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As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   April 23, 2014

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  1. In light of X-Men Director Bryan Singer’s involvement in a lawsuit centering around allegations of his having been one of several Hollywood exec’s accused of having sexually abused a male teenager in 1999, I think I’ll forego watching anything by this degenerate.
    Normally I’d be inclined to dismiss this sort of story if not for having previously seen an interview with former child actor Cory Feldman, during which he referenced from his book, “Coreyography”, the dark side of a depraved Hollywood culture where sexual abuse of child stars was apparently commonplace:

    ~In the book, Feldman also talks about the sexual abuse of the late Corey Haim who was his good friend and fellow child star.

    “We had a deal in place that we don’t talk about that but he brought it up. It got quickly silenced because he didn’t have the strength to tell it,” said Feldman.

    Haim struggled with drug addiction and later died from pneumonia. He was afraid to talk in detail about his past sexual abuse, according to Feldman.~

    • You’re basing that off of just allegations that could turn out to be false allegations? Singer is innocent until PROVEN guilty, not the other way around. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, but until he is found guilty in court, then he is INNOCENT.

      I will agree that i find it difficult to support anyone’s work after such a thing is committed. For example, I simply refuse to support anything Roman Polanski does because he is a rapist and a pedophile.

      • You must be a lawyer ;). Yes people are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the court. Which is a great LEGAL system. However, to hold that as a personal belief would mean that you feel no guilty person has ever gotten away with a crime.

        In the eyes of the courts, Casey Anthony is innocent. In the eyes of facts and reality she is guilty. There are many more examples but I chose one that I feel is the least disputed.

        • Nope, not a lawyer (I love how people make ignorant assumptions such as this when commenting. It shows their maturity level). I just don’t condemn someone like Singer when there is no evidence he committed such crimes other than one person’s allegations. And the fact that it comes just weeks before the opening of Singer’s biggest films is sketchy to say the least.

          I’m not also not ignorant to the flaws in our legal system. The fact is that it is run sinful/corrupt individuals. True, we live in a world where evil people get away with horrible crimes such as the case with Casey Anthony and Roman Polanski, but to think every person is “guilty until proven innocent” is just wrong and paranoid. I’m not sure if you’re religious or not, but it strictly says that God is justice. A lot of people think those like Casey Anthony are “getting away with murder”, but they aren’t.

          I’m not trying to instigate a religious debate, but condemning someone like Singer just because others in Hollywood are guilty of such atrocious acts is simply wrong. Like I said, I don’t know if Singer did molest anyone, but there are no facts pertaining to this case that we’re aware of that make him (Singer) guilty. And thus there is no way we can say whether he is guilty or innocent. That is for the courts to decide, not us.

          • Yikes. Did you not see the wink face after I made the lawyer comment? Obviously I was joking, but not only did you miss that, you then go on to make comments about my character and maturity level.

            I’m not sure why you bothered to write anything after that because I stopped reading.

            • And yet you confirm my remarks about your maturity in your reply.

          • Looks like you’re having some troubles with your grammar there Mr Maturity.

    • Cool story bro, guess you didnt really want to see it in the first place.

    • Also Im batman.

    • If I boycotted movies because of the personal lives of actors I’d never see a movie again.

      • @ WorldOfTheUndead (INK)

        As sad as that statement is, it is true…

      • No kidding INK! Long ago around the Woody Allen stuff someone much older than I said, “If we judged art by who the artist is, we wouldn’t have much art.” You may as well boycott all art because a lot of people have something in their past that maybe hasn’t become public. This is nothing new. Art history is full of all kinds of drunks, rebrobates, murderers, and worse.

        I’m still looking forward to the movie, and even if it turns out to be true it probably won’t, alone, keep me away from Singer movies.

        • The person accusing Singer is suing three other people and claims this is some far-reaching child sex ring in Hollywood. If it is true the authorities will pursue it or someone will get paid off and everyone will crawl back in their holes. Assuming it is true though this is America and people with money can get away with a lot.

          • Keyword: Suing. Means he just wants money. If he is seeking justice, money wouldn’t involved.

    • The problem I see is that none of that other stuff matters. Not the fact that Singer is a homosexual or even the stuff that went on with Haim and other actors. None of that stuff matters because that doesn’t mean Singer sexually assaulted this person. For all we know Singer could be guilty, or this guy could be lying to score a pay day.

