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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 24, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 24, 2013

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  1. This plot twist in Iron Man 3 that everyone is so worked up about, I am trying my best not to look it up. And I dont even know if it is real. But for those of you who know what it is (no spoilers), is it just a minor annoyance or does it have the potential to ruin the movie?

    • I am no longer interested in seeing the movie. Other than Thor, Iron Man was the only other reason I liked The Avengers. And because of that, I can wait til DVD.

    • Pepper Potts wake up in the shower and its all been a dream?

      • ha. I knew it.

      • What’s Family Guy? ;)

    • Honestly, I’m not sure what it is either.

      Recent trailers have broadened my interest in this though. The reviews are not very convincing to me personally because of certain comparisons and praise for things without solid reasons that could actually help someone who is on the fence about viewing the film.

      As a whole, I’m not pumped to see IM3, but there is still a spark of interest that makes me curious.

      I kind of have a positive and a negative force thats keeping me neutral: the positive is Robert Downey Jr., the negative is Ben Kingsley.

      I really enjoy Kingsley in other things, but nothing in the previews has made me want to like or care about his version of Mandarin. It could be the way he was written, which was my gripe with Nolan’s Joker: Heath was a brilliant pick, but I really disliked the way he was written.

    • So here is the Twist:

      Tony Stark confesses that he has been faking all along. He is not ironman at all. Instead, A A.I. named J.A.R.V.I.S. is. The Mandarin shows up and throws a bucket of water on the A.I. suit, causing the suit to short out. Tony throws a fit, and breaks up with Pepper. Then Pepper and Rhodey take turns shooting Tony in his kneecaps. Victorious, the Mandarin, Rhodey, and Pepper go and live like kings in Patagonia.

    • Ok general, in my opinion its not just a minor annoyance, if you are a die hard fan it could possibly ruin a portion of the film

    • @ General

      It does NOT ruin the movie or anything else. It’s actually ingenious, and very gutsy. It has actually made me look forward to IM 3 even more.

      Everybody needs to relax about this. The movie is getting superb reviews, and is very good.

      • really ingenious? its ballsy yes but it has ruined something from the comics, which will hurt its fans.

        • @ Trey

          That’s foolish. Flat out foolish.

          Think out of the box for a minute Trey.

          It makes more sense than to follow the traditional line of thought, if you think it through. The only people that are going to pounce on this are ingnorant DC fan/Marvel haters. Really, who cares what they think?

          Yes, ingenious. I stand by what I said.

          • I’m not by any means saying it will ruin the film, because there is far more going on than one big twist. You still get Shane black who is a fantastic and funny director. I am just saying it will have backlash.

            • Well I was sadly one if the ones to have to the film ruined yesterday and honestly I’m still excited to see the movie. Bought my shirt last night with my wife and well go watch it at midnight next week. The “twist” is very strange and I’m still wondering why they went that route and hopefully after watching the film it will be explained. But it’s iron man of course ill watch it theaters

              • I am sorry someone ruined it for you. It is indeed an odd twist, nobody will say that it isn’t ambitious and ballsy cause it surely is. Just could have took the conventional route and then their wouldn’t be this backlash

            • @ Trey

              There could be some, but isn’t there alway to some degree or another with CBM’s. As CBM fans, we are one finicky, critical bunch. I’ll admit, as a CBM fan myself, I am as guilty as the rest.

              • Fair point.

  2. To everyone who can answer me this question: (Notify me of followup comments via e-mail checkbox). I want to use this. But everytime I do, I get a notice for EVERY SINGLE GOSH DANG POST. How does that stop from happening? I don’t think I’m smart enough to control this? Or Im not using it right? I just want notifications to replies of my post.

    • exactly! I thought it was just to my post too!

    • I created a fake email account and use filters to delete messages from ongoing threads like the Terra Nova Season 2 on Netflix one.

    • leathercheerio,

      I believe that the site remembers the last setting (subscribe) that you used and the next time you post a comment on another article it checks the box by default. The way it SHOULD work is that if you uncheck that box, then it stays unchecked for subsequent posts.

      I’ll test that myself here shortly.


      • Well I’ll be damned – looks like you guys are right. DEFINITELY need to fix that!

