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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 5, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. Oh, and check out our shiny new site tagline below SCREENRANT in the upper left corner. icon smile Open Discussion   April 5, 2013

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  1. “The #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website”


    • I just noticed that!
      Way to go ScreenRant! :D
      …unless you guys just randomly self-titled that, in which case, I’m The Avenger – the #1 Avenger on the internet ;)

      • Not random, have numbers to back it up. :)

        • Hahaha! Nah, I trust you Vic. If you guys say you’re #1, I believe it (not that Screen Rant wasn’t #1 in the first place imo)

          Congrats on the achievement by the way. :)

        • Well, whether or not you have the numbers to back it up; we still think your the best, even if the world ends :)

          • Thanks, guys, much appreciated!

            • Thank you guys, we appreciate all your hard work.

        • Congratulations. But I still like the “without the sugar coating” thing.

        • Waa? I came here thinking I was in on some big secret. Now I know everyone is in on it I’m outta here.

          *Straightens tie, walks out doorway, slams door, peels away in a brown and gold pontiac Firebird* (^-^)

          Nice. Good job guys.

    • Congrats on the #1 rating. You’ve always been #1 in my eyes. Except for that brief stint in college when I experimented with Fandango. It was a weird time.

      Does that make the SR Underground the #1 podcast about articles on the #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website?

  2. second…The awesomeness of evil dead. I rated 9/10

    • I though it did a pretty good job. I am a big fan of the original movies and you can never replace them.

      I’ll get into my guffs if there is a spoiler discussion page.

      • I want to see it sooo bad!! Evil Dead 2 is probably my favorite horror film of all time..

  3. So who here thinks that there should be a World’s Finest movie in 2015 instead of making a Justice League movie, and while that’s going on, take time to establish the other characters, as well as introduce John Stewart as the new Green Lantern since Reynolds said he has little interest in continuing with the character?

    • I really don’t know what I want anymore. There is a demand for a Justice League movie, but I’m down for anything they throw at us. If “Man of Steel” impresses me (even though I still am begging for the use of Metallo), all the more reason to want Justice League to happen.

      In the mean time, “Flashpoint” will be enough to satisfy :)

      • Especially if they get Brian Austin Green to be Metallo….

    • I think a Worlds Finest movie should be the sequel to Man of Steel. Then Justice League should be the finally to the trilogy.

      • My plan for the movies should be:
        Dark Knight Trilogy
        Man of Steel (2013)
        World’s Finest (2015)
        Green Lantern 2 (2015)
        Flash (2016)
        Aquaman (2016)
        Justice League introducing Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter (2017)

    • I would rather see a MOS trilogy and Then a JL movie. Introduce a cameo superhero per movie.

  4. Please do a story about the status on “Knights of Badassdom”

  5. After watching the new star trek trailers, I am extremely excited. But to me it looks like it might not take place a ton in space. Maybe they are saving the epic space battle for the movie or something, but that’s my ONLY concern as of right now.

  6. Was evil dead any good??

  7. Scary movie 5 looks like the worst sh*t ever.
    seriously inception parody?
    Honey booboo?

  8. Why was the hunger games movie better than the hobbit, even tho the hobbit had awsome CGI I never felt any of the characters were in mortal danger. The disturbing subject matter of the hunger games also added to the tension, that the hobbit lacked. Sorry for minirant.

    • In the words of Johnny Drama, “Just wait bro”. Hobbit number three will have enough suspense/ mortal danger/ cgi/ possibly death to blow you away!

      • The battle of five armies alone will be better than the huger games!

        • Heh Yeah… that is, If PJ keeps the battle of the five armies… so far, there are six armies lined up:

          Thorin’s group
          Dain’s army
          Laketown’s army
          Mirkwood’s army
          The Misty Mountain goblins
          The White orc’s army????? (I mean, what the heck?)

          • I think it’d be silly for PJ to have Bilbo get knocked out and not show the rest of the battle like in the book. Wow… I didn’t realise there were 6… It’s making me smile just thinking about it! Haha and yeah are the white orc’s army a replacement for Bolg?

          • I think he is pairing up the white orc’s army with the goblins army to make it bigger. Since the goblin king died then the white orc can just take over. I could be wrong but I think that is the route PJ will take.

          • Thorin’s group and Dain’s army make up one of the five armies. The goblins and orc’s will almost definitely be one group, and you’re forgetting the army of eagles.

            • I hereby Hand in my ringer badge. :( I FORGOT THE FRIKKIN EAGLES!!!!!

              Not good…

        • Thanks Man, I got them done by the best! and all on my baby bro’s penny!

