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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 26, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 26, 2013

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  1. So, wouldnt it be cool to see Beta-Ray Bill in Thor 2 or GOTG? He could be used in a future major plot point, especialy if they decide to bring in surtur as a threat

    • Beta-Ray is such a BA! I love the Thor mythology. I hope they go deep within the 9 realms.

    • Or Yggdrasill if you prefer.

    • I hope they include the enchantress and skurge the executioner in Thor 3(if there is one)

      • Aww man te enchantress woul be awesome!! And the executioner! To be honest the trailer got some pretty positive buzz and when marketing kicks up for Thor later this year. It will have a great box office run! So a sequel should be a no brainer! But I hope to see a sequel with enchantress.

        Malekith looked BA in the trailer though!

    • As much as I would like to see Beta-Ray Bill. I don’t know if Marvel/Disney wants to introduce a mirror hero right now.

      • Agreed. He doesn’t need much of a role though. Just a kick butt scene.

  2. Just an informal poll among CBM fans…..

    To all Ranters:

    Do you think RDJ wil return for Iron Man 4?
    Just be in the team up or Avenfers movies?
    Is he just done playing Tony Stark?


    • I think he is going to continue for now, hoever I could see them doing a partial replacement by doing a timeslip… now that would be interesting for an iron man 4

      • I wouldn’t mind if he died a heroes death and Don Cheadle’s Rhodey takes the Iron Man mantle. Nobody is gonna be able to match RDJ in a re-cast unless everything is reebooted, and there’s no need for that.


    • You Mr. Stark, are probably in the best position to tell us. ;)

      • @ SuperEdje101

        I would come back for more solo movies and team ups, but then again, I’m bias….. ;)

        • @stark

          I agree with leathercheerio…if he doesn’t return, it’s no big deal, but it’s more of a reason why I think unknown actors are probably a better fit to play superheroes. Some actors with a huge star like downey are in demand, and therefore, will most likely leave or end their role as a particular character once their contract is up. Frankly, I am hoping that hugh jackman gives up his role as wolverine so a better actor can play him. “Better” meaning, one who looks more like wolverine in face, height, and build.

          • You have to remember that Iron man 1 re-made Downey’s career and installed him as one of the biggest (most bankable) actor on the market. He wasn’t that bankable before.
            And your comment on Jackman is kinda strange because, like Downey IS Iron man, Hugh Jackman is seen by a strong majority as THE Wolverine.
            You also gotta love the dedication these actors gave to their respective characters, they both did four iterations (and more to come) of them.

            • “And your comment on Jackman is kinda strange because, like Downey IS Iron man, Hugh Jackman is seen by a strong majority as THE Wolverine.”

              By who? What if I said there is a strong majority who don’t see jackman as wolverine? I have said this before, it’s not jackman, but fox. You don’t cast someone to play a character they look nothing like just so you can attract the ladies into the theaters (as I read a while back I think).

              Downey’s star is far bigger than jackman’s, and therefore, as a result, you may have a good number of folks ending up being hurt by downey ending his role as iron man, but most won’t be hurt when jackman hangs up the claws.

    • I think he’ll return for any future Avengers/Marvel movie wearing a suit and tie, calling the shots from behind the scenes. Since RDJ is getting older, that means Tony Stark is getting older too. So it makes since for Stark to pass the Iron Man touch to someone else while he’s working in a top position at SHIELD.

      • I think it’s awesome that we are even having this conversation. The fact that passing the torch is something that we have to actively think about is amazing to me. In the comics, one never worries about who will be next cause Stark is like 100 years old. The movie universe will have to actively find a way to bring in someone new and deal with a different dynamic ie. Knightfall and the Azrael Batman

        • I get what you mean. Comicbook characters just do not age :) – backgrounds just change every decade or so, depending on the current writer. To keep things simple, Rhodey will probably be the star of his own franchise or become the new Iron Man.