        • @Vic

          I don’t mind the caching of the site. I prefer it to remember my settings. But as you probably noticed, the follow up emails go for any post that is made, not just replies to your post. That’s what was getting me.

          • @leathercheerio – as far as I know, it’s always been that way. It would be nice just to see if someone replied directly to you. Instead of playing that guessing game of was that comment intended for me, I guess I better go into the article to see for sure.

  3. So, Screen Rant writers, did you just get tired of writing the Bates Motel reviews?

    • Well, TV episode reviews are an on and off kind of thing. There haven’t been any for the last few Supernatural episodes either, even though things really picked up, especially in the last one.

    • The latest episode caught me off guard. I kind of figured that something like that would happen if I were writing the show, but I did not expect it to actually happen. Gave me chills!

  4. Whomever the “Troll” was that posted the spoilers.

    Karma comes in many forms.

    • +1

    • Romans 2:6
      He will repay each one as his works deserve.

    • Kahless has been sharpening his bat’leth since he posted that spoiler. And he keeps murmuring something about a hunt. :-D

  5. Whoever it is at Disney/Marvel that thought staggered release dates overseas and here in the U.S, for Iron Man 3 should be removed from their position. Bad move.

      • Why did you update it, I doubt it will effect overall box office revenue.

        • I honestly think it will. Just from the responses I have seen.

      • I don’t think it will hurt the box offic. Iron Man (and any other superhero movies) isn’t a movie like The Sixth Sense that is all about the ending. The journey, the spectacle and the dialog is still enjoyable even when you know about certain plot points.

        Also, I believe those movie goers who are in the know about everything are a minority. Most moviegoers most likely don’t visit movie sites like this. They see a trailer, get interested and check their theater site for a release date. That’s it. I might be wrong, though.

      • @ Leathercheerio

        It will not hurt the BO. If anything, it may improve it. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a great movie.

        • I was honestly stoked to see the movie. I am such a fan of Shane Black. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was genius. His dumb jokes in Predator were priceless and I still quote them to this day. And of course every movie he has written is in my top 25. The guy in my eyes is a legend. But that twist really disappoints me.

          • @ Mr. Cheerios

            I hear you, really I do, but there are very good and logical reasons why it was done. I’d love to go into what I think is going on behind, but obviously I can’t.
            I will once it comes out in the spoiler page of the movie.

            • If it was done for “the bigger picture” **The Avengers**, then I will get less interested. LOL

  6. So this is not Spoiler

    The name of Harrison Ships is The U.S.S Vengeance.


    • He is vengeful?

      • Odd for a ship to be named Vengeance. Unless he changed it from USS Rainbow Sprinkles and Unicorns.

        • Yeah, I don’t think that is the original name of the vessel. Starfleet ship names usually don’t cater to lesser impulses like that. But then again, this is the Abrams Universe and literally not our father’s Star Trek anymore. ;)

          • So @TheLostWinchester

            You are saying the USS Rainbow Sprinkles and Unicorns could be a starfleet vessel?

            • I wouldn’t put it past them! It certainly is an option when all the Enterprises, Defiances, Vanguards, Endeavours, Stargazers, Victorys, Constitutions, Excaliburs, Intrepids etc. are already taken.

    • John Paul Jones commanded the USS Vengeance in the Revolutionary War.

  7. Whomever the troll was. They were totally ignorant of other people.

    They knew what they were doing.

    I however do to the ability to block out my children….I can block out anything.

    So, I do not even remember what the post was.

    Because it was written in caps, and I tend to totally ignore caps.



      • Haha… this reminds me of a support email I read one time where someone halfway throughout typing his hateful letter ended up breaking his caps lock key and it was half caps half non caps… either way he added a PS apologizing for the caps lol.

      • @SuperEdje

        Whoops about what?

        I only saw whoops.

        And I am a pilot.


        • Sadly I read better when it is all caps… And I read the whole post by the “Troll”… Plus with his League of Shadows quotes he made all DC/Nolan fans look bad.


          @Jeff W

          who me? i didn’t say anything :D

      • What a load of CAPS!!

    • Click my name if you want to know what I really think about that troll.

      • And I responded to your post.

        • Thank you. I feel as if I should devote my life to rehabilitate trolls. Perhaps it is my destiny…I will start the FAH-Q Foundation, tomorrow.

