Open Discussion – August 13, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 13, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 13, 2012

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  1. you think they will make an x files movie again? all the actors expressed interest and they would all be on board. the guy said if it were to happen they would focus on an alien invasion that was hinted in the series finale.

    • I didn’t find the second movie to be entirely horrible if truth be told, I was a huge fan of the show (it currently occupies my no.3 of all time slot) and I would absolutely welcome another film. But I wonder, regardless of its quality, is there an audience for it any more?

  2. Anything to replace that last one they did.

  3. I can’t believe I’m not going to see Ryan Gosling on the big screen for 2012 :(

    I guess 2013 will be his year like it was in 2011. He has like 3 or 4 films out in 2013…. DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Saw Bourne this weekend. No spoilers but I did not like the ending of the movie. left a very sour taste in my mouth. I loved the first three movies but I felt like they left this one with too many open ends.

    • i have not seen it but it sounds like you will have to wait for the sequels… typical formula of todays movies. everything has to be a trilogy, there is nothing wrong with that but it constantly happens.

      • they only ended it like that because the bourne series was originally a book series. so 5 books 5 movies.

        • actually i think they are up to like 8 bourne films now. i think one just came out earlier this year.

          • what really all i know of are:
            The Bourne Identity
            The Bourne Supremacy
            The Bourne Ultimatum
            The Bourne Legacy which just came out
            are we talking about the same thing? lol

            • woops sorry! i meant bourne NOVELS not films!!!

          • Is that true because I’ve only heard of 4….

            Bourne Identity

            Bourne Supremacy

            Bourne Ultimatum

            Bourne legacy

    • Yeah, I agree. It was way too open-ended.

  5. Morning/afternoon/evening ranters!

    It was a long weekend here in SA so I watched a few movies:
    I re-watched TDK which to my surprise was fun doing (usually when I re-watch that movie it gets let enjoyable, but time it was the opposite)
    I watched Gone Baby Gone which I found overrated. Nothing new. Terrible ending.
    I also re-watched Serenity which was fun and sad at the same time.
    And lastly I re-watched Cowboys And Aliens which I actually enjoyed more than the first time. IMO that movie is a little underrated… but not much.

    Lastly, I’d just like to thanks ScreenRant for making me wet myself with that pop up add with the terrified woman ;)

    • I haven’t seen CAA, but I do recommend not reading the graphic novel. I read it before the movie was released, and I wasn’t impressed at all by the art or story. The plot felt rushed, there was little to no characterization, and after finishing it, I was like, meh. I have heard the movie is completely different from the graphic novel, so maybe I should give it a chance.

      • your review of the graphic novel is just about spot on as a movie review, imo. it was ok, maybe that’s just a bit better than “meh” it was good for a watch, maybe i will rewatch it, see if it improves for me as well

    • I watched the 1st season of how I met your mother and loved it.

      the campaigns which I disliked.

      rewatched inglorious bastards which is still one of my favorites.

      and watched the mighty ducks 1 and 2. Don’t laugh its my childhood lol

      • How I Met Your Mother is awesome… do yourself a favor and stick with it. People say these last few seasons weren’t good, but as soon as you get hooked and you start to care about the characters, it’s a fun ride.

        I haven’t seen Inglorious Bastards in a looong time, so thank you: you’ve just reminded me to watch it again! :)

    • I agree that Cowboys and Aliens was underrated. I found it very enjoyable! I saw Serinity for the first time recently and I loved it!

      • Target has the DVD for Serenity on sale for $4.75 this week. I’m gonna have to grab a copy for myself.

  6. I need to go see the TDKR again. I found it more enjoyable than TDK till the ending. Saw Ted which was pretty good. Thought about seeing Diary Of A Wimpy Kid:Dog Days. Other than that i been watching True Blood, Smallville seasons 1-10 on dvd, and old movies i haven’t watched in awhile.

    • TDKR Was a GREAT movie (no spoilers will follow) way better then transformers and surprisingly good for a super hero film. But I don’t think ANYTHING will ever be as good as TDK. TDK was the best movie I’ve ever seen. TDKR gets about a 6 out of 10 rating TDK gets a 9 transformers and Iron man 2 get a 1.5 and Thor and green lantern get a -1

  7. Watched a lot of stuff this weekend.

    Battleship, it was stupid but damn it was good fun.

