Open Discussion – August 10, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 10, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 10, 2012

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  1. Morning Ranters!

  2. Has anyone noticed that by the time Marvel phase 2 ends, they’ll have 4 active trilogys, Iron Man, Thor (they’ll be planning for Thor 3 by then), Cap (he’ll get a third), and avengers.

    then Guardians may go sequel, and antman, … that’s a lot of properties to manage. I hope they keep the quality up.

    make mine marvel.

    • By trilogys, I mean franchises.

    • I was just saying how sweet my bluray movie collection will be after Phase 2.
      Iron Man 1, 2, 3
      Thor, Dark World
      Cap, Winter Soldier
      Incredible Hulk
      Avengers 1-2

      Over 24 hours of MCU epicness.

  3. Im sure they’ll be able to handle it. I wonder if Obama seen True Blood yet this season. Probly best he didn’t,lol.

  4. Has anyone seen the documentary 2016: Obama’s America? I want to see it but the closest theater is over 200 miles away. Fahrenheit 911 and Inconvenient Truth can get wide releases but not this; not fair! I thought there was some type of Fairness Act? 😀

    • Excellent movie, very well done. The one thing that really bugs me, is all the press keeps labeling it an anti Obama movie and it is not. It presents known facts, ( many from Obama himself) and lets you decide what you want. This is not some nasty movie against Obama. Of course right now if you say you aren’t voting for him you will be labeled many things, like racist, stupid, redneck and so forth. It is like the bullies are in charge.

      • You DO know that happens no matter which party is in power…Democrats, Republicans, or Independents…right? Your own biases are coming out…

  5. So this may be random but I’m a huge fan of The Rock, Dewayne Johnson’s acting ability. I think he’d be a great action star to be part of MCU. My question, what character would he best resemble. I think he could play a tough Luke Cage but not sure if the look is right. Any thoughts?

    • Prince Namor: The Submariner

      • Huh… Never thought of that… Nice call!

      • That could work!

    • Black Bolt, Task Master. Member of The Wrecking Crew.

  6. Two separate inquiries. Anyone heard anything about Red 2? And/or anyone heard any news about XXX 3 that is supposed to be starring Vin Diesel as Xander Cage again? Heard that it was in the works years ago and then *poof* never heard of it again.

    • I think Vin is wrapped up with Fast and Furious. I thought they were filming 6 and 7 back to back. Then he’s doing Riddick again.

    • RED 2 is coming out next year I believe, and the last bit of news I heard was that Anthony Hopkins is signed on to play a villain.
      I know nothing about XXX though.

      • last i heard they were not doing fast 6 and 7 back to back. so that might leave room for vin to do XXX 3 in between 6 and 7 maybe. and also Red 2 has cast catherine zeta jones and has hired on the director from Galaxy quest. I think Bruce is still finishing up production on Die hard 5 so once that wraps im sure youll hear more news on Red 2.

  7. With marvel are they gonna stop the iron man movies after the third to give room to others or are they just gonna milk all they can from that cash cow??

    • I feel superhero movies are here to stay. With how fast they reboot spider-man (which I enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man). Each hero may take a break but eventually will get a reboot.

    • Speaking of which, has RDJ signed on Avengers2 officially? If I recall, his contract was only for 4 films – IM, IM2, Avengers, and IM3.

      • Nothing yet but something has to be in the works…

        • I remember a couple years ago that RDJ said he would love to just play Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes for the rest of his career. If he really feels that way im sure he will come back for The avengers 2.

  8. Is it just me or is Colin Farrell one of the most overrated actors out there. Hell,I can’t even recall if the Guy has had any major blockbusters recent or in the past. Just seems like that his movies are always falling short.

    And just think, there are rumors that he could be one of the contenders for the rebooted Batman role. I don’t know if I trust him for that role, if those rumors are true.

    • He is def underrated.

    • Minority Report was good.

      I think he’s a good actor that just keeps accepting bad roles.

      • your probably right.

        • Its also a mix of bad movie rooe choices.

  9. now bourne legacy is out today but i think that movie is still going to be poorly directed.
    I don`t even see why we waste our time on scyfy or any nonrealistic films,
    THERE HAVE BEEN NO MOVIES I`VE SEEN THAT HAVEN`T SUCKED SO BAD THAT IT`S A WASTE OR ONLY WORTH WATCHING ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN THE AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the amazing spiderman, or any 3 new batmans or the old 4 batmans, or the other 3 spidermans, or avatar, or the transformers trilogy, star trek, prometheus, any of the 4 alien films, predator films, alien vs. predator films, oh and yeah, NO OTHER DC/MARVEL SUPERHERO FILM!!!!!!!!! The only reason why i`d watch those movies again if for free is to judge what`s wrong with`em to improve in sequels to the films, otherwise, quite a waste of time and money.

    • Wow that’s a big list, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what problems did you have with all these films.

    • Speak for yourself man.
      I love “non realistic films” and sci-fi. It’s escapism: I’d happily pay a few bucks to spend 2+ hours just enjoying my time, getting away from the real world and going to fantasy land.