          • @ Professor

            Well said.

            I tried to leave a response but it didn’t work.

            • Thanks Stark. Manners like “we don’t eat people.” Simple as that. :)

  8. Ok, with all this talk of Iron Man 3 and the “twists” and stuff, I think I’m gonna hide under a rock for the next week.
    The post credit scene was already semi-spoiled for me, and I really want my first viewing of the movie to feel completely new (i.e. not walking into the movie knowing more or less what’s gonna happen throughout).

    So with that said, see y’all next Wednesday!
    …I’m leaving money on the counter for pizza, and please don’t break anything while I’m gone.
    Oh, and if there’s a zombie outbreak on ScreenRant, don’t leave me behind… save me! I don’t want to come out from under my rock and realize there’s a bunch of zombies after me, having only a mentally scarred guy and his son to aid me in my escape… and I really don’t want to fight off a horde of zombies while trapped in a tank. I don’t even know how to ride a horse! JUST TAKE ME WITH YOU DAMMIT!!

    • Have a good one Avengers, enjoy the movie!

    • Same here I’ve been avoiding everything iron man till after I’ve seen the film. Hope everyone has a good day, gonna keep myself busy with injustice gods among us :D

      • YEAH! Injustice!! How you liking it? I’m loving it! Nightwing is such a awesome character! IMO. Love the new 52 skins but I’m still waiting for my arrow skin

        • I am having a lot of fun with it. Nightwing isn’t a character I play with but he sure isn’t fun to face.

        • @Mighty Avenger

          Injustice is awesome nightwing is one of the few I’m enjoying at the moment. Among my faves are batman deathstroke bane and joker. I pretty much like the lineup of characters but the ones I mentioned are the ones I’m utilizing at the moment. Also the story mode is fantastic.

          • @vader

            Glad ur enjoying it! I actually have yet to play trough the whole roster lol but nightwing is my main guy. But I like green arrow and deathstroke and bane is just a lot of fun to play as haha

            • I agree with Vader the story mode was really well done, I also haven’t played every character. I like playing with bane but I suck so bad with the bigger slow moving guys

              • Doomsday must be hell for you lol

                I HATE Doomsday, I can never pick up anything thats fluid with him. He’s a grappling character like Solomon Grundy, but at least I can do more things with Grundy

    • @The Avenger.


    • What? The Avenger is bailing on us? That doesn’t seem very heroic.

      Thanks for the pizza!

    • I don’t know about zombies but….

      We are the Borg.


      Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.


  9. How does everyone feel about Marvel being picketed by the American Federation of Musicians? This site of course is all over the world so we get different viewpoints, is it wrong for them to outsource all musical involvement in their film? I mean everything else is ran in the U.S. I am not really aware of how this affects each side, but I guess I understand their anger. Kind of like Apple moving their production places overseas.

  10. Alright, bringing up Injustice again:

    Anyone have a favorite and/or least favorite Super Move?

    Favorite: The Flash
    Least Favorite: The Joker

    Also, don’t know if others around here are aware, but some characters have in-game skins that can be activated in battles, fights, etc. I’ve found ones for regular Batman (strikingly similar to The Dark Knight Rises) and New 52 Nightwing (blue instead of red)

    • I can always talk about injustice! Lol

      Favorite super move ill go with nightwing and least favorite ill go with Harley’s

      To me the different skins add something extra fun and exciting to te game. I’m not typically a fan of dlc but I’m looking forward to skin packs when they come out! Hopefully they give out some awesome ones.
      Man of steel
      Tom hardy bane
      TDK batman
      New 52. Joker
      Are just some of what I would like to see.

      • New 52 Joker would be creepy as heck lol

        I stumbled upon the in-game skins by complete accident. I also found ones just now for Insurgency Harley and Regime Deathstroke, the color really does add more value to it all.

        Too bad all versions don’t have that. If they do, some of them don’t really show it that well. I love switching to blue New 52 Nightwing though. I dig the red, but Nightwing will always have the classic black and blue combination in my mind :D

  11. Some interesting news and really exciting for myself, but Star Wars: A New Hope is going to be dubbed in the Navajo Language. It’s a collab between the Lucasfilm and the Navajo Tribe according to the reports I’ve read.

