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sr open discussion Open Discussion   April 22, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   April 22, 2013

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  1. Paul Young

    Couple week ago I asked if you were covering the MoS viral, never said thanks for the article link. I had assumed you would post a new article, and didn’t think to check the older one for an update.

    I know screenrant doesn’t cover every show but I guess there will be no review for Defiance? I just assumed (again lol) there would be because of the sci-fi nature of the show.

    • I thought Defiance was ok at best. I’ll probably give it a few more episodes to see if it picks up.

      • It hasn’t won me completely over but I enjoyed it and I love sci-fi. Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad have kinda spoiled me when it comes to quality tv shows.

    • I thought the premier of Defiance was pretty good. I’ll watch a few more episodes before I decide if I’m on board for the rest of the season.

      • That’s what I did for Falling Skies and I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m hoping that Defiance turns out to be a diamond in the rough.

        • Speaking of falling skies did that show get canceled. I’m assuming it did but just not sure.

          • Nah I have never watched the show but I was watching something last night that teased a new season

          • It’s coming back in June.

            • Cool, thanks for the update.

      • That’s weird. When I google “screenrant defiance review” it only brought up interviews and producers thoughts not the review.

        • sounds like you got scroogled…I don’t know what that means, but I heard it on a commercial.

          • Hahah! It’s a marketing campaign by Microsoft against Google about different ways that Google screws you. Some interesting points.

  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts about Reese Whitherspoon gettin arrested with her husband?

    And can someone cry if they’re eyes been stabbed out?

    • I was very surprised about it. I read on TMZ that she pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card. I’m shocked because her husband was driving under the influence and she allowed him to do it. Plus, I didn’t know that she was that type of character who would use her celebrity to get out of trouble. It’s just very surprising and it proves that some celebrities are different than the image they present in the media.

      • @ Jonathan

        I know. For her own sake, She better watch her mouth & how much she had to drink. She would’t wanna end up in hole like celebs who been forgotten because of drugs,etc. careers ruined or getting there.

        • Reese Witherspoon hasnt been forgotten already?
          I cant remember movie with her in it that wasnt made a decade ago.

          • @Cody

            This Means War.
            Walk The Line.

            She is an Oscar Winner, so she has accomplished something.

            • Eh….I dont put oscars on pedestals.

              • Or have a very good memory, apparently.

                • My memory is reserved for movies worth remembering.

            • Felicity Huffman was robbed that year because the Academy felt Walk The Line needed to win something.

    • @ Wally West

      I’m going to have to go with yes they can on that one, provided their tear- ducts are still intact.

      • @ Stark

        Reason i ask is because of what happend to a victim near the end of Wrong Turn 5.

        • That movie was so incredibly stupid. It´s basicly the same film as Wrong Turn 1, all they did was changing the location.

          • @ Scapegoat

            Yea, but i thought it was better than the 4th film. 4th film still the worst imo. Doug Bradley couldn’t save the film but was decent enough for his role.

        • @ Wally West

          I’m glad you said that, I feel better now. :)

          • @ Stark

            If you haven’t seen it, the surviving girl gets the worst fate than any victim in the series imo,lol.

  3. Rise of the Guardians spoilers ahead!

    The family and I watched ROTG this weekend and enjoyed it. I found its message spiritual: Jack wonders who he is, where he came from, and what his “center”/purpose is in life. He acknowledges that the moon/God is a higher power, and Jack questions him, hoping for immediate answers. Not receiving answers, Jack has to find out for himself. Then Jack talks with Pitch/the Devil, who tempts Jack to join up with him for power and glory. Jack realizes Pitch is wrong, and he helps the other guardians fight against Pitch. The guardians have hope in making things right in the world versus the fear that Pitch wants to instill in everyone. Even without the spiritual angle, I enjoyed the movie much better than I thought I would.

    • The heart was in Jack and Jack alone. Everyone else felt completely off, espescially the sword-wielding Russian Santa. Nothing about him came across as a justifying representation

    • I quite enjoyed RotG and found it a warm and heartfelt film as well.

    • The only thing I didnt like was that it felt rushed and some of the dialogue cheesy.

  4. I watched Savages over the weekend. That was a waste of time. What a mess that was.

    • I caught it a few weeks ago and thought the same thing. Kitsch was good in his role, as was Demián Bichir, but overall it was a wasted effort.

      • oh yeah I remember seeing that movie a day before cause I had to Quality Check it at my theater and man it was terrible

    • I haven´t read that, but there will be at least one more Iron Man solo film with Downey. For me, there is no doubt about it.

    • Depends on how people react to the big twist and little twist in the movie. RDJ may come back but I don’t think Marvel Studios will hire Black again.

  5. So after explaining to my wife about Into Darkness. I have surmised.

    The Massive ship, John Harrison, his ability, and yadda yadda yadda.

    They are not from the future. The Technology is.

    Star Trek 2009. Nero was in the 23rd Century for 25 years. He was captured by the Klingons and was put on a prison planet.

    I surmise that Starfleet sent in John Harrison to retrieve any information on the Narada.

    I go back to this “James T. Kirk was considered to be a great man. He went on to captain the U.S.S. Enterprise… but that was another life. A life I will deprive you of just like I did your father!”