  2. First off: what happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

    But more importantly. Although directors like Bryan Singer play a big role in making movies, these movies only really happen because of the hundreds of other people working on them: actors, writers, cinematographers, composers, gaffers, visual effects experts etc., etc., etc.. Boykotting a movie just because one guy of the hundreds (allegedly) committed a crime does a huge disservice to everybody else involved. Don’t be that guy.

  3. Is there any evidence whatsoever that Bryan Singer is indeed guilty? Just because you want to believe everybody in Hollywood is depraved doesn’t make it true. Don’t get me wrong, it could all be true. But it is just as likely to be a lie for attention.

  4. Woah, last nights episode of Marvels AoS was intense, finaly a supervillian takedown, and spy on spy is getting interesting, not to mention the approaching Talbot confrontation

    • The Spy vs Spy troupe is going to take s into the finale. Skye knows the award is Hydra and the return of Deathlock bashing in a window in he preview will really test Ward’s super villain status.

      Maria Hills return and Talbits introduction will set up next season if the show is renewed, if not it will create a fitting link between the TV series and the films.

  5. *** CAP 2 SPOILERS BELOW ***

    I saw Cap 2 yesterday and loved it! Great story and fantastic action. One of my favorite scenes was following Falcon in flight as the rockets chased him. Awesome!

    Quick question: Is it possible (or was it addressed, and I missed it?) that Fury (or Black Widow) somehow arranged for Falcon and Cap to meet? I was thinking how coincidental it was for them to just meet during a run. Sure, it’s possible, but planting Falcon on the run certainly helped Cap through the plot.

    • Not sure about you, but in my neighborhood, there are tons of people that run. I see the same dude from the Army running every day on my way to work. There is a quick connection between them because they are soldiers and soldiers can bond that quickly. I didn’t think it was that coincidental but that is just my opinion. :)

    • Agree with Kyle – Looks like it was just two soldiers running and connecting, not a conspiracy by Fury or Widow. Widow didn’t even know what kind of “wingman” he was until they started going through his files.

      • @ kyle and deroxstar,

        Thanks, guys. I had to step out of the theater a few times and thought I missed a connection. He certainly was the right guy to meet on a run! (The only people I come across on runs are stroller moms and grandmas in huge sunglasses with leashed dogs. If I ever need them to help stop HYDRA, maybe they’ll step up and assist.)

        • haha Right! I never meet anyone fun on a run…except a good cramp :(

  6. I’m reading Alias now (the Jessica Jones Marvel Rated R comic), and you know who I think should play Jessica Jones?

    Emmy Rossum.

    I think it’s a perfect fit!

    • I could see that. Bear in mind though her last “action” role was dragonball:evolution. That movie is not her fault though.

      • Never bring that travesty up again…please. You’d be doing us all a favor in helping forget it was ever made.

        • sorry, all part of the healing process. lol

        • LOL!

  7. So I’ve been avoiding the open discussion until I saw a few movies.

    Cap 2- loved it! I think it’s my favorite MCU film to date. I know it’s probably not the best but I enjoyed it the most. I really want Falcon to be in Avengers 2 now.

    Draft Day- If you enjoy the NFL Draft, this is a MUST SEE! It is so much fun. Little unrealistic but incredibly enjoyable.

    Divergent- Although I feel I would’ve understood it better if I read the book (my dad was breaking it down for me on the ride home, that’s depressing), it was a lot better than I was expecting. I hate these triologies though. THese films just can’t be stand alone anymore can they? Always have to be open ended.

  8. I was quite happy with the winner of “Face Off” declared on last night’s season finale. Rashaad was consistently great throughout the season, and came up with some excellent designs for yesterday’s closer. I am glad there is ONE “reality” show that actually does not rely on foulness and backstabbing and simply (and quite entertainingly) focuses on the talents of the people competing and their expressions of those amazing ideas. Even better, the competitors seem to encourage and assist each other because they prefer to win based upon their ideas and their work, NOT scandals and betrayals and emotional collapses prevalent in so many other shows of this type.

    As a side note, it’s been fun, also, to see the new Henson Creature Shop competition, though it is still gathering steam (thus, not as certain a watch for me yet).

