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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 30, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 30, 2014

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  1. I have My Own Day, Im Batman

    • I saw that. No significance in the day though?

      • Yes yes we all know who you are you fame wh0re.

        • @Cody


  2. Happy Day After…

    So…I watched “V for Vendetta” again last night. I love that film…Alan Moore’s irritating complaining aside, I think it’s a fantastic, well-designed film and a wonderful exploration of what liberty, freedom, and free will (both as similar terms AND as potentially very different concepts) mean…and cost.

    • Haha, yeah. People often echo Alan Moore’s complaints about the Anarchist subtext being removed from the film, but that stuff was always tangential to the actual story being told anyway. The graphic novel is essentially the story of a totalitarian government being brought down. The only time “anarchy” is really addressed is in a couple of V’s monologues where he sits around and says “Gee, I sure love me some anarchy.” Alan Moore’s repeated complaints about his characters “not being respected” by other writers are humorous in light of a lot of Moore’s own work using pre-existing characters.

      • Gibberish. Anarchy permeates the entire narrative of the graphic novel. Nothing V does makes any sense whatsoever without reference to it; the symbolism of the systematic destruction of London’s every governmental landmark, from blowing up the Houses of Parliament (right at the beginning of the story, not at the end) and the “conversation” with the Lady Justice statue on top of the Old Bailey courthouse (before blowing that up as well), to the BT communications tower and the “viking funeral” underneath Downing Street. The TV broadcast, the rioting in “the land of do-as-you-please”, Finch’s acid trip, Evey’s ordeal and resurrection: all of these elements become hollow and stripped of meaning, significance and intent if you reduce this to being simply a story of a plucky little freedom fighter bringing down a totalitarian government.

        • My point is that the graphic novel doesn’t have anything important to say about Anarchism as a political philosophy. I would hardly call the V from the movie a “plucky freedom fighter.” He’s a sociopath who tortures and kills people. Just because he doesn’t explicitly invoke the word “Anarchy” doesn’t automatically make him a center-left Obama voter, like Alan Moore tries to make it sound.

          • That wasn’t your point at all. You said anarchism was a subtext and tangential to the actual story. It’s neither. Whether or not the graphic novel says anything important about the subject is another matter. The film V not invoking the concept automatically makes him more sympathetic, less ambiguous and less morally questionable.

            • “The film V not invoking the concept automatically makes him more sympathetic, less ambiguous and less morally questionable.”

              Not really. Alan Moore is an avowed anarchist, so for him it makes V into even more of a “good guy” or even a mouthpiece for his own views. If the movie version of V is a plucky, anti-Fascist freedom fighter then the graphic novel version is a plucky, anti-fascist freedom fighter who keeps fatuously yelling “Anarchy!” without ever actually lifting a finger against any democratically elected, non-Fascist government.

              • Once again you’re not making sense. Film V cannot be a mouthpiece for Alan Moore’s anarchist beliefs if film V is not actually an anarchist. Additionally – incredible as it may seem to you – Moore’s intent was clearly for a protagonist whose actions create an ambivalence in the reader, not to reduce the storyline to a black-and-white good guy/bad guy face-off. The logic of your final sentence escapes me completely.

    • I enjoy the film for what it is (I actually own it on DVD), but despite the good cast and production values it doesn’t go anywhere unexpected, and I have to treat it as entirely separate from the comic.

      Moore’s main complaint about the film was that despite telling Larry Wachowski politely during a telephone conversation that he wanted nothing to do with the project, producer Joel Silver released a press statement claiming that he (Moore) was “very excited about what Larry had to say”. Manufactured endorsement, wilful misrepresentation, outright lie; I don’t think I’d be too happy about that either.

  3. And im The Flash, Fastest Man Alive.

    • I don’t think the ladies will like this…

      • +1

    • I heard you recently changed ethnicity, weird.

      • Wait, what?

          • I don’t favor the New 52 version.