    It would be known, that the Narada being a Romulan ship, even if mininig she would still have historical records of Starfleet from 129 years. Which would put them in the next generation time line. It is quite possible that John Harrison has complete history and tactical knowledge of every ship and Starfleets Greatest Captain. He would have codes for every ship in Starfleet History, their strengths and weaknesses. He would have a complete profile of James T Kirk, all his battles, his solutions, his skills and what he personally hold dear to him. He would have knowledge of Both Genesis and Khan. He knows Kirks every move, his tendency and his ability to covercome. Harrison takes away the element of surprise with his ship against the Enterprise, reason the ship warps in close to the enterprise, and attacks, he knows getting the ultimate hand on Kirk is key to defeating him.

    The ship is easy to explain. They had 25 years of The Narada existence in their time. They had ample time to build a ship and use it against their enemies. They have 129 years of History of Starfleet, they know what they will be going up against in the future, so they prepared themselves with this one ship.

    Simply put, they reversed engineered the ship from their knowledge obstain, hence the reason Harrison attacks the Klingons.

    • And I thought my dreams were weird…

      • Ha, that came to me during a bowel movement.

        • Same here, in a sense, since that is where I read this…

        • That would do it. 😀

    • Has your wife filed for divorce yet? 😀

      • She said “Wait, you are in the bathroom thinking about Star Trek?”

        “I seriously need to rethink this whole marriage thing.”

        “I cannot blame anyone, I saw the signs of dorkism. But I was blind and ignored it.”

        Then she proceeded to bang her head on the door.

        Strange huh.

  6. The other day, I watched Mama. Started off good (a couple of great shock moments), but then it became lame. That´s were I started nodding off.
    And yesterday, my brother´s girlfriend made us watch A Haunted House. With a name like that, I thought it might be a cool Poltergeist-like movie, but it turned out to be a crappy comedy which isn´t funny at all (except for one or two gags), bad (over-)acting, more “N-bombs” than Sheldon Cooper could count and overall bad. I´ll never let a film fool me with it´s title. And I´ll never watch a movie again, that my brother´s girlfriend suggests.

    • Isn’t A Haunted House the Wayans Brothers trying to do a new Scary Movie franchise?

  7. Whats the best use of a licensed song in a movie/tv show?

    • I thought “Nights In White Satin” was used really well in “Dark Shadows”, a film that I did enjoy unlike many others.

      Not the best I should say, but that really seemed to set the tone perfectly

      • I agree about that setting the tone. Another song that sets the tone of the film is Sweet Emotion from Dazed and Confused.

    • sound of silence. Watchmen

    • I think Kill Bill has some of the best use of licensed songs in it.

    • ^ Tarantino is a master at incorporating songs into his movies.

      I have to say though, every time I watch The Avengers and Iron Man makes his entrance with ‘Shoot To Thrill’ blasting on the comms, it makes me squeal like a little piggy.

      • Any movie that uses Sabotage by the Beastie Boys

        • I was surprised to hear that one in, of all movies, the 2009 Star Trek. It worked, though.

      • Ahhh yes, I’m the same! I still remember how excited I was when I first heard Shoot to Thrill in the Avengers. That and Black Sabbath’s Iron Man are perfect for the character. There are some songs that just seem to perfectly fit certain characters.

        • The scene in IM1 when Tony says “I am Iron Man” and Black Sabbath’s Iron Man starts playing is one of my favorite movie moments of all time. In fact, it’s actually one of THE most defining moments in life (it was the moment I realized I absolutely loved all things “movie”)

          The only reasons I didn’t mention it is because I wasn’t sure instrumental version of songs count…

          • Haha oh that gets me all giddy just thinking about that scene, it ended the film on such a high note! I think that does count as it was still licensed song, despite being instrumental.

    • The Carpenters “Close to You” in There is Something About Mary. I cannot pee while looking out a window without that song popping in my head. (and I make sure to zip up very carefully afterwards as well)

  8. The dreaded question that will be asked over and over, again and again. “Who would win Star Trek or Star Wars?” I am a fan of both but I think Star Wars would win.

    • This is one for Jeff W to answer again. And end it as usual.

    • I give advantage to Star Wars on ground warfare, and Star Trek advantage in space combat. Star Wars is famous for their bret space weapons/ships having unlikely and easy to get to weak points lol

      • That was my thoughts too. I then remembered how Star Killer (Darth’s secret apprentice) brought down a Star Destroyer with nothing but the force. If Star Killer was able to bring down this ship then he is more than capable of taking down at least a Klingon War Bird. Now if this is true then all Jedi (who have at least some grasp of the force) are then able to at least cause more damage then they are given credit for.

        • Soon as my comment passes moderation, you will see the solution. Star Trek has more than a couple of beings that could wipe out an entire race with a mere thought.

          Charlie X Comes to mind.

          Starfleet would employ the use of Betazoids to read the minds of any Force powered beings. They would get into the minds of the clone troopers, this not reading their thoughts, it is reading, erasing and cleaning their minds entirely.

          The force, lets look at that. Star Killer did bring down a Star Destroyer, but by the same time, he was also being attacked by Tie Fighters and could not engage both at the same time. A Starfleet ship with a betazoid aboard would easily focus their entire and more accurate firepower on anyone like Starkiller. As powerful as Starkiller was, he was killed, and he can die. Force Powered beings cannot attack everyone attacking them at the same time. Now a ship with Vulcans and Betazoids on board have enough mental capacity to block even the most powerful Jedi or Sith. You also have to find out who has the Force in them, not all forced powered people know they have the force, and it takes years of training, where it does not take years of training for Starfleet to get their enlisted and grunts. On the ground.

