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sr open discussion Open Discussion   August 1, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   August 1, 2012

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  1. So what’s on everybody’s buy list this year?
    I’m getting The Avengers on BD (kinda goes without saying ;)), The Amazing Spider-Man on BD and the box set of Nolan’s Batman trilogy on BD (hasn’t been announced yet, but seems obvious that they’ll have some sort of box set)

    • Those 3 are definite buys for me. I thought about getting the 10 disc Avengers set but the only other DVD/BD I don’t have is IM2, and I will get that later this year.

      • Yeah, I’m not going for the 10 disc set either (already have all the flicks and it’s too expensive as well).

        If you’re gonna get IM2 later this year, look out for the 2 disc special edition. It has an entire extra BD disc filled with some awesome “making of” documentaries and lots of deleted scenes -definitely worth looking out for (I doubt it’ll cost more than the normal edition – I payed the regular BD price when it was released)

      • same here, and according to the avenger, IM2 has some kind of cool special feature “in the vault” or something like that. i also have all the other films on BD, in fact, IM was the 1st BD i bought, with my flat screen and surround sound

    • I’m on the fence about the 10 disc set. I don’t have IM or IH on Bluray. Maybe I’ll donate all my movies or something.

      Buy list: Spider-man, TDKR (if it goes on sale), probably Bourne. Haven’t seen it yet but I expect it to be a good movie.

    • Im buying The Avengers Blu Ray, The Amazing Spider-Man and TED.

    • The Avengers 3D blu ray (thought about 10 disc set and have seen all the movies in theaters but the only other one id want to own besides avengers is thor in 3d), Yes some kind of Dark Knight collection blu ray set (ive waited yrs for this set! price is not a concern with this, im getting the nicest one lol), Ted on dvd (no need to buy comedies on blu ray IMO), Game of thrones season 2 blu ray (i have hbo go on my tv so this is reallly overkill but its the only hbo show where i still must buy the seasons) no other shows though (between hbo and netflix all my shows get put up online anyway)…on the fence with prometheus 3d and 21 jump street dvd

    • All Blu-Ray:
      Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, TDKR, Prometheus.

      • Maybe even Total Recall. The film looks cool. I haven’t seen the original and so I don’t really care about the changes and whatnot. The film in itself looks cool.

    • All three of those for me. I’ve pre-Ordered the Bond 50 box set as well, pricey and I have them all on DVD but the features look great and to see the older films on Blu ray will be ace.
      Will likely get Indiana Jones as well. And season 2 of Game Of Thrones.

      • I forgot about Indiana Jones.
        That would be a nice addition as well, but I kinda feel like I should get the Star Wars box set before I get the Indy set.
        I couldn’t buy Star Wars when it was released last year, but since then the price has gone down quite a bit (about the equivalent of 30 pounds over here in SA)

        • The price has only gone for it in the UK, its crazy expensive now. I bought it on release, without a doubt the best boxset money can buy. Worth it just for the deleted scenes disc, they’re amazing to watch.

    • Here are my must have Blu-ray list …

      The Avengers (considering the phase 1 set)
      The Dark Knight Trilogy
      The Amazing Spiderman
      Indiana Jones box set

    • Definitely going to buy The Avengers, no brainer on that one. Since I have all the other films, I am going to skip on the over-priced 10 disc set. I’m guessing TDKR will be out on Blu-Ray just in time for Christmas, so that will be on my list also. I STILL have no interest in The Amazing Spider-Man.

  2. Watched TDK again a couple of days ago. I have tried to see it in the past but it always seemed a bit boring, but this time I stuck with it and really enjoyed it. I wanted to pay particular attention to the scene that Ken J was talking about, concerning the reformation of the bullet and the thumb print. I’d have to agree with him that it was pretty hokey. And Heath Ledger was definitely the reason why that film was a massive hit; and Bale’s Batman voice gave me a headache. :-D

    • The ballistics test is absurd no doubt. Maybe for me it will change upon watching all three together but TDK for me is the weakest of the three and that isn’t going to change, as TDKR was so much more exciting.

      • I get your point about the ballistics scene, but to clarify, you’re okay with the idea of a billionaire vigilante who dresses as a bat and a homicidal bank robber who dresses as a clown? ;)

        • Yup. Somehow after all these years, that sits right with me. I don’t get why more eccentric billionaires don’t don capes and fight crime. It would give Richard Branson and Bill Gates something to do!

          • Remember the scene in TDK when the sonar goes down and has to be rebooted? That would be Gates’ legacy. ;) “Do not launch weapons. Loading update 86 of 11618.”

      • It’s definitely not the best of the trilogy (I still say BB is the best), but I’d say that Ledger is the best actor of the trilogy, which is saying a lot considering the talent involved.

        • I’d say there were some career performances in the trilogy.