    • … Thet’s um, kinda random, but if I may, I’d like to weigh in on this:

      To me, the Hobbit was much better than The Hunger Games.
      I never felt close to the characters in THG, and therefor, never really cared about them. With the Hobbit, I cared. I already read the book so I know what happens to who (so that “tension” was missing for me anyway), but as a viewer I felt closer to the characters in the Hobbit, which is always a bonus.
      I probably don’t need to speak much about the VFX, since it’s probably clear who’s the “winner” these, but The Hobbit did have this grand scale of epicness that was lacking in the Hunger Games (and one doesn’t necessarily need a super-high budget to make something feel “epic” – good camera work can achieve similar results).
      The Hobbit was also a more enjoyable and fun film for me overall. The Hunger Games took itself way too serious (and with those ridiculous costumes, it felt even worse).
      Then there’s the story, of course: I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of the LotR (even though I never read the books, I did read the Hobbit), so my preference does lie with that franchise. That said, The Hunger Games has a terrific premise and the little bit that I read from the first book (never got round to finishing it), was very good imo – it’s just the movie that didn’t live up I guess.

      So to me, while the Hunger Games was a serviceable film and did it’s job, it felt underwhelming, a little forgettable and it’s not something I can see myself watching again, whereas with The Hobbit, it felt well executed, fun, epic and memorable (definitely something I’d want to add to my collection).

      • Funny joke by the way

        • What joke?

  9. DCs the New 52 comics only remind me of how awesome a Green Lantern movie could be if done right. I hope if they ever get their sh*t together over there at WB they can make a film (I’ll even accept an animated film) adaption of the Green Lantern Darkest Night. It would be epic. I know that there is almost no chance of seeing a live action adaption, but I like to dream.
    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Darkest Night I suggest googling it. The art work is amazing. And it is about all the lantern corps (every color) and the justicle league fighting off a new black lantern that reanimates the dead. So we are talking about super heroes vs ZOMBIE super heroes. This needs to happen.

    • Some of it is probably lazy thinking..”Oh we’ll just CGI it later. No worries”, but CGI is a more versitile in many ways, but it takes a hell of a lot of money and effort to make it look right. It really isn’t cheaper than doing stuff for real.

      I miss real sets, model work, costumes and creatures.

      • Even though I was born into a generation of CGI movies, I still miss films with real sets, model work, costumes and creatures. You’d think as it’s cheaper that there’d be a lot more practical effects, however the only person who really utilises that is Guillermo del Toro. I’m just holding out that soon some other directors take an influence from him.

    • Interesting thought. I was reading your comment and thought you were going to say Captain America lol

      • @Braveheart
        I agree, everything is all set and in good place except the Hulk. I think the best way to deal with this situation for now would just be a cameo like Hawkeye in Thor. He doesnt necessarily have to be in ‘Hulk Mode’ (if you will) i think a Bruce Banner cameo would suit just fine so that way Ruffalo gets some screen time and us fans are (somewhat) satisfied knowing Hulk hasnt dropped off the face of the Earth in between Avengers 1&2

    • @ braveheart

      I totally agree. A few things to consider though.

      1. Marvel never releases more than two movies a year and the next several year’s slates are already full.

      2. Would you rather fill a slot with another Hulk movie or introduce another new character like Black Panther, Dr. Strange, etc.?

      3. We as fans may have to resign ourselves to the possibility that they may only use the Hulk as a supporting character in the team up movies like Avengers, etc.

      I for one would love to see a two hero team up of Iron Man and Hulk, etc.. Banner and Tony Stark had real chemistry in Avengers, IMO.

      We’ll have to wait and see I guess. At this point, with Marvel’s track record so far, I would support whatever they decide to do with their character, except if they don’t resign RDJ to a multi- picture deal. Then I would be upset.

    • Still waiting for something original from Marvel.

  10. So Kevin Feige calls you up. Gives you full authority. You get to pick five phase 3 movie leading up to Avengers 3. What do you do? GO!

    • 1 Savage Hulk
      2 Iron Man 4 : Enemy of SHIELD
      3 Captain America 3: Fall of Steve Rogers
      4 Thor 3 :Invasion
      5 Avengers 3: End Game.

      • Pay whatever you have to pay to acquire the rights to Spiderman, and re-launch that franchise.

        1. Iron Man 4: a team up with Banner/Hulk (WITH RDJ!!!)
        2. Black Panther
        3. Spiderman (origin story under Marvel’s direction)
        4 Captian America 3: a team up with Thor
        5. Avengers 3

      • That’s a beautiful and realistic-seeming plan Jeff. I would love it if this came true.

