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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 7, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   April 7, 2014

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  1. Incredible Hulk Solo sequel made by Captain America Winters Soldier Writer/Directors. Who agrees?

    • All we need is someone who *really* understands the character of Bruce Banner, because Bruce Banner/Hulk comics have always been more of a psychological examination of his character.

      • I mean his comics have always been more psychological than let’s say Iron Man’s or Captain America’s. It’s like what effect does the Hulk have on Bruce Banner, and how he’s driven off the edge. The Hulk comics have always been about Bruce Banner accepting the Hulk. He goes from hating it (finding a cure) to trying to controlling it to finding a perfect place where he and the Hulk can exist together benefiting one another. That’s basically Hulk’s 50 year history.

      • I agree 100 percent. I think in any comic book movie, it’s a two-way street in terms of both the actor and the writer(s) understanding and getting the right feel for the character. That’s why I think the Cap movies (especially the Winter Soldier) did so well. After reading any interview with him, you can tell Chris Evans understands the character of Steve Rogers, not just Captain America, very well. And it shows onscreen. Also, as fans of the comics, the Russo brothers knew and understood the source material. Put that together and you get a great comic book movie like the Winter Soldier.

        Honestly, I think Mark Ruffalo portrayed Bruce Banner the best, and has a really good handle on the character. All we would need is a good writer who has the same understanding of the Hulk.

      • I’ve just finished reading The Dogs of War storyline half of which takes place in Bruce’s head. That and Silent Scream would make great psychological thrillers.

        Only thing is setting up all the different Hulks (Savage / Joe Fixit / The Proff etc.)

        Joss tried in the Avengers (if you listen to the commentary) the second Hulk-out is supposed to look as well as behave different to the first Hulk-out

        But yeah it’ll be ace to have a more psychological Hulk film. Mark Ruffalo having an argument with the Hulk all in his brain.

        Thing is how much have they changed the back story… is “this” Banner suffering from MPD and or is he just an angry bloke.

    • i’ll go one better than that. i say have the Russo bros/ and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely take over for Joss when his contract as marvel overlord is done, and have them do Avengers 3 and 4 and have them oversee the next 2 phases. they seem to be a winning combination.

  2. Happy Monday!

    I was a part of the Cap 2 haul over the weekend and loved it. Some great little easter eggs throughout. Also saw the first poster of GOTG at the theater on the way out. Very excited! Godzilla in May has me more excited than anything right now. Can’t wait!

    • @deroxstar:

      Same here. I usually don’t see big movies opening weekend but had to see this one with all the positive buzz.

      It was really good, a few plot questions but really the best of Phase 2 (and maybe better than some Phase 1s).

      I wasn’t planning on watching Amazing Spidey 2 but the trailer got me. Even X-Men looks really good.

      I wish DC would put out more spandex films like Marvel.

  3. I’d be up for it.

  4. Saw Cap yesterday and hopefully the raid this weekend.

  5. You know, I have always been curious, why does universal have the Namor the Submariner rights, and just sits on it? I mean they know superhero movies are big, and Namor is actualy one of Marvel’s original heroes, and is also a strong and interesting anti-hero(and has had solo comics on and off for over half a century)

    I mean it wouldnt be easy to pull off, but if done right could be pretty cool, anybody else have thoughts on this/what a movie could be like? again, you think Universal would be more than willing to use the one Marvel superhero they have the rights too

  6. I don’t have the time to go through all the spoiler talk on the thread for ca:TWs so I thought I would ask this here and see what y’all think.

    Mild spoilers

    In the winter soldier, did anyone else hope when black widow and cap couldn’t decrypt the uber thumb drive they would call sky? That’s what I was hoping. I’m super excited to see how this is tied into agents of shield.

    • It would have been cool to see a little tie-in like that, but remember that Cap and probably Black Widow don’t know that Coulson is still alive, much less that he has his own little team running ops. Something else Nick Fury “compartmentalized” that Cap doesn’t have the clearance to know.

      • With widow putting all the info out on the web, is the coulson cat out of the bag? What about sky’s history? Things could be very interesting starting this week on aos

        • That’s something I wondered too.

  7. Hail HYDRA!

    • Fail Nobra!

      • Go Jobra!!

        • Orange Soda!

        • I did not understand Jobra until I watched Community last night. LOL!

          @Cody – I haven’t watched Robot Chicken in quite a few years. I miss it, but too many other things to watch…and taking care of the kids and whatnot.

