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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 15, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 15, 2012

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  1. Still haven’t seen TDKR. Maybe Friday.

    • I think I actually feel sorry for robert pattenson.

      • wrong thread….

      • His name is Robert Paulson.

        • In death, a member of project mayhem has a name

    • Hey that’s awesome.

  2. I just read some there may be a Venom movie in the works, but i was hoping that marvel would have re-told the venom storyline properly this time! in the new Spiderman movie, but it probably wont happen! :( i would love to see a real venom suit on spiderman for the majority of the movie and actually build up the Eddie brock character and not cast a skinny Topher grace as Eddie! lol seriously!?

    • From what I’ve read about it, it looks like they are going to try and keep the same continuity with the current Spiderman films, so it seems to me that they could have venom as a villain of a future SM film and do him justice (I’m hoping anyway.)

  3. “Application 45 Version 1″ sounds amazing. The soundtrack for ‘The Master’ is going to be the best.

  4. So I read that WB Premiere (the WB subsidiary company that produced all the DC direct-to-dvd animated movies) is shutting down! – That’s pretty disappointing.
    Apparently WB will still make animated features, but I’m guessing it won’t be nearly as many as they used to.

    Guess this means we’ll never see that Flashpoint movie with The Flash and Batman that was in the works :(

    • Ah, man, not cool. They’ve been putting our some great DC animated movies (and some of my favorite animated movies ever.) :’-(

    • I have found them to be very varying in quality but this is bad news if true. Seems odd considering all the attention The Dark Knight Returns two part film is getting.

    • They were doing so good with their direct to dvd animated films. I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight Returns, its disappointing news to hear they are shutting down. :(

    • Hopefully this leads to more original animation movies instead of adaptations that dont live up to the counterbook counterparts.

    • What? There was a Flashpoint animated movie in the works? I am disappointed now.

      • Yeah, and to add to your disappointment: Kevin Conroy was going to voice Batman.
        He’s actually the one who broke the news about the project in an interview.

        • Im actually glad he didnt return. His voice wouldnt work. If youread TDKR, you can see how Peter Weller’s cold methodical voice works much better for the aged Bruce.

          • I actually hate the guy’s voice who they’re using for TDKReturns ;)

            Like I said when I first saw the trailer, even though I believe that Kevin Conroy is THE voice of Batman (and has done an older Wayne voice brilliantly – referring to Batman Beyond of course) I have liked other actors’ voices as well. This guy however, is NOT Bruce Wayne. He doesn’t sound the way Bruce Wayne sounds in my mind.

            • Even more reason why Weller fits Bruce Wayne perfect.He is not the same Bruce in TDKR. Conroy’s voice wouldn’t work as effective.

  5. God please Screen Rant, these “open discussions” are always about superhero flicks. Perhaps its time to create “superhero discussion” instead so people can at least discuss other movies. This open discussion thingy no longer does what it should.

    • Discuss whatever you like, no one is forcing you to participate. Come on, let’s have some more topics…

    • My understanding is people can pretty much disscuss any movie they want, so if they want to talk superheros, that’s cool, if they want to talk about something else, that’s also cool, just start a discussion about it.

    • why do people say that bane reminds them of darth vader? He is wayyyy more like the shredder for the original TMNT…dont you agree?

  6. DrSamBeckett tried many times to discuss other movies in these open discussions, its not possible. Any other movie discussions get left at the bottom of the page while people argue if Batman has a bigger willy than Spiderman.

    Having “Superhero Discussion” is not a bad idea and its only one click of a mouse away and the problem is solved.

    • Dude, check out the Open Discussion from Wednesday… how much superhero discussion was there? Not that much.
      I talked about Gone Baby Gone, Cowboys & Aliens and Serenity. The Bourne franchise was a big discussion as well, and everyone posted what movies they’re looking forward to in 2013.

      Like DSB and Helix Reviews said, you can talk about anything (movie, tv or SR related) you want.
      Name a movie and we’ll talk about it… at least, I will.

    • Batman will use kryptonite to win that contest. Discussion over.

    • Perhaps Deerang, you are just too dang sophisticated for us here. But so far all you have done is complain about the topics while offering up none of your own.