      The question is, if you think sc-fi films are such a waste of time and money, why do you keep spending time and money on seeing them? If you saw the first Alien films or the first Marvel movies or the first two Noaln Batman movies, why would you watch their sequels knowing they’d be similar?
      – There are plenty of bio pics and dramas out there…

      • I agree with the avenger.

      • @ The Avenger

        I agree with ya. It is nice to get away from the real world & enjoy films that are Not so realistic. CBM or other films of genre.

    • In all honesty, is ANY movie realistic? From chick flicks with impossibly romanticized characters to comedy’s with implausible situations, they are ALL fake in one form or another.

      So you might want to be stuck going to the movies to watch nothing but Earth or wildlife documentary’s in IMAX, I will stay with my unrealistic movies, thanks.

      • @ mongoose

        in my opinion, no. just about every film you’d think of has it’s flaws.

  10. DC needs to seperate from WB to be it’s own studio. Anyone object?

    • Nope.

    • Not at all. WB is a solid studio. And now that there is a hole in their franchise with Batman and Harry Potter gone, expect DC comics to ome to the forefront. Ppl forget that a JL movie was well in production (funding aquired, scriot doe, actors/director cast) a few years ago but they didnt go through because they didnt want two Batman’s. Now that WB space has opened, it will be interesting to see what they can do.

      • I do recall the movie being in production at one stage, but I doubt they were as far along as you say… if the script was done and they had a director and actors cast, why has all those factors changed now? There’s no director, there isn’t a cast and most importantly, the script was re-written.

          • Wow… well, I guess a 300mil budget is pretty steep.
            Still don’t understand why they had to re-write the script though… if everything was set and cancelled only because of the huge budget, why not just pick up where they left off?
            With the new technology things would probably be a bit cheaper I think…

            • This might have something to do with it….

              “I feel that fans were negative because the film would have broken with continuity of the current Batman and (then) Superman franchises, coupled with the fact that all the actors cast in the principal roles were just too young!”

              We have no clue just what was meant by breaking with continuity but it was probably just a bit too radical (what if they had decided to go with say the “blue” Superman?). That and having the cast be more mature would be factors.

              I actually read an article about who they had cast and I remember not liking their choices. This was sadly quite a while ago and I looked but couldn’t find a link :(

            • HA, looked again and found the full cast:

              D.J. Cotrona as Superman

              Adam Brody as the Flash

              Armie Hammer Jr. as Batman

              Megan Gale as Wonder Woman

              Rapper Common as Green lantern (obviously they liked the John Stewart angle)

              Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman

              Hugh Keays as Martian Manhunter

              • Wow, that would have been TERRIBLE.

              • … and there’s the reason.
                Wow, now I’m glad they scrapped that idea!

  11. Any Word on BOURNE LEGACY review yet?

  12. the directors must like colin farel,but not so much the audience like me,for example. i find that he have destroyed the most iconic parts that he have played. alexander mehh, miami vice mehhhh, daredevil mehhh, the one f.b.i movie with al pacino(i´ve forgot the title) mehhhhh, the swat member in -the swat(is the title right ? )mehhhhhhhh, total recall,haven´t seen it but i think mehhhhhhh. now the good ones(not that much): minority report as the agent good, to live and die in bruggs as a killer good, fright night as vampire jerry very good and also a very good remake. that´s it because i´ve forget some titles.

  13. After reading SR’s thoughts on the Marvel tv show. I really find myself in love with the idea of a S.H.I.E.L.D. show. It would be a great way for marvel to introduce the lesser known heros and villians and get a feel for who would be good charecters for movie.

    • Agreed.

      • thirded

  14. Rest In Peace Carlo Rambaldi, master of the mechanical.


  15. I miss Stan Winstin being around. I wonder if he would of been asked to work on the Robocop reboot since he did wonders for the Terminator franchise. I think Samuel L. Jackson should of been casted as Sgt.Reed as he’d be perfect in the role.

  16. A lot of the most anticipated movies this year have ether been very disappointing or less than impressive. They didn’t measure up to the hype. I liked The Avengers, I saw it three times, it delivered in the third act but everything leading up to it dragged a bit. ‘TDKR’ which was my most anticipated this year had huge holes in it. Are directors getting lazy or is the greed to get the product out clouding creativity?

    No solid 5’s in the whole bunch so far. Is this how it’s going to be from now on?

    I’m not saying I can do better otherwise I would try to but it has been a while since I’ve been able to say, “That movie was Perfect”.

    • Perhaps ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘Looper’ will help bring things around for me. Who Knows.

    • I blame david goyer or jon nolan for dark knight rises.///spoiler///
      Also rewatched it and just noticed how useless the john blake character is(he fails to do anything) and then he is just handed the batman title.
      the movie is so flawed and relies so much on the other two its like someone watched the first 2 and wrote a fanfic 3rd and made some of the most cliched story choices and horrible focus.
      Im such a batman fan and just feel depressed by this.

      • If you say John Blake was a useless character, I simply cannot believe you watched the film. He was EXTREMELY important for several reasons.