      • ?You guys not watch robot chicken?

  8. I’m excited for AoS this week and that has me worried. They can’t assume everyone who watches their television program went out to Captain America this week. So, we’re going to most likely have another Thor tie-in type of episode where they are doing a little bit of clean-up and pretty much ignoring the cinematic universe except for a few name drops.

    I’m one of the few people who actually defends AoS. Well, I did. Then, I just stopped reading Anthony’s reviews. I think the show has made leaps and bounds since the pilot episode. And I am really excited to see how it all ties together…and that has me soooooo worried. I just don’t think they can ignore this film like they did with Thor. CA:TWS had too many plot points that fit in with the TV universe that can’t be ignored.

      • Yeah, it looks like it will all fit together. My issue is the last time that I was THIS excited to watch AoS was the pilot episode…and we all know how that one turned out.

    • I’m excited too. The previous episode pretty much led right into TWS, so I think they’ll do it justice.

  9. Anybody watch WrestleMania on the WWE Network?

    • I don’t catch WWE, but I do enjoy watching episodes of Ring of Honor Wrestling. Sadly, the family refuses to watch it with me. :(

      When I worked at the airport as a teenager, I saw Hulk Hogan getting out of a limo. I said, “It’s Hulk Hogan!” (How original.) He turned to me, pointed, and said, “That’s right, brother!” That guy is HUGE.

      • @$2 – That is awesome! I met a few WCW wrestlers that never really made it at MOA. Then, I saw the Big Show at a strip club after a WWE event. He had 3 ladies on each arm and went into the VIP area. My buddy and I left…we knew that we’d just be paying top dollar for beer while the dancers avoided us poor guys. But WOW, the Big Show is one big dude.

  10. I got see two films this weekend: CATWS and “Noah”. I enjoyed both and was pleasantly surprised to see that CA took a much more serious/substantive approach to a cbm. It felt almost…DC-like. 😉

    “Noah” was, imo, a beautiful film, respectful of the themes of choices made, free will, the gift of our world, and faith (AND its dangers and rewards). I found the acting to be excellent, the story to be intense, the visuals to be stunning, and the interpretive elements to be clever. My favorite part, in fact, was Noah’s telling of the Beginning to his family…a great “Big Bang”/evolution sequence that fit in quite well with the overall feel of the film. Also, I find it curious that so many people found it to be some kind of environmental bunk when, in fact, the narrations and the visuals CLEARLY showed the true issue being Mankind’s destructive, violent, savage, selfish, greedy proclivities…just as the Biblical tale emphasized.

    CATWS is definitely one the best MCU movies, I think. It has now replaced “The Incredible Hulk” as my favorite Marvel Studios movie…and it is the first “Phase two” movie that is actually well-done and consistent…and much improved over its CA predecessor.

    All in all, a great weekend for movies…

  11. I dont see why wb doesnt let Bruce Timm work on the live action films.

  12. Looking forward to seeing Cap 2 today. From the reviews I read this one of the best phase 2 movies Marvel has made.Plus it has already gross $303M WW clearly gonna outgross Man of Steel. Although MOS is one of my favorite superhero movies I wish DC would hurry with their shared universe.

  13. Good Morning all…

    Happy Monday!! :)

    I saw Cap 2 this weekend and really all I can say is…WOW!! What an excellent film over all. The story, the action, the surprises all just great!
    This is now my third favorite CBM behind The Avengers and Iron Man 1. Marvel continues with each movie to make better overall quality films. It appears that Marvel can’t be stopped at the present time. I saw it three times this weekend with different friends and family and each time I saw something that I missed the time before.

    A piece of advice for everybody that wants to go see it: You need to see it at least twice to catch all the really cool, neat stuff. Seeing it twice is totally worth it, IMO.

    IMHO, Cap2 easily gets 5/5 stars.

    I cannot wait to watch AoS this week!!! :)

  14. Saw Cap 2 today, what a awesome film. Best (Phase 2) Marvel film yet. Like stark, id put this behind The Avengers, Iron Man 1, making it tied w/ CA:TFA for me in 3rd place. I plan to see it more because I missed the Dr. Strange egg somehow & im figuring how Loki’s scepter is in Baron’s hands in the first end credits.

    I can’t wait for the next Avengers film, betting it will top the first film.

  15. Forgot to mention, during Cap2, one of the trailers was for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    They look funny with those bigger noses.