  9. Few problems I had with The Winter Soldier movie.

    Nick Fury gets sniped 2x in the chest. Two rounds that apparently go through the walls of apartment building Steve Rogers lives in. How’d he survive that ? Suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

    The Falcon… meh. Guy with mechanical wings that cracks jokes and thats about it. Ok he manages to take out an aircraft carrier. These things were supposed to take out any target in the world the algorithm calculates yet they can’t hit one guy with robot wings ?

    • By my count that’s two problems. :)
      And it’s a comic book movie and you’re having trouble suspending disbelief? You must of been rolling your eyes all the way through Avengers.

    • Dredd got shot through a wall, patched his own wound and then carried on judging. Bad-ass. Just saying.

    • I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know where he got shot in the chest, but I think that if no vital organs were hit and he got medical in time, he could survive that.

  10. Good morning all….

    Happy hump day!!! :)

    In all of my years of watch CBM’s, I don’t remember a CBM that had been as divisive as Man of Steel. It’s been almost a year since its release and people still fight and argue over whether or not “it was good”. 

    This isnt just a silly Marvel vs. DC thing either; fans of all kinds, many being DC fans, just hate that movie and just love hating on it. The ‘Greatest Quotes’ article from yesterday underscores my point. The comments section was hijacked and turned into a “Man of Steel sucks ” vs. “Man of Steel was awesome” flame war. Every time that movie is mentioned, it’s inflaming.
    It’s a movie, take it or leave it. It baffles me why there is so much hate for that movie from all sides.

    AoS was fantastic last night. Great episode, well done. The season is finishing very strong. 

    I can’t for a new Arrow tonight!! :)

    • @ Stark

      Hey, I can’t wait for Arrow either! As for the Man Of Steel thing, yeah… As much as I genuinely love the DC universe and think it was great how they incorporated Lois Lane, I can’t help but notice how the film fell utterly short for the greatness it could have been. Overall I really only had three problems that easily could have been fixed:

      1. Some of the foul language was just unnecessary and out of place. Plus the word “tinkle” was used after this statement made by Lois Lane “Are we don measuring d*cks?”

      2. Edit some of the CGI fighting out of there. It was great the first 15 minutes but you can only see a building crumble so many times before it gets boring.

      3. Don’t make Mr Kent die over a dog! This bothered me the most but I have already gotten into debates on this statement before.

    • But The comments about Man of Steel were on topic. A list of “Terrible quotes in great movies” will inevitably provoke discussions about 1) Whether or not the quotes were, in fact, terrible and 2) whether or not the films were, in fact, great. If anyone was hijacking that thread it was the people who were using it as an excuse to complain about the Star Wars prequels for the umpteen-thousandth time. Not claiming that the prequels were great movies with terrible dialogue, mind you. Just saying that the prequels were bad movies with bad dialogue.

    • When I was complaining about this whole Marvel vs DC rivalry to my family, my sister nonchalantly said that this rivalry is like the Britney vs. Christina or Backstreet Boys vs. N*Sync of the geeks. After a long moment, all I could manage to do was blink dumbly. Absolutely hated the comparison (and their mockery) but she’s got a good point.

      Anyway, MOS is very divisive. I’ve long accepted that. But what I don’t understand is why anyone kept stirring things up and keep hating on it. Some people just can’t let go, I guess.

      I read something about you only visiting ODs. I didn’t see you on the last one, but good to see you again, Stark. You’re one of the unbiased, cool-headed ScreenRanters around. :D

      • @ Steel-Hearted

        Your sister makes a great point, and a good analogy. Apparently Man of Steel is the movie everybody or many just love to hate. Whatever, if it’s a lighting rod, it’s a lighting rod, so be it.

        Yep, you read correct, I only visit the OD. I used to comment on a lot more articles, but the utter foolishness and stupidity that erupts in those threads just got to be too much, so now I only visit the OD. It’s sensible, and reasonable in here (mostly), and I know a lot of the regulars pretty well. However, without the mobile site working, even commenting only here has become harder as of late.

