’t in the cards. I will send you a message when I can though and we’ll set up some duals.

              This is the last thing I ever thought I would be talking about on an OD page. Pretty damn cool.

              • And I meant to put “dual” in quotes. FAIL.

                LOL. It’s DUEL.

                • ~Tracer dance` hornet stab~

                  • LOL. Take off that hornet ring ‘ya big sissy! ;)

                    • NEVER!!!!!

    • Why? The Dark Knight Rises provided a perfect segway into the Superman Batman team up – a Batman coming out of “retirement”

      • Except that they’re not doing that. Nolan’s Batman won’t be linked.

        • Still haven’t read that official statement from WB/DC

          • @LeatherO

            Y’know, at this point I’ll be disappointed if it’s Bale. I’m all amped up for a new Bat!

            • I could care less for Bale. I just want to see continuity.

              • Continuity from what though? MoS is the catalyst for all of this, as it should be. I really hope WB sticks with the story that Nolan’s stuff is separate and the DCU begins with MoS.

                • As we were just talking about above — None of us really knew of different companies for comics. For all we knew, Iron Man and Superman could appear in the same story and it would be fine. We only know the difference because CB’s and CBM’s are our passion. That’s not the collective world. 3 years after Batman heroically saves Gotham again and somehow dodges a nuke, he appears on screen with Superman… and has a total amnesia lapse of events that literally JUST HAPPENED.

                  The Avenger said it very well. And I respect TDK trilogy as so. A closed book. But were not the collective world. We are a few nerds/fans in the bunch.

                  • The Few. The Proud.

                    The Scranters.

                    • LOL LOVE IT!

                    • Seconded!! :D

              • @ LC

                I’m with you on the continuity factor, but I would still prefer a diffrent Batman than The Dark Knight version. I’d like a smarter, more genius level Bats; one that brings out his mind and his invention and detective skills. The Dark Knight Bats just wasn’t like that IMO. I also would like a Bats without a lisp or a silly voice. I’m very much looking forward to a “new” Karl Urban….ah…er… I mean Batman. ;)

                • @Anthony

                  A great point to be made if the story was to continue is that NOW we have a Batman who had his origin, has fought 5 villians, over a decade of lessons and experience, and has realized that his grunting has caused him to grow a possible tumor in his throat.

                  Isn’t that what you just described above?

                • Likewise, I want a different Batman. While I liked Nolan’s Batman, he wasn’t as impressive as he could have been.

                  I’d like to see the genius side of him which I don’t think Nolan’s Batman had much of, especially highlighted in DKR.

                  My reasons being Alfred had more insight into the criminal mind than Batman in DK when he had to explain to Bruce that perhaps he didn’t know the Joker as well as he thought. Even when Batman went to interview the Joker, he just basically said to him you’re just a murderer and petty thief, seemed kind of a shallow psychological evaluation and bad interrogation tactics, not really Batman-esque. My point is Batman from comics and cartoons sorta has this psychological acumen into the criminal mind. He tries to know how they think and why.

                  Another reason is that he wasn’t as good a detective, even after 8 yrs or however long he was out of commission. Blake displayed (I would argue extremely unrealistically) more of a detective mind than anyone, including a possibly 20 to30+ yr detective, i.e. Gordon, when he told Bruce that he knew he was Batman, that was a huge wtf and facepalm moment to me, but eh. The little ballistic thing and irradiated bills thing didn’t really demonstrate a detective/keen mind to me, just sorta fancy gadgets he had available to him that police budgets didn’t. It didn’t involve the use of his mind too much, not a whole lot of deduction demonstrated to me; he needed Lucius to help evaluate the fragments anyways.

                  Yes, he did display some tech know-how, the sonar cell thing to every cell in Gotham and fixing the auto-pilot, but the large bulk of the engineering and building had already been done by Lucius and the Wayne research department. He hadn’t really done anything of his own. Did he have his own tracking devices? I can’t recall.

                  There’s more reasons I could state, but I’ll stop. I just think Batman could be more than Nolan’s Batman, he is supposed to be a genius after all.

          • Goyer said Batman exists in the world created for Man Of Steel
            mentioning specifically not the Batman of The Dark Knight world.

            • That’s not an official statement from the studio though. BC also said he wasn’t Kahn for the longest time.

              • If Paramount was producing this then
                an official statement might be required.

                This is Warner Brothers. Goyer is writing the script.
                I think we can take that as Gospel in this case.

