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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 11, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 11, 2014

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  1. So Turtles did well.

    Haven’t seen that or GotG… which one would you see first?

    • I cannot determine which you will find more enjoyable, but I can offer my input. I saw Guardians. I enjoyed it. It’s a lot like the original Star Wars on steroids. The turtles (although I grew up with them) have not piqued my interest, so I will not be seeing it unless my kids want to. So far, they don’t.

    • Guardians! Go watch the original movies over the remake. Also… there is no way in hell that the Turtles come even close to the fun factor of the Guardians.

  2. What songs will be on vol. 2 of star lords mix tape?

    • Technically, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is on Volume 2 but they are selling it on Volume 1! Why can’t the merchandise be canonical?!?! 😉

      • those bastards!

      • I had the same issue. I almost wished the song wasn’t on the soundtrack….

  3. I know the show doesn’t get talked about here at all but lately I’ve been watching Modern Family and I think it’s a pretty funny show.
    They show the reruns on USA and what I like most is that it’s something I can watch with the whole family on a Friday night.

    Now let me be clear. I don’t think it’s worthy of all the awards it wins.
    I think Parks and Recreation, Veep and Louie are head’s above in writing and acting but like I was saying before as a family comedy that I can watch with the kids it’s pretty good.

    • I just finished the most recent season on Hulu. It’s fun to watch, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it. Luke is my favorite character…probably because I was once a dumb kid like him.

      • True story, the kid who plays Luke is actually a MENSA member and graduated high school at 13. Always thought that was kind of funny.

        • Seriously? Wow. Well, he is a comedic genius.

      • Some would say I still am. 😉

    • Haha for a while I was seriously considering changing my name on here to Phil Dunphy. He’s my hero.

      Favorite episode: The Butler’s Escape.

      • No matter what the reason whenever Cam lets out that high pitch scream I can’t help but laugh.

    • Agreed. But I watch it to see what tight outfits Sofia Vergara can fit herself into. That dress she had on at Cam’s and Mitchell’s wedding was awesome….

      • I know right! Or her bikini in Hawaii!?

        • Definitely!! And you could see that they were trying to cover her up a little, if they had allowed her to go “all out bikini model” like we know she can, they might’ve had to slap an age-restriction on the episode. Her body is an event on its own… And it helps that she’s also incredibly funny.

          • She was in Machete Kills as well. Oh man…

    • Is that the show with Julie Bowen AND Sofia Vergara? Those would be the only 4 reasons I’d watch that show.

  4. Ok, since we all enjoy doing this, here is another top 5!

    What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi movies? And because I always forget some when I go first, I am going to let you guys go! 😀

    • 1) Pan’s Labyrinth
      2) The Lord of the Rings 1-3. (Can’t pick just one)
      3) Alien
      4) Star Wars: Episode IV
      5) 2001

      Now fast forward 15 minutes and I’ll think of a bunch more. :)

    • 1. Blade Runner
      2. The Matrix
      3. Pans Labyrinth
      4. Star Wars 1-3
      5. District 9

      I’m gonna regret leaving something out later….

    • 5) The Matrix
      4) T2: Judgment Day
      3) Akira
      2) Princess Mononoke
      1) Guardians of the Galaxy
      I’m sure I’ll get some flack for having GotG as my number one; lmao.

      Honorable mentions: Fullmetal: Conqueror of Shamballa, Back 2 the Future, End of Evangelion, Summer Wars, Lord of the Rings.

    • Truth be told, these are in no particular order, and if you ask me the same question tomorrow (or twenty minutes from now, as Kevin7 sorta/kinda pointed out), I might have a very different list/ranking. Here goes:

      “Fantastic Planet”
      “Flight of Dragons”
      “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”
      “Lord of the Rings” trilogy

    • 1. Aliens
      2. The Empire Strikes Back
      3. LotR: The Two Towers
      4. Pitch Black
      5. Starship Troopers

    • Top Five (no order):

      1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
      2. Tron
      3. Brazil
      4. Donnie Darko
      5. The Thing (1982)
      5 1/2. Dreamscape

    • I would have to say Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Predator, Aliens, Terminator, Ghostbusters, Willow, Back to the Future,… can’t choose!

