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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 28, 2014

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  2. Official news/confirmations make me happy. No more rumors.

    Damon as Aquaman? Anyone hear that one yesterday?

  3. I am excited by the great DCCU news that’s come out recently. We have Victor Stone. We have JL…and one that is separate from the MOS sequel. Ideally, NOW, the whiners will (at least?) stop complaining that MOS 2 is simply JL in disguise…right?!? Of course not…Oh, well, let them be dunces; I and many others will continue to celebrate the good things coming in the next few years.

  4. My only problem with the WB/DC films… we have to wait so long to see them.

    It’s so weird that Marvel is releasing films so close together (well, Marvel and Fox). We’ll have Cap, Spidey and X-Men all within a 2 month time period. I remember the first TASM was released July 4th weekend, why did they move it up?

    • 3 different studios – A dozen directors – Few dozen writers and producers = Progress. WB is one studio relying on one director, a few writers and one overhead producer.

      • Yeah, forgot to put Sony in there.

        But you would think Marvel has oversight so they would tell the other studios to space out the releases unless Marvel wanted it that way so they can dominate the spring/summer with spandex and then the fall/winter with spandex on BluRay/DVD.

        At least we have WB/DC on television (Flash!) and animated films, but no big theater event until 2016, and JL not until 1 or 2 years after that. The US will change presidents faster than DC movies come out.

        • There is no oversight. Which I think is the frustrating part for some fans. If they did, they could try to get them in the shared universe.

          • TV & Movies should NOT mix

            • +1000

        • Great writing takes time. So if you only have a small handful of good writers, you can’t make a ton of great films. Just 1 or 2 films every few years. If WB were to expand the DC budget, I bet they could. But they are tight on their wallets. I don’t blame them either though.

      • @ LC

        Sony & Fox don’t release 1-2 films every year like Marvel Studios does. Nor Does WB/DC because Marvel Studeios continues to take risks & been planning ahead. WB/DC needs more people than only Snyder & Goyer if people want more than one film a year.

        • Not sure if you read my comment correctly but that’s what I was saying. That WB/DC doesn’t have the arsenal to make that many movies.

  5. I think people have lost the ability to care about anything that isn’t coming from Marvel Studios.

    I for one can’t get enough MOS and I’m Zack Snyder is attached to JL, do you all think Goyer will be attached to write?

    • His input IMO is necessary. I think they should have a conglomerate of writers to get input from lots of people. Also use Johns and Timm as well.

      • I want Bruce Timm ALL OVER THIS

    • @ Josh

      “I think people have lost the ability to care about anything that isn’t coming from Marvel Studios.”

      I think you are 100% right. Even this morning in my office I had people saying that “this Justice League movie thing is just a rip off of the Avengers.”
      I had to try explain to them why that is such a silly statement, but it got me thinking how many average movie goers, not CBM fans, but just average movie goers really think that. 

      Has Marvel so dominated the genre that everything else is just not big a deal or viewed as a copy or rip off?

      • I’m not sure if it’s domination. One would say the Dark Knight franchise but how much of that was Nolan? MOS made under 700m but some would say it “only” made that.

        The family friendly approach (box office wise) is working for Marvel.

        • And that’s Marvel’s biggest weapon, making their movies family friendly. As long as a kid can laugh at it, it’s making money. Then parents will promote the hell, word of mouth, toys, Halloween costumes.
          How much did Cap2 and Frozen make for Disney? I read it in an article but can’t remember off the top of my head. AND Marvel still has two other companies making their movies.
          I assume the Russo’s got to make Cap:TWS more serious and dramatic because Sony’s family friendly Amazing Spiderman was only a month away.

          • *promote the hell out of it

          • Totally agree. Heard it on the podcast, that big red logo brings in people like no other.

        • @ Kyle

          Good point. Maybe I should have used the word saturation instead. They have saturated the genre so much that people think they are not only the only game in town but that everything else is a rip off of them.

      • Stark – If that is true, that the average movie goer thinks that anything from this point on that any other company puts out, is a rip off of The Avengers, then I will start, as they say, losing faith in humanity.

        Such an elitist comment without facts.

        • @ LC

          I agree, but these guys aren’t comic book fans that think and say these things. They have a hard time with which heroes are from where. When the average movie goer sees a superhero on the screen, I don’t think they think Marvel or DC, they just think Superhero. So to them it kind of all runs or blurs together. Marvel has a huge advantage when it comes to that because they pump out so many movies.

          • This is very correct. My wife watches all the superhero movies with me. On top of that I am repeatedly explaining to her which hero is from which comic company.

            But I still hear the questions all the time…

            Her: “Where is superman in this picture?”

            Me: “That’s the X-Men”

            Very anecdotal but what your talking about is true.