            • Flash Fact: It is only the Earth One version, so far anyways. Earth Two has Jay Garrick as their Flash.

              • I liked saying the line, get off my back already.

                • Sorry, didn’t mean to pile on.

                  As you can tell I am a fan of Wally West from back in the day when he could only run at the speed of sound and needed to eat constantly. I still hope he is the cinematic Flash in MOS/JLA.

                  • No worries. I hope to see the version of Flash aswell on film.

  4. did you guys hear that Bob Hoskins passed away. Oh Boy, R.I.P. loved him in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

    • Ah, Smee…

      We will miss ye…

    • @ Amber

      That’s too bad,i liked some of his films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit,Hook & not well liked Super Mario Bros.

      • Yeah we’re loosing a lot of stars these days, too many actually.

        • That a lot of stars getting old,past their prime it seems with their great films behind them.

    • I read that as well. Bummer… He was old though.

  5. Bob Hoskins (71) has passed away du to pneumonia. RIP :(

    And: Fox officially cancelled “Almost Human”. No surprise there… :(

      • This and Pennies From Heaven are my favourite roles of his. I’d forgotten a young Pierce Brosnan was at the end of that clip too.

    • It’s not even started here in the UK yet. Starting in May is it worth catching…. seemed to get mixed reviews.

      Here’s a question for all you Americans.

      I’ve become increasingly aware of something I call First Season Network syndrome.
      I picked up on it with reviews of Almost Human and from various DVD commentaries.

      FSNS – When a network releases a show’s first season NOT in the intended order that the writers and producers have planned.

      Episode 4 as the 2nd, 7 as the 5th etc. and that season long arcs and tags and character development can get muddled.

      Why would they do that, the character beats would be all over the place and savvy audiences would be wondering at the inconsistent characters and thematic arcs and may put it down to bad writing and write the show off as bad.

      Seems like a good way to get a show cancelled….. if they didn’t want the show (change of network management or something) why not let it die on it’s own merits and maybe they could have a sleeper hit instead?

      • I would counter with what happened to the show OUTCASTS. How did that get canceled?

      • I’d definitely recommend watchting it. It’s good entertainment with very enjoyable and humorous character dynamics beteen Kennex (Karl Urban) and the android Dorian (Michael Ealy). While there is a loose overarching story, Almost Human barely touches on it and is a case-of-the-week show instead.

        At the end of the show the development arcs of the two main characters are completed nicely, which makes the show a good self-contained watch without a silly cliffhanger, despite a couple of loose ends here and there. I certainly don’t feel left hanging, now that the show is over after its first season, which I can’t say for other prematurely cancelled shows.

        • Cool. Series Link on the Sky box it is then…

    • The problem with Almost Human is they didn’t stick to the over arching storyline/mystery to connect the episodes.

      While I understand TV likes to do standalone eps so that any viewer can jump in and not be lost, they have to have some larger plotline to help move the narrative along.

      Almost Human had it (the terrorist group and the android maker who had connections outside of the wall) but they didn’t effectively use them.

      • Could that of been down to FSNS and the network mucking about with the release schedule and screwing up the narrative?

  6. So in the new godzilla trailer, it seems the U.S. has the Muto creature but it breaks out and Ken Watanabe has Godzilla in his possession or at the least knows how to lure him out, which I find interesting.

    • The way i see it is that the U.S tried nuking Godzilla to death and failed, but did manage to create the MUTOS at the same time, albeit not intentional. The MUTOS escape years later and f*** sh** up. Will be Interesting to see how much damage is from them and not Godzilla. And where he is hiding until we need him? Not as if he can hide within a city (lookin at you 90′s zilla) Surely we don’t need a Godzilla whistle to beckon him? Or sacrifice a live goat?

      • According to some posts yesterday the G-Man is fool for Reese’s Pieces (well, who aint)

        I think the 50′s nuke put ‘Zilla into some kind of hibernation, you know sleeping off a big meal what with all those rads.

