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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 15, 2014

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  1. Yes! My copy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrived in the mail today!

    Happy Weekend, Scranters!

    • Thanks for reminding me. Mine’s on the way; should arrive sometime tomorrow.

  2. It’s always the day that I feel like I have something good to put in the OD that there isn’t one lol!

    Let me preface this comment with I was a kid in the 90′s and I loved the Broderick Godzilla. I thought it was fun. But that doesn’t matter to this discussion.

    Who plays the better New York camera guy: Will Arnett in TMNT or Hank Azaria in Godzilla? They both were funny and heroic at some part of the film but I love the scene in Godzilla where Azaria is trying to get the lizard on film and he is almost stepped on. His reaction is hilarious. Thoughts?

  3. OK ranters, an honest question, as I recently read about Joss Wheadon debating whether to kill off an Avengers.

    Whom do you want to be killed? I don’t want a debate, or the most obvious choice. I want YOUR answer, and and not what is the most easy guess.

    • Kill off Bruce Banner/The Hulk. I know, it’s an unlikely choice, but I find Banner not that interesting (not Ruffalo’s fault) and the Hulk himself is just a big brute which doesn’t have much to offer. Also, Banner is kinda redundant, because we already have a superstrong and nearly indestructable character (Thor) and also a very smart scientist (Stark). Banner/Hulk should vacate a spot for a more interesting character with more interesting powers.

      • I disagree….somewhat. I found the Hulk in Avengers refreshing (especially the Loki scene). I do agree that maybe have the Hulk go off (maybe with Guardians of the Galaxy) and let someone else (Ms. Marvel?) take his place for a while. Both those guys (Stark and Banner) are mega-geniuses but different personalities; I really enjoyed their banter. When Cap told Hulk to smash, I nearly jumped out of my seat when Hulk did his thing; all I could say was, “That’s my boy”.

        • But the Banner/Stark banter was pretty one-sided. Banner just awkwardly reacted to that stuff in his mellow way. Everyone can be a passive target to bounce Stark’s remarks off, we don’t need Banner for that. Yeah, the Hulk/Thor and Hulk/Loki scenes were great, but we’ve seen that now. Is the Hulk really worth keeping anymore?

          • If the Iron Man and Captain America franchises are reaching their peak and going off for a while, a stand-alone Hulk feature would be the biggest stand-alone release for Marvel’s Phase 4.

            • I wouldn’t kill anyone, but I would make the following changes:

              1.Tony is disgraced, because of guilt over creating Ultron. He quits being Iron Man and really starts hitting the sauce, leading to a true cinematic version of the Demon in a Bottle storyline in Iron Man 4.

              2.Ultron shoots Hulk into space, setting up Planet Hulk

              3.Thor becomes a reserve goes back to Asgard to deal with his brother

              These moves would leave us with a team of Cap, BW, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, Hawkeye and maybe Falcon. Leaving Ant Man, Black Panther and Dr. Strange as either full time or reserve members in the future. This mirrors the teams of the late 60s early 70s. They weren’t the most powerful Avengers teams, but they had some of the best stories.

              • I’d like that. Definitely. Just don’t give Stark another demon-in-the-bottle epilogue. I think his cinematic characterisation has come full circle and can be taken somewhere else if there is any need for IM4. As someone who organises the Avengers, he fits fine as the consultant. He should be retired, not parked at the bar (again).

                But I love that line-up of the status quo. Makes sense to me.

                • I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t feel they’ve ever dealt with the Demon in a Bottle story-line and it’s one of the seminal story-lines in Iron Man lore. Except for the one scene in IM2 where he was drunk at the part. The panic attacks in IM3 were also glossed over and resolved too quickly. If there is an IM4, it should be a true redemption story. Take the guy to his lowest and tell the story of him climbing his way back to the top. That’s a story I wouldn’t mind seeing

                  • Demon in the Bottle is a really good character-piece for Tony, but haven’t we already seen him at his lowest with the ptsd in IM3? I know you feel like we didn’t but wouldn’t IM4 feel like a thematic rehash if we went that same route? For my money I’d like to see Iron Man in a more political setting.