      • The main difference is that the Marvel movies are just more fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously and the good dose of humor makes them very lighthearted. The Nolan Batman movies and Man of Steel, on the other hand, are pretty dark and brooding and because of that not everybody’s cup of tea. Things are bad enough in the real world as it is (failing economy, upcoming cold war etc.) that it’s hard to get too excited about dark and depressing things in superhero entertainment. The only lighthearted thing that came from DC in a long while was Green Lantern, and that one wasn’t very good, to put it mildly (even though I enjoy that flick).

        • That’s almost a double standard though, don’t ya think? Both studios display the same type of violence and destruction. (Explosions, cities being destroyed, death to loved ones etc) yet the main difference between the two is that Marvel seems to laugh about it and DC dwells into the darkness.

          In a relatable context – DC is more than Marvel – Considering I don’t find world destruction and domination and especially terrorism to be funny.

          • It may seem like a double-standard. In both cases it’s just make-believe, but the levity in Marvel movies takes the edge off, making it easier to see it as simple entertainment instead of being a little too close to home.

          • You are right about the same level of destruction but as Kevin fiege said it : WB love to put a lot of emphasis on their destruction and for Marvel it’s just background decorationמ.

      • @ Stark

        Imo, it feels that way because WB/DC want to catch up with the Marvel so how else would they do it? Right now Batman vs. Superman has me thinking it aint about those two anymore but about the Justice League instead. We just don’t know how much screen time each gets besides Batman & Superman.

        • I think you are on to something there Wally.

          Despite Marvel having a plan out to 2028 the line goes “Nothing last forever” for a reason.

          DC my be taking into consideration that the Super Hero Bubble will one day burst.

        • @ Wally West

          You could be right, they might be feeling pressure to “catch up to” or “gain on” Marvel, but they shouldn’t.

          WB/DC is doing their own thing and they’re doing fine at it. They should  just focus on that, not trying to beat somebody else or catch anybody. 

          The only thing WB/DC & Marvel  movies have in common is that they’re in the same genre. Beyond that, they make two completely different types/styles of movies, and that’s a good thing. Each needs to focus on their own style and let the other guy worry about himself, IMO. If they do anything besides that, they could start losing focus and start to produce bad movies and that would be bad for all of us.

          • +5

        • I don’t believe one bit that WB/DC is trying to “catch up” to anyone. They are an increasingly successful studio and honestly have nothing to worry about. That statement being tossed around is honestly IMO just to stir up flames. If they haven’t come out and stated that they are playing catch up, then don’t buy into the flame war.

          • ^^Agreed, this ‘catch up’ talk is solely perpetuated by fanboys of either side. At the end of the day, if the studio brings in a minimum of ‘x’ amount of profit, they couldn’t care less what the competing studio brings in for their next project.
            The deferring to ‘they do their own thing and we do ours’ by each studio is proof positive of just that.
            As a movie goer I just want the absolute best product possible being presented to me. If that means to mimic (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) a concept or idea from a different property and somewhat ‘reinvent it’, I’m all for it.

  6. All these big news drops, what will comic con reveal?

    • Suits or a teaser trailer? First time the entire cast is together?

  7. I’m hoping they reveal the entire cast and have them all come out and announce who they are playing. I also want to see the pictures of all of them in costume.

    I want to hear about some solo movies that aren’t for Superman or Batman it would be really fun to get something completely new like Shazam or Flash.

    • From the article:

      “Warner Bros. has several other movies in development unconnected to the Justice League that are based on DC superheroes and fantasy and crime titles from its Vertigo line of genre comics, said Mr. Silverman and Toby Emmerich, president of Warner’s New Line Cinema label. They include “Shazam,” “Metal Men,” “100 Bullets,” and “Fables.”

      • I really wish it was connected to the Justice League though, and I’m hoping they actually do Metal Men, I find them really intriguing.

        • Some things can be connected. But it takes away freedom of writing. If you are all writing to a greater cause, its hard to put your own individual stamp on the character. Plus break boundaries that aren’t allowed in such universe.

          I wouldn’t want Swamp Thing or The Losers’ universe invading the JL’s…

      • @LC:

        Did it have release dates? Seeing how slow WB/DC is moving, probably after 2028. :)

        • 2028 sounds about right. HAHA!

          Remember when The Rock was casted for an unknown character recently that wasn’t tied to the shared universe? I bet its Shazam!

          • I would prefer to see Rock as Black Adam. He seems like a good fit for the role to me.

            • I don’t want him to play Shazam! either because I don’t want to see him act as a child… I saw a part of the Tooth Fairy… It was terrible.

  8. I know this would never happen but wouldn’t it be cool if either WB or Marvel (studios agreed prior too) invaded the other’s Comic-Con presentation because you know both will have the casts there for Justice League and Avengers.

    • That would be hilarious and a great time for fans.

      • Right!??! Would be super fun and only build up some additional hype for both studios.