        I also think that the MUTOS we’re intentionally created to be controlled to fight Godzilla when he inevitably re-awakes and as usual we get it wrong and our creations run amok.

        Why do I think that….. all the stuff about nature being about balance and the arrogance of man thinking nature is under our control not the other way round.

        I also think that Brian Cranston’s wife is part of the team that creates the MUTOS and is killed by it. It’s the MUTOS that Brian’s going all Lone Gunman conspiracy theory on, NOT Godzilla.

        Probably wrong, might be right, thanks for playing, answers on a postcard to….

  7. Any news on the new Mad Max movie? Is it stuck in prodution hell? Also the Brad Pitt Shia LeBarf WW2 movie, heard there were some punches ups on the set.

    • As far as i know it’s due out in about a year’s time. I know they had to go back and do re-shoots late last year. I wouldn’t expect to see any sort of marketing begin for it until late this year really.

  8. Almost Human cancelled… anyone?

    • Thats a shame. At least Sleep Hollow hasnt, that was my favorite of the two last year but I liked both.

    • It was inevitable. It was well made, they put money into it and it didn’t draw big enough ratings. AOS was the break-out sci-fi/comic show this year.

    • Is this confirmed or just speculation? I really enjoyed Almost Human, moreso than Sleepy Hollow for me but that was a very solid show as well.

    • Fu*king FOX! A bunch of idiots!

    • Read this last night from THR. Its also a bummer but I don’t blame anyone but us viewers. Has nothing to do with the network or the actors itself. If we don’t watch it, it wont be successful. Nowadays they take into consideration DVR recordings and website watching, so if we aren’t doing that either, it will eventually fail. For me… I DVR the episode. Don’t watch it, and I eventually delete it but at least I try! LOL.

  9. You get to ask one question to any of the cast members of Star Wars 7. Who would it be? What is the question? Why?

    Mine: J.J Abrams, What is the new villain’s motives for wanting to kill the good guys?

    • “Hey Mark…. You ever tap that?” :)

      • “no dude, she’s my sister”

        Mark’s a true method actor

    • To all of the new cast: WHAT IS YOUR CHARACTER?

      And one for J.J – How much lens flare are you planning to use?

    • I would ask if Dash Rendar will be in the movie.

      • That has been answered. Nope. Though you may see a character who is loosely based on him or takes elements of the character and uses them in a different way. I don’t have a link, but just look up the statement about the EU.

    • @ Writer

      I would ask what kind of shape are the Empire and the Jedi in in this trilogy. Is ithe Empire completely destroyed or is it now under ground and behind the scenes?

      Also anybody notice Billy D. Williams name not in the cast, or did I miss that?

    • Directed to John Boyega:

      Are you playing Lando’s son or Mace Windu’s nephew? haha

      • Well, ask yourself this: Why did they cast me? Hint- I have a British accent.

    • It may sound silly, but I’d like to know from Abrams if Admiral Ackbar will be around. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I’d love to see him return.

  10. So who do you think will be in Justice League character/actor playing him.
    We got
    Fisher/Cyborg(which Im against for numerous reasons, mostly age and past comic continuity, would prefer John Stewart GL or Martian Manhunter)
    So who else? some actors have been speculated, the Rock, Mamoa,wholl they be

    • Also whats the speculation on the rest of the 11 Dc films being made.

    • @ cody

      I prefer Mamoa for Aquaman over Matt Damon for the role. The Rock possibly as Black Adam.

    • D. Johnson as either Shazam or Black Adam. Either way he will throw down with Supes at some point. Be a waste if he didn’t.

      Nikolaj Coster-Waldau might make a good Aquaman.

      Mamoa as Vandal Savage or Doomsday

      • Nikolaj Coster-Walday a great shout for Aguaman. I guess if they are going to use the green arrow they will use Stephen Amell from the tv show? And Grant Gustin as the flash again from the tv show? (Which just opens up a whole can of worms about the Gotham tv show? Or do they just leave them as a seperate universe?)
        Who would you have as the green lantern? Or would audiences just remember Ryan Reynold’s take? Who would be the bad guy and who would play him? Darkseid?

