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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 12, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 12, 2013

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  1. n the past 3 weeks we’ve had about more than 10 actors that have been rumored to be in the running or the frontrunner for Batman. Some of those choices include Tyler Hoechlin, Armie Hammer, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Richard Armitage , Jeffery Dean Morgan, Joe Maganello , Scott Adkins, and now Olando Bloom. I bet you anything Robert Pattinson from Twilight will be Batman next week followed by a report that Samuel L Jackson is dropping the Nick Fury gig to play Batman. Then the following week WB will report that Batman will now be Batwoman and GIna Carano has the part. what do you guys think? Is there any truth in these rumors or is it all BS? I think it’s mostly BS

    • Then there’s the $50 million offer for Bale to comeback. Which is crazy how they took a quote that went “they’d probably offer him 50 million to be in it” about a JL movie and spun it into ‘WB Offers Bale 50 million for Batman vs Superman’.

      • $50 million??

        Wow, that’s RDJ type money.
        I don’t buy it. I agree with LC, all rumors are B.S. until WB makes some kind of announcement. I’m still rooting for Karl Urban.

        • +1

          • +2

        • Put down $5 on Quinto…

        • Bale has one thing RDJ.


          Nuff said.

          He would no doubt get 20 million plus 10% of the box office.

          • What does the baby from Ghostbusters II have to do with this?

            • Named after a hotdog…you poor thing!

              Well, he’s ugly; was his father ugly? And he stinks; did his father stink?


              • And you’re a terrible burden on your mother…

    • All rumors are BS. I didn’t believe a darn thing until WB’s announcements at ComiCon. And I will continue to disregard and not believe any other rumors until WB announces something more.

    • I don’t believe anything either. The 50 million thing for Bale was just ridiculous. Orlando Bloom, while I like the guy, he’s no Bruce Wayne or Batman. After the cast of Man of Steel, I have no doubt in my mind Snyder and co. will surprise us and all the rumors going around are just choices people on youtube and various sites suggested.

      I do believe the Mark Strong rumor though aha, after his comment on it, I was mostly sold.

    • @ razorstar90

      A lot of those “rumors” are created just for the intent of getting traffic. The Orlando Bloom rumor is a prime example of that. It’s a laughable one, and that’s the point. Something that ridiculous gets you more hits, and more hits earns you more AD SPACE.

      The internet is an a-hole. As soon as you figure that out things become much clearer.

    • It’s impossible to speculate what they’ll do next. The only thing we do know is that Sups & Bats will be at each other’s throats. Even with Lex there we don’t really know who the main villains are. We don’t know how certain ‘controversial’ subjects concerning MoS will be addressed. All we can do is hope.

      I hope Snyder shows us a little more blood. It helps with the realism factor. Actual 3D shots on set would be nice. Hope there are no solo films, just a series of 4, maybe 5, movies to tell one continuous story ’cause we know these guys well enough.

  2. First is the worst.

    Second is the best.

    Third one has a treasure chest.

    • I’m used to OD being posted earlier.

      Wonder why the delay today.

      • Server glitch.

  3. I see some recordings of the Thor 2 and Days of Future Past footage from comic con surfaced… people are analyzing the hell out of them, of course :D I just want to see the movies, no more teasing!

    oh and these reshoots of Thor 2 worry me a bit. even if they put more Loki than they originally planned, changing stuff at the last moment seems too much

    • I wouldn’t worry about the re-shoots. I promise you we are getting a better Thor movie now than the one that existed prior to the remodeling.

      • how can you be sure though? I’m just nervous about the movie.. if all fails, I’ll just enjoy watching Tom Hiddleston’s face haha

        • It’s already looking a million times better than the first one, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

        • I have confidence that Marvel knows what they’re doing is all.

          I highly doubt it will “fail.” I’m very intrigued actually at what the box office will be for this one. I personally feel that Hiddleston is the face of the franchise after RDJ.

          • I really hope his popularity helps the movie, but it’s doubtful that Thor 2 will make IM3 money

            • Just because a movie doesn’t earn a billion dollars doesn’t make it a failure. Just ask any fan of MoS.

              • Agreed! Anything over 450 or 500 mil is a success in my book.

              • that wasn’t my point, but I’m glad you cleared it up ;)

                • I’m here for you… always.


              • If I want advice about which movies are successful I won’t be asking a Man of Steel fan, thanks.

                • Your loss…since it IS doing quite well.

                  You’re welcome.

                  • Man of Steel fails to deliver a compelling filmgoing experience. If I want to know about movies that make a lot of money I’ll talk to fans of Twilight or Fast and Furious, franchises that dwarf the modest success of Man of Steel.