          Let looks at the Force. Darth Vader was one of the most powerful force powered being. If he was as truly possible as people said he was. The Falcon would never have gotten off Hoth as Vader would use the force to pull it to the ground. Now we know Starkiller bought down a star destroyer, so it would stand to reason Vader could easily stop the Falcon from getting off the ground. He didnt, so the force leaves a bit to be determined in its use.

    • All I have to say is if this battle was to actually exist, the universes would have to Co exist. Which means “the force” could be used and controlled by anyone, including people of the Star Trek lore now. Or… It wouldn’t exist at all. It depends on who is invading and who has homefront advantage.

      • True. However they would have to be born with Midiclorians. In order for the Star Trek people to have Midiclorians they would have to have been born from a Star Wars person. Assuming that McCoy found some way around this and injected everyone with Midiclorians then they still wouldn’t be able to use the force. The reason being that it took the Jedi hundreds of years before they finally knew how to handle the force. Star Trek people would have to train their whole life before being able to use the force. Luke was an exception because he was born from the “chosen” one.

    • Lets throw out the force. Because if you bring in Force, Star Trek brings in Q and the Talosians. There are numerous races in the Star Trek Universe who have mental abilities.

      Ground Warfare for Empire is not as cut and dry and people think. They reference clones. Clones have the same thought process as the original, therefore though they act interdependently, they would still be prone to the same faults as the original. So defeat one, you defeat them all. Now lets look at the technical aspects of Star Wars vs Star Trek,

      Star Wars ships
      Their shield generators are on top of their command towers.
      They use Laser vs Phasers.
      Their ships are massive and not maneuverable.
      Thier Fighters have no shields. So even a micro meteor can disable them, so they cannot go too fast in space.
      They have to dump their trash before they make the jump to hyperspace, and must plot a course that will not take them into the path of an asteroid field or any other celestial body.
      They do not have the sensor capability to detect the added mass of the Falcon clamped to their command tower.
      They cannot properly coordinate their arrival into the Hoth System without one of their ships getting in to close.
      The Super Star Destroyer the largest capital ship was defeated by an A-Wing fighter crashing the command tower. Which means they do not have a back up command center.
      They cannot use their tractor beams effectively to capture a ship moving at sub light speed.
      Their ships can be disabled with a couple of shots from a ground base Ion Cannon, which leads me to believe they cannot detect heavy weapons planet side.
      Their advanced ground forces were bought down by a handful of rebels and a primative species using logs, rocks and ropes.
      Their two most powerful weapons. Their super weapon is on one side. With a limited firing range of directly in front, with a high recharge rate.
      Each Station had vulnerabilities that allowed a pilot to fly close enough to launch a torpedo into it. Without the aid of guidance system.
      Their second one needed the defense of a planet side shield system that a bunch of primatives and handful of rebels took down.

      Now if you put Star Wars against Star Trek against each other based on ground forces.

      Storm Troopers vs Starfleet, Klingons, Romulan, Jem’Hadar, Andorians, Vulcans, Orions, Gorns, Borg, Species 8872,Nausicans and about 150 other races. So the Empire with its ground forces would be wasted in days because they would get attack by more violent races.

      Now lets look at logistics of a ground war. Empire would require their troops to be fed, which means ships need to get in. Star Trek, all races can have supplies beamed down into the field of battle.You cut off the enemies supply line, jam their communications. You quickly tired the enemy out while you are constantly being given supplies by your member worlds.

      Now if you eliminate the enemies of Star Fleet, you still have a formidable fighting force. With Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, Orions and Vulcans and of course federation.

      Say you use the force, force is only as good as what it goes up against. There is no proof that anyone one force powered person can stop attacks from multiple fronts.

      Now lets look at one Starship vs one star destroyer.
      Starfleet ships have phasers that fire on a multi vector targeting system, as i mentioned, TIE Fighters have no shields and an entire complement would be defeated in less than a minute.

      Even if Star Trek took the fight to the Star Wars Universe, they would still have the technology to scan all planets with in a star system, they would easily be able to find the weakness in the empires ships.

      They would be able to send one torpedo into either death star with relative ease.

      I like both Star Wars and Star Trek, but from being a Captain in the United States Coastguard, and also trained in Naval Warfare tactics. The slow immense size of the Empire Capital ships would be a a severe disadvantage to the smaller yet more powerful federation ships.

      • A wonderful analysis based on real world data. Great post, Jeff.
        Personally, I always thought Star Trek would have the edge.
        Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning.

      • @ Jeff W

        I see… Some of your points are valid. I will point out some mistakes with both sides though.

        1. Wesley Crusher took over the Enterprise while they were all intoxicated. Wesley Crusher alone was embarrassing to have on the bridge let alone actually take control.

        2. Star Destroyers don’t have to dump their junk before they jump. Han even said it was “procedure” so they don’t technically have to, but they do it anyway.

        3. Star Wars ships may very well have shields. They just don’t have to say “shields up” and wait for their ship’s shields to go down every time.

        4. The Empire’s mistake was stupid and even Vader himself admitted that. The Admiral Ozzel made the wrong calculations and assumed they could get closer to the Hoth system.

        5. The Enterprise has also been known to shoot it’s own reflection in one episode. They mistook it for another ship.

        6. I am not saying that only Storm Troopers would fight. I am including Sith, Jedi, Clones, droids, bounty hunters and the entire Star Wars galaxy vs the Star Trek universe.

