Open Discussion – April 3, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 3, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   April 3, 2013

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  1. Here is a Story..Add your own line.

    Once upon a time, there were a group of superheroes who banned together to form a united fighting front……

    • And it was so…

      • that on the seventh hour of seventh day of the seventh week……..

        • the evil, radagast the destroyer attacked…

          • With his menacing sledge led by rabbits…

            • Yelling unspeakable oaths at his undead badger army…

              • Yet the heroes stood strong and ready…

                • wetting their pants with a good will…

                  • ..but a firm fist.

                    • And then the Dinobots, the Wolfman and Jackie Chan appeared.

                    • …and I walked out of the movie theater and asked for my money back.

                    • At which point AK jumped out from behind a popcorn counter, laughed insanely, pulled a stupid caper, pretended to beat you up, and announced “yoov bin punk’t”.

  2. So I was wondering… the only hero (well sort of) I’ve never heard anything about in all the Marvel movie stuff is… Namor!? There was a reference to Atlantis on a screen shot somewhere (I think in Iron Man) but nothing since then…

    • sorry, didn’t see the first comment…

  3. I want a Defenders movie (DOCTOR STRANGE, NAMOR, HULK, VALKRYIE)

  4. wow the new Marvel concept art is really lovely! and the small glimpses of Ant-Man footage gave me chills. I’m so excited!
    on the other hand, I’ve heard two of my co-workers call Drax ‘the Hulk guy’ and I’m guessing that many other people will confuse the two of them..

  5. So, Jimmy Fallon officially signed on to replace Jay Leno. What does that mean for The Roots etc.?

    • GOOD!! Cannot stand Leno, just glad we can get rid of the guy already. I love Fallon and am glad if they’re replacing Leno with anyone, that its him

    • I agree, all that concept art has me all jittery and just excited. Marvel knows exactly what they’re doing and are planning this out well. Sorry to all you DC fans, but cant exactly say the same for them (movie wise) My inner child is just screaming and running amok inside me :)

      • Damnittt!! That was supposed to reply to Tereza

        • oh lol I’d have missed your reply if you didn’t say :) yes, I feel like I’m reaching new levels of excitement every time I see a concept art or a trailer.. this is not healthy hah

    • The Roots will move to the Tonight Show with him, or at least I hope so. They make a good team and it wouldn’t feel right if Jimmy was with Leno’s old band.

  6. We’re all still waiting on a casting announcement from Disney, but who do you think should come back for Star Wars Episode 7?

    As much as I’d like to see them all, the only ones I see as necessary are Luke and the droids.

    • I think Han, Luke, Leia, Lando and the droids should return. Some of the characters should be killed off or simply go off to live in peace. It would provide a sense of fulfillment to the viewers to know that their favorite original character died in battle or of something else.

      An easier way around all of this though would be to have their story of death being told at the new Jedi Temple. Maybe make Luke have a vision of the past with his friends dying in his arms or something.

    • They should just bring back the whole cast and have a flashback thing going on. That in a way could close up all the loopholes.

      • I suppose everyone should be back in at least some kind of cameo appereance, and it’s looking likely that they will. Although I can still only see Luke and the droids fitting the main cast best.

    • Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, R2 & 3PO should definitely be back.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing some more familiar faces though.

      • Apart from Lando, I don’t think there’s anybody else to bring back?

        • IMO I could do without C3PO and R2 in SW7.

          • Really? I personally think they should be the only characters that appear in every Star Wars movie.

            • Didnt Disney announce that R2-D2 and C-3P0 would be returning and be the only characters to reappear in every STAR WARS movie?

              • I remember hearing a rumour, which I’m hoping is true. Where did you hear them announce it?

                • I can’t say for sure but i thought i had read it in an article about episode seven some where on here, i look for it

                  • @ Ezekiel
                    Really sorry man but looks like you’re gonna have to do some searching because theres ALOT of articles about episode VII and i dont’t have enough time to go through them right now

                    • Haha ahh don’t worry about it, I vaguely remember reading a similar article. I’m sure Disney will announce it soon enough anyways. Thank you for looking though!

  7. Watches Walking Dead.

    Apocalypse started in 2010.

    Wonder how a 2013 Hyundai is in the show?

    How does it survive in near mind condition?

    Never sees them go to get gas?

    Am I missing something?

    • I was going to say: haven’t you read World War Z? The Koreans disappeared underground to keep building cars. But then I realized that it was just North Koreans in the book. 😉

    • Time travel. The time portal opened up and Ash has to search for the Necronomicon to find his way home. The 2013 Hyundai found it’s way into the circuits of time and crash landed in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse in 2010. It lands on the cargo of a tipped over truck of pink snowballs and bounces unharmed to the side of road. It’s that age old story.

      I guess I’m able to read between the lines 😉

  8. ^near mint.

  9. Thinking about doing a video tribute to Batman. Any suggestions on the song I should use? Here are ones I’ve been tossing around:

    “Rise” – Miracle of Sound
    “Carry On My Wayward Son” – Kansas
    “Citizen Soldier” – 3 Doors Down
    “Through the Fire and Flames” – Dragonforce

    Also might do one for The Joker and here are some I’ve been tossing around for that:

    “Brain Damage” – Pink Floyd
    “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” – The Ink Spots
    “Funhouse” – P!nk

    • The Ink Spots reminds me too much of Fallout 3. Carry On My Wayward Son reminds me too much of Supernatural.

      I think the Joker with Pink Floyd sounds interesting.

