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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 8, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 8, 2013

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  1. I saw GI JOE over the weekend. It was ok, although Cobra Commander was incredible cool, but it’s probably a better rental.

    • I felt like such an a**hole walking out of the theater. It was actually worse than the first one, and i didnt think that was possible

    • Watching Cobra Commander walk…I swear there’s a woman underneath that costume.

      • i noticed that too. His costume though was outstanding, very cool. Voice could have been s little better though.

        • The costume was excellent. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they distorted Cobra Commander’s background and appearance so badly in the first movie.

          • @ Royal

            I think they did it to justify the helmet/hood he wears.

    • The first one was a solid rental for me and I think this one will be the same.

      • It’s definitely entertaining. While it has good replay value, I don’t think it is worthy of a theater experience. I’d wait for Redbox.

  2. Out of curiosity, I went over to my local Barnes & Noble (bookstore, for those who don’t know) and picked up the first volume of New 52 Batman.

    I was really surprised by how good it was. Extremely well written and drawn

    • I agree. I also enjoy all four of the Lantern series. And believe it or not, I read the first few Aquaman issues just out of curiosity and they weren’t terrible.

      • Agreed. The New 52 is pretty darn solid, I’ll be waiting for the City of Owls storyline to be released on paperback in October. I was tempted to buy hardcover, but I prefer paperback :)

      • I think Aquaman is actually pretty BA in his new series!!

    • I just started reading the current Batman series last night and so far so good! Justice League is a pretty awesome title as well!

      • Well darn, it’s good to see people enjoying the new 52. Are you reading all the Batman entries (Batman, Detective, Batman & Robin, etc.) or only a select few?

        I have to recommend Action Comics and JLA as well.

        • I’m reading:

          Justice League

          • JLA just started, I’m sure they are on Issue #2, give it shot. I love Martian Manhunter so I was sold.

    • If you haven’t yet, check out Frankenstein: Agent of Shade and Animal Man, both written by Jeff Lemire. Others I suggest are Eric Powell’s The Goon and To Hell You Ride, which is written by Lance Henriksen. Both are published through Dark Horse. Marvel and DC aren’t the only ones publishing good stuff! :D

      • I have checked out Animal Man and To Hell You Ride, both wonderful series.

        I also delved into the past and picked up some of The Mask comics from Dark Horse. So brutal, but so awesome :)

      • So Animal Man is pretty good? I’ve been tempted to read, but have not jumped on board yet.

        Do you have any other suggestions? I use to be up to date on comics, but there is no local comic store where I live so I have just been on top of Batman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, JL, and JLA.

    • “Death Of The Family”, which follows “The Court Of Owls” arc was bloody fantastic as well.
      Snyder and Capullo have really outdone themselves with their run on Batman.

      • I’ve heard! The thing that gets me about “Court of Owls” is the fact that this is a true test of Batman’s sanity. I was amazed by how far to the edge they had written him.

      • I read that storyline before I started at the beginning of the series and I didn’t really like it very much. Mainly because I don’t like the revamp of the Joker at all, but a lot of people really seem to dig it.

    • thanks for the great idea. I’m going to the bookstore tonight for a little comic reading! If you love comics (and/or movies), check out comicbookgirl19 dot com’s reviews. She’s smart and gives intelligent takes on all things “nerd”. (I’m a nerd so it’s not intended as a slight in any way.)

      • @ACW 007
        Definitely check out Death of The Family, it was utterly fantastic IMO and was beyond pleased with it

      • comicbookgirl19 is a very good reviewer and has a very fun, energetic vibe to her videos.

  3. Have you guys seen the Wonder Woman costume from that “adult film” parody? It looks waaaay better than any WW costume DC/WB came up with so far.

    • It looked basically like the “New 52″ costume…done beautifully in real life (well…live-action, at least), but not particularly different or original.

    • Kinda like how the Arkham Asylum/City Batsuit was turned into an actual costume for an “adult film”…and it looks pretty badass

  4. Does anybody know why in the opening of the movie RED, the DC comics logo shows up? Did I miss something, or is that a DC property?

    • Its DC property. Check out their site. They have a list of all their movies and shows.