        Thank you, but I wasn’t always unbiased and cool-headed, as many will tell you I’m sure, but I’ve matured over the years and have come to appreciate all the movies for what they are no matter who makes them. Not to sound cliche but I really do like both Marvel and DC movies and characters. Each one brings something different to the table, and that, IMO, is a good thing. :)

    • MoS was Awesome. 70′s babies can keep their “Super Yellow Seram Wrap of Campiness and Spinning the Earth off it’s axis to turn back time”.

      Chris Reeves was about the only good thing from those movies. Most (not all) haters are mad that Synder’s isn’t their version of Superman.

    • @ Stark

      I think the only reason people keep talking about this film (for better or worse)is because they have almost nothing else to talk about in the DC Universe.
      In an age when movies franchises get sequels and spin-offs every year and sometimes twice a year people are use to talk about high rated franchises all the time cause usually there is something new to add.

      I believe that when the BvS will come out everybody will stop to talk about that film. just like after cap 2 came out everybody (almost) forgot about the IM3 Mandarin twist, and how after the Hobbit 2 came out the criticism against the first one stopped.

      It’s an interesting franchise with slow development so people talk about what they can, let’s just hope they will learn from that and that we will not get the next one in 2019.

  11. Man of Steel.
    worst film ever in history of film.
    Terrible acting, really bad cgi, but the biggest offender was casting a brit as superman.
    Superman is as american as apple pie. Hell, superman stands for truth, justice and the american way. This is because superman was brought up american.
    How can you honestly expect a non-american to fully understand this and do american and justice properly if they were brought up in a foreign country.
    Oh and why screenrant (and kofi) in particular praise this film above all others, i don’t understand. Presumably they are in the paypacket of DC?
    This film is an abomination. I guess only hipsters claim to like this film, as it has no redeeming features, and made a killer out of superman.
    Guess i will stick with marvel as they know how to do a comic book film.
    and they have an american as captain america!!!

    • “worst film ever in history of film.”

      That’s when I stopped reading…

      • why stop reading there?
        i stand by that statement.
        superman 4 was a much better film.

        i don’t know why u dc fanboys are so rabid in your support of man of steel. many of you will admit green lantern was terrible, why is it you can’t open your eyes to how badly mis-cast, acted, scripted, etc man of steel was? are you a hipster, ie. its cool to like anything different?
        i can assure you the average joe HATES this film. and i mean hate, not dislike.
        and thats before the real superman fans wade in with their legitimate arguments for how bad this superman fan is.

        • That’s right, Marvel till I die…

          Keep digging that hole you jumped headfirst into…

      • Its like they’ve never seen “The Room”

        • How about “movie 43″?

    • Seriously? Do you hate brits. I guess you hated Aussies Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in ther DK roles.

      • christian bale is britsh, not australian, therefore any argument you are trying to make is null and void.

        i don’t hate non-americans, its just that i don’t expect them to fully understand a role that requires everything america stands for (i.e, truth and justice).

        i don’t get soccer or rugby because (besides the fact they are crap sports) i have never watched it.

        • Not really. Are you a 12 year old kid?
          How would brits not understand truth and justice?

          • because they are not american.
            sure they have truth and justice, but not the supreme kind we have here.
            america has the moral authority to be the world’s policeman (like superman) because we have earned it, and being quite frank, america is just flat out better than other countries. We are number 1 in most areas where you would want to be number 1.
            Faced with this, superman being the living embodiment of all things american, why would you want someone from another country, from another culture, to be that beacon of hope that is america, when they have grown up in another country, in america’s shadow. sure they have a good idea of american ideals, but they haven’t experienced it first hand, like us americans do.

            • Reality check kid. When you grow up you’ll find out that no one is really living under Americas shadow.

            • “We are number 1 in most areas where you would want to be number 1″

              Please give us some examples… I’m oh so curious…

              • You know like healthcare and a President that EVERYONE loves…….please note sarcasm…..

            • Who is this Marvel-til-I Die clown? America hasn’t acted on truth nor justice since probably the revolutionary war. Since then this country has represented greed, depravity, untruthfulness, hatred, injustice… why am I even replying to this guy’s ignorance?

            • Guess nobody took the time to remind this kid that Superman is an ALIEN FROM ANOTHER PLANET. He’s not American. You don’t have to be BORN in America to be an American. For many less fortunate countries with social and civil conflict, America appears to be a haven, and that is how the “American Dream” started…from Immigrants.