  10. I was wondering of anyone had ever heard of the first superhero team ever? The Justice Society was the first Superhero team in comics. Do you think that DC/WB should make a Justice Society movie? Perhaps the story takes place in the late 1930s?

    I think that the Flash (with the dorky outfit) should be modernized a little bit, (Alan Scott) Green Lantern, Wildcat, Hourman (the guy who takes a pill to become a superhero), Black Canary and Doctor Fate should be the Heroes.

    What do you guys think of a Justice Society movie should be like and should it even be made?

    • Maybe I’m just too close minded, but that would be campy as $#!t.
      No thanks.

      • People also thought that Superman would be too campy as well. Some people are even still against Nolan effecting their beloved Man of Steel because Superman “is a character that shouldn’t be dark.” If this movie were taken seriously and not shot down before it had a chance then it could potentially lead up to the Justice League.

        What I mean when I say “taken seriously” is that the movie could have a serious tone. One character I forgot to mention was Sandman. Sandman is an extremely dark character with a more scary appearance than perhaps even Batman. What I am trying to say is that the Justice Society could play a drastic role in Superhero films. Hourman for instance could be turning into a drug addict and add drama to the film. The Green Lantern could be questioning his will and intent on evil. Sandman shows no remorse and doesn’t care.

        I respect and admire your opinion but could you give me a logical reason as to why this movie would fail or be unliked? To me this appears as an easy task and could easily be done with the right writer and director.

        • Well like I said, I’m probably just close minded when it comes to this, since I’m desperately set on DC/WB buckling down and FOCUSING on one goal: making ‘The Justice League’ movie a reality.

          It does depend on the script and what vision the director would have for such a project, but if it’ll be set in the 1930’s as you suggested, I can’t see how it wouldn’t be campy… Back in those days the way people talked and acted are considered campy in our society. You can make it as dark and gritty as you want, but it’ll still feel very weird (probably even more weird/confusing, tonally)

          Science (and science-fiction) has also been a major influence in most superhero movies in the last few years. Batman & Iron Man have their tech, the Hulk & Spider-Man were lab experiments gone wrong/right, Superman is a descendant of an advanced alien society, and Green Lantern’s powers are alien-based as well – in the movies and comics, everything’s been considerably modernized to make it more realistic and plausible, and in the 1930’s things were considerably less high tech than today, which means a lot of the heroes would have pretty iffy back-stories/origins (like the original comics)and in cases like Batman, it would be tough to explain things like his grapple gun (which back then was a piece of rope with a claw-thingy at the end).

          It’s about one’s perception I guess. I’m pretty young and like the more thought-out/complex origins that these characters have in the present continuity, so doing a movie like justice Society in a period setting would feel like a huge step backwards to me personally.

          And if they make a Justice Society movie in the present (which would overcome all the obstacles I just mentioned), I’d feel angry at WB for not just making a damn JL movie instead.

          So for me, whichever way it goes, I doubt I’d be very happen with a movie like that (based on the premise you provided and my somewhat limited knowledge of the Justice Society comics)

          • I see what you are saying and although most of your points are valid. I disagree with the gadget scenario because the late 1930s were actually allot more advance than people give them credit for. Your excuse though for campy is correct but at the same time it kind of isn’t. Although most people associate the time period as being campy because of things like the old cans, board games and movies that came out then the people still suffered the same problems we do today.

            I too like the more thought out and complex stories and such which is why I would like the serious tone as of modern day but taken into a different time period. the reason I think this is because Marvel hasn’t really done this except with Captain America. I realize that most of this probably won’t happen but I just wanted to generate discussion.

            In the Captain America movie the story took place around world war 2. The war originated in 1939 which is why I said late 1930s in my original post. I can’t believe I am saying this because I don’t really like Marvel (Just my opinion) but if the Justice Society was done similar to Captain America and shows what happened before Justice League than it could cause more fans to be excited for the movie or like you said just make people angry.

            I understand your logic behind what you think now so thanks for the reply.

      • they do a new show with the 60s batman, just as silly but played serious.
        = Gold.

        • Actually Batman wasn’t in the Justice Society.

          • yeah, duh. It would be a different show.

            • Sorry I thought since you responded to my Justice Society comment that you would be referring to the JSA.

  11. I just heard that Singer tweeted that Ladygaga signed on to play Dazzler in the X-men: Days of Future Past movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s not even pretty.

    • Think you’ll find he posted that on April 1st…

    • yeah man, also youtube is shutting down, sharon osborne has been artificially impregnated, and gmail is switching over to the sleek new google blue.. “its everything from the previous gmail, but blue!” haha april fools dude!

  12. Ok, Arnold’s crew from the original Predator vs. Sly’s crew from the first Expedables in the jungle. Who wins?

    • Jesse Ventura’s minigun. 😉

    • Considering Arnold was the only one who survived that movie…the Expendables win.

  13. Just saw the latest epsoide of ARROW and things are getting funny. First in the flashback the lady Ollie and Slade hooked up with is named Shadow. Isn’t that the name of the person Ollie had an affair with producing his son Conner. Also Diggs had A conversation with an old Army budy who now works for the ARGUS agency. In the comics that’s the agency that manages the JLA.

    • wrong my friend, Ollie and Shado never had a son called Conner they had a child called Robert. Ollie had a child with Sandra “Moonday” Hawke and the son was Conner Hawke.

  14. Rest in Peace Roger Ebert. Ranting and raving about movies long before the internet allowed all of us to rant about them. He will be missed.