        • Gotham is separate from Arrow/Flash. Arrow/Flash will probably be separate from MOS/JLA filmverse. But, who knows? I would think that Arrow would tie in easier with MOS/JLA than Gotham. Gotham is definitely an Elseworlds story. I hope that it makes it past one season.

          Someone on SR suggested doing a Green Lantern Corps movie. I think that could work as a soft re-boot. Change the visual style somewhat, get someone more creative to re-magine GL onscreen. Maybe go harder sci-fi. They should keep Strong as Sinestro whatever they do.

          Did you like Ryan R as GL Hal Jordan?

          • Yes, yes I did.

            Two pieces of perfect Reynolds – Hal Jordon and Deadpool.
            Both wisecracking, irritating, motor mouths.

            However if they do get round to rebooting GL it’s gotta be John Stewart for me. Get Idris in there.

            • You must be familiar with a different Hal Jordan than the one I know. HJ is not any of those things. Guy Gardner is.

              • Nah, I’d go with your interp.

                I only know John Stewart.

                I, wrongly it seems, assumed that the Hal RR was playing was accurate and that’s why they cast him cause it’s a good fit.

                My DC knowledge is as extensive as I’d like.

                Spose that makes a bit more sense of one of the number of issues more than a few have with the GL film if Hal Jordon aint Hal Jordon.

                • **** isn’t


                • All good. Hal and John are similar in that they are more stoic. Hal has a whole arc though, as does John. RR version of him was RR, not HJ. He could have played HJ if he had acted instead of playing himself. imo.

          • Yeah definatly keep Strong as Sinestro as i think he’s terrific. Would like to see how that post-credits scene with him turning yellow develops.
            I liked Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but i must be one of the few. Critcs absolutly trashed it. Definatly needs someone more creative onboard there. Get a villain who isn’t a talking cloud (Parallax) or one with a huge throbbing forehead (Hector)
            We won’t have Michael Clarke Duncan in a sequel if there ever is one though. (RIP Big Man) But i can live with a sequel done right, or like you say reboot with a corps movie.

            • The helicopter scene. terrible.

              Almost every use of the ring in the movie was either childish, silly or just dumb.

              • True. Heard a rumour before that there was talk of Dwayne Johnson becoming John Stewart. Thoughts?

                • You answered your own question. It is an old rumor.

        • Also one good reason for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as AM: his accent. It can be hard to place, makes him an even better choice imo. Downside: he is like 6’2″, so another hero who is taller than Superman and much taller than WW . And almost as tall as someone like Mamoa. Still, Batfleck is 6’4″ with no cowl. So..

  11. @ Writer

    Mine: Peter Mayhew, How big will Chewbacca’s role be in the new trilogy partically in episode 7?

  12. SPIDEY is almost upon us!

    possible speculative spidey spoilers below.

    It seems each film will have a villain unique to it, along side the other side characters building to the sinister six. I thought that Lizard and Electro were set to return as members of the six, but that may not be the case.

    The images released imply Doc ock, gobby, rhino, vulture, Kraven and the mystery mask (black cat or mysterio)

    My big question is, who’s the unique villain for spidey 3? Maybe Venom, with Kraven as the sinister six connector villain. Venom joins with spidey at the end and sets it up for a solo venom film where he fights carnage maybe? I’m guessing Spidey 4 will have the big showdown with Spidey, Venom & Black Cat vs. The entire sinister six.

    • I would think spidey will be needing back-up for his battle with the sinister six so that’s a good shout. I think Venom movie will be him vs carnage (which i cannot wait for) but as for a stand-alone villain for TASM3? Sandman? Contrary to popular belief, i quite liked Sandman in Raimi’s spidey 3. Was an original member of Sinsiter Six as well. So was Electro and i’m surprised they are going for Goblin instead of him in Sinister Six.