                • Nope. JGL didn’t tell anyone who he was playing until just before the film came out.

                  • I think that’s a little different?
                    This is before the fact not after.

                    Goyer is writing now and TDKR
                    was done when JGL was coy.

                    • C’Mon Bob. You are older and wiser than I am. You should know that everyone lies.

                    • Bob? Who’s that? It be Rock here :D

                      Not everyone lies. I think Goyer was speaking the truth.
                      If Bale ever did return after saying that, it would be
                      Goyer was given new marching orders to do so.
                      And I do think the likelihood of that is nil.

                    • Okay, so maybe not everyone lies… but not telling the truth or “pleading the 5th” is just as bad.

                      If he is told to do a rewrite… then so be it. He isn’t lying. But he is just a pawn in a bigger game.

                    • I think his original MOS 2 script draft did
                      not even include Batman and obviously
                      that has changed from the first intent.

        • @ Adrian

          Things can change especially if it meant more money for WB (which it would) if they link the Dark Knight movies. I think it all depends of getting Bale back into the role.

          • @ Patrick

            I wondered if the rumor about WB willing to pay Bale to be in Batman/Superman for what was it, $50,000 or something? For 20 minutes? I hope would be false. Id say that would be a waste of money on WB’s part.

            • I think it was completely false. If you check out the original source, the writer wasn’t even stating it as fact. If I remember correctly, it was more of a what if scenario. Plus, it’s from an eBook written by an unknown aha.

              • I would hope so. Otherwise I could only see WB be dumb enough to pay Bale that much for 20 mins to be Batman with 20 minutes worth of action on film for whatever reason.

                • I thought it was false at first but thus far neither the WB nor Bales reps have denied it. The Hugh Jackman and the Orlando Bloom stories have already been discredited officially. The longer I don’t hear a denial about Bale the more I think it might be true…and I think if that is the going rate (ie that is what Robert Downey Jr. is getting), then it is money well spent although I would have him on screen for more than 20 minutes.

                  • @Patrick:

                    Do you have a picture of Bale in your locker? XD

                    • I pray to Christan Bale…my religion is Christianity

                      Ha ha ha ha!

                  • If WB and Bale had to deny all rumors, I don’t think they’d even have time to work aha.

      • g****** this argument yet again?
        this is getting stupid. really.
        cant there be an OD without
        the bale as batman thing?

        ;) RP[ar]

        • it didn’t work when it posted.

    • I’m an avid believer that Nolan’s Batman trilogy had a beginning, a middle and an end, and imo it was done wonderfully, so having that story without an end, and then taking that main character (Batman) and putting him in a fracnhise where he doesn’t belong…. not a fan ;)

      I know it’s a hypothetical question, but I’m really happy with what WB is doing right now. TDK trilogy was a great standalone venture, MOS was epic, and a sequel featuring a new, more comic book-y Batman is this fan’s dream come true.

      I just hope WB has a bit more in store for us beyond MOS2/World’s Finest…. i.e. JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!!!!!

      • I view Nolan’s Batman like a great special comic series
        self-contained and not connected to any other series.

        • Exactly how it should be viewed, well said Rock.

          Nolan’s Batman can be viewed just like Miller’s Dark Knight Returns:

          An awesome story, but separate… and not canon. For the DCU, MoS is canon.

          • Yes! That’s exactly how I’d describe Nolan’s Batman too.

    • @Lord’s Blade

      Exactly my thought, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are perfect launching points for a Justice League film. While I don’t regret Dark Knight Rises happening (I loved the movie), having Man of Steel connected to Begins and The Dark Knight would’ve been amazing. Then again, if Dark Knight Rises didn’t happen, I don’t think we would even have Man of Steel. Goyer brought up the idea for Man of Steel when they were taking a break from writing the story of Dark Knight Rises.

      • I just think WB/DC would be in a better position to combine the Bale Batman with Man of Steel had Batman not been displayed the way he was in TDKR. TDKR leaves me with the impression that Bruce Wayne would just concede to Superman. He would just stare at him with his mouth open behind the cowl the way he does everything else.

  8. Finished watching the Riches last night and I gotta say Eddie Izzard and Minney Driver were on freaking point in that show. Damn shame writer’s strike got that canceled prematurely, but in retrospect the strike is probably responsible for the ‘golden age’ of tv we’re currently experiencing.

    • Deadwood damm shame

      • I miss Deadwood too, Carnivale was a great show that should’ve lasted longer as well.

