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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   August 1, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   August 1, 2014

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  1. Top 5 comic book movie opening scenes?
    1- MOS
    2- The Dark Knight
    3-Xmen Dofp
    5-Captain America 2

    • Batman ’89 tops that list for me. Everything from the family getting mugged to Batman vanishing off the rooftop was executed perfectly.

      • I don’t particularly remember the opening scene of Batman 89 but I do remember that first intro of batman character itself on roof top which was top notch..

        Tim Burton really created some very memorable scenes in that movie(including drop from the glass top roof to rescue the girl and to fly away to get into the batmobile.. that was awesome!

        I also loved batman vs double sword man.. I still hope that mr.Nolan would incorporate something like that type of fighting scenes into his batman movies.

        • Oh, I love that fight scene. It’s pure Batman: unphased by his opponent, no fear in his eyes. Studying the way the man moves and then countering his attacks with simple blocks, which leads to a couple of simple blows to take him down.

          While that does not look as fluid in comparison to Nolan’s brawler, it is what you’d expect out of a man who was trained to hone his fear and studied hundreds of different martial arts. It’s a restrained, mature way of handling the situation.

          Batman knows these criminals all too well. All it takes is mere footsteps to summon the fear in their minds and apply his dominance

      • @ ACW 007


    • Not in any order but

      -batman returns(love leading right to the title reveal w/ score).
      -Dark Knight rises (had to be seen on true imax)
      -Dark Knight (and YES, I am a fan of batman)
      -Xmen 1

      cannot think of anymore that was memorable(at least for me).

      • I think Elfman’s score was at it’s highest point of epicness in the opening for “Batman Returns”

        • Completely agreed!

          Still gives me the chill by rewatching the whole opening scene of batman returns w/ that score.

        • @ ACW 007

          I got the Batman ’89 score & listen to it till this day. Epicness.

    • Comic Book openings….. hmmm

      No order but

      Dark Knight
      Batman ’89
      Transformers The Movie 1986
      Cap 2
      Donner’s Superman

      • sometimes I forget that TF is comic… yes, TF 1 opening scene was epic

    • The Watchmen opening scene was majestic. Zack’s finest moment, probably.

      I have GotG tickets for 09:00 am and I can’t wait. Please don’t let there be any teenagers and if anyone has one of those military signal scramblers, could I borrow it. Can’t stand cellphones in the theatre.

  2. Anyone think the Jak and Daxter series would make great films? I feel like that universe would work extremely well on screen.

  3. I was actually pleasently surprised with GOTG. Not as kid-like as i thought, Bradley and Zoe are amazing in it… Yeah evil characters are again a one-note with Marvel; but in general it was OK. Much better than SWe1 ever was.

  4. Good Monng all…..

    Happy Guardians of th Galaxy Friday!!!! :)

    The reviews for GotG are incredible, even the one here at SR. Critics love this movie and so does everybody I know that has seen it. I got my tickets and Pepper and I are headed there tonight, and tomorrow and possible Sunday. I can’t wait to see this movie. As I’ve always said, The Avengers is my bar for CBM’s, so I’m excited to see it GotG tops it. This really could be another major record breaking smash hit franchise for Marvel, and I’m really hoping that it is.

    I finished True Dectective and wow, it was good. Thanks again to all of you that recomended it to me. Matthew M’s performance was outstanding and I mean outstanding. Woody H. did a great job too, but I liked Rust a lot more than Marty. I thought the conclusion and finale could have been better and I would love to see more of Rust and Marty although I understand that tha won’t happen in season two. Actually, I’d like to see those two in a feature film solving cases. I don’t know what Matthew M has been doing as of late, but his acting has been very good in everything I’ve seen him in. IMO, he’s an excellent actor.

    That Deadpool test footge was quite good, I wish they would make the film already.

    • And good “Monng” to you sir!! 😉

      I’m crazy psyched for Guardians. I’m definitely seeing it tonight.

      I also really want that Deadpool film made. The test footage was gold. Just pure, perfect Deadpool, gold. Fox should just grow a pair and greenlight it. If they make a quality film that’s both action packed and hilarious, it’ll do well!!

      If Fox HAS to make the film PG-13 there was a suggestion in the comments of the article here on SR that I think could be funny. They could bleep out all the swear words (or at least the f-words) and have Deadpool be the only one that notices because of the whole 4th wall thing. Then I suggested that he could outsmart the system by the end of the film (this would just be a recurring side-gag next to the plot) and get in a f-bomb or 2, with hilarious effect. Then it could still be PG-13 and Fox would chill out about the R rating hurting their profits.