  5. #5 – Back to the Future
    #4 – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    #3 – Spaceballs
    #2 – Galaxy Quest
    #1 – Ghostbusters

    • 1. Pan’s labrynth
      2. Children of men
      3. Star wars
      4. Moon
      5. Inception

  6. Love Screenrant but….
    Lately there is so many links added typing on the screen comments is a challange.Anyone know how to get rid of them? I mean the facebokk, twitter, etc

    • The little boxes that pop up on the right hand side of the screen with really old SR stories bug me. Usually it’s an old article about a rumour about a film that has long since been debunked and is now pointless to read. Not to mention I read them the first time around anyway.

      • I know! I’ve seen “Dave Chapelle’s return for 4th season confirmed” sitting in my corner. That’s an April’s Fool joke from years ago!

      • Made me laugh….
        On another note Trans4 has gone over a billion already,any one know how?

    • Ghostery for either chrome or firefox.

      • Thanks

  7. Happy Monday everbody hope everybody had a good weekend

    Watched these movies over the weekend
    -Cast Away
    -Now You See Me
    – Contagion

    Cast Away always has been one of Tom Hank’s best movies. The will of the human spirit to survive is always amazing to watch in movies.

    Now You See Me was okay this of course being my first time seeing it.The ending was so cheesy.

    Contagion shows the dangers of what happens when people panic during a outbreak. Laurence Fishburne has always been a amazing actor.

    • Hey, I just taped NYSM and was wondering if I should watch it.

      • Some of the acting is a little put off, but its a good flick to watch with the family and to chill back and enjoy your favorite soda and snack! I’d recommend watching it at least once.

    • @Blackknight16
      Check out Castaway on the Moon, not similar to Cast Away besides on a slight superficial level, but it was good in its own right. Cute little movie that I think everyone should see. Mind you it’s foreign and a bit more comedic but has some good emotional depth to it.

      @Tj Smith
      Think Juggernaut has almost always been associated with the X-Men. And I don’t really want to see the X-Men in the MCU. I don’t think we’d get the serious storytelling that Fox is doing with them if they’re in MCU. I like the different flavours. Plus, X-Men has always felt like a separate universe in the comics anyways.

      What I’d rather see is that they add new material or make new material. If they can’t use Galactus, they should just make some new cosmic entity representing an abstract or come up with something new altogether. They could really get their creative juices flowing by venturing into new territory without necessarily being tied to canon or trying to get the other properties from the other studios. Besides, MCU deviates a lot from canon anyways, and people don’t mind.

  8. test

    • Hey! I can post again! I’ve had some trouble posting in the OD lately. I’m getting blocked with a “403 error” page, but Vic has been very kind in helping me out. I’ve tried responding to many people the past few weeks, only to be blocked. :( Lately, I’ve been able to post only once a day (???).

      • Same here. The word filtering is behaving very weirdly in my opinion, it picks up for moderation many messages that have nothing funky at all

  9. I noticed that TASM2 digital download was available to buy last week and that the Blu-ray/DVD releases soon. Does anyone know if Sony plans on releasing a director’s cut of TASM2? I’d like to own it…I own all the Spidey films (even that 3rd one that boils my britches), but I’d prefer to wait for the director’s cut if that is happening. No reason to buy it twice.

    • Mark Webb didn’t do one for the first one so its unlikely but I hope he does,I think there could be another 30 mins of footage there somewhere,but its one of my favs this year.

      • I’d like to see the movie teased in the trailer, but I enjoyed it too. Even if it was considered the worst CBM of the year by many (including the SR editors on their podcast), it’s still a fun movie. And better than a lot of other films that came out this year.

        • Ya,I don’t get all the hate,nor all the love for GOTG,an ok film I thought,but that’s just me.

  10. Has Captain America: TWS come out to DVD/Blu-Ray? I cannot find it anywhere and have not seen it advertised. It’s taking way to long for that awesome flick to come out, why do the best always take the longest!? WHY! I want my CAP! I want my Scar-J! I want my Fury! I want my WinterSoldier! I WANT MY FALCON! :(

    • @sphynx001 I think cap TWS comes out September 9th

  11. Robin Williams is dead.

    I am stunned.

    • That’s crazy. So sad. Rest in peace.

    • Shocker…

      I will always remember him from Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Hook, Jumanji and very fondly for being the Genie in Aladdin

  12. RIP Mr. Williams

  13. Just a thought, since Juggernaut isn’t really a mutant his powers are magic base Marvel should snatch him up and put him as the baddie in a new hulk movie, or have him as a minion in Doctor Strange. That way depending on the angle they take with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch they can move on to make a Thunderbolts flick with some established villains that everyone can recognize and i think it would be a smash hit.