        • BB,TDKR,TDK for me.

          Neeson makes BB a very classy production. Ledger is the only reason TDK is as popular as it is. But TDKR is possibly the most exciting, the last thirty minutes were excellent

        • Agree John. For me, Nolan’s trilogy goes in the order it was released: BB, TDK and TDKR.

    • My ranking goes: TDK, BB, TDKR. This may change on more viewings of TDKR. Probably with closed captioning on so I can understand Bane.

      • Nigh impossible for me to choose. I enjoy them all differently.
        BB was an Adventure that is the most detailed depiction of the creation of Batman in any Batman media and gave us Liam Neeson, Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman.
        TDK was a crime thriller that gave us a groundbreaking Joker interpretation, the Harvey Dent’s tragedy and made Batman a new type of hero as a villain.
        TDKR was revolutionary epic that showed us the consequences of actions, the end of a journey and brought everything full circle with Batman as a symbol.

      • ya the second time i saw TDKR was wayyy better than the first

    • I noticed, and maybe I’m wrong, that Christian Bale struggled with his dialogue more as Batman when he had the growl. If he was alone with Gordon, Rachel/TDK or Lucius it wasn’t as noticeable. I got a kick out of the interrogation scene in TDK when the Joker mocks that growl.

      • Im glad The Joker did that. The interrogation is one of my all time favorite movie scenes. Very much like ‘Heat’.

        • Very much like Heat. Even the heist itself was Heat-like, as purposefully done by Christopher Nolan, as I recall.

  3. I don’t know for some reason I just couldn’t get into the final half hour of TDKR. To me it’s finale just didn’t live up to the previous two.

    • It’s because it wasn’t built up too well throughout the rest of the film.

      1) Nolan tried to make a movie based on A Tale of Two Cities. The issues and themes in that book are intelligent but aren’t as relevant to Nolan’s established universe and continuity as would be needed for the big rebellion to feel like a culmination of everything in BB, TDK and even TDKR itself. Hence, the main storyline and ‘war’ was unengaging.

      2) The rest of the film was poorly paced. The enthusiasm was dried out by the time we reached the climax.

      3) All sorts of ridiculous plot-holes and inconsistencies. If you really need an example: Bruce Wayne instantly getting to Gotham from the other side of the world without any explanation, and somehow crossing the ice path while managing to make his symbol thingy. For a movie that so heavily emphasizes realism, it sure wasn’t very good at it.

      4) Everything just worked out so conveniently. For example the way Batman’s back was fixed. The way he so easily got out of the supposed ‘pit of hell’ which had zero security and its ‘psychological’ test of rising wasn’t really psychological at all.

      5) Poor choreography

      6) Anti-climactic ending, making Bane’s story completely pointless. Which is a pity considering he was arguably the best part of the film.

      7) All sorts of cliches in the final sequence.

      8) Also, I personally didn’t have a problem with this one, but for the majority, it was problematic that it was a Bruce Wayne film and not a Batman film.

      Do I need to list more?

      • wtf is up with the smiley face? I meant #8

        • An 8 with a right parentheses will do that.

      • ” not a Batman film”

        Has there ever been a Batman film?

        Batman 89 probably comes closest but it’s really Nicholson’s show.
        Batman Returns, all about the villains.
        Batman Forever, the Jim Carrey show.
        Batman and Robin, all about Arnie.
        Batman Begins, very much the focus is on Bruce
        The Dark Knight, no debate there, it is the Joker’s movie, not Batman’s.
        The Dark Knight Rises, mostly Bruce and Batman takes a back seat to the plethora of other supporting characters.

        • Agreed. I’m glad someone figured out what Batman & Robin was about too. Schumacher certainly had no idea.

          • Lol, I actually watched it last night. That’s how little there was on the TV. And I almost found some redeeming features, then something stupid would happen and I’d forgotten them in an instant.

            • I’m amazed Clooney salvaged such an esteemed career after that start.

              • He had the potential to be a good Batman, with a decent director and a better script but we’ll never know,

                • He’d be interesting to watch if they allow Batman to age, not that I think he’d touch the role with a ten-foot pole.

  4. So it’s looking like Marvel might be able to get three films in 2014. IF (big if there) Avengers doesn’t come out till 2016, what three movies would you like to see in 2015. Mine would be:

    Black Panther
    Incredible Hulk 2- Want some Rulk action
    Dr Strange

    • The same actually. Or maybe we can have a film with a female superhero instead of Dr. Strange? And no, not Black Widow. Black Widow was well WRITTEN but Scarlett Johansson did a mediocre job at acting and delivery, at best.

      Not to mention, is it just me or is it clear as day that the b**** never read a single comic book. At least none featuring Black Widow, because she seemed to have no idea how the character is supposed to behave. I’ve seen interviews where she behaves like she’s too good for this ‘superhero nonsense’. Her and Renner. It’s no surprize they gave the worst performance in the film.