      I’d prefer it be a hard R, but if the film won’t be made otherwise, I guess they can make it PG-13.

      • The biggest thing is developing a story that isn’t fueled by 4th wall breakage 24-7. As much as people love that, including myself, the writers of Deadpool in any media outlet deliver it in a series of small doses all around each story to surprise people with shock humor. Deadpool often shows up as a comic relief side character in other stories because his solo stories don’t remain to be memorable, they are in the moment reads.

        He’s essentially the only character in existence to live by the rules of all forms of Comedy, while also shaped as an icon with the qualities that make him superhuman.

        • I agree. Too many 4th wall gags make it less surprising and less funny.. also, they could end up confusing the audience.

          • Exactly.

            It needs to be approached like Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, etc. Where the nonsense is brought out in the most unsuspecting moments and takes the whole tone for a brief joyride of craziness.

        • Even though the properties have zero comparison if Deadpool ever gets made they should handle breaking the 4th wall in the same fashion as House of Cards.

          They have it balanced perfectly on that show.
          A few winks and nods here and there and when the character does actually speak to us it’s often hilarious and always serves a purpose.

          I’m not going to give up hope on an R rating.
          It can be done without it and I’m sure it would be fine but to really capture the essence of the character I think it needs it.

          Fox doesn’t need to spend over $100 million to make it either.
          There’s been plenty of good R rated action films made lately on a small-mid sized budget.
          Plus, who wants to see a CGI loaded Deadpool film anyway???
          Not me.

          • Deadpool often branches out into several things that aren’t what they seem to be. So, fittingly, a Deadpool film would make sense if it wasn’t total anything.

            It could be live action, CGI, hell even a puppet show could pop up as a scene and it would make perfect sense in a nonsensical manner. You’re right: Deadpool is an exception when it comes to budget because he doesn’t need a big budget to make his material work.

      • @ movieDude

        How about a PG13 version for theaters and then a directors’s cut rated R for Blu-Ray? Best of both worlds? I like Deadpool. But he has to be in his own element to be sucessful, I hope Fox realizes that. I couldn’t believe how good he looked in the test footage.

    • Tony, how about taking one for the team and doing IM4 for a dollar lol

      Guardians Sunday followed by Pizza Hut :)

      Didn’t catch the Deadpool footage in time, it was taken down before I got there (every frickin’ where) :(

      • Wow….I just watched it in the article 40 mins from this post on mobile. It worked fine for me.

        • Every link I try comes up Content Reject, removed due to copyright claim by Fox :(

          Maybe it’s geographical… I’ve had other trailers and things not play over here in the UK.

            • Muchos Gracias

              Is it wrong that I found that total hilarious.

              If Fox don’t make a Deadpool movie then they should at least do something like this…. little vignettes at the start of a film, like you used to get cartoons before the main feature.

              As this would make every film an R they could crank up the storylines a bit.

              That was fab, how it would play as a feature I’m not sure, you’d have do tone down the 4wall a little bit just to get some narrative flowing but that’s really good.

              Deadpool Kickstart it would get 50mil easy peesy.

              • Not at all. That’s the goal of Deadpool: to get you to laugh at the most ridiculous things and just live in the awesomeness that is the ultimate suspension of your disbelief.

              • Sweet! I’m glad it worked.

                I think it’s supposed to be hilarious so you’re good haha.

                “Crime’s the disease! Meet the cure!!”

                Yeah they gotta be careful with the 4th wall stuff. It could be the best part of the movie or super annoying. They gotta do it right.

                • “More like a topical ointment that reduces swelling”

                  A Deadpool vignette should now be in the special features of every Fox comic book movie DVD/BluRay….. bit like a Marvel One-Shot but you know, Deadpool.

                  How can a studio be afraid of this????

                  Would it be a billion dollar movie, no cause it would have to be R too truly work so you admittedly lose a portion of the public.

                  Why else is everything CBM PG13 but it wouldn’t take hundreds of million to make, 50-60 pretty easy. Hell even do a kickstart thingie and if it doesn’t get in the required budget then the studio fills in the difference….. even less of a financial risk.

                  Market it properly, see Dread as how NOT to market a movie (love Dread, but only on DVD, the trailers turned me right off it) and it’ll kill in the cinema 1/4mill EASY.

                  Someone with influence needs to start banging the drums.