    The Dictator, one of the worst films I have seen in recent memory.

    Take Shelter, absolutely fantastic, loved it. Shannon deserved an award for that role.

    Also watched American Psycho, seen it loads but love it. Great film.

    Started on season 1 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Please don’t judge me, most of it is awful, but the whole Green Ranger arc is still brilliant stuff.

    • Yeah I thought Take Shelter and Shannon were brilliant. It gives me a little hope for Man of Steel.

      • See for me it didn’t. Because I’ve seen him in Take Shelter and a few other things, yeah, he can absolutely play a great villain. Just not convinced that Zod is a good choice.

        • I saw take shelter ay Ebert fest incredible film.

    • Power Rangers huh? ;)
      I stopped watching that show when I was 6 – as soon as the glass shattered when someone asked “how do they go to the bathroom in those suits?” I couldn’t watch it anymore – the question haunted me during every viewing!
      Plus, looking back, it was just a bad show in general…

    • i won’t judge on th MMpr if i don’t get judged for (re)watching Battle of the planets/Gotchaman. I loved Botp when it came out back in the late 70′s, then i just happen to do some research on that show and found out it was heavily edited from it’s original Japanese version. still cheesy, but a good story with some good character development. i watched all 105 episodes.

  8. Saw Ted at the weekend and it went straight into my Top 3 comedies of all time.

    Mainly due to a certain cameo from an old actor whose film my brother and I watched a lot as kids in the 80′s..

    • Flash!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

      • No, it’s:

        FLASH!!! AhhAhhhhhh!!


    • I like the movie Ted thought it was pretty hilarious.

  9. Anyone Else thought the closing ceremony of Olympics was extremely boring ?

    • I missed most of it seeing as how lame the opening ceremony was…
      Is it true that the Batmobile made an appearance? A friend of mine mentioned something to do with Batman was in the closing ceremony, but he knows nothing about comic books so I couldn’t really get more details.

      • I watched the entire ceremony here in the UK last night, and unless I fell asleep there was no batmobile..

        • they did not have batmobile but they did the famous Delboy and Rodney dress as Batman and Robin skit

        • Thanks a lot man!

      • i thought the opening ceremony was great, esp w/daniel craig & the queen. i thought the olympics was a great broadcast this year. i watched every single day and was having olympic withdrawal last night…until Grimm came back on!

  10. I re watched the walking dead season 1 which is one of the best first seasons of any show it’s fantastic! An I can’t wait to re watch season 2 when it hits BluRay and if course oct 14!! Gonna be a great day!

    • I agree season 1 is awesome. I’m getting the limited edition Blu-ray of season 2 with the zombie head.

  11. Watched Stargate (1994) for the first time this weekend. My check out the different TV series. but after doing some reading, it doesnt sound like they are all in the same continuity which i dont really like. I plan on buying Firefly and Serenity when i head to college. Also bought Hellboy 1 & 2 online. havent watch either as ive recieved the second one but not the first one yet.

    • Stargate SG-1 is in the same continuity as the movie. SG-1 is one my all-time favorite TV shows. The Hurt Russell and James Spader roles were just recast with Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks, respectively.

    • The entire SG series (SG1, SG:A, SG:U) are worth watching.

      SG1, as Andy points out, picks up where the movie leaves off but the writers really took the original idea and ran with it. They truly expanded the franchise and even continued many of the story arcs like the boy, Skaara (even using the same actor) and Daniel’s wife, Sha’re.

      Atlantis takes the first 2 seasons to find its stride but really shines when they stop treating the Wraith like the faceless enemy. A show that was canceled too soon.

      Universe I didn’t like as well but is still worth a look.

      • thanks, ill have to add that to the long list of shows that i need to check out.

        • There are also a couple of SG-1 made for TV movies you may find entertaining. Unfortunately, they scrapped the SG-A movie.