                    • For you? Okay. For me, MOS was an extremely compelling, satisfying film. I very much enjoyed it both as a whole viewing experience AND as its component parts. If you wish to look at how to profit based popular crap, feel free to consider those two other franchises. Just remember to expect more of the same…I, on the other hand, wanting something better, WILL look toward MOS to see how to make a profit AND bring forth a quality film.

                      To each, his own…

                    • You can pretend Man of Steel was a higher quality film all you want but in fact Man of Steel was a less successful, inferior film compared to Fast Six by any objective measure: ticket sales, audience polls, reviews, ect.

                    • @Roche:

                      I don’t think audience polls and reviews can be considered “objective”.

                    • Roche…

                      I don’t have to pretend anything…I simply paid attention to the film before me. As for your silly statement that F6 was the better movie, well…that and your “evidence” simply confirm that you should be pitied more than listened to with a rational ear.

                      By your standards, “Grown-Ups 2″ was a better movie than “Pacific Rim”. PR may not have been a great film, but compared to the dreck that was GU2, PR was an absolute masterpiece.

                      It’s cute that you keep trying…You GO girl!

                    • @BigNerd

                      The point of a movie is to have different impacts on different people. Like you said, nothing is objective. John from AMC Movie Talk gave a good example saying when 10 people observe an art painting, every one of them can see something different, which is pretty much the beauty of it.

                    • “you should be pitied”
                      “By your standards, “Grown-Ups 2″ was a better movie…”
                      “It’s cute that you keep trying…You GO girl!”

                      I have to give you credit, Archaeon: at least you lost the argument with dignity and didn’t spiral into a series of childish lies and personal attacks in a desperate attempt to save face…

                    • Roche…

                      Good. Since you realized that I did not lie or insult anyone, then, I’m confident there is hope for you. I gave my opinion as you gave yours…and gave my responses ALSO as you gave yours.

                      My only concerns: There were the two concepts you clearly reversed (whether on purpose or through some misunderstanding of written English). That’s not “lost the argument”…it’s “…didn’t have an argument because I (Roche) brought no non-opinionated points to the table”. Also, it’s not “desperate act to save face”…it’s “provided your own (Archaeon) legitimate opinion and appropriate response, given how I (Roche) responded to you”.

                      Well, now that that’s settled, we can end this little banterfest and move forward with our lives, dignity intact.

                      Good luck.

          • I think Hunger Games is going to take a huge chunk out of the earnings potential of this one.

          • I’m sure it will do just fine. Being a sci-fi/fantasy action movie being released amongst mostly heavy drama Oscar contenders.

  4. Anyone catch the premiere of hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H. yesterday ? Thoughts if you did imo I thought it was alright.

    • Is it in the style of Superhero Squad or more like their other animated series?

      I’m looking forward to the Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel crossover episode.

      • @BigNerd

        The animation is similar to the avengers assemble.

    • I’m not sure why, but the new shows, Ultimate Spidey, Hulk, and Avengers, don’t compare to the EMH. I know the animation is way better but I thought the stories and the voice acting was way better.

  5. Watched “The Dark Knight Rises” yesterday out of boredom.

    I can’t help but think of a couple of scenes where The Joker would’ve made it much better. Instead of Catwoman killing Bane, having The Joker kill Bane would make much more sense (and would add more to their freaking relationship that is never established correctly). Instead of Bane giving the detonator to Talia, giving it to The Joker would’ve made things much more intense.

    I understand the respect for Heath Ledger, but I’m kind of furious that TDKR goes out of it’s own way to almost deny the fact that The Joker even existed.

    • this is the main reason I was annoyed with this movie. for a solid trilogy that wants to tie all things together, they made a mistake with pretending The Dark Knight didn’t happen. a few mentions of the joker would have been enough imo.

      • They pretended the joker didnt happen. But to say it pretend the dark knight didnt happen makes no sense. A large theme of the movie was harvey dent

        • An even larger event was Joker turning Harvey Dent into Two-Face, bringing Gotham to it’s knees, and destroying Batman from the inside.

          A mention wouldn’t hurt, and I feel a whole conversation at least needs to happen when it comes to that. The Joker is not someone you just forget about.

    • Heath Ledger just might be both the best and worst thing to happen to the crown prince of crime.

      • I love the way Heath Ledger performed, but I despise that version of The Joker in particular.

        Having some sort of role in TDKR might’ve changed my mind, and they didn’t have to show his face. Did Nolan really believe Heath Ledger was not going to be okay with a character going on without him? It’s not like he was going to be the main villain, that’s what Bane is for. I mean, you can’t just ignore a crucial character like The Joker. Especially when he traumatizes nearly all of Gotham in the last movie.

