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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 13, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 13, 2014

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  1. Why is it that fox can keep marvel studios from using “mutant” but paramount and platinum dunes can use it with the turtles? Was it an agreement when fox got the rights or something?

    • Is this question for real? I don’t even know where to begin… different universes, different character rights

    • Correct, FOX owns the rights to the Xmen and all things “Mutant” as it relates to the Marvel universe and comics. Thse rights don’t prevent another studio with a non-related property from using the term.

      • Ok I was wondering if it was the same as how George Lucas owns the term “droids” even verizon has to post a small disclaimer in the commercial that states that the term droids were used with permission.

        • I didn’t know that, so sorry for being snappy earlier.

        • “Droid” is the name of a type of cell phone that can use the Verizon network; THAT is why the Verizon commercial needed permission to use the term.

  2. Apologies for the spam to those of you who already saw this, but I am gonna repost something from the last OD since it got held up for over a day so it was published too late becoming irrelevant/obsolete…


    Hello ScreenRanters, long time no speak.

    I am back from holidays and with my homework done: I watched GotG in its full glory (i.e. IMAX).

    Since I am already a bit late to the party and pretty much everything has been said by now, I’ll try to be brief (I might not in the end) and I’ll do a 3+/3- type of feedback:

    + Overall impression: I enjoyed it big time. Good old fun and highly entertaining. Many achievements on many fronts. Big win for Marvel Studios, given it was initially a tough sell. I always rooted for this movie for attempting something new (like I do with any movie that it tries something new) and I am glad it paid off. Very curious about where it will end up at the box office. Also bravo for announcing the sequel even before having all the figures at hand.

    + Core team: the 5 GotG were spot on. Perfect casting, great performances and amazing chemistry. They had the challenge of introducing many new characters and they excelled at it. People now care about them and certainly want to see more of them.

    + Aesthetic (visually plus soundtrack): IMAX was a treat indeed and the soundtrack was another sweet deal bringing plenty of nostalgia. I felt like if I was watching Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Goonies all at once because of the memories it brought back :)

    - Xandar and Nova Corps: Weird place with useless police force? Creatively, Xandar was a missed opportunity for something a bit cooler. It felt a bit flat. Also, the Nova Corps let me down a bit. Where are the superpowered dudes? Where is the big artillery?

    - Ronan: Also a missed opportunity here… SPOILERS ahead: Ronan is so much more complex than the plain villain they gave us. And don’t get me wrong, I liked Lee Pace in the role and I liked his look, but Ronan in the comics is a character a lot richer than that. He is a proud Kree warrior (from which we don’t hear much either btw) and has been a hero many times like when being part of the Annihilators and even teaming up with the Avengers. I wish they would have found a way to keep him around and develop him further.

    - Thanos: Again, another missed opportunity here… SPOILERS ahead: Thanos is meant to be the big finale and they need to start warming up asap. In my opinion the two scenes with him went wasted as they did not present him as a dark big intimidating threat. In the first scene Ronan kills the Other and he doesn’t even tell him off… they just have a standstill where Nebula simply tells Ronan he cannot win that fight. That’s not enough for me, a little bit of properly overpowering him should have been in order. Also, when Ronan tells him on the video chat he is coming for him, instead of laughing it out or something he just goes mute… There is still time in phase 3 to correctly develop Thanos, but the sooner the better, as the better the villain the more I like these movies.

    In any case those minuses did not ruin it for me at all and some of them might even change for the best in the sequels. One thought that it came to me after watching GotG was: what the hell was Edgar Wright trying to do with Ant-Man then? I mean, if they let James Gunn do all these crazy things, one has to wonder about those “creative” differences. Anyway, as I have said before on this, that split was clearly for the best, and while I haven’t warmed to the Ant-Man movie yet (it’s hard…), given their track record they deserve the benefit of the doubt and my support at the box office.

    So once I have touched on the GotG review, now I am gonna follow with the other rankings (for some people affected after GotG) that I have seen in the past OD’s:

    Top 5 for 2014 movies (still pending on watching Interstellar and the Hobbit 3 though):

    #1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    #2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    #3. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    #4. Guardians of the Galaxy
    #5. Edge of Tomorrow

    Top 5 for CBMs ever:

    #1. The Avengers
    #2. The Dark Knight
    #3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    #4. X-Men 2 / X-Men: Days of Future Past
    #5. Iron Man I

    Two things to point out in these rankings:

    -> 2014 has been the best year for CBMs ever. Never before we had so many and such good movies. Long life to the CBMs bubble! With the exception of ASM2, I am sure the other 3 movies have found their way into the top lists of many people. On the MCU in particular, it is very good to see that after a very dubious 2013, they delivered spectacularly in 2014: vibrant and diverse. It is also great to look at the future and see that Joss Whedon will repeat as director for Avengers 2, the Russo’s will repeat as directors for Cap 3 and James Gunn will repeat as director for GotG 2. It is very clear that when the directors and the studio click, they deliver the best movies, so I am very confident in those future installments (although that repeat formula did not work so well for Iron Man II after a great Iron Man I).