                  This teaser just doesn’t get old, I’ve watched about 6-7 times now…. still funny and good, love the motorcycle bit, they way the goon just steps off it….. reminds me of Willis in the first RED with the spinning cop car….. just so cool.

                  I want a Deadpool movie…..

                  • The interesting thing is Deadpool is actually really popular with the younger crowd.

                    Not sure how, but my kid knows about him and when he and his friends do skins for their games (Little Big Planet, Minecraft, etc), Deadpool is always one of the ones they make. He’s even more popular to them than Spidey and Wolverine… must be the fact that’s he’s not “meant” for kids so they like him more.

                    • ah, nothing more tempting than the forbidden fruit.

                      Not too familiar with the American rating system, is R 18+ only or can young/mid teens get in with an adult. What about wee nippers (6-10)???

                    • @Jonathan

                      You can take anyone into an R-rated movie with the company of an adult. The only rating that is adults only is NC-17.

                    • Interesting……

                      Arigato ACW 007

      • @ Jonathan

        If it were up to me, I would. How much more money do I really need anyway?
        The test footage is still out there, keep Googling. If I come across it I’ll post it.

        • Cheers Tony, MovieDude’s got it covered. How funny is that footage.

          Fox MUST have peeps that monitor the interweb for stuff, surely they can see the clamour for this IP and now “Tom” has had an example of how it should be done (tone VERY important).

          See above post, how can a studio be afraid of this character with all the responses on the interweb, sorry, StarkNet (is that up and running yet lol)

          There’s so many option that could fund this movie and it would be profitable cause you could make it cheaply.

  5. I have question more a dream casting type thing. With superheros being the big thing now obvisouly, what film director would you guys like to see that would really never direct a superhero film direct one?
    Like for example Quentin Tarantino directing a Flash movie. So what director would you like to see direct that, or a genre they wouldn’t really direct?

    • I’d like Rob Minkoff to direct a Shazam film.

  6. Anyone know where I can watch Cap 2 online? I saw it theaters twice, but want to watch it again. Please and thank you!

    • Wait two weeks and buy it on DVD/Blu-ray

  7. Anyone watching Dominion or Defiance? I thought Dominion would be interesting but it’s kind of boring… but funny to see post Apoc Las Vegas.

    Falling Skies? Also not very exciting right now.

    Started watching Orphan Black… Tatiana is pretty convincing as the different characters.

    • Dominion is a mess. It feels as if it’s already the second or third season of a show, and not the first one. They tell the story and use the characters as if we should already know the characters, which is confusing. I constanly have the feeling that I must have missed something. I know that it’s based on the movie Legion, but I’ve seen that one and it doesn’t help either, because it had barely any connection to the show.

  8. I’m guessing no, but do I need to see Captain America 2 before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy? Just want to make sure nothing, even a single line or something, spoils if for me

    • @Mama

      As of right now, the two universes are still kind of separate. They are not actually separate, but they have yet to put in anything that really ties the two together other than Thanos. So yes, you can watch Guardians of the Galaxy before watching Captain America 2. But definitely catch Cap 2, it was a great movie.

    • And after you watch GOTG, you will most likely agree with me, but I’m so glad they cast Zoe Saldana in a recurring Marvel role. Even painted green she is freakin’ SMOKIN…

  9. Which actor in the MCU do you think is doing the best work? Not which character is the best or who you like the most, but which actor has the best, most impressive performance?

    I think it has to be Tom Hiddleston by a wide margin. The nuance require to play Loki effectively seems incredibly difficult and he pulls it off perfectly. It also helps that Loki is written as one of the more complex characters in the Universe.

    I can’t really think of anyone else that comes close. I suppose you could make a case for RDJ for his work in the 3rd Iron Man.

    I didn’t see CA:WS but maybe Chris Evans broke out of his brooding, one note shell?

    What do you guys think?

    • Hiddleston yes by a long long way but as you say he does have the most to work with.

      I personally like what Ruffalo is doing with Banner and when Thor is on earth in the first one, Hemsworth…. the dude when he CAN’T lift the hammer, Thor is total, completely crushed and Chris does that very well.

      Evans has a tricky job as Cap is fairly straight laced and one note, RDJ is SO Tony Stark that is almost his default personality now…. he’s even getting close to having the cash to back it up.

      Time for Jeremy to shine in AoU or cut the character loose, he’s taking up space, plenty more Avengers in the sea, same with Widow. Still Scar Jo’s pregnancy and time off to be with the wee child should force that issue.