                    Then again, I can personally relate to the demon in the bottle storyarc way too much to come up with a better alternative, ha.

                    • The sad thing is, you’re probably right. At this point, Demon in a Bottle would feel like a rehash. Marvel missed an opportunity to really move Tony forward as a character, by not digging deeper into that story=line. This is where I think Disney’s involvement hurts Marvel. I don’t think heads at Disney would be comfortable with a CBM surrounding a main character who’s a alcoholic.

      • OK, that’s a rough one. I don’t want anyone killed off. But if I HAD to have a knock off/don’t knock off list, I guess it would go something like this (?):
        Knock off: Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, War Machine, Falcon, Coulson
        Don’t knock off: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym (still hoping for Goliath!)
        These are not in order, and as I said, a pretty tough call.

        • By the way, I am still upset about X-men killing off Cyclops, after minimalizing him in favor of making everything the Wolverine and Magneto show!I have heard rumors he might be coming back in some capacity…I hope it will be in a much bigger capacity than i think the studios are willing–or smart enough–to give him!

          • I think that after Days of Future Past any qualms about the X-Men franchise should be put on reserve to see what they come up with next. Singer and co are bound to bring Cyclops, Jean and Storm as the central focus come apocalypse. And I for one am kind of sad to see Hugh Jackman go :(

      • No puny human or god can kill Hulk!

        Hulk is strongest one there is!

    • They should definitely kill off Cap if they kill off anybody. But Chris Evans is locked into a 6 picture deal which means 1 more movie after Cap3 in 2016. So they prbly won’t kill off anybody. Maybe they’ll kill Hawkeye…? Idk.

      But I think they should kill off Cap. It would be a huge loss, and a big emotional pull for the movie. Then Chris could go do more dramatic meaty roles like he wants to.

    • I’d probably want to kill off Iron Man, partly as I am so bored of RDJs schtick these days
      But given what I’ve read about the whole Ultron creation thing and how that apparently ties to Tonys character arc over the whole MCU thus far, I feel that it wouldn’t be such a bad time to have him killed – end a 5 film development of the character then remove the character, especially since the characters behaviour has not really changed much over his solo or team appearances

      Also, with the likes of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym (brains) and younger AntMan (tech based hero) being introduced after Avengers 2 and Vision coming in during the next film, I don’t think he would be overly missed for too long
      we will still have smart/scientist characters in Banner, Pym and Vision, with additional smarts coming in the shape of Doctor Strange (and hopefully Black Panther at some point)
      but also tech based heroes with Antman (who provides something different in terms of powers) and Vision (who can replace him in the skies and also do more things than iron man can)

      And no I wouldn’t just sub in war machine/iron patriot – as that character is even less interesting to me than Stark
      Plus they could resurrect Tony with the infinity stones after defeating Thanos so we can get an MCU version of the Illuminati from the comics to watch of over the stones – Black Bolt, Doc Strange, Black Panther, Iron Man (give StarLord or Adam Warlock one and maybe the last goes to Thor/Odin/Asgard)

      • I am glad someone else out there would like to see Iron Man bow out. I agree that his antics have gotten a bit old at this point. Before the first Avengers came out, I was really afraid they were going to allow RDJ and the Iron Man character to steal the show away from the other Avengers. Luckily he didn’t quite do that, even though his one-liners stopped being funny about halfway through.

        It also irritates me that RDJ seems to have his hands in the MCU from behind the scenes as well; since he is, apparently, the most popular character, Marvel Studious is anxious to give him as much screen time as possible. As for his character arc, I am not really sure what they are going for at this point. The Mandarin would’ve been an epic third act in the trilogy because Tony Stark, a master of technology, would’ve had to face off against magic, something that he doesn’t quite understand. And he would’ve had to really apply his new cosmic outlook — as a result of The Avengers — to the situation. Instead, we got the contrived and cliche PTSD subplot.