    • It is DC, yup.

      Side note, while I love DC to death, their new logo is…bleh. It’s grown on me now, but the first time you see it gives you a little “What the heck did I just look at?” moment

    • From what I understand, the movie doesn’t follow the comic very well, but, hey, it was a good movie so…

  5. So me and my wife were wondering this the other day. Who would win

    Christian bales batman or Stephen amells arrow?
    No toys just straight up fight?

    • I’m gonna say Stephan’s arrow. Just me though. Seems like he better in hand to hand fighting.

    • I have to say Christian Bale’s Batman. I’m not undermining the potential of Green Arrow without his weapons because he is a really good fighter, but Batman pretty much trained himself to his peak in hand-to-hand combat.

      It’d be a really good fight, but I’d have to go with Bale’s Batman in the end.

    • Haven’t seen Arrow yet. Waiting for Dvd release. And I’m not a fan of Bale’s Batman. So he automatically loses lol.

      • Come to think about it…

        You know, it depends. It’s like Bale’s Batman was 100% Batman in “Batman Begins”, but there was a great drop in the character I can’t put my finger on in TDK and TDKR.

        Not just the costume (although it still hasn’t grown on me), but the fact that Batman had pretty much abandoned the stealth and fear tactics in favor of charging into a group of enemies head on. For example, Batman entering the room after Joker tells the scars story to Rachel; he’s just there. He doesn’t drop from the ceiling, he doesn’t burst out from a hidden crowd. Batman emerges from the light and no one notices the fact that he is standing INCHES away from Joker. That whole vanishing act works really well in the dark and someone isn’t paying attention, but this is a crowded group of people looking towards the same spot with the lights on

        • +1
          In a fight between the two, I’d still go with Bale’s Batman though.

        • Wow! You just summed up one of the major problems I have with Nolan’s Batman! (the other problem is that Nolan doesn’t seem to know how to kill characters well)

        • Yeah that’s true. And Nolan’s batman always looked awkward when he fought guys. Too constrained.

          Arrow is to me more agile. Plus he was trained by deathstroke lol

          But you are right the tone from begins is way different from the tones of 2/3.

          • he looked almost robotic because its a style of fighting watch the special features. Its called Keyse or something like that ment for methodical blows to the correct location.

            • Execution of delivering a blow shouldn’t take that long, especially for a guy like Batman. If Sherlock Holmes can map out an entire successful fight sequence in his mind and then deliver everything into a series of fast and agile maneuvers, so can Bruce Wayne.

              That goes along with how Batman works psychologically. He knows these criminals well enough to the point where they are predictable. Gotham is his city.

              Ironically enough, he fights faster and better in the Begins suit.

              • A pre-meditated “fight sequence” will not work. All it takes is one move/movement to alter the outcome. If the oppenent moves left instead right, steps back instead of stands still, etc or the great Bruce Lee put it “don’t think, feel”. Batman has the reflexes and years of experience combating everyday criminals to the Leagues members to fall back on.

                I say Batman wins because what I saw in his fights will help a person stay alive when all is said and done. I agree with Jeff W about Batman being emtionless. Bats does not let his emotions cloud his judgement during a fight for the most part because the one time he did his back was snapped.

                • In general, Batman wins.

                  Bale’s Batman is not emotionless. Anything but emotionless. It’s always been his downfall, especially in TDKR…and TDK.

                  • True about his emotions running rampant, but when he fights it seems he puts that to the side imo.

    • No toys, straight up fight it’s Arrow hands down. The guy is just a stone cold killer, and can fight like no other. Plus his training it seems is better. Batman’s suit just doesn’t allow him the freedom to move like Arrow’s outfit.

      • Bales Batman wins.
        Arnells Arrow is prone to bits of emotions. Batman does not let his emotions show. Batman would draw arrow in and arrow would be getting angrier the longer the fight goes.

        • Batman doesn’t allow his emotions to show? Why did he obnoxiously scream RACHEL all the time? And then get fooled by Talia in the 3rd?

          • +1

            In general, Batman would obviously win.