      Sam, Sam, Sam…. Mr Jackson on the end of the phone and not enough of Mackie to judge.

  10. I read that Chloe Moretz signed up to be the Pink Ranger while Jason David Frank signed up to be a mentor to the team for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot.

  11. What about top 5 animated movies???

    1 Lego Movie
    2 How to train your Dragon (1&2)
    3 Rise of the Guardians
    4 Despicable me
    5 Tangled and Frozen are tied!

    I dont know, just trying to think of something different! Bring out your inner child for this one! :)

    • Kara

      What’s the rules? We talking this year, can we ping anime in there??

      So many to choose from, if I had to nail it down…..

      1. My Neighbour Totoro
      2. Despicable Me 1 ONLY
      3. How to Train Your Dragon (not seen 2 yet)
      4. Urusei Yatsura 1 Only You
      5. Beauty and the Beast

      • Add Lion King and Mulan to that list! haha

    • 1) Goofy Movie
      2) Princess Mononoke
      3) Toy Story 3
      4) BatMan: Mask of the Phantasm
      5) Aladdin or Spirited Away

      Jungle Book is up there too, “I wanna be like you” is the best Disney song!

      • Please look up ‘I wanna be like you’ by Smashmouth…SO GOOD!

        And I ALWAYS forget about A Goofy Movie!!

        • Woww I forgot all about that! All the pop stars covering the Disney songs. I think Usher and Ashanti were on it. I feel old now =/

    • Where are the superhero fans?

      What about The Incredibles?

      It’s hard to name a top 5… Wall-E and the first Despicable Me probably are in there.

    • 1.) “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
      2.) “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
      3.) “Toy Story”
      4.) “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”
      5.) “Peter Pan”

      • Holy crap I forgot Peter Pan!!!!! Off to Neverland! lol

        • Hahaha, I am a HUGE movie fanatic so I really stretch beyond my era (I was born in ’95). And in my childhood, I had the entire Disney film collection on VHS.

          Peter Pan, while not my favorite Disney film, is a very well crafted adventure.

          • Oh my goodness you are a baby lol No offense 😉

            I am an ’88 baby, so you are a bit younger than me lol

            • Try 1976 ;p

    • 1. “Fantastic Planet”
      2. “How to Train Your Dragon 2″
      3. “Flight of Dragons”
      4. “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm”
      5. “Frankenweenie”

  12. Top 5 animated movies? hmm

    1. Toy Story
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Ice Age
    4. Shrek
    5. Batman: Mask of The Phantasm & Batman: Subzero

    • Cried like a baby in toy story 3 haha

      Anything can go! I have not seen any Anime. But it that is what you love, list it! :)

      Was just listening to the how to train your dragon original score soundtrack, forgot how amazing it was!

  13. Favorite movie of each decade.
    50’s Seven Samurai
    60’s Lawrence of Arabia or El Dorado
    70’s The Godfather
    80’s Back to the Future
    90’s Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction
    00’s Collateral or Lords of Dogtown
    10’s Wolf of Wallstreet or Place Beyond the Pines

    • Ugh I can not think of these, not going to lie I did a little research but probably only thought of like 5%…

      50s 7 Wives for 7 Brothers
      60s The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit
      70s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (duh!)
      80s The Goonies
      90s Jurassic Park
      00s Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (This decade is hard)
      10s This decade is REALLY hard! lol

      • Have to give an internet high five for “7 brides for 7 brothers” love that movie!

    • 50’s: “12 Angry Men”
      60’s: “Planet of the Apes”
      70’s: “The Muppet Movie”
      80’s: “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”
      90’s: “The Mask”
      00’s: “Casino Royale”
      10’s: “Django Unchained”

      • @ Kara
        Lol time to brush up on old movies then! Naw I had to look up a couple too.
        I almost put Casino Royale up there too. Im excited for Bond 25 next year.

    • This is tough but fun…

      50’s – Strangers on a Train
      60’s – Psycho
      70’s – Jaws
      80’s – Raiders of the Lost Ark
      90’s – Se7en
      00’s – Pan’s Labyrinth
      10’s – Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy

      It was near impossible to come up for one single favorite for the 80’s and 90’s but for the 10’s my answer end up being the movie I have watched the most. It’s hard to label one a favorite yet.

      • Haha yeah it’s kinda hard. I just cheated and listed my two favorites for some. I still havent seen ‘Tinker, Tailor’. I’m slacking.