      • I agree about Sandman, I liked his portrayal and T. H. Church’s performance. The biggest problem was the script mess, the three villains had unrelated back stories and Peter was left on the dance floor. Studio interference too I guess.

        One advantage in the new spidey series is the notion that oscorp created or at least had a hand in all the villains. It’s a very convienient plot device that helps them tie the franchise together. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first amazing but I’m down with sony’s multi-pic spidey plan.

        • Agreed. TASM 1 wasn’t great but at least it started to take us on a different path to Raimi’s trilogy. I think the one villain Spidey 3 could of done without was Venom, but then Peter never would of got in touch with his ‘dark side’ so to speak.
          I like the whole Oscorp story-line in this version though. Also really looking forward to Sinister Six stand-alone movie. Can’t beleieve it’s taken this long to get a comic-book movie purely dedicated to the villains. I like will be getting to see Kraven, Mysterio (possibly) and Vulture as well, not seen before in the films. So they are mixing it up.
          Downside to all this is we are also getting Mary-Jane in TASM3 so whoever gets the nod to be the villain, we will have to put up with another ‘mary jane is in danger cliche’)

  13. Rest in Peace mr. Hoskins.

  14. Since nobody’s mentioned it, two-words people: “Atomic Breath”…. What will it look like and how will it be used? Maybe like the Coup de Grace on Ultra-man! Any ideas?

    • I try not to think about it. The atomic breath seems to be the one thing that doesn’t really fit the rather realistic approach of the new Godzilla movie and I wish it wasn’t in it at all. It’something that rather belongs in the Japanese Godzilla movies with their ridiculous alien robots and jet-engined turtle monsters. But from what I hear it actually IS in there and I can’t imagine how that would work on a creature like that.

  15. Did anyone like Bob Hoskins in Super Mario Bros? Just curious.

    • I liked the movie.

  16. Obviously the whole world now knows the announced cast for Star Wars Episode 7. Anyone have any ideas of what the title will be? Can understand them holding back on it for now. Or will they tell us on May the 4th, the date we thought the cast would be announced on?

    • Rise of the Revenge of the Empire against the Rebels.

      haha jk I have no idea.

    • Star Wars: Uprising

  17. Good Morning all….

    Happy Hump Day!! :)

    New Arrow tonight!!! Can’t wait!

    I have a question regarding The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Cap 2.

    PLEASE DON’T turn this into a “IM3 was terrible” thing! 

    Caution: This question contains SPOILERS from Cap2!!!!

    In The Avengers, JARVIS was hacking through SHIELD’s systems, to “Know every secret SHIELD has ever had”; that’s how they discovered the “Phase 2″ weapons based on Hydra tech and the tesseract. Then in Iron Man 3 JARVIS again accessed SHIELD’s systems to gather intel on the various bombing incidents and the Mandarin.

    My question is this: 
    In both times that JARVIS went through SHIELD’s systems how is it that he never discovers one single thing about Hydra, their Helicarrier plan from Cap 2, Dr. Zola being in the servers in the bunker, Dr. Zola’s algorithm, the Winter Solider and his activities over the years or the fact that Hydra was basically running SHIELD? How is it that none of that was discovered either time?

    Did I miss something? Was this explained some how? Can anybody shed some light on this?

    Great episode of AoS last night, btw. I can’t wait for the season finale. The show just keeps getting better and better.

    Two more days until Spidey!!! :)

    • I read a theory somewhere that J.A.R.V.I.S. is eventually going to become Ultron with Tony being his creator instead of Hank Pym. So maybe if he’s going to be fighting Iron Man as Ultron, he doesn’t want to disclose any info he found? I don’t know, guesing really. Was scratching my head about that as well.