    -> On the topic of MCU villains, as you can see above I am partial to Loki, the Winter Soldier and Obadiah (outside of the MCU the Joker and Magneto), but I have the feeling Ultron might be the best of the lot. I couldn’t be more hyped about A:AoU even if I tried. May 2015 can’t come fast enough.

    So that’s on GotG and MCU, now onto WB and DC: I have always liked their movies and the only thing I have truly criticized of them was that they were being lazy and slow with giving us more, considering the great catalogue of properties they had, so I am extremely happy they have now changed gear and are giving us 4 TV series (I am particularly looking forward to Constantine) and a bunch of movies for the coming years (finally dates have been confirmed – my calendar is marked).

    Obviously Batman V Superman is the one I am more into for now, but I am ready for the rest. I am also glad they have reconsidered the wrong move they made with the release date (i.e. initially they announced it for 2015 during Comic Con 2013, then they delayed it to May 2016 inexplicably placing it on a slot pre-booked by Marvel, and now they have move it forward to March 2016 so finally we can have peace and no overlap with Cap 3).

    I am also cautiously happy of seeing how Fox seems to back off on his bid for Time Warner. Am I the only one that was concerned with this? It is not over yet, but I really don’t want it to happen. Basically I wouldn’t like the merge of characters (DC and Marvel mutants under the same roof?) and what it could happen to them in the comics.

    Just to be clear, I am not one of those guys that want all the Marvel characters under the Disney roof. I like the X-Men at Fox, especially if they finally have the balls of doing an R-rated Deadpool movie, and I wouldn’t mind having the Punisher, Blade, Ghostrider and Daredevil at Fox too for the same reason. Mutants and street level heroes can be outside the MCU no problem, just like I enjoy WB’s approach on the DC characters (curious what they will do with Shazam though, as that one cannot be dark and gritty). On the other hand I think that Spiderman totally belongs in the MCU in terms of tone and story, and so do the Fantastic Four. I would like to have Spiderman crossing paths with the Avengers and I would like to have the Fantastic Four (along with Galactus, Silver Surfer and the Skrulls) crossing paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy (along with Thanos, the Nova Corps and the Kree). It just makes sense, plus obviously the MCU would benefit greatly in terms of villains from the entire Spiderman rogue gallery and Dr Doom, plus the needed merge on the cosmic side of things.

  3. It’s not the word “mutant” that is off-limits to Marvel Studios…It’s that term being used to name the concept of the genetically super-powered people in the Marvel canon.

    Just like “Captain Marvel” is not off-limits to DC; however, that name cannot be used to describe a character (hence, Shazam, who used to be called Captain Marvel) in the DCU.

    • Pardon me…

      “Marvel”, the word, is not off-limits to DC; “Captain Marvel”, of course, IS.

  4. Robin Williams

    I liked Robin Williams just fine. But a little of him went a long way. What’s over the top, is the U.S. media’s reaction to his death. It’s 24 hour coverage of every moment in his 40 year career. With reactions from stars that had minor roles in his movies that you forgot about. Did he just win the Nobel Peace Prize and nobody told me? Did he solve the crisis in the Middle-East? You would think that’s the only news story in the world right now. He would make fun of the wall-to-wall coverage himself…

    I’ve had to stop watching the t.v. for the next few days. A sad state of affairs.

    • Sadly that is the world we live in.

      But I also can feel sorrow for his life being over even if there were 23 US vets that took their life the same day as he did. And Robin would be the first to point that out.

      It’s possible to care about more than one tragedy at a time. And it’s possible to care about more than one world event. However, this is another reason I avoid just about all MSM. Most of the time, it’s ‘if it bleeds it leads’.

      I do agree 100% with you that he would be laughing at this coverage.

    • The thing is he touched a lot of peoples lives through his work. From movies like Good Will Hunting and Patch Adams to Hook and Jumanji, many have great memories of the guy. Looking at him, you’d never think he was depressed or had serious mental issues, but if he can become the face of a disease like this and get others to go out and get help, then more power to it.

