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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 29, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 29, 2013

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  1. Ah ha!

      • Lois: Chris where have you been?
        Chris: I DON’T KNOW!

        I’ll never not be reminded of Family Guy for most things in life. Plus, Reel Big Fish’s version is awesome as well. I think it was in Baseketball

        • They used this on Happy Endings this season too.

  2. I watched Children of Men this weekend for the first time ever, and wow what a great film. The way that movie is filmed with the tracking shots is absolutely incredible. I am sure it bugs some people but I loved it especially the car scene with Julianne Moore and the final 20 min. Great film all around one of the best I’ve seen.

    • I really enjoyed that movie too.

    • Great movie. A favorite of mine.

    • @ Trey

      P.D. James book is quite different, I read it after seeing the movie, you can still see where the elements within the movie came from, but the story is completely different to the movie including the ending.

      Worth a look though.

  3. Hello ranters! So in anticipation for iron man 3 which are you guys are having your own marvel marathon viewing each if MCU?

    I started yesterday and watched iron man 1&2 and the Incredible Hulk.

    Tonight ill get to cap and. Thor hopefully.

    • I watched Iron Man 1… that is all lol

    • Ah, I’m guessing you caught the FX line-up lol

      • @ acw007

        Haha I did know it was on but no. When a new movie comes out I usually watch the films leading upto them. Same as when a game comes out ill replay it’s predecessor. Lol

        So yesterday I had nothing to do so I ordered pizza and watched my blurays lol

        • Haha gotcha.

          Man, I can never get enough of “The Incredible Hulk”. That’s probably always going to be my favorite Phase 1 movie

          • Thor. Nuff said’ lol jk

          • I’ve never seen that one. I have heard some really bad things but some really good ones

            • If you have a passion for the Bill Bixby show and just Hulk in general, you’ll love it.

              I really missed Norton’s presence in The Avengers. Something about Ruffalo doesn’t quite give off the smart but tormented presence of Bruce Banner. It’s more like “Yeah, I’m here. I enjoy scaring a few people, but don’t tick me off”

              • Ruffalo was really reserved to me. He seemed smart I suppose but not tormented

              • Ruffalo didn’t feel like a leading expert in Gamma radiation at all IMO. He just looked like a over weight out of practice physician in a sloppy shirt.

                • I can’t begin to tell you how many people with multiple PhD’s in any subject (or just run of the mill scientists in general) would begin to fit that description. That criticism doesn’t fit to me.

              • I liked TIH but I felt like it was just Ed Norton being Ed Norton not Banner.

                Ruffalo was not much better.

                Call me crazy (and many will/do) but Bana was the best Banner I feel.

                • Bana is extremely underrated, I agree with you on that

          • TIH and IM1 are my favorite MCU films. Really love the tone those films set. IM had Tony fighting faux Al-Queda. Probably one of the most relatable superhero films in term of the then current news/politics.

          • I loved The Incredible Hulk too. I know some people didn’t like it but I thought the Hulk was pretty bad ass.

    • I’ll probably start Saturday morning after work and spend some time inside watching all phase 1 movies with the fam. Then Sunday morning before the festivities start we will see Iron Man 3

      • Thor is actually one of my favorite movie period. Lol it’s defibey my favorite pre avenger film. I just always have a good time watching it.

    • @ the mighty avenger

      I’ll start Wednesday with IM1, work my war through until I ifinsh up with Avengers before heading to see IM3 on Friday.

      • Stark

        Nice nice. Yeah I have to finish before Thursday cuz ill be at the midnight show Thursday night but I don’t get off work till 9 and ill probably head straight over. It’ll most likely be busy at te teater

        So I’ll do Thor and cap today and avengers tomorrow night. Super excited.

    • I’m watching IM1 & IM2 on Blu-ray on my new 80″ LED SMART TV with surround sound. I’ll be watching IM3 on Thursday. I’ve always wanted to have that theater feel here at home. I gotta say its getting there little by little, watching the avengers on friday :D

      • When I use to manage a retail chain for electronics, I invested lots and lots of money into home theater. Only because of the markup on audio equipment. Now… I can’t even fathom paying the normal price. It’s a disgusting margin. DISGUSTING. But someone has to pay to keep the lights on.