        7. You also assume that Vulcans have the capacity to negate the Force. This is wrong because the force revolves around emotions and feelings. The Vulcans are limited to just Logic. The same can apply for the Borg. If you take out the Queen you win. The Jedi could slip in unnoticed and defeat her because the Force allows them to pass through invisible.

        8. You stated in a post that Star Fleet will target anyone with abilities such as Star Killer’s. There would be too many to target all at once. The Jedi and the Sith are more than capable of taking down ships.

        9. Data was able to walk through the Enterprise unscathed when he was summoned by his creator. Worf kept walking into invisible barriers. It would be easy for a droid such as IG-88 to do the same and control the bridge.

        • @Writer. Your Kung Fu is strong. Nice Retort.

          1. Wesley Crusher may have taken over the Enterprise. Luke and Company would be FUBAR without R2-D2

          2 Star Destroyers do have Shields, but they are highly vulnerable to attack. The ship allowed an A Wing fighter to penetrate. Enterprise always has shields active, the navigational deflector and Shields. One ION Blast was enough to disable a Star Destroyer.

          3 All Good Ships…have been known to do stupid thing.
          4. Star Destroyers also have another flaw. Their Solar Ionization Reactor is vulnerable to attack. It is the Bulb at the bottom of the Star Destroyer. The fact that the Star Destroyer is a bit of strange ship as its primary reactor is based on Solar Ionization to power it. The reactor is more of a battery as Solar Power is required to power it. Which means it needs to be charged a Solar Collector facility which would leave it vulnerable during a prolong attack.

          Some people pull out Hyper-Matter and put it on par or greater than Matter/Anti Matter. But it is not Canon, it was made due to the fact, the Star Destroyer needed Solar Energy collected to refuel the reactor.

          The entire Sith/Jedi collective is not enough to attack over 75,000 Ships. The Force is Strong, but not in all. There are various level of the Force, and with that each and every individual has set. There are not a lot of Super Power Jedi or Sith. That along cannot be denied or argued.

          you said it. The Force revolve around Emotion and Feelings, which the Vulcans do not have. Sith/Jedi have a tendency to either get over confident or they seem to lose all control. Vulcan combined with Betazoids would arguably get into the minds of Jedi and Sith.

          Going up against the Entire Universes. The Q are not even the most powerful race, and they can build and destroy entire universes. They however have no defense against the Organians who are pure energy and thought. Which means they have no bodies to kill, or get weak. They are of the Universe. The sith gets their power from the universe and all that binds it. So…That could prove a problem for the Force. The Organians, Talosians and Q are the only Races that have come back from the dead, the force to quote Yoda “Force is strong, but not that strong.”

          So, even the Force has to give way to absolute power.

          • Wow… Well I guess there is only one thing to do… I am assuming we are going by the Next Generation standards seeing as how the series is more developed than the others. The year of the Next generation is (in season seven) 2370. However Star Wars takes place along time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Now we are in a debate over whether Star Trek or Star Wars would win in a fight. We didn’t exactly specify when exactly did we? Now given what I just said, we have to logically suspect that the Star Wars universe has grown and “evolved.”

            Although we don’t know exactly how long ago this was we also have to guess that this means before 1977 because it was long ago back then. According to my calculator this means the Star Wars universe has evolved for 393 years or more.

            Considering all of this we know that things have improved tremendously because of Human nature (because humans were present in the Star Wars universe) which means new ships, shields, droids, cloning abilities have been altered and improved. Since we don’t know about this time era though we can’t come to a conclusion. Although if Star Wars was rivaling Star Trek then imagine what it can do now?

            • Yeah, I guess we did not establish which timeline. I thought we were going in the Universe against Universe.

              TOS Would put up a fight against the Empire, but do not have the ships to go toe to toe. That is a given.

              TOS Enterprise Refit onward would give more of a fight.

              It is when you bring in Excalibur Class ships into the fray is when the battle seems more even.

              TNG The ships are far more than capable of taking on the Empire.

              I have to be fair.

            • Now here is a twist.

              Star Wars vs the reimagined Battlestar Galatica and its ships. Could pose a problem for the Empire. As their technology pretty much would be evenly matched across the board with neither technology given any advantage.

              Same Weapons and Same Drive systems.
              Same Limitations on Fighters.
              Same Military Type Training.

              Plus Galatica and her sister ships match up size for size with Star Destroyers.

              Now that would be more of a battle.

              • What about Star Wars vs. Sg-1 (with the Daedalus Class ships)? SG-1 may have shields and Asgard weapons but they only have a few ships.

          • Where do you assume that Vulcans have no emotions? They have them, they just suppress them.

            • Vulcans will not let emotions of feelings get in the way. That is how I should have phrased it.

        • 1. Picard didn’t want Wesley on the bridge either, but the Traveler told him that Wesley was special (like Mozart). Wesley may have been annoying but there’s no doubt he was a mega-genius.

          3. The captain doesn’t have to say “Shields up”, he can just say “Red Alert” and the shields will automatically come up

          5. Are you sure that was the Enterprise and not Voyager?

          6. Jeff W handles this quite well with the Borg, Jem’Hadar, Romulans, Klingons, etc…

          7. Who said the Queen would be in the battle? Also, the Borg are known to adapt. Also, you keep bringing up the Force; do I need to bring up the Q, Dowd, Metrons, Organians, etc…?