        • He was in arkham, read the comic

          • I shouldn’t have to.

            • +1

            • I dont see how you dont have any respect for a nolans decision when it was clearly based on the fact that ledger died. Im almost positive the dark knight rises would be a better film with joker as a side character but it would have felt wrong having him there without ledgers performance. Could someone do it better or equal, absolutely. But this is a trilogy and he made such a splash that whoever tool ledgers place would be ridiculled for that performance

              • You say that in the novelization, The Joker is in Arkham. Makes perfect sense, that’s where he belongs. Props for using common sense when it came to writing that in.

                What I’m saying is this: how do you respect Heath Ledger’s impact on this trilogy by acting like it never existed? If anything, it should be celebrated in it’s own way. I’m not saying there had to be an actual Joker in this, but there could’ve been an entire scene discussing the horrors he brought to Gotham.

                Or, when Bane is shot down, have Batman jerk his head to find nothing there. Just a few feet away, a Joker card is lying next to a shotgun. The back of the card reads “No one gets to kill you but me”.

                That’s all it takes. The character isn’t actually shown, but he still proves powerful enough to make an impact without being in the picture. And that is something The Joker would do. Batman is almost his property. If anyone is going to kill Batman, it’s going to be The Joker.

                • @ACW:

                  Nice. Except the card should say “He can break you, but only I can kill you”.

                  Any type of Joker reference (like the novelization) would have been good… better than the Scarecrow as judge… bleh.

                  • Yep. Or, have it be a dark joke that references giving someone their “permission to die”.

                    On the back, it reads “Permission granted”

                    • They could of just had the Joker on lock down because even the prisoners wouldn’t cut him loose (he had a bomb on two boats…those prisoners would remember that). Show the cell door and hear the laugh.

    • I watched it recently as well. I didn’t like Catwoman at all in the movie. The Joker would’ve been fun though. Even The Scarecrow was in all 3 movies.

    • Anyone else entertained that any time we get a post-apocalyptic/anarchy rules interpretation on film it seems to be a rule that everything has to get stacked into large piles?

      “Okay! No government! We rule! Put everything into piles!!”

      • I want to applaud the genius who told every single cop to go below ground to find Bane.




        • And they were there for MONTHS. How is that possible? They must have smelled horrible… which probably the only way they beat the criminals when they went back to the surface… B.O. POWER!

        • the whole movie is filled with ridiculousness and shenanigans.
          i havent found it in the cheap bin yet. i will get a copy at some point, just to have the complete trilogy on blu-ray, but i am not paying retail!

  6. I AM GROOT!!!

    • hi Vin! ;)

      • IMO, if Vin Diesel had to be in a Marvel movie, then voicing Groot is the best possible spot for him.

        • I’m putting money on the fact that VD was joking around about Groot. He’s playing with us bcuz he knows he can’t really come out and say who he is really playing. Awesome prank IMO.

          • Yeah I think so too.

    • “The things I do for this country.”

      • Hahahaha!

  7. I was thinking that Zack Snyder could have eliminated a LOT of the controversy with Man of Steel with an approximately ten second bit of footage. If after Zod threatened to attack earth, the next day he had shown a reporter stating that the streets of Metropolis were deserted as people were fleeing the city in fear of an attack. Therefore he could have made the argument that the estimated “human lives” lost would have been vastly smaller. Frankly when I watched the film I assumed that there were fewer people in the business district since I would imagine people would not be casually strolling into work after a verified alien threat but rather at home or in some shelter bracing for the worst.

    • I personally don’t think anything needs to be said. If we can’t figure it out for ourselves, then we shouldn’t be watching movies. But that’s just me.

      • Agreed…but it seems like “critics” are becoming more particular. Questions like how Batman got back to Gotham City in The Dark Knight Rises seems to need to be explained to people when it would seem all you would have to do is use a little imagination and the answers are pretty simple. The problem with that of course is that it makes already long movies longer.

        • yes, instead of a 10 second reply to “how’d you get here”, we are left with almost 1 minute of some nobody explaining, redundantly, what the clean slate is. just the name pretty much implies what it is, but no, the editors chose to add that stupid line in there rather than a 30 second montage of bruce, somehow, with only days remaing on the timer, in the middle of the desert, with his fortune (ridiculously) gone, he finds a phone, somewhere, and gets a ride to gotham, but before stopping bane & Co, he paints a mural on a bridge, with none of the patrols, or media, or anyone seeing…[the more i start thinking, the more i want to type, but i will stop]

          • I rest my case!

        • If critics are needing explanation nowadays, then how can they give movies like Les Miserables such a good review when the movie is total bogus as it is?

