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sr open discussions 2013 Open Discussion   April 25, 2014

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 25, 2014

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  1. Green Arrow is down, Cyborg is cast, and Im Batman!

  2. Friday – Check = GOOD :)
    3 Weeks to Godzilla – Check = GOOD :)

    Guess I’m good, hey Ranters, how’s it hangin’

  3. Faster than a bastard maniac, more powerful than a local mad man, It’s… Super Freddy!

    Lol Was watching one of my favorite kills from Nightmare On Elm Street 5.

  4. Anyone have any fond memories from shows like MMPR, Batman:TAS, Spider-man,X-Men, from Fox kids era?

    • Batman TAS, definitely.

      Spidey and X-Men, I have the memories but not totally fond, the animation is awful and some of the CG in Spidey – urgh!!.

      Still it was like 65 Million years ago so it was ok for the time

      X-Men Evolution was much better and I have to confess I enjoy ultimate spidey that’s doing the rounds at the minute.

      • I own Batman:TAS on dvd aswell as X-MEN 90′s show. I do wish the 90′s Spider-Man animated series come out on dvd volume sets. X-Men Evolution was great, would be greater if the 4th season came out on dvd.

      • MMPR – When the original Red Ranger came back to be Gold Ranger

        Batman TAS – Don’t know the episode name but the Riddler trapped Gordon in a VR simulation.

        Spider-Man, X-Men – The crossover episodes.

        • Aaron

          Good episodes. The Batman episode title is “What Is Reality”

    • all overrated.

      • @Corey
        It’s a nostalgia thing bro. You were born too late.

        • exactly. nostalgia blinds. its like dragonball z… i love it, its my first anime but i know its overrated.

          • Batman tas is still one of the best animated series to date.

          • Wait a minute now, Dragon Ball Z is the greatest story ever told, it’s right up there with every ancient text from all religions. The official rating system goes The Torah, DBZ, then the Quran is a close 3rd. That’s a fact btw.

          • DBZ overrated? You’re crazy man

          • Gohan going SSJ2 in the Cell Games is pure gold

      • Very overrated seeing how Peter never threw one punch the entire series…

        • I remember that, I read online that was because of they couldn’t show violence on FOX kids or something weird like that. He always used his webs. With those awesome over-the-top web sound effects!!

        • @ Patrick
          Spider-Man only threw one punch in the entire series at the Spot of the same title of episode. movieDude is right about censorship. Bruce Timm & co. told Fox they just wanna put out a good Batman show regarding what Batman did. It’s why they obviously moved to KIDS WB.

    • “The Greeey Ghost” one of the first episodes of Batman I ever saw.
      When the Green Ranger first appeared.
      The Venom saga.

      • @ Steve Rogers

        I can’t remember the Batman episode title, but remember seeing Batman on rooftop lookin at the moon w/ gordon lookin up at him.

        MMPR- Green Ranger debut aswell.

        Spider-Man- The Hobgoblin

        X-Men- Night Of Sentinels

      • I think you mean THE GREY GHOST. Was it the one with Bruce’s childhood tv hero?

        • I think he put the extra Es in there so you would read it in the voice of Adam West.

          • Good call. When I commented I didn’t notice, I thought he wrote greedy.

    • I remember being glued to the tv for that cartoon line-up. Batman: TAS was my favorite. The episode that always stuck out in my mind was the one where Batgirl gets hit with Scarecrow’s fear toxin and imagines a world where she died and Gordon hunts down Batman and his allies.

      Spider-man was my next favorite cartoon. The last story arc with all the Spidermans from alternate realities was great IMO. I liked X-Men, but I never got into it as much. The original MMPR season and the season with the Ninjazords were my favorites. Great memories. I still enjoy catching episodes. Its a trip down memory lane every time.

      • @ Talby16

        Yeah. Mine was Batman:TAS episodes “Fear Of Victory” & “Bane”. Another Spider-Man episodes was the Man-Spider arc w/ Morbious & Blade and Punisher. I enjoyed MMPR since Green Ranger’s debut. Like episodes “The Green Candle” “Return of A Old Friend” “The Mutiny” and the Ninjazords were great along with villains like Master Vile. I agree these shows are trip down memory lane every time.