              • I’m sure we could of pointed that out but where’s the fun in letting the guy or gal show themselves to be a complete tool.

                Such a level of deliberate obnoxiousness it’s gotta be a deliberate baiting post to see who bits.

                Unless you’ve got some Indian in your family history folks you be a foreigner (English, Spanish, French, Irish, Africa etc.)

            • @marvel till i die! you my friend are a plank! (what you may know as a 2 by 4)

          • Don’t feed the trolls…..

            • You’re right, my bad…

            • But, but, but…this one likes NASCAR.

        • Give mommy back her laptop.

        • Welsh… not British…

          • welsh IS british.

            • Ha… that was a test message. Didn’t think it would work. Hsven’t been able to post on this site in months. Worked block the ability to comment. So I only tried a few words. Had a long thought to type but didn’t want to waste time if it wasn’t going to go through.

            • @Marvel til I die
              My ancestors were enslaved by your ancestors…your country sucks balls.

        • I think you greatly underestimate how much us lowly Europeans are being exposed to American culture. Hell, I’m German and I have a baseball bat, glove and ball and an American flag is hanging on my wall since 9/11, for Christ’s sake! Some of us are more American than many Americans. And guess what, we have the Superman comics as well. ;)

        • To Marvel till I Die (and all similarly goofy contributors to…nothing constructive:

          “Man of Steel”

          Excellent film

          –Wonderful acting, beautiful cgi, and as a complete non-issue: casting a Brit as Kal-El

          –Apple pie as modern Americans know it actually originated in England, so a
          British actor in the role of an ALIEN raised in America (you know…the “melting
          pot”?) actually is quite appropriate…plus, those making the film chose an
          ACTOR, not a nationality.

          –Although Nolan is not American, Snyder IS…and a comic book fan, to boot.
          Goyer is, as well.

          –ScreenRant enjoyed and rated positively the film…because they (as MANY others) found it an excellent film. They ALSO rated “The Avengers” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” highly, showing they are NOT “in the pocket” of one comic book company or the other. Such repeated accusations illustrate just how healthy STUP!DITY is in our modern world.

          –MOS is an amazing film that people from all walks of life can easily enjoy and embrace, as it brings Superman into the 21st century and gives people a deeper understanding of the character behind the legend…including the hard choices heroes must sometimes make…unlike, say, a late ’70s/ early 80s version of the character who gleefully took out a HUMAN Zod and his cronies and then took petty revenge on a bullying simpleton.

          I will stick with enjoying entertaining, well thought-out CBMs from BOTH DC and Marvel, both of which can make, have made, and are making amazing films…even if the the NORSE god Thor is played by an Aussie!!!

          Dumb, counteracted. ;)

        • Guy this isn’t the 1950′s anymore so I’m not sure which America you speak of. Certainly not the one located beneath my country. If so, locate a mirror.

          Also soccer and rugby are sports, truth and justice are not. What point were you trying to establish. Actually, I’m just going to assume you are a troll because your statement was laughably cliché.

    • “Worst film ever in history of film” followed by “terrible acting” …..right….
      Henry Cavill did great and a majority of the audience supports him as the Superman, he looks and fits the role great. As far as other actors, you mean Oscar nominated and winning actors like; Russell Crowe, Kevin Coster, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon? Yeah, they were terrible….:S

    • Obvious Troll is annoying

    • Hah! No offense bro, but we Marvelites don’t want you either. Go check out Dark Horse or something.

    • Don’t hate on Man of Steel it was a great movie and Henry Cavill did amazing as Superman.

    • Wasn’t the guy currently playing Peter Parker raised in England? He was born here in the US, but I think he was raised over there.

      I personally hated MOS, but that’s just my personal opinion on it.

  12. I’m caught up with Arrow and I have to know…is Laurel Lance that dumb?


    So, Slade tells her that Oliver is the Arrow and she finally puts together that the mysterious woman companion is her sister. In the episode with the Huntress, Sarah, as the masked Black Canary, is right in front of her. This person has flowing blonde hair like her sister, cleavage like her sister, a chin dimple like her sister…but she’s wearing a mask so I have no idea that it’s her? Your dad was a detective…you work for the DA’s office. Do a little investigation and put the clues together. I understand the suspension of disbelief claim, but if I see a woman who has the same build and hair style as my wife or my sister. I immediately react as if it is them, and occasionally I’m wrong in a public forum and realize that my wife was wearing a different color shirt or the person turns around and their face doesn’t match…but in these situations your mind will connect these features to someone you know…even if they are wearing a leather costume and a little black mask. In conclusion, Laurel has mental problems and needs special treatment.