        If he is to continue on in the MCU and not be killed off, I think he should at least give up being Iron Man, as we pretty much saw him do at the end of IM3. Have him become director of SHIELD or something, and only appear once in awhile (assuming these movies continue into Phase 4, 5, and so on). We certainly do not need an Iron Man 4.

        But if they are going to kill off a main Avenger, it will probably be Cap. With Evans planning on moving on to brighter pastures, and both Falcon and Winter Soldier as candidates to take his place, killing off Cap — the heart of the team — would be a great way to shake things up, and up the stakes coming into the final battle against Thanos.

        • I have to disagree, I think IM3 was one of the best films to come out of Phase 2, next to The Winter Soldier. If anything, it proves that Tony Stark (if not Iron Man) still has some legitimate place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t kill him off, god no, get him to take a backseat with Pepper. Give the guy a happy ending for chrissakes.

          I wouldn’t mind seeing either Thor or Scarlet Witch bite the dust, though something tells me we’d have to wait until the Thanos face off for that. Hawkeye’s death would seem too similar to Phil Coulson’s, but it makes the most sense. And Captain’s death would be a cop-out.. a cap-out…

          • Exactly. You ecohed my thoughts.

            Who can get bored of Downey’s antics anyway? Its a pleasure.

          • Yup! Iron Man 3 is great! But then again, I don’t read comics and I couldn’t care less about what they do with the Mandarin.

    • I would like Cap to die. I know that’s predictable but here’s my thoughts:

      Kill Cap in Age of Ultron. Cap 3 begins with Rogers already dead. A cameo of Evans I’m assuming wouldn’t count toward his two films left.

      Have Stan and Mackie headline Cap 3 with Jack Monroe a major player. Halfway through Winter Soldier can become Cap. At some point, assuming Avengers 3 is two parts, Cap returns, making it possible for Evans to return to the franchise in Cap 4!

      If not that than Thor.

      • Killing off Thor wouldn’t be that bad, seeing as how it could tie-in to a possible Ragnarok rejuvenation if that ever comes around. Do we get Thor 3 or what?

        • I think it is too early to kill off a main character. If someone dies it will be a B level character. I do feel the while I like RDJ there is the potential for over use. The same can be said for Loki. Too much of a good thing and you have an Agent Smith situation.

          • Strangely, I felt that Iron Man was overused in The Winter Soldier where every other reference to the MCU was an Iron Man reference. I mean come on!

          • What’s an “Agent Smith situation”? Is that when a villain alienates the audience by getting involved in storyline that’s too complex for most of them to understand when they were expecting a simple action movie? I hardly think that’s going to happen in a Marvel film.

            • Nice attempt at being condescending. I wasn’t referring to the story at all. I clearly stayed “to much of a good thing.” Agent Smith was fine In small doses but in large chunks it was clear there wasn’t much more to the character. Also Agent Smith hardly got involved in any complex storyline. He was nothing more then a plot device. But that is besides the point. I was resting to character not story.

              • Smith is interesting specifically because of the allegorical/thematic significance he has in the story. As a result, when people aren’t in tune with the story or themes of the films, they might think he’s simply a plot device, even though he certainly isn’t.

    • If someone has to die, I’d pick Hawkeye. It would be a waste though because Renner is a good actor and that character hasn’t been developed.

      My reasoning: it would be a human character who isn’t portrayed as indestructible. So, Thor and Banner are out. Black Widow, Cap, and Iron Man are the other choices. I can’t see Cap dying before his third movie is released. I don’t see Stark dying since he is the face of the franchise. And if they killed off the only woman, I think the female demographic would say f’off to this franchise.

      Now, if we’re including War Machine or Falcon…It’ll be one of those guys. Hollywood stereotypes tell us it is so.

      • Well the female demographic was pretty okay with characters like Gwen Stacey and Jean Grey and Maggie Gyllenhaal dying… as well as a number of other female characters from literature to movies today. And also, Widow isn’t the only female character this time around. Scarlet Witch and Maria Hill are other characters.

