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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 9, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 9, 2014

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  1. Im BATMAN!!!

  2. How about AoS last night, Pretty darn good. Ward capping those guys in the head and Hand several times, possible Hydra agent or are him and Garrett setting up to run some disruption in Hydra. The nod Coulson kinda gave him when he was getting on the plane was odd. Simmons, definitely has something going on. Her comment about lying and “I’m getting better at it” was some kind of foreshadowing. After all why is she so intent on getting that blood out to be tested other than for the betterment of humanity. Blackout is coming, possibly one of the “miracles” Hydra has been working to achieve like QS and SW. The Clarvoyiant was not completely established. I’m still thinking now that Hydra has access to Stark’s design through Shield and they have created Ultron, who is actually the Clarvoyiant. There was mention that Deathlok’s feed was cut in the previous episode, so does that mean he is own his own and will join back up with Coulson. Man this episode had a lot for me to digest and work through, my mind is thinking all kinds of scenarios. Great job Marvel for stepping up to the plate.

    • Yeah, I usually watch AoS on DVR because I hate commercials but I had to watch it live last night (and live tweeting with the cast was fun too).


      So many misdirections but the Ward one even my kid saw coming. However, the very end where he is zoning out while Garret is telling his story, makes you wonder what is really going on.

      Was there an end-credit scene after that? I turned it off forgetting that AoS sometimes does that.

      I do find if funny that so many people are saying “Finally, AoS is doing it right!” when to me, they were doing it right the whole time. They just needed half a season to set it up. They brought in all new characters so they need time to build them.

      I’m on the fence on how they spoiled some Cap2 stuff, I actually don’t think it was necessary to introduce the Hydra plot and because I did watch Cap2, I knew what they were referring to, but if I didn’t, I might be a little miffed.

    • Watched the show again cause CA:TWS spark my curiosity. Did return for the Sif episode but that episode was cheesy and felt like I’m watching an episode of Saturday morning cartoon though even an episode of Young Justice is miles above AoS episode I’ve seen so far except for last night’s. Last night’s episode was pretty decent and watchable.

      But if there’s anything, I still don’t know what the Clairvoyant’s real motivation was and the clairvoyant’s reveal was pretty anti-climatic. The legendary Bill Paxton was pretty horrible on the show. Ward being evil was pretty obvious after Paxton’s character being reveal as the “big bad” and why Hand didn’t check for possible Hydra on the strike team but did it on Simmons and the other guy?

      After that, I watch a rerun episode of Person Of Interest and Burn Notice so that ended well.

  3. If you could have your dream world DCCU what would it be? I’ve laid mine out and included villains if you want to know the story line for each let me know!

    Man of Steel (2013)-villain: General Zod

    Wonder Woman (2014)-villain: Ares

    Batman vs. Superman (2015)-villain: Lex Luthor and Metallo (Ares involved)

    Green Lantern (2016)-villain: Sinestro

    The Flash (2017) -villain: Professor Zoom

    The Justice League (2018) -villain: Brainiac JL vol.1 origin without Darkseid

  4. I have NOT seen Winter Soldier yet. Having said that, should I hold off on the new Agents of Shield until I see it? Or is it not that big of a deal watching this episode before Cap.

    • You can watch it without having watched Cap2, but there are some mild spoilers for Cap2 in the episode.

      I think they could have found a way to leave the spoilers out, but they are there.

      • “Luckily” some ******* spoiled Cap 2 for me, so I’m free to watch the AoS episode. ;):(

  5. If there’s going to be another Slade centric episode, it should open with Slade narrating:

    My name is Slade Wilson, after 5 years on a hellish island I have to to Starling City with one goal, to seek revenge for the death of the woman I love even though she spend like more time with Oliver than me and then I died, she died, it’s a long story…but to do so, I can’t be the friendly mercenary I once was. To honor my lover’s memory, I must be someone else, I must be…something else…(Then a closeup to Deathstroke’s new costume.

    That should do it.

    • The Slade revenge story indeed wouldn’t make much sense IF Mirakuru hadn’t screwed up his brain. Now he’s just bats***t crazy without a reasonable motivation.

  6. Saw Cap 2:TWS twice so far & gets better everytime. Best Phase 2 film yet

  7. Is it essential to re-watch Captain America 1 and/or Avengers before seeing Winter Soldier? I remember the basic stories of both from when I originally saw them (back when CA and Avengers came out on Blu Ray and in theatres respectively), so I’m not sure if I need to see either again.