  7. I’d like to see Ben Affleck direct the Justice League movie. I think he would get a lot of big actors on board. Matt Damon obviously. I think Damon would be a great Aquaman or Barry Allen Flash. Ben would be a great Batman IMO as well. Thoughts?

    • While i think he a fine director, weird choice,I would have to see his pitch first.

  8. The Expendables 2 this Friday. :)

  9. So I haven’t seen any Bond movies and I want to hop on board, but I’m unsure where to begin; there are so many. Do I start all the way at the beginning, or where Daniel Craig became 007 or where?

    • Hmm difficult question. The only real answer is watch them all, sounds quite a chore i know.

      Otherwise Bond arcs are pretty self contained, so if you want to enjoy the new Bond movie i recommend starting with Daniel Craigs Casino Royale, you really don’t need to see any of the other movies to get into Skyfall.

      But here are the best Bond movies compressed :

      Live and Let Die
      Diamonds are Forever
      Casino Royale

      Those are pretty much “must see” Bond movies.

      The rest are still good but not essential viewing.

      • I hate Diamonds Are Forever, my second least favourite of all the Bonds.

      • You dont consider Dr No must see?
        You only Live Twice?
        From Russia with Love?
        The Spy Who Loved Me?

        • Dr No is pretty dull.

          The movies i mentioned as must see’s are pretty much the most defining movies.

          Goldfinger is simply the most iconic Bond film.

          But as i said its pretty subjective, but if you have never seen a Bond movies and watch the ones i listed then at least you are seeing some of the best examples.

          Dr No is not a great way to start because it was tonally very unlike later Bond movies, its also quite dull and lacking the iconic soundtrack.

          Each to his own though…

          • Best Bond film are.

            The Living Daylights, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Licence to Kill, And The World Is Not Enough.

            Any one that disagrees is a complete fool. :P

            • You lost credit when you included The World is not Enough with that horrible Bond Girl Denise Richards, over Goldeneye, Goldfinger or Casino Royale.

    • Just go back to the beginning with Sean Connery in Dr No. It’s classic in its style. Watch them all, everyone has a different flavour.

      Obviously there’s no connecting story (apart from OHMSS/Diamonds Are Forever and Casino Royale/Quantum Of Solace) you can literally watch the evolution of both the character, and film itself over the fifty years.

    • I haven’t watched all the Bond films yet, but I started watching with Craig’s Bond and from there I’ve casually watched other classic Bond flicks over time.

      So basically, since the movies are pretty self contained (apart from the newest two – they shared a few story threads), you can jump on board at any time – I did and I have no trouble understanding what’s going on.

      But then again, once you’re hooked I’m sure you’ll want to see all the Bond films anyway so you might as well start at the beginning…

      It’s up to you mate.

      • Really Bond movies are really viewer objective. Some people wont even view any movies after Sean Connery ( who many true Bond fans feel is the only Bond ), some people disregard everything Timothy Dalton made etc etc.

        I was kinda brought up with the Roger Moore movies, but when i watch them today they seem like a parody.

        Even though i recommend watching them all some of the older movies have not aged very well and are more classic spy stories without much action. Also watching all the movies is still a pretty expensive prospect, we are talking 23 movies here ( yes i said 23 ). Any box set is going to set you back a few hundred bucks.

        • ive only ever seen the pierce brosnan ones and daniel craig. I have been interested in seeing the others but youre right, i dont feel like spending a hundred dollars on those older ones.

          • Many of them are on Netflix.
            And AMC always does 25 days of Bond in december.

          • You forgot it.

        • I actually don’t own any Bond films because it is, as you say, expensive owning the whole collection.
          There aer many other ways of watching the movies though: I occasionally rent a Bond flick or I watch them when they’re on tv (there’s at least one marathon every year on some of the movie channels where I live).

          But yeah, you’re completely right in saying the movies are “viewer objective”. I for one love Sean Connery and Craig almost the same, but I can still watch the other actors’ movies as well – most people though, aren’t as open minded ;)

    • Why not watch the first appearance of each actor who’s portrayed Bond? If you like one more than the other, watch their run and then go on to the next. Each Bond had his own style.