    • How did Nick Fury not see it? I’m sure they didn’t save their data on the desktop in a Hydra folder…. :)

    • @ Stark

      Good question that is. How did Loki’s Sceptor land in Baron what his name’s hands when i thought Thor took it with him & Loki at the end of the Avengers?

    • IM3 is an easy answer – he (he, what am I doing!!!!) had specific search parameters namely the explosion signatures and anything pertaining to the Mandarin and the Ten Rings.

      Could be the same rational for Avengers too in that Tony only had JARVIS looking at what SHIELD was doing with the tesseract not a blanket search.

      Maybe the Zola personality managed to create firewalls and blocks around the HYDRA data that JARVIS couldn’t penetrate and has been working at it since Avengers.

      The Zola personality or the algorithm, if they are indeed separate things I think they are one and the same – kinda like the Machine in Person of Interest, anyway Zola is aware of JARVIS probing and in light of the events of CAP2 attacks JARVIS, corrupts him or a portion of him and downloads into a suit and you get ULTRON mk1…. maybe

    • @Stark
      The simple answers would be, the writers of Avengers and Iron Man 3 didn’t know about the Hydra-Shield plot of Cap2 when they were writing their respective films, they didn’t know so they didn’t address it.
      Or they knew but had to keep that reveal under wraps. Was Marvel planning the Hydra takeover all along? Or did that idea come up while writing Cap2?

    • @Stark
      Or… Jarvis has no allegiance to anyone or anything but Tony and maybe Pepper. So Jarvis didn’t see the significance of Hydra’s presence and detected no personal threat to Tony.
      Plus his hacks would give him all of SHIELD’s secrets, (which have to be alot) and he (Jarvis) had no way of knowing what was of utmost importance but what Tony was specifically searching for.
      I think Jervis would detect Zola and the algorithm. He would have to pick up on another AI up and running and to him (Jarvis) that would be important information, and I’m sure he would tell Tony about it.
      I look at it like this, Jervis knew, but didn’t understand that he should volunteer that info to Tony. The same can be said about Coulson being alive. Jervis knows but doesn’t understand to volunteer the info to Tony.

    • the new hellicarriers were designed with input from tony after his upclose view of the turbines. zola in the bunker was not networked into the internet, so no one knew he was there. thats what it looks like to me anyway

  18. Only thing i can think of there is that loki created a fake one? Being the god of mischief and all that

  19. when’s comic con & anyone think they’ll reveal Superman & Batman’s new costumes?

  20. I’m still bummed about the eu not being able to be worked into the movies. I know they will theoretically pay homage and that they couldn’t be shoe horned into a story. I get that. It just sucks that all the books that we read are almost for nothing. I was wondering if we could come up with something to compromise and my idea takes a page out if marvel and dc’s play books. Tell me what y’all think.

    What if someone wrote into canon a story that detailed a huge force schism that split reality into two? For instance, when sidious was killed by vader. In turn, we now have two parallel universes, one where the books take place, and one where the movies will occur. I’m not a comic book reader but I do believe this is used in the story lines. The cool part about it would be that Disney and Lucas wouldn’t even have to advertise it. The people who don’t care because they never read the books would just get a sequel to the original movies and the people who do read the books will have a solution to their problem. Not a big deal at all.

    What do you screenranters think of that? I’d love to hear from the writers and editors as well.

  21. Pretty psyched to see Spidey either tomorrow or Friday.

    The percentage on RT (65%) is right where Spiderman 3 is (63%) (O_O) … That’s a little discouraging. But no matter, reviews aren’t everything right? I’m still psyched to see it. I’m surprised that reviews aren’t more positive though.

  22. @WallyWest

    Comic Con is July 24 til July 27 and its possible that the costumes could be reveal. I won’t be suprised if they don’t reveal the suits the movie is still two years away.