    • @ The mighty avenger

      Going to see IM3 tomorrow night but not planning any marathons.

  4. Wait Star Trek spoilers? Is it released overseas as well?!

    • Just planning ahead.

      • Hey Vic any chance well get you on the iron man 3 podcast?

        • Maaaaaybe. :)

  5. Kevin Conroy not returning for “Batman: Arkham Origins”…

    That does not sit well with me, nor does WB Montreal make a legitimate point as to why they don’t want Conroy. A younger Batman? Oh, you mean like the one in the “Field Test” segment from “Batman: Gotham Knight”? And the fact that unless Batman went into Conroy-mode after losing Jason Todd, his voice wouldn’t be dramatically different?

    Grrr…I digress. My vote is Rino Romano

    • Still haven’t played any of the video games. I don’t think it will be that big of a deal though.

      • To me, it kind of is because this is still the Arkham franchise. I don’t really like major things straying off from the norm

    • It kinda bums me out too but I mean the game itself looks pretty damn cool. The screens look beautiful and hopefully the trailer will deliver when it comes out.

      I just hope they find someone who sounds similar to conroy. And I am REALLY hoping for a dick Grayson robin playable in Gotham

    • I have been tired of Conroy for a while, so im happy for the change. Plus the new Batsuit looks fantastic.

      • Although I don’t remember the name of the actor, i think that the guy who voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: Under The Red Hood did a pretty good job voicing him as well as John Dimaagio as the Joker

        • bruce greenwood? is that correct?

          • Yeah baby. Bruce Greenwood really captures that Bat voice well. My favorite.

      • I don’t have anything against other voice actors for Batman, but this is an ongoing series. I get where they’re coming from, but at the same time, the continuity is going to be a tad odd if we have a slightly younger Batman who doesn’t sound like his soon to be future self.

        Like I said, I’m all for Rino Romano

  6. With Star Trek Into Darkness I took the time to relive my favorite sci-fi film….. GALAXY QUEST. I will never get enough of that movie.

    • Always a good watch.

    • I’ve always enjoyed that one. Thought it respected it’s source (Star Trek) while still having fun with it.

  7. Saw Pain and Gain this weekend. It was a good watch. Best part was knowing that there was a 9 yr old boy sitting 3 seats from me. I’m sure he will grow up to be a fine adult if the parents continue to subject their child to ultra violence and pornography.

  8. Lost a Bet with my wife. She told me to post my full name for a week. LET THE RIDICULE BEGIN!

    • I’ll save the ridicule for the cows…

      Did your dad/mom:

      1) really love batman?

      2) Name you that by accident?or

      3) have a terrible accident involving a time machine and a contraceptive?

      • @SuperEdje – At first I thought you were being a jerk and I was going to have to politely remind you of the rules….then I saw that Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine brought this upon himself – Nay! REQUESTED to be ridiculed.

        Carry on. :) Godspeed BJTW

        Paul Young – Moderator

        • + infinite!

        • Dear Sir,

          Thanks for allowing that one! Jeff W and I share a mutual love for our bovine bretheren. :)

          Also, Option #3 is from The Hitchhikers guide to The Gallaxy. (One of the main characters is Zaphod Beeblebrox the 1st, son of Zaphod Beeblebrox the 2nd, grandson of Zaphod Beeblebrox the 3rd… all the result of a terrible accident involving a time machine and a contraceptive)


          • Only a dead cow is a good steak!

            • @TheLostWinchester

              Couldn’t agree more! I do some work on a farm, and intellectualy, calves are inferrior to absent-minded jelly fish.

              Its that bad…

        • @Paul Young.

          This is going to be a long week…But I have no problem with my name, other people see my name and go

          Oh Crap! Its Batman!
          In the Coast Guard one of the Cutters used its search light with a cut out of a bat on one night off the coast of Carolina, crew were laughing…and said “Commander, I think you are being requested?”

          In the distance on an overcast night was the bat signal!

          • That’s awesome! :D

      • I was named after my Great Grandfather Bruce Jeffrey Waine. My Mother Madien name is actually Terrelli, but the eye got dropped when my great grandparents immigrated here from Italy.

        My Father did not intentionally name me that, it was not until they bought us home and my Grandfather said, “You know your son is now Bruce Waine, and the fact you are a surgeon makes it more ironic.”