    • All I can say is you’re easily won over!


      A bit part, hmmm, a Red Shirt perhaps?


      • Dont know but when I see it and see what part he does, might be as much as handing Kirk a PADD or something.

        But still.

        my mom!

        • Reminds me of that scene in Garden State, the breakfast scene where Peter Sarsgaard has a confrontation with Jim Parsons. Parsons is dressed as a knight and he’s just spent the night with his (Sarsgaard) mom, Sarsgaard none to pleased about it.

          Loved the bit where he resites a quote in Klingon and tells him to “Get the frack out of my house”.

          You don’t know any Klingon do you?


    • There are a few questions I would ask him but the first one would be “Did you wear a red shirt in the movie?” if he did I would kick him out the door and call him a “cupcake!”

      Now if he was in Star Wars 7 that would be a different story.

      • Wait I also noticed you used all caps in one spot!

        • @Writer

          I had to use caps when writing PADD Personal Access Display Device. its an anagram so it had to be written in caps.


          • I have one of those! But I call it Galaxy. :D

            • Caught a bit of Under Siege 2 last night, was quite funny seeing Steven Seagal using a ‘Newton’.

        • Pssst… don’t break his logic matrix or he’s going to pull a HAL (sorry, all caps!) on us.

              • Dude, you so need to buy me a new monitor! When you say funny stuff like that, WARN ME BEFORE YOU SAY THEM! Oh, caps, sorry. :-P

                • I might as well open an account at your local Staples.


    • “[L]ittle 5’8 140lbs”?!

      Hey! I’m 5’8″! What, “short people got no reason to live”?
      Thanks, Randy Newman!

      • That is one of few songs that will always put a smile on my face.

  12. can you cover the show Vikings on History Channel?

  13. Hey!
    There is a new Arrow on tonight!!! :)

    • @ Stark

      Thanks Buddy! Thanks for the Spoilers…Dang you…Oh wait.

      Good Spoiler!


      • Sorry, I blew it……. :)

    • More importantly, there is a new Supernatural tonight!

      • In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!”

        • So as me and my Mother are tooling around in her new car, she took me to lunch, and we were discussing our favorite films.

          Professor Procrastination.

          My Mom says without a doubt, Ghostbusters is the best comedy/Action film of all time.

          I laughed.

          She popped me one.

          Just thought I let you know that.

            • Not quite sure?

              Did you just say you are gonna lop off my mommy’s head.


                • @Professor wants to off my mother!

                  Back up there buddy! You aint going to get no quickening with my momma!

                  Owen loves his momma!

                  • LOL! I forgot about that movie. :D

  14. Can someone explain to me. I thought my new car had techno.

    I am now sitting with my mother at the BMW Dealership. She is walking around looking at what car to buy, I am however sitting here looking at all the stuff technology wise that these cars come with.

    Wifi enabled, Hotspot capable, Birds eye view navigation, Iphone/Android phone support for up to 6 phones, Night vision camera, radar adaptive cruise control, text message reader, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
    Even comes with an Ipad. I sat in a BMW M6 Coupe and it is like being on the Enterprise.
    These freaking cars are amazing.

    • And a partridge in a pear tree… :D

      • Nope, has that too.


        • Now… if these things came with an actual transporter so we wouldn’t have to drive the damn thing we really would be getting somewhere.

          DISCLAIMER: I like driving cars, I don’t like Beamers.

          • Come to think of it… calling a BMW “beamer” in that context has the potential to confuse.

            • It is my moms car, she is the one about to drop 100 grand on one, me I am quite happy with my Charger.

              • My Jeep does me just fine. Although I could spend about an extra 25k on upgrades. 100k on a car? Well… I have a paypal account she can donate to if she is really itching to spend some more money.

                • Her old one is 8 years old. My Mom decided it was time for a new one, she tends to have a car fund she puts money into every paycheck. So in 4-5 years, she has money specifically for a new car.

                  So, when it reaches a certain point, depending on what car she wants, she buys it.

                  And donates her current car to a charity or someone who needs a car.

                  Oh and she is a Star Trek/Star Wars buff. She has been to Comi-Con the past 10 years.

        • A duotronic enhancer with a waveguide multiplexing resonator array? :-D

          • I do not know, but I do recall my mom and my aunt one Halloween party going as The Duras sissters.