            Bale’s Batman is anything BUT emotionless, Bruce went into hiding for 8 years because Rachel died (he claims it’s because Gotham doesn’t need Batman, but still refuses to venture out beyond Wayne Manor because Rachel was his world). Bane broke him down to an extremely emotional state, hell emotion was the reason he stayed down in that pit for half the movie (and some sloppy writing).

            That whole taunting of the mind Batman uses never shows up in Nolan’s trilogy because even though it’s been a long way from the birth of Batman, Bruce still feels like he’s in that inexperienced “Year One” stage. It’s like he completely forgot intimidation (no, “Intimidation Mode” does not count, it was more like “Distraction Mode”) and studying the minds of his opponents.

            • + 100 billion dollars

  6. Quick question for injustice does anyone know if that arrow skin is included in the season pass? I missed the voting to get it for free.

  7. Hi guys,

    so with Titanic, Star Wars and no JP3D, i have been wondering. On Screenrant, Jurassic Park got a 4.5 star rating (quite high). I haven’t seen it yet but I am thinking of it now…just for the experience as I didnt get the chance when i was younger.
    Now Im gonna ask you guys, what 3 movies would you choose from your old days to be brought back to the big screen (whether in 3d or not) and they must be successful! so no casablanca for gods sake…its an after-dinner movie with your wife on the couch!

    My 3 movies are:

    Die hard…in 3d not sure
    starship troopers!!!!!!3d for sure!!!!!
    taxi 2 (the french movie) or both 1 and 2 but that doesnt count i guess

    SO, what do you think about my list and let me know yours…



    • 1.) Any of the Indiana Jones trilogy.
      2.) The entire Star Trek film series 1 – 10.
      3.) Terminator 1 & 2.

      I can’t choose just 3…

      • Oh yea, Indiana Jones! awesome choice! and the terminators, especially the second will be a hit! but star trek?…sorry, i dont presume it will be good, even though the new ones were such a great hit that they will attract some new fans…but i dont think so…

        • Tony, I’m with Leathercheerio on this one. Indy and Star Trek are great additions to the list. But I have to include one stipulation: they must fix all of the crazy hair in the early Star Trek films. The women’s hair in The Wrath of Khan makes me cringe for some reason.

      • @Leathercheerio

        You did do 3 groups.

        Just saying.

        • Sorry for being the yyoung one. I have a lot that I missed.

    • I still want the original Star Wars trilogy to be re-released (since I never got to experience what it was like to watch those films on the big screen)

      Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade are also two of my all-time favorites that I never got to see in cinemas… so that’d be nice too.

    • Don’t laugh, but here goes: The Last Starfighter, the original Panet of the Apes, and Flash Gordon.

    • Back to the Future (I only saw 2 and 3 in the theater)
      Ghostbusters (because…well, you know.)
      and the 1st Matrix (would be awesome in 3D)

    • I would like to see a Terminator movie marathon leading up to a new Terminator movie.
      JP would be on the list, but it just was rereleased.

      I’m not a big fan of 3D so I would say all 2D.

  8. Just saw Evil Dead with my daughter yesterday… well done! We can’t wait for the next one.

    How do you guys think they will do the crossover film? Multiple dimensions? Father/daughter plot? Something else?

    • I thought the new movie found a good middle between the original Evil Dead and Army of Darkness sequels. I would love to see Ash team up with his protege and fight some evil.

  9. Don’t know why, but I’m getting a feeling that the rock will end up playing the role of Luke cage if they ever do a Heroes for hire Movie or end up introducing cage in one of the Marvel films. He did say recently that he’ll eventually get around to doing a super hero film and he made some comments about Marvel this past weekend.

    Not crazy about wrestlers trying to act in movies,but the rock is at least bankable at the box office and it might be interesting to see him as cage and possibly join shield or even the avengers.

    • Don’t pay much attention to what The Rock is saying. He also recently said he wants to be in the new Star Wars movies. The guy kinda has a huge ego (and with that he’ll probably want a huge pay check… which is something I doubt Marvel will give him).

      He’d make a great Lobo though.