    • Very cool! Thanks guys! From what I’m gathering you can pretty much start wherever you want but it is a good idea to check out a variety (or start at the beginning) so that you can get a taste for all of them. Thanks =D

  10. I saw 21 Jumpstreet Monday and thought it was overrated by what everyone was saying how good it was.I might as well watch Project X when i get a chance,i think i might enjoy that more.Plan on watching The Dark Crystal later cuz i really never saw it as a kid plus everyone keeps saying the new He-Man reboot should be that same tone as that.

    • Project X is far worse than 21 Jumpstreet, which is not saying much.

      As for He Man being the same tone as Dark Crystal, well the simple answer is no. It needs to be a bang for your buck action film.

      • Project X was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, if not THE worst.
        It’s the first and only movie that I’ve actually walked out on…

    • I liked 21 Jump Street a lot. Thought it was hilarious.

      • Agree

      • People didnt like 21 Jump Street?

      • Its a funny movie.

  11. Question for my fellow Ranters…
    I just started watching The X Files on Netflix, I’m almost done with season 1 but I was wondering how do the movies fit in? Specifically, after which seasons should I then watch the films?

    I know it may seem crazy that I’m just now starting to watch the show but over the years it just fell through the cracks with me. I would see an episode every once in a while and I’d enjoy them but the fact that I didn’t know the mythology from the start stopped me from getting fully into it. But now that I’ve started to watch from the beginning I’m really enjoying it and I want to see it all, including the films but like I said I don’t know when I should watch them because I don’t want to spoil anything…

    • The first X files movie follows on from the end of the last season.

      The second movie is kinda standalone so you don’t really need to watch the series ( although its a very poor movie ).

    • ‘Fight The Future’ was filmed after season four. ‘I Want To Believe’ was filmed well after the series’ run ended.

  12. Spent some time with my girlfriend last night. we each chose a movie from Netflix and watched it. I chose warrior… fantastic movie Tom hardy keeps getting better. she chose Shakespeare in love… it was pretty good

    • I really enjoyed Worrior. The rest of my family didn’t seem to care for it but I thought there was a lot to like about it.

  13. I noticed the blu ray edition of Person of Interest season one also contains the DVD versions of the series, making up a 10-disc set and is priced only about $10 more than the DVD set. Smart marketing, in my opinion, considering the high rise of seasonal sets the past few years.

    I purchased the blu ray edition of Justified season one for roughly $26 when it came out. Season three has a $75.99 list price.

  14. Here is a discussion on movies: I’m a fan of comedy, but not many modern comedies. Think of all the iconic comedy movies. Stripes, Armed and Dangerous, Summer School, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Spies like Us, Johnny Dangerously, National Lampoons Vacation, A Christmas Story, Caddyshack, Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stir Crazy, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, Big, Weekend at Bernies, Naked Gun, Airplane, 3 Amigos, Police Academy, Beverly Hills Cop, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, A Fish Called Wanda, and probably a bunch more from that era. Then, the 90s hit and we got Wayne’s World and a bunch of SNL skits developed into movies. The best thing to happen in the 90s was Kevin Smith’s Clerks. The worst thing to happen in the 90s was Jason Biggs and pie…ever since American Pie movies keep getting raunchier and raunchier. Don’t get me wrong. I like a few movies from the last ten years…40 year old virgin, Old School, Anchorman, Knocked Up, Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models…but the list from 2000 to now is nothing compared to those classic 80s comedies. Good comedies don’t come around anymore…why is that?

    • Hmmm Ted was excellent, and you only really mention american comedy, which is where the problem lies really ( Fish Called Wanda was US funded btw ).

      • I’ve been known to watch Edgar Wright’s comedies along with some British comedies my wife rents. But, I’m American and American movies are what are marketed at me. I’ll be honest…I haven’t seen TED. I thought the premise looked hilarious when it was called PAUL. I was speaking in broad terms of the last 5 years. There is the Hangover and Bridesmaids that really stick out…I’m sure there is more, but it’s nothing to 20 – 30 years ago. I could list another 25 movies from the 80s…I didn’t even mention 2 of my favorites, Ghostbusters and Fletch.

    • Well, comedy is subjective…
      Everyone has a different view of comedy and what “funny” really is and I think that has influenced how comedy appears in movies…

      The funniest movie I’ve seen this year was The Avengers, but that movie wasn’t even being marketed as a comedy. Whereas movies like The Campaign (which I thought was going to be a huge comedic hit) failed to impress most critics and viewers it seems.