          • I think I would def be ok with Cheadle taking over as IronMan I just don’t know if age is a factor for him as well. It would make for an interesting dynamic for him to take over though.

    • I think I need to see Iron Man 3 before making any official stance. But, right now, I think he’s probably going to continue on. Truckloads of money can provide a lot of influence.

      • I think the only person who is going to milk this is Sam Jackson. RJ will probably be done as a full time Avenger after 2.

    • I don’t have a clue lol. but I’m more inclined to think that he’ll only do cameos from now on… before watching Iron Man 3 I wanted RDJ to continue playing him and do more and more IM movies. now not so much to be honest, I’m fine the with the way the trilogy ended and would actually love for them to leave it alone. it would hurt me of course, if they replace RDJ, but I could live with it

      hah I’m surprised I actually wrote that! :)

    • I say this is the last solo Iron Man for RDJ.
      And maybe Avengers 2 his last as Iron Man.

      We can never have enough of Downy’s Stark.
      I have had quite enough of the annoying
      Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.

      I’ve been wishfully hoping she dies in IM3 :D

    • @ Stark

      Too early for me give a answer as it seems RDJ/Marvel still talkin about what they plan to do. Im thinkin RDJ will possibly still be in The Avengers 2 but after that, i dunno. I think he might consider being involved, it’s a matter of how much. But i wouldn’t expect a 4th film anytime soon. If so, id be surprised.

    • Umm… a dog sleeping… and then cleaning his teeth?

      • Dude! Respect his talent! He just Looks like he is sleeping and cleaning his teeth! In actuality, he is schemeing and plotting how to take out Jeff W’s bovine militia!

        • I approve of this message.

            • I approve of this as well haha

        • Haha! That’s great!

        • @SuperEdJe1101

          DUDE! You are about this close from me going all Donald Duck on triple shot of espresso washed down with 5 Hour energy shot on you!

          You keep insulting my cows!

          Now picture

          Donald Duck going off on someone when he has consumed that.

          You get the picture!
          It aint pretty. :)

          • Whoa!! I feel threatened!!!! :)

            Dear sir, in your just wroth, please remember that I did not dis the security team … herd. You will notice that the dog is pondering deeply which shows how hard it would be to assault the farm!

            (question: Will I have duck poo mixed with the cow shrapnel?)

            • LMAO!

  3. I got my tickets to Doug Loves Movies this summer in Minneapolis! I’m so excited. Do any other screenranters listen to his podcast?

    • I keep meaning to. My brother in-law is always raving about him. So, good work sir and enjoy yourself.

  4. Who else loved the Thor 2 trailer?

    • @ Cody

      It was spectacular!

    • I did. I did.

    • Honestly, I think its going to be incredible! I’m more of a Thor fan than any CB character out there. Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Can’t effin wait!

    • @ Cody


  5. Whats up with the Star Trek ID spoilers warning at the top, I get the Ironman with it being out and all.

    • you haven’t glanced at any Star Trek spoilers on the web? they’re plenty! I like that the guys put that warning

    • Both movies open overseas before they do in the US, and 2/3 of our readers are in the US.


      • doesnt trek come out the 17th, did they already release it overseas?
        Seems very early.

        • The London premiere will be May 2nd
          followed by the UK release May 9th.
          The US release a week after that.

          • Blasted pond-people! :-D

            • :D Didn’t we win the war(s). The US should be first.

    • Your cows ARE stupid!

      1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus
      2. Some assault rifle in the classic game Chrome (it was available for a $1 this week).
      3. some run-off-the-mill Audi. At least it was black.
      4. machete (Buffy chopped up the preying mantis substitute teacher with it)
      5. tire iron (I skip the tooth brush, because that’s not really a tool).

    • Jeff W
      Ill play. Lol

      1. A pillow. (Still in bed lol)
      2. Nightwings staff. (Injustice)
      3. Wife’s Honda civic.
      4. .45
      5. A grinder

      So besides my pillow. I think I’d be okay lol

    • @ Jeff

      Not sure I qualify as a good Screen Ranter but……..