      • Dude I remember that one, with BatGirl and the fear toxin. That was a trippy episode.
        Does anyone remember the episode of Batman TAS where Poison Ivy goes straight and has like a fake family?

    • why not just phrase your question as:
      Hey guys born in the 90s, did you watch cartoon?

      • Cartoons
        and yes.

    • One of my favorite BTAS episodes is Christmas with the Joker. I watch it every Christmas Eve.

      • Was that the episode when he redid the lyrics to Jingle Bells and flew out of jail on a christmas tree? Cuz that was epic.

  5. Good Morning all….

    Happy Friday!!  :)

    Regarding this weeks episode of Arrow, I only have one word to describe it…


    I will not reveal details here out of respect for those that have yet to watch it, but what a great episode.

    For those that like to complain that it’s melodramatic, clunky, etc. all I can say is, for the budget it has and the network it’s on, it’s an excellent show. It’s a great weekly superhero fix. I hope it stays on for 10 more years.

    The casting of Cyborg in BvS is certainly exciting. I do not know of Ray Fishers work, but I will say he sure looks the part. I’m really starting to think this might turn out to be a type of JL movie after all. I don’t think it will be what was announced at Comic-con, and I think what it will finally end up being is still unknown completely by Snyder and company. I think they are still developing it even now and adding characters as they go. All of that is good as I think it will ultimately produce the best movie. Too bad it’s 2 plus years away still.

    Watched Oblivion the other day. I am not Tom Cruise fan, but he did a nice job in it, and IMO, the movie was great.

    • Hello Mr. Stark,

      Arrow this week was phenomenal, the flashbacks were really good.

      I’m happy to hear Victor Stone is getting some exposure, hopefully people will stop saying WB is afraid to use characters other than Superman and Batman.

    • wow? the only last 5 mins were good… everything else what s&*t. that actor that plays roy was over acting again… i swear, i have no idea why there aint gifs of him yet. terrible. and the cheesy dialogue lmao… had to look away it was so bad.

      and cyborg casting isnt for cyborg. it will be the normal person and when flash is announced it will be for the scientist, not the hero. the only ones that will be in costume are the trinity and thats it. its the reason we aint got green lantern or aquaman yet

      • “overacting” he’s just a terrible actor.

        I’m not a fan of Colton Haynes at all but Roy is such a good character to get into.

        • im just shocked he aint showed his teeth and growling yet, but there at least 2 more eps before hes fully cured

        • He seems good to me
          He was silent and emotionless.

      • @ Corey_1993

        I hear what you’re saying, but the full impact of the last five minutes aren’t realized without the rest of the show building to it. IMO, the flash backs were excellent, and the ramifications of the events of this episode lead me to say “WOW”, not the acting or dialog. To truly enjoy the show, sometimes we might have to look beyond the occasional cheese.

        I will grant you that it’s cheesy at times, but that’s why in my original comment I said considering the network it’s on. It’s on the CW, so there will be some bad acting and cheesy dialog. However, what they’re accomplishing with what they have, IMO is very good and satisfying.

        Colton Hayes (Roy) needs work, yes, but I don’t think he was cast for his acting skills. He was cast to draw in the female audience. Again, this is the CW. He serves a purpose,  he fills the role and draws in females. Mission accomplished.

        Along the same lines, I realize the Cyborg casting may not be for Cyborg in this film, but what is cool is that that character is now present in this universe, whenever he shows up.
        Cyborg himself might be a movie or two away, who knows, but the fact that’s he’s coming is cool to me. The fact that he’s even in this film in any state is cool now and for the future, IMO.

        • I gasped when roy broke ollies leg, because i knew the implications.
          And since that happened, i watched the rest of the episode thinking-we havent seen slade in awhile.