        • This one is really hard…you should have told us we could research for a day and then tomorrow post it haha

          • Well, you can! I guarantee some of us will come back here tomorrow to discuss them. I might, depending on how busy I am.

            • How bout a little Screen Rant homework?

              Take the weekend and on Monday’s OD we come back and list top 5 for each decade from the 70’s on?

              I figure cap it off at the 70’s because the farther back you go, the harder it will be.

              • I’d say start with the 60’s. I think everyone can pull at least 1 film out of the 60’s, simply because there’s more than you think from that era. A lot of the classics in many people’s eyes begin in that era.

                • That’s cool…
                  I’ll start from the 60’s.

              • Haha ok cool. There’s a few more from the 70’s and 80’s I really like, so 5 from each will be fun!

                I think the worst part about remakes isn’t even the ‘unholy blasphemy’ of remaking something you hold dear. But just the generational gap. Kids can grow up seeing only the remake and have no knowledge of or interest in the originals.

                Can you imagine if you saw the Psycho remake before the original? Or what if Johnny Depp was Willy Wonka to us!?

                • Sadly, that’s the case.

                  If you’re lucky enough to have seen the originals in a way the remakes are irrelevant because if they’re bad you still remember the movies you’ve already grown to love.

                  So for a lot of (mostly) younger people or those who aren’t movie nerds like most of us they only know Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka or Vince Vaughn’s Norman Bates and Jackie Earl Hayley’s Freddy Krueger.
                  So as much as you try to convince them to see the originals they already have a built in bias that can be hard to overcome.

                  • What I’m noticing more and more as well is, my cousins and nieces and nephews won’t even sit down to watch an older movie. Kids these days have no patience.

              • I am going to try and remember to do this! And by Monday I will have seen GotG :)

          • Pshh you didn’t need a day you have some solid choices up there… Now were the 7 wives sisters? Like a bunch of sisters marrying a bunch of brothers?

            And if a horse is wearing a flannel suit is it tailored to horse sizes? Or ripped like the Hulk?

            • He was not really wearing a real suit lol His coat is dappled grey so it was just a clever title…its a horsey movie (I am a horse girl 😉 )

              And 7 wives for 7 brothers was exactly what you said! They married the brothers! It was one of those old musical movies like ‘Meet me in St.louis’ and others!

              • Ahhh. You got my hopes all up too. I’m over here picturing a montage of a horse trying on different suits. The tailor trying to measure the horse’s inseam and stuff. The horse struggling to tie his tie.
                My imagination is kinda out there.
                Aha reading “I’m a horse girl.” My first thought was “She’s half horse, half girl!!!”

                • Haha cute! But seriously, the movie is good!

      • Kev, do you like the Vince Vaughn Psycho?
        And I just recently heard of Strangers on a Train. I wanna check it out.

        • It’s funny you should ask…

          If we were listing our most hated movies the Psycho remake would be #1 on my list.

          I’m normally ok with remakes but it was totally pointless.
          At times is was a shot for shot remake but then there were weird quick cuts of random images.
          I can rant forever on my hatred of that movie but I’ll stop now. 😉

          • If they really wanted to just bring “Psycho” to life with color, they should’ve just waited until they could do that. Doing it shot-for-shot with very poor casting choices is not the right way to go, save that for theatrical plays.

            • What movies do you guys think Should be remade?
              What if they remade “The Birds”!!

              • I made it a goal to helm a remake of “The Mask” so that I can reboot it into a critically successful franchise.

                Seriously. I think the concept from both the comics and the movies is appealing to anyone, that mix of cartoon and reality blended together. I actually wrote a script for a 3rd movie that would’ve ended the original series peacefully.

                But no! We got “Son of The Mask” in the long run. “The Mask” was the first movie I ever saw, my favorite film of all time. And I saw “Son of The Mask” in theaters. Even though as an adult I hate it for ending the franchise, I really like the 1st half. The one that DIDN’T involve the baby.

                • The Mask was your first movie!? That’s hella dope. Mine was Batman 89, I think. But ya, The Mask was my favorite as a kid for years. Just everything about it was perfect. That’s awesome you wrote a script for part 3. It deserves an amazing final film.

                  A couple years ago I wrote a screenplay for a dark comedy, “Looney Toons-ish” film. The Bugs Bunny character couldn’t get film roles anymore so he was hitting the stand up circuit, while his college roommate, the Daffy Duck-like character was successful and had a hit hospital drama series. Buggs’ manager and agent (I was picturing Larry David and Henry Winkler while writing) get him a huge part in like a Spielberg film and resurrect his career. Lol.