      1. My mouse
      2. An RPG
      3. A cement truck (on my way to work)
      4. Bow & arrow
      5. A set of micrometers.

      I don’t think I’m going to make it…..


      • @Stark

        When I say Good Screen Ranter, I really mean good people



        I think he sees my cows and goes to Costco and buy A-1 Steak sauce in bulk!


        • Costco actually has their big bottles on sale this week of A-1. 5$ instead of $8. I bought 2 lol.

        • @ Jeff W

          I gotcha. I’m a big fan of cows, I love the way they taste. ;)

          • @Stark

            Not you too!


            This would make for a good tv show.

            Man defends his herd of cow from the burger eating screen ranters!

            Rise of the Planet of the Bovines!

            Take that!

            You savages!

            • Hamburgers for everybody on me!!


              • Technically, it would be on me.

                and you forget.

                I AM 6’5 260 Farm raised boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

                I gots muskles

                • True, it’s on you, and them.

                  6’5 260bs?! Lots of muskles?!?

                  Holy Cow!!! (Oops, too soon?)

                  You’re a big boy, but I can run fast!!

                  • @Stark

                    Eh, I am pretty harmless.

                    Fear not.

                    I have to say one thing,

                    There are 4 Rottweilers on the farm.

                    Just putting it out there


                    • Harmless???!!! What are you saying?! I have tasted your heart; you have been with them but you are of us!! You are a sham!!! My words were as dirt upon the ground!!! I don’t care what you look like, YOU ARE NOT KLINGON!!!!!

                      Uh, Kahless, you need to chill on the blood wine, pal.


                    • @ Jeff W

                      4 Rottweilers!!


                      It looks like I’ll be hamburger!

                    • @ Jeff W

                      If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living? Are you really a farmer/dairy farmer?
                      You don’t have to answer if you’re not cool with it, I’m just curious.

                    • @Kahless

                      I do belive Kahless believe Klingons should not impose their will on weaker beings.

                      oh and Stark

                      I told my Sister what you said. She runs the day to day operations of the farm.

                      She said, and this is verbatim.

                      “Hurt any of my Cows, and you will learn first hand what a Cattle Bander is like! You will be messing with the Cows of a Woman who Castrates Bulls on a weekly basis!”

                      Stark and Company…YOUR MOVE! HEHEHEHE

                    • Stark
                      Until a few months ago, I was active US Coast Guard for 25 years. Stood Down.

                      Now I fly Helicopters for the Pennsylvania State Police. Currently undergoing my LEO Training.

                      Yes, my family has own the farm for 138 years. I spent the first 12 years of life on it before moving to Philadelphia and working on the farm on weekends and summer when off from school.

    • @ Jeff W

      1. Sword (don’t ask me how it got there…)

      2. Magical Staff (Oblivion.)

      3. Cow (I was walking and I live on a farm.)

      4. Phaser (Star Trek.)

      5. Floor Sander

      • @Writer

        I really dont need to know why you have a sword…I will just respect and fear you. lol

        You can always get inside the cement mixer.

        @The Mighty Avenger.

        When I wrote this, I was 5 minutes away from having my daughter Samantha’s Smart car in front of me.

        • I wrote an answer but it’s awaiting moderation for over an hour now. Please stand by with bated breath!

          • I think that’s an automatic win!

            • Hehe :D

          • Im worried now.


            • It’s not that bad. I mirrored the S-word regarding the cows and also used a dollar sign, a sign which was part of too many spam comments lately. ;)

        • Jeff W

          haha I guess a smart car wouldn’t be the smartest car in a zombie apocalypse haha good think you got that trash truck lol

      • Was the sword near the cows? Do I need to alert authorities?