      As for the “24 hour coverage”, outside of the 24 hour news channels, I haven’t seen much beyond a couple stories, mostly discussing the mental health aspect, since it was first reported. There’s been plenty of coverage of the rioting in Ferguson, MO and the isolated Christians in Iraq in the limited news I’ve been watching, so other world events are getting their press as well. It’s not like any broadcast or cable networks have altered their schedules with Mork & Mindy marathons.

      • Maybe I watch too much t.v., but his death was the lead story on the major networks 2 days in a row, than later in the broadcast, they featured a retrospective (total of about 10-12 minutes. It’s the lead story on Yahoo and CNN, and the cover of Time magazine. That’s too much.

  5. Evan,

    Did you aspire to be an actor/celebrity (like your despised school mate Tommy a.k.a. Tom Cruise) and failed? Is that where your biterness comes from?

    • I’d take a step back and try to comprehend his point before insulting him.

      His point isn’t about Robin Williams but the society we now live in and the tacky news coverage of “celebrity” deaths.

      • Robin Williams was a “media person” and it is just normal that he gets plenty of coverage in the media, because the people doing his coverage knew him and might have even been colleagues. It is not sad, it is just a human natural reaction as they were closer to him. Nothing to be amazed of.

        The same way it is human that you mention the 23 US vets but you don’t say anything about Syria, Gaza or Ukraine, just to name a few places where people die daily too.

        My point is that it is demagogue and a slippery road to say those things. Media is always biased and it is up to you to find the channels to get the information you want. If you want to see something different to Robin Williams there are plenty of places to go to.

    • I was in the theatre program in high school if that’s what you mean. I did it just to meet girls (but since I went to an all boy catholic high school, that didn’t work out too good).

      I don’t have any bitterness as you suggest. As a Buddhist, I’m generally a happy person. I’m just an evolved human being who has been around the world a couple times. And I’ve seen the best and worst of mankind. And I know that there’s more important things in the world than Hollywood celebrities.

      I feel for the Williams family, especially his daughter seems who seems really grounded, but really Nightcrawler (isn’t that a worm), your obsession with comics/movies seems a little unhealthy (see your 1,000 word posting above for reference). Go in peace.

      • Evan,

        I think you are the one that needs to go in peace with the other evolved human beings (do these higher beings also make homophobic comments like you did about Tom Cruise?), as you are clearly the one in the wrong place.

        My “obsession” with comics is perfectly suitable for this website. On the other hand your higher preaching, thanks to your being around the world a couple of times (eyes rolling…), is not required here.

        Coming to a movie website to b*tch about the coverage of a movie star is just, well, intriguing…

      • @ Evan

        You say @ Nightcrawler’s obsession with comics/movies is unhealthy but just a few days ago you threw jabs at me for never hearing of Westworld. Saying that us fanboys need to be more aware of what came before.

        Here you are as a “Buddhist” passing judgment on people based on 2 comments you read on the internet??
        I’ve only read a little about Buddhism but from what I recall isn’t passing judgment on people a big no-no?
        As evolved as you are shouldn’t you be a bit more understanding of others and willing to accept them, with what you perceive as flaws included?

        • Don’t mind him, he thinks Nightcrawler is a worm despite I made it very easy for him with the picture next to the name… lecturing about Westworld… tchhh

          • I know, I should just have ignored the comment but I’m not as evolved as others. ;)

            • You guys should go around the world a couple of times so you can make yourself feel more importamt. Maybe that new found holier than thou attitude will help you guide others in seeing their own foolishness.

              And then go bi*ch about there being no tv show for Bhuddists on tv because Robin Williams went and killed himself.

              How very zen.

              • Nah… I am gonna stick with the less evolved human beings. They are more fun and give less lectures…

  6. So who decides what TV shows get reviewed on SR? Hell On Wheels is back and it’s the best show AMC has right now, (I do enjoy Mad Men), and I wish Anson Mount would get a shot at something on the big screen.

  7. You guys are worse then girls :P

    Top 3 favorite animal movie!! Because I want to add some happiness into this room
    1. Milo & Otis
    2. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
    3. Free Willy

    • No Black Beauty?

      • I dated her…we danced and laughed all night! Dinner was great, too!