  9. Stopped by my local comic shop yesterday. Anyone pick up infinity #1 this week ? Here are the titles I picked up…

    Deadpool #14
    Infinity #1
    Uncanny x-force #10
    Uncanny x-men #10
    Wolverine #8
    Batman #23 (zero year)
    JLA #7 (trinity war)
    Nightwing #23

    • I

    • I’m enjoying Batman Year Zero, and the current Trinity War story arc from DC.

      Haven’t started on Infinity yet, although I have noticed that it’s being referenced in many other titles like GotG and Avengers. I’m hoping it’ll be a better “event” than Marvel’s other (read: terrible) efforts as of late. AOU, AvsX, Fear Itself…. all horrible imo.

      Also, Vader, if you’re not reading the new ‘Star Wars’ run by DH, I have only one thing to say to you: For shame. For shame sir! ;)

      • Batman year zero? I watched year one.. Was there year zero that I missed? Please let me know… I must watch all of them.

        • @jvmxtra

          Zero year is a current batman comic.

          • @VADER’s 501st

            thanks! Will check them out.

      • @Avenger

        Dark Horse
        Star Wars Darth Vader & Ninth assassin
        The Old Republic graphic novels

        I also have path of the jedi and book of the sith which I’ve yet to start reading.

        • @Vader
          I’m talking about this title:

          It’s a must read for any SW fan imo.
          I don’t think they’ve released a paperback of Vol 1 yet, but really, try to get a hold of this series if you can. The art is amazing and the story flows perfectly with the movie canon (even though this is technically still considered as part of the extended universe)

          • @Avenger

            Thanks for the link I’ll look for it and definitely pick it up if I find it.

  10. Any predictions on how much Kick Ass will make at the box office this weekend? I say $34 million.

  11. So i just watched the new The Thing(2011). Thought it was pretty good. I like how they tried to explain everything that you saw in the ’82 film. They tried to make it fresh which i think they slightly failed. It almost followed the same beats in some parts as the first film. Overall still a good film.

    Also finished season 1 of Justified. I think Im liking it more than Breaking Bad. or at least i find it more entertaining. On to season 2!

    • I liked The Thing(2011) for what it was. When I first picked it up I thought it was a reboot. But finding it was a prequel was nice. I thought it was well acted and loved that they kept the special effects on par.

  12. Saw Dark knight returns part 2 recently.. Ummm seriously.. Was that suppose to be good?? Is comic any different from animated movie? I watched it and I said.. ok.. this is interesting.. (spoiler alert)……………………… batman is now Iron man.. and then ……….(more spoiler alert).. at the end.. it’s just more green stuff… I mean.. Hello.. is this good? I didn’t think so.. Movie should not go into this direction AT all.(Beating superman w/ green stuff is just so freaking boring and so bad).

    oh well.. anyway, Continuous votes for Christian Bale as batman again..

    Cannot wait for Thor and Hunger games this year…

  13. And oh.. please.. if movie folks at WB thinks that they can afford Bale, they will bring him back. It doesn’t matter what happened before or they said they will get a new batman.. it doesn’t matter.. if they can afford him, they will bring him back.

    • That is the only thing that makes sense. What I am not sure about is if Bale would do it if the story/script is crap. IF the reports of the offer are true, I would imagine he would want to see how the story would develop or risk being in a campy movie…although I imagine at this point WB is not going down that road again.

      • Idk bale did salvations..

        • Well I was thinking like Batman and Robin or Catwoman…the kind of bad script that would tank your career.

          • That’s right. George Cooney never worked again ;)

            • *Clooney

              Still waiting on that edit feature, Vic. :)

      • @Patrick Bayard,

        I hope they offer him the job and I hope story/script is awesome !!! :-)

        Is below report true however?

        Not sure why Bale got so little money to play DKR? I guess he didn’t have a great contract? I think he deserves 50 million for next batman.(Maybe the reason why Mr.Bale is playing this game in public.. who knows)

        • I think he did OK for the Dark Knight Rises. $15 million is a lot of money and it seems like he liked working with Christopher Nolan. It looked like he took out the incentives for the Dark Knight Rises versus the Dark Knight just in case it bombed.

          I think he should do a four picture deal for about 30 million + incentives and creative control plus WB agrees to back a pet project. That would cover the World’s Finest movie and three Justice League films then call it a day!

  14. I know I keep talking about this but I am very surprised by Vampire Diaries. Just finished Season 2 and if you try to ignore the angst stuff, it could just be about people with superpowers.