        My picks:
        1. Avengers Disassemble (after characters such as Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and Vision are introduced in Phase 2)
        2. After aquiring Spider-Man, complete with Andrew Garfield, using various amounts of corporate espionage, ASM 3.
        3. Runaways
        4. New Avengers (Breakout / Ronin arcs)
        5. Civil War

    • Hulk 3
      Iron Man 4
      Captain America 3
      Hawkeye/Widow vs AntMan/Wasp
      Vision/Wonder Man/Scarlet Witch

    • Black Panther, first and foremost (and I’d ask if I could help write and direct ;) – I do have some great ideas for a BP movie – and I’ve been scouting out shooting locations ever since I was a BP fan… which has been a long time now).

      Doctor Strange would be second: great character, and a great way to introduce a new side of things to the MCU (sorcery). Strange is also a great bridge for the whole cosmic side of things. If done right, it would just be a fantastic movie, me thinks.

      Depending on whether their predecessors did well, I’d like sequels to THOR 3 and Cap 3 (and GotG 2 if it does well, which I’ll assume it will), so that would probably take up the other 3 spots.

      If I have to include Ant-Man, which is technically Phase 3 according to Feige, I’d postpone GotG 2 till Phase 4.

      • A Heroes For Hire movie would also be awesome, but I could see something like that being even better as a tv show… so I didn’t include it in my “wishlist”.

        • I put my money on them showing up in the SHIELD show.

        • If Heroes for Hire were to become a movie, what would you say for Dwayne Johnson being Luke Cage? Marvels movie’s tend to be put in some comedy and Dwayne’s charisma is spot on for a marvel movie…

          • I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but the Rock isn’t really black enough imo.
            Sorry if that sounds racist (it’s not my intention), but what I mean is, someone like Terry Crews (in his younger days) would have been more suited for the role.

            • Haha how dare you?! I agree though. He isn’t black enough. Mr Duncan would’ve been perfect.

            • I think Chiwetel Ejiofor could do a good Luke Cage, but an even better Black Panther.

          • Terry Crews

    • 1. Hulk movie with The Leader
      2. The Thunderbolts
      3. Wonder Man
      4. Spider Woman (Jessica Drew)
      5. The Avengers Initiative

    • Buy out the other Marvel properties.

      Spider-Man 4 with Maguire.
      Wolverine 2
      Thor 3
      Fantastic Four reboot
      Avengers 3

      • 1)TASM 4 (with Captian America cameo(s) )
        2)GotG 2 (with Thor cameo(s) )
        3)Planet Hulk
        4)Captain America 3 (Iron Man and Thor cameos to compensate that they dont have their own movies)
        5)Civil War

  11. Ok, one of my co-workers shown me a picture of Cavill’s Superman costume on Google. And like to have some confirmation here. Does the costume have like a yellow/red lines on the wraist that almost connects to the yellow circle-like belt buckle? Or is the picture fan-made. Because it looks better & i liked the costume more if its like that picture.

  12. Anybody know how long Guy Pearce’s deal is with Marvel, how many movies?

    I’m wondering because I wonder if he becomes The Controller I’m Gaurdians of the Galexy, or another character from the Marvel universe based on what happens to him in Iron Man 3.

    • i hate auto correct spelling!!!

      *in Guardians of the Galaxy*


  13. Why is it that video game companies/developers don’t adapt their own games into movies? That’s the only way i can see a video game movie not being bad.

  14. “The #1 Independent Movie & TV News Website”
    calls to mind a quote from coach Bear Bryant:

    “It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true”.

    And independence cannot be emphasized enough.
    Many would be shocked at who actually owns and runs
    some sites that feign independence while being anything but.

    So here’s to Screen Rant for setting itself apart from the pack
    and claiming title the reality of being the trusted source to rely on.

    • So if screenrant is supposedly the #1 whatever, then how come I haven’t heard of this website until yesterday? just saying

      • Independence is not a measure of familiarity or popularity.
        Commercially funded sites will always be more well known.

      • With the (somewhat altered) words of Captain Jack Sparrow: “But… you HAVE heard of it!”

  15. So I’m still waiting on that Thor teaser/trailer thingy that was supposedly coming out some time this month, I think. Or was that a hoax? Also, I just recently got a book of Thor based on the movie. Yay! It’s short and it’s got pictures of some parts in the movie, so that’s cool. My fave part is the chapter told from Loki’s perspective, because of course he’s number one! :D

    • My bet is that it comes out maybe the week of the 15th. it’s going to be attached to IM3. The only question is if they’ll attach it to the world wide release (the 26th) or the domestic release (3rd). I expect it to come out a few days prior to whatever they attach it to.

      • Oh, cool! Thanks for the heads up! Really appreciate it. :) I’ll be looking forward to that.

  16. Congratulations to Screen Rant for being #1. You guy earned it and deserve it. Your hard work and great scoops are very much appreciated.


  17. The Conjuring trailer before Evil Dead was terrifying. I am so excited for that movie to come out.