          8. In the movies, the Jedi were unable to penetrate the shields of those droids (and they didn’t even try the Force on them). Starfleet shields are a lot more powerful

          9. Data is Commander rank, which means he has all the security codes (including the captain’s security code). A Star Wars droid would not have these codes

          • Yes, I do agree with some of your statements but there are some that I would like to present an argument to or ask a question about if you don’t mind.

            1. Regarding my statements made on Wesley Crusher, I was trying to say that if a mere boy can take over than it should be pretty simple for a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Droid, Clone or whatever.

            3. I was regarding to the fact that the captain even has to say “shields up!” or “Red alert!” Why make it so hard when they could have it like Star Wars where they don’t even have to say it. The Star Wars shields are quicker because they don’t even have to clarify what and when they are supposed to be up.

            5. I am sure it was the Enterprise but I am unsure of what episode. I know it may have been the original Star Trek or the Next Generation though.

            7. I was talking about the Borg’s cube ship thing. We are assuming that the Star Trek people would have the capability of using the force but we are not considering the technology that could be stolen from both sides. If the Jedi have a transporter then it is possible that they could transport into the Borg ship and eliminate the Queen before they “adapt.” Even if the Borg did adapt the Force has multiple different abilities that could be used in the situation.

            8. What specific droid ship were you referring to? I mean what movie if you know?

            9. If Data was immobilized, IG-88 would be able to steal the information needed to control the ship. If the two universes were working with their own enemies then the Jedi would work along side IG-88 in immobilizing Data.

            Also I am not familiar with all of Star Trek so if you don’t mind go ahead and bring up Q, Dowd, Metrons, etc…

            • 1. Wesley is a boy, yes, but he has studied starships and know them well

              3. Wait a second, don’t they still have to hit a button or something to bring up shields in Star Wars?

              7. The Queen is not always on a Borg ship. In Best of Both Worlds, the cube ship was destroyed and it didn’t have a Queen onboard

              8. They weren’t ships, they were droid soldiers in Episodes 1 and 3. They could fire at an enemy and have shields to protect themselves. If I remember correctly, the Jedi were able to escape but not destroy them

              9. If Data was immobilized, you would need access codes to get the information from his positronic brain

              Dude, if I can use the Q, Organians, Metrons, etc…., the game is truly over; I wouldn’t need Starfleet 😀

              All of those guys (Q, Dowd, Nageleb, etc….) can just think something and it happens. The Jedi, nor the Sith, wouldn’t stand a chance. Just by thinking, their powers would be gone (and Q would probably turn them into Ewoks or something :-) )

              • You forget that the force is what “penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.” Thus meaning that the abilities of the force are not limited. The Force could very well protect the Galaxy, or bring upon it’s downfall.

                3. Some ships have to press a button but some don’t in the Star Wars universe. I guess it depends on the model.

                8. Now I know what you are talking about. Yes the Jedi did not destroy them but why would they? wouldn’t it be easier to just run onto another ship and escape? If the Jedi had destroyed them then they would just have to fight more and more.

                9. I was under the impression that all you needed from Data was the chip in the back of his head. When do they need passwords? Even if their were passwords the Bounty Hunters could simply kidnap any core member of the bridge and question them.

                If Q and the other beings are so powerful what has stopped them from destroying Star Fleet? Plus their powers are only capable in their universe we don’t know if beings with such power could work in another realm of existence.

                • But the Mid-whatsits are particles, right? Thus, they can be adversely affected, even eliminated.

                  9. Data is very sophisticated; even the Borg Queen could not retrieve the codes from his matrix

                  The Q could have easily destroyed the Federation, and brought them back, but Q likes to toy with races. The other cosmic races are benevolent. Also, how do you know Midi-somethings would work in the Trek realm?

                  • The Midiclorians are not particles. They are in a Star Wars person’s blood. Even someone who cannot use the force has Midiclorians but they don’t have enough to control the force.

                    Alright I will leave Data alone for now but the captain’s thoughts can be read by Jedi. Therefore they would have access to his mind which would lead to the knowledge of the passwords.

                    It sounds like the Q and other races wouldn’t really play a contributing factor in this debate, assuming of course that they don’t care about petty things.

      • That’s Species 8472. I won’t let Kahless know you made a mistake. 😛

        • What I get for cutting back on the BLOOD WINE!

    • Ignoring the prequels, “Star Wars” for sure. “Star Trek” does not have the Millennium Falcon, which everyone knows is the coolest ship in sci-fi ever!!!!

      The Millennium Falcon is like the Fonz. It’s too damn cool and the Trekkies know it’s true deep down in their Vulcan hearts. However much they may argue that Starfleet ships are far superior; they’re right, but no one cares. They haven’t got the cool factor and they know it.

      (^-^) *Awaits barrage of abuse and reasons why I’m wrong. Don’t care, can’t argue with truth.*

      • When it is not being repaired or broken down.

        • That just makes it cooler!!! It’s like a classic car.

      • When debating Star Wars vs Star Trek.

        Trek Beats Wars hands down in the technological department. I prefer the fight minus the Q and the Force and put it ship vs ship and man vs man.

        Those who argue and insult others over one greater than the other, well…They are arrogant to the point I walk away.

        I respect Writer and his views on Star Wars, and I would think likewise from him to me.

        • @ Jeff W

          Forgive me but are assuming I that I do not respect your opinion, or are you refereeing to motoko? I didn’t insult you at all and I am unsure of what you are saying. I apologize if you felt that way but anyone can read my posts and know that I didn’t yell, insult or even attack your view. I am open to anyone saying they think Star Trek would beat Star Wars, I just want to know why they think so. I don’t think one is better than the other I just like debating over the subject.