        • That’s still only like 2/3 women out of a team of about ten, I think it could be a little risky

    • It is gonna be Hawkeye and I am fine with it. I wanna have the rest for Avengers 3. Thanos can kill then some more if it comes to that.

    • Scarlet Witch. Any other death would seem like a Phil Coulson rip-off. She is the most powerful amongst the Avengers, and her death would have a lasting effect across the entire cinematic universe.

    • @elol

      Great Question! :)

      Personally, I wouldn’t kill off anybody, but if I had to choose one, I guess it would be Hawkeye. Everybody else seems too integral. Cap is the strategist, Banner and I are the brains, Hulk and Thor are the muscle, Black Widow and Fury are the spies. Hawkeye is the only one that I can see that would be expendable.

  4. Does anyone know why I keep getting that Killer whale pop up ad? It’s killing my iphone. It pops up and forget about reading the articles.even if I let it play iut. And it dies it for every article.

    • Looking into that ad issue, sorry.

  5. Seeing as how for almost every different phase, Marvel Studios has acquired a different director for their stand-alone movies, do you think they should get newer actors for the roles as well? I may be in the minority here but I felt that both Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson were underused in The Winter Soldier, whereas Tom Hiddleston was overused in Thor: Dark World. Would you have liked these movies even more if they had gotten different actors?

    RDJ, for example, is moving on from being Tony Stark, as are some of our other favourite Avengers, by keeping the changes a phase-by-phase shift, Marvel Studios could make each movie feel unique and specific to its own self, kind of like how it works in the comics with different artists.

    • I am in no hurry to see Cap, Iron Man, and Thor depart from the Avengers. But let’s suppose they, along with Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow move on. So who would we put in there? War machine does not excite me much, and Falcon looked entertaining in the Cap movie clips, but I have not seen the full movie yet, and not sure I want him in The Avengers, (altho I liked what I saw of him in the trailers) (tho I plan to buy it). I wonder how this would be for a whole new team of Avengers (?): Quicksilver, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Goliath (Hank Pym), Vision, and if they wanted to expand it beyond that, Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel? How to deal with the time factor of Hank being too old in the modern age to be Goliath during the present time-period? Maybe time traveler Kang could get involved as a baddie and bring Hank and Jan to the present day? If Cap could get used to it, so could Hank and Jan. Alot of speculation, but….!

      • My friend, the first thing you must do is go and watch The Winter Soldier! :D Honestly, if you thought the Falcon looked cool in the clips, wait till you see him fully-realised. One of my favourite parts about the movie was the chemistry between Cap and Falcon.

        As for the next Avengers line up, that’s just it, it’s all “secondary characters” especially without Cap. What do you think about the ACTORS being replaced?

  6. ….Still hoping someone out there has heard an update on the status of the Doc Savage movie…still happening?….!

    • Yep. Filming wrapped months ago. The trailer is now online… ;)

    • According to IMDB Shane Black is directing and writing the screenplay with two others. Chris Hemsworth is rumored to be playing Doc Savage.

  7. Anybody see the alleged concept art of Han Solo for Episode 7

  8. What if Hugh Jackman was in Avengers 2. Imagine Stark and Cap getting the Avengers Recruits, and they try to get Hugh Jackman. No claws, no costume, no mention of mutants or name, they just walk into a bar and see Hugh Jackman smoking cigars.
    “Excuse me, I’m Tony Stark.”
    “Steve Rogers”
    “Go f***k yourself”

    • That would be epic!!

  9. To jump off the topic of what GREAT character to kill off I will switch topic momentarily to Guardian’s box office.
    Their 15-day total is now $20 million higher than CATWS.
    Does anyone think they will hit a billion?
    How does that change Gunn’s power at Marvel? Will he be a major player like RDJ and Whedon helping to steer the overall course of movie plots and styles or be relegated only to Guardians?