    And the soundtracks they use really calls to my emo side.

    If you’re a guy, all the pretty women running around makes it easier to watch. But I have to say that I think Steve R. McQueen must have inherited something from his grandfather because he has the potential to be more than just a small screen actor. Maybe a Robin to #Batmanganiello.

    • How do they treat vampire lore? If it’s beautiful vampires who can walk about during the day no problem…

      • Certain vees have magical talismans (rings, bracelets, necklaces) that allow them to daywalk. Then there are the first vampires, the Originals, who have none of those weaknesses (can walk in sunlight, can’t be staked). They are actually getting their own spin-off show.

        There are witches (which allows for some plot hole patching) and werewolves (very limited, can only change during a full moon).

        Like True Blood, vampire blood can heal humans… but if you die while v-blood is in your system, you turn into a vampire.

        It’s interesting and there is an overarching subplot of a brothers-girl love triangle throughout time. The good thing is the story feels well built within each season and how they reveal the history of the characters is engaging.

        Season 1 started slow and I believe it was Wally who said Season 2 was much better. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix so if you have absolutely nothing else to watch, you might want to check it out. At least I know how they can do some of those Flash scenes… hehe.

        • So sunlight can still kill them? That’s a big one for me that needs some explaining when it comes to vamp lore.

          Have you seen “Let the Right One In” or the American version “Let Me In?”

          • @Dr:

            Yes, sunlight can kill the unprotected ones. In Season 1, it’s explained as a curse created by witches to keep the balance of nature, such that they are only allowed to roam freely at night.

            Not sure how that originated but I prefer it to the Twilight “glimmer” effect that sunlight has on vampires.

            Yes… I did watch “Let Me In”… is the original one better?

            • Word is Let Me In is superior to the original.
              However, I was not blown away by it
              enough to seek out the first one.

            • Let me in , which I Loved..

              Chloe Moretz is awesome!!!!!

          • I just watched Let Me In last night.

            Yeah, that bursting into flames by
            sunlight needs some “splainin’.

            • @Rock
              Actually what I’m saying Rock is if a vampire DOESN’T burst into flames when exposed to sunlight I want that explained.

              I prefer the Bram Stroker lore-

              Master or Elder Vamps can move around in daylight, but there powers are sapped severely.

              Lesser vampires get damaged and killed by sunlight.

              @ Big Nerd

              The only discernible difference with those two films is the budget, so with that “Let Me In” has the edge.

              However, I will say that a certain death scene comes across even more gruesome on the original version.

              • Ah, now I see Good Doctor.
                I prefer classic Dracula lore too.

                In fact, Dracula is the only vampire
                I really do like and the modern iterations
                don’t really get by blood flowing so to speak.

                Let Me In was an interesting take on the genre.
                Thanks for your insight on the original. I prefer
                more implied to explicit when it comes to
                the gruesome in horror films so the
                first sounds less intriguing to me.

          • In my opinion, Let Me In has to be one of the best vampire films in the 2000s. Though, I’m not sure if that’s saying much since there hasn’t really been many solid vampire films. Either way, I thought Let Me In was awesome.

            • You’re right. It takes the title though
              there was not much competition.

          • @Dr Mindbender There are a few movies that when in detail tell why.


            The movie went over budget, was suppose to be a chase scene which culminated in the destruction of Nosferatu. So, they decided to let the sun destroy him, as such he was a creature of the night, and we all know Day is the Opposite of Night.

            The Vampire is an abomination against God, so the weakness was a Cross, Silver and Sun light.

            Vampires are the Angels that sided with Lucifer with the War in Heaven. Cursed to walk the earth at night when humans sleep, as a punishment for their betrayal, they were given the aforementioned weaknesses, plus a Wooden Stake, not just any wooden stake, but the Stake made of the wood that Jesus was Crucified upon can kill them through the heart.

            • Fascinating fact, big guy, on Nosferatu.
              Amazingly, because of cost as well, the
              film entire was shot with only one camera.

              Dracula is only weakened by sunlight in the novel.

            • ^^See, this is how I like my vampire lore…

              …not modern happy vampire families who glisten and glow in the sunlight.

              “OoOohHh I’m soOoOo beautiful and I can’t go out into the sunlight…”

              why? because it will destroy you and you won’t be as beautiful?

              “NoOoO…. because the sunlight makes me… more beautiful….”

              • May I jump in and mention one of my favorite vampire films? Chris Sarandon was quite excellent (and the rest of the cast as well) in the original Fright Night (1985).