      I wouldn’t say good comedies don’t come around anymore, but I just think that a lot of movies that don’t strive to be comedies end up being funnier and having more humor than most actual “comedies”. (A great example IMO would be Tropic Thunder – an action movie but after 3 viewings I still can’t stop laughing at every second of it).

      So… maybe it’s the evolution of comedy? Maybe it’s just that people can’t come up with funny stories anymore? I don’t really know to be quite honest.

      In a way your question (“Good comedies don’t come around anymore…why is that?”) is unanswerable because it really depends on what people think is funny…

      I’ll tell you though, if I want non stop laughter, I go British: whether it be stand up, sitcoms, panel shows, talk shows, etc. they know how to do comedy IMO.

      • The British do know what they’re doing. My wife picks out movies all the time that are British and most likely something I would pass by. Usually, I’d be in the wrong, but don’t tell her. I look at Tropic Thunder like I do Ghostbusters…hilarious comedies meshed with another genre. They were comedies over action films (sci-fi horror for GB). The Avengers was like old school Indiana Jones with an epic action movie with little bits of hilarity sprinkled throughout. I know my question is subjective, but I’ve noticed lately that I prefer revisiting the iconic comedies instead subjugating myself to movies like Your Highness, Bad Teacher, or the Hangover 2. It’s just bothersome, ya know?

        • And I’m sure that someone older than me thinks the glory days of comedy was from the 60s or earlier and thinks my list is a bunch of crap.

        • BTW, I wasn’t expecting an answer. I just wanted to create a dialogue…open a discussion, if you will, about comedies. Basically because Deerang made that superhero comment earlier. And it looks as if I succeeded by listing a bunch of funny movies like Beetlejuice, Short Circuit, Summer Rental, Hear No Evil See No Evil, Back to School, Adventures in Babysitting, Major League, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, Blind Date, License to Drive, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Coming to America, Brewster’s Millions, Bachelor Party, Good Morning Vietnam, Ruthless People, The Man with One Red Shoe, Raising Arizona, Strange Brew, UHF….my goodness there’s a lot of 80s comedies I love.

      • @ Avenger

        I thought Tropic Thunder was considered a comedy not an action flick? Either way I agree 100% with you, I can’t stop laughing during the whole thing. RDJ was fantastic in that movie I thought. Also, the comedy side of the Avenger’s is why I’ve enjoyed that movie over everything else I’ve seen this year including TDKR (which was I thought was great)

        Speaking of movies that turned out to be comedies that weren’t suppose to, I thought The A-Team was pretty funny. (I might be in the minority with that comment though.)

    • Holy hell. Did you just mention Johnny Dangerously? I though my dad and I were the only ones who liked that [sarcasm, sort of]! I honestly, on all the movie websites I’ve visited, not once can I remember anyone ever mentioning that movie. For the longest time I thought my dad and I were the only ones who liked it :P I think it’s hilarious.

      • That makes 3 of us :) is that enough to start a fan club?

        • Sign me up for that fan club. :-)

        • I hope it is. That movie is extremely funny. Also I must say, reading through all those movies you listed, I think you have great taste in terms of comedies. Very good sir :P

          • Thanks. I’m pretty sure I grew up in the greatest era of comedy. So many movies that I forgot like Inner Space and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    • For me a good comedy is hard to find. I like clean comedies for the most part, so no raunchy comedies, which eliminates a lot. I prefer some good slapstick comedy, some of my favorites being, the Johnny English movies, the old Pink Panther movies (haven’t seen the new ones), Paleface, the Apple Dumpling Gang, No Deposit No Return, and the old Get Smart TV show.

      • I loved Get Smart (not the remake though). I’m with you on the Pink Panther too…and I still haven’t watched Steve Martin versions either. But I feel bad for you…finding clean comedy is pretty much impossible nowadays. Sitcoms have even gone dirty and just censor the bad language. It has to be tough for you. I’m fine with a little raunchy humor but I think they’ve gone too far (the minotaur joke in the 3rd act of Your Highness proves my point).