          I think CBM critics specifically are too childish to comprehend most things, and are at heart, biased. Kofi, Ben, and Drew are the rare few that don’t do that. And that’s why I will continue to read their reviews until I am proven wrong.

  8. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post a suggestion, as I have never posted anything before, but here goes.

    My Husband and I enjoy coming to this site for our movie and television updates and news every once in a while and enjoy the site over all, however we’ve noticed a trend lately in some very bad or questionable movie reviews such as Only God Forgives, among others. The most recent being Elysium.

    Even after reading the negative review of Elysium, we went and saw it any way and were pleasantly surprised at how great it was. As mentioned, we’ve noticed this has been a growing trend as of late with many of the movie reviews found on Screen Rant. The good ones are bad and the bad ones are good.

    If we may, we would like to suggest that Screen Rant, while it does a great job at many things, has a glaring weakness when it comes to reviewing films. Most of the reviews we read on this site are not in keeping with reviews we read on other sites or even in our local paper, in particular, Mr. Outlaw’s reviews.

    If Screen Rant were to upgrade their movie review staff, or even the review process, this site would be near perfect. Thank you for the scoops and interesting stories you provide on all of our favorite movies and television shows, and thank you for a forum to be able to make suggestions and for listening.

    Thank You,
    Linda Mann

    • This wording and writing style here, seems…oddly familiar.

      *lowers spectacle slightly*


    • So, pretty much because their opinions on films differ from yours and others, there is something wrong with them and their system?

    • “Most of the reviews we read on this site are not in keeping with reviews we read on other sites or even in our local paper, in particular, Mr. Outlaw’s reviews.”

      Wow… whatever happened to respect of opinions?

    • Please tell me, whenever your home sports team loses, do you request the winning team play less hard next time?
      At the very base of any review is opinion, so if you insist on continuing to use the site, wouldn’t logic dictate you would take into account the things the reviewers don’t like that you do? Then just base your viewing accordingly? Perhaps that suggestion just makes too much sense.

    • Linda Mann. I’m sorry your complaint cannot be taken seriously.
      Screen Rant’s strength is its consistently superior reviews
      that do not read like the typical reviews on other sites.
      Kofi’s review of Elysium was excellent on every level.

      Instead of imploring Screen Rant to “upgrade their movie
      review staff”, take it upon yourself to upgrade the
      readership and read your reviews elsewhere.

    • @ Linda

      With all do respect, the reviews on this site are, for the most part, spot on. Ocasionally there might be one or two that you don’t agree with and that’s fine, that’s why it’s called an opinion. Yours isn’t any better or more “right” than anybody else’s.
      Perhaps there is nothing wrong with “the review process” , or the “staff”, but rather with you. Again, not everybody is going to agree on every movie or even view it the same way, but that doesn’t make them wrong, because believe it or not, not everybody is going to agree with you. Maybe you should just stick with the newspaper.

    • Linda,

      Thank you for your feedback. Although I’m sorry our reviews and your opinions do not jive, I can tell you (as owner) that I am quite happy with the movie reviews here on Screen Rant.

      Best regards,


    • LOL – so, should they replace “the review staff” or just that “Kofi Outlaw” guy?

      SPOILER ALERT: He annoys me too. He’s a total bizarro reviewer.

      • #OutlawKofi

        Trend it.

      • I think everyone. Just “freshen” things up. ;)

      • He is a petaQ!!


  9. guys… Pacific Rim opened in japan but it made only 3 million for the weekend? haannn??? i mean.. i thought the numbers would be record breaking, specially in japan. WTF?

    • Yes I had a very WTF moment when I read that as well.

    • Maybe many of them have already seen it? You know… the T-word?

      • yeah i know….! but seriously even then it is like a must see in theater event… for god sake world war z made more money at BO in japan for the weekend. It made like 3.5 mill

    • Does this mean no PR sequel?

      • This could mean the end of the Jaeger program Stark. But if the Kaiju attack again.. Heaven help us..

        • @ movie dude

          Don’t worry movie dude, I’m building Ultron, we’ll all be safe. :)

          • or so you think….

          • sounds boring.

    • yeah man.. when I read that on Boxofficemojo yesterday I threw my hands upward and was like “NOOOOO!!!”

      ok so I wasn’t that dramatic but I was absolutely sure that PR was gonna kill in JP. Everybody was, JP is supposed to be all over robot/kaiju/big monster movie stuff. That it only made 3 million was an unexpected punch to the face for me.

  10. Went to Elysium over the weekend. I enjoyed it… But. To sum it up District 9 was better by leaps and bounds.

    • should i watch Elysium in theaters or should i wait for the DVD release?