        • @ Professor Procrastination

          No it isn’t by the cows… It’s by my bed… Okay, that doesn’t sound good either…

          • Some people sleep with a gun under their pillow, some people a sword… Are you a knight? Lol

            • Okay… Everyone you got me… I guess I have to reveal my true identity… The truth is that my name is Jason Blood/Etrigan…

              Alright, I am just kidding but does a Jedi Knight count?

          • @Writer

            You really have me worried.

            Moving all cows from the road now.


            • @ Jeff W

              Actually they were in my garden and eating my TOMATOES! I ran out there frantic trying to stop them from trampling the plants but it was too late. Three plants were lost in the process of this horrible tragedy.

              On a different note how would I fair in the Zombie Apocalypse?

              • Magical Staff
                and a Sword.

                Pretty good, you can vaporize the zombies and send them to space with your staff.
                Cut the smaller crowds up.
                so you would fair quite well.

          • @ Writer

            A sword by your bed and cows in the field?? Do I have that right??

            • @ Stark

              Actually they were in my garden… And EATING my TOMATOES!

              • @ Writer

                Time to break out the sword! :)

    • 1: Adding machine
      2: HD tv (Dead Rising)
      3: Toyota Echo
      4: Cap’s Shield
      5: 7/8 wrench

      I have a chance but not much of one.

    • 1. Keyboard
      2. Steel Chair in WWE 13
      3. School Bus
      4. Ruby’s Knife from Supernatural
      5. 1/2″ Wrench

      • Ha! At least my bus is more maneuverable!

    • 1. Paper plates
      2. Iron sword (minecraft)
      3. A truck
      4. The SUN (Justice League Secret Origins)
      5. A pair of Scissors

      I think my chances are okay… except I have this strange craving for… braaaiiiinnns

      • @Drew

        If can yield the power of the Sun, then you are ok.

    • 1. Baby bottle.

      2. Sledge hammer (Sims 3)

      3. Short bus

      4. Timed mine (MK Legacy)

      5. Hammer (Hanging more artwork in sons room)

      At least I won’t go thirsty!

      • Yeah, you wont go thirsty.


      • Short Bus?

        No Comment



        • My neighbors are special lol. Seriously though, the kid is fine. I don’t understand the need for it. Or maybe its because a full size bus won’t fit in the street? I haven’t figured it out. Either way, everyday, I sit behind it, 4 houses down from my own.

    • 1. Gallon Water jug (score)
      2. Nightingale Bow (Skyrim)
      3. Ford Truck
      4. Sig Sauer P229 (NCIS)
      5. Laser Level

      Not a bad list except for number five. I don’t know how that will help. I wish I had used my sword in Skyrim last. I need a blade to cut down zombies.

    • 1. a trombone (my son’s, in our den)
      2. a killer mace (from diablo 2)
      3. a school bus
      4. a shotgun (person of interest last night )
      5. a chainsaw (major damage((*salute “MAJOR DAMAGE!)) )

    • @ Jeff W

      1. Canon flatbed scanner (as I’m sitting at the PC at this moment)
      2. MP5
      3. Hummer
      4. M16 with under slung M205 Grenade Launcher
      5. Allen Key (hmm, not of much use!)

  6. Who’s watching the bates motel?

    I just started and I’m 3 episodes in and Jesus is it a fantastic show! Each episode so far just seems to top the next! It’s awesome writing and great actors. Needless to say I’m a fan.

  7. Assuming that a Justice League Dark is made. Who should the villain/villains be?

    I think that I would want a team of villains. This way they could separate even more from the first Avengers film. The villains I would want to see would be: Wotan, Floronic Man, Enchantress and Nick Necro.

    • @Writer

      I’m not sure if the idea is to separate or be different from what marvel is doing. The thing is if the formula that marvel is using is working, when it comes to making comic book movies, then there is nothing wrong with DC using that same formula. It’s not about who used the correct formula first, but that it is used and used correctly, because both marvel and DC are in the same business (comics). Frankly, I am not sure there is another way to better transition comics to film, other than what marvel has done.