    • It’s not that bad.

      Dude there’s worse names out there.

      Just out of curiousity. What was the bet? Lol

      • @The Mighty Avenger.

        Chess, best out 7. She beat me 4 games to three. Had I won, I would get to name our unborn daughter any name I wanted, I lost I had to post my full name on Screen Rant.

        I lost and here I am.

        • Jeff W

          Now what would you have chosen for your unborn daughter

          Congrats btw!

          • @Mighty Avenger

            Her names were from the following.

            1 Allyson
            2 Catlin
            3 Amber

            • Jeff w
              Nice names man. Personally I like amber the best from list.

              My choice for my future daughter is Isabelle Marie. My wife gets to name out son which will be David Christopher

              Ps this is not a twilight reference or thing by any means!! I chose that name back in high school. Honestly.

            • No Janice, T’Pau, T’Pring, Belana, Beverly, Jadzia, Ezri or T’Pol? No?! Well, I guess in your honor I will have to have a T-bone for dinner. :-D

              • @Kahless.

                My Childrens names
                Amanda Nicole
                Zoe Elizabeth
                Cameron Beverly and Cassidy Elana
                Alexandria Janice.

                And the Boy is Augustus James

                And number 6 is still open for debate.

                • damn it…Number 7!

                  Sheesh. Cant count

          • @The Mighty Avenger


    • HOLY COW!!!
      WHAT A NAME!

      • @Stark



        • @B J T Waine

          Was he referring to you?

          I thought he was saying ‘Holy Cow’ was ‘what a name!’

          It’s a good thing Robin only ever said ‘Holy cow Batman’ and not ‘Holy cow Bruce Waine (I mean Wayne). . .’

          (I run and dive for cover, expecting a Coastguard frigate up my jaxxy!)

    • Bruce Waine! Sweet!

  9. Ok Screen Ranters

    The First Screen Rant around the World Race. You have 30 Days to Race around the World.

    You have two modes of transportation. Ground and Sea. You can use the Delorean from Back to the Future, but only the Normal one, no flying Delorean. Pick any Car from movie or TV and you have to pick a Co-Driver.

    I am Taking the Mach 5 and my Co-Driver Will be Kahless the Unforgettable.

    • That’s relatively easy:

      I’d choose a black ’67 Chevrolet Impala and the co-driver would be Dean Winchester. We would laugh our assess off all the way, there would be no fighting about the music and there would be beer at the end of the day… and pie…

      • What’s girl got to do to get some french fries around here?

    • What about your sea vehicle?

    • Ok, let me modify this.



      NO SUPERHEROS!!!!!

      NO FLASH

      You, Co-Driver, Car or Boat (Mach 5 Gives me both in one)

      • I’ll go nostalgic and take Trigger the Pontiac Trans Am as my vehicle and Bandit as my copilot.

        • @$2

          Taking Trigger, Bandit and the ‘stache?


    • I shall be driving Bumblebee from Michael Bays Transformers series. We will be actively blowing up all other ranters on our way. My co pilot will be… Troll! I have something in store for that clown!

      • If there are no superhero vehicles then Ill change mine to the Inspector Gadget car. We can still blast people out of our way.

        • So, your choice of transport

          A Car that turns into a Van?

          and as I recall, the Gadget Mobile had no weapons.

            • Tacks?


              Winning a race or hanging a picture?

              • “an endless supply of gadgets” “there were the staples: ejector seats, rockets, and a retractable claw” “shoot tacks on the road to puncture car tires, extend its wheels the way Inspector Gadget could extend his arms, and transform into a totally different vehicle”

                I felt like I just took a highlighter to a website for you LOL.

                Now, are you ready to rumble?!?!

      • @Leather Cheerio

        I am driving around the world with a Klingon!

        Think about the Bat’leth replacing the saws!


        • Don’t make me go go gadget a tied up, dict taped, bloody mess of what used to be Troll at you!

          • Duct*. Although the latter sounds worse!

            • Lucky for me, I read typo.

              I will just hit the shield and laugh at you as I jump over you!

            • I’m glad you changed that because the first iteration sounded very…..painful. :-P

              • Its not something I want to be “succumbed” to.

    • I think I will walk. Slow and steady wins the race!