      • I would say if you find it easy to go see it in the theater go. But it is not required.

  11. Technical question/issue:

    What happened to the mobile version of screenrant? I check SR during the day on my iphone and I noticed the mobile theme is gone. I’ve had some trouble lately getting the site to load (hitting “x” then “reload” seems to fix it) but the web-looking theme is taking longer to load and seems to randomly reload. I can deal with having to stop/reload it myself, but to randomly reload after I start scrolling down is a little jarring. Plus, the comments in the articles don’t load properly meaning I have to scroll left-to-right to read them. My phone is a little older and getting sluggish, but the new problems seem to have started with the new web-based look.

    • The ones that are problematic are the “list” ones (like 5 Actors Who Can Play X Character). Those are the ones that have comments formatted strangely.

      I, too, noticed the random refresh but not sure what article I was on.

    • I am enjoying the change. On my Galaxy S 2 and Tab, it runs so much smoother for commenting.

    • Zipper,

      You’re seeing our new mobile theme. I haven’t seen the loading issue you’re referring to, and I’ve checked on both iPhone and Android. Also seems pretty snappy to me as far as load time. I also don’t see the left/right scroll issue.

      Feel free to email me



  12. Saw Flashpoint Paradox this weekend. Loved it. Which other DC animated movies should I check out? I’ve seen like… none. Well I saw Mask of Phantasm and Sub-Zero as a kid but nothing that’s recent. I’ve heard The Dark Knight Returns is good. Anything else I should add to my list?

    • “Batman: Under the Red Hood”
      “Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker”
      “Justice League: Doom”

      Those 3 are the ones that come to mind first.

      • Seconded.


        Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
        Supeman: Doomsday (if you liked that storyline)

      • I’ve been meaning to watch return of the joker!! Thanks for reminding me I totally forgot about that one. I started Under the Red Hood one night back when I had netflix but it was like 2am and I had work the next day. Never got around to finishing it, but I loved the opening.

        No go on Dark Knight Returns then? neither of you mentioned it in your picks.

        • Oh, definitely watch “The Dark Knight Returns”. I figured you already had that set in stone when you mentioned it.

          • Yeah thats true :/ haha my bad. Thanks for the input!

        • @ movieDude

          If you get Return Of The Joker, get the unrated version. Much better!

          • Theres an unrated version? Did not know that. Cool!

            • Yup. I recommend it over the original cut.

      • I found Under the Red Hood one of the best Batman films, both live action and animated.

    • Superman unbound
      Justice league Crisis on 2 earths

      • Dude… Superman Unbound? Come on, recommend the guy something Good to watch ;)

    • Those 3 ACW mentioned are some of my favorites. I especially think Under the Red Hood is underrated.

      Also, I recently watched The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, which was very good. The two films may not be quite as good as the source material, but they really captured certain aspects very well.

      I’d recommend watching Mask of the Phantasm again btw. As a kid, ya don’t really take everything in, and with that movie there’s actually quite a lot of depth if you look beyond the surface.
      I remember watching it as a kid, and when I watched it years later, I had one of those ‘mind blown’ moments :D

      • Ok so for sure I’m seeing Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2, Under the Red Hood, and other previously mentioned ones.

        I would love to watch Phantasm again, it seems that everytime I watch it I enjoy it more. I haven’t seen it in years so its definitely to throw it on and have my mind blown again haha

        • its definitely *time to throw it on… sry bout that

    • All of them are great IMO. Even the WW and GL movies.

    • @ movie dude

      To be honest, you really can’t go wrong with any of the DC animated movies, IMO, they are all good.

      • All of Marvel’s animated movies are great as well. Planet Hulk and Dr Strange being my favorites.

      • @ Stark

        Imo, if DC’s animated movies were longer, id think they’d be better than live-action ones.

    • @ movieDude,

      Have you seen the TV series Young Justice? I understand you’re looking for movies, but if you haven’t seen the series, you really should. The writing is outstanding!

      • I loved that series. Still haven’t seen Teen Titans. Its on my Amazon list to buy. 5 seasons is a lot though LOL.

        How was the recently canceled GL series? The animation was kind of sketchy to me. (Sketchy… I am so funny…)

        • I found the Green Lantern series fantastic. The animation takes a bit of time getting use to I admit but in the end, I really liked it and wouldn’t have it any other way. The story was awesome as well. Huge shame it didn’t continue.