        For my part, I would easily give TDKR 4.5 stars…absolute minimum. With each subsequent viewing, I gladly and honestly raised that rating to a SOLID 5 out of 5. “The Avengers” was a generous 4…worthy of one theater viewing.
        I saw TDKR 4 times, happily, including two times in IMAX.

        TASM was an entertaining 4.5, one-viewing film. “Prometheus” was about a 3.25, or so. “The Hunger Games” (earlier, of course) was between 4.75 and 4.95 for me. “John Carter” hovered around a 3.

        I have no particular desire to see TBL, and “The Campaign” just looks stupid. My remaining anticipated films are “The Hobbit” (with TDKR as my two MOST anticipated of the year), “Skyfall”, and “ParaNorman”.

        • Thinking a bit more about it, I would actually rate”Prometheus” at 3.75.

        • Lets say what John Blake did.
          Gave a bull excuse as to why he knows who bats is.
          Fails to warn the cops of the bombs
          Arrived late to save gordon
          Fails to free said cops later
          Fails to get the orphans out of the city
          And with all this nothing we are suppose to believe Gotham is safe with this guy who isnt trained to be Batman.
          Now could he possibly train to be a good batman, sure, but it just seems like the only reason hes in the movie and knows who bats is is for that ending.

  17. Actually I forgot about ‘Prometheus’. It was closest to perfection (imo)

    • And see, I feel the exact opposite.
      I thought Prometheus was the most disappointing film of the year and that Avengers and TDKR lived up to the hype.
      …just goes to show how drastically people’s opinions can differ.

  18. Are plot holes really “holes”, or is it just an opportunity for the viewer to draw their own conclusions?

    • Thank you.

      • It depends. In the Avengers, Loki could have easily won had he killed Fury or “heart” controlled him. That changes the plot and creates a whole in logic.

        In TDK, Batman leaves Joker to save Rachael. Batman is never shown returning and Joler is never shown leaving. Creates a hole but the plot fxes in the next scenes with character reprisals and dialouge. It can be assumed by the audienc that The Joker leaves before Batman or the police has a chance to apprehend him and that batman is still looking for him

  19. I just watched the movie “midnight son” as ive been starving for a decent horror genre movie and thought it was great, anyone else seen it? It basically follows a guy as he slowly figures out hes a vamp.

    While on the subject of horror, does anybody remember the 2010 wolfman remake, it got bad reviews but I thought it was great(dialogue/cast/acting/effects) and wished they were going through with a sequel but I hear news they remaking the other film “wolfmans revenge” and I also heard of other universal monster remakes(creature of b. lagoon/invisible man/dracula year 0) and wondered if anybody else was in support of this?

    I do wish monsters would become popular again, the annoucement of a godzilla reboot got me very excited as it looks like theyll do a decent job this time. Is there a monster movie youd like to see rebooted/remade?

    • @ Cody

      I understand your feelings. But i feel no remake/reboot will have that same effect as the classic black & white films. I was never a fan of Godzilla films really. I liked what it did & the monsters it fought but not the way Godzilla looked. I did like how it looked in the american version as it looked more bada$$ but disappointed it lacked what the original was capable of.

      One or two movies i would like to see a remake of would be Killer Klowns From Outter Space & Waxwork.

  20. I missed the first few episodes but FX have been showing The State Within with Jason Isaacs, quite an intriguing show so far.

    Anyone else been watching this one?

  21. TheAvenger and all the other Marvel fans, don’t tar and feather me for this but after watching a trailer of the next Clint Eastwood movie, a new Batman film set in the future with an aging Bruce Wayne (Clint Eastwood) teaching a new Batman would put Avengers to shame. Clint, even in his elder years, just have a presence that is undeniably electric. “I’d better stop before I have a heart attack beating you to death!” The man is a living legend.

    • When Clint leaves this earth it will be a sad day indeed. Man is a legend.

    • You do realize that’s just the “Batman Beyond” story, right?

      And it’s a bit of a dis to say that nothing more than a base premise (that has already been explored before) will already be better than an almost universally enjoyed movie.

      Having Eastwood in the lead role doesn’t automatically mean > anything else. (although it is a good start)

      I do have to question however why you targeted The Avengers as opposed to say TDKR?

      • Yes, I know about Batman Beyond. When I saw the trailer for Eastwood’s next film, I couldn’t help but see him in that role.

        And I only targeted Avengers because I knew it would hit closer to a weak spot. Hey, I am Klingon. 😀

        • But that’s just it, it’s not a weak spot, just a bit of strawman position.

          I’m all for the idea however and always thought both Batman Beyond and Kingdom Come would be excellent movies (Kingdom Come AFTER the JL movie(s) have been made) but let’s not get carried away with impossible comparisons. 😉

    • I’m not a “Marvel fan”!
      I’m a COMIC BOOK fan… you know that 😉

      Batman is my all time favorite comic book character and honestly, that premise sounds awesome. I was a huge fan of Batman Beyond and with Eastwood as Bruce Wayne, it would be legendary – no doubt about it.

  22. The roast of roseanne was on last night, I didnt really like it or would even compare it to past roasts. Seems like they shoudlve gotten someone better. Plus the panel seemed kinda weak as compared to the charlie sheen one.