          The reason I include the Force and Q is because they are both part of the universes. The Force is one of the main and essential parts of the Star Wars stories. Q in the same way effects Star Trek. Although Q is not in all the episodes he should be included, otherwise you are only debating part of the universes and not all. If we were basing the universes on only one matter and that one matter is simply technology then yes, Star Trek would win. On the other hand if we allowed all things into the battle then Star Wars would win because they can use supernatural things while Star Trek is limited to the scientifically possible outcomes.

          • @Writer.

            No my friend, I know you respect my opinion, I just stated in an Old English way.

          • See, I am more into the technical aspects of both, I have read books on the technical aspects. Based on what I read about Both, Star Wars the size of their ships and the expenditures of energy is not battle worthy for extended periods of time.

          • I like both, I have all movies.

            I just know both have mystic beings. I just think when you start making omnipotent aliens, you throw off the group dynamic.

            • Yep, and there’s one other being in Trek that would probably even beat a Q: Nageleb. Nageleb was the god of his own universe.

            • Okay I just wanted to be sure that you knew I did not attack you or your view. I actually admire the technicality you have about it. I am more into the “omnipotent beings” than I am really into the techno aspect of the films.

              • @Writer

                Please, you did not offend me, like you, I like both of them, I think The Empire should really open a R and D Department.

              • @Writer

                One of the things we use to debate in The Coast Guard when training with US Navy.

                Which fleet is better and why. Then we go over Naval battles using each fleet as opposing forces.

                Why I am more in the technical side.

                • @ Jeff W

                  My father was a preacher. He and I used to get into theological debates when I was 6 and even today. I suppose that is why I lean more towards the force and omnipotent beings.

                  • My Maternal Grandfather was a Preacher in the Baptist church, he was one of the biggest Star Wars fans and he also admire the theological aspects of Star Wars.

                  • I remember having a discussion with someone about Trek being atheistic but I always bring up the episode Who Mourns for Adonis; in that episode, Kirk said, “We have no need for gods. We find the One sufficient”. Also, in Bread and Circuses, the rebels of the planet were always talking about worshiping the sun, and the landing party thought they were sun worshipers but Uhura corrected them and told them it was the Son of God they worshiped.

                    Now TNG and beyond, I would say those guys are more agnostic.

          • Hey, I ain’t attacking or insulting anybody. Do you really think my argument is supposed to be serious? English sense of humour I guess. Still, my argument is foolproof. It’s so much the opposite of a good argument that it cannot be proved wrong. (It’s like the cool wall on Top Gear).

            Besides, the Falcon and the Enterprise parked up by the beach. You know the Falcon is gonna have all the chicks hanging out of it’s loading bay. (^-^)

            And I apopogise for using the word “chicks”. *Hangs head in shame*

            • @Motoko

              Wasnt you, it was a clarification between me and Writer that is all.

              Now stop holding your head down, you will bump into something. :)

              • Like that Stormtrooper in the background that bumped his head on that door and made the movie cut! (^-^)

      • No, but Trek does have the Delta Flyer. The DF actually surpassed warp 10.

  9. I want to know what everyone’s thoughts are on the BIG TWIST in Iron Man 3? Don’t mention spoilers I just wanna know some reactions!

    • Not a fan. Unless someone tells me the it’s frickin fantastic film i’m gonna wait for it to come on Netflix, cable or HBO/Showtime/Starz/Cinemax.

    • Did I miss something? Big twist?

      • There is a big twist within the film that have cause fans to go in an uproar. I have found the twist online but I won’t reveal it. I will say that I can see why fans are made.

    • I am not a die hard marvel comic guy so it doesn’t affect me that much. I think its a pretty unnecessary twist that’s for sure but It doesn’t infuriate me like it mite with everyone else

      • I’m not a die-hard Marvel man myself, but I will say I already feel cheated. And I completely understand Marvel fans being furious. If that twist were done to Batman I would find the director myself and punch him in the face.

    • I had it spoiled for me the other. I wish I didn’t know about it :(

      • Edit: *other day

        • what did you think about it boogoo?

          • I’m not very knowledgeable on comic books so it doesn’t bother me. I can see it bothering hardcore comic book fans however.

  10. I wonder if theres gonna be another Predator film.

  11. So since injustice has been out for a week now what does every think about it? Favorite character? Not favorite characters?

    I think for the most part the game is balanced enough. I’m a fighter game gamer but from what I’ve read and how I’m doing it seems well rounded. Favorite character is nightwing well he’s my main for now. Love that staff! An his new 52 look is awesome!! Do not like playing against sinestro lantern and deathstroke people just camp on one side of the screen and throw/fire things isn’t fun but all in all I’m having a lot of fun with it. Story mode was actually awesome!

    Here’s hoping for a man of steel skin! Haha

    • +1 for Nightwing. The fact that you can switch his New 52 skin back to the classic blue makes me extremely happy 😀

      I can honestly say my least favorite character is probably either Doomsday or Green Lanter

      • *Lantern

    • *not a fighter game gamer

  12. Sorry to double post but did anyone get their arrow skin yet for injusticet? I voted and am yet to get it?

    • Apparently, it turns out you had to be one of the first 5,000 to have voted.

      Which sucks :(

      • ACW 007

        Does it matter that I clicked the option for the skin after the voted??

        And was it first 5000 in each round or all together do you know?