  13. So I’ve been watching Ray Donovan and I am loving the show. I am thinking with Dexter coming to an end, Showtime might have found another winning series with Ray Donovan. Also with Dexter, it seems mini Dexter is not too happy with Dexter standing him up, LOL. I think it might come back to bite Dexter later on and Hannah coming back doesn’t seem like a good thing either.
    On to HBO, lol, True Blood had a nice farewell for Terry. Last nights episode was fun and I enjoyed the little stomp from Bill, LOL. Sundays season finale will be interesting to check out.
    Now on to AMC, Breaking Bad is back and it will be sad when the show ends. I hope AMC doesn’t fall into the Starz issue in which they let a show end and just can’t seem to find another show with the same success. Granted they have TWD but who knows how long that show will go on given the budget issues. Maybe Kirkman might just say enough and go with another network one day. Low Winter Sun was okay but I just didn’t get that excitement level that shows like a Breaking Bad gives me.
    Also, a friend was telling me about this show film like a reality TV but is a drama type of show called Siberia. I checked it out last night and thought it was cheesy but interesting. The idea of the story is pretty good but I just think how they executed into a Reality TV type of show seems weird to me.
    Any thoughts?

  14. True Blood Ep 9 Life Matters random thoughts:

    1. Strange how they intertwined Terry’s funeral and the prison/white-room breakout story.

    2. I don’t understand why Bill could not have just stopped Sarah from “tanning” the vamps is beyond me.

    3. Are we to assume the Warlow blood gives them permanent daywalker status?

    4. I liked the flashbacks of Terry.

    5. Ginger screaming is such a hilarious part of True Blood.

    6. Eric really seems like a superhero now… the way he maimed that one doctor was quite painful (and graphic).

    7. I still dislike how Tara went from a main character to almost a sideshow.

    8. So many of those vamps are infected with Hep-V, are they going to spread it? And what does that Hawaii scene mean?

    • Yes, the Eric scene with the Doctor was great along with Bill coming in afterwards, LOL. I think the vamps infected with Hep-V would die considering I didn’t see them come up with a cure. I think in one scene Eric told one of the guys that his maker was going to die a painful death or something like that. The Ginger scream was funny. The Terry flashbacks/funeral we nicely done, imo.
      The whole Bill thing was kind of weird in which why didn’t he just fly up to stop Sarah or even Eric. Also if they drank the “Warlow” blood, are they immune to sunlight now or is it just a temporary thing? Are they now Vamp-faires? It also seems like Warlow is hiding something besides what happened to Sooki’s grandfather

      • @ JaredDac

        Bill,Eric & the other Vamps aren’t fairy-vamps, they’re just able to walk into the sunlight. Whether it’s temporary remains to be seen as Bill still day walks no problem but has no fairy powers. The way he talked to Eric in Episode 9 aswell Nora mentioned to Eric, Hep-V still can still effect can kill the vampires. As for Warlow hiding something from Sookie, Dunno what it could be other her feeding off humans instead off each other which he mentioned to survive.

        One of the best moments was Steve Newlin’s demise at the hands of Eric & no-one would let him feed off Bill,lol. Again he said he said loves Jason when looking up at Sarah,lol.

        • Steve’s last words were classic… I so thought he was talking to Sarah.

          Which reminds me, I always wondered why Jason doesn’t have any powers like his sister but I read somewhere that he has a faerie sort of power where people are attracted to him (which is why he has no problem with the ladies… or guys).

          Whenever Eric flies, I can’t help but think of Superman.

          • @ BigNerd

            Indeed they were,i thought the same way by seeing Sarah’s reaction.

            I thought the same about Jason just a little as he was good in sports. I wonder what will become of him & Violet. I like her already this season as she doesn’t put up with no-one & loved how she talked to Pam. I was like, watch it Pam lol.

            I think any Vampire who flies, takes off like Superman lol.

    • @ BigNerd

      I liked how the show in it’s own way said final good bye’s to a beloved character like Terry by showing his very beginnings to the first time he set sights on Arlene. I enjoyed how Eric set vampires free & the way some of them were giving humans their own treatments.

      Bill was more concerned to finding the white room in time as he didn’t know Sarah Newlin was there. He knew he had Warlow’s blood within him as Eric did.

      So far it seems Warlow’s blood allow vamps to daywalk permanently according to previews of season’s finale. Who knows.

      I always get a chuckle from Ginger’s screaming & people’s reactions. Eric: I know that scream. Lol. Make Ginger the new scream queen,lol.

      What Eric did to the doctor, that’s Eric,lol. Loved what he said to the guy.

      I liked Tara more as a Vampire than she was human not that four season of her human were bad but it seemed she had a lot to handle. I wonder what Warlow was doin in the fae plain was setting up something for Sookie to be turned. Not getting my hopes up since there will be a season 7.

      I can’t wait for season finale. I feel sorry for Andy’s daughter who looks like she’ll get attack again. This season has been better than season 5 despite 10 episodes imo. I was disappointed Jason didn’t kill Sarah. I was so sure he’d do it last week after all she did.