    • for 2013, my top 10 is:

      1. Iron Man 3
      2. Thor: The Dark World
      3. Star Trek 2
      4. A Good Day to Die Hard
      5. Fast and Furious 6
      6. G. I. Joe: Retaliation
      7. Pacific Rim
      8. Red 2
      9. Man of Steel
      10. The Wolverine

    • 1. Iron Man 3 – still have my suspicions that it’ll bomb, but I’m really looking forward to seeing The Mandarin (and of course, more Tony Stark)
      2. Man Of Steel – also have my doubts, especially with Snyder at the helm, but there’s no denying that I’m really looking forward to seeing it
      3. The Hobbit: Part 2 – ’cause it’s Middle Earth!
      4. Thor: The Dark World – ’cause it’s THOR!
      5. The Wolverine – ’cause it’s Wolverine… in JAPAN!
      6. Red 2
      7. Star Trek 2
      8. Die Hard 5
      9. Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters
      10. 47 Ronin

    • 1. only god forgives
      2. gangster squad
      3. star trek 2
      4. The end of the world (edgar wright one)
      5. Another movie with the end of the world like title (seth rogan one people look it up and give me the correct name)
      6. man of steel

      • I forgot about Wright’s ‘The World’s End’. I’d put that movie in 8th with Die Hard 5, Hansel and Gretal and Ronin 47 each moving down a number.

        By the way, the title of the movie (with Seth Rogan) you’re looking for is ‘End Of The World’.

        • Yes End of the world thank you sir. I think the premise sounds pretty funny, and the cast is basically every comedic actor working today… (and emma watson) if the movie ss it says, “celebrities attending a part at james francos house during the end of the world. Ill be cheering along with many people for our favorite comedic actors to survive or last the longest. Im hoping for Jason Segal and Michael Cera hahaha

    • 1. Iron Man 3 (loved the first one, liked the second one, loved the Avengers, hope it’s good)
      2. The Wolverine (I actually liked X-Men Origins Wolverine and I keep hearing things that make me excited for this one)
      3. Man of Steel (Zach Snider has the perfect visual style for Superman IMHO, let’s hope he can bring a good story as well. I just wish he was making it in the half animated half live action style like 300)
      4. Catching Fire (loved the book, liked the first movie, though it didn’t meet its potential.)
      5. G.I. Joe 2 (I enjoyed the first one for what it was, a cheesy, visual-effects driven experience, I hope the second one is even better)
      6. Pacific Rim (I might be more excited after watching a trailer, but just the idea of giant robots fighting giant aliens is awesome)
      7. Thor 2 (the first one wasn’t as good as it could have been and he was much cooler in the Avengers. I’m hopeful though.) 
      8. Red 2 (the first one was fun, not amazing, but fun indeed)
      9. Robocop (so far it’s looking good. I haven’t seen the original in years.)
      10. Despicable Me 2 (I was pleasantly surprised by the first one, and I hope this one will be just as good)

      • Oh! I forgot Star Trek 2! That would be on there too.

    • Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2013

      1. Star Trek 2
      2. Star Trek 2
      3. Star Trek 2
      4. Star Trek 2
      5. Star Trek 2

      • LOL!

    • i gonna wait until i hear more about robocop and maybe see a trailer before i decide if it deserves a spot in the top 10 or not for me.

  12. The bourne films can`t continue for any more than one more film.

    • My guess it that they will make another trilogy with Renner. I liked the new one, but it wasn’t close to the original trilogy and it was way too open-ended.

    • There are still four more book titles they haven’t used. And they’ll bring Damon back at some point.
      Just hopefully not Greengrass.

  13. hey ranters

    • Hello!

  14. The roast of roseanne was on last night, I didnt really like it or would even compare it to past roasts. Seems like they shoudlve gotten someone better. Plus the panel seemed kinda weak as compared to the charlie sheen one.

  15. Also I watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil-good
    21 jump street-which I thought started okay but got silly at the climax.
    Detention-which I didnt really like, it lacked focus. It tries to be silly fast paced in your face humor like scott pilgrim, then acts like a parody and commentary on other movies and on top of all that a murder time travel plot….

  16. All I can say is that I freaking LOVE Shark Week on Discovery!!

  17. Any ‘Hell on Wheels’ fans? Is it worth a watch?

    • It’s a good show its worth watching, I recommend watching season 1 first though. Season 2 of hell on wheels just started.

    • It’s entertaining but the shows original premise; Confederate soldier out to seek revenge all those who desecrated his families graves, has gotten a bit lost. They might be trying to redirect that idea however and change it so the main character can stay attached to the railroad.

      If you like western’s it is definitely worth a watch plus is better than anything you can find on Network TV atm.