      • It will take a couple of months to walk across the country!

        • my hopes is the high speeds and constant battling for the win via explosions will result in everyone’s death. except mine

          • This is a joke, right humaaan??!! The only deaths will be the weaklings who think they can race against a Klingon!!

            • See why I picked him. and equipped a bat’leth

            • Kahless

              Did I mention the Blood Wine and Prune Juice is on me?

    • A bird of prey would defeat anything of humaaan origin!!

      Boat or car, Kahless.

      What is a car??!!

      Oh brother!

    • BigO with Marissa Miller

      • Well Royal is going to be walking with a Megadeus

        Good One.

        • It’s Marissa Miller. I need my hands free.

  10. I will be travelling via sled pulled by The Flash, so I wont need a boat. Co-pilot is @ Writer.

    • damn I was going to take a sled pulled by the flash. I may get ripped to shreds but hey my bones will make it their first.

    • No superheroes, remember?

      Then why was I chosen?!

      Oh, yeah, Klingons are so much stronger than, say, Superman, Hulk, Thor, etc…

      Finally, we agree on something!


    • @ SuperEdje101

      Yeesss! Brilliant choice of co-pilot by the way… I wouldn’t have thought of the Flash as the automobile (that was clever). However since Jeff W (Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine) has eliminated the Flash from our use. I suggest we use the Mother Box.

      The Mother Box is something used to create Boom Tubes. All we have to do is step through and walk across the finish line.

      • @Writer

        Come on Man! Its a Race!

        Car, Boat, sub, car-sub…No boom boxes

        Though now I am flashbacks to the 80s

        No Boom Boxes…pick a car and a boat lol

        • @ Jeff W (Bruce Jeffrey Terrell Waine)

          Fine… We’ll put a couple of wheels on it and call it a Mother Box Scooter.

      • Awesome! lets do it!

  11. Interesting move by Warner Brothers and partnering up with Wal-Mart to sell Man Of Steel tickets for an exclusive showing a day earlier than its release. I hope its in my area as well

    • Does it really?

      Think about this, you need to sell Man of Steel via Wal-Mart to get people to go to the movie…at 7pm?

      They will sell them at a discount, but does that not underscore the movie theaters overall sales, I know it is for one day, and one screening.

      But, it has to be asked.

      If you need Wal-Mart to promote your movie, how good do you really believe your movie to be?

      • Its something new, its giving people the opportunity to see it a day before its released. I don’t see how its considered a bad movie its allowing people to see a movie they are anticipating.

      • It just adds an extra showing for WB to make money off of. Its not that they aren’t confident in their film cause Zack is very enthusiastic its just a pre screening.

      • here is what the president of Warner Brothers said:

        Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. President of Domestic Distribution, stated, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Walmart on this unprecedented initiative, which will allow devoted fans to be among the first to see ‘Man of Steel.’ We know the movie delivers and believe this unique partnership will kick off strong word of mouth that, thanks to the reach and immediacy of social media, will propel moviegoers to theaters nationwide.”

  12. So. In this summer box office fantasy league someone set up a few weeks ago (sorry cant remember which one of you it was). Is there a deadline after which you cant make any more changes. Cause I just went to check and I was still able to make changes. Which seems to defeat the purpose if you can change your picks after films have already been released

    • You can make changes to your league until the release of the movie. May 3rd is the deadline for my league. It’s domestic sales only btw.

    • What leathercheerio said, plus it’s based on the domestic release. It doesn’t lock in until the movie actually releases just in case a movie changes it’s release date a few weeks before…like G.I. Joe did last year.

  13. Have you guys seen the Pacifc Rim Wondercon Trailer that hit Youtube today? Jesus Christ! They beat each other up with friggin’ tankers!

    • I can’t wait. I have high hopes for this film

  14. My Movie Trailer experince is complete.

    Into Darkness, Ironman 3, Man of Steel, Oblvion, After Earth, Fast and Furious, Thor, none of them…I repeat none of them can hold a candle

    To a Giant Robot B-Slapping the taste out of a Giant Monsters mouth with an Oil Tanker…NONE OF THEM!

    • it’s hard to argue against it, that is for sure

    • Kahless is trying to come up with something to counter your argument, but he’s completely lost. :-)