  15. Don’t know if anyone else has seen it, but the GOTG footage is on youtube. Low quality but, good enough to see everything… looks pretty damn awesome!

  16. Did anyone else notice that since the announcement that WB/DC made at ComiCon… Cavill hasn’t done an interview? Do you think all of the things he was saying were just to amp up the response at Con? Pretty clever, Hank.

    • @ LC

      Isn’t Cavil filming Man from U.N.C.L.E. right now, or is that in September? It could have been hype, but I’m not sure how long before Comic Con they knew Batman was even going to be in MoS2.
      Agreed, Thor does look quite amazing, and from what I’m reading Cap 2 is shaping up pretty nicely. I can’t wait!

      • You could be right… I honestly don’t know his itinerary. Cap 2… seems to have a lot of Shield involvement which might steer me away. I still want to see it in theaters though.

  17. And Thor 2 is going to be amazing. Utterly amazing. Just plan amazing.

    • How many Amazings does it take to get to the center of Thor 2?

      • The world may never know

        • +2

      • +1

  18. Does anyone think in DC’s universe, heroes & villains will look more like their comic book counter-parts? And am I the only one who thinks Superman’s costume should be brighter colored in future films?

    • When you said “will” did you mean “will” or “should”?

      I think they should somewhat resemble them but honestly, a lot of the costumes are somewhat far fetched or out dated.

      I like Nolan’s Batman design. It makes more sense since Batman is only human and he should be armored. I like the Kryptonian suits as well. Color aside, I think they are great. And no I don’t want it to be brighter.

      • +1

      • Imo I think a lot of popular heroes & villains will be hard to fit into this realistic tone of universe. I think they should resemble their costumes as close as they can.

        I think Batman’s costume should be similar to Chris Evan’s Avengers costume gray colored this time. Alittle body armor mentioned in the film that no-one could noticed in the chest area only, but not arms or legs. Mostly so the actor/character be faster & more agile as Batman should be than being in a 40 lbs. rubber suit. Makes Batman more human & vulnerable when seen compared to other heroes.

        Regarding Superman’s costume. Imo I think it’s too dark. As Bizzaro dark. Id to think the costume should be brighten similar to Routh’s Superman costume which wasn’t too bright & not too dark.

        • I like how Man of Steel’s costume makes it look like it’s really Cavill’s muscles (at least I think it does).

          Considering the scenes on Krypton, I would have preferred it if Supes suit stayed black and grey but that would have been too much a change (although we have seen that suit in the comics).

          I know it would have been cheesy, but I would have rather seen the suit made by Martha Kent (based on what Clark did as a kid in that flashback) using materials from his ship like the comics.

          As for Bats, I also think it needs to be more of a body armor type suit, no fake muscles (or nipples). You don’t have to make it bulky at all, it could be explained as some advanced material that is impervious to EVERTHING (it is a comic book movie) and can be form fitting (which is why whatever actor they choose, needs to be ripped). A big reason (IMO) the Batsuit in the movies has fake muscles in the first place is because all the actors weren’t muscular enough.

          Clark: Nice suit… looks like you workout.
          Bruce: So do you.
          Clark: Not really… it’s natural.
          Bruce: If you call being an alien “natural”.

          As for capes, as another poster said, Bats does use it (I remember reading that the scallops were weighted to be used as weapons and that it’s fire and bullet proof), and for Supes, it is iconic.

          But, as shown in The Incredibles, capes are a hazard.

          • I agree about the suit being grey. I want to know what was special about his suit that it was blue? Is it some sort of hierarchy? Maybe just a different generation since it was thousands of years old? Or maybe its just their space suits. The fake muscles are a little much as well. The old bat suits, although fun just aren’t practical either. The “Nomex” material as I think it was called was wonderful.

            • I really hope they go the classic black cowl on grey body look.

              Personally, I’m no fan of “armored” Batman. I think you can “tech-up” his stuff without having to put a suit of armor on him.

              The Arkham video game look is what I have my fingers crossed for.

          • @ BigNerd

            I agree regarding Batman’s new costume. Id have it look something like Captain America’s costume from The Avengers except for the boots, gloves, cape & cowl. & some kind of material underneath the costume. Only it’s weaker on the arms & maybe legs so maybe Batman gets shot or badly injured, they could use the character Dr. Leslie Thompkins on screen.

    • If anything, I would like to see the capes be done with. As formal wear, capes are amazing. But in battle, they aren’t useful.