      Can’t wait for them to get replaced.

      • Did you try and get ScarJo’s autograph once and she turned you down? ;)
        ‘Cause you’re pretty hard on her during most of your posts dude.
        If you didn’t like her performance, that’s fine, but there’s no need to call the poor woman names.

        Anywho, like most people have said, Renner couldn’t do much with the character because his character was being mind controlled during the biggest part of the film. At the end of the movie (NY battle sequence), I thought he was bad @$$ and ScarJo’s acting (excluding those two cheesy lines in the NY battle sequence) was great. The way she acted after the Hulk rampaged through the Hellicarier felt incredibly real IMO.

        Moving on, they aren’t getting replaced. Both actors have multi-picture deals with Marvel Studios.

        • I agree with Avenger here. Her acting was 10x better in Avengers than it was in IM2. I think Whedon did a good job writing some stuff for her. The scene with Loki is pretty good as well.

          I do like the idea of another female Avenger. I would love a Ms. Marvel moving but I think there needs to be some build up to that. Maybe she can be introduced in Guardians in 2014 and then have her movie in 2015. Not sure if she warrants a full movie.

        • Totally agree with Avenger here. Scarlet was nothing but eye-candy in IM2 (except for that fight scene against the guards; she was awesome). In Avengers, here acting went up a couple of notches. You could really feel her terror when she thought Bruce was going to change in Costa Rica (I think that’s where they were), and the expression on her face when Coulson informed her that Barton had been compromised was great. Her interrogation technique in Avengers is probably the best I’ve seen.

          • She was considerably improved in the character but, as a performer, she gives little back to the camera. There’s often an “outside looking in” feeling when watching her as she doesn’t convey the internal dynamic or process of the characters she portrays at times. Joss Whedon has the knack for drawing great performances from his actresses (often handing them careers) and I think working with him helped warm her up in the role and make her version of Black Widow both layered and dimensional.

    • Realistically I want to see

      Fantastic 4 reboot

      I feel like if the Avengers movies are going to go into the “Secret Invasion” story then a Jessica Drew Spider Woman movie(s) are needed. However, I don’t think Marvel thinks the public would go for another spider themed character.

      While in fantasyland, I’ll list Marvel movies I would love to see on the silver screen.

      The Thunderbolts
      Heroes for Hire
      and most of all The Great Lakes Avengers. lol

      • I don’t believe they are working on the secret invasion story line. From what I’m reading/hearing:
        Avengers 2/Phase 2- Cosmic level and Thanos
        Avengers 3- Either Civil War or Ultron

        Feige said that the third one could be about the Civil War during press when Avengers came out. I think the secret invasion won’t be adressed in the first few movies.

    • I saw that yesterday. Not sure if all of the moments would transfer well over to live action but I would really like it if they took some/most of that story and put it into the movie.

  5. I finally saw TDKR yesterday. Around an hour and a half in, the movie suddenly stopped. There were only five of us in the theater, and we sat there for a few minutes, wondering what had happened and if the movie would continue. We were hoping an employee would inform us what had happened, but no one showed. None of us wanted to leave on account of possibly missing something (We were in the middle of an intense scene.), but after ten minutes, I went out and found an employee in the lobby. He said the entire building lost power and that the movies would continue. After another five minutes, the movie continued. I was curious about theater policy, so I spoke to the manager after the film, and he was really nice. He said their policy was to first get the movies back up before informing patrons of the situation. He added that maybe he should have let TDKR patrons immediately know everything was okay and apologized.

    • FIVE people? Wow. I thought TDKR would’ve been performing better than that at this point.

      Not a sarcastic dig on the film. Just genuinely surprized.

      • It was the 11:25 matinee. The building houses twenty screens and was showing TDKR approximately every half hour. Sorry for not mentioning that.

  6. When did the weekly “Tuesday DVD/BR Release” posts disappear? I enjoyed reading those from time to time.

      • @Avenger – I took over the DVD Breakdown after Mike left but when my daughter got sick and my day job schedule changed I just didn’t have the time to put it together each week.

        I could look into maybe showcasing 3 or 4 titles each week though. I’ll kick the idea around and see what I can do.


        Paul Young – Moderator

        • That’d be awesome.
          Even if it isn’t weekly, maybe just a monthly breakdown of the best titles or something… that’d be awesome I think.

        • @Paul – I hope your daughter is doing well.

        • Completely understandable, Paul.
          Best wishes to you and yours.

  7. The Raid is a must for me. I think it comes out August 14.

    • Ditto. And I haven’t even seen it. Just going off of word of mouth.