    That’s one issue I have. The other is Slade’s motivation. Seriously, Oliver chose Sarah over Shado and that other guy killed Shado. Yes, I know that the mirakuru makes him insane, but still…that’s horrible writing. Couldn’t Oliver lead Shado down the wrong trail and she fell off a cliff? Couldn’t he use her as a human shield? Or couldn’t she saved Oliver and then Oliver would always have the guilt of her sacrifice weighing down on him and Slade could be upset that the woman he loved died to save this rich boy…and then he could blame Oliver for her death…which makes him go crazy! To me, it would make a lot more sense than “you chose that girl and this other dude shot my girl.”

    Still, I like this show. But these two issues annoy me.

    • I’ll just go ahead and say that I don’t like the character of Laurel Lance. I’m still crossing my fingers the writers don’t make her Black Canary like in the comics. To me, Sara Lance is the stronger character, literally and metaphorically speaking.

      As for Slade, I can kinda understand your issue and I’ve complained about it as well. But didn’t Slade hate the Teen Titans in the comics because they killed his son? I know “blood is thicker than water”, but I mean, it seems Slade had strong feelings for Shado and he went crazy with her death and Mirakuru amplified his madness. I don’t know. That’s just my thoughts on the matter. I’m still hoping that Slade gives Oliver that same decision in the finale, to chose from either saving Sara or saving maybe Laruel or Felicity.

      • If they go that route and have Ollie make a choice at the end of the season between the sisters so it’s an Oliver Queen OR Green Arrow type of decision…I could get behind it…I suppose. As of now, I’m not a fan. They could have gone another route with that story beat…but if it was just foreshadowing a future choice, then it makes sense.

        And Laurel Lance’s eyes seem dead. I mean…I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers but I don’t think I could stare deeply into her eyes and fall in love. And that character seems to have a learning disability. My old boyfriend’s father was a mass murderer called the Dark Archer…but I can’t seem to figure out who this heroine is that has the same exact features as my sister who was missing for 5 years at sea.

    • Its not supposed to be logical, its jealousy and hatred
      He saw that shado loved him, someone he held dear, but in the end she didnt mater to oliver more than someone else.
      Hes aware of the situation ollie was put in by ivo, he just doesnt care.

      • I know Slade is being illogical…but it’s just…I don’t know. It seems like the writers were grasping with that storyline. I just want the best possible product. I still love the Slade/Deathstroke character.

  13. because they are not american.
    sure they have truth and justice, but not the supreme kind we have here.
    america has the moral authority to be the world’s policeman (like superman) because we have earned it, and being quite frank, america is just flat out better than other countries. We are number 1 in most areas where you would want to be number 1.
    Faced with this, superman being the living embodiment of all things american, why would you want someone from another country, from another culture, to be that beacon of hope that is america, when they have grown up in another country, in america’s shadow. sure they have a good idea of american ideals, but they haven’t experienced it first hand, like us americans do.

    • Superman isn’t American. He was born on Krypton. He’s an immigrant. So, if an illegal alien (in every sense of the word) can adopt and stand for the American virtues, then surely a Brit can portray him?

      • but he was brought up as american, your point is null and void.

        • Timothy McVeigh was brought up American. Are you equating Superman to Timothy Mcveigh too? Would he have been a better choice to play Superman?

      • @TheLostWinchester -

        Actually, “Marvel till I Die” would have us ‘mericans putting up a wall in the sky to keep illegal aliens from entering ‘merica’s airspace.

        • Hehe, sounds like it. :D

        • Those Kryptonians keep takin r jerbs

        • Maybe that’s going to be the plot of Batman vs. Superman.

          Affleck is fighting Cavill because he’s not American/Earthian.


  14. Its working again!

  15. Honestly, a lot of people give Zach Snyder crap. But i think a sense of visual style is not nothing. If anything that is what is lacking from movies that turn out to be “just okay.”