      • Batman uses his cape in battle for tons of things. they even incorporated it in to the Arkham games. You can sweep it around at enemies and disorient them for a second. With heroes like martian Manhunter, ok sure, lose the cape. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But not Batman or Superman. Batman uses his and Superman’s red cape is iconic.

        • LOL I totally get what you’re saying Oneiros, that in the video games, it could disorient an enemy. But in real life… c’mon? It’s like having long hair. It can be used against you. Its not practical. No matter how iconic it is. Formal wear, yeah sure. But not in battle.

        • Superman could look good with no cape years later if they can do away with the yellow belt & red trunks.

  19. Dexter Ep 7 Dress Code random thoughts:

    1. Is Dexter like Wolverine? He heals up pretty quick.

    2. Like I said last week, Mini-Dex is not a good idea.

    3. Masuka playing father is hilarious, I just find it hard to believe he didn’t know what kind of place his daughter worked at.

    4. I forgot how fast episodes of Dexter can be… a character intro, convo, deado in like minutes.

    5. Since I’m watching Vampire Diaries, whenever I see Harry, I can’t help but think of the Salvatore brothers.

    6. I’m not convinced the killer from last week is the one who’s been taking out brain parts from other victims.

    • I have a bad feeling that Hannah and mini Dex with play a role in how Dexter goes down. I forgot how hot Hannah is LOL

  20. Favorite line (so far) from season two of Longmire:

    *** Possible Spoiler ***

    “A good woman was murdered. A bad man is dead. End of story.” :)

    • Yes, that was a great line, $2.
      It summed everything up succinctly
      and through in a measure if justice too.

    • i love that show. i had seen it advertised, but just never thought i would like it. i watched ep1 on netflix, and watched all of s1 in a weekend, and dl’d s2 i was behind on.

      is it just me, or does it just seem silly the way some of LDP’s dialogue comes across, with him not using many contractions. it feels forced to me.

      and i liked the final scene in s1

      “…no.” it was powerful, yet subdued.

  21. I’m tired of all this bickering. I’ve been waiting to hear you guys give the people over at Super Power Beat Downs their props for putting out kick ass adaptions of superhero fights.

    Wolverine vs Predator is f’n awesome.
    The Thor vs Superman is EXACTLY how a fight between to titans should look and “Feel”. Thor even keeps his friggn helmet on (just like the comics) and it doesn’t look stupid (for all the “realistic comic guys”)

    Their takes on the characters are all spot on in my opinion.
    You can tell they put a lot of heart into what they do because everything is conceptualized by true comic fans.

    • Check this site out as well. I like Super Power Beat Downs. Its fun. But this site seems to be more accurate.

      • both of those sites are fun.

        I absolutely love the Goku vs Superman on Screw Attack!!

        • Goku vs Superman is awesome. The Batman vs Spider-Man one was funny.

  22. Hulu Plus has 2 new original shows. I mentioned the Awesomes last week. It’s an animated dysfunctional Justice League…at times it can be funny. Other times, I feel as if I can walk out of the room and not miss a thing.

    Then, I watched Quickdraw. It is a live action western sitcom. It is hilarious. I discovered it last night and immediately watched both episodes available back to back. If you have Hulu Plus and you like to laugh, Quickdraw.

  23. I can’t believe that ‘Pacific Rim’ is doing better b.o. in China ($76 mill) than in Japan ($3 mill for the weekend),and Japan is where this genre (giant robots vs giant monsters) started,kinda strange if you ask me,and you did not,but that doesn’t matter to me because even after seeing ‘Elysium’ over the weekend,I still like ‘Pacific Rim’ as my favorite movie of this summer.

    • Im pissed,i finally wanted to see Pacific Rim this weekend,and it’s not playing in any of the local theatres anymore.I’ll have to chop that up as a lost and wait for it on dvd.

  24. Stop the presses(!!!), I just spotted a very interesting article on the ComicBookMovie website, regarding another new character on Arrow this upcoming season, first mention I have seen so far. The article states that SG-1 actress Teryl Rothery will be in a multi-episode role in the 2nd. season of Arrow, playing savvy attorney Jean Loring, who was married to Ray Palmer/The Atom in the comics. She will premiere in episode #3 this upcoming season. As a side-note, in “The Undertaking” Arrow episode this past season, there is a reference to a “Ray and Jean”. Hmmm….could we soon be seeing Dr. Palmer on the show?

    • +1

  25. Don’t they start shooting the Fantastic Four reboot next month? We still don’t have any official news about any of the cast.This isn’t a positive sign at all.

  26. What do you guys think of the rumor that Warner Bro. offering him $50 million to return as the Cape Crusader? Think this is true? And think he’ll do it?
    Plus Hugh Jackman was offered $100 million to do 4 more Wolverine movies. Good or bad idea?