    I’m going to see Winter Soldier tomorrow and could watch either CA1 or Avengers tonight. For those who have seen CA2, do I need to re-watch either tonight?

    • not really.

      I didn’t rewatch anything and I understood everything in the movie.

      It reviews everything that’s important from the other films.

    • I don’t think there’s any need to rewatch either before seeing Winter Soldier. I can’t recall missing anything from not seeing those recently and still fully enjoyed Winter Soldier. The only call back to CA:TFA is an imagery one that’s pretty blatant.

    • OK, thanks for the info guys.

  8. Been giving Person of Interest a go.
    Two things are apparent
    1. It’s bloody brilliant
    2. Jim Caviezel would make an excellent Batman. As Batman vs Superman hasn’t started filming yet plenty of time to swap out Ben. Got nothing against Ben being cast but I just think on this evidence Caviezel would totally own it.

    Is I mental or do the ranters agree

    • Yup. Batman Jesus should be Batman. Are you starting from the first season or did you just get into the current season because everything is tied up nicely together.

      And look for The Wire/Lost alumni pooping up on the show.

      • Season One, Episode One…. I’m about 7 or 8 episodes in. Read ahead looking forward to Amy turning up in season 2, her character Root sounds really interesting and properly deranged.

        • That’s great. The first 10 episode are very connected even though they’re case of the week. And Amy Acker will appear twice on the first season…the first one you won’t see coming. That’s all I can say without spoiling.

          • Yeah I’m in the middle of the whole Ellias thing at the moment… I think towards the end of the series those two (John and Ellias) will have to have a “reckoning” lol

            Only slight thing that’s starting too bug is that in the last two episodes back to back Finch has lost contact with John and IMMEDIATELY calling in the bloke copper (Fisco??) instead of trusting in John.

            I suppose it’s to highlight their growing affection for one and other, the same as John’s constant prying into Finch’s past.

            But that is one very small thing otherwise it’s simply excellent.

  9. ‘Noah’ is three things:

    – The movie Aronofsky wanted to make with ‘The Fountain’.
    – The most mental, unhinged studio movie since ‘Fight Club’.
    – Aronofsky and Crowe chanelling Herzog and Kinski for their very own ‘Fitzcarraldo’.

    To concise, which I rarely do, it is an early contender for the movie of 2014. There are at least three sequences that will be celebrated for many a year to come (just wait the for evolution of life montage). A $125 million Aronofsky movie. If this was his one shot at a big studio budget, he has nailed it. Kudos to for the studio that let him essentially get away with as much as he did.

    Flaws? Of course. The third act is the weakest (although warranted narrative wise). Certain story strands could be deleted from the movie and impact little on the overall story. But hey, concessions had to be made to some degree.

    An absolute success then for me. First time in months I left the cinema wanting to watch a movie again immediately.

    • I quite agree with your overall assessment. I thoroughly enjoyed “Noah”.

    • @AjenoL

      You’re one of thew few I’ve seen who liked Noah.

      It was horrible to me, and that had nothing to do with religion.

      But the evolution and water stream scenes were nice visually.

  10. Everyone’s Top 5 favorite TV series of all time?
    Mine are:
    5) The Sopranos
    4) Breaking Bad
    3) Arrested Development
    2) The Wire
    1) Lost

    I could have made a list of 10, honorable mentions for me are Seinfeld, Entourage, Weeds, The OC (In 7th grade I thought OC was bad ass!)

    • For me (Top TEN, in no particular order and not necessarily the “best” in terms of actual production quality):

      “The Greatest American Hero”
      “Stargate: SG-1″
      “Star Trek: The Next Generation”
      “Quantum Leap”
      “The Muppet Show”
      “Beauty and the Beast”
      “Remington Steele”
      “The Twilight Zone”/”The Outer Limits”

    • No particular order:

      Star Trek TOS
      Star Trek TNG
      Twilight Zone (originals)
      Breaking Bad
      The Simpsons (Seasons 1-9 on my shelf)

      If it were not limited to 5:

      Doctor Who
      Homicide: Life on The Street
      Full Metal Alchemist (cartoon with two versions – both are pretty good)
      Cowboy Bebop
      Chuck (yes, Chuck)

      I loved MacGyver as a kid. Growing up, it has not stood the test of time…

      • I love Bebop, that’s a classic right there!