  23. AoS last night was a really good episode. I like the direction they’re going. Maria Hill made it pretty clear to Coulson, SHIELD is gone!
    And revealing that Coulson was in charge of Tahiti!?
    Dude who plays Deathlok needs some one on one directing tho. Its like he doesn’t know how to play the character or what to do with him.
    Ward should become Taskmaster…

  24. Anyone watching Warehouse 13?

    It was interesting to see actors from Alphas in the last episode. Too bad they couldn’t have them be crossover characters like from Eureka.

    • Is Kidd Rock returning? Is Brittany Daniel returning?

      • Unknown at this time, but it sounds like he wants both to return if it works with what they want to do, whatever that may be.

        Seems like it is in the very early stages of being fleshed out. I dont think they have a fully compmeted first draft script, which is a complete assumption on my part based on Spade’s comments.

  25. Fellow movie nerds,

    A while back, my long time GF broke up with me, and today she said she met someone. We were kind of in a holding pattern, waiting to see if it would work out, and now it looks far less likely. So today is hard for me. And I knew I could count on my SR pals to chime in with thoughts about their own relationship experiences, good or bad.


    • @ Ken

      My condolences. I know this one girl whos good friends of mine,not close but good that’s getting married to this guy who’s always been a bully to me. I wanted to talk to her about him but couldn’t so I just said to myself… the hell with them & learned never to look back.

    • Not sure how old you are but as long as you are a decent person, you’ll find someone.

      One other possibility, she may find that the new guy doesn’t compare to you. Would you be willing to take her back if that was the case?

      It’s tough, but stay positive.

      • I am 32. I couldn’t tell you if I’m a decent person, but I try to be every day.

        I would be willing to take her back…I understand why it wasn’t working, why we went on ‘hiatus’ and why she is trying to move on. Long story short, I am waiting for a kidney, and until I get a kidney I can’t work full time, can’t travel, can’t be a real person (my terminology) until that happens. She is ready to settle down and live a regular life, she’s out of school and wants to get the ball rolling. I am stuck where I’m at. That’s the quick-and-dirty summary. So I still want to be with her, I still love her the same as I did yesterday.

        She has changed her mind about large decisions in the past, I know she feels bad about this one, so there’s a small chance she could change her mind. but I’m not sitting around waiting on that hope. I’m going to focus on seeing friends, putting myself out in the world, try not to think about the heavy stone in my chest.

        • You could see this as a test of character and/or resolve, Ken. If she’s unwilling to provide any support for what you’re going through at the moment, then that doesn’t bode well for any future relationship developments that don’t run according to plan either. The old “biological clock” argument notwithstanding, “meeting someone” is not being in a holding pattern; that’s being fully-fuelled and awaiting takeoff clearance. Hang in there, mate – you’ll come through this.

      • To broaden the question, has anyone had good (or bad hehe) experiences with the various dating sites? Tell us about them :)

    • My “relationship” experience is slim. Ive had one long term relationship and I am still in it. I kept myself busy before this. Not that I haven’t tried to make things work in the past but I am one to get bored easily so 3 months was my average.

      After reading your post though, the reason for her leaving is concerning. Like you, I understand why, but if that is a decision she is willing to make, then she obviously will leave again.

      One of my past relationships, the one that I didn’t want to end but did, she left me because I had lost my job (Company went under). After a while of debating, sulking, and going back and forth with her, I realized what she was after and what she wanted.

      Not to say that this girl is the same but from experience, if she left you once when things got bad, she will leave again.

  26. It’s official! Godzilla 2014 has a runtime of 123 minutes. If I’m being honest I wish it was a little longer as without credits the movie comes in at under two hours. Now I just hope it’s as good as the trailers are making it look.

  27. Not sure about Godzilla. Looks too serious, especially with Bryan Cries-a-ton.

    ASM2 is plunging over at RT. I know people are going to say it doesn’t matter, but I think a successful CBM has to have a life after the box office run, especially if they want to do more. I really didn’t like ASM and didn’t have much hope for this. I’m done going to see movies like ASM and MOS that get bad to tepid reviews. I’m thinking I’ll just start waiting until DVD comes out for anything that looks suspect.