                  • Interesting! Sounds very Roger Rabbit esque, which is good. It’s always intriguing to see how cartoons deal with real life situations.

                  • I actually found the old set-up for the script!

                    “The Return of The Mask”

                    It’s set in an alternate reality where the events of “Son of The Mask” didn’t happen, but the protagonist of that movie (Tim Avery) still found The Mask anyways (basically no baby, it was just him wearing the mask much like the first film). The plot revolved around a teenager named James Reede (a play on James “Jim” Carrey and Fletcher Reede from “Liar Liar”) who is constantly pinpointed as a class clown and major disruption in class. After the events of the first film, Lieutenant Kellaway (the cop who hunted Stanley Ipkiss) retired from the police force and became the principal of Edge City High School, which is where James attends.

                    At the same time, James has a love interest: Adrian Ipkiss, the daughter of Stanley Ipkiss and Tina Carlyle (her character more or less plays into a more personal relationship of conflict and trust between James and Stanley). In this high school, a mythology teacher is in possession of the mask after finding it washed up on the Edge City beach, unaware of it’s true power. Taking a liking to James, who takes a strong interest in Norse mythology and Loki, the teacher gives him the mask as a gift on the first day of school.

                    Then the movie goes on with James eventually becoming The Mask, which gathers the attention of a LOT of people including Kellaway, Tim Avery, and, of course, Stanley Ipkiss. Knowing The Mask persona hasn’t been seen in over 10 years and being well aware of the destruction it can cause, the 3 come to a solid agreement to track down the wearer before somebody gets hurt.

                    It goes on later to an all out epic battle in which James, Tim, and Stanley all don The Mask one more time in an all out winner-takes-all brawl to decide who gets to keep the mask for the rest of their life. In the end, it is Stanley who comes to his senses and stops the fight in realization of the sad truth: The Mask is far too dangerous to be kept in the hands of a human being and it must be kept out of anyone’s reach. Why? Kellaway dies within the battle for the mask, unable to dodge everything due to his age.

                    So Stanley decides to bury the mask in a place where no one would ever find it in the future: inside of Kellaway’s casket, ultimately giving closure to the character of Kellaway by symbolizing the fact that justice was finally served. Kellaway had captured The Mask in an different sense and he would be commemorated for doing just that in the eyes of everyone who knew him. To quote Stanley Ipkiss in the beginning: “Nice guys finish last”.

                    As a lot of you can see, “The Return of The Mask” takes itself more seriously than what the other 2 films produced. It is not realistic or Nolan-ized for dramatic effect, but I wrote it to be a solid closure to the film mythos of The Mask. There is still a lot of humor within it’s writing, but also contains a very nice story.

                    What I try to emphasize in question is this: is the return of something like The Mask something to be celebrated or something to be terrified of (kind of what people would think about a 3rd Mask movie)? And really, it brings in a very strong moral: be who you are and don’t give in to becoming someone else. The world wants YOU, that’s why you are the way you are.

                    The Mask serves as an escape from who you are in favor of what you want to be. That may seem fun, but is it something you’d want to live with for the rest of your life? It’s something to chew on.

  14. @ScottySummers

    Tinker tailor was a great movie. Though personally I thought that it was kinda slow, Gary Oldman was amazing in it though.

    • Ya Ima check it out soon. I like long movies. And the cast is dope!

  15. I’m under embargo, so I can’t talk too much specifics about the Mad Max Fury Road movie, but I will say this: it is cinematically breath taking and one giant chase movie… Charlize is a force to be reckon with (isn’t she always) and pretty much takes over the movie. Mad Max, who? The stunts are pretty incredible. I’ll see it again when it premiers for a better understanding! As for the story and if there are plot holes?…. Well.

  16. Just got back home from seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Id give it 3 outta 5 stars.

  17. I just saw Guardian of the Galaxy on Friday 8/1/14 and it is now my 3rd favorite movie for the year behind #1-Godzilla(2014) and #2-Captain America:TWS,replacing my previous #3-Maleficent(X-Men:DoFP is my #5). Guardians of the Galaxy was fast,fun and funny,it is a nice surprise for the near end of summer.The movie is mash-up and homage to 80s sci-fi/action adventures movies like The Last Starfighter,Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future. GoTG just plain kicks ass.