  8. When the hobbit come out. Does anyone know if theaters will be showing it in 48 frames a second like its intended to be seen or only certian theaters cause if that’s the case this is gonna suck. I would really like to see this movie the way it’s being filmed. Or does it not matter cause that’s just how fast the film was rolling in the camera when filming and it won’t matter when we see it. And for those I get red cameras are digital not film

    • “Does anyone know if theaters will be showing it in 48 frames a second like its intended to be seen or only certian theaters”

      You know, every time there’s a new open discussion I want to ask that very same question and every time I forget to do it!
      I’d like to know the answer as well but I assume that the projectors in most theaters can screen in 48fps.
      I might be wrong about this, but the majority of the home-theater projectors can screen 48fps, so it only stands to reason that the theater projectors should be able to it as well…

    • At the very least this will require a software patch for IMAX theaters that have been converted to digital format but for others, it will require a new investment in equipment to take advantage of the increased frame rates.

      I’m sure they will also do a post conversion version that drops in back down to 24fps but it obviously won’t look as good as the original (kind of like how you don’t get the true “Nolan” vision on TDKR unless you have seen it in 70mm IMAX format.

  9. warner brothers has announced that on its darknight trilogy that the last two nolan films will be renamed “THE SKUNT NIGHT” and the “THE SKUNKED NIGHT RISES” due to the battering the AVENGERS gave both movies this summer at the box office, LOL.

    • I’m a Marvel fan and even I found that not to be funny.

    • Seriouly, rod…

      Are you 9?

      • That should be “SeriouSly”…but rod’s inane comments always stun me.

    • You do realize that there are other movies out there besides TDKR, right? You seem to be fixated on that one film.

  10. I got a chance to see Ghost Rider S.O.V last weak and everyone was right it was terrible.I thought people was exaggarating about how bad it was but i apoligize to those people right now.I didnt even finish it,i tried twice then was like forget it.I probably would’ve walked out the theatre aswell and that’s something im strongly against once i’ve payed some cash but for this one i think an exception would’ve been made.

    • Told ya so.

      When will people start listening to me. ;)

      • Did y’all here anything? I thought I heard a tweety bird or something. :-D

        • Shhhh … it’s your inner Klingon. You’ve been bad. Very bad. Off to the federation with you!

          • wait, so you’re saying that Kahless, greatest of all Klingons, has a small inner voice that manifests as a small yellow cartoon bird with a bulbous head?! o.O

            • I’M not not saying it.

            • Nah, I think it’s a tribble.



    • I tried to watch the 10 minute preview for it on the Zune Marketplace…I couldn’t even get through that.

  11. Vic or anybody…I’ve noticed that, on occasion, usually in the evening, I have difficuly accessing ScreenRant. This is rare, but when it happens, it could be a good half hour or more until I am able to access the site. Might it be because the site is being worked on or otherwise down momentarily? Just wondering if it is my computer. I don’t think so, as I am able to access all other sites without problem…

    • This happens to me occasionally, too. I just figured that maybe the site was down for updating or something.

  12. Sadly, it would appear that Wright is going to use his the ultra lame Scott Lang version of Ant-man (and script) having him steal it from an old hank Pym.

    Very depressing. :(

    • Agree. Hank is BY FAR a much more interesting character.

    • What tells you that it will be Scott Lang?

    • Where did you get the info on this ?

    • I’ve heard mentions of Wright maybe using arcs from ‘To Steal an Ant-Man’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Hank will be an old man does it?

      …man I hope not, it’s bad enough that Lang might be in the movie, but if they do the old-man-Hank thing that was rumored a while back, then I’ll be seriously pissed.

      • for an update (and the reason) go read the last Ant-man article and look for mine and Loco Lobo’s posts.

  13. OK, all this talk about DVDs and BRs made me go to Amazon and buy Avengers and IM2. The Avenger, you can take that gun away from my head now. :-P

    • Just outta curiosity, did ya get the regular IM2 version, or the 2 disc edition?
      Either way, when the movie arrives, let me know on the newest OD… there’s a few hidden vids in the SHIELD Data-vault… I’m not kidding, there’s actual secret footage included…

      • The 2 version (well, BR/DVD version). Please tell me this is the version you were referring to above?

    • any way I could convince you to make a copy (purely for back up purposes mind you) of the bonus features and let me borrow it? :D

      • I smell a “pig.” :)

        • Gotta love the smell of bacon and handcuffs. :-D

      • Of course you realize (money please) that I would never (no checks) copy a DVD (PayPal) because that would be ($20) copyright infringement. :-P

        • I believe you are always allowed to make a back-up of your property for protection purposes.

          And I’m most definitely not out to entrap anyone. I’m just not a movie buyer anymore. I used to buy movies during the VHS years but it became clear that once I had them I never watched them. So spending whatever the cost just so I can watch it once more and then have it sit on my shelf and rot….. I choose not to and save that money. The bonus features are the only irritating part to all of that because I can’t rent them. ><