  13. I noticed something June 14th the premier of Man of Steel is also Flag Day. So on the day we celebrate the Red,White an Blue. We can watch A movie about our favorate fictional hero in Blue,Red and Gold.

    • That just happens to be my bday, I’ll be celebrating it by watching man of steel 😀

      • Awesome way to spend your birthday!

    • Secret twist: Superman is Romanian!

  14. I rented the Anthony Hopkins film Hitchcock the other day. Not a bad movie, worth the rental price, but it got me interested in the actual films. Some of the blu-ray versions are amazing. For me, it’s the classic Hollywood films that are worth watching in HD. A few of the Hitchcock films were some of the first to be shot in 3D too.

    • Start with Notorious (1946) the Blu-ray.
      I saw it on the big screen in a revival
      and the Blu-ray reminded me of that.

      Everyone thinks of Hitchcock as the director
      of thrillers but the man was also truly one
      romantic and Notorious combines both.

      • Thanks for the recommendation. I picked up a collection of 14 Hitchcock films on Blu-Ray and that is one of them. Oddly enough, Dial ‘M’ For Murder, Strangers on a Train & To Catch A Thief were not included however.

        • You do have to wonder what criteria they
          use putting together some collections.
          Glaring omissions are all too common.

          Notorious may be my favorite Hitchcock film.
          It is a masterpiece of which he has several.

          Ingrid Bergman called Alfred the “immaculate
          director” which is my favorite description of him.

          • A master of storytelling and cinema, yet he never won an Oscar. Says something about the smarts of Hollywood.

            • Doesn’t it. Cary Grant was his best leading man, one of the
              greatest of all actors ever and he never won an Oscar either.

              • At least they’ve made up for it by ‘awarding’ Anne Hathaway. 😐

                • Now. That. Is. Funny. :)

  15. I saw “Evil Dead” over the weekend…

    Never in my life has a horror movie made me cringe, jump, or make me want to leave the room. And I’ve seen pretty much all there is to see.

    I’m not exactly sure how I can describe what this movie…is. The horror factor is incredibly well done, it actually kept me from paying attention to some moments of terrible acting.

    I didn’t leave the theater frightened, but it kind of had me really jittery once it was all over. I jumped about 6 times and cringed at some moments I thought were going to be implied only to actually see what actually happened in a nerve-racking conversation down in a basement

    • Its a horror movie thats unashamed to be one, played straight, doesnt waste time and is well executed.
      The only thing I feel is that a few of the actors couldve shown as much shock as mia did.

  16. you know what wasnt bad, oblivion, it was actually a pretty good movie, it had really good twists and turns and alot of things i didnt see coming, i recommend it.

    • I watched it on Saturday. I really liked it. I didn’t see the big twist coming either. Would have been awesome to see the battle for earth.

  17. Iron man 3 is having some problems with the controversy of the twist and now both AMC and Regal theaters have stopped selling pre-sale tickets because a lack of an agreement with disney

  18. Why are there so many “breaks” in between shows lately?
    Arrow, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother… there’s hardly two new episodes before the shows take a 3 week break!

    • How I met your mother was because March Madness, but I feel they just try to stretch it out as much as possible I don’t know why.

      • How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows of all time, but CBS is really screwing themselves in these long breaks. The two episodes before the March Madness break were at about 10 million viewers while the last two have been around 6.5 million viewers. You can’t keep continuously making long breaks, because viewership will drop like a mofo. BTW – No surprise but there is no new HIMYM this week. Next week starts three consecutive weeks to end it.

      • Average of 22-24 episodes for a season. There are some rules you do not know about.

        ABC, CBS and NBC have Cable Stations in their markets that debut during the end of the first quarter into the second quarter. They show original programming and with that, they do not want to have their debuting shows compete with the Network shows. So they “Repeat it”

        May, usually the last month for the network shows, and with sweeps week, season finales and such. March is March Madness month. April is Baseball Month, if you watch the schedule for certain shows in certain markets they are repeats due to baseball.

        It is “A Make you want it to come back on ploy.” You know it will come on, but you want to know what is going to happen. So you tune in, because at this time the shows on cable are into their 4th or 5th episode.

        Spring Break, Most kids are home from college, and families go out to dinner or movies. Why May is both TV Finale month and the start of the Movie Summer, Movies now have less new shows keeping people home, and they can attract more people during repeat.

        So, you have 52 weeks in a year and 22-24 shows, which makes it less than half a year of orignal you will get 6 New..4 Repeat..5 New…4 Repeats..3 New..2 Repeats and then the Final 4-6 shows. Then rinse and repeat the season for the next 22 weeks..September you have caught up on the season fiales and then the season premieres.

        You account for the following in the first 12 weeks of the Season, NFL, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Winter Time is when you get mostly new shows. When Spring and daylights saving time, people are stir crazy from the summer, so they go for walks, or get out.

        But, there are many factors that go into a television season, past what we think we know, or what we see.

    • I noticed that too and was wondering what’s going on.

    • In previous years they seem to have taken a break during the Christmas & New Year’s holidays, returning in mid-to-late January. This year they started up around the first week.

      • I know shows tend to have a mid-season break, but what’s happening recently is just ridiculous: 2 episodes -> break; 3 episodes -> break; 2 episodes -> break; 4 episodes -> long break….
        It’s throwing off my entire viewing schedule!

        … and yes, I have a viewing schedule! 😉

        • Hahah! I just record everything and watch at my leisure.