                “I am Peter Vincent, vampire killer!”

                • Please, jump in!

                  My favorites include, in no particular order-

                  Let Me In
                  Blade 1 and 2
                  Bram Stroker’s Dracula
                  Lost Boys
                  Vampires (starring James Woods)

                  • Lost Boys…seconded. Sam and the Frog brothers vs. Jack Bauer vs. the guy from Speed 2: Cruise Control

                    • “vs the guy from speed 2… cruise control.”

                      epic “drop the mic” moment, professor!

                    • jason patric

                • Mudder fluffer nutter!

                  @$2 You just jumped on my bad bunion!

                  • :D

        • @ BigNerd

          You referring to me or another Wally? Season 1 imo started off slow but was better than season 2. I thought 2nd season kinda dragged with the fellowship of the sun/Maryann plots. But the season picked up after Godric showed up & they returned to Bon Temps.

          Seasons 3 & 4 were good but Season 5 was alittle let down that dragged since Season 2. Season 6 picked up the slack though.

          • @Wally:

            Err… maybe it wasn’t you. I was talking about VampDiaries, someone said that Season 2 was better than Season 1 and it was.

            And I agree with you about Season 5 of TB, Season 6 is better.

  15. January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977
    The King is dead. Long Live The King.

    Long after this endless summer is gone —
    I’ll Remember You, Elvis Presley

  16. When I was a child, I was a dreamer. I read comic books and I was the hero of the comic book. I saw movies and I was the hero in the movie. So every dream I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times. — Elvis Presley

    • Ive been listening to Elvis all day…

      • One of my favorites of his is “Tomorrow Is a Long Time,” which was used in the re-release of The Outsiders film.

        • Kentucky Rain for this guy

          • Here ya’ go, LC

        • Bob Dylan’s favorite version

          • I didn’t know it was Dylan’s favorite. Nice video! Thanks for posting.

      • Me too.

    • I wish there was a MusicRant type of site or something. I visit NME for my music news and to be honest, I think the site is really crappy.

      • Someone owns but they aren’t using it.

        • Interesting. Maybe Vic can buy it :D

          • is available. Then, they could cover music, podcasts, Kayne West paparazzi outburst, etc.

            • And the soundtrack to Ghostbusters as well! ;)

              • Ha! How did I miss that opportunity for a Ghostbusters plug?

                Well played :) well played

    • Sorry Rock, the doctor is a Beatles guy…

      …but Elvis is still cool. Nice to see a white guy finally do what the black man has always done*ahem* I mean… err… nevermind. ;)

      • :::: raises skeptical eyebrow::::

        Go on Dr.Mindbender, do tell.

        :::Looks at Cattle Prod:::

        • What? You mean you haven’t seen a dude gyrate and sing before “the king” did it?

          Apparently you’ve never been to Africa. Gonna take awhile to drag me away from you. There is nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do. I bless the rains…

          • “A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man’s music, when in fact, almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis.”
            — Jackie Wilson

            • Rock, I’m totally messing with you.

              The king is a legend. No if’s and’s or but’s.

              • You did a good job, Doc :D

                Yes, Elvis is the original.
                The One And Only King.

                • While Elvis certainly is great, my favorite is Buddy Holly. I remember reading in a biography of his that Elvis came to Lubbock to perform in the fifties. (There’s a picture where Elvis is signing autographs, and to the side you can see Buddy standing there.) Supposedly, Buddy brought Elvis home for dinner. I would have loved to have been sitting at that table!

                  • Right, imagine being at that dinner table.
                    Buddy and Elvis were great friends back in the day.
                    Holly famously said “Without Elvis, none of us would have made it.”

  17. Meant to post here earlier (shame there’s no screenrant forum, or is there one?).

    I wanted to ask you guys about the difference between an act and an omission. Best way I can explain what I mean is, say two persons Bob and Andy are by the train tracks. A train is coming and Bob pushes Andy in front of the tracks and the train hits him. Some would say this is an act.

    Same scenario, but now Andy is standing in front of the train tracks and doesn’t realize a train is coming. Bob knows though and could easily shove him out of the way. But he chooses not to. Some would say this is an omission, or failure to act.

    So I ask, do you think the two scenarios are the same? Is Bob equally morally culpable in either case?

    The reason I ask this is because in Batman Begins, Bruce doesn’t save Ras. In MOS, Clark kills Zod. Batman could have saved him but chose not to. Were their actions sorta on the same level?