    Look at when Frank Miller tried to emulate Rodriguez in “The Spirit.” Its not just something anyone can do.

    And Michael Shannon has got to be one of the most under-appreciated actors of all time.

  16. Wow!
    I’m sorry I even brought it up. :(

    • It was pretty relevant

    • It’s okay Stark. Just don’t bring up Iron Man 3.

      • Oh man, now that your brought up Iron Man 3 I think I’ll change my username to something like “DC till I die” and insult every non European actor. Then when I am done making a complete and utter fool of myself (whil ticking off MARVEL fans) I think I’ll watch the comments about how everyone disagrees with me start to pop up. Oh… wait someone already did that today… guess I’ll have to wait until next week.

        • LOL!

  17. I think I’m just going to boycott all Fox productions From now on because personally I hate them

    • Kudos to you if you can pull it off. They own a lot of stuff.

  18. Avengers is the worst movie ever and Man of steel is a superior film.
    Ignore my above comments or any further ones for I am a sad troll looking for attention.

    • lol my least favorite British actor is Trevor Slattery

  19. Warning! Contains strong language and even stronger patriotism!

  20. Lets play a game! Favorite characters done by favorite directors:
    5) Chris Nolan’s Bond 25
    4) Zack Snyder’s Silver Surfer
    3) Darren Aronofsky’s Wonder Woman
    2) Quentin Tarantino’s Cowboy Bebop
    1) James Cameron’s Akira

    Whedon would have been great on XMEN or Teen Titans and Marc Webb would have made an amazing Flash.

    • that’s an amazing list. I think i would rather see an aronofski silver surfer.

      And i dont think we will ever see it but I always like the idea of a Speilburg Ghost in the Shell.

      oooooo and a Rodriguez “Dark Knight Returns” starring Micky Rourke as Bruce and Bryon Cranston as Gordon

      • Spielberg on Ghost In The Shell! That would be crazy! And now I’ll forever wish Mickey Rourke was BatMan.

        • He would be. Especially an older batman like in Dark Knight Returns.

          Dreamworks was talking a Ghost in the Shell movie for years. The Shamalayan came around with “Last Airbender.” (wah wah waaaahhh) After that all the anime movies on the table (Ghost, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, ect.) got shelved indefinitely.

    • Alfred Hitchcock’s Batman
      Guillermo Del Toro’s Ghostbusters
      Mike Judge’s Wayne’s World
      Edgar Wright’s Indiana Jones
      Wes Craven’s Terminator
      Quentin Tarantino’s Robin Hood

      • Seriously…the greatest mystery movie director covering the World’s Greatest Detective and nobody responds?

        NO response to the others, I understand (because those are flawless picks)…but come on. A Hitchcock Batman flick would have been awesome back in the day.

    • I’m going to use directors and story arcs.

      Martin Scorsese’s Grand Theft Auto
      James Cameron’s Planet Hulk or Lantern Corps
      The Wachowski’s Civil War

      I’d really like to see the House of M story arc done. Not sure who I would want to do that.

      • How about Ghostbusters directed by Rob Zombie? Michael Bay? My neighbor’s dog? ;)

        • Michael Bay I could see.

          Zombie sticks with gore. What could he do in the CBM world?

          • Rob Zombie’s Spawn

          • I was just kidding around with you, LC. I tried to think of the most unlikely directors to helm your favorite movie, “gore-king” Zombie or “shaky cam” Bay. How different GB would be with either of those guys directing.

  21. Martin Scorsese’s Dick Tracy

    • Wachowski Spiderman 2099

      • ZACH SNYDER DRAGONBALL Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The Wachowski’s Dragonball movie would be perfect.

          • I love the Wachowskis but that reminds me too much of ninja assassin. which scares me

        • Yea only Zack Snyder has done anything on that level. The Wachowski’s too back in the day.
          If I ever see Dragon Ball done in the vein of Man of Steel… I can die a happy man.

  22. Watched The Avengers on Netflix last week (HD is good) and I don’t know if this has been discussed before but why did Hulk attack Black Widow?

    As far as I know, Hulk only attacks when provoked/confronted and he is chasing her when she was just avoiding him.

    Even in his “uncontrolled” state, Hulk rarely attacks women.