        • i prefer British tv shows especially Sherlock Luther and the IT crowd. horrible bosses and bridesmaids are the few comedies I’ve enjoyed in the last 5 years

          • I did enjoy Horrible Bosses (Jennifer Aniston cracked me up) and Bridesmaids surprised me as one of the funniest moves in years. 30 Minutes or Less was another from last year that turned out surprisingly funny.

      • Helix,

        I’m with you on clean comedies. The Apple Dumpling Gang is a classic! (I’ve always enjoyed Don Knotts.) It’s tough to find those these days. I’ve been on an old Disney flick kick recently, watching The Cat from Outer Space, Herbie, and Candleshoe with the family. I had forgotten how much fun they were to watch as a kid. The kids have made TCFOS their favorite film and always want to rewatch it. Freaky Friday (the Jodie Foster version) is up next for us.

      • You should check out Roxanne, with Steve Martin; it’s a modern take on the Cerano DeBergerack (spelling) story. Very funny.

        • Speaking of Steve Martin…I forgot the Jerk.

  15. Speaking of bond, I certainly hope sir Sean Connery is doing well. You don’t hear from him anymore these days. I will always consider him the greatest bond of all time. I like Daniel Craig ‘s bond performance, but I have 2 put Roger Moore in as the second best bond. Loved the witticism he brought 2 the character. Craig comes in at 3rd IMO.

  16. I agree with watching each new Bonds first outing and going from there, I’ve been Bond freak for over 20 years and had the argument many times about who is the best, I grew up with Roget Moore, I loved Licence to Kill and Goldeneye was the first Bond I saw at the cinema, although Daniel Craig has only done two Bonds he is my favourite, Casino Royale is just prefect in every way (in my opinion) and I seriously can’t wait for Skyfall!! Oscar winning directors is definitely the way to go!!

    As for comedy I think there have been some great movies in the last 10 years, Superbad, Step Brothers, Borat, the hangover, but I think there is much better quality comedy on tv, the English office, big bang theory, the inbetweeners, and arrested development to name but a few, and i like that studios and performers still find new ways to make us laugh!

  17. just watched two new expandables clip, action in comicbook style. i like it a lot.

  18. Raiders of the lost Ark returning to theaters in IMAX format Sept 7 and will have a limited run for 1 week only. Read the article on yahoo news, I’m definately watching it more than once, raiders is my favorite indie film can’t wait.

    • I stand corrected I just read on screenrants article that there will be a marathon of all 4 films. :D

  19. Warner Brothers Wants ‘Batman’ Reboot To Hit Theaters In 2016

    It turns out Warner Bros. really wants to reboot the Batman franchise, and it all might be happening sooner than you think. Even after Christopher Nolan’s fantastic ending, the studio wants the Caped Crusader to return to the big screen in just four short years.

    Cosmic Books News is reporting that Warner Bros. wants the new Batman movie to follow the Justice League movie (tentative release date for that is 2015). However, this reboot won’t be another origin story (like The Amazing Spider-Man), instead it’ll focus on Batman’s second year as a hero. The film may be titled The Batman.

    But wait, there’s more details. This new Batman “will be part of the same shared DC Universe that features the Justice League Movie as well as having Henry Cavill in the role of Superman in Justice League and subsequent sequels to the Man of Steel.”

    It’s definitely way too soon to even be talking about a reboot, but the details sound somewhat promising. One of the things that The Amazing Spider-Man got wrong was retelling the origin story. (How many times must we see Uncle Ben die, seriously?) Batman’s origin story has been told and retold so it’ll be interesting to see something else… but in a decade or two. 2016 seems like way too soon.

    Taken from

    Im sure they will have to go down this route as its just guaranteed money! and they some how have to have a new Batman in Justice league! but i would of thought they would have to do it prior to justice league?


    • Could you please provide a link to this article you read?
      I looked around all the movie sites/comic book sites I know and couldn’t find anything about this.

    • The Justice League movie should be a two or three part epic much like LotR. This allows for better character development, a better villain and a better plot. And Filming it back-to-back eliminates many production cost. DC is rushing.

      • I second that.

        • Third

          • Fourth’d.
            Motion carried, now let it be so, DC!

      • I’m all for this idea…and release them 6 months apart like Hobbit 2 & 3.