    • #5 AMC 3 (Bad, Walking Dead Men)
      #4 MacGyver
      #3 South Park
      #2 Black Adder
      #1 Star Trek

      Not a definitive list, just the first five(seven) off the top of my head.

      • Black Adder – Great choice! Hilarious show!

        The Christmas special is a holiday favorite of mine.

        “I have a cunning plan.” :)

    • My top 5 shows in no order would be…

      5. Smallville

      4. True Blood

      3. The Walking Dead

      2. Batman: The Animated series

      1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    • Top 10 shows of all time (obviously a current list would change)


      Okay, in no particular order

      Babylon 5
      Star Fleet
      Person of Interest (only just getting into it but damn it’s good)
      Avatar – The Last Airbender
      Urusei Yatsura
      Ghost in the Shell – SAC
      Dragonball Z
      Burn Notice

      It’ll be a lot different if I did a nostalgic list but a lot of things don’t age well.

      • Urusei Yatsura!? Bro I haven’t seen that In years! Ranma 1/2 was my shi! growing up.

        • Got seasons 1 & 2 of Ranma on disc, only got a couple of Urusei on disc, had a load on VHS but they’re all a bit knackered now and the discs are no longer available which is a bummer.

          Hopefully with lots of stuff being re-released someone will pick up the licence and do a 25th anniversary release or something.

          Gotta love those obnoxious aliens lol

    • Will only be putting shows that ended and these are in no particular order…

      Here’s my top 5(obviously there’s more)
      -Burn Notice
      -Breaking Bad
      -Spooks/MI-5(different name in different country)

      Current on-going diggings
      -Person Of Interest
      -Game Of Thrones
      -The Americans
      -Sons Of Anarchy

    • My first post here, as a long time reader but thought it’s time I start interacting with the community.

      In no particular order

      Misfits S1-2

      Plenty of other stuff like The Simpsons, BBT, Arrow, Person of Interest etc but that’s a whole other story

      • Fringe…good call…one of my favorites. But I couldn’t put it in my top 5…but that show was pretty fantastic.

        For me: Community, Supernatural, Psych, Archer, Doctor Who

        My criteria includes excitability for an upcoming episode (when new ones were/are released) and the ability to continually have repeated viewings. I can revisit Archer on Netflix at any given moment. The same with Community on Hulu Plus. If I happen upon an episode Supernatural or Psych, I usually sit through it. And I’m just plain ol’ addicted to Doctor Who. Binge watched all the current seasons (2005-Present) in less than a year.

  11. Just the tone alone of the new Godzilla and how the creatures look make me want to see the writer and director get together and remake creature from the black lagoon.

  12. I wasn’t even thinking animated series…
    5) South Park
    4) King of the Hill
    3) Cowboy Bebop
    2) Rick and Morty
    1) Gundam Wing

    • Speaking of Rick and Morty what’d you think of this weeks episode? I think we just got something of an overarching plot there at the end of the episode. Kinda like Finn’s ongoing battle with the Lich in Adventure Time that’ll pop up a few times from season to season.

    • If we can stretch to puppetry as well as animation (not including the animation from my previous list)

      Guyver (both series 1990′s & 2000)
      Transformers (animation is AWFUL and so is the continuity but it’s TRANSFORMERS!!!)

      Gotta concur with Cowboy Bebop and Gundam Wing, with a side order of Coyote Ragtime Show and Young Justice.

  13. Could the Punisher be tied in to the next Captian American Movie? And if they make a Dr. Strang movie could that open the door for Blad and The Gost Rider?

  14. Has anybody watched the new Tyler Labine show Deadbeat? It’s a Hulu original that released this week. I saw the trailer and it looks like a funny premise, so I added it to my queue.

  15. Professor Procrastination,

    I thought of you when I heard about the Ultimate Warrior’s death. RIP. Did you follow him? I remember watching him defeat HH in WrestleMania VI. Great match!

    • $2 – He was one of my favorites growing up. I keep hearing about the wrestlers from my youth passing away and normally it doesn’t affect me, but this one really struck me hard. It’s probably because he stepped away from the business for 20 years and then returned last weekend to accept his invitation into the Hall of Fame. But, I think it is because at his acceptance speech he was escorted out by his two young daughters. I saw that and thought he was a classy guy (especially since other inductees came out with one or two of the current WWE Divas on their arms). When I heard about his passing, I felt terrible for his daughters and his wife.

      I remember that WrestleMania. I’ll revisit it this weekend with the WWE Network. I love that channel!