    • The Hulk rules in that movie don’t make an incredible amount of sense. I guess its just because he is always angry.

    • I agree. One of the biggest parts that makes zero sense. Why did he attack her and fight Thor? And then 30 minutes later has full control…?

      • @LC:

        I don’t mind Hulk fighting Thor because Thor was attacking him (to defend Widow).

        But Widow was just running from him, no provocation (she was actually trying to calm him down initially).

        • It was a downhill battle that shouldn’t have happened if he apparently had control the entire time.

          • The only thing I can think of is Bruce was still mad at Natalie for bringing him to SHIELD in the first place and it was her fault that the “other” guy came out.

            • Oops…I meant “Natasha”.

              ScreenRant needs an Edit feature.

              BigNerd SMASH!!

            • @ BigNerd

              I agree with you; I think he was ticked off at her for bringing him in in the first place. Then she says that she swears on her life that she’ll get him out of this after the explosion from Hawleye’s arrow which made him even more angry. The mind control of Loki’s scepter could be a factor as well.

              @ LC

              I don’t think in “movie time” it was 30 minutes. The time elapsed could have been many hours between his attacking her on the Helicarrier and him showing up in New York. At least Banner apologized to her when he saw her. ;)

              • @BigNerd, LC, and Stark – Hulk wasn’t chasing Black Widow. She just happened to be in the way as he was running to the bathroom. And Hulk fought Thor because he was jealous of his cape.

                Actually, I always thought that he was in control until Loki’s scepter was introduced. He’s holding the scepter and the camera shot shows everything is upside down. I felt as if that was Loki using mind tricks on everyone and Bruce couldn’t quell the beast. Natasha happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or maybe he was angry with her for convincing him to come aboard), so that’s why that chase scene happened. Then, Thor attacked and SHIELD attacked and Hulk’s anger snowballed until he crash landed. Later, when he turned, the scepter wasn’t nearby, so Banner was in control…like Animal in the Muppets.

    • Dogs chase kids who run.

    • It was Loki’s interference. Remember in the lab when the staff starts making everyone argue. It was Banner that absent mindedly clutched it in his hand. Loki Triggered a rage out in the hulk. One that would cloud the delicate moral control that the Hulk has.

    • I took from it that Loki’s staff was heightening his emotions and when he became the Hulk; his rage was uncontrollable, and he was like a caged animal. I think the reason he attacked the Black Widow was simply because she was the reason he was on the ship, and put in that situation.

  23. Son of Batman was pretty good IMO, but not as good as it could have been. My main criticisms are that some of the voice actors (Slade and Ra’s) didn’t quite match their characters and that the writing is trying to cater to too many audiences without winning anyone over. Either go for full on adult content (mature themes and all) or “Saturday Morning”. Otherwise it looks like DCAU is just throwing in gratuitous violence and cleavage in to seem cool and edgy to their adolescent viewers.

  24. I just watched a Disney animated short called ‘Paperman’ it was really cool. I recommend checking it out.

    • I think that won the Oscar for best animated short the year it was released…if it didn’t win, it was at least nominated.

  25. Has ScreenRant not done a review for the last episode of AoS?

    There is a season finale post but I can’t find one for the most recent episode.


    • Hydra is starting to look like their incompetent self again. That’s what I got out of the most recent episode.

    • @BigNerd – this is my theory on the missing review:

      Anthony actually watches the show before writing the review now.

      When his reviews were overly negative and didn’t even seem to cover plot points in the episodes, they were released immediately. Lately, in his opinion, the show’s quality has improved, so he stated on the podcast that he is actually watching it now (I think this was intended as a joke, but I read between the lines ;) ). So now that he watches the show, the reviews take longer to write.

  26. Hey guys,

    Don’t know if anyone has any graphic design experience, but we have a contest going on to redesign our home page. Winner gets paid and you can find the contest here:


    • Vic,

      Very cool idea. I’m not a designer, but if my wife wasn’t a graphic designer, I would do something like this for our company logo. I saw that for $799 you had 18 designers submit 165 logo designs. That’s brilliant. You could easily pay one designer that same amount and not have the exact design you were looking for.

      She would have been interested in the logo contest, but not the homepage one…not her forte. Good luck with your search.