    Also i think Marvel will eventually get X-Men back in the fold, and a good way to lead into them meeting and eventually joining or fighting the avengers (which i would rather see) would be for them to do a crossover event in GotG 3. Have the Guardians run into Corsair and the Star Jammers on their way to earth, I think that would be a nice way to see the Avengers and the X-men cross paths in a new A vs X story. And since the Star Jammers aren’t mutants, Just a human with a bunch of aliens like the GotG they could even do there appearance early to tease the X-men coming back into the fold before its actually released to the public.

    What you guys think? anyone else wanna see that.

  14. Just watched Guardians of Galaxy.. Was ok but getting this type rave reviews on RT ? Really? I didn’t think it was nor really funny or had great action.. so what is it?

    • I thought the same, over rated.

  15. New try…

    Hello ranters, long time no speak.

    I am back from holidays and with my homework done: I watched GotG in its full glory (i.e. IMAX)

    Since I am already a bit late to the party and pretty much everything has been said by now, I’ll try to be brief. I’ll do a 3+/3- type of feedback:

    + Overall impression: I enjoyed it big time. Good old fun and highly entertaining. Many achievements on many fronts. Big win for Marvel Studios, given it was initially a tough sell. I always rooted for this movie for attempting something new (like I do with any movie that it tries something new) and I am glad it paid off. Very curious about where it will end up at the box office. Also bravo for announcing the sequel even before having all the figures at hand
    + Core team: the 5 GotG were spot on. Perfect casting, great performances and amazing chemistry. They had the challenge of introducing many new characters and they excelled at it. People now care about them and certainly want to see more of them
    + Aesthetic (visually plus soundtrack): IMAX was a treat indeed and the soundtrack was another sweet deal bringing plenty of nostalgia. I felt like if I was watching Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Goonies all at once because of the memories it brought back J

    – Xandar and Nova Corps: Weird place with useless police force? Creatively, Xandar was a missed opportunity for something a bit cooler. It felt a bit flat. Also, the Nova Corps let me down a bit. Where are the superpowered dudes? Where is the big artillery?
    – Ronan: Also a missed opportunity here… SPOILERS ahead: Ronan is so much more complex than the plain villain they gave us. And don’t get me wrong, I liked Lee Pace in the role and I liked his look, but Ronan in the comics is a character a lot richer than that. He is a proud Kree warrior (from which we don’t hear much either btw) and has been a hero many times like when being part of the Annihilators and even teaming up with the Avengers. I wish they would have found a way to keep him around and develop him further
    – Thanos: Again, another missed opportunity here… SPOILERS ahead: Thanos is meant to be the big finale and they need to start warming up asap. In my opinion the two scenes with him went wasted as they did not present him as a dark big intimidating threat. In the first scene Ronan kills the Other and he doesn’t even tell him off… they just have a standstill where Nebula simply tells Ronan he cannot win that fight. That’s not enough for me, a little bit of properly overpowering him should have been in order. Also, like when Ronan tells him on the video chat he is coming for him and instead of laughing it out he just goes mute… There is still time in phase 3 to correctly develop Thanos, but the sooner the better, as the better the villain the more I like these movies

    In any case those minuses did not ruin it for me at all and some of them might even change for the best in the sequels. One thought that it came to me after watching GotG was: what the hell was Edgar Wright trying to do with Ant-Man then? I mean, if they let James Gunn doing all this crazy things, once have to wonder about those “creative” differences. Anyway, as I have said before, that split was clearly for the best, and while I haven’t warmed to the Ant-Man movie yet (it’s hard), given their track record they deserve the benefit of the doubt and my support at the box office.

    So once I have touched on the GotG review, now I am gonna follow with the other rankings (for some people affected after GotG) that I have seen in the past OD’s:

    Top 5 for 2014 movies (still pending on watching Interstellar and the Hobbit 3 though):

    #1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    #2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (btw, I rewatched it before watching GotG so I am affirmed on this)
    #3. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    #4. Guardians of the Galaxy
    #5. Edge of Tomorrow

    Top 5 for CBMs ever:

    #1. The Avengers
    #2. The Dark Knight
    #3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    #4. X-Men 2 / X-Men: Days of Future Past
    #5. Iron Man I

    Two things to point out in these rankings:

    -> 2014 has been the best year for CBMs ever. Never before we had so many and such a good movies. Long life to the CBMs bubble! With the exception of ASM2, I am sure the other 3 movies have found their way into the top lists of many people. On the MCU in particular, it is very good to see that after a very dubious 2013, they delivered spectacularly in 2014. It is also great to look at the future and see that Joss Whedon will repeat as director for Avengers 2, the Russo’s will repeat as directors for Cap 3 and James Gunn will repeat as director for GotG 2. It is very clear that when the directors and the studio click, they deliver the best movies, so I am very confident in those future instalments (although that repeat formula did not work so well for Iron Man II after a great Iron Man I)
    -> On the topic of MCU villains, as you can see above I am partial to Loki, Winter Soldier and Obadiah (outside the MCU the Joker and Magneto), but I have the feeling Ultron might be the best of the lot. I couldn’t be more hyped about A:AoU even if I tried. May 2015 can’t come fast enough

    So that’s on GotG and MCU, now onto WB and DC: I have always liked their movies and the only thing I have truly criticized of them was that they were being lazy and slow with giving us more, considering the great catalogue of properties they had, so I am extremely happy they have not changed gear and are giving us 4 TV series (I am particularly looking forward to Constantine) and a bunch of movies for the coming years (finally dates have been confirmed – my calendar is marked).

    Obviously Batman V Superman is the one I am more into for now, but I am ready for the rest. I am also glad they have reconsidered the wrong move they made with the release date (i.e. initially they announced it for 2015 during Comic Con 2013, then they delayed it to May 2016 inexplicably placing it on a slot prebooked by Marvel, and now they have move it forward to March 2016 so finally we can have peace and no overlap with Cap 3).

    I am also cautiously happy of seeing how Fox seems to back off on his bid for Time Warner. Am I the only one that was concerned with this? It is not over yet, but I really don’t want it to happen. Basically I wouldn’t like the merge of characters (DC and mutants?) and what it could happen to them.

    Just to be clear, I am not one of those guys that want all the Marvel characters under the Disney roof. I like the X-Men at Fox, especially if they finally have the balls of doing an R-rated Deadpool movie, and I wouldn’t mind having the Punisher, Blade, Ghostrider and Daredevil at Fox too for the same reason. Mutants and street level heroes can be outside the MCU no problem. On the other hand I think that Spiderman totally belongs in the MCU in terms of tone and story, and so do the Fantastic Four. I would like to have Spiderman crossing paths with the Avengers and I would like to have the Fantastic Four (along with Galactus, Silver Surfer and the Skrulls) crossing paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy (along with Thanos, the Nova Corps and the Kree). It just makes sense, plus obviously the MCU would benefit greatly in terms of villains from the entire Spiderman rogue gallery and Dr Doom (and again Galactus and the Skrulls).

    • Enjoy reading your long posts.

      Just my 2 cents regarding your top 5 CBMs ever..
      I fully understand 1 and 2… Some say they are 1 and 1a but I have no problem w/ that..

      Why is Captain America The Winter Soldier placed so high however? I watched it twice but I never understood the big hoopla about this movie.. why? I find it Winter Soldier concept stupid. In days of Iron man and advance AI being available for average joe like Nick Fury?(ok so he’s not your everyday joe but you get the idea), dude with robotic arm is suppose to be unstoppable?

      Anyway, this is just for good sake of discussion..

      Top 5 for CBMs ever:

      #1. The Avengers
      #2. The Dark Knight
      #3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      #4. X-Men 2 / X-Men: Days of Future Past
      #5. Iron Man I

      • The Winter Soldier is not just a guy with a robotic arm, he is one of the most sophisticated soldiers/spies ever. He’s gone on more missions than anyone and he hasn’t done anything else in between missions (to the fridge). If you can become a master in a lifetime, he has spent several lifetimes at it.

        Of course he would be no match for people like Hulk, Thor or Iron Man, but that is why he is perfect for this movie (i.e. he can take down and/or kill Black Widow, Falcon and even Cap). The greatness in this movie is that we get a balanced, as in equal, archnemesis, which makes it the more menacing. Every time the Winter Soldier is on screen in this movie you can feel the danger, people can easily die. This movie is more grounded and it is very good to have that diversity in the MCU.

        Anyway, leaving the villain part aside, I found CA:TWS an intelligent film that also used in a very clever way the whole Hydra thing with Alexander Pierce (Robert Reford) being awesome. I am not sure how I would rank the rest, but from my side, Avengers, CA:TWS and Iron Man I are definitely the top 3 of the MCU so far. But hey, that’s what we are here for, to disagree :)

  16. I love your body Larry.