        • Send my regards LOL

          • AH! I love Black Beauty! I already forgot a bunch ha

    • 1.) “Stuart Little 2″
      2.) “Babe”
      3.) “Cats & Dogs”

    • 1. Jaws
      2. Antarctica (1983)
      3. The Cat from Outer Space

      Honorable mention: C.H.O.M.P.S. and Oh! Heavenly Dog

    • 1) Homeward Bound
      2) Beethoven
      3) Flipper

    • 1.”Kung-Fu Panda”
      2.”The Lion King”
      3.”Deep Blue Sea” (a guilty pleasure)

      This list, of course, does not include any mythological creatures.

    • 3) Beethoven
      2) Free Willy
      1) Monkey Trouble

      If we’re talking animated:

      3) Cats Don’t Dance
      2) Bucky O’Hare
      1) Rock-A-Doodle!

      • ROCK-A-DOODLE!!!! OMG

    • 1. GOTG
      2. House of the rising sun
      3. Man with the iron fist

    • Neat, I’m gonna stay away from overly obvious parable/anthropomorphic type movies where the animals are really just people or representative of people or something of that nature like Chicken Run, Animal Farm, etc. No particular order as it’s hard for me to judge since I haven’t watched them in a while:

      Whale Rider
      Free Willy
      Life of Pi
      The Grey

      • Probably shouldn’t have include Life of Pi but just going to for the other fantastical animals throughout the movie and just the cinematography of them.

  8. Good Morning all…..

    Happy Hump Day!!! :)

    R.I.P. Robin Williams. Thanks for the laughs and the memories. :(

    I saw GotG again, and it keeps getting better. I don’t want to gave anything away or spoil anything, but I have a question:


    Does anybody think we will see Ronan again? Does anybody know if Lee Pace signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel?
    I ask because Ronan has become my favorite Marvel villain overall and I would love to see pop up again somewhere, even more than the Red Skull. He sort of disappeared like the Red Skull. Ronan just seemed very cool to me and if he is just a one-off, it seems like kind of a waste, IMO.

    ********GOTG POTENTIAL SPOILER OVER*************

    I’m not crazy about the new Stormtrooper helmet. :( The Stormtrooper is one of my all time favorite Star Wars costumes/characters. They are just very cool IMO. I really don’t like them messing with the classic design. Plus, they just look like they’re wearing sunglasses now. I say go back to the original helmet, at least for Ep. 7.

    Also, am I understanding this right, the Empire is not only still around, but is still an effective force in this movie? If that’s true, what the heck was the significance of Return of the Jedi then if the Empire wasn’t defeated?

    • To your spoiler question, I don’t think we will see him again… I think they have other characters coming up to focus on (Adanm Warlock, Nova, Quasar, Moondragon, Starlord’s father, etc). I don’t think there will be room for him (sadly).

    • @ Stark

      I don’t think that Stormtrooper image is real concept art. J.J is a fan of the franchise, he’s not that stupid… I hope.

    • The whole Empire was not destroyed, just the Emperor and Darth Vader and one Death Star. They were celebrating that victory. The Empires main headcorters is that planet called Carrucant. I probably misspelled that.

  9. Hi My Screenrant Friends,
    Can one of you please tell me how I can put a picture next to my name when I comment. Thank you very much. :)

    • It says how when you write a comment:

      “Want to change your avatar?
      Go to and upload your own (we’ll wait)!”

      Make sure that you use the same email adress on Gravatar that you will enter here.

      • @ TheLostWinchester
        Thank you very much for answering. I really appreciate that. My picture will be coming soon. :)

    • Wanderer,

      Hey, I use It’s free and easy-to-use.

      • @ $2
        Thank You as well. I appreciate it very much. And to think that it was right in front of me lol :)

    • Pay me 10 bucks and I’ll tell you. Totally not a scam, I swear.

  10. Anyone think Sookie will become a vampire in True Blood’s finale? Violet was kinky at wanting revenge in last Sunday’s episode. Too bad she went off the edge because of Jason, i liked her.

    • Seems like Bill is tired of being immortal… so not sure where that will take Sookie.

      This season seems really abrupt. Tara’s death was sudden. Alcide’s death was sudden. It just seems like they are rushing to end everything.

      I liked the flashbacks with Eric, Pam and Ginger… those were hilarious.

  11. Anyone heard anything more recently on what is going on with the Doc Savage movie…is it happening and when? Things have been pretty quiet on that front!

  12. This is my top 5 CBMs

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Man of Steel
    3. The Avengers
    4. Captain American: The Winter Soldier
    5. Iron Man

    Okay everyone what’s your top 5 CBMs?