    • Have them battle each other in costumes? That would be entertaining!

  9. Good Morning all…

    Happy Monday!! :)

    So, we’re finally getting a JL movie. Well it’s about time.  :)

    But this doesn’t really seem like big news to me. I mean didn’t Screen Rant say this was happening about 8 months ago? I remember reading that these 2 films were going to film back to back, BvS first then JL. 
    Nevertheless good news is worth repeating.

    All I ask is that JL be well done and showcase the heroes well. I don’t want them focusing on beating the Avengers, I want them to focus on making an excellent JL movie. If they do that, the numbers will take care of themselves.

    One question I have is, what happens to the solo movies? Are they still going to happen? It’s seems that the WW may not now, but what about the others? Will there ever be a true MoS sequel?

    Man, I cannot wait to see Spiderman 2 this Friday!! Already have the tickets and I’m ready to go. Plus arrow on Wednesday! Another great week to be a CBM fan! 

    • I remember in the GG interview when discussing her role in the DCU, she spilled the beans in regards to a timeline, also saying that she has a solo movie in the works.

  10. Will Superman be the central focus? Or will we, somewhere down the line, get a Man of Steel sequel?
    If WB adapts arcs from the comics I personally would like to see Blackest Night and the Sinestro Corp War. And Batman’s Battle for the Cowl.

    • Both story arcs would be great to see on film!

  11. I saw Draft Day this weekend.

    Very good movie, and I was surprised to see Diggle in there. He had a small supporting role, but did a very good job on the big screen!

    • If that movie doesn’t get you stoked for the NFL draft, nothing will. :)

      I don’t think the trades were realistic but it was fun.

  12. No question on that!

    Also, the trades were very unrealistic, but it was a lot of fun. Also, it actually made you care for some of the characters that were players, which any sports movie that can do that is ahead of the game. Too many times it isnt about the players, its about what goes on around them, but this one made you really want for certain things to happen (trying not to be spoilerific)

  13. There was a USA Today article that discussed Jupiter Ascending. It compared Eddie Redmayne’s character to Richard III. Apparently he plays a member of a noble family and he engages with his siblings in some Shakespeare-style intrigues over who controls the legal title to planet Earth. Sounds like a pretty interesting, original movie.

    • I am super excited about that film!!! I love new original sci fi.

  14. I was thinking about the new look of Godzilla in the upcoming film, and while I do like it, I still prefer a man in a rubber suit to CGI.

  15. Is anyone else amazed that there are still film-fans that don’t understand the separation between Marvel Studios films and Fox/Sony marvel films?

    It’s really been highlighted recently with the Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch thing. I understand the general film audience not understanding (I don’t really understand it, but I am aware of the general confusion) but when supposed film nerds come to this site and years after the fact (counting from when Marvel started doing their own films) enthusiasts still don’t understand it.


  16. My thoughts about the Justice League and how Warner Brothers could do an original game changer:

    Snyder will have Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and the Justice League under his belt in the next few years. After his trilogy of films with Superman in the lead and Batman as a secondary character, I’d like to origin stories and a new trilogy started with a new director. The kicker…I’d like an origin story for a character like Wonder Woman, then an crossover film like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, then the third film is the Justice League film from their perspective. The next group of films from a third director could be the Flash origin, Flash and Green Lantern crossover, and a third Justice League film from their perspective. 9 films. 3 directors. But the third film in each trilogy links together to give you the whole story about the Justice League. It’s the Arrested Development Season 4 of comic book movies. It’s unprecedented and something that could not be compared to Marvel…Disney, Sony, or Fox.

    • I like it! It’s super different, sounds amazing… but I think its the farthest from happening. Unless they re-use scenes from the JL film, it would be really expensive. Actors only get more and more expensive.

      • Oh yeah, it’s totally a pipe dream of mine. But I’d like to think that the WB could pull it off and it would be crazy amazing. And about the actors paychecks. Bats and Supes would only have small cameo roles like I think Wonder Woman and Cyborg will have in these films. So, in the 2nd Justice League films. A Cavill cameo and some CGI Superman shots in the background. In that film have the Flash be like the Wonder Woman character from the first films to progress these films to the next trilogy.

        And I only want nine films…that make four trilogies. What? That’s crazy. Then, reboot away!

        I’m starting to think that I should have laid off the “sandwiches” in my twenties.

  17. Worst news that I have heard today: Craig Ferguson is stepping down from the Late Late Show in December. He’s my favorite late night host, by far. I’m not even sure if I will watch any late night after he’s gone.

    • That’s too bad. I’m not an avid fan of any late night talk show (used to love Conan before the tonight show fiasco), but I am a fan of Ferguson’s stand-up. So hopefully, this means we’ll see more of his specials!

  18. FOX has officially cancelled Almost Human. Expected (It’s FOX, after all), but still sad.