      Part of DC’s problem is that some of their characters have origins that just don’t seem to translate well to film, such as wonder woman. In my opinion, DC needs to overhaul some of their characters, which includes some of their more famous characters, if the ever want to “bring them to life” on the big screen.

      Also, I said this before, DC really needs to start using some of dwayne mcduffie’s characters. I thought mcduffie was one of the best writers and had some very good ideas when it came to marvel characters during his time at marvel. One of his ideas was to have the punisher steal an iron man suit, spray paint it black with his trademark insignia, to further bring about his form of “justice” against the kingpin (I think). However, mcduffie said that marvel disliked the idea. I thought it was very good. Also, mcduffie wrote some of the episodes of Justice League Unlimited (which is still one of the best comic book toons ever). DC has gold in their possession, and they have yet to use it.

      Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want DC to start out with multiple villains in one film. That type of film where there are multiple villains can be very hard to handle, and is therefore more probable of bringing to the fans a disappointment (such spiderman 3). Also, even though I thought bale’s second batman movie was good, I did feel that the scenes with two-face were just used to add extra time to the film or to take up space in the film. I say DC should handle their films 1 villain per film. Green lantern had only one villain, and DC still did not get that right. Until they get the hang of making better, quality movies, the formula suggests that 1 villain be used per film. If it worked for marvel, it can work for DC as well. Stick with it.

      • @ Mr. Day

        Yes, all of the things you stated are valid. However I (and some DC fans) don’t want to see the exact formula that MARVEL used. It isn’t that I hate MARVEL or anything but I would like to see two incredibly different universes.

        For example Star Wars and Star Trek. The two universes have similarities but are also extremely different. The same line should be drawn for the comic book movies. I would like the idea of a Justice League Dark movie without films that lead up to the final event. One way to combat the problem of people not knowing who the characters are is simply flash backs.

        People enjoy being left on the edge of an exciting story. This could provide anticipation and even anxiety for their favorite heroes/villains. Plus the audience will know that the story is being interrupted for the characters history, which will also create character depth and mystery. Cliff hangers are what cause us to keep watching a film/show.

        The Justice League Dark are a group of mysterious and magical pasts that shouldn’t be explored too quickly. MARVEL’s characters were shown quickly and strongly which was good for them but DC has more gradual characters that tend to be more dramatic. MARVEL is more simple and to the point but DC has decided to be more complex.

        Now assuming the movie would be about two hours long we could cut out some villain/heroes or even leave out some important details and save it for a sequel. I am providing a different formula that could work and could fail. Besides I hate to say it but DC can’t do what MARVEL can. They tried to with Green Lantern and that is why it failed.

        • +1

        • @Writer


  8. I read Carnage USA last night. And first thing I will say is that Scorn rocks. And I hope Sony is able to get over the Raimi Venom and dive deeper into the symbiotes in the Spider-Man universe.

    Oh and can someone fill me in on how Cletus Kasady got the lower half of his body cut off?

    • Ripped in half by the Sentry (ouch) in Mighty Avengers #8.

      I thought that was an awesome limited series too. Lots of awesome stuff that symbiotes are capable of. I liked that four man special forces team that was using the four Hybrid symbiotes.

  9. so i am almost done with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is better than I initially thought and i will be sad to see it go. I only have like 3 episodes left :(

    I should probably quit watching all theses shows that get canceled early because its pretty depressing. Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and now Terminator.

    I have determined that Summer Glau is awesome!

    Any ideas what show i should watch next? I was thinking of either The X-Files, Battlestar Gallatica or something else entirely. Any thoughts?

    As far as TV shows go I am mostly a Sci-Fi/Action fan with some Sherlock and Elementary thrown in among others.

    So yeah any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

    • I know these aren’t in the same genre but check out Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. If you like Apatow’s comedy, its worth it. As for Terminator show… Yeah it leaves it hanging. I really liked Derek Reese as well. Total bummer it ended.