    • 1.) “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
      2.) “Spider-Man 2″
      3.) “Batman ’89″
      4.) “Men In Black”
      5.) “The Mask”

    • 1. Batman Begins
      2. Dark Knight
      3. Spider Man (Yes, with Tobey Maguire)
      4. Man Of Steel
      5. Thor

      What I’d like to be in my top 5 if they ever come out:
      1. Shazam
      2. Doctor Strange
      3. Suicide Squad
      4. The Spectre
      5. Robin (transitioning to Nightwing)

    • 1. The Avengers
      2. The Dark Knight
      3. X Men Days of Future Past
      4. Guardians of the Galaxy
      5. Man of Steel

      Honorable Mention: Captain America – The Winter Soldier, Iron Man and Spiderman 2

    • From my long post, which is clearly proving too long to read haha

      Top 5 for CBMs ever:

      #1. The Avengers
      #2. The Dark Knight
      #3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      #4. X-Men 2 / X-Men: Days of Future Past
      #5. Iron Man I

    • 5) Sin City
      4) BatMan Returns
      3) Guardians of the Galaxy
      2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      1) The Dark Knight

    • 1) Howard the Duck
      2) The Fantastic Four (1994)
      3) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
      4) Batman and Robin
      5) Catwoman

    • 1) The Dark Knight
      2) X-men: Days of Future Past
      3) Man of Steel
      4) Dredd
      5) The Incredible Hulk

      Honourable mentions: Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America 2, Iron Man, Batman (89), Batman Begins

      • We have done CBM’s a thousand times! Any other ideas guys? :D

        • Favorite period pieces. Or favorite kid casts (Breakfast Club, Sandlot).

          I think my favorite period films would be Australia, Last Samurai and maybe The Missing. 13 Assassins and Inglorious Basterds too.

          And kids casts, gotta be 3 Ninjas, Sandlot and Stand By Me. And Now and Then has a nice cast too.

          • @ScottySummerS:

            The one kid movie that I keep remember other than The Goonies is Angus.

        • Let’s do a movie based on the old T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents comics…now that would be great! Lotsa franchise potential–surprised no one has tapped into that yet!

      • @JLAvenger88,

        Thank you for mentioning Dredd! It’s my favorite CBM. Urban was fantastic! I really hope that sequel gets made.

  13. I was watching the dawn of the dead remake and (forgive me, first time realizing) found out Snyder directed and Gunn wrote the screenplay. I also watched Lethal Weapon and saw Shane Black’s name pop up as writer. Goyer’s name has popped up in some other older films I’ve watched the last month.

    Just interesting stuff to me.

    • Yeah Gunn wrote that movie. Crazy right? He also wrote the live action Scooby Doo and the follow up Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. When I found out the Scooby Doo thing I became VERY worried about Guardians haha.. But Guardians was pleasantly surprised. Gunn knocked it out of the park.

      Have you seen Super? Gunn wrote and directed it. It’s really weird. I didn’t enjoy it too much personally, but I know people that did. Slither (written and directed by Gunn) is supposed to be really good. Anybody on here seen it? I don’t know whether to watch it or not.

      It’s fun find familiar writers in old movies that you love.

      Did you know Joss Whedon was one of the writers for Toy Story? The first one? I laughed when I found that out. I remember thinking “that makes sense”

      • I knew I recognized Whedon’s name before Avengers. I watched the Toy Story films back to back with my niece and nephews a few years ago and I suppose his name came across the beginning credits.

        Super was pretty good but I’ve only had a desire to see it that one time. It was funny and pretty graphic, which surprised me, but was awesome nonetheless.

    • Perhaps another little known fact: Joss Whedon wrote (at least in part) Alien Resurrection. There sure are some familiar Firefly tropes in there. ;)

      And JJ Abrams wrote Forever Young, Armageddon (yeah, the Michael Bay one) and Joy Ride (aka Roadkill).

    • Yeah!! I also just found out Goyer is behind the TV show ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’. I think it’s the same Goyer…. Regardless, I’m totally getting into that show. Da Vinci fills the void left by House and Sherlock.

  14. Wow, I knew the GotG soundtrack was great, but number one!? Whoa.

    • Bought it straight out of the theatre. As someone who listens to only one genre of music I couldn’t believe how much I enjoy this music.

  15. I have nothing to say really, I just want to get the OD comments in my email. :)

  16. I find the Marvel movie rights kind of screwy. Apparently they have rights to The Kingpin…seems like he originated in Spiderman but at some point got co_opted as a Daredevil villain. Then there is the Inhumane…so linked to the F2F you would think FOX would hold their rights.