            Was quite intresting.

            Or as my mother said “What pervert invented pushup bras.”

            • You mentioned your mom being similar to Rachel Welch; last night, I had a dream about her.


              Hey! About Rachel Welch, not your mom! JEEZZ!!!


          • And look yaw’ll, were giving away a plasma rifle in a 40 watt range to the first 100 buyers!

            Yee Haa!!


  15. Okay other than the Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Superman and anything related to a super hero team up what DC hero do you want on the big screen?

    • I wouldn’t mind another John Constantine movie.

      • I agree. I liked that movie. I could go for round 2.

    • id like lobo, I know you said only DC but as for marvel id love to see a Luke Cage and Iron fist heroes for hire film. Not with the same comical formula though I wouldn’t want it to be pretty gritty an serious

    • Martian Manhunter would make a good solo flick. Aquaman is my first choice though.

      • Sea Life at Aquarium goes evil

        Aquaman called in.

        He corrals the guppies.

        Lives saved.

      • @ Leathercheerio

        What’s your idea for an Aquaman movie? I’m not sure how that would translate to the big screen. But after seeing Thor do it, anything is possible

        • I have a decent idea for one saved on my work computer. I’ll copy/paste later tonight while I’m there. I’ve had a lot of ideas for all JL members and their possible movies.

        • @Stark

          The human race, hungry for black gold (oil) creates yet ANOTHER spill in the Gulf of Mexico but this one is tragic. It is the biggest spill to date. Destroys tons of life and threatens almost all sea life in the area and has the potential of spreading even farther. Black Manta, the General of Atlantis’ Army has had enough. He wages a war on the humans and exposes Atlantis to the world. Aquaman, despite his feelings toward what has happened in the Gulf and overtime, knows that a war against the human race would only result in destroying the entire world. Aquaman goes out and faces not only Black Manta but all the other Atlanteans that have followed in his footsteps.

          I know I changed who Black Manta is but I think it will work. Also, I would want some of the JL members to team up with Aquaman in the end to help stop the defectors.


          • @ L. Cheerio

            I like it. I can actually see that working. I see what you did with Black Manta, and it works. Aquaman is in his own element, and you brought other JL members into it, very cool. Good thinking, I really like what you’ve got!

    • I would love to see a “Ragman” film (perhaps Justice League Dark”, if ever actually made, would include him?).

      I REEEEEALLY want to see something done with “The Sandman” (I would appreciate even more if there was a septology with each film focusing on a different member of the Endless).

      I would love to see a “Y: The Last Man” trilogy or TV maxi-series.

      Bringing back to heroes, “Black Orchid” would make for an ethereal, suspenseful film.

      “Elseworlds” animated films would be fantastic, if they remained true to the source materials (I especially want to see “Gotham by Gaslight” and Speeding Bullets” made).

      Ah, to dream…

      • Awesome choices! Everything you mentioned would make great movies! I guess they’ll be made when Hollywood runs out of remaking everything. *sigh*

    • Nightwing, without a doubt.

    • I’d like to see the Spectre…and then do a crossover with Ghostbusters. Boo-yah! 72 open discussions in a row with a Ghostbusters reference!

      • Have you seriously tallied how many?

        • haha, no…but I should start.

    • @ Writer

      I know it could be a long while. But i think Hawkman solo could work. And a Legion Of Superheroes film.

  16. I want Hawkman,Flash and Aquaman in that order.

  17. Lukecage and iron fist for me please and you gotta throw in a SWEET CHRISTMAS in there

  18. Any ‘Elementary’ fans heard any news regarding Arnold Vosloo’s casting? I suspect there’s only one character he could be playing.

  19. Loki in the new thor trailer, lol.

  20. Just saw the E-surance Star Trek commerical HA,HA,HA silly.

  21. what did everyone think about the ending of Wrong Turn 5 when the Hillbillies pick up the surviving girl to most likely rape,impregnate,& then kill her?

  22. HA! 2 months ago I posted a blog apart Todd McFarlane and Dan Aykroyd called Hype Cycle. In it, I predicted we’d get another Ghostbusters 3 rumor in 2 months. These guys are so predictable!

    Click my name if you want to read that blog.