      • +1

        Johnson has gotten really cocky. Probably thinks he can just walk into the audition and seal the deal. If they’re smart enough, they’ll make a fair judge of character and ability. The Rock is good…just not great

      • The Rock seems pretty grounded to me. I think he’s just really excited about this phase of his career. I can’t blame him. He’s living out his inner kid’s dreams by playing a Joe. I hope he makes it as a Jedi. His acting’s gotten better and I haven’t seen him phone it in ever.

      • @the avenger @ACW 007
        Of coarse the rock is cocky and has a huge ego. Won’t even argue on that, after all look where he developed that egotistical approach from –The U. Look at how many ego manics have come from that school. Warren sapp (can’t stand that fool) ray Lewis, Michael Irvin, and Bernie kosar. All ego driven manics and the rock is no different. The more success he gets ,the more confident and cockier he’ll get.

        Check out that ESPN documentary The U and you’ll see cocky at it’s best.

        • Oh believe me, I’m aware of why The Rock is cocky. It’s no surprise. The only thing that surprises people is someone at the level of a praised athlete and turns out to be a very humble guy

          • The Rock has every right to be cocky, if i was in his positive i’d be cocky too. He has earned that. End of story.

  10. When do you prefer a battle/fight scene to take place

    • You remind me of Skyfall, where Bond fights the assassin in the skyscraper. Due to the lighting, I couldn’t tell at times who was doing what in the fight scene. On the other hand, I can see where a darkened fight scene can definitely build tension/suspense.

  11. I spent $5.99 on the digital version of Ghostbusters and $4.99 on the sequel. To spend $11 on so many hours of entertainment just doesn’t happen anymore. I’m feeling very happy and thrifty.

    • I got a better deal! LOTR trilogy for 9.99! true story!

      • Did you just try to compare LOTR to the holy duology…trilogy minus one? Seriously though, good buy on your part.

        • Why do i feel like i just committed a heinous sin? :D

  12. Just finished Stargate: Atlantis last night. sad that they didnt get one more season at least more or even the made-for-dvd movie they were working on. though, it was still an ok ending. better than being left on a cliffhanger. now on to SGU. dreading that ending. i hear it does end on a cliffhanger which really makes me mad when shows dont have a proper ending.

    • SGU is fantastic! While the ending is a cliffhanger, it’s entirely appropriate and altogether fitting. For me, SGU is scifi at its most excellent, and by far the greatest part of the Stargate universe.

      • Yeah, i just finished the 3 part opener and can already tell that its gonna be different than atlantis and SG1. looking forward to watching the rest.

  13. I’m sorry, I’m getting off topic but did anyone catch the latest episode of Dr Who, the Rings of Akhenatan

    • Yeah, it was rubbish (IMO). :(

    • Yup. There’s a bit of discussion in the last DW post. While the episode left a lot of loose threads (which is something that concerns me about Doctor 11), the episode at least felt like a return to form for DW. The season opened with a series of stand alone episodes, which I didn’t care for at all, and toyed with the personal characteristics of our trio of travelers. In these last two episodes there is a clear story arc taking shape: who is the girl twice dead. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

      • yeah this weeks episode had its downfalls. but im liking 7.5 so far, like Royal said, this half has a clear arc which the first part was sorely missing. cant wait for the rest of the season.

        I think it wouldve been better if steve moffat shared the showrunner duties with someone else. that way he wouldnt be totally responsible for the overarcing plots. i think someone has brought this up before. but moffat was better at writing single episodes or two parters. instead now he is kind of being stretch between this and sherlock and i think its a little to much for him. if he was sharing the showrunner duties he could still write 2 or 3 episodes per season but wouldnt be stretched to thin between this and sherlock.

        that being said, i still believe that moffat is a fantastic writer, just in smaller doses.

    • Holy cow, Cavill shows off the New 52 Superman look really well. He looks just like him

      • @ACW007…

        Couldn’t agree more! Enough of the red underwear!

        Also, Intresting change icon-wise. Rocked my world. My mental picture of you will still be Daniel Craig. :)

        • It’s a test run to see if I like it. If I do, it stays for a while. If not, back to Daniel Craig :)

  14. My excitement for the day… Lockdown at the doctors office. A man with Alzheimers goes missing.