          • @Cody

            Right, and there is no way Oliver is healed up enough to fight Slade before the end of the season, unless he takes the mirakuru. If they come up with a cure for it, he could take it long enough to get healed, fight Slade, then take the cure and then get off of it.

            • You picked that up too Tony? The last 3 episodes all play out in one day/night (on the date of…someone’s…funeral). No way he takes on Deathstroke, Ravager, Brother Blood, and their band of mirakuru’d misfits with a bum knee.

      • Greetings Wally!

    • Agreed. This weeks Arrow was amazing!

    • I’m going to be the minority here but this episode was the most cliche episode ever.
      The “move in with me” followed by the “care to much to be with you” cliche
      The “i’m going to kill someone you love they way you ‘killed’ my love cliche (witch every fan saw coming 10 episodes away).
      The “rich people attract people that just want money cliche”
      The ” I’m going to tell you something important in the car oh s*** car accident” cliche
      The “I’m going to get killed this episode so as it turns out I know about your secret identity” cliche

      everyone of those I saw in ten different shows ten different times.
      and I’m the only one thinking that they introduced the ‘Oliver Jr” just as an afterthought and didn’t give enough gravity to it.

      plus as things going right now there are only 2 characters in the entire show that don’t know Oliver is the arrow not much of a secret identity.

  6. Can someone please answer this question for me? About a year ago after Iron Man 3 was released the question was asked why there were no shield agents in the movie, and Kevin Feige stated because they were “very busy” and will be revealed in future films.

    Well, after 2 more phase 2 films has this question been answered? I understand what happened in TWS, but I thought TWS took place after IM3 in the timeline?

    • That is a concern and issue many have. Where was sheild? Or other heroes during the dark elf invasion or the kiddnapping of the us president or the battle over the triskilion. For me it threw a wrench in this whole shared universe crap. At the end of the day id rather see more interaction via phone emial twitter or what ever. I mean name droping is one thing but a cameo is better even for a few seconds on a tv screen. Sorry to derail, but it seems the timeline is all skewed…I feel that thor 2 took place before cap 2 and after im3. But it is hard as sheild was missing from thor and im3.

      • The Events that took place on Earth In Thor TDW happened at a very quick pace. I am fine with reasoning that there was no time for anyone else to get there.

      • Its also interesting to note that the cops in England didn’t know who Thor was (if i recall correctly) as they wanted the dangerous looking man to put his hammer down. I guess he could have had little local TV camera time while fighting in NY so that no one really knew who he was (especially after returning to Asgard).
        Maybe Shield/Hydra tried to keep a lid on the whole thing and people didn’t fully understand what happened there as it happened so fast and Shield came in and cleaned up after quickly in Men in Black style. I wonder if they have neuralyzers too?

    • not that hard to figure out… shield was hydra so why the hell would they wanna hurry and help stark… an avenger. hydra would have made an excuse to not let the good guy help him and they would have been dealing with other stuff.

      hydra were the ones that sent he bomb to ny in the avengers, they wanted to kill the heros too and thats proof enough

    • They was busy building Heli-Carriers of Death and generally goofing off.

      It didn’t really matter what AIM was getting up to as once the HCD’s we’re up and running they’d be taking over everything anyways.

      Evil, always playing the long game.

    • It would have been cool if Hydra/SHIELD was working with or funding AIM. The senator from Iron Man2 was Hydra, so the vice president in IM3 could have been Hydra too. In Avengers 3 it should be revealed that Hydra/SHIELD were aware of Infinity Stones the entire time and in Thor 2 they were waiting on the sidelines to somehow swoop in and take the Aether.

    • I had that same question last night. Didn’t Fiege say that it would be answered in Winter Soldier?

      Perhaps it is meant to imply that HYDRA specifically didn’t assist in hopes they would be defeated to ensure their chances of INSIGHT going off without a hitch?