    • Well, you mentioned that you are a sci-fi fan and have listed the shows you have seen. If you haven’t watched star trek voyager, I suggest get some popcorn and take a look. It’s my favorite star trek, second by start trek generations.

      Voyager was very good, and they made 168 episodes. In addition, the show lasted 7 1/2 years, which is longer than any other star trek tv series that came out before and after it.

      • yeah, ive seen all the star treks except for the animated series. i guess it would be a good idea for me to list the shows i have seen. thanks for replying though!

        all the star treks (except animated), all stargates (except animated), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Fringe, Lost, Firefly, Smallville, Heroes, Terra Nova, Falling Skies, Revolution, Arrow, Elementary, and working on The Sarah Connor Chronicles

        • A lil different genres but..V the new series, grimm, supernatural, dead like me, n jus cause its the best ni/tuck

        • @Draagyn

          LOL, I just watched an episode of star trek the animated series several days ago. You might like it. It’s not that bad.

    • Battlestar Galactica. Just be warned, you will end up quitting your job and when it’s over you will cry because it is done. Then you’ll try and write your own episodes, and Edward James Olmos will be very disappointed when he realizes your weirdo working our of your apartment.

      • @Aaron

        Answer this.

        Through the the entire run of BSG.

        Did Adama not have near flawless hair? I mean even in battle his hair was pristine.


        • Must have been a piece with super space glue.

          • lol

      • haha ok. should i start with the old series from the 70s/80s or whatever, or should i start with the newer series?

        • I recommend starting with the new one. If you start off with the old one you will be mad that they changed some of the characters genders. I couldn’t get past the sudden drastic change in it all so I never watched the new one. Don’t take my words too close to heart, I am just an original fan of the 1970s one and the 1970s one only.

          • I’m with you on that one. I found the new BSG a bit boring while the original had many lighter moments.

            • thanks everyone for the responses! I think i will start with the newer battlestar galaticas and then move on to the original and then check out some of the other shows afterwards.

            • @ Kahless

              After seeing the reimagined BSG the old (original) series quite frankly just lacks any form of realism.

              What makes the remake so great is how it does deal with real issues, lack of water, food, social issues. Being in a rag-tag fleet for years must have been a total bore (from a realistic point-of-view).

              For me the remake showed the the original concept and idea was sound, looking back though it was a bit campy and not wholly realistic.

              I bought the box-set of the original, couldn’t watch it.

              I’m glad Richard Hatch was unsuccessful at getting it back on the air otherwise we wouldn’t have had the remake.

  10. RED 2 trailer… Awesome! I’m very excited about that.

  11. Vic,

    Any chance we can get you on for te iron man 3 podcast next week? Love you input to the iron man universe.

  12. Screen rant writers are you going to be reviewing mud?? it is doing phenomenal review wise

    • They did if you haven’t already caught it.

    • Disturbing…

    • Whoa! thats really funny!

      • @Draagyn

        Can you see how this is going to work with him and Armie Hammer in The Man from UNCLE?

        Armie is going to have to crouch a lot.

        • Haha, or Tom cruise will just have to wear platform shoes.

    • In defense for the Outsiders, its clear he is standing on the concrete slab at the pump. His pelvis region is far above the others lol. But yes, the other shots are one to LOL about.

  13. Ok so i just watched Iron Man 3 (or Three how it was titled here) and really enjoyed it, I’m a movie geek so I don’t mind the plot twist but I think comic book geeks are going to go nuts when they see what has been done!

    I will wait for the Iron Man 3 spoiler discussion to see what peeps think!

    • I haven’t spoiled it for my wife so she still wants to see it. Meaning I will go and see it. But the twist has left me little desire to go. I’m not a fan of films being catered to a bigger cause, in this case, The Avengers films. I would like these films be able to stand on their own.

  14. If u watch The Walking Dead. what character best describes you?

    I think id be Daryl from the show.

    • Ive only seen the first season. I know I know, I am slacking. But from the first season, Id say the Sheriff. In a sense because of what I would do for my family.