        • I tend to let episodes stack up on Hulu and then watch several at a time.

          • same here. I have the problem of Hulu Plus saying that a title is about to removed after so many weeks, so then I burn through 4 or 5 episodes of a show. I’m finally caught up on Arrow.

            • No Hulu in Africa (unless you count a hyped up Zulu as a Hulu… in which case: whuh?)

              The thing is, I have no patience! With my favorite shows, I download them as soon as they’re available, and then watch them as soon as I have the time.

              • Understandable. I have shows like that. Community, Go On, Supernatural, Fringe when it was on…I watch them right away the next day on Hulu.

                • My only gripe with Hulu-type services is that CBS refuses to recognize the market for online streaming. I’ve watched Elementary via Apple but now they’re dedicated solely to Apple and no other devices.

                  I’ve often been surprised by how much better a series becomes when I wait to watch several episodes together. Especially shows featuring a complex, season-long arc. ’24’ was 10x better than it was when watching week-to-week.

                  • Yeah, I’ve yet to figure out CBS. Basically, I cut their shows out of my rotation. I used to watch Hawaii Five-O, Person of Interest, and How I Met Your Mother…but after I cut the cord, I no longer get to see those. And I’ll never know if Elementary would be something I’d enjoy…d#mn you CBS!

                    I agree about watching episodes together. 24 was a show that I could not wait for each week (well, the first few seasons). The Non-stop season worked well for it.

                    • Elementary has been a nice departure from all the CSI’s and other procedurals that have grown stale and/or bloated from all their time on the air. It’s also given me the opportunity to view Lucy Liu’s work in a whole new manner. I never cared for her much before but I’ve grown to appreciate her thanks to this series.

                      I’ve often thought 24 should have ended with season 4 and that great shot of Jack walking into the sunset after faking his own death.

  19. From the last Open Discussion:

    What movie do you believe will make the most money this year? I believe it will be between these 3:

    Man of Steel
    Iron Man 3
    The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

    Reply from WallyWest

    Hard to tell Kahless imo because theres the Hunger Games sequel too.

    I don’t know. The first HG was pretty good but I didn’t feel it was great; and that shaky-cam really was annoying.

    • I don’t know, there are sequels to the Smurfs and Grown Ups too.

      I think that Man of Steel, Hunger Games, Hobbit, and Iron Man all should look out for Despicable Me 2…and Star Trek.

      • I wanted to put Trek on my list but I don’t think it will stand a chance against the other juggernauts; I’m sure it will do extremely well, but not as well as the others.

        • Some people may be leery of Iron Man after Iron Man 2 but it has Avengers steam pushing it forward…Man of Steel is kicking off a new franchise (and people may think about Superman Returns) but it does have the Nolan name attached, so factor that in. Star Trek is a sequel that has built up four years of anticipation and allowed more and more people a chance to view the 2009 film. It is using the old school model of sequels by releasing it years later. I think that may benefit it’s ticket sales.

          And don’t forget Despicable Me 2…I’ve seen the theater when the minions sang the Beach Boys song, and kids love it. And it has built up a following using home viewing to recruit new viewers. I know my daughter watched the original recently because she thought the minions trailer was funny. Kids and their parents purchasing tickets plus 3D prices equals BOX OFFICE GOLD!

          Out of all of these, I think Star Trek will pull off the upset. But, I know all of them (except the Hunger Games) will be getting my money.

  20. Blast me if you must, but I like what Amazon Studios is doing. Allowing viewers to watch pilots that interest them and then go on-line and voice their opinions. It’s an enormous focus group. I was only interested in watching a few of these shows, and then I posted my opinion on the ones I watched.

    Positively OZitively – it is a children’s program about Dorthy’s kid. The pilot was basically storyboards some in color and some in black and white with a few parts actually animated. However, my 4 year old sat and watched the entire show.

    Zombieland – I did not hate this. I loved the movie and thought this was going to be the most blasphemous program ever…based on that craptacular trailer. If you don’t compare the characters to their movie counterparts, you’ll enjoy this zombie based sitcom. The zombie kill of the week was hilarious. The show has issues, but it’s better than most sitcoms on television.

    I plan on watching the onion news network and Alpha House at some point.

    With all that said, it’s still a stretch to see the benefit of an Amazon Prime subscription even if a few original shows are available. The two day shipping is the only selling point, because 95% of the movies and TV shows available are also on Hulu Plus and Netflix. I’m still waiting for Comcast, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corporation, or the Walt Disney Company to create their own streaming services that offers movies and television programming from their subsidiaries for a nominal fee. But kudos to Amazon Studios for trying something different.

    • Why would I blast you? I like what Amazon is doing, and agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

      • Thanks. I thought because I said Zombieland wasn’t that bad, that I’d be sentenced to a good ol’fashioned internet bashing.

        • Ah, I was curious if anyone had watched those pilots. Glad to see it was worth checking out.

  21. Man, some of the oversea’s reviews for Iron Man 3 are just praising this film. Hurry up May 3rd!!!

    • besides the twist lol

      • It must make Vic feel good knowing that, when he isn’t saving the world, Stark spends his time perusing ScreenRant.

  22. You aren’t biased in any way are you now stark? (^-^)

  23. By the by,

    Dear ScreenRant.. You guys are my FAV podcast.. and love your articles… But I cannot agree on “Last STand”.. Huge Arnold fan but even myself could not bear the bore that was the movie… Sorry… It was boring.