  7. And slowly we see more of the highly anticipated batman/superman film unfold as we are now hearing that victor stone popular fan favorite has been cast in the form of new up and commer ray fisher. Added with the comments made by disney chairman about his doubts of a cap 3 showdown it has been a good week for dc fans. Also many marvel fans have learned…marvel is owned by disney and disney can and will try to make money off marvel, if that means backing down first so be it.

    Now I need to see some orange and green being rocked in bvs and I’ll be so happy( aquaman)

    • What if they go with the Conan Aquaman look instead of orange & green outfit?

      • I want the orange and green.

  8. Way i read it was Tony wouldn’t bother asking for help from Shield or from another Avenger cause the events that transpired in that film were personal for Tony,etc.

    • For the attack on the house, yup I can go with that but as soon as the Pres is up the creek then you’d imagine SHEILD would be all over it.

      However what with the whole CAP2 ending shenanigans another explanation is that they couldn’t be bothered….. saved them the trouble of doing it themselves.

      • Remember the Vice president was on the agenda of the President no longer being in office after he was killed. Not to mention what we know of Sen. Stern in CAP2. Shield may be been asked to be on full alert or stand down by Vice President & Shield council.

        • Yea that’s what I was kinda leaning towards too.

    • It would make sense if the vice president or killian was said to be hydra.

  9. Saw Brick Mansions, D13 was much better. I just feel everything that made the original good was ruined.

  10. Hey Screen Rant! I wish you guys would do a review for last night’s season finale of ‘Parks and Recreation’, though I understand it isn’t as big as the shows you review on here.

    Thought it was a fantastic finale that showed all the aspects of what makes ‘Parks and Rec’ such a great show. It’s flash forward to 2017 was really cool, but makes me think of how they’re going to do season 7. I’m sure it will pick up right where real time left off, but that ending scene shows they could potentially change it up. Although there is a high possibility that the seventh season will indeed be it’s last, I wish this show would go on for at least 2-3 more seasons. This show is consistently so well-written and hilarious, it would suck to see them go off air. Anyways, any one have any thoughts on last night’s episode?

    • @ Big Fudge

      I just finished watching the episode and even though I’m happy the show is coming back next season If last nights episode was the “series finale” I would have to rank it as one of the best ever.
      So many great moments, call backs, guest cameos and emotional beats. Every commercial break I kept wondering how they could top this?
      Then the time jump was bonkers!!!
      As much as I want answers how great would it be if they left all those questions open?
      Just the Jon Hamm cameo alone would have people debating who and how could someone have been worse than Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry for years???

      And the top of the list…

      Little Sebastian Hologram.
      Brilliant, plain brilliant. :)

  11. Finally saw ASM2. Spiderman live action will always be ‘amazing’ to me but the film itself could have been much better. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Aunt May the entire time, it’s weird, I’ve grown up with Aunt May and Alfred Pennyworth, I’ve always had a soft spot for them. If I could have my Marve/DC crossover wish, it would be for these two to get together haha.
    Anyway, Garfield and Dehaan were great. I was hoping Jamie Foxx would have channeled his character from Soloist.



      • Yes, you are.

    • What kind of movies do you like? I wonder what you were expecting from Man of Steel

      • Dont acknowledge him.

    • Lol.

  13. Since they keep signing actors for Justice League characters for the BvS movie, why don’t they just retitle it Justice League and give MoS a proper sequel afterwards?

    Or is that really what they are planning on doing… muhahahaha!

    • Most likely theyre planning a justice league sequel to BvS and these castings are just for small cameos or references within the film.
      They have plenty of time to plan.

  14. When will the SR Son of Batman review be up?

  15. Is it just me, or has Capcom been informed by Marvel waaaaay in advance about the future of the MCU?

    In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the cast of characters includes Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Strange, and Iron Fist…all characters who are getting play now in the MCU a few years after the release of the game.

    Could be coincidental, but I think not.

  16. Does anyone recall that Jarvis was compromised in the very first Iron Man?
    In the button scene at the end Fury is in Tony’s house and Jarvis starts out talking and then has slurred/slowed speech and fades out.
    Could this be the first time Hydra had access to the Jarvis AI?